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7/26 Tour de France: The 6,000 Calorie Challenge – Could you burn through 6,000 calories in a day? That’s how much energy the average Tour de France rider requires. Joshua Robinson takes on the challenge and goes “bite for bite” with some of this year’s cyclists. @JoshRobinson23 @WSJ

7/25 ‘Extinguished’ Is An Adorable Animated Short About Love. If you like Pixar movies you will like this. @jacoberinmann @RinglingCollege

7/24 A Rare Sighting Of Blue Whale Feeding Patterns From Above – Oregon State scientists used drones to capture footage of the world’s biggest animals feeding on some of the world’s smallest. Drones are doing some very cool things. @GemmLabOSU @OregonState

7/23 Kid Realizes He’s Talking To The Woman Who Voices Bart Simpson, Freaks Out. Nancy Cartwright seems like she has a pretty good celebrity life. @nancycartwright

7/22 We’re Having Trouble Wrapping Our Heads Around The Maneuvers This Fighter Jet Can Do. According to Popular Mechanics, the move is called a “Kulbit” (“Somersault”). @Digg

7/21 Rather Than Learn Guitar, This Guy Shreds ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ With His Piano. Let’s hope Slash sees this video for this guy’s sake. He deserves those Guns N’ Roses tickets! @RonMinis

7/20 Absurdly Accurate Card Thrower Slices A Flying Olive In Half along with a bunch of other amazing tricks. @RickSmithJr1 @DudePerfect @sploid

7/19 A Hilarious Flowchart Explaining Flowcharts – Have fun, but don’t be surprised if you go in circles. Search Ed Pratt on YouTube if you want to see more of this trip. @EricLernould

7/18 China bans Winnie the Pooh over internet jokes comparing him to President Xi Jinping. Looks like someone can’t take a joke. @StephenSmiley @abcnews @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria

7/17 This unbelievable wedding dress is made out of toilet paper. New York designers wiped the competition in the 13th annual national Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, with three locals making the top 10 out of 1,517 entrants. @MelkorkaLicea @nypost

7/16 This Mesmerizing, Color-Shifting Flock Of Birds Looks Like CGI. Can your students explain how this happens? @doodlewhale @Digg

7/15 French Marching Band Plays Daft Punk Medley as part of President Trump’s Paris trip. His look implies that he may not be familiar with their work. I do like this performance and think you might too whether you like Trump or not. @Digg

7/13 Two Luxembourgs, ten Madrids, one Delaware: How a giant iceberg is described around the world – Challenge your kids to come up with their own description. @zoeschlanger @katherineefoley @qz

7/12 Debunking Trendy ‘Health’ Drinks For The Disgusting Monstrosities That They Are – This is interesting and funny. @gracehelbig @WhaleWatchMePlz @mitchellmoffit @AsapSCIENCE

7/10 It’s Amazing How Many Shakespeare References Are Slipped Into Rap Lyrics. This might help get your students more interested in Shakespeare. Challenge them to see how many Shakespeare lyrics they can put in their own rap. @WillonTNT @Genius @Digg

7/9 The Raleigh Ringers doing GNR’s Sweet Child of Mine. Do a YouTube search if you want to hear a lot more of their work. @RaleighRingers

7/8 Assembly is only 2% of an iPhone’s hardware cost — the real reason these devices are built in China is far more nuanced. Can you guess? @Bloomberg

7/6 What actually happens to your insides when you eat a ridiculous amount of hot dogs. Dr. Mike breaks down what might happen to a competitive eater’s body while participating in Coney Island’s annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Can you guess the biggest risk? @RealDoctorMike @originalnathans

7/5 he Difference Between Popping A Balloon In A Reverberation Room And An Anechoic Chamber – This is a good short science lesson. @Digg

7/3 Watching A Paver Laying Machine At Work Is Just Unbelievably Satisfying. Who doesn’t enjoy it when all the puzzle pieces (in this case, interlocking stones) fall together. @Digg

7/2 This Marble Race Olympics With Full Commentary Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch This Weekend – This lasts a bit over nine minutes, but I could stop watching. @Jellesmarbles

6/30 The Truth Behind ‘Shot On An iPhone’ Commercials – This is interesting for anyone who does photography, which is just about everyone today. @MKBHD

6/29 Ten years later, what critics of the original iPhone say. Be sure to watch the video of the conversation between the first three reviewers to get the first iPhone. @JacobSiegal @Pogue @StevenLevy @waltmossberg

6/28 Is i before e except after c a good rule? What’s your guess? There is good data representation here. @nathcun

6/26 The DoDo for Animal Lovers – If you like animal videos this site is for you. @dodo @deganmcdowell

6/25 Huge Whale Breaches Just Inches From Fishermen. This short video [0:31] is pretty cool. WARNING: There is some salty language but you can’t blame them. @Digg

6/22 Japanese Sumo Robots Move So Silly Fast – A robot has to find its opponent, push it out of the circle, and avoid leaving the circle itself. Pretty cool. @ID_R_McGregor

6/20 Giant Squid Latches Onto Paddle Surfer’s Board. James Taylor was trying to be a good citizen of the Earth and help out an injured squid, but the squid just seemed interested in his board. @Digg

6/19 Some Brilliant Human Animated The Original ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ Radio Series. I loved the original BBC version and this is true to it.

6/18 Soon, video games will be played in giant, empty rooms. Zero Latency, a Melbourne-based virtual reality gaming company is in the process of helping launch 2,000- to 4,000-square-foot gaming “arenas.” @tdnandy @zerolatencyVR

6/17 Smoking Demonstration Illustrates The Damage Of A Single Cigarette. Make sure all of the kids at your school see this. @ViralHog

6/16 This Oddly Satisfying Short Film Shows Robots Trapped In Never-Ending Cycles Of Work – This is pretty cool. @LAshortsFest @cinema4duk

6/15 Whoever Filmed This Flyby Tour Of Muscle Beach Is A Master Drone Operator. It’s also very arty. @Vimeo

6/14 Four Clever Ways To Peel Garlic With Ease – This beats the way I was doing it. @Digg

6/13 Weather Balloon Camera Captures Airliner Rocketing By At 38,000 Feet. It’s like a drive by at 450 mph. @OLHZN

6/10 This Video Started Out As A Great Bob Ross Parody And Then It Got Progressively Weirder Really Fast. WARNING: There is some fairly tame adult content near the end. @KerriKenney @KerriKenneyFans

6/8 We’re Jealous Of The Two Novices Who Got To Pilot This Prototype Hovering Aircraft. The Kitty Hawk is a one-of-a-kind, all-electric aircraft designed to fly over water. These lucky fools got to try out the beta version. @kittyhawkcorp

6/7 A Lighthearted Cartoon Busts A Ton Of Heroin Myths. Anyone taking opiods and thinking of trying heroin should watch this. @cracked

6/6 Polyglot Runs Into Another Polyglot And They Have A Casual Chat In 15 Languages. This is cool. How many do you speak? @woutercor

6/5 Lifestraw Challenge: Man Drinks His Own Urine. Click here to get your ownLifeStraw Personal Portable Water Filter. @vat19

6/4 A Gorgeous Fly-By Video Shows Us How Beautiful And Massive Jupiter Really Is. This is Jupiter like I’ve never seen it. @wired

6/2 Girl Stuns ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges With Her Mind-Boggling Singing Ventriloquism. This is insanely good. Good luck not tearing up at the end like I did. @ItsDarciLynne @AGT @heidiklum @howiemandel @SimonCowell @tyrabanks

5/31 This shows kids that they don’t have to been great artists to illustrate a story. WARNING: I’m not sure but there might be a couple of F’words and an S word here. @CasuallyE

5/30 A Writer Does A Stand-Up Routine Using Only Jokes From Siri, Echo, Cortana And Google Assistant. You may want to try this yourself. @brentrose @wired

5/29 Watch A Replica Of The ‘Pass The Butter’ Robot From ‘Rick And Morty’ Compete In A Fight To The Death. @RoboGames

5/28 If There Were An Olympics For Trick Shots, These Guys Would Get Gold Medals. This is pretty insane. @DudePerfect @Kingsford

5/27 These robotic turtles could save your life. This a great story. @MikeWehner @BGR

5/26 Stunning New Photo Shows 600-Mile-Wide Cyclones At Jupiter’s South Pole. This is a Jupiter you have never seen. @NASA @digg

5/25 This Real, Fully Operational Hoverboard Looks Incredible. This guy gets way off the ground. @GreenGoblinHD

5/24 The Beer Pipeline of Bruges – This also features a new kind of pipeline construction that drills underground. @tomscott

5/23 The Most Powerful Tidal Current On Earth Is Next-Door Neighbors With A Picturesque Norwegian Fjord. What happens when you’ve got a fjord on one side, the ocean on the other, and just a tiny straight in between? Incredibly powerful whirlpools and boils. @tomscott

5/22 Cartoons about Professors by Larry Cuban – This guy has been a hero of mine for a long time. By sure to subscribe to his blog. @CubanLarry @LarryCuban

5/20 What happens to the clowns when the circus leaves town? When the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closes its doors these costumed entertainers will be out of work. This short video [1:50] is very cool. @AklausnerNYPost @nypost

5/18 People With Strong Accents Put Alexa, Siri And Google Home To The Test. This is interesting and funny. @WIRED

5/17 A Skydiver Performs The World’s First Jump From A Flying Drone. Looks like recreational sky diving just got way less expensive. @Storyful @AERODIUMTECH @aerones_com @flyvision_lv

5/17 How Big is My Penis? (And Other Things We Ask Google) – On the Internet, people say things they’d never say aloud. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz has spent years parsing the data. I just got this book Everybody Lies from Audible. @SethS_D @Freakonomics

5/15 Playing The Bass With A Fidget Spinner Actually Sounds Really Cool. This guys has some other cool videos. @Davie504bass

5/14 The Swift, Terrifying Power Of A Crocodile Attack[2:05] – WARNING: This is not appropriate for young children as the croc does kill and eat a small kangaroo. @natgeowild

5/13 If You Were Wondering What A FedEx/UPS Employee Dance Battle Might Look Like, Well, Here Ya Go. This might inspire your students to do some dancing. @JoshKillacky

5/10 Back to the 90s – Ben Giroux & Jensen Reed – If you are 32 or older, this will be very intereting. For younger people it’s a bit of a history lesson. @BenGiroux @jensenreed

5/9 This Guy Built A Life-Size Suit Of Armor Out Of LEGO And Then Wore It At A Convention. Share with Lego kids you know. @BeyondtheBrick LEGO_Group

5/7 This Clever Optical Illusion Looks Like A Painting – Here are four less than one-minute vidoes showing some amazing art work by Michael Murphy. @Digg

5/6 Check Out This Strange And Perfect Animation About A Potato Dispensing House. This might give your kids ideas about making their own animations. @sheepfilms

5/4 Beware: A Massive Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Probably In Your Inbox. Pass this on in your school. @Bernstein @Digg

5/3 Watch A Baby-Faced Mark Zuckerberg Talk About His Fledgling Start-Up ‘The Facebook’ Back in 2004. – This is history in the making. Very cool. @MarkZuckerbergF @Bullseye

5/1 Just A Friendly Reminder That Gasoline Can Cause Explosions, Even When It’s Frozen. – Teachers can probably get liquid nitrogen at a local college like I did. @thekingofrandom

4/30 The Greatest Break In Snooker History Was Even Better Than Anyone Realized. Anyone who has ever played pool should watch this. @ronnieo147 @tipps29 @Deadspin

4/29 Inside the Insane Feud Between a Vegan Strip Club and the Steak House Next Door – It figures that the world’s only vegan strip club is in Portland, Oregon. Funny stuff. @inkonthepad @broadly

4/28 Brad Paisley Hints of More Songs With Mick Jagger. Who are you collaborating with? @9NorthRecords @larrypareigis

4/27 London street musician gains fame with guitar-playing skills. Johno Challis is unique and amazing. @GMA

4/26 Watch An Insanely Good Theremin Player Nail One Of Ennio Morricone’s ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ Songs. The theremin is a notoriously difficult instrument to play — in part because you don’t actually touch it while you’re playing it. @CarolinaEyck

4/25 A Bowler Broke World Records With The Fastest 300 Game We’ve Ever Seen – Ben Ketola rolled 12 strikes in only 86.9 seconds. This is amazing. You don’t have to be a bowler to enjoy this. @syracusedotcom @JJHayesOnKFDI

4/23 More Cartoons on Using Technology from Larry Cuban – There are three Dilbert classics here among others. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

4/22 A Prototype Of A Flying Car Had Its Maiden Voyage, And It’s… Not Quite What We Imagined. @Lilium @wired

4/20 Where is the Microbrew Capital of the US? See how your city ranks. @codenberg

4/18 Leopard Immediately Regrets Attacking A Pair Of Porcupines. – Got to feel sorry for this cat. @LatestKruger

4/16 Check out JoJo Siwa’s BOOMERANG video that takes on the “mean girls.” Only 216+ million views so far. @itsjojosiwa

4/15 This woman wants you to look at her breasts. Don’t worry, there is no nudity here but I did find it funny. @AklausnerNYPost @nypost

4/15 This Kid’s Senior Pranks Puts All Other Senior Pranks To Shame. He convinced his school principal and assistant principals to participate in a “stress test” and, well, the results are nothing if not glorious. @ryanstorch

4/13 Watching Magnet Creations Destroyed In Reverse Is A Pure And Simple Pleasure. If you a few minutes at the end of a science class this will work. @Digg

4/12 This Is A Spectacularly Stupid (And Very Fast) Way To Ride A Bike. There is a good science lesson here but please do try it. @Digg @TriSciCurious

4/10 A Snowboarder Gets Engulfed By The Extraordinarily Rare Snownado – Every see one? I haven’t and I’ve seen a lot of snow. @weathernetwork

4/9 50 Teacher Superpowers – How many do you have? @TeacherToolkit @marcelamomberg

4/8 Jimmy Kimmel Gets Choked Up Paying Tribute To The Late Don Rickles. Start with the second video of Rickles’ best moments. @JimmyKimmelLive

4/7 Fozzie Bear Rapping 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ Will Get You Ready For A Night Of Muppet Mayhem. Maybe Fozzie can get to like rap music a bit more. @MayhemMuppet

4/6 Cassini Prepares To Make Its Stunning ‘Grand Finale’ Around Saturn. This is pretty exciting. Also see the Doomed Probe’s Most Stunning Saturn Pictures. Share with space nuts you know. @NASAJPL @Caltech

4/5 Dude Finds An Alligator Chilling In The Sewer Outside His House. So now what do you do kids? @Digg

4/3 Dirty Birds: What it’s like to live with a national symbol. What may seem like our noble national symbol can be a pest is large numbers. Check the amazing pictures and videos. @LaurelBraitman @coreyfishes

3/29 This Guy Takes A Slinky Toy And Makes It Into A Beautiful Art Form Have your kids get our their slinkies and see what they can do. @kumafilms

3/26 Guys Use A Drone To Hook Themselves A Shark. Give ‘er a good ol’ hook to the face before promptly returning it to the sea whence it came. @PicksAndFlicks @liveleak

3/25 Too rude for the road — government yanks man’s last name from licence plate. This might be a good poll question for students. What would they do? @Nunavut_Tweeter @CBCNews

3/24 Car Curling Is Apparently A Thing Now. You may not be a fan of the Russian government, but what’s not to like about these Russians. @OMGrundhauser @atlasobscura

3/23 Squeaking This Amazing Dovetail Joint Into Place Is Oh So Right And Good. This is amazing. @robinsonhousestudio @theo_cook

3/22 This Mind-Blowing Time-Lapse Of Cell Division Looks Like CGI, But It’s Real. Well, this video of a tadpole egg’s cells dividing is definitely cool. @MealinPUI @Digg

3/21 Move Aside, These Wolves Have Places To Be. On a scale of “1 to Canada,” this footage of two wolves galloping alongside a woman’s car on the highway is a full “Canada.” @Digg

3/20 Words Cannot Do Justice To This Giant Chicken. This is amazing. @Digg

3/19 When Americans Lost Their Virginity – Kids and teachers should find this interesting. @flowingdata

3/18 Landing A 737 In Strong Winds Looks Absurdly Difficult. We did not realize that plane’s control wheel jumps around like this in turbulence, and now we are both a bit worried about flying again and incredibly impressed by this pilot’s control. @Digg

3/17 St. Patrick Wasn’t Irish, Shamrocks Don’t Actually Exist, And Other St. Paddy’s Day Lies – This is a fun history lesson. Have a great time. @history_prog

3/16 An Accordion Band Covers Who’s Baba O’Riley @BilliamJ

3/15 A Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Of The East Coast Blizzard’s Snowfall – This short video was taken near my apartment. There is so much snow (30+”) in the parking lot that it can’t be plowed. @DrDougGreen

3/14 Romancing the Wind – One guys does an amazing job flying three kites. @kitsilano99

3/13 John Oliver has an epic takedown of standardized testing in America. This is 18 minutes but well work it. @peterajacobs @businessinsider

3/11 The Race to Design the World’s Fastest Running Shoe – Some new shoes could cause an unfair advantage, but rule are vague. @fritzvsfritz @outsidemagazine

3/10 Whale lifts kayakers out of the water. This short [1:14] video is very cool. @Storyful @nypost

3/9 Video of a rare whale – Share with whale watchers you know. @Gizmodo

3/7 I learned how to do math with the ancient abacus — and it changed my life. You should let your students play with an abacus. @ulrichboser

3/6 A NASA Engine Test Generated A Beautiful Double Rainbow Blessing. Challenge your students to explain why this is happening. @NASA_Marshall @NASA

3/5 Two Fun Videos for High School Grammar Lessons – Thanks to Wierd Al Yankovic and Glove and Boots. @rmbyrne @Fafagroundhog @alyankovic

3/4 A Camera Shutter Synchronized To A Helicopter Rotor’s Speed Creates A Truly Mind-Blowing Illusion. Can your kids explain what’s going on here? @Digg

3/2 This Motorcycle Swing Is The Dumbest, Greatest Thing We’ve Ever Seen. There is a bit of a physics lesson here too. @ViralHog

3/1 Back In ’95, Pixar Wanted Billy Crystal To Play Buzz Lightyear So Badly They Created This Demo. I like Billy Crystal, but this seems just wrong. @BillyCrystal @ofctimallen

2/26 Macro Close-Up Of Fingers Sweating Is So Weird We’re Really Having Trouble Believing It’s Real. Share with biology and health teachers and students you know. @geekologie

2/25 Watch these tigers stalk and destroy a drone. A streak of Siberian tigers in China turned a drone into a chew toy.[1:32] @liaeustach @nypost

2/24 California’s Eye-Catching ‘Glory Hole’ Spillway Opens Up For The First Time In Nearly A Decade. In spite of recent flooding, I suspect the drought is sort of over. This video is mesmerizing. @Digg

2/23 This hoverbike is almost as cool as a jetpack. The Scorpion-3, a prototype of a so-called “hoverbike,” went on a test run in a warehouse in San Francisco. The electric vehicle was developed by the Russian tech company Hoversurf using quadcopter drone technology. @nypost

2/22 Flame-throwing drones are a new weapon against trash. What else could this be used for? Could be bad. @ysteinbuch @nypost

2/21 Glassblower Effortlessly Turns A Ball Of Molten Goo Into A Realistic Horse. This is amazing. I’ve tinkered with glass blowing and it’s way fun. @Storyful

2/20 Was ‘Weird Al’ the real star all along? After nearly 40 years of parodying celebrities, the accordion-playing nerd has become a legend in his own right. Be sure to watch the Tacky video with Jack Black [4:35]. @alyankovic @JackBlack42

2/19 Edgar Allan Poe’s the Raven – Watch an Award-Winning Short Film That Modernizes Poe’s Classic Tale. Share with English teachers you know. @jesslahey @openculture

2/18 Simon’s Cat and Kitten Offer a Very Handy Guide to Understanding How Cats Show Their Love. This guy’s work is cute and simple. Some of your students may want to try cartooning. @HRLori @LaughingSquid @Valmontgod

2/17 Rodrigo y Gabriela: An electrifying acoustic guitar performance – Note how Gabriela plays percussion and the guitar at the same time. @rodgab @TEDTalks

2/16 President Trump declines offer to fill out NCAA tournament brackets on ESPN. Ask your kids, should any president take time to do this or spend time on more important things? @espn @chrislehmann @realDonaldTrump

2/15 Simple Experiment Illustrates How Liquefaction Occurs During An Earthquake – Your kids can try this at home. @likecool @eqconsortium

2/14 First-Person Drone Racing Looks Absurdly Difficult. This looks like a good way to crash expensive drones. @sploid

2/13 Fake news cheapens marketplace of ideas. Joel N. Kreizman This John Oliver bit is funny and sad at the same time. @iamjohnoliver @PennLive @AshleyCarelock @CMautner

2/13 20 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Making Money With Drone Video – Drones are fundamentally changing a number of industries and become the basis for what is being called “the next great land rush in tech.” @lscottharrell @VtrepMag @kevinhoneycutt @GingerLewman

2/12 KISS – Detroit Rock City – Dodger Stadium, 25/01/2014 – These guys are great performers and have some catchy tunes. @KISSOnline @PaulStanleyLive @genesimmons

2/11 Steeleye Span – ‘Gaudete’ – I first heard this English group in the 1970’s. If you aren’t familiar give them a try. Maddie Pryor’s voice is special. @steeleye_span

2/10 Hell’s Belles – Thunderstruck – This is an all female AC/DC cover band. ThundherStruck – Thunderstruck – Believe it or not, there are two all female AC/DC cover bands. Love them both. @HellsBellesUSA

2/9 We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus. Share with space fans you know. @mrseb @arstechnica

2/8 A Reminder That Manta Rays Are Freakin’ Huge. Gotta love this. @tipplemark

2/6 Lady Gaga’s entire super bowl half time show – In case you missed it or want to see it again. @ladygagaIoo

2/5 How to keep your kid from ordering four pounds of cookies from Amazon’s Alexia. Alexia can act like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice if you are not careful. @schodosh @popsci

2/3 That Floating Dry Erase Stick Figure Trick Is For Real. Your kids can do this at home. @MouldS @fotsn

2/2 Adorable Girl Meets Kitten For the First Time and Cries Tears of Pure Joy. You have to love this. @philhart @PennyStory1

2/1 Every State’s Grossest Food That People Actually Love – Can you guess what your’s is? @WilFulton @Thrillist

1/31 Needles and Pins by Cher – This song has been done by many, but Cher’s husband Sony Bono has writing credits on the song, so this could be the first version.

1/30 Iris DeMent – Sweet Is The Melody – This is a very special voice. Give it a try. @irisdement @mnemonyxx

1/29 Chinese construction crew demolishes an entire neighborhood in just ten seconds. Click on various parts of the image to step through the destruction. @LauraMallonee @wired

1/28 Cool Voter Density Map – This shows how democrat voters tend to live in densely populated areas. @NiskanenCenter

1/27 Sleepy Man Banjo Boys With JD Crowe and The New South – These young boys are pretty cool. Full disclosure: I play banjo too. @Digg

1/25 Can 20 Kilograms Of Red Hot Steel Bore Through A Frozen Lake? This is a great question for physics students to tackle. You need to know the heat of fusion and vaporization for water and specific heats for water and steel. (WARNING: There is a loose F-word about 8 minutes in.) @Digg

1/23 Larry Cuban’s Cartoons on Leaders – Does any of this remind you of leaders you know? @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

1/22 A Reminder That Orangutans Are Really Smart: Here’s One Finding A Saw And Figuring Out How To Use It. @sploid

1/21 When A Wind Turbine Needs A Fast Fix, They Send Up This Intrepid Rock Climber (female!). This is also inspirational. Is this a job for you or your kids? @jessicakilroy @weatherchannel @greatbigstory

1/19 Pixar Pretty Much Confirms That All Of Its Films Exist In The Same Universe. If you are a fan you will like this short [2:41] video. @leeunkrich @Disney

1/16 Why Conservative Politicians May Be More Attractive Than Liberal Ones – I hope I didn’t help pay for this study. You can’t make this up. @ckmarie @TheAtlantic

1/15 Masturbating at work is a doctor-approved stress reliever. This does make some sense. This survey says 39% of men already do so. Solo sex is safe. Your thoughts? @newscomauHQ @nypost

1/14 Latest Russian hacking threat: Planting kiddie porn. So if you get caught, blame the Russians. @jschram71 @nypost

1/13 Scuba Diver Gets Precariously Close To Some Moray Eels. This short [1:05] video is amazing. @ViralRumble

1/12 The ‘Ice Disc’ Is Our New Favorite Natural Phenomenon. This is incredible. @MLive

1/11 Time to cast your votes for new Monopoly pieces. You and your kids can each vote for up to eight. @MorningsMaria @MariaBartiromo

1/10 Fog Waves Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Captured After 8 Years Of Experimenting. Share with anyone you know who is interested in photography. @boredpanda @SnapYourWorld @StormHour

1/9 15-Year-Old Girl Throws Down A Mean One-Handed Dunk. YOu have to love this. @Hudl

1/8 Ten Items You Should Always Carry With You – How many do you have? @Digg

1/8 Real Housewives of ISIS – This is comedy from the BBC. Comedy may be a good weapon. Unfortunately, the people making this could be ISIS targets like Charlie Hebdo. Me too but I’ll take the chance. This could be a good discussion topic for a class. @BBCTwo

1/5 One Of The Most Stunning Drone Videos We’ve Ever Seen – How do your drone videos compare? @ReadyMadeRC @TnhlLoor

1/4 Paragliding Over A City Erupting In Fireworks On New Year’s Eve – This cool video also features some nice music. @SkyLifeMedia

1/3 Stop Motion ‘Super Mario’ Made Out Of Rubik’s Cubes Must Have Taken For Freakin’ Ever. I counted 32 x 32 cubes for the big Mario. @jugglersynchro @RocketNews24En

1/2 Attache a blinking light to the vacuum robot and do a 10 minute exposure of it cleaning to visualize it’s route. Can your kids try this? @George_Haines @LindaRegber

1/1/2017 Toddler asks Amazon’s Alexa to play song but gets porn instead. WARNING: Alexa gets pretty graphic here. @nypost

12/31 Glove and Boots – 2016 Year in Review – If you don’t love these guys you’re not trying. @FafaGroundhog

12/30 Bricklayers Set Up a Row of Bricks That Fall Perfectly Into Place Like Dominoes to Cap a Wall. The end is surprising. @glentickle @LaughingSquid

12/29 This Paper Plane Machine Gun Is Hefty, But More Amusing Than Intimidating. Isn’t there better things to do with this type of engineering skill? @Gizmodo @Digg

12/28 15 Fun Facts about Moana – I’ve seen this movie and the animation is amazing. I also like the characters and most of the story. @merlotmommy @stacymolter

12/27 Duet Display lets you easily sync up your iPad as a second display. And twice the screen space means twice the productivity. This might give some people a reason to buy and iPad. @duetdisplay

12/26 Girl with autism takes internet by storm with ‘Hallelujah’ rendition. This one might require a tissue or two. @billiard_sheen @BelfastLive @nypost @FoxNews

12/24 Cartoons on New Year Resolutions from Larry Cuban – Larry’s blog is also worth checking out. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

12/24 Sneak Peek at The Emoji Movie Trailer – Hard to imagine how you make a movie with emoji but this will give you an idea. @OurFamilyWorld @valmg

12/23 Watch The ‘SNL’ Crew Completely Change Over The Set In Less Than two Minutes. Share with your drama teachers so they can show this to their stage crews. @nbcsnl

12/22 When Do You Outgrow IKEA? I lost my furniture in a 2011 flood and hit IKEA for replacements but it seems people my age are over it. @priceonomics @IKEAUSA

12/21 Mark Zuckerberg Reveals A Morgan Freeman-Voiced AI Assistant He’s Been Working On In His Free Time. Would you want this in your home? @CNNYourMoney @MarkZuckerbergF

12/20 Why Woodpeckers Don’t Get Concussions – This is a good biology and physics lesson. @jtotheizzoe @okaytobesmart

12/18 If the Moon Were Only One Pixel – This is a great way to appreciate the scale of the solar system. When you get sick of scrolling click the icons at the top. @tradecityla

12/17 538 Grades The Many, Many, Many College Football Bowls – This is a good math lesson from Nate Silver’s blog that also predicts elections. @Neil_Paine @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight @538

12/16 The Ad For The First ‘Portable’ Computer Will Make You Appreciate Your Busted Old Laptop. It only weighs fifty pounds. @IBM

12/15 The Velvet Worm’s Slime Cannon Is Nature’s Most Disgusting Weapon. This is a very cool science lesson. @bioGraphic @calacademy

12/14 This Guy Built a Giant At-At Walker in His Back Yard. He did it all with parts from eBay. @colin_furze @nypost

12/11 Robotic Exoskeleton Lends A Hand – These people with spinal cord injuries can use cutlery again thanks to a robotic exoskeleton. @ssoekadar @newscientist

12/10 This Robotic Pen Is So Satisfying We Could Watch It Draw Forever. Time to get one for your school, only $475. @axidraw_art @EvilMadScience

12/9 Touring The Wreckage Of A Fallen Pearl Harbor Battleship – This short [2:47] is amazing. The Arizona with sunk by the Japanese 75 years ago. @NatGeo

12/7 Dude Builds A Working Atari 2600 Emulator In Minecraft. Share with Minecraft people you know. @SethBling @Minecraft

12/6 Bird Calls, Visualized – Share with any bird lovers you know. @Digg

12/4 You Probably Don’t Need To Shower. I’m sure a lot of kids would like this idea. @juliascribe @audionetwork @TheAtlantic @Digg

12/3 We Can Now Turn Bugs Into Remote-Controlled Cyborgs. Do we want to play with a beetle drone? @AlejandroTauber @motherboard

12/2 Paragliding Behind A Truck Looks Really Fun And Really Dangerous. I wouldn’t try this, but it’s fun to watch. @GuillaumGalvani @VolvoTrucks

12/1/16 Archie McPhee Bacon Candy Canes – You can also get pickle, gravey, and other non traditional flavors. @MeatManiac @ArchieMcPhee

11/30 Playing ping pong with six balls. Can your kids do more than one ball? I think trying would be good for their brains. @PongfinityHQ

11/29 How Much Education do Americans Have? – Visualized by Age – This is a very cool interactive graph you will want to play with. @overflow_data

11/28 Magnets Snapping Together In Slow Motion Is Utterly Mesmerizing. This is amazing and fun to watch. @taofledermaus

11/26 The myth of self-control – Psychologists say using willpower to achieve goals is overhyped. Here’s what actually works. @B_resnick @voxdotcom

11/24 The Way Steven Universe Carefully Uses Instruments To Make A Killer Soundtrack – There is a good music lesson here even for non musicians. @Steven_Wiki

11/23 America’s Mech Robot Team Tests Its Weapons Against A Model Of Its Japanese Opponent. This is pretty amazing. @MattOehrlein @RobMasek @MegaBotsInc

11/22 It Is Remarkably Easy To Make A Fire Tornado At Home. This looks like a cool science project. @ChemicalKevy

11/20 Cartoons on Teachers and Kids in School – You and your kids will like this. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

11/20 Thanks, Australian Metro, For This Bizarro Video About Death. This is dark but funny.

11/19 Paper bike helmet wins Dyson award. A recyclable, folding cycling helmet made of paper has won this year’s international James Dyson Award. @janewakefield @BBCWorld

11/17 Thanks, Australian Metro, For This Bizarro Video About Death. It’s dark but not too dark. @qikipedia

11/16 Watching Stuff Get Dipped In Paint Is A Pure And Simple Pleasure. This is amazing. Warning: One of the objects painted is a dildo. @superdeluxe

11/15 A kiss, a hug – and three years in prison? #FreeTheGirls This isn’t cool or funny, but I think it’s a good cause. @allout @ValmontGod

11/14 A Baby Sea Iguana Trying To Outrun Snakes Is The Most Thrilling/Terrifying Thing You’ll Watch Today. WARNING: If you have a fear of snakes you might want to avoid this. @RobPulseNews @PlanetEarthBBC

11/12 These 23 Celebrities Said They’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins. I don’t think any are leaving. @catadunn @townhallcom

11/11 Here’s What The 2,000 Mile US-Mexican Border Actually Looks Like. It’s pretty amazing. @aeonmag @joshbegley @sierrapett

11/10 Speed Flying Through The Alps Seems Like A Thrilling Way To Lose A Leg. Flying a small, fast fabric wing close to a very steep slope is fun to watch but seemingly dumb to participate in. @GoPro

11/9 Genetically Engineered Bacteria Will Get Construction Jobs on Mars. There is some cool science here that should interest many students. @jacsrons @inversedotcom

11/7 What Job Interviews Would Look Like At Famous Companies (13 Pics) – I thought this was funny. @boredpanda

11/6 Glove and Boots Product Testing: Ethnic Meal Time! – Very funny. @fafagroundhog

11/4 Incredibly Lifelike Finger Puppet Is Ready To Rave – This looks like a good rainy day activity for your kids. @BarnabyJDixon @manubennett

11/2 This Parody Of Every TED Talk Ever Is Absolutely Perfect – If you plan on doing a TED Talk you need to watch this. @CBCThisIsThat @nsdmorrison @Kris_Boulton

11/1/16 A Highly Accurate Skewering Of Craft Beer Culture – This is funny and short [1:38]. @FoilArmsAndHog @Digg

10/31 US Tornado Density 1950-2015 – This is a very cool interactive map. Great science lesson. @sirvizalot @ClemsonUniv @Tableau

10/30 When Is It OK For Our Driverless Cars To Kill Us? People might not be ready to use driverless cars if they have to choose between themselves or pedestrians. This could be a good discussion topic. @aaas @sciencemagazine

10/27 Putting LEDs On Mountain Bikes For A Very Woodsy Take On ‘Tron’ Light Cycles – This looks like something your students could do. @christopherjobs @Colossal @downlow

10/25 Cut Rope The Way That God Intended, With Your Bare Hands. This will let you win a bet and learn some physics. @ericlimer @PopMech

10/24 Swedish Cancer Society Uses Square Boobs to Dodge Facebook Censors. Its original breast cancer awareness video was taken down by the social network. Crazy! @gabebergado @Cancerfonden @inversedotcom

10/23 How To Send A Decent Dick Pic – Sexting is safe sex but it should never be unsolicited folks. @shanboody

10/22 ‘Harry Potter’ And The Translator’s Nightmare – Getting the word play and other language tricks is very difficult. @jk_rowling @voxdotcom @Digg

10/21 Ten Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill – You can get your kids involved in some of this. @desautels_phd @McquillenLuella @evertsen_gemma

10/20 Footage Showing Just How Fast A Flash Flood Can Get Out Of Hand – Next time you hear flash flood warnings remember this. This is also a good science lesson. @Digg

10/19 American tourists in Iceland will outnumber Iceland’s population this year. I’ve been there twice and strongly recommend you add it to your bucket list. @zzcrockett @voxdotcom

10/18 Werner Herzog’s Newest Documentary Takes You Deep Inside The Bellies Of Active Volcanoes. This is a short trailer [1:20] for this Earth Science film coming on 10/28 only on Netflix. Can you watch Netflix shows at your school? @WernerHertzog @netflix

10/17 Whale Breaches 50 Feet Away From An Unsuspecting Swimmer. Seriously exciting for 29 seconds. @BeauPilgrim @PopMech

10/14 The Great Pumpkin Beer List: The Best and Worst Pumpkin Ales – Full confession, I’m a big fan of craft beers and make some of my own. @joshjackson @JimVorel @PasteMagazine

10/13 Bob Dylan, Titan Of American Music, Wins 2016 Nobel Prize In Literature. “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Good choice. @colintdwyer @npr @bobdylan

10/12 Alton Brown Builds One Cold Contraption To Whip Up A Gallon Of Carbonated Ice Cream In ten Seconds. This is very cool with some good science. @altonbrown @Lederman @PopSci

10/11 We’re Pretty Sure Ferrofluid Is An Alien Substance Sent To Earth To Hypnotize Us. If you want to buy some click here. @geekforever

10/9 So This Guy Definitely Invented A Working Jetpack Want one? Looks like fun to me. @JetPackAviation

10/8 The Most Common Last Names In Each State – Give this to your students and see what they can conclude from it. @da_fallon

10/7 Dad Builds His Daughter Her Very Own ‘American Ninja Warrior Course’ (Which She Then Scales Like A Pro) Parents and Schools should consider this. @SBNation

10/6 The Final Event Of The World Memory Championships Is Unbelievably Tense. How long does it take you to memorize the order of cards in a deck? Here are some tips if you want to try. @Johannes_Mallow @SimonMReinhardt @TanselAli @wikiHow

10/5 The top 7 ways a trip to Mars could kill you, illustrated – There is some good science here and your students just might be interested. @bradplumer @B_resnick @JZarracina @voxdotcom

10/2 Parody Of Every Commercial Ever Is Eerily Accurate. Yes it is. WARNING: One ‘F’ word. @TheKloons @Digg

10/1 We Have Found The Reincarnation Of Jimi Hendrix And He Is A 19-Year-Old Fedora-Wearer. Prepare to be amazed. @reddit @Digg

9/30 100+ FREE Disney Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencil Templates w/ Images! It’s almost time for pumpkin art. @4TheLoveOfFam @_Penelope

9/29 Watching Salt Crystallize Is Way More Beautiful Than We Could Have Imagined. Full disclosure: I started my career as a high school chemistry teacher in 1971. @danphillipson @mental_floss

9/28 The Unofficial White House Wine List – Full confession: I drink wine daily. @WineFolly @winewankers @DemiCassiani

9/27 50 Star Wars Halloween Costumes For Kids – What are your kids going to be this Halloween? My daughter is a 32-year-old artist and it’s her favorite holiday. @valmg @dadofdivas

9/26 What Is Shakespeare’s Most Popular Play? Ok kids, what is your guess? There is a nice graph here. @dkopf @priceonomics

9/25 Inside Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch: Come for the sex. Stay for the negotiation skills. Very interesting. @AllisonSchrager @qz

9/24 Hillary Clinton Went On ‘Between Two Ferns’ With Zach Galifianakis And Immediately Regretted It. You have probably seen clips of this but here is the entire 5:35. This is pretty bad in many ways no matter which side of the debate you are on. @galifianakisz @funnyordie

9/23 Holy Crap, Someone Made A Working Transformer Out Of A BMW. This is truley amazing. @LetronsTr @Digg

9/22 Wingsuit Pilot’s Flight Stabilized Helmet Footage Is One Hell Of A Hair-Raising Ride. This one scary 44 second ride. @WingsuitGraham @PhotonBandit

9/21 This ‘smart’ bra will change the way you workout. I wish they had something like this for men. @HanaRAlberts @nypost

9/20 Could And Should We Bring Extinct Animals To Life? There is some good science in the short [2:54] animation. @LifeNoggin

9/18 Crows Are Way Smarter Than You Think. I’m sure a lot of teachers can use this short video. @nature @motherboard

9/17 Surfing The Ocean Tied To A Heavy Duty Drone Looks Totally Tubular. This doesn’t even look too risky. @freeflycinema

9/16 Dude Feeding Bald Eagles Set To ‘Freebird’ Is So Beautifully American. Ok kids, how many eagles are there in this short [2:00] video. @jessejpeck @Digg

9/15 Black metal legend elected to Norwegian town council against his will. Now I know why my Swedish relatives make fun of Norwegians. @MilesBowe @FACTmag @FenrizCat

9/13 Giant Slip ‘N’ Slide Has Us Wishing Summer Would Never End. This is way cool. I also like the music. @neatorama @PBorrud

9/12 Kiss Had the Best Response We’ve Seen Yet to Colin Kaepernick’s BLM Protest – You might not expect this, but I think it’s cool. @ChrisQueen @PJMedia_com

9/11 Apple’s wireless headphones: Headache or huge step forward? To me they look easy to lose and hard to keep on while running. @nypost

9/9 What’s in a Nickname? The Origins of All 32 NFL Team Names – Do you know where your team’s name came from? @mental_floss

9/8 Formula One engineer makes first flat-pack truck. This is amazing. Watch three people put it together from parts. @PlanetGMD @BBCNews

9/5 Slackladder: Alex Mason Takes on 8 Slacklines in the Hawaiian Jungle. The scenery here is so beautiful. @alex_o_mason @redbull

9/4 Lycopodium Powder, AKA ‘Dragon’s Breath,’ Makes Water Do Wacky Things. This is a pretty good sciene lesson as well. @MouldS @fotsn

9/3 Horrifying slug is the size of a house pet. This is a good lesson on tidal pools. @COYOTEPETERSON @nypost

9/2 Following White-Tailed Eagles From Chicks To Maturity – Share with animal lovers you know. @Pinesin_Media

9/1 Hammered Dulcimer Cover of ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ – I love the sound of this instrument. @tedyoder @RELEVANT @millermarinellc

8/31 Transporting Massive Wind Turbine Blades Requires Vast Technical Precision. This is amazing. It’s in Chinese with English subtitles. Either read fast or hit the pause button. There is also some cool drum music. @Digg

8/30 The Pipe Guy Destroys His Old Pipe Setup Before Rocking Out On A New One. Perhaps your kids can build something like this. @Pipeguytoobular

8/29 Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2015 – This is a touching animated short [3:38] about a man who makes the world a better place. @justino_vigila

8/28 Fresh Guacamole By PES – A 2013 Academy Award Nominated film by PES. “Fresh Guacamole” is the shortest film [1:41] ever nominated for an Oscar. This is very creative. @PESfilm

8/27 Life As A Pirate Absolutely Sucked. This animation is crude but informative. It may give students creative ideas. WARNING: F-word and other crude language. @Digg

8/27 Build trust through building a relationship. They won’t trust you until they like you. Let them see you stand up for them. @DennisDill

8/26 The best graffiti across all of America – There are cool examples from 15 cities. What’s happening where you live? Be sure to heck out the mad graffiti skills of this 7-year-old illustrator at the bottom. @TollyW @timeoutnewyork @lolatheillistrator

8/25 Terrified Seal Jumps Into Fishermen’s Boat To Avoid Getting Eaten By A Big Orca. This is pretty amazing. You see two orcas at the end. @Digg

8/24 Ranking Every College Football Mascot By Weight – This is a cool representation of data. Have your students make a list from the mascots they know before you show this. @jon_bois @JasonKirkSBN @peterberkes @SBNationCFB

8/23 Why Is Dick A Nickname For Richard? There is some excellent learning here with a little humor. @TodayIFoundOut1

8/22 Five Reasons Not to Use Google Search – This worth your consideration. @davidnield

8/21 Peeing in the pool is so much worse than you thought. There a good chemistry lesson here. @l_tousignant @nypost

8/19 ‘Kiss The Girl’ In A Minor Key Belongs Nowhere Near A Disney Movie. Here is the original Share with music teachers/musicians you know. @chaseholfelder

8/18 This is a Kayaker’s Crazy Close-Up Footage Of A Breaching Humpback. Next time you take a kayak ride I hope you see something like this. @wildcoast_kayak

8/17 Norwegian Belly Flop Contest Is The World’s Best Show Of Human Ability. @jcosco @dagbladet

8/15 Visualizing Just How Wrong The World Map Is – Since you can accurately depict the map of a sphereial planet on a flat surface our maps are way wrong. @RealLifeLore1

8/14 ‘YouTube man’ Yego, Kenya’s self-taught javelin world champ – This is an inspirational story. @MutwiriMutuota @cogswell_ben @cvWise

8/13 Cam Newton presents Joe Bonamasa and an amazing kid (Xander) on guitar. @JBONAMASSA @CameronNewton

8/12 The curious case of the incredible shrinking Olympic gymnast – In this sport smaller is better and it’s due to physics. @munkeatlooi @Simone_Biles @qz

8/11 Behold, The 3D Printer That Prints Food. Imagine a machine that knows the nutrients and ingredients your body needs to eat for every meal. @Eater

8/10 Which Percentage of People Is Older and Younger Than You. At age 69 only 6% of the world’s people are older than me. How about you? @HlthAnalysis @yourhealthintel

8/8 A Decade Of Viral Dance Moves – Coming to a school playground near you soon? Why not? @SWAGGABOB @jully_smiranda @LILKIDA8 @ODCsf @LinesDanceCtr @TheDragonHouse @skydylanrobbins

8/6 Van Gogh Documentary To Be First Fully Painted Feature Film Ever Made. You don’t have to be an art lover to be amazed by this. @badgirlpripri @roskocfart @HuffPostArts

8/5 Pornhub Is Giving Away Free Premium Subscriptions To People In Rio To Help Slow The Spread Of Zika. This is a real ad, but it’s well done with some humor. I wouldn’t show it in school, but it should be ok for high school kids. @Pornhub

8/4 So, Uh, What’s The Best Pooping Position? It may not surprised you to learn that there isn’t a lot of research here. @SciShow

8/3 The Lifehack To Fixing Scratched DVDs Involves A Little Bit Of Forehead Grease. Who doesn’t have some DVDs that need a little forehead grease? @davidfreiheit

8/2 The World’s Premiere Chinese Lute Virtuoso Plucks Out A Fiercely Impressive Tune. There are only four strings but she makes it sound like more. @wumanpipa

8/1 Is It Better to Rent or Buy? There is good advice and a real-world math lesson here. @mbostock @archietse @shancarter

7/31 Here are the 2016 candidates’ Secret Service code names — and your own. Mine is Champion. I’ll take it. @pbump @washingtonpost

7/30 Hang upside down to save yourself from choking. As someone who live alone, this is great advice. Even if you aren’t alone, don’t assume someone else can save you. @PopSci @samleecole

7/28 We Are All Very Awkward About Sex. This short [5:10] simple animation is interesting. (Warning: Mild NSFW) @TheSchoolOfLife @KnowYourselfOAK

7/27 The Updraft Coming Off The Hoover Dam Is So Strong It Makes Water Defy Gravity. This might be making my bucket list. @Storyful

7/26 Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight? This short video includes some interesting science. @AndroidAuth

7/25 Beer Is Getting Nutrition Labels and It’ll Probably Bum You Out. It doesn’t make much sense that beer doesn’t already have these labels. @kaleighrogers @motherboard

7/23 Lady Summons Humpback Whale Who Surfaces Right Next To Her Paddle Board. How would you like to do this kind of whale watch? @FluteQueen

7/22 How Tennis Balls Are Made – It’s a cool blend of automation and human hands. 20 steps @BoingBoing @juvily

7/21 Bubba’s Jet Pack The Best Way To Get Around The Course. This is kind of like a drone that you can ride. @Wrong_Fairway @bubbawatson

7/20 The spectrum of intelligence, casually explained. This simple animation is good for elementary students. @CasuallyE @guykawasaki

7/19 A Guide to Pizza Styles of America – This could be interesting for kids who like pizza, which could be almost all of them. @LuckyPeach

7/18 Fecal Transplants Can Be Life-Saving, but How? This type of theapy is getting a low of attention. Good science learning here. @carlzimmer @nytimes

7/17 Life As A Nude Activist – This short [5:00] video tells the story of Gypsy Taub from Berkeley, CA. Ok kids, should it be legal to be nude in public? @gypsytaub

7/16 This Man Built The Personal Flying Chair Of Your Dreams. It’s a big drone with a chair on top. Go straight to the four minute make it you don’t have time. @DIYEngineering

7/15 Why Turtles Evolved Shells: It Wasn’t For Protection. Can you guess why they evolved shells. @edyong_209 @TheAtlantic

7/14 Be More Dog. This short [1:10] commercial is brilliant. Everyone knows that dogs have more fun. @O2 @gcouros

7/13 Why Is College So Insanely Expensive In The US? This short video does the math for you. @wendoverpro

7/12 A Friendly Reminder That Fighting Robots Are Awesome – Your kids will love this. Watch the show Thursdays 8|7c on ABC! @BattleBots @ABC

7/11 “Brain Divided” by Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song & Joon Soo Song – Welcome to the fourth annual Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival. Students can do amazing things. @Legend20x @amid @CartoonBrew

7/10 A funny love story from Chipotle – This short [4:15] CGI 3D animation is touching and very well done. Here is what educators can learn from it. @Legend20x @ChipotleTweets @nathanmart @LauraGilchrist4 @tvanderark @getting_smart

7/8 A Detailed Explanation Of How Poison Ivy Works, And A Foolproof Way To Prevent It – If you plan on being in the woods this summer you should watch this. @Digg

7/7 What Happens When You Fill A Huge Balloon With Liquid Nitrogen? What’s your guess? @gclaywhittaker @PopSci

7/6 Watch A Volcano Erupt And Spew A Swirling Mass Of Ash Into The Sky. This short video [0:38] of Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano exploding four times on July 3, 2016 should be in every science teacher’s video library. @webcamsdemexico @DiggKickers

7/5 Woman Absolutely Destroys Indoor Rock Climbing Speed Course. Also see the Usain Bolt of speed climbing break the world record. @jcosco @Iran_Talks

7/4 This Optical Illusion Is Tearing Our Brains In Two. I was going to post this, but there was not explanation of how it works. Here is how it works. @verge @_makeanything_ @igncp

7/3 Fisherman uses potato cannon to launch bait 300 yards into the sea. @TheRykerDane @JoshUirch @GuyKawasaki

7/2 ‘Goodbye, Oh Goodbye’ Is The Parody Of OK Go We’ve All Been Waiting For. This is funny and very well done. @AJJtheBand @SideOneDummy

7/1 Butter doesn’t increase risk of heart disease after all. This is good news for me. @LindziWessel @statnews

6/30 An Inside Look At Icelandic Soccer’s Meteoric, Fairytale Rise – This video has some great views of Iceland. I’ve been there several times and recommend you stop on your way to Europe via Iceland Air. @VICESports @Icelandair

6/29 You Probably Already Own Some Of This Magical Self-Pouring Liquid. This is a great and amazing science lesson. @MouldS @fotsn

6/28 A Ski Jump Turned Slip ‘N Slide Looks Ludicrously Fun. Next time you are in Utah, check this out. @UTOlympicLegacy @Salt_Lake_News

6/26 24 Tweets About Kids That Will Make Every Parent Laugh. Lots of humor here. @FloPerry @BuzzFeed

6/25 This Deleted Scene From Zootopia Is Very, Very Dark. This also shows the type of crude animation they do at first to see if they like it. @Digg

6/24 What Were Humans Like Before They Were Like They Are Now? This ten-minute animation is very interesting. Share with students you know. @Kurz_Gesagt @YuvalNoahHarari

6/23 The Best Way To Spy On Your Friends And Neighbors – Have you got your drone yet? Code Black Drone with HD Camera only $69.99. @Digg

6/22 Neil Young Finally Confirms The Most Popular Legend About Him. You don’t have to be a fan, but I will help. @toddvanluling @HuffingtonPost

6/21 John Oliver Explains What The Heck Is Going On With Britain’s ‘Brexit’ Debate. WARNING: Language and humor. @iamjohnoliver

6/20 Illustrator Creates Simple, Clever Animal Drawings With A Flat-Tip Pen. I bet young children can do this and maybe invent their own. @Digg

6/19 The World’s Most Dangerous Tree Is So Deadly, Just Standing Under It Could Kill You. If you plan on traveling south of the border, you need to know about this. @Thoughty_2 @Digg

6/18 The Ultimate Commuting Race Across Los Angeles: Car vs. Train vs. Bike. Can you guess who wins. Regardless, I’m taking the train. @SethAbramovitch @garymbaum @Pflax1 @thr

6/17 This Is Too Many Stingrays. Did you know that a group of stingrays is called a fever? You do now! Also, don’t go near a fever of stingrays, like this one. @da_fallon

6/16 Photographer: Getty Images Drink Up—Coffee Probably Won’t Give You Cancer. As an administrator for 30 years, I always had a few cups each day. Worked for me. @jtozz

6/15 The 5K, Not The Marathon, Is The Ideal Race. In my view training for and running a marathon is a good way to injure yourself. @cragcrest @FiveThirtyEight

6/14 his New Yorker is alive because of his butchering skills. This is a wonderful story about a Holocaust survivor. @DoreeLewak @nypost

6/12 Foul Mouthed, Organic Seed Talks Crap About Agrochemicals In This Animated Short – WARNING: LANGUAGE & HUMOR @TheButlerBros @BBrosAdam @BBrosMarty @peteholmes

6/11 The Scary Warning Signs That You Might Just Be An Adult – How many of these thing do you do? Funny! @NikkiLimo

6/10 Drone Footage Shows The Terrifying Power Of Floodwaters. This is beautiful and scary. @Digg

6/9 Zootopia Is One Big Social Justice Allegory. This is a funny take on the trailer. Loved the movie. @Slate

6/8 Japanese High School Students Hatch A Egg Outside Of Its Shell. This is very cool. Try it as your school/home. @Digg

6/7 Earth From Above: Expedition 47 Aboard the ISS – These pictues are awesome. @kokogiak @TheAtlantic

6/5 Every character that died on TV in the 2015-’16 season – This is a cool display of data. How many of your favorite characters bit the dust this year? @carolineframke @JZarracina @sfrostenson @voxdotcom

6/4 Powdered Sugar Birthday Cake Bursts Into Flames As Kid Blows Out Candles. In addition to a warning about powdered sugar on top of a cake there is some science here to discuss. @PicksAndFlicks

6/3 Who Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Give This Drone A Paintball Gun? Are we seeing the future or warfare/terrorism? @JukinMedia @NateJukinMedia

6/2 Surfer who lost arm to shark stages stunning comeback. This is very inspirational. @KeirSimmons @bethanyhamilton

6/1 Uh, Did This Guy Just Cover Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars’ With A Dang Shovel? Maybe your kids can make an instrument like this. @RobScallon @iliketomakestuf

5/31 Backyard Scientist Sets His Swimming Pool On Fire, Puts It Out With Liquid Nitrogen. There is some cool science here. @ChemicalKevy

5/30 Tinder Has an In-House Sociologist and Her Job Is to Figure Out What You Want. She was also a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at UCLA, writing her thesis on online dating. @JessicaCarbino @LA_mag

5/29 The Ten Worst Airports in the US – This is interesting and funny. WARNING: CLuster F-Word. @Ruperstarski @steheap @Thrillist

5/29 Get Those Squeakers Out Of Your House With This Ingenious Tipping Mouse Trap. I was fascinated watching this guy make the mouse trap in his home workshop. Over 140,000 views Matthias Wandel @YouTube

5/27 World’s largest sponge discovered in deep sea is as big as a car. Be sure to watch the short video. @newscientist

5/26 A Reminder That The Ocean Is A Big, Terrifying Place – This short video [0:43] shows how scary the ocean can be. @Digg

5/24 How an Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall in Love with Subaru. I’ve always wondered why gay-friendly places feature lots of Subarus. Now I know. Share with business teachers/students. @amayyasi @priceonomics

5/23 John Oliver Attempts To Explain Why The Primary System Is Such A Convoluted Mess. LANGUAGE WARNING @iamjohnoliver

5/22 Cheap Trick “Surrender” A drum cover by 9-year-old Emily – There a lots of girl drummer videos on YouTube to entertain and inspire. Ovwr 150,000 views @cheaptrick

5/21 It Is Remarkably Easy To Pick A 5-Digit Combo Lock. Glad my gym lock uses a key. @locklabs

5/20 There Are A Ton Of Steps To Make A Pair Of Jeans. Lots of machines and lots of hands here. @CarsonNicely

5/19 Skydivers Play The Realest Game Of Quidditch Possible Without Magic – Share with Harry Potter fans you know. @ETB

5/17 Eurovision 2016 results explained: Who voted for whom in the new system? This is a great example of visual representation of data. Share with Eurovision fans you know. @RazAkkoc @telegraph @ValmontGod

5/16 Sweet Electron Beam Can Sculpt Textured Surfaces In Seconds. This is a new technology for me. @TWI_Ltd

5/15 The Strange History Of Tentacle Porn – There is real history here that I bet your kids will find interesting. @noahsterling42 @jinanoh

5/14 There’s a hacker shortage, so Facebook is turning to middle schools. Let me know if you try this with your middle school students. @Reuters @qz

5/13 The Very Real Difference Between A Chinese-Made Bearing And A German-Made One – Guess which one is WAY better. @liveleak @reddit @Digg

5/12 Watch The First Real-World Test Of Hyperloop Technology. This could be the future of human transportation. @da_fallon @elonmusk

5/10 This Babbling River May Be The Most Dangerous Stretch Of Water In The World. A narrow stream fed by a wide one could be very dangerous. @tomscott

5/8 This Dude’s Got Some Mesmerizing, Inventive Juggling Moves. It isn’t hard to juggle three balls. Try this lesson. @Howcast @mombilen

5/7 he D in David – This is a really funny and well done animation from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. It’s PG rated. @PizzaDoge @RinglingCollege @millermarinellc

5/6 Watch 100 Drones Imitate Fireworks In The Night Sky This could be coming to a stadium near you soon. @jmw1123 @intel

5/5 The Best Ways To Naturally Wake Yourself Up In The Morning (Besides Coffee) – This is cute animation that will help you get started. @AsapSCIENCE @mitchellmoffit @whalewatchmeplz

5/4 Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Perform a Near-Perfect Remake of Styx’s ‘Too Much Time On My Hands.’ I’m a big Styx fan. Hope you like this as much as I did. @jimmyfallon @djpaulrudd @ValmontGod

5/3 How an ATM Works – This short vidoe is very interesting and well done. @ScienceChannel

5/2 Try to count how many rings this crazy guy is playing with in this video. This is amazing. @Digg

5/1 Guy Builds Homemade Hoverbike And Then Shoots Fireworks Off Of It. This looks like serious fun. Colin Furze does lots of cool stuff. @colin_furze

4/29 Check out the trailer for the new Ben Hur. I saw the original in 1959 with Charlton Heston. Not sure about this but the trailer is fun to watch. @BenHurMovie @Bekmambetov @ValmontGod

4/28 Kayaker Celebrates Life After Dropping Over A 60-Foot Waterfall. This was a GoPro Award Winner. If you want to compete go to GoPro.Com/Awards. @GoPro

4/26 What Happens When You Shoot Kevlar Body Armor From Close Range? This is a good physics lesson. @taofledermaus

4/25 A Gorgeous, Unusual View Of New York City From Above – Ok kids, get a drone, take some vidoe, add some music. @TimSessler @GreatTheBrando @DSVolition

4/24 Having ‘Hamilton’ Tickets Is Better Than Having A Baby, Let’s Be Real. This so funny. Hope it makes your day. @iamandymcdonald @HuffingtonPost

4/23 Performance By Genghis Barbie – Four women with four French horns is amazing. This is 15 minutes well spent. @GenghisBarbie

4/22 Beating A Drum Covered In Powder Paint Looks Unreal In Slow Motion. This shows how drum heads vibrate. This should be a good science lesson anywhere from K-12. It’s also arty. @GavinFree @DanielGruchy @TheSloMoGuys

4/19 Elmo And Rosita Join John Oliver To Slam Politicians For Doing Nothing About Lead Poisoning In America. This is political, but getting the lead out seems like it’s in everyone’s interests. @iamjohnoliver

4/17 Income tax filing by week in 2015. See if you can guess what this graph looks like. @FiveThirtyEight

4/16 Mama And Papa Geese Coax Their Baby Goslings Into Jumping Off An 8-Foot Roof. This is so cute. @Digg

4/15 Master Angler Teaches You How To Catch A Fish In One Minute. If you haven’t gone fishing yet this might get you pumped. If you have gone fishing you will digg this. @gorecreek

4/14 Should Toilet Paper Hang Over Or Under? This is pretty interesting. This could lead to some class research. @wendoverpro

4/12 Fisherman Accidentally Hooks Himself A Massive Gator. This is only 1:06 but give all fishermen/women a warning. @LanceBurgos @Digg

4/11 How fat cells work and why it’s impossible to “burn” them off. Jut be sure to exercise. You don’t need to be thin to be fit. @qz

4/10 You Can Draw Some Pretty Impressive Stuff On An Oscilloscope Using Sound. Time to move the oscilloscope out of the physics lab and to some place where more students can play with it. @ProtoG42 @Digg

4/9 Watch Volocopter, The Personal Drone Helicopter, Make Its First Manned Flight. Want one? I know I do. @airwebfleet @Digg

4/8 This quiz will prove if you’re a drama queen. This looks good for teens to consider. @lindsay_putnam @nypost

4/7 Katie Meade is the First Woman with Down Syndrome to Be the Face of a Beauty Campaign. How cool is this. I had a good friend with Down Syndrome when I was a kid. @TodAPerry @good

4/6 A blind man sees the Canadian provence of Quebec. This is amazing. @dannykean1

4/4 Who The Hell Gave This Drone A Chainsaw? Warning, several snowmen where harmed in the making of this video. @AthertonKD @PopSci

4/4 Heavy Metal Versions Of Apple Ringtones Sound Really Badass. Consider subscribing to Jack’s site. @ToxicxEternity

4/2 Google Is Transforming VR Into Just R With It’s New April Fools’ Concept. So who needs virtual reality when you can have the real thing? @google

4/1 The two ronnies – Fork handles – This is one of their best. Here is a linke to the obit for Ronnie Corbet who just died. @KevvyAG @BBCNews

3/31 This Ice Cream Cake Machine Is Mesmerizing. It only lasts 1:06 and is so cool. @Digg

3/30 Can quicksand really suck you to death? If you remember movies from the 1960s you have seen many quicksand scenes. But does it really suck? @claudiahammond @BBC_Future

3/29 9-Year-Old Girl Completes Insanely Hard Race. Becomes Hero in Fight Against Bullying. What kid of work out are your kids doing? @mrpenguino @Cosmopolitan

3/27 The Tiniest Bear – This is a short and cute cartoon story not just for kids that may inspire young artists. @J4M3S_B4K3R @srinath_987 @vyonup @bonni07 @axhayy @abbymnorman @jasisrad

3/26 AI is a racist with daddy issues. A Microsoft experiment to create a robotic teenage girl and unleash it on the Internet went haywire. @JoeTacopino @TayandYou @nypost

3/25 What’s The Point Of That Weird Minimalist Art? This is good explanation of the genre. #theartassignment @Digg

3/24 “Glas” is an award-winning short documentary that takes the viewer through the production of hand made crystal. @aeonmag @Digg

3/22 Just The Good Stuff From Apple’s 3/21/2016 Event – This is a great summaro of the latest roll out. @steverousseau @digg Watch th 63 minute kenote here.

3/21 Why flying is awful, explained using your sad, lonely apartment. Before you read scroll down to see the illustrations. @_cingraham @washingtonpost

3/20 Engineers Create Drone That Can Go Underwater. This is very cool. @JHUAPL

3/19 Dude Pulls The Most Inventive, Hilarious Skateboard Tricks We’ve Ever Seen. If you want to try some of these moves be prepared to take a few falls. @thrashermag

3/18 How To Get Out Of A Parking Ticket – This shows the power of email. It’s short [2:25] and very funny. @joelycett @Flixxydotcom

3/17 New Orleans Teacher Remixes Beyonce Song to Teach Math Lesson. Have someone copy the lyrics and see what your students think. @ABC @dougpete

3/16 A 9-Year-Old Girl Is Running A Library For Underprivileged Children Who Can’t Read. What are your 9-year-olds doing? @AndreBorges28 @BuzzFeedIndia @dougpete

3/15 John Oliver Explains The Importance Of Encryption. This is very informative. @iamjohnoliver

3/14 2016 March Madness Predictions From the Folks at 538 – Need help with your NCAA brackets? Here it is. Women’s brackets posted 3/14. @FiveThirtyEight

3/13 This is a Canadian Beer commercial… and it is Great! Trust me it’s a 2014 Juno Award Nominee. @TheJUNOAwards

3/12 Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons performed by Avi Avital on the Mandolin with the Venice Baroque Orchestra – This is so amazing. @aviavital @SinfiniMusic @nytimes

3/11 Auke Ijspeert: A robot that runs and swims like a salamander – There is lots of good learning in this TED_Talk. @TEDTalks @Beldar @mariovargek

3/10 IBM Watson now powers a Hilton hotel robot concierge. Anyone else prefer a human? @ArsTechnicaUK

3/10 Google’s AI beats world Go champion in first of five matches – If your kids don’t paly Go they should give it a try. Google wone the second game as well.. @demishassabis @BBCNews @lee_sedol

3/9 John Oliver Takes on Big Sugar – Love this guy. I suspect that many of his bits would be useful in some classrooms. @iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight

3/8 Airbnb Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor in Tourist-Friendly New Orleans. There is tension between people who live there and AirBNB renters. This is not only happening in New Orleans. I stayed in the house pictured at the bottom in January. @nytimes

3/7 Philip Morris Does Horrible Job Of Defending Itself After John Oliver Mocking. I’m a big John Oliver fan. Here is the link to his Tobacco Bit. #Jeffwecan @chrismoranuk @consumerist @iamjohnoliver

3/6 This Is How You Make A Tiny Toy Car Using A 3D Pen. I had never heard of a 3D pen before. Be sure to get one for your school’s maker space. @TheGearbest @__vroomvroom__ @Digg

3/5 Girl Plays ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ On A Traditional Korean Gayageum – I also do a version of this on my six-string Martin. Love it and I was never a Nirvana fan. @eclecticismjono @Hovinalle

3/3 Rush Uses Clip of ‘South Park’ Characters Trying to Play ‘Tom Sawyer’ As a Live Intro to Their Song. I’m a big fan of Rush and South Park. @LaughingSquid @ValmontGod

3/2 A Statistical Analysis Of Stephen Colbert’s First 100 Episodes Of ‘The Late Show’ This interesting display of data shows he has more politicians and fewer musicians than Jimmy Fallon. @BenLindbergh @FiveThirtyEight @colbertlateshow @jimmyfallon

3/1 Stressed Out? Watch These Soothing Kinetic Wind Sculptures Do Their Thing. If you have $45,000 or more to spend you can get one. @Digg

2/29 Chris Rock Rips The Academy Awards Apart In His Opening Monologue. In case you missed it, this is pretty good. @chrisrock

2/28 Trevor Noah Breaks Down Apple’s Fight Against The FBI. This is pretty funny and only a little crude. @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow

2/27 The Most Searched-For Porn by state – You may not want to share this with your students, but it is an interesting way to represent data. Digg has a lot of interesting stuff for students, but sometimes it posts content that may not be appropriate for school. @Pornhub @Digg

2/26 NASA Releases Photo Of Pluto’s Frozen Polar Canyons. The hits just keep on coming from New Horizon’s recent Pluto flyby. @panoptic_gays @Digg

2/25 This Is Quite Possibly The Greatest Skiing Video In Existence. The good part starts about forty seconds in. @CandideThovex

2/24 Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Doesn’t Give A S**t About Your Weak Human Attacks. These guys get more amazing and scary every day. @BostonDynamics @Digg

2/23 The Difference Between Left And Right In Film – This is fascinating. I learned a lot here. Kids making videos should watch this. @Digg

2/22 The time Jack Black and Conan had a guitar battle – I’m a big fan of Jack Black and recently saw “The School of Rock” on Broadway. Two thumbs up. @JackBlack42 @ConanOBrien @Slash @GuyKawasaki

2/21 School district sent parents a sarcastic ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ To err is human, to really screw up you need a computer. @BSDk12 @efemrtwit @nypost

2/20 Nepalese Kids Have A Very Dangerous School Commute. Would your kids do this to get to school? @Barcroft_TV

2/19 The Weird Global Appeal of Heavy Metal – I have to admit that I listen to my share of metal music. @NeilShahWSJ @WSJ

2/17 Bill Nelson-Maid In Heaven – This guy wrote the song in the 70’s and plays it even better in 2012. @BillNelsonMusic

2/16 The Most Satisfying Video In The World – This is mesmerizing. If you have five minutes left at the end of a class, try it. @Digg

2/14 The Dark Origins Of Valentine’s Day – The origins of this festival of candy and cupids are actually dark, bloody, and a bit muddled. @NPRnie @NPR

2/13 Sex education via your cellphone – If you want to know how to please a woman, there appears to be an app for that. What next? @jetjocko @wired

2/11 Siri Plays Everything Except Guitar On This ‘Johnny B. Goode’ Cover – Do try this at home. @neomyu

2/10 FPV Drone Racing In A Warehouse Is A Stark Reminder That The Future Is Now. This might make your head spin. @ready2prop @LaughingSquid

2/9 Gymnast Whips, Nae Naes, Dabs And Flips Her Way To An Almost-Perfect 9.925. This is pretty innovative. @sophina_dejesus

2/7 Guy Puts A Pulse Jet On A Drift Trike, Has A Blast. If you try this and something bad happens don’t blame me. @colinfurze

2/6 The history of the word “dude” [2:24] – Dude was the hipster of the 1880s. @arikaokrent @Alltop

2/4 Augmented Reality Turns Rock Climbing Into A Real Life Video Game – I wish I had one of these at my school. @BKBoulders

2/2 Dutch Police Are Training Eagles to Capture Drones. Eagles are also doing this in the wild. @jme_c @futurecitiescat @gizmodo @RMIT @MariaBartiromo

2/1 The 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy – This is an huge and incredible treasure trove of humor. Would the history of humor be a good project for your students? @JesseDavidFox @vulture

1/31 The Tragic Data Behind Selfie Fatalities – This isn’t funny but should be shared with selfie takers. @priceonomics

1/30 How the FBI became the world’s largest distributor of child sex abuse imagery – Should the government be doing this? Looks like a good conversation starter. @bryanclark @thenextweb

1/29 This robot can solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than you can blink. Prepare to be amazed. Also watch the video of the world’s fastest human. @BGR @nypost

1/28 Tree Learns The Hard Way That Lightning Is No Joke [0:12] THere is a lesson here for us non trees too. @CedricKLTV @sploid

1/27 The Calorie Is Broken. Calories consumed minus calories burned: it’s the simple formula for weight loss or gain. But dieters often find that it doesn’t work. @cagraber @nicolatwilley @gastropodcast

1/26 I’m not, but this is a hot topic. This could be a good discussion starter. @JeannieSuk @Harvard_Law @newyorker

1/24 Laim Clancy Sings Stan Rogen’s Mary Ellen Carter. This is very inspirational. If your are not familiar with Stan Rogers, search him on YouTube. He’s a Canadian hero and died too soon. @DrDougGreen

1/23 Need To Launch A Ball Really High? Just Find A Lake. Try this next time you hit a lake or a pool. Looks like a physics lesson to me. @ChemicalKevy @Digg

1/18 How Laser Tattoo Removal Works – There is a ton of science in this 9:48 video. Also check out Tattoo Ink Chemistry. Can you tell why black is probably the safest? @smartereveryday #DestinSandlin @azareal @abouteducation

1/17 The 22x22x22 Rubik’s Cube Is Back, And Fully Functional – Rubik’s Cubes may be a bit out of fashion, but if your kids don’t have one they should. @Digg

1/16 Ingeniously Simple Paper Aircraft Floats Along On Gentle Air Currents. Share with kids you know so they can try it. @darcywhyte_

1/15 This woman’s Twitter handle just became very valuable. Could your Twitter handle be worth something? @elsom_dan @nypost @LaraMS

1/14 The Best Tool For Scaling A Fish Is A Pressure Washer. If you have ever do this by hand you will enjoy this short [1:07] video. @Digg

1/13 Here are some arieal phots that make the Earth look like another planet. @BBCEarth @m_m_campbell

1/12 The Facinating Math Behind PowerBall – Your expected return on a $2 bet goes up as the pot increases. This looks like it could be turned into a good open ended math activity. @StocktonSays @apmrourke @WIRED

1/11 This Is How You Get An 80-Foot Sailboat Under A 65-Foot Bridge. Ok math students, what is the minimum angle between the mast and the water that you need to get to, and how far apart to the bridge uprights need to be? @Digg

1/10 Mathematicians invent new way to slice pizza into exotic shapes – This looks like a cool math lesson. @jjaron @newscientist

1/9 This fireworks minigun fires 1,000 Roman candles in 45 seconds. This is pretty insane and fun to watch. Discourage your kids from trying this. @bwreedbgr @BGR @nypost

1/8 The Wall Dancer – A 14-year-old girl seems to be one of the best rock climbers on the planet. You may want to start with the short video [1:22]. @NickPaumgarten @NewYorker @ashimashiraishi

1/6 Championship-Level Slot Cars Are Fast As Hell. This is somewhat unbelievable. @slotcars4utoo @Digg

1/5 Guy Builds A Remote Control Plane Out Of An Old Heater Part, Engine And Styrofoam. During the second flight you can watch from the plane’s perspective. @a335950

1/4 Ten-year-old Girl Plays ‘Back To The Future’ Theme As Entire Orchestra. This is so cool. Let me know if you can find her name. @9GAG @Digg

1/3 Allow This 3D-Printed Triple Gear To Blow Your Mind. This is very cool. Be sure to watch it all [4:42] @desmondclark @pedrohudge

1/2/2016 Engineer Tears Down An Ink Jet Printer And Explains Why It’s So Brilliant. If you are into technology, you will like this printer autopsy. @MatthiasWandel @Digg


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