The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle

How to be a Better Teacher/Coach

  • Start with an emotional connection. This is especially important for the first meeting. Be aware of your body language and eye contact.
  • Deliver information in small vivid chunks. Try to deliver short customized messages to each student. Be vivid and concise.
  • Use language that is specific and concrete. Communicate with precise nouns and numbers, things you can see, touch, and measure. Avoid imprecise adverbs and adjectives.
  • Make a score card for learning. Determine what is important and try to count it when it happens.
  • Try to design an environment where students are constantly reaching. (Doug: Vygotsky calls this the zone of proximal development.) The flipped classroom model can do this as it allows each student to work at their own pace with the teacher facilitating their efforts.
  • Keep in mind that your goal is to create independent learners. When possible, step away to create moments of independence. Allow students to teach each other. It is well understood that teaching is a great way to learn.
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