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SM & Language Learning
Using Social Media to Boost Students’ Understanding of World Languages – Tweets and other social media posts give students a rich context for engaging with concepts in the target language. @edutopia @Anxo_Otero

Mastery Grading
Reconsidering End of Year Grading for Student Mastery – There are better ways to assess student growth by including the students in the process. @mssackstein

PhD Tips

All about applying to a Ph.D. program – Are you passionately dedicated to a field? Do you wish to have the highest expertise and knowledge in a specialized field? And are you considering pursuing a Ph.D.? Wondering if you have enough experience to get into a Ph.D. program?
Then, you must read these tips before signing up for a Ph.D. program. @ReachIvy

Ice Cream Hack

Social Media/Artificial Intelligence

They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines—and Started a Cold War. Secret codes. Legal threats. Betrayal. How one couple built a device to fix McDonald’s notoriously broken soft-serve machines—and how the fast-food giant froze them out. @a_greenberg @WIRED


The Copper Age Explained (The rise of civilization) This isn’t taught in most schools, but I think it should. A big reason copper was better than stone is that it could be recycled even thought stone tools were sharper. @ExcuselessTitan Check out this guy’s YouTube channel.



Error-riddled Virginia teachers union letter gets roasted on social media. Teachers’ unions have it bad eoung without this kind of news. @ellenfgallery @nypost @VEA4Kids

Inspirational/Funny Tweets

It Can't Be Done@Imported_Fun

Humor, Music, Cool Stuff

100 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die. United States Travel – This forty minutes, but worth it. Be sure to keep score of the places you have been from the start. Also, make a list of the places you would add. Here is mine: the Florida Key’s Road, the Finger Lakes in New York State, The LaBrea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, Napa Valley, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Cape Cod, the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Yankee Stadium. Top of the Rock in Southern Missouri, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Coolie Dam, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, Charlestown, South Carolina including Fort Sumter, the Agusta National Golf Course, and Padre Island in Texas. @World2Briggs


Recent Book Summaries & My Podcast

Suite Talk
180 Moving Forward past the Pandemic with Dr. Doug Green – On October 4, 2021, I was Kim Mattina’s guest on her weekly show. Please join us for a discussion on what we can gain from our pandemic experiences as educators.

The Future of Smart

The Future of Smart: How Our Education System Needs to Change to Help All Young People Thrive by Ulcca Joshi Hansen

Noise: A Flaw In Human Judgement by Daniel Kahneman, Oliver Sibony, & Cass Sunstein

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind by Judson Brewer

Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnson

Cup of Joe
Listen to Dr. Doug on the “Cup of Joe” podcast. I recorded it last week. On it, I talk about the many good things I have seen in schools doing hybrid teaching. @PodcastCupOfJoe @DrDougGreen @BrainAwakes

Grasp: The Science of Transforming How We Learn by Sanjay Sarma with Luke Yoquinto

Back to School COVID Myths – It’s popular to say that hybrid learning is negatively impacting poor students who generally attend schools with lots of discipline issues. Is it possible that some poor kids who make a serious effort to learn aren’t the big winners? There may be stresses at home, but not many bullies. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein

This is my podcast on the Jabbedu Network. Please consider listening and buying my book Teaching Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Way More Complex. Here’s a free executive summary. @jabbedu @DrDougGreen

Boys and Sex: Young Men on Hookups, Love, Porn, Consent, and Navigating the New Masculinity by Peggy Orenstein

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves (the book can be found here)

Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen by Dan Heath

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