Why Be a Teacher, Preparing to Flip, Vine in the Classroom

May 27th, 2015

With current reforms demotivating teachers and discouraging future teachers, we need to remind ourselves that there are still cool reasons for teaching. Then it’s how to prepare students for a flipped classroom, and using Vine in the classroom. On to social media apps increasing STDs, science/music videos, common core test grading information, why people fight together, and making music with iPads.

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Why Go to College, Free Math Games, Creative Vandalism

May 26th, 2015

It seems that going to college is worth the trouble on the average. If you go, I hope you are at least average. Then it’s free math games, and some very cool vandalism. On to mobile collaboration for students, websites for teachers, more teachers supporting the opt out movement, a Navy SEAL quote, and a special needs girl voted prom queen.

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Anti-Goose Drones, Project-Based Schools, OCD Explained

May 25th, 2015

Here some amazing student projects that solve real problems. What are your students working on? Then consider visiting a project-based school, and learn more about obsessive-compulsive disorder. On to helping kids in India via Skype, what one mother wants from elementary school, flipped instruction and equity, a Seth Godin quote, and Jimmy Fallon sings with Sting.

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Arts Integration = Higher Scores, Summer Reading Help, PT Video Games

May 24th, 2015

Instead of cutting back on the arts for more test prep, consider expanding your arts program. Then it’s a summer reading challenge to avoid the summer slump, and physical therapy video games. On to ideas for using skype in the classroom, 3D movies and brain power, classroom management apps, a Thomas Jefferson quote, and a […]

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Q&A With Sir Ken, Field Test Controversy, Minecraft in School

May 23rd, 2015

Start with some Q&A with Sir Ken Robinson, which includes ideas from his new book. Then it’s field testing controversy in New York, and using Minecraft for learning. On to 50 learning apps in 60 minutes, letting kids pick summer reading, using phones in class, a student/teacher quote, and how to know if your wine is fake.

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