One Size Does Not Fit All by Nikhil Goyal

One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School by Nikhil Goyal (© 2012) Nikhil Goyal is a high school student in New York. For thirteen years, he has been told to shut up and sit down and listen as his creative potential has been annihilated, and he’s not alone. Here he breaks his silence and let’s us know that what we need is a revolution and not just reform for our education system. Areas of focus include individualized learning, the danger of standardized testing, teaching creativity, reinventing the teaching profession, and giving students a real voice. Many of the books he sites are summarized here and I strongly agree with his assessment. Click the icon at the bottom of any page to purchase a copy for yourself and your favorite policy maker.

One Nation, Two Dreams

  • The Old American Dream said that if you worked hard in school, didn’t make too much trouble, and sucked it up, you would be rewarded with modest prosperity. The New American Dream involves a new bargain that leverages creativity, imagination, and passion, rather than passivity, conformity, and submission. School has failed to harmonize with this new reality as it is still like a on-size-fits-all Snuggie. The moral of the story is: Invest in yourself.

How to Create a Dropout

  • Nearly half of the young adult drop outs say they dropped out because their classes were uninteresting, which translates to boring. Furthermore, 81% said they would not have dropped out if the subjects were more relevant to real life. Parents don’t think anything is wrong as they mostly went to boring, irrelevant, prison-like schools where you are told what to do and when. Most schools are the final relic of the industrial age. They resemble the factories that they were modeled after in the 1800’s. Their goal was to create a standardized citizenry and not to foster originality. Success is defined by doing exactly what you are told to do.
  • Nikhil states: “The question we need to pose to students, policymakers, teachers, administrators, and parents is: How can we reinvent education from the ground up? We can’t fix education, because that implies the right model was once in place.” As Tony Wagner explains, “Our graduates are not ‘jury ready’ — able to analyze an argument, weigh evidence, and detect bias.”
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