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Science & Lit
Using Science to Bring Literature to Life – Combining science and literature can help students engage more deeply with both subjects. @edutopia @RickettsKate @DrAAlston

Is Your Body Language Revealing More Than You Want It To. Studies find that up to 80% of what we understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words. @LollyDaskal

Future technologies that will drive Industry 4.0 – Scenarios like these are gradually becoming a reality in industrial production. @KlausHelmrich @wef @ChuckDBrooks @simplivllc @MikeQuindazzi @HaroldSinnott

Social/Mobile Media Education

Unpacking the Problem of Unmotivated Online Students – We need to develop some sort of a methodology whereby taking an online course is seen as a privilege and an opportunity to learn a subject more deeply than in a face-to-face class. @brocansky @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

Loading a Plane


There Is A Much Better Way To Board Airplanes, But There’s No Way It Will Ever Be Implemented. Stop the animation after the problem is posed and see what your students come up with. @skillshare @cgpgrey ‏


Flipped Classroom: Engaging Students with EdPuzzle – Time to find out how this tool works. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

Inspirational/Funny Tweets

If we trust the lives of our students to teachers, why won’t the corporate/political class trust them with lesson plans? @dintersmith

Humor, Music, Cool Stuff

Pixar Just Dropped This New Experimental Short Film, ‘Purl.’ – This is soooooo cute. It could help your kids warm up to people who aren’t like them. @roxxykristen @davidmlally @bradleyfurnish @pinartoprak @DisneyPixar

Recent Book Summaries, Original Work, and Guest Posts

Being Digital 23 Years Later by Nicholas Negroponte

The Formula

The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success by Albert-László Barabási

Should We Be Teaching Optimism? by Dr. Doug Green

Token Ideas for Guest Speakers by Jenna Smith – If you need a high quality plaque check out EDCO Awards and Specialties.

Get It Done: The 21-day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start by Michael Mackintosh

All Children, Including Those with Learning Disabilities, Benefit from the Arts by Lillian Brooks

Seven Things That Can Spoil Your Relationship with the Students by Kate Khom

Why Do We Have Elite Schools? Dr. Doug Green

Hacking Project-Based Learning: 10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy

Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom by Shelly Sanchez Terrell

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