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College Majors You Can Complete Online by Craig Middleton

Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Online College
College Majors You Can Complete Online by Craig Middleton offers suggestions regarding degrees you can get entirely or mostly online. With colleges closed this approach may be the best option for high school graduates and people looking to change careers.


  • Deciding to get a college degree can be a major decision. It’s an especially tough choice if you are considering changing careers later in life, or are going back to school after some time off. If you currently have a job, a family, or other obligations that would make attending a physical college difficult, consider taking classes online. Many quality degrees that will lead to a lucrative career can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Backup Power

  • Since the Internet will feature heavily in your ability to complete your classes on time and do the necessary work, you must make sure that you have access to a stable Internet connection. There can occasionally be power outages or glitches that would lead to disconnection, so you will want to have a backup power source. This will give you a few moments to save your work if your signal is lost suddenly. Electrical circuits have a disconnect switch that can sometimes be tripped by accident. They are a safety measure to eliminate the danger of electrocution during maintenance. Having a backup will prevent any loss of work from sudden outages and save you a lot of frustration while completing your coursework.


  • A business degree is always a good choice and has many variations that you can choose from. You can get into business in almost any major industry, so this is a flexible and lucrative choice. There are many different aspects of business that you can look into. Accounting involves keeping the books for a business. Administration oversees all aspects of how to run a business. Marketing will teach you how to draw customers in and promote products and services. Or, you could focus on human resources where you manage the personnel that are needed to keep the business functioning.

Computer Science

  • Another popular area of online study is computer science. You may choose to do IT work, software development, programming, or even repair. These are all good options and can lead to steady careers since computers are such an important part of daily life and used in almost all businesses. This is a stable career option that is sure to continue growing and provide many opportunities.

Health Industry

  • The health industry is a highly sought after career. Within this industry, you can seek an online degree in administration and learn how to run anything from a doctor’s office to a large hospital. You can also work to become a home health aide or even a nurse. The base classes can all be taken online but most programs will require a hands-on training period with a knowledgeable professional in a medical setting to complete your degree.


  • Education is another solid option to do at home. Education degrees allow you to specialize in almost any subject area of interest, or you can work to become a principal or even to get your master’s degree. Many education degrees will require a final semester of student teaching where you work in a school setting, but the majority of the work can be done online.


  • If you are a more creative person, you can consider a career in art. Popular options that involve a lot of computer work, and would be ideal to take online, are animation or graphic design. /li>
  • There are many high-quality online degree programs that offer personalized instruction and can help you reach your career goals. If you are considering going back to school or changing your career, you may want to look into taking some online classes. They provide a flexible option for working towards a degree that will allow you to keep your current job and look after your family while you do it. You can choose to take a full-time course load or start with just a few classes in your available free time. Online schooling is a great opportunity to advance your career or pursue a new path in life.

Craig Middleton

  • Craig is a New York City-based retired business consultant, who is an expert in education and cultural trends. He has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Education from St. Johns and loves sharing his knowledge on the side through his writing. If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to Craig at
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Combining Fun and Education: The Importance of Museums by Vee Cecil

Saturday, October 15th, 2016


Combining Fun and Education: The Importance of Museums by Vee Cecil explains why museums are important to society and why they should be a centerpiece of education at home and in school.

Museums Are Important

  • Museums have been a staple of Western society for centuries. They hold the rarest, most invaluable, and important artifacts from both past and present. Though some people may brush history off as boring, there is far more to see when you visit a museum.
  • Some museums contain hands-on exhibits that explain science to the layperson, others hold modern works of art, and you might even find one with an extensive collection of teacups. Regardless of the theme, museums are an important part of society. There are several compelling reasons to visit and support museums in your local area and around the world.

They Preserve Cultures

  • With globalization, cultures are dying at an unprecedented rate, leaving their remains to museums. Without careful preservation of documents and artifacts, many of these cultures would be lost to history. With museums, these cultures can be remembered, preserved, and possibly even revived. With heritage programs, the information held by museums can help a group revive aspects of their culture that would have otherwise been lost. Check out The importance of preserving cultural artifacts: A look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Islamic Wing by Thomas Campbell.

They Teach Kids to Be Excited About Learning

  • For most kids, there is nothing more exciting during the school year than a class field trip. Trips to museums allow students to abandon the traditional, lecture-based learning, get some hands-on education, and see beautiful visual aids that would be impossible to replicate in a classroom, even as part of a video. Hands-on learning is critical to engaged learning, and even teachers may learn some tips and tricks to keeping their kids interested. Check out useful lesson plans here.

They Showcase New Ideas and Technology

  • In art museums, patrons find themselves exposed to new, innovative ideas from modern artists alongside historic pieces for comparison. Science museums break down technologies, allowing the average person to grasp the complex ingenuity that goes into their everyday staples. Many museums even have apps, displaying their connection to the modern world. Exposure to new things and ideas is critical in order for a person to continue to grow and learn. Though school may end, learning should not. You can also check out six museum apps for virtual field trips.

They Are a Fun and Beneficial Option for Family Outings

  • Family outings are usually kid-centric with parents sacrificing their own interest in order to please their kids. Museums, on the other hand, are interesting and fun for all involved. Children get to see their parents excited about learning, creating a positive example.
  • Museums also expose kids to a number of different subjects, teaching them the importance of things like art, science, and cultural acceptance. Though a trip to a playground is positive for kids’ fitness, museums are one of the best family-friendly activities that work the mind and expand kids’ horizons.
  • Museums are an extremely under-appreciated resource. They play a critical role in preserving important aspects of humanity including our art, our cultures, our past, our present, and our future. Though we have documented much of our time on this planet, the only way this history is accessible to the public is through the hard work of museums. So next time you’re thinking of something to do with your kids this weekend, look up your local museum. You might just be surprised by what you discover. Click her for 17 kid-friendly museums and hands-on attractions.

Vee Cecil

  • Vee keeps busy by being a wellness coach, personal trainer and bootcamp instructor in Kentucky. She also recently launched blog where she shares her passion for health by writing about her favorite tips, activities and recipes. @vee_cecil
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Disappearing Recess Implications – Ben Hirshberg

Monday, November 26th, 2012

The Implications of a Disappearing Recess Period by Ben Hirshberg is a scholarly paper that focuses on how pressure from high-stakes testing has resulted in less recess time in many American schools and its negative impact on the children involved. The paper is very well referenced and can be obtained by sending Ben an email at If you are looking for ammunition to save or expand recess if your school, Ben is your man.

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Doing Professional Development Right Starting a Business by Jenna Smith

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Starting a Business
Doing Professional Development Right Starting a Business by Jenna Smith offers key professional development advice for anyone who wants to start a business. In addition to finding time each day to grow your own skills, you will probably need help from people who already have skills that you lack. Legal and financial skills are likely to top this list.


  • One of the most difficult things that anyone can do is start a business. It is so hard that over fifty percent of all businesses fail. Most people don’t have what it takes to start and maintain a successful business and they just don’t have the mental strength to see things through. One of the most important things for starting and running a good business is to focus on professional development. You need to have the right skills to be successful. You might even need to get a good partner who has skills that complement yours. A good partnership agreement template allows you to create the legal framework of how that partnership would be run. That way, no one feels aggrieved if things don’t work out as you want them to. Knowing how to do things in a smart way is critical in business. It is so important that you can save time and money while you work.

Get Help Online

  • The process of starting a business is difficult. It can be made easy by going to online marketplaces and getting the legal help you need. You might also be able to have your partner do it. However, for some businesses, it is as simple as filing the necessary paperwork and then getting your documents. Those businesses don’t need a lot to be successful. However, most businesses are complicated and need good legal help and advice. Professional development factors into all of this because you need certain skills to be good in business. For example, someone who is building houses needs to have either the skills of an architect or a civil engineer. They need to be able to draw from their engineering expertise to finish jobs.

Developing Your Skills

  • Professional development isn’t easy. Life happens very quickly, and there are a lot of things you have to do in life. For example, most people are tired when they get home from work. That means there is often no time left for professional development or other tasks. Making time to help your career is essential. That could be as little as 30 minutes every day that is dedicated to reading a book or learning a new skill. As you learn, you will find that it becomes a lot easier to learn and it creates a huge snowball for you. You soon find that you have mastered many different skills while not changing anything about your life.
  • This type of frictionless growth and development is what most people need to succeed. Most business success is found just beyond your current skills. That means you need to grow and develop to get there. The first step to development is focusing on your goals. You have to know where you’re going before you can chart the course to get there. That means understanding the skills that are necessary to achieve your goals. After that, you want to find someone who can help you learn those necessary skills. That could be a school or a mentor. It could even be the school of hard knocks. That means going out into the world and getting the relevant experience by yourself.

Getting Good Legal Advice

  • Another important part of business is the law. The legal system is essential when it comes to contracts and figuring out what rules you must abide by. Certain things that you think would be okay are not. Focusing on making sure you are within the limits of the law is important. A good lawyer is someone that is essential for you to get great in business. Figuring out the best lawyer can also be a difficult task. There are many things that lawyers do, and they can be very expensive. Having a good lawyer is often something that can help a business owner avoid serious consequences. That along with a professional accountant and financial planner. All of these people have the necessary skills to help you grow and succeed.

Growing a Successful Enterprise

  • Business growth is the goal of every owner. You want to go from owning nothing to being a multimillionaire. This means being smart in the way you spend your money. Having the relevant knowledge of investing can help you go a long way. It is also essential to have great skills to be the best business owner you can possibly be.

Jenna Smith

  • Jenna is a writer and blogger based out of San Diego, Calif. When she’s not typing away at her keyboard, you can find her playing on the beach with her kids, baking, and hiking.
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Eat Smart, Be Smart: How Diet Can Improve Mental Capacity by Madoline Hatter

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Eat Smart, Be Smart: How Diet Can Improve Mental Capacity by Madoline Hatter

  • When we eat, the vitamins and nutrients in the food we consume are processed by our bodies. If you eat a lot of “junk food,” there is a good chance that you will feel like junk. Foods that are more beneficial to your body can make you feel the exact opposite. Healthy foods can also impact your mental capacities and provide the means to maintain a healthy weight,
  • A large proportion of people initially go on a diet in order to lose weight. This is the major topic of the first few pages of a Google search on the term “diet.” Although more people are understanding the other ramifications of healthy eating, many are still in the dark about just how profound an impact eating healthier can make on their daily lives. Every aspect of your existence is impacted by the various vitamins, minerals, and macro nutrients that are needed for optimum bodily function. If you are deficient in any of these components, your body won’t be as efficient as it could be.
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Eight Incredible Online Tools to Check Your Grammar by Paul Bates

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Eight Incredible Online Tools to Check Your Grammar by Paul Bates provides quick introductions to popular tools that can make almost anyone a better writer. From students to teachers, anyone who writes at all should check them out. Thanks, Paul.
Writing Tools


  • The arduous days with traditional writing methodology have passed a long time ago as the technology has assisted the writing enthusiasts with many of powerful tools. The complete process of generating ideas to creatively designing and publishing books is now much simpler, faster, and cheaper. There is always a quest going on in the heads of the writers to find promising tools and gadgets that can help them write decent, eye-catchy content online. And the non-native speakers have always needed tools to help them write grammatically precise content. To dissolve all the misconceptions, here’s a list of popular grammar tools easily available online. Categorically, these can be rendered as Productivity and Organization, Editing and Proofreading, and Designing and Publishing.

Writing Help

1. Grammarly

  • This most popular and prolific tool is available for free online. This tool proofreads your content in real time as you write and points outs grammatical, punctuation and style errors immediately. Among the highly demanding tools, Grammarly is the most reliable and user-friendly, which also comes with the contextual spelling checker and a sentence structure identifier. Its premium version offers the users superior functionality like plagiarism detection and professional proofreading. (Doug: I have been using this tool for a while and highly recommend it.)

2. Grammar

  • This is a reliable and up-to-the-minute tool with the best intrusion free portal for grammar and spellchecking. It also imitates a few functionalities of Microsoft Word like indentation and numbering or bullets style. It provides a person with the ease to import documents in any format for a grammatical check up.


  • This is also a spelling checker that is available for free. The key quality of this tool is that it identifies minor grammatical errors providing a user with a high precision rate. Incredibly easy and quick editing functionalities make it highly demanded among the users.

4. Clean Writer Pro

  • Looking for a distraction free tool to help you write like a pro? This tool can fulfill your needs in the best possible way. Furthermore, for the developers, it provides an efficient utility to convert a document to HTML so that you can post it to your blog or website immediately.

5. Ginger

  • This is a sublime tool to correct punctuation and grammatical errors efficiently on the go. The mistakes in the content are carefully analyzed and are accurately replaced. It also imports articles for the detailed checkup before publishing. However, the user has to download a full version for a laptop/PC if the article is longer than the supported length allowed by the online version.

6. Online

  • Interactive design is the key to success of an app or tool so in order to accomplish perfection Online highlights the errors by category. The content is examined and the spelling errors are marked in red while the grammatical mistakes are highlighted in green. This helps the user to differentiate between the errors easily helping to avoid them in future.

7. Language Tool

  • To better serve the needs of every user this tool supports twenty different languages as well as all versions of English language. It provides the user with spellchecking, punctuation and indentation functionalities.

8. After The Deadline

  • Automatic Corporation, the developers of WordPress, has created this tool to add an extra dimension to the writing world. It comes with many functionalities like add-ons and extensions. It supports easy handling of grammatical and punctuation errors with priority suggestions to make the writing process better. Its online version is very coherent if you don’t feel like installing the tool on a laptop to unleash its full functionality.
  • There are many other tools available online that provide similar basic functionalities but the ones mentioned here are the most widely used by people throughout the world.

Paul Bates

  • Paul is a freelance writer from Dallas, TX. He’s an avid reader and during his free time writes summaries of different stories and novels. He has recently written the Chrysanthemums summary, a fascinating story by John Steinbeck.
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Embrace Learning-Based Games for Children by Craig Middleton – guest post

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Learning Games
Embrace Learning-Based Games for Children by Craig Middleton will give parents and teachers some idea about how to use games in a developmentally appropriate manner. If you aren’t playing word and number games with your kids it may be time to start. Thanks, Craig.


  • Games are often considered as a fun tool to distract a child or something to play on a rainy day, however, games can also offer a wonderful benefit to children. Through many stages of childhood, kids can play games to enhance their development, build skills and also have a great time. While these vary by age group, there are games for almost every age, so consider these as you look to game options for your students or children.

Memory Games<

  • Games that test a child’s memory and allow them to practice are a wonderful tool as their young minds grow. For young children, this can begin with recognizing, memorizing and simple matching of a few variations of shapes and colors or animals that are flipped to conceal the card. This game can provide children with the opportunity to practice their short-term memory and work to build that muscle. With memory games, it is important to utilize age-appropriate tasks. By offering a toddler a memory game involving many options and choices, you may find yourself with a frustrated, melting down child, as this is developmentally beyond their means. As children age, using the same game with increased variations and options can increase the level of difficulty and challenge them further. This may include subjects of art, locations and people to add additional obstacles to navigate.

Language and Letter Games

  • Letters are introduced to children at very young ages, however, discerning their properties and understanding how letters go together will come at a much later developmental stage. Age-appropriate language games that involve the use of letters can be a fun way to embrace learning and supplement their education at home. Whether you are choosing a game that matches one letter to reflect the first letter of a corresponding picture for a young child or using letter gram games to utilize your kiddo’s vocabulary, there are limitless options. The importance of choosing games that can support the development of language, letters and words can be influential and helpful as your child gets older. Additionally, by gamifying language, you find yourself making learning fun and enjoyable while supporting their development.

Math and Number-Based Games

  • Just as learning language skills can be influential in a child’s life, so can be learning numbers and math. Not everyone associates the concept of fun and enjoyment with math and numbers, as these tend to be analytically based concepts. However, by offering an entertaining outlet, we can teach them that the analytical areas can be just as fun. Many games offer children the ability to practice math skills and number-based tasks. For younger children, this may be adding simple numbers to understand the scoring system of a game and for older children, they may be able to practice logical reasoning and numbers with a game like sudoku. For all of these options, children find themselves practicing the use of numbers and reasoning, benefiting their education and building skills while playing and enjoying the landscape that is educational games.

Social Skills

  • Developing social skills is a pivotal component of a child’s progression and can be essential as they grow older. Many games, including some of those listed above, can offer the practice of social skills, whether that be sharing, taking turns, offering explanations or any other variety of human interaction. By providing children with the opportunity to engage with others and learn various social skills, we can engage them in a practice that will be increasingly influential as they age. While many games focus on the sole purpose of establishing and putting social skills into practice, countless games offer these same benefits just by the nature of being a game.
  • While the importance of games can often be quickly looked over, it is important to acknowledge the influential nature of games on learning. Not all games will offer children the same benefit, but there are opportunities to enhance their learning experience and enjoy some entertainment all at once.

Craig Middleton

  • Craig is a New York City-based retired business consultant, who is an expert in education and cultural trends. He has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Education from St. Johns and loves sharing his knowledge on the side through his writing. If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to Craig at
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Five Effective Habits to Increase Your Motivation to Study by Edmond Garrett

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Five Effective Habits to Increase Your Motivation to Study by Edmond Garrett offers students of all ages key tips for organizing and getting the most out of study time. Be sure to share this sound advice with any students you know.

  • The amount of effort you put into studying directly reflects the grades you receive from your classes, whether you’re in high school or college. Unfortunately, motivation to study is often lacking when compared to the desire to engage in other activities, like spending time with friends or enjoying other leisure pursuits. However, if you build the right five habits now, you can increase your motivation to study, while still leaving time to enjoy life’s other joys.
  • Early Review

    • Make a habit of waking ten minutes early each morning during the week. Spend this time reviewing class materials you’ve already covered. This isn’t a time to catch up on reading assigned chapters or finishing homework you should have done the night before. This time is specifically for quick review of already read materials, such as reading summaries at the end of textbook chapters or reviewing key concepts and definitions.

    Scheduled Study Times

    • Create a weekly calendar on Sunday laying out your week. Look at the syllabus or class schedule for each of your courses to determine the tests and assignments scheduled for the week. Set aside specific times devoted to studying for each class. Your set aside times are flexible if something comes up during the week, but making a habit of setting this time aside will give you a better chance of following through on your studies.
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    Five Practical implementations of Internet of Things that can make your Life Easy by Vaishnavi Agrawa

    Thursday, February 18th, 2016

    Five Practical implementations of Internet of Things that can make your Life Easy by Vaishnavi Agrawa explains how the IoT is changing MANY aspects of our lives at work and at home. This is a guest post from Bangalore, India. If they get it there you should get it here.
    5 IoT

    • The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the way to become a more diverse, well-known and pervasive international network of all. One day, IoT endpoints are probably not restrained to consumer, business, governmental and scientific makes use of but will span all areas of human pastime. Indeed, within the international economic system, the Internet of things is poised to emerge as the most important big data analytics cloud. However, although Big Data is essential to the Internet of things, it is a ways from being the only piece of the IoT fabric.
    • The Internet of Things represents a general concept of the capacity of network devices to function and accumulate data from the world around us, and afterward, share that data over the Internet where it can be handled and used for different intriguing purposes. With so many emerging trends in big data and analytics, IT organizations need to design circumstances that will enable analysts and data scientists to do vital research.
    • IT managers and implementers cannot use a lack of maturity as an excuse to halt experimentation. Originally, only a few people — the most experienced analysts and data scientists — need to do research. Then those high users and IT should collectively discover when to release new sources to the rest of the organization. And IT shouldn’t significantly control in analysts who want to move ahead full-throttle.

    1. Smartphones

    • Currently, the smartphone is practically acting as IoT, which uses GPS. Besides the guidance of WiFi or GPS, they can with no trouble track your actions and relay your know-how to a database which can be utilized to analyze your life style and fitness.

    2. Connect sense

    • These wireless residence sensors keep you aware of your home’s temperature, its protection, or even let you monitor for possible water and other damage.

    3. Wifi Lights

    • The wifi lights are web-enabled, which not only can help you reduce your electricity charges, but still can produce alarms associated with a predefined movement.

    4. Smarter CRM (Customer Relation Management)

    • When used in the conjunction with an accountable customer relationship management (CRM) instrument, the IoT will likely be able to do more than merely gather and arrange client data. It’s going to be able to effectually and appropriately analyze that data as well, delivering you with actionable results involving your customer base.

    5. Social Media

    • The IoT is already optimized to be used with social media, enabling computerized posts and shares to be on the whole generated by way of the gadgets themselves, and preparing the best way for new online communities to enhance themselves based on users of designated devices.
    • Statisticians think that IoT will create the usual substantial impact on marketing in the future years. Marketers can use IoT to reach their customers. Digital promotion and marketing can become fabulous if we study the IoT as a mechanism. The entrepreneurs today have many opportunities to make their business techniques better. IoT can also make personal lifestyles anyone who comprehends how to use it.

    Vaishnavi Agrawa

    • Vaishnavi loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She is based out of Bangalore and has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing and blogging. She is currently works for Intellipaat. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IT, SAP, Project Management and more.
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    Five Reasons Why All Students Are Not Able to Pursue Higher Education by Jessie Yarrow

    Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

    Five Reasons Why All Students Are Not Able to Pursue Higher Education is a guest post by Jessie Yarrow, a journalist and blogger from Hyderabad, India. Her’s is an interesting perspective on how traditional higher education is out of reach for many all around the world. She shares my hope that modern technology can help more people move up the learning and earning ladders.

    Jessie Yarrow

    • Jessie Yarrow is a passionate blogger and journalist. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as education, gadgets, and travel. As of now she is focusing on Univariety, which provides career guidance for the students. Her gravatar link is She also tweets at @Univariety and is located in Hyderabad, India. How cool is it to collaborate with someone on the other side of the world? Thanks Jessie.


    • The 21st century is has ushered in the era of education and technology. Education has become the most powerful tool through which one can attain success in their lives. Education is divided into various phases. Higher education is the most vital phase as it enables students to hone their talents and focus them on one single career. In other words, higher education turns a person from literate into an intellectual and a professional. Although secondary education has become more widespread than ever before, even in developing countries, higher education faces a number of problems and hurdles all around the world.
    • Despite the fact the there has been massive progress in both education and research in the last few decades, many problems continue to plague the educational system and a huge number of students continue to stay out of its loop. Following are some of the major reasons why students are unable to pursue higher education.

    Financial Problems

    • In many developing countries (and even in developed countries in some cases) higher education is an endeavour for which considerable financial resources are needed which many people do not possess. Even though there are numerous options to aid such students, many of them are not aware of them or are not confident to apply. In many instances, students have to start earning at a young age to sustain their families. This robs them off the chance of studying further.

    Geographical Distances

    • Due to the combined efforts of various NGO’s and governments, primary as well as secondary schools have started appearing in every locality and region. However, as far as the institutions of higher education are concerned, they are still scattered at faraway places geographically. Many times, students cannot afford to travel and live away from their home for a number of reasons and this becomes a reason why they cannot pursue higher education. Then there is also the fact that in many institutions, there are limited seats ever year. The competition for these seats is very high and many students are left behind.


    • Many students do not have aptitudes suitable for certain type of courses. Some students come from schools where the primary education they received was not at par with what they were to be taught in degree courses. For some, the sheer amount of coursework, assignments and the readings are too much. The result, they drop out.
      In countries like India, where the primary and secondary education can be taken in local languages, English becomes a barrier when they pursue higher education and they end up failing or dropping out.

    Wrong choices

    • One of the biggest problems students face in higher education is the lack of career guidance. A large number of students end up choosing a degree for higher education just based on immature advice. When they start their studies and realize that they are not suitable for the particular course, it’s already too late and they end up wasting their time. Many such students get so dejected that they stop the pursuit of higher studies altogether.

    Commercialisation of Education

    • Despite the increasing number of educational institutions cropping up everywhere, it has become impossible to pursue higher education without incurring huge costs. Apart from the costs, there is the worrying factor that many colleges no longer give importance to anything else than grades. Students who want to explore their creativity and new ideas are forced to limit their pursuit to grades.
    • Apart from these issues, there are many other problems which are proving to be the stumbling blocks for students, making higher education seem like a dream which is not possible to pursue. The advent of technology and the Internet has opened new gates for learning and education which can be used to revamp the educational world and make it easier to access for everyone from every corner of the world. Let’s hope that the quality and availability of education that can result in a successful career with continue to improve to people all over our world.
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