Is Homeschooling the Answer? – Guest Post

More Time with Children

  • School takes up a large part of the day. Those are a lots of hours you don’t get to spend with your kids. At the end of the day, there is so much to do — homework, dinner, baths, etc. — that leaves very little quality time to spend with your kids. By homeschooling, parents can spend much more time with their children and can deepen the relationships they have with them.
  • Homeschooling may not be the answer for every family. Maybe your child has special needs that you just can’t meet on your own. Maybe you can’t afford to quit your job. There are, however, many benefits to homeschooling that make it a serious option to consider for many families. Thanks to technology there are countless resources that can help parents with the process, and parents who work at home can also consider home schooling. Home schooling parents are increasingly working in groups to support each other.
  • If this post has you thinking, please share your thoughts. Thanks for the comments!
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