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5/29 Nine Ways to Become More Creative in the Next Ten Minutes – Some of these are worth a try for you and your kids. @WarrenWhitlock @VeryOchen @AndyLittlefield

5/29 Longer Recess, Stronger Child Development. With an hour-long recess, elementary schools can help children develop through increased creative play, authentic SEL, and adequate physical regulation. @Timbernook @edutopia @getwhatugive

5/28 Learn about dinosaur extinction theories in two minutes. Share with science teachers and students you know. @bmaranzani @HISTORY

5/28 Citation Machine™ automatically generates citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and thousands more! This would help beginners and veterans alike. @Grammarly

5.28 A Secret Weapon Against Zika and Other Diseases – We could stop a lot of insect-born diseases faster if only the government would get out of the way. @TEDTalks @Dotbethune @Emils72

5/27 Teaching Students to De-Stress Over Testing – This is a good idea, but if tests cause all of these problems, why don’t we just get rid of them. There are other ways to assess student learning. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

5/27 Epic Highway 1 Landslide, Before and After – This interactive picture allows you great before and after looks. It will take months to fix the 1/3 mile that is buried. This is by far the worst we’ve ever seen.” @LauraMallonee @WIREDPhoto

5/27 The Side Hustle School – Let Yann Girard teach you to create multiple streams of income. @girard_yann

5/27 Albert – Learn anything through interactive practice. College math and science, Advanced Placement®, SAT®, ACT®, GRE®, GMAT®, literature, social science, history, and more. @KarolineSledz

5/26 A school’s smooth one to one rollout – It won’t be long before all schools go 1:1. This could be valuable to schools who haven’t yet. @BCSDplamoreaux @DA_magazine @Zalaznick @TenMarks

5/26 TED Talk Meets Global Education: Keeping Your Kid’s Head in the Clouds – Are kids you know listening to TED Talks? They should. @drrodberger @jimpknight

5/25 Seven Lessons About Electricity – One of my most memorable elementary school science lessons included all of us creating working circuits with multiple switches to illuminate light bulbs. @SciShowKids @TED_ED @BrainStuffHSW @_minutephysics @rmbyrne

5/24 Do Digital Games Improve Children’s Math Skills? This is a very cool story. Here is the link to the game. It could be addictive. @madeline_will @EdWeekTeacher @educationweek

5/24 Happiness research shows the biggest obstacle to creativity is being too busy. Is seems that relaxation is better for creativity than angst. @emmaseppala @qz @poida @wef

5/24 What Is an Infographic? And How Is it Different from a Data Visualization? This is some you need to know. @vismeapp

5/24 Which States Have The Smallest Gender Gap In STEM Occupations? Maryland has the smallest STEM gap with 2.1 men for every woman. The state with the largest gap is Utah at 4.5. How is your state doing? @investzen @mamarhie

5/23 How does your body process medicine? This animation should work for upper elementary on up. @TED_ED @rmbyrne

5/22 A Tour of the New Google Earth – Educators and students should watch this short [7:08] video. You can also go Everybody Lies, But Google May Know the True You. I am listening to this book now and it is an eye opener. I got it at Audible. @SethS_D @bigthink @audible_com

5/20 Ten Ways to Use Google Earth in Your Classroom – A couple of weeks ago Google released the new web-based version of Google Earth (take a tour of it here). The older desktop version of Google Earth is still available for free as well. @rmbyrne @NatalieMcKalip @BookCreatorApp

5/18 When Wolves Return to the Wild Everything Changes. Top predators like wolves have a powerful effect on their ecosystems, and if they are taken away, a strange phenomenon can happen. @BBCEarth @m_m_campbell

5/18 Crashing A 1998 Toyota Into A 2015 Toyota Shows How Far Car Safety Has Advanced. This is a good science lesson as well. @ANCAPsafety @ynibasiso @Toyota

5/17 Math in the Real World – From what I’ve seen, there isn’t enough of this in today’s schools. @EconEdLink @council4econed @rmbyrne

5/15 Children Who Sleep More Get Better Grades. How are students you know doing? Do they even know this? @Lynch39083 @techedvocate @ArdolinoMichael

5/15 What Does It Mean to Prepare Students for a Future With Artificial Intelligence? Time for you school to figure out how to address AI. @JennyAbamu @HigherEdSurge

5/15 Five Ways Medical Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Healthcare – There are also some cool videos here. @Berci @pammoran

5/14 Why you think you’re right, even when you’re wrong. Explore the scout and soldier mindsets with decision-making expert Julia Galef. @juliagalef @annaparini @TEDTalks @skylarclouds

5/14 Malcolm Gladwell: Here’s why you should slow down and do less. His principal observation about why other writers fail is that they are in too much of a hurry. @CatClifford @matthew_gross @CNBCMakeIt @Gladwell @nancyrubin @evankirstel

5/13 A Stanford researcher’s 15-minute study hack lifts B+ students into the As. Share with students you know. @jandersonQZ @qz

5/13 Why Mastering Excel Is Still The Fastest Way To Advance Your Career – Make sure that students and job seekers you know read this. @digg

5/13 17 iPad tips and secrets you’ll use – I didn’t know many of these cool tricks. @jonnyevans_cw @computerworld @JamesRoy @BookCreatorApp

5/10 Nine ways to increase your emotional intelligence – Again, how do you rate here? @talentsmarteq @wef @MarkSBabbitt

5/10 What can you and your kids make from an IKEA bag? This could become a creative project at your house or school. Yes, that is a picture of a wearable thong. @nypost

5/10 Nine Things That Are Holding You Back From Success – Are any holding you back? @LollyDaskal @Inc

5/10 Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid – This is great advice. Be sure to rate yourself using these criteria. @CherylSnapp @Forbes @JamesRoy @jamescartertech

5/9 What Happens To A Flame When There’s No Gravity? This is a great physics lesson. You also get to see what Mar’s gravity is like. @veritasium

5/9 Why We Should All Wear The World’s Most Visible Color – Pedestrian or cyclist, it’s the world’s most visible hue. This is a great practical science lesson. You can buy Jersey here for $195. @ctrlzee @fastcodesign @vollebak

5/9 Even If You Are “Big”, Act Small – The higher you go in an organization the more people you have to serve, not the other way around. @gcouros @KatieMTLC

5/9 How To Deliver A Compelling TED Talk – If you have to do any kind of presentation, make it a TED Talk. @pauljsohn @JamesRoy

5/7 With This Interactive Font Map, You Have No Excuse For Defaulting To Helvetica On Everything. IDEO’s Font Map, an interactive typography map built using an AI algorithm, however, makes the process of exploration and selection much easier. @IDEO

5/7 A Succinct Illustration Of Just How Absurdly Fast Elite Marathoners Run – There is a good science lesson here. How long can you run at a 13.1 mph pace, which equates to a 2-hour marathon? @rtg0nzalez @wired

5/6 New Movie Shows Cassini’s First Dive over Saturn. This is pretty cool and might only get better. @NASAJPL @Caltech

5/4 Say What? Five Ways to Get Students to Listen – Check out these tactics for encouraging a deeper level of listening that also include student accountability. @WordLib @edutopia @AysinAlp1

5/3 Peer Feedback: How Students Can Learn More While Saving Teachers Time – How much of this goes on in your school. @Lynch39083

5/1 What can you do to prevent Alzheimer’s. This TED Talk is something everyone should listen to. @LisaGenova @TEDTalks

4/30 What’s the Most Popular Surname in Your State? Have your kids guess before you show them this map. They can Enter their last name to learn its meaning and origin. @ancestry

4/29 Fending Off Math Anxiety – Math anxiety takes a big bite out of performance. @PerriKlass @nytimes @SimpleK12 @MindShiftKQED

4/29 Literacy Through Photography for English-Language Learners – This should work of any kind of learners. @Biattah @edutopia @GrundlerArt @JenWilliamsEdu

4/28 Get an Amazing Whale’s-Eye View Underneath Antarctica. Share with science teachers and students you know. @CraigAWelch @NatGeo @pammoran

4/28 How to Focus Better by Harnessing “Flow” – This concept is showing up a lot in education literature. This will help you get started. @Alltopstartups @TheMissionT

4/27 Revision strategies that work for me and my pupils – Share with your students. @87History

4/27 Five Simple “Life Lessons” Every Student Should Learn @smussle @cpoole27

4/27 10 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make – How many do you make? @GordonTredgold @JamesRoy @GordonTredgold

4/26 Kitchen Science – Let’s Make Butter – This short video [2:56] can show kids of all ages how to make butter at home. @SciShow @SnarkyFern @rmbyrne

4/26 31 Ways You Can Get More Creative Today – Consider printing and posting this graphic in your school/classroom. @larrykim @Inc @Medium

4/26 Effective Questioning Ideas – Here is a simple plan teachers should try. @LizMyers @PEScholar

4/25 Filmmaker Shows Us How Fake Nature Documentaries Really Are. Story telling is a key piece of this video. @DSLRguidance @dslrguideinfo @Elizabeth0White

4/25 The Reason Why So Many Famous Cartoon Characters Are Yellow – See if you or your students can figure this out. There is also a good color theory and color psychology lesson here. @AttilaKapus @VrideoTube

4/23 David Casarett: A doctor’s case for medical marijuana – Here is fascinating report on what we know and what we don’t. @TEDMED @CLEARUK @The_Phantom_DJ

4/23 Why are rainbows curved? There are great science lessons here that should interest many kids. @earthskyscience @Shareaholic @cshislop

4/23 Learn Anything in 20 Hours – Here are some great tips for learners of all ages. @InsightSource @jasonfennell @TIME

4/22 10 inspiring YouTube channels for teachers – Give them to you students and tell them to explore. @lucie_renard @ibookwidgets @rmbyrne @khanacademy @TED_ED @CommonSense @Bio

4/20 The Voyager 1 Satellite Is Actually Moving Towards Earth Right Now. This is a good lesson about deep space. @tomscott @dsn_status @NASA

4/20 Gerrymandering is Illegal, but Only Mathamaticians Can Prove It. Studying state maps to look for gerrymandering could be a good student project. This is a great infographic. @EricaKlarreich @QuantaMagazine @wired

4/20 How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide (+30 Examples) – Everyone needs one at some point. If you don’t have one yet this will let you get started. If you do have read this to see how it measures up. @natalie_severt @uptoworkcom

4/18 This map shows the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures. Hi from Yankeedom. Where do you live? @Spyzguyz @businessinsider

4/16 Eight Easy Ways To Get More Reading Done – Readers of all ages might find some help here. @ECeMiller @bustle @james_minter @nationalbook

4/16 12 Inspirational Stories About Women Who Code – Have 12 girls each read one and report back. @galvanize @TechCoHQ @nancyrubin

4/15 What To Know About MOAB, The US’ Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Bomb That It Just Used For The First Time – Here is the Pentagon’s short [0.40] videoAt 0.011 kilotons, it would take over 1,300 of these to equal the 15 kt Hiroshema bomb. @Digg

4/13 What Would Happen If Learning in School Became More Like Working at a Startup? This would be pretty cool in my opinion. @reshanrichards @sjvalentine @EdSurge

4/13 Nine Ways Learning An Instrument Strengthens Your Brain – Be sure that any young people you know get a chance to play. @cjerrells @MusicalU

4/12 How to Improve Your Writing Skills – Here are my 7 tips to be even more productive during your writing time. @shelleyhitz @bkmkting

4/12 The difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. Do you know what it is? @cshislop @FindNerd2

4/12 Communication Mistakes to Avoid in A Difficult Conversation – Have you made any of these lately? @JamesRoy @LollyDaskal

4/10 Katie Bouman: How to take a picture of a black hole – High school science students should be able to follow this TED Talk by a PhD student from MIT. @TEDxBeaconSt @giorgialupi

4/9 How to Make Augmented Reality a Reality in Your Classroom – The Aurasma app is worth a look. @EdSurge @dkreiness @TeachInVR

4/9 Uncovering Your Hidden Genius Through Curiosity – Curiosity can make you feel more “alive” — quite literally. People who are more curious live longer. @srinipillay @PsychCentral @DrBillChen

4/8 Passive Voice: Myths and Facts – Weather you use it or not, you need to know what it is. @XterraWebEditor @karen_dawkins

4/7 Four Lessons From Literature to Inspire Teachers – Share with teachers you want to inspire. @cpoole27 @kmichellehowell

4/7 Nine Must-Have Virtual Reality Tools for Teaching with Google Cardboard – If you aren’t experimenting with VR in class you should. @ClassTechTips @KotobeeOfficial

4/6 15 Signs You’re Emotionally Intelligent, Even If You Don’t Feel Like It – Time to see how you rate. @JustinJBariso @Inc @mssackstein

4/6 Will automation take away all our jobs? Probably not. But if we want a future where more of those jobs are decent and well-paying, we and our institutions need to rise to its challenge. @davidautor @TEDTalks

4/6 Ashton Cofer: A young inventor’s plan to recycle Styrofoam – This short TED Talk [6.01] might inspire kids you know. @ashton_cofer

4/5 What Does Personalized Learning Mean for Teachers? Do your teachers have a personalized learning plan? @mcleod @Getting_Smart

4/5 How to Make an Infographic: A Visual Guide for Beginners [Free E-Book] In a world of information overload, the ability to visualize information is more than just a nice-to-have skill — it’s now a necessity. @nchibana @VismeApp @po_st

4/3 What’s new in Apple Classroom 2.0. Be sure to share this with your tech support staff and have them translate it for your decisions makers. @fraserspeirs @DrTinaNixon @BookCreatorApp

4/3 A Young Innovators Plan to Recycle Styrofoam – This short TED Talk by a kid just might inspire your kids. @ashton_cofer

3/29 Ten Reasons To Use Virtual Reality In The Classroom – Have people in your school started experimenting with VR yet? It’s time. @TeachThought

3/26 Career Apprenticeship: A Faster Road to Your Dream Job? The right apprenticeship can launch your career. @YouTern @MeghanMBiro @MarkSBabbitt

3/25 Using a Swivl to Help Students Learn How to Present Better – We can’t expect it if we don’t teach it. @DonovanScience @HSeslteacher @goswivl

3/24 Boston Students Get A Glimpse Of A Whole New World, With Different Maps. No flat map can do the globe justices, but this one is better. @colintdwyer @PopulationEd @NPR

3/23 Four Tools To Help Kids Understand Conflict and Self-Control – Today arguments occur not only in the hallway or classroom, but online as well. @dalston411 @CommonSense @MindShiftKQED

3/22 Kids Learn Better When Playing With Robots. Robots are naturally fun and exciting for kids. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

3/22 Peggy Orenstein: What Women Believe About Their Sexual Pleasure. This is a TED Talk that all parents and teacher should hear. Also, see my summary of Girls and Sex. @peggyorenstein @TEDWomen

3/21 What If We Taught Argument in Every Class? This sounds good to me. @cultofpedagogy @dogtrax @Jennifer

3/20 Revision strategies that work for me and my pupils – What is your revision strategy? @87History @MissGEnrique

3/20 Chuck Berry Dies at 90; Helped Define Rock ’n’ Roll – I was in high school when his hits started rolling out. He may have been the only artist covered by both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. @JonPareles @NYTObits

3/19 Children’s Books Avout Women Scientists – Are these in your school library? @kidworldcitizen @james_minter @roxiewriter

3/19 The Five Best STEM Toys That Will Teach Kids How to Code – They look good for schools and homes. @Davish241 @teachercast @NatalieMcKalip @coolcatteacher @SamPatue

3/18 Coding outside the lines: CoderDojos get kids psyched about programming by turning them loose. Someone in your school should check this out. @chrisberdik @hechingerreport @csratliff

3/18 What Do We Really Mean When We Say ‘Personalized Learning’? We often say we want creativity and innovation – personalization – but every mechanism we use to measure it is through control and compliance. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @focus2achieve @tedfujimoto

3/17 Why our brains may be 100 times more powerful than believed – The dendrites in our brain have been underestimated for 60 years says a new study. @writermfranco @nwtls @SitAtTheTable @Khaliya

3/17 Moon shadow path in the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse – This is a very cool visualization. I’m heading to Greenville, SC to see it. @eimster @earthskyscience @cshislop

3/16 Time Management for Students: Three Shortcuts – This is geared to students taking courses online. @SimpliTeach

3/15 If You Don’t Have A Firecracker, 20,000 Volts Will Blow Up Your Watermelon. This is a very cool physics lesson. @ChemicalKevy

3/15 How to Make Information Beautiful: A Video Series for Non-Designers. The first free episode is now available. This is good stuff. @PaymanTaei @vismeapp

3/15 Beyond the headlines: quantifying the economic contributions of migrants. Did you know that the US has almost four times as many immigrants and the number two country? @WesternUnionCEO @wef @elemenous

3/14 10 Powerful Visual Storytelling Techniques to Remember – This should be included in writing classes. @leecrockett @glodigcit @SerraRoseli

3/14 20 Creative Presentation Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience – All teachers and students should read this. @po_st @flourishingkids @stevemcgriff

3/13 The Digital Promise filmMAKER™ Challenge is an opportunity for middle and high school students to learn about product design and filmmaking through a set of activities, projects, and challenges. @DigitalPromise @DrTinaNixon

3/11 Four Reasons Gifted Programs are Irrelevant – I totally agree with all of this. Do you? @geraldaungst @markbarnes19 @readwriterant

3/10 SolarCity to use Tesla batteries for Kauai utility solar storage project. Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors will supply the batteries for a unique solar farm and energy storage system being developed for Kauai Island. @PBNDuane @Pacificbiznews @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria

3/10 LITTLEBITS Code Kits – The secret to learning? Make. It. Fun. So this kit’s all about learning to build & code through games. Watch the short video and sign up for a quote. @littleBits

3/10 The EdTech Eleven: This Month’s Must-Know Tools – How many are you using? @fearv @CommonSenseEd @dalston411

3/9 Ten Questions to Ask Before Installing a New Educational App – Are your teachers asking these questions? @MDMeg @EdTech_K12 @ShellTerrell @E_Sheninger

3/9 A perfect SAT couldn’t get this guy into the Ivy League — now he’s running a successful business. Asian-Americans have a disadvantage applying to college. @abbyjax @businessinsider @raehanbobby

3/9 Ten Surprising Ways You Can Sleep a Lot Better Chronic lack of sleep is a performance, productivity, and creativity killer. Here’s how to change that @jeff_haden @inc @jrkuhns

3/7 Link between health spending and life expectancy: US is an outlier. The US spends more and doesn’t live as long. Great data representation here. @MaxCRoser @raehanbobby @conradhackett

3/7 The Undeniable Power of Data Mining, Visualization and Infographics for Business and Education – @latashamdoyle @jeffbullas @nancyrubin @jenstirrup

3/6 NASA Is Stress-Testing Its Next Gigantic Kickass Space Telescope – There is a one-hour plus take by a NASA scientist that will appeal to space freaks. @f_fekri @astraughnomer @NASA @motherboard

3/5 What I learned from 2000 obituaries – By analyzing 2,000 New York Times obituaries over a 20-month period, Narayan gleaned, in just a few words, what achievement looks like over a lifetime. [6:08] @LuxNarayan @TEDTalks

3/4 Ten Expert Tips on How to Choose Color Schemes for Your Infographics – This contains color knowledge that everyone should know. @cdiazsoloaga @po_st

3/4 How to stop yourself panicking in exams – If you freeze or panic when you go into an exam, try these tips. @LucyCParsons @FANTASTICRADIOO

3/4 The way we work is terrible for our brains. Here are five ways to fight back. @ariannahuff @DukeMedSchool @skylarclouds @wef

3/4 One Year Of Air Traffic Around The World, Visualized – This interactive map is pretty cool. Click and drag to move the world. @galka_max @Digg

3/2 Amid Partisan Divide, Teachers Turn to Digital Game for Civics Lessons. iCivics is a set of free online educational games developed by a nonprofit organization founded by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek @icivics

3/1 Ping pong-playing robot earns Guinness World Record. Guinness World Records has recognized a robot with a unique ability: a machine called FORPHEUS is officially the “first robot table tennis tutor.” @takOyaKio_0 @FoxNews @nypost

3/1 We Have Liftoff: Lego Set Honoring Women Of NASA Will Land On A Shelf Near You. Let’s hope this inspires more girls to go into STEM careers. @RebeccaShap @HuffPostWomen @shannonmmiller

2/26 Student-Made E-Books: A Beautiful Way to Demonstrate Learning. This lets students demonstrate their learning in a way that requires them to synthesize information, apply it in new ways, and reflect on how they have grown. @cultofpedagogy

2/25 Trump blames attacks at Hogwarts, Middle Earth, and King’s Landing on immigration. If your students can’t tell this is parody you have some work to do. @TheFeedSBS @SBSComedy

2/25 How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide With 30+ Examples – Everyone needs one at some point. If you don’t have one yet this will let you get started. If you do have read this to see how it measures up. @natalie_severt @uptoworkcom

2/25 How Teachers Are Using ‘Hamilton’ the Musical in the Classroom – This could motivate your students. @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED @Chappy8611

2/24 26 Books To Read Throughout 2017 – If you are looking for some good reads, start here. @TeacherToolkit

2/24 The One Simple Thing That Will Actually Get You To Exercise Every Day – Can you guess what it is? @Kaiafit @mindbodygreen @ADevotedYogi

2/23 Five Ways to Use Adobe Spark to Share School Stories – This is worth a look. @ClassTechTips @AdobeSpark

2/23 Largest batch of Earth-size, habitable zone planets – This is big news for space geeks. Be sure to play with the Exoplanet surface in 360 VR feature. @mayread3 @NASAspitzer

2/22 It’s Time for Mastery Learning – I like the driver’s test metaphor. You can take it as many times as you want, but you don’t get a license until you pass it. @TechedUpTeacher @sarahdateechur

2/22 Remember Oregon Trail? dysentery, cholera, broken wagon tongue… good times right? This oldie from the Apple II era is still a goodie. Does your school have it? @micahshippee @SujataBhatt

2/21 Why Reading Aloud to Older Children Is Valuable – Shared words have power, an energy that you can’t get from TV, radio, or online. @jesslahey @HKorbey @MindShiftKQED @markwarschauer @EngageReaders

2/21 NASA Will Soon Decide If Changing Juno’s Course Is Best. Share with any space nuts you know. @nicholsrmegan @CosmoBC @cshislop @PaulTomBlog

2/20 How Do Fiber Optics Actually Work? Share this short [5:38] vidoe with science teachers and stuents you know. @NatAndLo

2/20 The Telescopes of the Future, and What We Will See Through Them – Five new telescopes, both in space and on the ground, are currently being developed to probe the cosmos like never before. @jaybenn91 @PopMech

2/19 Reduce Marking with Verbal Feedback – Verbal feedback is quick, and it is effective, but only if given correctly. @EDmerger @TeachThought @mcsommer

2/19 17 Smart Things the Most Productive People do Every Day – How many are you already doing? @larrykim @Medium

2/19 Why We Still Need Libraries in the Digital Age – Make sure your school leaders read this. @mrkempnz @VipulaSharma1

2/18 Go where the bus can’t: 10 virtual field trip ideas – Don’t let youer school’s budget stop you from going places. @jmattmiller @dontyouremember

2/18 How to Create Your Own iPad Recording Book for the Classroom – This lets students record audio while shutting out background noise. @mrsmiths56class @alysoncarp1 @jonathanwylie

2/17 NASA wants to put astronauts on the very first launch of its new mega-rocket. The Space Launch System could carry astronauts as soon as 2019. Space fans should find this interesting. @SarahEFecht @PopSci

2/17 Coding in the Classroom – There is a short video [5:43] featuring many famous people who tell how cool coding is. It might inspire your kids. @ECiardelli @CFTC2016

2/17 Apple shareholders are demanding more diversity, but the company is fighting back. Women and people of color have an advantage when it comes to getting jobs. @verge

2/16 Jet Engines with Digital Twins – How manufacturers act as on-ground mechanics for jet engines in the air – Give this to any students interested in aeronautics. @erinbiba @BBC_Autos

2/16 PDF Converter Ultimate – All In One Converter – This is handy to have and free. @cometdocs

2/15 Are You Running Too Much? 5 Signs You Need a Rest Day – I track my steps every day and look at trends so I don’t exercise too much and don’t exercise too little. @SaltyRuns @brophycat

2/15 Tiny drones might save us when bees go extinct. In order to avoid total environmental catastrophe, science has been trying to figure out how to keep plants pollinated once all the bees are dead. @l_tousignant @nypost

2/14 Tell Yourself You Like Your Workout, You’ll Do It More. This is a lesson in how to manipulate yourself for the better. @drake_baer @nymag @thescienceofus @mwentworth24

2/14 Can robotics teach problem solving to students? STEM expert details 4 tips for using robotics to teach students problem solving. @BethBrubaker @eschoolnews @sarahdateechur @thomascmurray

2/13 Ten Reasons To Use Virtual Reality In The Classroom – Is anyone experimenting with it in your school? @TeachThought @MissGEnrique @teachermarija

2/13 12 Apps & Websites for World Read Aloud Day (or any day!) – Havre 12 teachers each check one out and report back. @ClassTechTips @EDUcre8ive

2/12 Maurice Conti: The incredible inventions of intuitive AI – If you are a creative type, get ready for lots of change coming as tools will no longer be passive. @MauriceConti @TED_Talks

2/12 These Incredible Snow Patterns Are Made With A Compass And A Guy’s Feet. BE sure to watch the video of him working at the bottom. Kids with snow can try this. @aljwhite @BuzzFeedUK @DrAlexConcorde @StormHour

2/11 A cupcake liner matching game – Kids can make up and play their own games with almost no cost. @planplaytime @OurFamilyWorld

2/11 Make Animated Videos with Toontastic 3D also check the Tootastic web site for more info on this free tool. @dannynic @DrTinaNixon @BookCreatorApp @GoogleEdu

2/10 These 7 trends are shaping personalized learning. Can you guess what they are? @TaraGarciaM @EducationDive @dougpete @flipboard

2/10 Apple Releases Video Education Bundle for K-12 Teachers, Students. Share with the media production teacher in your school. @education_world @BugmeshMyers

2/9 Ten Strategies To Make Learning Feel More Like A Game – How many do you use? @TeachThought

2/8 New AP Computer Science Course Proves Popular With Students, Teachers. Is your school offering this course yet? If not, why not? @MarvaAHinton @EducationWeek @ReadMorePodcast @teacherdebra

2/6 Extraordinary “What If?” Student Project – Share with social studies teachers you know. @CRFederman @Larryferlazzo

2/6 Why Learning to Code is So Important for Children – Coding is currently one of the fastest growing occupations, and it is getting more popular day by day. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate @Sra_Crespo

2/5 How to get better at the things you care about. Working hard but not improving? You’re not alone. Eduardo Briceño reveals a simple way to think about getting better at the things you do. @ebriceno8

2/3 New Google Classroom features make it easier to learn, teach, manage and build. For students: individualized work for differentiated learning. @werdnum @google @MikeMcEachern

2/2 Brains in Pain Cannot Learn! – Teachers and parents can do some brain learning here. @desautels_phd @edutopia @jadeballek @bbray27

2/2 Why True Entrepreneurs View Setbacks As Opportunities. Perhaps you and your students can adopt the same view. @firaskittaneh @Entrepreneur @VentureDCS @SMDominator @Meyer_Law

2/1 Three Ways to Help Tie Listening and Writing into Language Learning – Language learning requires balanced proficiency in all areas of the subject. @califone @Getting_Smart @LauraGilchrist4

2/1 15 best children’s books of all time – There are also a number of contenders listed. @vickyloras @TelegraphBooks

1/31 The Best App for Your Coursework Isn’t a Single App – If your students each have a device you should check this out. @brholland @edutopia @DBaker007

1/31 Creating Podcasts Gives Students Life Skills. Are any kids in your school doing this? @DerbyInformer @LauraGilchrist4 @califone @chandocho

1/30 Nine things all PhD students should do at least once – As someone who has been through this grind I recommend all nine. @timeshighered @TweetinChar @ChrisParrTHE

1/29 Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco shows images from the Cassini voyage to Saturn, focusing on its largest moon, Titan, and on frozen Enceladus, which seems to shoot jets of ice. Share with space junkies you know. @carolynporco @TEDTalks

1/29 28 Ways to Incorporate a Growth Mindset Concept in the Classroom – How many are your teachers doing? @Candace_Davies @ReneeshMatthew

1/29 Satellite Tracking Sea Turtles at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. A sick sea turtle was captured and healed and released with a tracker. This is very cool. @GumboLimboNC

1/28 How to Spot Fake News and Teach Kids to Be Media-Savvy – Do you know where this happens in your school? Remember, there is fake news or at least highly biased news from both sides of each argument. @SierraSense @MrsMorgansClass @CommonSense

1/28 What if you could actually train your brain to be smarter? Over 100 professionals weighed in with their favorite tactics for making themselves smarter — easy to practice habits they work into their daily routine. @larrykim @inc

1/28 Visme – The Best Online Presentation & Infographic Tool – This is an ad for a product that looks interesting. @VismeApp

1/27 Six Things Teachers Can Do When Bad News Strikes – Do you Connect current events to the curriculum? @educationweek @angieinlibrary

1/27 From the Weight Room to the Classroom – Ten lessons that transfer from one to the other – @JenFischer18 @SenorG

1/27 What’s So Great About the Great Lakes? If you have never been to one you should go. They are amazing. @CheriDobbs @rmbyrne

1/25 How Adding Math to a Child’s Home Routine Can Advance Achievement – What’ happening in your home? @Ericnpr @MindShiftKQED

1/23 Coding in the Classroom: 6 Tips to Get Even Reluctant Teachers—and Students—Started – If you have people acting as roadblocks at your school, share this. @vidcode @katarinaep @EdSurge @LavoieFred @thinkm2

1/23 Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often – Ask your students to make their own lists before you show this. @iamkidpresident @thebradmontague @SoulPancake

1/22 Non-Designers, Rejoice! 13 Best Places to Quickly & Easily Edit Photos – Have 13 teachers/students each check one out and report back. @larrykim @WeWork

1/22 Pinkcast 1.16: 2 lists better than a to-do list. Daniel Pink gives periodic good and short [2:34] advice. Consider subscribign and check out my summmayf or his book on motivation. @DanielPink

1/21 With More Exposure to Science, English-Learners’ Achievement Soared. Are your ELL kids taking science? @C_C_Mitchell @educationweek @frede52 @WIDAConsortium

1/21 Five Apps That Make Learning to Code Fun – Knowing how to code is a great way to be employable. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate @Horizons93 @ssandifer

1/19 Super heated water can explode outside of microwave. Heated water in the microwave can become super heated or heated beyond its boiling point. Even a slight jostle can cause it to boil in an explosive fashion. Share this short [0:38] video with your science teachers. @Storyful @nypost

1/16 28 Ways to Incorporate a Growth Mindset Concept in the Classroom – Is any of this happening in your classroom? @Candace_Davies @garygraves Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @CarollDweck

1/16 How to teach a young child to code – This requires analytical thinking and breaking big problems into small steps. The problem is finding teachers who can teach it. @techedvocate @Lynch39083 @ProwiseUK @AdvocateforEd

1/16 11 reasons why the Metropolitan Opera is seriously underrated – This holds for other operas as well. If you are not a fan, it’s not too late. @asmantz @TimeOutNewYork @james_minter

1/15 The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday. This short post is great advice for adults and kids. @MattyMullins @TaraMartinEDU @jon_wennstrom @gcouros

1/15 Dan Bricklin: Meet the inventor of the electronic spreadsheet. I published a review of this product in Creative Computing in 1980 on an Apple II+. I know many people who bought an Apple when they saw it in action. @DanB @TEDTalks

1/14 Exercise bikes for toddlers are a terrible idea. I agree. The whole notion that kids need to be exposed to more academic work in preschool before they start kindergarten has been largely discredited. @NaomiSRiley @nypost

1/14 Eight Psychological Tricks of Restaurant Menus – This is a must read for any teachers and students into psychology. @JessHullinger @mental_floss @Inc

1/13 The Sex Ratio of Each State and County in the U.S. This interactive map will tell you what the deal is in your county. Most counties have more females. Can your students explain this data? @overflow_data

1/13 How Students Critiquing One Another’s Work Raises The Quality Bar – Called peer critique, students follow clear protocols that remind them to “be kind, be specific, and be helpful” in the feedback they give to peers. @MindShiftKQED @edutopia

1/13 School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend. Technology is reviving enthusiasm for an old idea in education. @nicholedobo @prlowe91 @NellieMaeEdFdn

1/13 How Igloos Can Keep You Warm – And Winter Phys Ed Activities – There is also a like here with directions for building your own igloo. @okaytobesmart @PBSDS @rmbyrne

1/12 Sea Cucumbers Breathe Through Their Buttholes – This is one all-purpose hole. This is a very good biology lesson with lots of concepts. @Anna_Rothschild @Gross_Science @wgbh

1/12 What Kids Can Learn When Blocks Get A Tech Boost – I think it’s important that kids still play with physical blocks, do you? @jillbarshay @hechingerreport @MindShiftKQED @EdTechFam

1/11 Why Stepping On A LEGO Brick Is So Particularly Painful – There is a surprising amount of science here. @RSPPodcast @TodayIFoundOut1 @LEGO_Group

1/10 Six Must Know Robotics Programming Languages For Coding A Bot – I bet anyone who knows this would have an easy time getting a good job. @YantraEdu @nancyrubin @ipfconline1

1/10 Naps might be saving your brain. Now that I’m retired I nap almost every day. Can you nap where you work? Innovative organizations allow it. @lindsay_putnam @NYPost

1/9 High schoolers’ balloon probes ‘near-space.’ – Your students could do this to. @VtGoingUp @bfp_news @finleyjd @ryanmercer1 @GoPro @CTEforTech

1/9 15+ Worthless Words to Cut to Improve Your Readers’ Experience – Any English teacher can probably use this. @JuliaEMcCoy @CMIContent @jrkuhns

1/9 Top Ten Trends in Publishing Every Author Needs to Know in 2017 – Your kids can be authors too. Be sure to share. @WrittenWordM @james_minter @janedavisauthor

1/8 A Quick History of the Internet of Things – Zoom in on this graphic to see what happened when starting in 2000. @IoTRecruiting @Ronald_vanLoon @johntomlinsonuk

1/5 Teaching math? Get REAL! This looks like a great project. @cherandpete @Horizons93

1/5 Seven Features Of The Ideal Online Course To Prevent Drop Outs – How does this match up with online courses at your school? @parthabha @elearnindustry @ayatawel @ozge

1/5 12 of the best 15-minute exercise routines that work – Share with your students and let them know how important exercise is for their body and brain. @CoralieSeright @Makebestcrafts

1/4 Outdoor Learning Leads to Curious Students – This podcast is good for parents and teachers. @driven2educate @ehuvos @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

1/3 Nine Ways to Kick Ass and Conquer The World in 2017 – This is pretty good generic advice. Try some. @UnmistakableCEO @TheMissionT

1/3 Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius – The author of Eat, Pray, Love explains where her genius comes from. This is about as good as TED Talks get. @GilbertLiz @TEDTalks

1/3 How You Can Tell You Have A Great Girlfriend? This works for great boyfriends and for people of all ages. I’m still looking for a great girlfriend. @1body1health @Makebestcrafts

1/2 Ten Things About Dyslexia Every Teacher Needs to Know – YOu may not know some of this. I didn’t. @caraleeadams @WeAreTeachers @englishteach8 @edappadvice

1/2 2016 in pictures: The best science images of the year – These are truly awesome. I’m sure teachers of several subjects can use them. @DPCressey @NatureNews

1/2 Your Gut Is A Second Brain – Share with biology teachers and students you know. @AsapSCIENCE @audible_com @JSEllenberg

1/1/2017 Why Brooklyn-based Flocabulary uses rap lyrics as an educational tool. When it comes to music and our brains, information set to music is easy to remember. @TaylorMajewski @Flocabulary @builtinnewyork

12/31 We don’t understand how AI make most decisions, so now algorithms are explaining themselves. There is a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence. This will help you understand what it’s all about. @qz @tompeter @DBaker007 @kommaluri

12/30 Run Your Own Race. – I’ve always thought the only person I should compete against was myself. Can you get your kids to think this way? @UnmistakableCEO

12/30 The Four Biggest K–12 Education Tech Trends in 2016 – Can you guess what they are? @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @thomascmurray @CDWG_California

12/29 Rover hits jackpot of Mars evidence. Since May of 2013 the rover has covered 15 kilometers. @earthskyscience @NASA @cshislop

12/29 Five Resolutions to Simplify Your Tech Life – Most of us need to consider most of these. @bxchen @nytimes @jarowell

12/29 10 Sites and Apps for Vocabulary and Spelling Practice – Best of 2016 – Have ten teachers each check one out and report back. @LRLabs @rmbyrne @Glennr1809

12/28 Unprecedented Spending Trends in America, in One Chart. This is a cool display of information. How does this match with your spending trends. @howmuch_net @randal_olson

12/28 Science Says You Should Still Keep Reading Print Books Over e-Books. Can you guess why? @good @pcroskey3 @ShannaPeeples

12/28 Top 10: Books That Teach Kids Compassion (ages 2-14) – Make sure they are in your school’s library. @pragmaticmom

12/27 Explore Maps of Historical Sites in Every U.S. State – When I pulled up the interactive map of New York, I found an historical site in my back yard and one around the corner. Are there any near you? @rmbyrne

12/27 This robot makes a T-shirt from start to finish. If you want a robot to work on something it needs to be stiff. @ParijaKavilanz @CNNTech @JaneBozarth

12/27 Why workers shouldn’t panic about robots taking their jobs – The message for students is that they have to adopt to robot support jobs. @SeanaNSmith @yahoofinance @joancarbonell @thoughtonomy

12/26 Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here’s what our telescopes actually capture. Cool science lesson here. @B_resnick @voxdotcom @NASA

12/26 The science of setting goals – How to make New Year’s resolutions that actually work out this time. @nadiagoodman @TEDTalks

12/26 Dude Builds A Turbine-Powered Boosted Snowboard – What have you built lately? @the_hacksmith @Patreon

12/26 The Physics Behind All The Crazy Sounds Ice Can Make – Make sure your kids try this if there is ice nearby. @NPRskunkbear @NPR @skunkradiolive

12/24 Virtual Reality: Coming Soon to a School Near You. Soon students will sense movement, explore the human body in 3D and mix chemicals virtually thanks to companies like Oculus, Facebook, and Nearpod. @EdTech_K12 @Facebook @Oculus @digitalmaverick @MattHarrisEdD

12/23 Perspective and story telling are explained using the movie Ex Machina. English and film teachers should be able to use this short [10:44] video. The main idea is to give the audience all the dots they need without connecting them. @michaeltuckerla @patreon

12/23 Tolerance for ambiguity – People like things to be in black and white…The problem is that there are a lot of gray areas in creative work…Creative thinkers need to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty until they get an idea just right. @prismdecision

12/22 You Can Totally Argue That The United States Is Not A Country. This is a great short [8:32] US geography lesson. @RealLifeLore1 @wendoverpro @Digg

12/22 The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight. But exercise does help you in many other ways. Good learning here. @haubursin @juliaoftoronto @KevinH_PhD @HermanPontzer @voxdotcom

12/21 Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners – Introduce game dynamics like leveling up and earning badges into your classroom to boost student engagement. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @thinkm2

12/21 The All-New Able2Extract Professional 11 – This is a utility that all schools should have. It’s great for converting file formats and editing pdf files. Click here to purchase. @able2extract

12/21 Seven Incredible Results You’ll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day – I walk a lot and seem to realize all of these benefits. @PreventionMag @Horizons93

12/20 100,000,000 Years From Now, This Is What Will Be Left Of Us. This is a great history and science lesson. @squarespace @oktobesmart @jtotheizzoe

12/18 The Future is Here: Artificial Intelligence & What it Means For Our Kids – Listen to Tom Vanderark talk about the status and future of AI. @tvanderark @EmilyLiebtag @Getting_Smart

12/17 China wants 23 northern cities put on red alert for smog. I remember smog problems in the US in the 1950s that we somehow dealt with. Lots of big cities burning lots of coal seem to be China’s problem. @StephieRockwell @Reuters

12/17 Around the World in 80 (School) Days, Thanks to Virtual Field Trips – What kind of virtual field trips are happening in your school. @OCTechNet @Getting_Smart @DiscoveryEd @learnjb

12/16 University of Michigan Teaches Digital Etiquette to Middle School Students. Is your school doing something like this? @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @dalston411 @ThompsonMSNJ

12/16 Brrr…Lessons on Winter Weather – This looks good for upper elementary on up. Teachers who flip can use these. @preshtalwalkar @_minutephysics @ViziaHQ @EDpuzzle @rmbyrne

12/15 Shoe size Math trick explained >> Did you know that your shoes can tell your age? Can your kids figure out why this works? @magicalmaths

12/14 What’s in Dry-Erase Markers? – How Do They Work? There are a bunch of good science lessons here. @georgezaidan @NatGeo @rmbyrne

12/14 Why Understanding These Four Types of Mistakes Can Help Us Learn – Do your students/kids understand the importance of mistakes? @ebriceno8 @MindShiftKQED

12/14 Six maps that show the anatomy of America’s vast infrastructure – This is very informative. Both Trump and Clinton pitched spending on infrastructure. Do your kids know what that is? @Timmeko @PostGraphics

12/11 Riddle of the Week: The Burning Rope Problem This was easy for my but can your kids solve it? @jaybenn91 @PopMech

12/11 Featuring the Best Learning Toys For Babies, Toddlers, and Kids – Looking for learning gifts for kids you know? @seemeandliz

12/11 littleBits Top Rated Kits for Education – Someone in your school should check this out. @littleBits

12/10 650 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing – If you teach writing this could be handy. @mhgonchar @nytimeslearning @wterral @JenWilliamsEdu

12/9 An Inside Look at an Award-Winning Maker Program – If you don’t have one this can help you start. If you do have one this can make it better. @kjarrett @edutopia @dalston411 @HSNMediaCenter

12/7 The four most common mistakes districts make in professional development – How many are being made at your school? @eschoolnews @dalston411

12/7 From Canada to China: Waterloo’s free math courseware goes global – Make sure that math teachers you know check this out. @UWaterloo @maplesoft @ReimagineHEdu @theolynn

12/6 Bill Gates’ Favorite Books of 2016 – Look for a gift for your favorite nerd? @BillGates

12/6 Five Lessons On How Computers Work – If your students don’t know they can learn it here. @SciShowKids @CommonCraft @rmbyrne

12/6 Inspired by uncle’s death, Kenyan teen develops organ-matching app – What are your teens doing in their spare time? @tomjackson1988 @DisruptAfrica @Classcharts @urban_teacher

12/4 It’s official: Your Periodic Table is now obsolete. 4 new elements have finally earned their spot. @ScienceAlert @nypost

12/4 24 Hour of Code Resources – These resources are useful even if you don’t want to do the 24-hour plan. @ClassTechTips @TweetinChar @DavidGeurin

12/3 Ten Best Wooden Blocks For Kids: Open Ended Learning Starts Here. What do you have for blocks in your school/home? @seemeandliz @NorthernOvation

12/3 Five Awesome TED Talks On How Technology Is Changing Education – Put these on your watch list for some evening or weekend. @fffffrida @Springboard @TrackRecord @Pen63 @kayuoit

12/3 Help strengthen student listening skills with podcasts – I think there are good ideas here. @smussle @ClassTechTips

12/2 There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t. Can you guess what it is? @mileskimball @qz @teachergoals @MrMundell

12/1/16 20 books by teachers, for teachers to inspire your teaching – I’ve read several and they are solid. I trust Matt Miller’s opinion. @jmattmiller @Science4UsSays

12/1 Careers 101: A Recommended & Required Course For Every High School & Higher Education Institution @RobynDShulman

12/1 Space Poop Challenge – Going to the bathroom in zero gravity can be a tricky task — and NASA wants your help to make it a little bit easier for its astronauts. @newscomauHQ @NASA @nypost

11/30 Six Potential Brain Benefits Of Bilingual Education – Bilingualism is an experience that shapes our brain for a lifetime. @anya1anya @NPR @jarowell @NowEntertain_Us

11/29 How to Edit Your Instagram Photos Like a Professional – If your kids use Instagram, and they probably do, editing photos can give them a skill. @katairobi @MSocialBusiness @NealSchaffer

11/29 App of the Week: Inspire a love of music and creation. Why wouldn’t we want to do that? @eSN_Meris @eschoolnews

11/28 Marcus du Sautoy: Symmetry, reality’s riddle – This 18:11 TED Talk offers a great story for math students. @MarcusduSautoy @TEDTalks

11/26 25 Picture Books That Promote Empathy and Respect – How many are in your school’s library? @thebibliot @JumpIntoABook1 @Candlewick

11/26 Eight Basic Steps Of Project-Based Learning To Get You Started – The process of designing and implementing project-based learning can be fairly complex. This will help. @dperkinsed @TeachThought

11/26 Five skills students need to be contributing global citizens – Can you and your students guess what they are? @mrkempnz @TweetinChar @kayuoit

11/24 Seven Lessons About Electricity – This should work for upper elementary to adult. @SciShowKids @rmbyrne

11/24 Learn the Latest Technologies from Experts with 24*7 Coding Support @acadgild

11/23 Disney’s Hour of Code – This is a free coding tutorial that should be good for elementary kids. @hadip @Disney

11/22 The Adventures of Mitee Mite – This is an educational app targeting Moms and teachers. The app is focused on 3-9-year-olds and uses music to teach kids how to tell time, understand the calendar as well as learning measurement.

11/20 Using Games for Serious Learning in High School – Video games can function as class texts in much the same way that books or movies do. Here are five recent games that are well worth your attention. @MatthewFarber @edutopia @teachintechgal

11/20 15 Surprising Things That Can’t Be Copyrighted – Teachers and students should all read this. @larrykim

11/19 Indian pupils invent their own lessons. Give these kids an Internet device and get out of their way. @RebeccaWinthrop @BBCWorld

11/19 Pinkcast 1.13: The power of an hourly beep. Be sure to sign up for these short pieces of cool advice. @DanielPink

11/17 Tour the world with Minecraft and Python. This is a project to teach geography in a fun way. (advanced level) @TeamKano @digitalmaverick @Warksraspijam

11/17 Six Great Books for Project-Based Learning – Time to add these to your school’s professional development library. @medkh9 @AysinAlp1

11/17 Ship relies on drone to avoid ice blocks in Arctic waters. Make sure you spot the whale in this beautiful 1:00 video. @mattmcfarland @CristinaAlesci @cnntech @vickyloras

11/16 Can Personalized Learning Work in Rural America? If it can work there, why can’t it work in the inner cities? @ChuongCarolyn @EdSurge

11/16 Top Six Tips for Success in an Online Math Class – Start by not telling yourself that you are bad at math. @StraighterLine @CSUGlobal

11/15 Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids – Adults can use this to. It’s good for teachers and parents. @WondermomWannab @jon_wennstrom @benjamingilpin

11/14 However Deep You Think The Ocean Is, It’s Way Deeper Than That. This is good for upper elementary to adults. @RealLifeLore1

11/14 Five Fun Geography Games for Geography Awareness Week – I bet some of your students find geography interesting. @ABCyaGames @rmbyrne

11/12 The mighty mathematics of the lever The animated TED Talk by Andy Peterson and Zack Patterson is an excellent learning resource. @misterpatterson @achilleselbow @TED_ED

11/11 Newsela Lets Students Pick Thier Reading Level. Each news story is written at four different reading levels. @Newsela @bregan

11/11 The Big History Project – 13.8 Billion Years of History. Free. Online. Awesome. @bregan @BigHistoryPro @gatesfoundation

11/11 Teach to One from New Classrooms is worth a look. @NewClassrooms

11/10 Still Have Leftover Halloween Candy? Use It For Science! – If you don’t have any a small investment can help your kids do real science. @NPR

11/10 Watch Humans Conquer Earth In Just 200,000 Years – Share with any social studies teachers you know. This is very cool. American Museum of Natural History @AMNH @motherboard @S_krasi

11/9 Ten Amazing Facts You May Not Know About the Desert – This should work for upper elementary to adult learning. @StephaniOnwunl1 @MadesKelly

11/9 Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. If you aren’t sure about gaming in school, listen to this. @avantgame

11/7 Best Online Master’s In Educational Leadership Programs – I would look for one that also has a face-to-face component. @BestCollegesCom

11/6 What programming language should you learn first? Take a guess. This starts with a funny cartoon and then answers the question well. @ossia @FreeCodeCamp

11/4 Nine Ways to Make Learning Irresistible – You might want to scroll down to read the nine ways before you read the opening story. @DavidGeurin @sjgorman @TechTia

11/2 Pumpkin Math with my 7 Year Old – Teachers and parents can use this activity. @cherandpete

11/1/16 Robot Valets Are Coming And They’re Gonna Make Parking Way Less Terrible. This parking garage is totally automated and totally cool. @wired

11/1 10 TED-Ed videos your students can use today – This is mostly science that could interest and motivate your students. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

11/1 Seven basic pieces of advice for entrepreneurs to consider – This is good advice for students and teachers. @RussellExolta @ExoltaUK @MihirKapadia72

10/31 Fit Lit: How Movement Impacts Learning – How much movement happens at your school? @edutopia @CaseyCubStore

10/31 Five Tools Students Can Use to Create Music Online – Is anyone in your school letting kids write music? Someone should give it a try. You can also make podcasts with these apps. @SoundationST @BandLab @_monkeymachine @soundtrap @rmbyrne

10/30 Halloween advice from Binghamton University – Share this with any child or adult who plans to celebrate this holiday. @ccebinghamton @BinghamtonU

10/27 How can we recover and celebrate the knowledge of our American history? Why, with t-shirts, of course!. If I taught history I would sign up for this. @taftly

10/25 An Animated Map Of Unemployment In The US From 1990 Until Today – See if your students can figure out where it is persistently high and low and why. @flowingdata @Digg

10/25 Want to Be Happier? Science Says Do These 11 Things Every Single Day – I’m happy to say I do them all. How about you? @jeff_haden @Inc @Medium

10/25 3 reasons — Why I think professional photography is done – If you are really good there is still work, but be careful. @NickKiran @bullshit_ist

10/24 Today’s kids are getting ahead by learning how to code apps – Be sure to watch the short [0:44] video introducing Code-A-Piller. @annefdavies @nypost

10/23 20 Word Usage Mistakes Even Smart People Make – Most of these were new to me. @mental_floss

10/23 IBM’s New App Operates as a Cognitive System to Offer Personalized Learning Opportunities – IS personalized learning your goal? @education_world @howellwright

10/22 Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle. How are you are your kids doing on these four criteria? @usnews @ADevotedYogi @SoYouThrive

10/22 How Writing Novels Expands Students’ Expectations of Themselves – This has been a huge game changer in one classroom. @callmeKi @MindShiftKQED @CalliWelsch

10/22 Frightful Learning! Halloween Activities and Resources – There should be something here for everyone. @ShellTerrell @techlearning

10/21 A Gorgeous Map Showing Every River Basin In The US – This is very interesting. @da_fallon

10/21 How to Integrate Green Screens Into Any Classroom – Does your school have one yet? @beccarecco @EdSurge @ShellTerrell @ssandifer

10/21 Seven common misconceptions about apprenticeships – They can be powerful learning opportunities. @telegrap @wsoeldner

10/20 How to Turn on the Part of Your Brain That Controls Motivation – This is worth a try. @angRchen @MindShiftKQED

10/20 High School students learn pathways to entrepreneurship with BUILD. Do high school students earn credits building businesses in your school? @BayStateBanner @bvsiness @startupcrunch

10/19 10/19 Here’s how screen-time is changing the way kids tell stories. When children watch educational programs and interact with apps that promote learning, they make gains in literacy, numeracy and vocabulary. @Lynch39083 @edvocatepd @vpigreenie

10/19 VR, PBL, and OERs: 4 High Hopes for Learning with Edtech in the New School Year – Students need to understand how technology can connect them with people, places, and resources that were previously unreachable. @KerryHawk02 @StudentCntrHub

10/19 Welcome to Math Playground! This is a great website containing hundreds of mathematics games appropriate for K-8 students. @mathplayground @rmbyrne

10/18 15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer) – What is the coding effort look like at your school? @coolcatteacher @edutopia

10/18 Ten Innovative Ways To Boost Online Learner Retention – This will help if you are designing and delivering online courses. @cpappas @elearnindustry @MarkFraver

10/17 What School Lunch Looked Like Each Decade for the Past Century Your students might get a kick out of this. @JeffWellsWH @mental_floss

10/14 What is Student-Centered Learning? Do you think you know? @EduWells

10/14 What’s wrong with this icon? Think about it before you read this article. See my comment for my opinion. This could be a good discussion for your students/children. @AP @_sikes_bill

10/13 Digital vs Digitized Learning – Which are your teachers learning @BYOTNetwork @curriculumblog @web20classroom

10/13 Graphic Novels in the Classroom: A Teacher Roundtable – This could interest and motivate students to write their own. @cultofpedagogy @internet4classr

10/12 How the World Reads This infographic can be used as part of a social studies lesson. @FeelGoodContact

10/11 Having huge amounts of fun with teaching Shakespeare! – There are lots of cool ideas here. @grahamandre @InnovateMySchl

10/11 Five Excellent TED Talks That Every Teachers Should Watch – Student should watch them too. @medkh9 @RitaPierson2 @SirKenRobinson @angeladuckw @simonsinek @DanielPink @ChrisWeissCT @teachintechgal

10/9 Pixar and Khan Academy Release Free Online Course for Aspiring Animators. This should get some students excited. @make @DisneyPixar @khanacademy @2footgiraffe @Doctor_Harves

10/9 Smart Strategies That Help Students Learn How to Learn – Teaching students how to learn is as important as teaching them content. @anniemurphypaul @MindShiftKQED

10/9 Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation – Is facilitating creativity part of your lesson plan? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @pammoran @abiwoldhuis @pipcleaves

10/8 Four Reasons to Learn a New Language – Although English is the world’s language, even English speakers can profit from learning a second language. @JohnHMcWhorter

10/8 WOMEN WANTED: Scholarships, Colleges and Careers in Computer Science – There are some good resources here. @BScOnline

10/7 A Cute Video About Email Etiquette for Students – This might inspire your studentst to make their own instructional videos. @rmbyrne

10/6 Kenyan girls who code: Mentors spur African tech innovations. If the girls are coding in Kenya, what are your girls doing? @BBCNews @francitwits @courosa

10/6 Pinkcast 1.10. The most important thing I learned in law school [2:25] – When you are learning anything, ask what’s the 1% most important thing. Also, see my summary of Dan Pink’s books. Drive, and To Sell is Human. @DanielPink @haroldhongjukoh

10/5 Ten Reasons Today’s Students Need Technology in Classroom – What tech is happening at your school? @clsngr @thinkm2

10/2 What Students Can Learn from Giving TEDx Talks – I think this is a great idea. Check out this example. @LindaFlanagan2 @curransto23 @MindShiftKQED

10/1 GameOn World – A Great, Multiplayer Geography Game – Got any students interested in geography? @kaspernyman @rmbyrne

10/1 BookmarkResources on Learning From Failure – Learning from failure is all the rage. Here are some great resources. @nicholasjkurian @edutopia

9/30 Reading, writing and aerobics: How a popular Indy school uses movement to help kids learn. Are kids moving at your school? @dylanpmccoy @ChalkbeatIN @edutopia @Chalkbeat

9/29 What Happens to Your Eyes as You Age? This is an extensive and excellent infographic. @FeelGoodContact

9/29 Hello World – U.K.: Watch Three Kids Make Kano Computers. This looks really cool. Check it out for your school/kids [2:51] video. @technology @business

9/28 Teacher from Rural Community Launches Free Literacy Tool for Students of All Reading Levels. This is worth a look. Check it out and your opinion. @education_world

9/28 What Students Can Learn from Giving TEDx Talks. I thinik this is a great idea. Does your school do it? @LindaFlanagan2 @thinkm2

9/27 What Will Happen After We Receive Our First Alien Signal? Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Center for SETI research in California, explains that the world won’t implode when we receive first-contact from alien life @SethShostak @stuartlangfield @SETIInstitute @aeonmag

9/27 Check out these 11 free iBooks available for iPads! Can’t beat the price. They look good to me. @ClassTechTips @scholzet @BookCreatorApp

9/26 Five Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students – How many do your teachers ask? @WordLib @edutopia

9/25 Oh, The Things You Can Do with GoAnimate! A good video is like a shot of B-12 to any message you’re trying to get out there. @coolcatteacher

9/25 What High Tech Urban Farms Can Teach Kids About Tinkering – I thing all kids should br involved in farming. @chrisberdik @MindShiftKQED @PaulDucham1

9/25 Apple Announces ‘Everyone Can Code’ Initiative and New Apple Teacher Program – Apple will bring coding education to schools, all related to its homegrown programming language Swift. @MJMadda @EdSurge @bashaierk

9/24 Which Parts of the Brain Do What? This is an excellent short [3:42] animation good for upper elementary to adult. @MinuteEarth @audible_com @rmbyrne

9/24 40 Essential iPad Apps for the Primary Classroom – Hard to imagine that they are all essential, but they are worth a look. Divy them up between your elementary teachers and have them report back. @dannynic @ICTmagic

9/24 Five Coding Resources for Students – Schools can use these but so can parents for kids at home. @Gaggle_K12 @Codecademy @codeschool @scratch @treehouse @udacity

9/23 Five Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Questioners – All teachers should give this a look. @GlimmerGuy @edutopia

9/22 Professional Grade: Magic Happens When Students Own High Standards. Peer leaders are an important part of this system. Does your school have leer leaders. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @edmodo

9/21 Apple Announces ‘Everyone Can Code’ Initiative and New Apple Teacher Program. Schools should look into this. @MJMadda @EdSurge @verge

9/21 Visualize Learning with Photo Challenges and Projects. Learners of all ages love taking pictures. Learners can use photos in projects, digital stories, or other learning projects to provide an authentic voice. @ShellTerrell

9/21 Drill music in Chicago perpetuates gang wars. It’s an engine of both truces and feuds. Gang members retaliate violently if a song insults their friends or relatives. Please read this and share with high school students. @ForrestDStuart @Elly33 @marrzman @ChicagoMag

9/20 Wild Weather Kitchen Experiments – Each fun and instructive activity comes with a video that explains the phenomena behind it. @OpenLearn @rmbyrne

9/18 Peer-Led Anti-Bullying Efforts Yield Payoffs. If your school has an anti-bullying program you should read this. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

9/17 Twelve Essential Apps For The IPad Pro – Tablets are considered better for consuming content, but these apps will help you create. @TeachThought @ProwiseUK

9/17 The World of 7 Billion – A Student Video Contest – This looks like a fun project for middle and high school kids. @PopulationEd @rmbyrne

9/17 The bets you will ALWAYS win: Scientist reveals 10 simple party tricks that will baffle your friends. This should keep your kids busy for a while learning science. @RichardWiseman @MailOnline @Ellie_Z

9/16 Nine Places to Learn How to Code in 15 Minutes or Less a Day – This includes the new free system from Apple swifty. @larrykim @Medium @ChadGrills @TheMissionT

9/16 Seven Ways Students Can Make Online Learning More Productive – This is more important for students every year. @glodigcit @JMcCarthyEdS @gjlyman

9/16 Apple Offers Free App to Teach Children Coding (iPads Sold Separately). This looks like something that schools should consider. @natashanyt @nytimes @amandakobeshimi

9/15 Five top classroom apps for the new school year – Have five teachers each try one and report back. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

9/13 Sex ed is required. Why isn’t financial education? What’s happening at your school/state? @byHeatherLong @CNNMoney @CNN @millermarinellc

9/13 The Weirdest Town Names In America – These are real weird town names in every state. Your kids will love this. @ryannickum

9/13 How You Will Probably Die (According To Statistics) – This is a bit grim, but funny and informative. @AsapSCIENCE @mitchellmoffit @whalewatchmeplz

9/12 Personalized Learning: Enabling Student Voice and Choice Through Projects – How many projects are happening in your school? @edutopia @bigpiclearning

9/11 How Writing To-Do Lists Helps Your Brain (Whether Or Not You Finish Them. Many studies have shown that note taking helps us distill the information we hear and remember it better than we would if we’d just heard or read it. @abmarkman @FastCompany

9/11 America’s Leading Creative Class Cities in 2015 – Can you guess where they are? @Richard_Florida @CityLab

9/11 Instead Of A Book Report, My Students ‘Wrote’ A Video. This looks like it’s worth a try. @kimjblomqvist @TeachThought @EDTECH_UTB

9/9 Language learning boosts brain plasticity and ability to code new information What language are you trying to learn? @MNT_catharine @mnt @SenorG @AATSPglobal

9/9 Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students – This kind of note taking by hand seems to be better for learning than taking notes on a laptop. @coolcatteacher @jennywirtz

9/9 3D printing technologies explained – If your students are using 3D printers they may find this interesting. @filemonschoffer @TechCrunch @daveandcori

9/8 How Exercise Shapes You, Far Beyond the Gym – There’s value in learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. How are you doing? @BStulberg @Outsidemagazine @Medium

9/8 Girls learn app coding to navigate a way out of their Mumbai slum. If this works for these girls, how about your daughter? @VidhiDoshi91 @guardian @cshislop @SoulnSoil

9/8 12 Principles Of Modern Learning – Here is a cool chart you can hang on classroom walls. @TeachThought @dougpeet

9/5 Three Questions to Thrive as a Self-Directed Learner – Our goal as educators should be to create self-directed learners. These questions should help. @bdean1000 @ziegeran

9/4 How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity – This short [4:44] animated TED Talk explains it well. @JuilliardSchool @brainpickings @NAEducation

9/4 Four Ways Digital Technology has Changed Learning – How has it changed learning in your school? @Lynch39083 @MarkFraver @edvocatepd

9/4 Periodic Table of Ed Tech – How many of the items on this table are you and your students familiar with? @Alex_Corbitt @SimpleK12 @MartaLegan

9/3 Smarthistory Offers a Crash Course in Art History @bethrharris @drszucker @Smarthistory @rmbyrne

9/3 6 Back-to-School Tech Projects You Have to Try – Have your students get to know one another by sharing with their classmates their favorite things and what they did this summer. @ErinEBittman @WeAreTeachers @SchoolLeadNow

9/2 reparing Students for a Project-Based World – There is also a good free 23-page publication on PBL here. @Tvanderark @PBLBob @Belathram @Getting_Smart @belathram @BIEpbl

9/2 How fair are your dice? This is an experiment you can do at home or in class. Ask why do you add salt to the water? @mrseb @arstechnica

9/2 4 Ways For Successful Student Engagement: Experiencing Learning As A Digital Journey. @roserose_sc @elearnindustry

9/2 Musical Improvisation – 3 Tips For Creating Remarkable Music In No Time – Share with young musicians and music teachers you know. @muz4now @DMilsont

9/1 Top 100 Education Blogs for Educators and Teachers – This is an esxcellent list. I use many of these blogs as a source for this blog. @_feedspot @justintarte

8/31 11 insights that can help you learn anything faster – Share with any learners you know. @chriswweller @businessinsider @GoConqr

8/30 Year-Long Simulation of Humans Living on Mars Comes To an End. – This is interesting but not for me. How many of your students would sign up? @JenLucPiquant @Gizmodo

8/30 How Are Stackable Potato Chips Made? I love watching these automated factory videos. I’m sure your kids will too. @ScienceChannel @Pringles

8/29 Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Life On Earth: 101 Examples – This seems like a lot but it’s easy to get through. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart

8/29 10 Web Resources For Becoming A Better Collaborator – Some are amied at teachers while others are for students. @glodigcit @Edudemic @thinkm2

8/29 10 ways to get started with VR in learning – a primer – Virtual reality has promise for education. It’s time to get hip about it. Get your Google Cardborad VR Viewer Here. @DonaldClark @nick_chater

8/28 The Ultimate Guide To Using Color Psychology In Marketing + Free Color Schemes – If you didn’t take color psychology here are free lessons. Share with art teachers and students you know. @CoSchedule @vickyloras @Sam___Hurley

8/28 Researchers look at how brain power is affected by digital technologies. We still need long-term studies to figure this out, but this will get you thinking. @DrTorahKachur @DrTinaNixon @courosa

8/28 George Orwell’s Six Rules for Writing Clear and Tight Prose – Writers of any age should read this. Share with English teachers you know. @openculture @nancyrubin

8/27 Math in unexpected places – Here is a playlist of eight TED Talks for math students and teachers. @FryRsquared @jb_michel @slavin_fpo

8/27 Math in unexpected places – Here is a playlist of eight TED Talks for math students and teachers. @FryRsquared @jb_michel @slavin_fpo

8/27 Five Keys to Success in Advanced Placement Courses – Share with AP students you know. @BradfordBHolmes @usnews @masaru_ryumae

8/26 Google Wants to Take You on a 360-Degree Tour of America’s National Parks – Time to make a bucket list for real visits. @DigitalTrends @Classcharts @DTmobile

8/25 A Google Apps Guidebook Published by Students – At the very least you should have a few in your school library. @kernkelley @rmbyrne

8/25 Things Happy People Do – Five little tricks to live a more vibrant and content life. How many do you do? @teefeen @Happify

8/24 Ten ridiculously easy-to-make snacks – These are healthy snacks that your kids can make. @alisonannyoung @DrLynneKenney @Todaysparent

8/24 Twelve incredible women you’ve never heard of who changed science forever – Share with science teachers and students you know. Women can do science! @meghanbartels @Classcharts @KentSchoolJobs

8/23 James Green: 3 moons and a planet that could have alien life – This TED Talk starts with life’s requirements and moves on to where else it might be. @TEDTalks

8/23 Don’t Let Your Brain’s Defense Mechanisms Thwart Effective Feedback. If you want to learn and grow you need to take real feedback seriously. @HarvardBiz @BruceWellman

8/23 Stephen King’s Batman Story and Four Other Must Hear Podcasts – Enjoy some summer listing as you walk, jog, or drive. @WIRED

8/22 PBS Education’s 50 for 50 is a contest that reinforces the importance of students having a voice in the political process. It makes sense to leverage the presidential election in schools. Teacher: Keep your opinions out of it. @PBSLrnMedia @rmbyrne

8/22 Ten Useful Math Practice Apps for Elementary School – Share with elementary teachers and students you know. @medkh9 @EdTechFam

8/21 Knowing Ourselves as Learners Can Improve Our Instruction. What do you know about yourself? @teresagross625 @ncte @ILAToday

8/21 Beyond 10,000 Hours of Practice: What Experts Do Differently. I listened to the book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson and highly recommend it. @whartonknows @nancyrubin

8/21 Visit the Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World. I’ve been to six and totally agree. This will make a good bucket list. @mcpherson_angie @SirKenRobinson @sunfellow

8/19 Six Good Places to Find Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects – Let me know if you have good sources of royalty free pictures and videos. @Musopen @freemusicarchiv @rmbyrne

8/19 Take This Test to Find out If You Are a Thinker. The more intelligent don’t get bored easily as they can engage themselves in their inner worlds. Have your kids take the test. @paulratnercodex @bigthink @ziegeran

8/19 A Map Showing Every Single Cargo Ship In The World – This is very cool. If you like maps or data representations you will like this. @da_fallon

8/18 Ohio high school students have new choices when it comes to earning a diploma. There are now three ways. This sounds good to me. @BobDriehaus @WCPO

8/17 10 eye-opening tips to add impact to your storytelling – @Roz_Morris @LostBookshop @MrsMagicBeans

8/15 The movement to bring back ‘risky’ play for children – As a free-range child I can relate to this. @Dave_McGinn @DennisDill @DanaAriss @CityofEdmonton

8/14 Five Coaching Strengths that Produce Champions – Can you guess what they are? @TSKinal @HarvardBiz @EricLMitchell

8/13 Wilson Just Made the Smartest Football of All Time. Built in sensors can give you amazing data. Physics teachers should get one. @TimothyMoynihan @WIRED

8/13 PDF TO EXCEL – Convert Any PDF (scanned or regular) to Excel Instantly – This is a free tool everyone should have.

8/12 Schools are gamifying science with this new STEM app. Have your science students check this out. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

8/11 Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About Roadkill – What happens when an animal doesn’t make it to the other side of the street? @KristinHugo @NatGeo @NatGeoChannel @anjanetteu

8/11 Six Reasons Why Storyboards In eLearning Are So Powerful. Take a look at some of the key advantages gained by including storyboards in eLearning content creation. @Skriss @discoverelearn @elearnindustry @elearningtags

8/11 How Integrating Physical Art Into Digital Creations Expands Creativity. Schools that do not have arts programs are absolutely missing opportunities for student growth. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @ShellTerrell @helloTWP

8/10 The Physics of Olympic Sports – CK-12 has a great set of physics simulations about archery and eleven other Olympic sports. @CK12Foundation @rmbyrne

8/10 The Incredible Benefits Of Being Bilingual – Researchers are finding a swathe of health benefits from speaking more than one language, including faster stroke recovery and delayed onset of dementia. @WanderingGaia @Digg

8/10 Create your simpleshow explainer video in minutes Easy. Free. And like a pro! Have your students help you teach by creating simpleshows. @mysimpleshow

8/10 FREE!! Printable USGS PDF Quads – Share this with science teachers you know. This can save schools significant funds and be a great resource for kids interested in maps and hiking. @NatGeoMaps @NatGeo @rmbyrne

8/8 Comma Queen: The Importance Of Serial Commas – I usually use them. Share with English teachers you know. @skydylanrobbins @nathanwfitch

8/6 Best Chinese Learning Tools For Beginners – More schools are teaching Chinese. @HelloTalkApp @chinesehand @TheChairmansBao @plecosoft @ChineseSkill

8/6 Why Good Data Scientists are Worth the Big Bucks – It takes time, effort, and lots of skills @DataScienceCtrl @nancyrubin

8/6 100 Search Engines For Academic Research – This is pretty nerdy, but I sure I have some fans who fall into that category. @TeachThought @michellermanno @DMLResearchHub

8/5 A Breathtaking Timelapse Of The Never-Setting Arctic Sun – See if you or your students can make sense of this. @WitekKaszkin @billstankay

8/5 For Olympic Athletes, Is 30 the New 20? [INFOGRAPHIC] – If you are interesting in the Olympics or the visual representation of data, this is for you. @venngage @NadyaKhoja

8/4 Fat vs carbs: What’s really worse for your health? The low carb diet seems to be working for me. @newscientist @tperran

8/3 Watch as the world’s cities appear one-by-one over 6,000 years. There is a ton of learning here. It does a great job of showing where civilization started and spread. @galka_max @DrEdwardMooney @jordosh

8/2 Engineering for Kids – These after school programs look like a great way for kids to pursue STEM. @EFK_UAE EFKChile

8/2 16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms – Project-Based learning is hot and here is some help. @cultofpedagogy @AJBianco

8/2 These 21 Tips Will Make You a Better Writer. Here is some good advice for myself and my fellow bloggers. @gretchenrubin @Inc @DrEdwardMooney

8/1 Who Buys Legal Weed? There are a number of very informative graphs here. @priceonomics @bestashtonpics

8/1 Stacked Ball Drop – A Physics Lesson – This is very cool and easy to do at home. @thephysicsgirl @Vlogbrothers @kylekitzmiller @rmbyrne

7/31 Pokémon Go, One Quick Thought. Does this viral app have a place in the classroom? @RossCoops31 @bioamyb

7/31 An Animation Creator That is Ideal for the Classroom – PowToon – If you want your students to create, this may be a useful tool. @NorainiPadillah @NFLaFave

7/31 From killing machines to agents of hope: the future of drones in Africa – This breaks some new ground in drone use. Very interesting. @Zoe_Flood @JETAR9 @WSF2017

7/30 What is concrete? This is a highly visual story that should hold the attention of your learners. This site has lots of visual stories. @hardbound

7/30 Why Are Olympic Records Always Broken? This is just one of Awesome Science Videos. @AsapSCIENCE @rmbyrne

7/28 100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school – according to teachers – How many have your kid read? @tes @Classcharts

7/27 Why comics belong in schools…and more ideas from graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang – With reluctant readers, comic books and graphic novels can be a gateway into the habit of reading. @TED_ED @robinhosemann @dogtrax

7/26 Must have iPad apps for teaching and learning – Have eight teachers each try one and report back. @jecomputing @ukedchat @ICTmagic

7/26 Shakespeare for Kids from Booktomato – Here are some resources that all schools should have. @booktomatoblog @pragmaticmom @alldonemonkey

7/25 Four Predictions for Students’ Tomorrows – Share with students and teachers you know. @erik_palmer @ASCD @thinkm2

7/25 Police Consider 3D Printing a Dead Man’s Fingerprint – There is some good real-world science here. @Swati_THN @TheHackersNews @cshislop @zaibatsu

7/23 4 Ways to Practice with Google This Summer. Share with your kids. @Mr_Sondgeroth @MrsKatrinaHall @EdTechTeacher21 @GoogleForEdu

7/23 US Primary Power Plant Source by 3-Digit Zipcode – Do you know what your primary power source is? Some of this may surprise you. @MetricMaps @wordpressdotcom

7/23 The 4 Best Drones For Capturing Great Aerial Photography – Got your drone yet for your kids? @LumoidIt @morphwithus @500px

7/22 Q and A with Brain-Powered Science author Tom O’BrienClick here to purchase his books. Every science department should have a set. @NSTA

7/22 How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent You in the 30 Most Populous US Cities? This is an extremely cool interactive representation of data. @Balazs_Szekely @RENTCafeApts

7/21 A Little Bedtime Math: This app uses stories to help keep kids from forgetting math skills over the summer. @chrisberdik @Slate @DrJDavisBowman

7/21 Which Countries Have the Most Immigrants? Ask your students to explain why the countries at the top and bottom are there. @dkopf @priceonomics

7/21 Children Attend Virtual School at Home. – This may not be for every child, but it you are looking into or doing home schooling you should check this out. @ToriLaRue @K12Learn @K12IncPR

7/20 A Teacher Visits a Norway Primary School. I think schools in the US could learn from this. @beckyjoy @Medium @annmic @Larerbloggen

7/20 The Only Way to Master Any Creative Skill – All students of any age should read this. If they can’t read yet, read it to them. @Alltopstartups @Inc

7/19 How Google is making you stupid – If you think you will have easy access to information, you are more likely not to remember it. @larrygetlen @nypost

7/19 Flybrix, the only Make Your Own Drone Kit using LEGO

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