Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World – Book Summary

Great Your Friend

  • Parents need to be consistent and expect children to politely great people they meet. She offers advice and covers common greetings in other cultures. Its also important to work on pronouncing others’ names as they do. Then its on to learning another language. You can start by learning greetings and simple words in several other languages. There is a list of the top twenty languages where English is fourth. Homa gives a lot of advice as she recognizes that language classes in school tend to be ineffective. There are many web sites, CD and DVD products, and even toys you can use. Parents who speak a second language have an advantage, and must not allow their children to avoid learning it. You can also hire child care help who speak another language. Once you have some facility with a second language, it will be easier to take on a third. Above all, don’t wait until a child goes to school to start second language. When it comes to language acquisition skill, younger children have an easier time.
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