Tech Training Plan / Build the Foundation / Sparking Conversations

Tech Training Plan
How to Plan Outstanding Tech Training for Your Teachers – This is fairly comprehensive. Share with your tech support people. @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

Build the Foundation, Not the Ceiling. Traditionally, the curriculum has been organized in a linear path that promotes a one size fits all approach to success. @katiemartinedu @Pen63

Eleven Questions Interesting People Always Ask to Spark Great Conversations – While this is aimed at businesses it looks like good advice for teachers. @MarcelSchwantes @Inc

Social/Mobile Media Education

Top 15 Tips to Organically Promote your Blog in 2018 – This applies to blogs for yourself, your students, or your school. @TrendsSeo @fmourelle @theseotrends


ISS releases longest time-lapse video made in space. Two trips around the Earth in only 15 minutes. @christocarbone @FoxNewsTech @nypost


The Benefits of Laughing – Offices and schools can use a good dose of laughter. @BettyAnnHeggie @HarvardBiz @SimonCocking

Inspirational/Funny Tweets

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. Bruce Lee @NiklasGoeke

Humor, Music, Cool Stuff

Five Bad Signs To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car – This is aimed at novice car buyers. Please share with young people and anyone who buys used cars. @jasonfenske13

Recent Book Summaries, Original Work, and Guest Posts

After the Education Wars

After the Education Wars: How Smart Schools Upend the Business of Reform – by Andrea Gabor

All Children, Including Those with Learning Disabilities, Benefit from the Arts by Lillian Brooks

Code Breaker: Increase Creativity, Remix Assessment, and Develop a Class of Coder Ninjas! by Brian Aspinall

Seven Things That Can Spoil Your Relationship with the Students by Kate Khom

Elite Schools

Why Do We Have Elite Schools? Click here for the original post at EdWeek Teacher and consider leaving a comment. @DrDougGreen @MsSackstein @EdWeekTeacher

Hacking Project-Based Learning: 10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy

The Gritty Truth of School Transformation: Eight Phases of Growth to Instructional Rigor by Amy M. Dujon

Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive In An Unpredictable World? by David Geurin encourages teachers to look to the future as they design lessons to excite their students.

Peer Feedback in the Classroom: Empowering Students to be the Experts by Starr Sackstein

Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom by Shelly Sanchez Terrell

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