The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling: Is Homeschooling a better Choice? by Chester Martin

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The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling: Is Homeschooling a better Choice? by Chester Martin – This post by will help people considering home schooling for their child. Before making a decision, be sure to consider the pros and cons of home-based learning mentioned here.


  • The popularity of Home Schooling is increasing rapidly as two million children are currently learning at home rather than going to school. Not only do the kids enjoy learning at home, but they have also been observed to do better on their tests and are admitted to renowned colleges and universities. Most of the students from the home school system go ahead to become competent employees and respectable citizens. They are confident and emotionally strong. All said, where there are advantages of homeschool learning, and there are things that contribute towards the disadvantages of being in a homeschool. The parents should refer to this list of Pros and Cons before considering Home Schooling for their kids.

The Pros

  • Educational Freedom: The beauty of home-based learning is that the students can go ahead and learn whatever they want, whenever they want, and how they want. The good side of this system is that the basic concepts are clear to some children at the age of six, but some kids do not grasp solid concepts till the age of ten. A few states in the United States have the legal requirements to lift the limits on educational freedom of the kids; they are free to learn on their own.
  • Physical Freedom for Kids: In addition to Educational Freedom; the parents who homeschool, also reveal that they feel a sense of physical freedom. Their lives do not revolve around dropping and picking kids from school, checking and assisting in their homework or meeting teachers on a regular basis. They can easily enjoy their vacations with kids by going to amusement parks, museums, and camping while other kids remain stuck at school.
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  • Emotional Freedom: Not going to school eliminates the social pressures from the minds of children. They do not experience bitter realities of life and do not feel the peer pressure or bullying at school. They do not go through competition or envy. A typical school day can limit their emotional freedom while homeschooled girls and boys continue to thrive in a strong manner. Moreover, kids do not need to fit into a system where they are being criticized for wearing the specific clothes and develop a fear of ridicule. They learn to be content with whatever they have and lead a happier life.
  • Religious Freedom: Many families have a strong spiritual background and firm spiritual beliefs. It helps them live a happy life and define who they are. The parents find it easy to incorporate their spiritual views into the children and help them go to church in the morning etc. It’s less likely homeschooling will lead a student astray.
  • Stronger Family Relationships: The family members can form loving ties between themselves through constant interaction during homeschooling. Teenagers find ample time to mingle with their siblings and parents through interactions. They grow close to each other and develop healthy relationships. This reduces the rebellious and destructive behavior that they might learn from their friends in school.
  • Energized Kids: For emotional and physical well-being, rest is inevitable for the children who need to put a lot of effort into their studies during the homeschooling days. Especially teenagers and pre-teens who require 6-7 hours of sleep so they can regain energy and live life happily. Starting for school at 7:00 am and returning home at 3:00 pm takes the major energy out of their minds and bodies. Kids feel exhausted and show the lack of interest in homework with a long school routine. They suffer poor health as well because of tough routine and unhealthy eating habits.

The Cons

  • Now that we have looked into the positives of the home school system let us explore some negatives of the home school system that may restrain students.
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  • Time Restraints for Parents: Many families and single parents have accepted the fact that Home Schooling is a demanding responsibility for the parents and lots of their time is consumed by the kids’ studies. Single moms find it extremely difficult to keep their jobs or learn activities like driving, studies, shopping, and exercising. This can be very daunting when kids occupy them during most of the day. This keeps them from lots of their social interactions.
  • Financial Restrains: To cope with the requirements of homeschool, one of the full-time parents may have to forego their employment and make a big sacrifice by staying at home to take care of kids. For some parents this results in a struggle to balance their budgets. One has to bear the entire financial burden that may cause stress in relationships.
  • Home School Means Being with Kids 24/7: If you are planning to homeschool, then there is no denying that you may have to spend most of the time in 24 hours with kids. If you do not enjoy being with kids for longer hours, then it will be difficult to control the children and face boredom. You have to make many sacrifices which include your social life besides leaving your job.
  • Unorthodox approach: Home School is not the traditional way of educating your kids. Therefore it cannot be considered a mainstream thinking. Often parents who choose to live outsides the norms of society face the criticism of relatives and others. This is especially true for those families who are strong enough to think out of the box successfully without the intervention of traditional schooling methods to build a prosperous future for kids.
  • Despite many advantages of Home Schooling, the parents must think wisely before choosing to homeschool their children. This practice is growing but also has critics. Some parents feel the added burden or responsibility to guide their kids 24/7 and still run the risk of not getting the best results. Diverse thinking parents do not fear to go against the norms of society and have the ability to pursue this amazing idea of homeschooling. But their decision can result in kids who feel left behind in many areas of life without attending an educational institution in their early life.

Chester Martin

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