The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture: A Practical Guide to the New Normal and Relating to Female Co-Workers in the Modern Workplace by Heather Zumarraga

15. Influencing Your Corporate Culture

  • Culture is the character of an organization. Norms are what are encouraged, discouraged, accepted, or rejected. It’s important that everyone share the organization’s mission and purpose. This can promote a common approach to working together, making decisions, and analyzing risk. Culture is very important and it’s the leader’s job to access and guide it. Providing positive feedback is good for any culture and everyone can do it.
  • Your organization should have a readable policy handbook and everyone should be familiar with it. Promote people who do things to improve your culture and try to hire people who will fit. If you see any negative behavior even if it’s minor or unconscious, step in and deal with it. Constructive criticism is necessary, but it can be hard to give. Just be objective and caring when you give it and don’t leave out women because you think they are too fragile. As you interact with everyone, try to connect on an emotional level.

16. How Your Employer Can Help You

  • Although the HR department works for the organization, be sure to see if there are ways that it can help with career advancement and gaining new skills. Men shouldn’t shy away from mentoring or working with women as such behavior is sexist. Make a concerted effort to diversify your staff and make sure that diverse staff members mix with others. Do what you can to help everyone understand how diversity makes the organization stronger.

17. Peaceful Coexistence in the Inclusive Workplace

  • Women are different, but they are not aliens. They aren’t interested in taking you down, they just want a fair shot. Treat them as you would women in your own family. They actually are better at some things. Research shows that they do better running financial organizations. As of today, 55% of employees don’t care about their boss’s gender. Try to become part of this majority. People don’t quit their companies, they quit their bosses. Insecure women bosses can be emasculating. If you work for one, get out regardless of your gender.

18. What’s Next for the Modern Coporate World?

  • Thanks to the COVID pandemic many workers have had a taste of working from home. This can reduce stress and allow for a lot more flexibility. It also does away with the time consuming and perhaps costly comute. Heather reviews a number of pieces of popular softwhat that companions are using for remote working. All employees need to be on their best behavior working remotely as all activity is easy to record. Even if you are going to a workplace, chances are that there is a lot more surveillance. Remember that the company you work for owns your emails and may be able to monitor your phone calls. Make sure that you have nothing to hide and mind your manners.

Business Lessons

19. Conclusion

  • The future of work will still be human as robots are not good at being human. Appreciation is a great way to break down barriers and build relationships with women. You feel good when you share credit so do it more often. Doing so can also help you move up. If you see gender discrimination or harassment do something about it. Work on communication skills as all jobs require them. Be sure to marry some humility with your confidence. Encourage others to question your conclusions. Above all be a role model for inclusion and acceptance at work. Also let others know that building inclusion is everybody’s job.

Heather Zumarraga

  • Heather is a respected economic and financial correspondent for Fox News, Fox Business News, Newsmax, and CNBC. She is a contributor to The Washington Poast and other publications and has distinguished herself as a highly regarded and will-connected source. She received a her Masters of Business Administration from the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington D.C. in 2013. Washington Life Magazine recognized her as on of “DC’s most powerful people under 40. Check out her website at and follow her her on Twitter @HeatherZuma.
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