Play Fights Depression, Coursera & Job Training, Parents Help with STEM

August 27th, 2015

If your school has cut back on recess or PE, make sure they see this. Then it’s how online courses are shifting to job training for adults, and how parents can help their kids with STEM courses. On to groupthink gone wrong, more high school students taking online courses, math anxiety in parents and teachers, a be yourself quote, and some cool science you can do at home.

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Teacher Shortage Reasons, Online Ed Benefits, 3D Printed Art Installation

August 26th, 2015

Can you guess why teacher shortages are increasing? It’s no surprise to me. Then it’s the benefits of online education according to one provider, and a very cool 3D printed art installation. On to more trouble from using Facebook, great photos from Cassini, what you should ask the teacher, quotes to live by from Michael Smith, and 3D printed violin.

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Jump Start Reading with ART, Career Jump Start Tips, Engaging Students

August 25th, 2015

If you want to motivate students to read, try using some engaging art. Then see what students should do to cultivate a career long before their senior year in college, and check some cool tips for engaging students. On to edtech teaching trends, the life and death of low-mass stars, action steps for principals, a Bob Marley quote, and how the international space station works.

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NY Commissioner Bashes Opt Outs, Enhance Creativity, Rethink Retakes

August 24th, 2015

Start with New York’s new commissioner bashing opt out parents and admitting she doesn’t know why they opt out. Then learn how to enhance creativity, and rethink the idea of letting kids retake tests. On to using Twitter for instructor impact, an epic BYOD tool chest, why to give up grades, a lucky/smart quote, and a very cool cake decorating machine.

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Big Guy Quits Measurement, Flipped Field Trips, ADHD Tips

August 23rd, 2015

Today we hear that the legendary Gene Glass has asked to leave the measurement program where he teaches. I think that says a lot about how screwed up our test and punish culture is. Then it’s flipping your field trips and some tips for ADHD kids. On to the amazing PhotoMath app, copyright explained, a back-to-school playlist, a Gene Glass quote, and 3D printing with glass.

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