Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World – Book Summary

Celebrate with the World

  • A great way to help your understanding of a culture is to take a look at its celebrations. All cultures have special days. If you can, try to attend or participate in celebrations from other cultures. If you don’t get invited, you can look for programs at museums, libraries, theaters, or other civic organizations. If you do get invited, ask what to wear and how to behave and be sure to go. You can also check out the different ways people celebrate the same day like birthdays and Christmas or events like weddings or funerals. Many cultures have their own calendars with their own new year’s celebrations. You might even adopt some of the celebrations you discover. (Doug: I know many non Mexicans who celebrate May 5th, which is one of their big days.) Celebrations will also help you gain experience with different foods.
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