So You Want to Be a Dr. When You Grow Up?

Know What You Are Getting Into

  • It is important that you do your homework on any program you are considering. Typically you will have to take some number of courses with a mix of requirements and electives. Try to download syllabi of required courses to get some idea of what is expected in terms of reading and writing. Some schools make it easier to get this degree but in general, the better the school’s reputation, the more work you can expect to do. Try to get to know some of the professors and see if you can sit in on some classes. At some point you will need to find a dissertation advisor and members for your dissertation committee. These need to be people you can work with and take criticism from.
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One Response to “So You Want to Be a Dr. When You Grow Up?”

  1. Leah says:

    This is so incredibly applicable right now- thanks for this Dr. Doug! Though I am still waiting to hear back on my applications, I started the hopeless hunt for scholarships. All of these sites need an organization overhaul. I spend hours searching and digging, and most times I never hear back.

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