Sex and Your Imagination / How Aluminum is Recycled / Israel’s Brilliant Water Use

August 7th, 2022

Sex Ed
Start with how your imagination can lead to better sex. Then it’s how aluminum is recycled and how Isreal grows lots of food without lots of water. On to technologies the Jetsons predicted, making a catapult from scratch, how to practice effectively, a Tim Fargo quote, and no less than 80 guitar intros.

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Virtual Teaching & the Teacher Shortage / AI’s Future Impact / Dust & Water Smartphone Ratings

August 6th, 2022

Start with how virtual teaching can help the teacher shortage. Then it’s AI’s future impact and dust and water ratings for cellphones. On to trading sleep for cash, lessons on centripetal force, avoiding teacher burnout, a Marianne Williamson quote, and some very cool acapella music.

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Good Teaching Matters / Free Public Transportation? / Las Vegas Bucket List

August 5th, 2022

Start with why good teaching still matters. Then it’s why free public transportation might be a good idea and your bucket list if you have to go to Las Vegas and you don’t want to gamble. On to online dangers for kids, judges who read Wikipedia, the pros of hands-on education, a compassion quote, and a funny video about reusable bags.

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Laptops Spy on Students / Ukrainian Kids Go Online / EV Prices and Ranges

August 4th, 2022

Are your student’s laptops spying on them? Then it’s how Ukrainian Kids are learning online and EV prices and ranges. On to an app that helps you take your pills, a great trigonometry lesson, project-based learning advice, a selfishness quote, and a galaxy that looks like fireworks.

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Schools as Factories / Next Generations School Tech / McDonald’s Leaves Russia Fallout

August 3rd, 2022

Factory Schools
Start with Larry Cuban’s post of factory schools. Then it’s new generations of school technology and the fallout of McDonald’s leaving Russia. On to creating social media handles, military owned land by state, NASA’s Cloud Research, a time and friends quote, and inside a woman’s brain on a first date.

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