Alex Trebek – A Final Tribute / Seven Kinds of Rest / iPhone as Document Camera

January 10th, 2021

7 kinds of rest
Start with a final brief tribute to Alex Trebek. Then it’s seven kinds of rest and using your iPhone or iPad as a Zoom document camera. On to a free social media management tool, the largest cities in Europe through history, making schools more human, an open to learning quote, and the 25 most beautiful medieval towns.

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House Moves 101: How Do You Do A House Move With Your Kids? by Rhenn Taguiam

January 9th, 2021

Moving With Kids
House Moves 101: How Do You Do A House Move With Your Kids? by Rhenn Taguiar gives some tips on moving from the point of view of a company that moves people. If you are planning a move be sure to head his advice along with my addendum. This post is brought to you by RoadwayMoving.Com.

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Math Roadmap / Ming Tsai Kitchen Hack / Google Uses AI & ML

January 8th, 2021

Math Roadmap
Start with a roadmap for math learners. Then it’s a neat kitchen hack from Ming Tsai and how Google uses AI and ML. On to TikTok Teens, a mind-bending optical illusion that you can make at home, successful remote and concurrent models, a Dalai Lama quote, and Cellos on Fire play Metallica.

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Playing an Instrument & Your Brain / Hiding From Drones / K-12 Ed Tech Predictions 2021

January 7th, 2021

Time to see how playing a musical instrument benefits your brain. Then it’s how to hide from a drone and edtech trends for 2021. On to AI models and rules-based decisions, your brain on music, four laws of learning, a grateful quote, and cities with the most cameras.

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Six Gut Instincts / Learning Science Books / Get Your Kids Moving

January 6th, 2021

Six Gut Instincts
Time to see how your gut instincts measure up. Then it’s some learning science books and how to get your kids moving. On to the data scientist’s toolbox, the benefits of flax seeds, simplifying the new year, a core beliefs quote, and the ten happiest songs.

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