How Teachers Build Confidence / New Apple iPhones and Watches / Vaccinated by State

September 13th, 2023

Start with how teachers can build confidence. Then it’s the rollout of the latest Apple Watch and iPhone and vaccinations by state. On to a new TikTok feature, how the world gets its electricity, innovative high school schedules, a values image and Vivaldi’s “Gloria.”

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High-Stakes Standardized Testing in Schools: The Pros and Cons – Written by Google’s Bard

September 12th, 2023

I decided is was time to try artificial intelligence for article writing so I took Google’s Bard for a spin. I gave it the prompt “Write a 1000 word article on the pluses and minuses of high-stakes standardized testing in schools” and a few seconds later if offered the article below. See what you think. Can you tell it was written by AI and not a human educator like myself? If I were working the education beat for most media outlets, I would be q bit nervous. I also asked for a “a short story in Swedish about a day at the beach.” What I got was a valuable lesson for someone like myself who has intermediate Swedish skills. Share with foreign language teachers you know. If you want to try it yourself just click here.

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Bad at Math: Dismantling Harmful Beliefs That Hinder Equitable Mathematics Education by Lidia Gonzalez

September 11th, 2023

Bad at Math: Dismantling Harmful Beliefs That Hinder Equitable Mathematics Education by Lidia Gonzalez points out the fact that most people in our society are comfortable at saying they are bad at math. This certainly implies that there is something wrong with how we present and teach math in general. She also points out that the math achievement gap between poor and minority kids and wealthy children is likely an opportunity gap that perpetuates the problem. While you may not be able to solve this problem, you should do your part by starting conversations with parents, teachers, administrators, and policy makers and by sharing this important book.

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Plug-and-Play Lesson Plans / Mindset Math Survey / Recycling Like Sweden

September 8th, 2023

Start with some plug-and-play lesson plans from google. Then it’s a mindset math survey and recycling in Sweden. On to is Generative AI causing an arms race, 3D printed houses, teens overdosing on fentanyl, a mindset quote, and they 80/20 running program.

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Students Seeking AI / Spotting AI Student Work / Childcare vs. Tuition

September 7th, 2023

Start with two stories about students and AI. Then it’s how tuition and childcare compare by state. On to ChatGPT’s security flaw, the difference between internal combustion and EV engines, tips for calling parents, a culture quote, and a bluegrass versions of “Sweet Child of Mine.”

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