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Writing Advice
Helpful advice for aspiring writers of all ages – Being a writer is all about expressing your unique perspective with feeling and originality, not about having a huge vocabulary or getting published. @TEDTalks @RafaelWrites @mywritersnook

How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive Behavior – Kids who seem oppositional are often severely anxious. @ChildMindInst @Gen_Kilpatrick @jessica_minahan

2020 Cloud Predictions
Thinkers360 Predictions Series – 2020 Predictions for Cloud Computing – The 2020 Predictions for Cloud Computing are part of a series intended to provide actionable insights for business and school technology executives. @thinkers360 @KeithKeller

Social/Mobile Media Education

Empowering digital citizens with real-life scenarios – Starting in sixth grade, students get a digital citizenship lesson each fall, winter and spring. @iste @ChrisFrisella @stppLMC


Ten Tenets of a Student-Centered Writing Classroom – How many are happening in classrooms you know? @shfarnsworth @kevinhoneycutt @web20classroom



Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids. And start raising kind ones. @AdamMGrant @TheAtlantic @DMace8 @palan57

Inspirational/Funny Tweets

Count your BLessings@themerry_monk

Humor, Music, Cool Stuff

An Eighth Grader Came Up With This Brilliant Device To Deal With Blindspots In Driving For Her Science Fair Project. See if you or your kids can figure out how he did it before you read the answer. @partspaul62

Recent Book Summaries, Original Work, and Guest Posts

Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t by Simon Sinek

You Are Awesome: 9 Secrets to Getting Stronger and Living an Intentional Life by Neil Pasricha

Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning by Scott McLeod and Julie Graber

The Happy Mind: A Simple Guide to Living a Happier Life Starting Today by Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie

The Leadership Mind Switch: Rethinking How We Lead In the New World of Work by D. A. Benton and Kylie Wright-Ford

From Teacher to Leader: Finding Your Way as a First-Time Leader—Without Losing Your Mind by Starr Sackstein

The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success by Albert-László Barabási

All Children, Including Those with Learning Disabilities, Benefit from the Arts by Lillian Brooks

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