Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin

Making the Choice

  • You can choose to: change your perspective, stop fretting with insecurity and doubt, see the best in people, and focus your attention. You can choose to fail often and not give up. You can choose to not beat yourself up when you encounter negative feedback.
  • Seth uses the game Candyland as an example of how not to teach kids. Its a game of pure chance where all you do is follow directions on a card. It a good way to indoctrinate a child to be compliant.
  • Creating a career where you become indispensable may sound selfish, but you will achieve this goal by giving selfless gifts, and those benefit everyone. Rather than looking for a job that matches your passion, work so that your passion matches your job. Nothing about becoming indispensable is easy. If it’s easy, it’s already been done and it’s no longer valuable.
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