Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive In An Unpredictable World? by David Geurin

13. Embrace Change

  • We start with the story of how John Kennedy won the 1960 presidential election by embracing the use of television. David suggests that if teachers want to prepare students for the future, they need to embrace and integrate technology. Traditional skills are still useful, but they are just the beginning. Students must be able to apply skills as they learn how to collaborate, communicate, create, and think.
  • In order to improve schools we must accept change, learn, and grow. Change is inevitable and to survive you need to take risks. You need to get out of your comfort zone at times and your students need to see you adapt and embrace change. The key question to ask is are you teaching the same way you were taught and are you preparing your students for tomorrow or yesterday?

14. Making Learning Meaningful

  • Meaning is what helps us make sense of the world as it gives relevance to our learning. Making learning meaningful is far more effective that doling out extrinsic rewards. If you make learning meaningful students are more likely to find their passion and become self-directed lifelong learners. This should be a daily effort for all educators. David shares stories about what activities made a difference for his kids. In short, the keys to meaning are projects, teamwork, allowing for risk and failure, mentoring, and celebrating success.
  • Are students dealing with real problems with real consequences? To make learning more meaningful make sure you are building relationships, tell stories of triumph and tragedy, look for opportunities to serve others, solve real problems, be passionate yourself, and invite reflection. Think beyond yourself and make learning meaningful.

15. Pushing Forward

  • Here David summarizes his key points. He urges you not to put limits on yourself or your students. You need to see your self as a futurist. Teach students how to learn. Make sure lessons are relevant and personally meaningful. Try to get kids excited so they can discover their passion. Apply content when possible. Give students more freedom and choice. Try to have students work like professionals. Teachers can make a huge difference and the should never forget that. Thanks, David for the encouragement and inspiration.

David Geurin

  • David is the principal and lead learner of Bolivar High School in Missouri, a National Blue Ribbon School. He is committed to developing future-driven, student-centered schools. In 2008, he earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri. He was recognized by the National Association of Secondary School Principals as the 2017 National Digital Principal of the Year. Check out his blog DavidGeurin.Com, follow him on Twitter @DavidGeurin, and send him email at david.geurin@gmail.com.
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