Driven by Data: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

Part Two: 6. Leading Professional Development: How Do You Make it Stick?

  • Even though research consistently shows that adults rarely retain much of what they hear, adult leadership training consistently errs on the side of lecture. Even treating adults as if they were K-12 students is not as effective as allowing them to generate the content they are learning. This allows them to be more invested in it and retain it longer. The idea is Living the Learning. Ideally you have precisely built activities that lead to the desired conclusions. This can take far more time to plan and more work to facilitate.
  • Short lectures are fine to get things going followed by some guided practice. Next participants should work analyzing assessment questions from their tests or a successful district along with their corresponding state test. Groups can look at questions and decide what conclusions can be drawn from each. This should allow participants to generate almost all the core principals with minimal scaffolding. With answers generated, the leader should put them into formal language. By generating the content, leaders will be more invested in putting it into practice. In addition to analyzing assessment questions, you can use case studies, short videos (2-8 minutes), role plays, simulations, games, and modeling. Paul recommends the Think-Pair-Share approach. (See pages 163-172 for details.)

Professional Development Agendas and Activities

  • Chapters 7 through 12 contain workshop activities that anyone can use to run a leadership workshop that uses the concepts in the first part of this book and the approach outlined in chapter 6. As such it is an excellent resource that you can use as is or build on as you train your data leaders.
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