The Principal as Instructional Leader: A Practical Handbook by Sally Zepeda

3. Supervision, Professional Development, and Teacher Evaluation

  • The key point in this chapter is that these three aspects of a principal’s work need to be a seamless web, and that one aspect builds on the other. All three view the teacher as an adult learner. Principals need to understand the learning needs of teachers the way teachers do for students. Asking teachers for input on their needs is one strategy and new principals should study recent history of professional development.
  • Most professional development consists of isolated events that teachers can’t transfer into daily practice. Activities should extend over time, include classroom observations and evaluations, and be part of a larger plan. Teachers should be involved in establishing goals, and efforts should promote collaboration. High-stakes assessments narrow focus and weaken community and capacity.
  • Observations and conversations can reveal areas of need. Many teachers engage in their own learning, and principals need to find a way for them to share their expertise. Faculty meetings should be devoted to professional development, and be planned by a professional development committee with a year-long agenda. Sally provides a list of planning considerations and surveys for collecting data. The chapter ends with a discussion of the importance of embedding professional development into teachers’ daily practice. Sally also includes suggestions for how to do so.
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