Transcendence: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty, and Time by Gaia Vince

February 10th, 2020

Transcendence: How Humans Evolved Through Fire, Language, Beauty, and Time by Gaia Vince tells the big picture story of human evolution from its beginnings to the present. Unlike most history books that focus on one era, this book has it all. It is based on our best scientific knowledge and focuses on the evolutionary triad […]

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Automation’s Future / Ditch Timed Tests / Virus Drones

February 9th, 2020

Robot Jobs
Start with a look at the future of automation. Then it’s technology on the center stage and using drones to scan for viruses. On to WordPress analytics plugins, beyond the five-paragraph essay, the problem with PowerPoint, a blooming flowers quote, and new aluminum recycling technology.

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Future Teacher Role / Facial Recognition in Schools / Better Cooperative Learning

February 8th, 2020

Future Teacher Role
Start with the near-future role for teachers. Then it’s facial recognition in schools and how to do cooperative learning better. On to online social media degrees, how your field of view affects your perception, preparing kids for work, a Steve Jobs quote, and classic lifeguard stations.

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STEM-STEAM Resources / Quadratic Equation Trick / Fined for Movie Night

February 7th, 2020
STEM Resources

If you want to focus on STEM, STEAM, or a Maker Space here are some cool resources. Then it’s a very neat trick with the quadratic equation and a school that was fined for showing a privately owned movie. On to increasing social media reach, how Russians do multiplication, a colds and flu lesson, a dream big quote, and how to deal with a coconut.

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Software Trends / Contract Cheating / Parental Control App

February 6th, 2020

Software Trends
Time to check out the software trends for 2020. THen it’s colleges fighting cheating and a parental control app. On to Alexa correcting its own mistakes, Internet of things predictions, art and dual coding, an entrepreneurship quote, and a animation featuring Maven the Mars orbiter.

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