Back to School Tech Ready / Apple Apps of the Year / Great Teacher Traits

August 10th, 2018
Teacher's Apple

Start by checking to see if your school is teah ready for the fall. Then it’s Apple’s apps of the year and some traits of great teachers. On to must have high school apps, a look at our marine wilderness, are AP exams worth it, a David Geurin quote, and why it’s easy to be obese in America.

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Too Much Personalization? / Free PBL Playbook / Blend In-Class & Online

August 9th, 2018

Too Much Personalization
Is it possible to go too far with personalized instruction? This author thinks so. Then it’s a free PBL playbook and blending in-class and online learning. On to an Apple Watch saving a life, why videos may not be the best learning medium, challenges for the future of education, a Dan Rockwell quote, and a redesigned Rubik’s cube.

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Read Comic Books / Get to Know Students / School Hires Dog

August 8th, 2018

Comic Books
Comic books helped make me a better reader. Can they help your kids? Then it’s how to get to know students and an elementary school hires a dog. On to writing better blog posts, the neuroscience of personalized learning, the elements of a digital classroom, an Amy Dujon quote, and how to fall asleep in 120 seconds.

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Making a Difference Signs / Flexible Learning Space / EdTech Boosts Achievement

August 7th, 2018

Making a Difference
Time to check these signs to see if you are making a difference. Then it’s letting teachers buy furniture and how edtech can boost achievement. On to five things your blog should have, students designing education, the failure movement, a back to school checklist, and a visualization of the largest companies by country.

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Space for Risk / Personalized Learning Shifts / Learning Oracy

August 6th, 2018
Space for Risk

Is there space for kids to take risks at your school? Then it’s shifts in personalized learning and learning how to speak better. On to things you didn’t know about Google Slides, self-evaluation tips, administrators who teach, a Lolly Daskal quote, and how to survive a plane crash.

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