The Principal as Instructional Leader: A Practical Handbook by Sally Zepeda

2. Building a Vision and Collaborative Culture

  • A vision is all-encompassing and includes beliefs, values, purposes, and goals that represent the school’s culture. It is the most important work you do. It serves to unify people, focus on the future, promote growth, and empower people. It should inspire, challenge, stand the test of time, evolve, guide people during crisis, and empower people to act.
  • The principal needs to be reflective and iterative while examining their personal vision about what good teaching looks like, and how to support it. It is necessary to find time for people from all segments of the school community to collaborate on shaping the vision so it can be fully shared. This work doesn’t fit neatly into a faculty meeting. WIth the vision in place, the leader can use it as he or she remains visible, communicates regularly, acts as a role model, exudes passion and a positive outlook, and empowers others to help achieve the vision. This chapter concludes with a section on the importance of building trust.
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