Free iPad Books / Why Personalized Learning / Flipping by Grade Level

September 27th, 2016

Free Books
Start with some cool books for the iPad with my favorite price, free. Then it’s why teachers should implement personalized learning and how flipped classrooms look at different grade levels. On to the Seesaw social media app, the impact of an alien signal, understanding gifted children, a knowing your students quote, and 50 Star Wars costumes.

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8 Project Steps / Software Replaces Teacher / VR for Poor Kids

September 26th, 2016

Start with the above graphic worth printing and posting and a discussion project-based learning. Then it’s Rosetta Stone replacing a teacher and why poor schools should check out virtual reality. On to educators embracing social media, questions teachers should ask, questions for innovative educators, a passion quote, and Shakespere’s most popular play.

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Teaching With Farming / Flexible Classrooms / Apple’s Coding Effort

September 25th, 2016

If there isn’t any farming in your school there should be. Then it’s creating flexible classrooms and Apple’s effort to bring coding to all kids. On to a push for Tweetdeck, GoAnimate in classrooms, PD for maker educators, a first idea quote, and negotiating at the Bunny Ranch.

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Elementary iPad Apps / Student Coding Resources / iPhone Speed Test

September 24th, 2016

Start with 40 iPad apps for elementary students. Then it’s coding resources for students and an interesting iPhone speed test. On to innovations at five schools, which parts of the brain do what, why teachers can’t cross state lines, a design quote, and Hilary on Between Two Ferns.

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Comments Beat Grades / Media Literacy’s Role / iPhone 3-D Videos

September 23rd, 2016

One study shows that only giving students comments rather than grades causes more growth. Then it’s considering the role of media literacy in your classroom and a gadget that makes your iPhone videos look like they are 3-D. On to apps that can catch a cheating spouse or missing child, making your students better questioners, cameras in special ed rooms, cartoons from Larry Cuban, and a real BMW becomes a transformer.

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