Student Self-Assessment / Sports Kid of the Year / 17 Great Tech Books

January 30th, 2023

Start with what you need to know about student self-assessment. Then it’s the sports kid of the year who has autism and some great tech books that make great gifts. On to alternate app stores on iPhones, why the majority is always wrong, the role of phonics, and a flash mob plays Pachabel’s Cannon.

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Grappling with AI Tech in Class / Will ChatGPT Take Jobs? / Robot Argues in Court?

January 27th, 2023

Learn how to grapple with AI writing technology in your classroom. Then it’s how ChatGPT might change jobs and a robot arguing in court. On to a crime reporting app, language learning tips, using debate to teach, a comparing quote, and the history of rock and roll from 1922 to 1959.

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Minecraft in Class / Bike Lane Mind Shift / Gas Stove Pollutants

January 26th, 2023

Bike Lanes
Start with bringing Minecraft into your class. Then it’s why you need a mind shift about bike lanes and gas stove pollutants. On to reaching your family if the have their phones on “do not disturb,” watching vitimin C crystals grow, school choice in Iowa, a Shaw quote, and some banjo music.

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Preventing Polarization in Teaching / Dropping Out Questions / 50 Things to do in High School

January 25th, 2023

Here is a book for your if you want to prevent polarization in your class. Then it’s questions to ask yourself before you drop out and 50 things every high school senior should do. On to ChatGPT out performing students, should you replace your gas stove, the latest PinkCast, a truth quote, and a Google Translate “Moana” parody.

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AI & Creative Teaching / World as Curriculum / Tools You Should Have

January 24th, 2023

Will modern AI require more creative teaching? Then it’s using the world in your curriculum and tools you should have at home. On to planning for social media use in 2023, why snow removal is difficult, character traits you should learn early, a direction quote, and the problem with living on Mars.

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