The World Is Flat Release 3.0 Summary

Flattener 1 – 11/9/1989 – The Wall Falls

  • The fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9/89 unleashed forces that liberated all the captive peoples of the Soviet Empire. It also tipped the balance of power across the world toward those advocating democratic, consensual, free-market-oriented governance. More economies would be governed from the ground up by the interests, demands, and aspirations of the people rather than from the top down. (Note that 11/9 is the opposite of 9/11.)
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  1. I have had it with this unconsidered love of the Great Tom. Just have a gander at this if you really want to know what this narcissistic clown is all about:

    No, I won’t read Friedman again any time soon even if it is hot

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