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2/9 Keyboarding lessons make a comeback under Common Core. If kids have to take tests online the advantage goes to the best typist. Just one more unanticipated consequence. @carolineporter @WSJ @SBEducation

2/9 Variance or deviance? It’s okay to say, “this thing we make, it’s not for you,” but I’m not sure it’s productive to say, “you’re not allowed to make the choices you’ve made.” @thisissethsblog @justintarte

2/8 What Causes Girls to Enter Puberty Early? Parents and educators should all read this. @nytimes @Eli_Nathanael @LMJB

2/8 Ten Tips for sharing passion in teaching – What drives you as a teacher? This is good advice for any teacher. Parents can profit as well. @mssackstein

2/8 Teacher tells Congress the federal incentives in education are wrong. This is pretty good. Read and share with your representatives in congress. @SLazarOtC @valeriestrauss @Scorebusters

2/7 What the Best School Systems Are Doing Right – Here are short summaries of the secrets to Korea’s and Finland’s success. See what you can adapt for your kids/school. @awesomechoi @TEDTalks

2/7 Six Steps to Writing Your Own Definition of Success – Share this with any high school and college students you know. It is also good for adults in search of a new career. @petercohan @Entrepreneur @MJasonHouck

2/7 Goal Of Classroom Management Is To Have Power ‘With,’ Not ‘Over,’ Kids. There are good ideas here even for veteran teachers. @Larryferlazzo @educationweek

2/7 Five Essential Questions to Ask Before You Innovate in Your School – You don’t want to get caught in the technology for the sake of technology trap at your school. @ScottRRocco

2/6 The Common Core in education is one of the scariest phrases to hit the profession in a long time. If you believe this you will love the five links here. @markbarnes19 @readwriterant

2/6 Recess and Your School – We know that kids should be allowed to exercise daily, but many schools have them sitting more than ever. Check this out and add your voice along with mine. @edrethink @stumpteacher

2/5 Eric Sheninger: The teacher’s role in creating schools that work for students – He is a principal and hates the fact that both of his kids hate school even though they do cool stuff on their own. Educators and parents need to listen to his TED Talk as school and life should not be separate entities. @E_Sheninger @msdf_foundation @stumpteacher

2/5 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About – This may seem overwhelming, so pick a few to explore and ask your friends to do the same thing. @edudemic @DrPriceMitchell

2/5 I thought I did everything right, but my 6-year-old is already ‘behind’ in reading. If you start reading instruction before kids are ready they are likely to hate school. Stop the madness like they do in Finland. @valeriestrauss @brophycat

2/4 Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee It sounds insane to me. See my comment. @markbarnes19 @readwriterant

2/4 Unhappy Teachers Come to Work Less. What are you doing to keep your teachers happy? @education_world

2/4 Why the teaching of emotional literacy is so important – What is your school doing? @InnovateMySchl @JuliaSharman1

2/3 Principal: What I’ve learned about annual standardized testing. Looks like one US senator might have a clue. @valeriestrauss @carolburris

2/3 Children and High-Tech Addiction: A Look Beyond the U.S. Some countries with more tech per person the the US have treatment programs for technology addiction. What are we doing? @CubanLarry @LarryCuban

2/3 Ten signs you have a grading problem in your class – Do classes you know have these problems? @justintarte @WizardOfEd

2/3 Texas boy suspended for saying he could make classmate ‘disappear’ with ‘Lord of the Rings’ sorcery. How stupid is this. Share with principals you know. @nkhensley @NYDailyNews

2/2 Can Students Have Too Much Tech? Evidence shows that showering students with networked devices will not shrink the class divide. @nytimes

2/2 Parenting Advice From America’s Worst Mom – Are you raising free-range children? I certainly was one. @nytimes

2/1/15 Giving the Classroom Library Center Stage – In addition to good ideas there is a book you can get on the subject. What is your classroom library like? @Kari_Yates @DrMaryHoward

2/1 Ending the Classroom Factory Model: How Technology Will Personalize Education. This features a short video interview of author Clayton Christensen. You might also want is book Blended. @kmanguward @reason @thomascmurray

1/31 Study of Retirees Links Youth Football to Brain Problems. Why would anyone let there kid play football? Also see a story about the NFlreaching out to mothers. @el_belson @nytimes

1/30 Doctors Enlisted to Deliver Early-Literacy Message. This sounds like something that all doctors should do. Share with your doctor. @lrmongeau @educationweek

1/30 The truth about admissions – Everyone one should read this. For football fans it mentions Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. @thisissethsblog

1/30 The college major of every Super Bowl player – Ask your children/kids which degree they would want to have. Also ask if some positions have better degrees from better schools than others. Don’t worry that it’s from Playboy. @mattsurely @Playboy

1/29 Workload forcing new teachers out of the profession. Principals and superintendents need to be sensitive to this. @GuardianEdu @guardian

1/29 Sororities Don’t See Their Alcohol Policies Changing As Colleges Try To Fix Greek Life Why do women’s clubs have different rules? Good talking point for your class? @tylerkingkade @HuffPostCollege

1/29 The Power of Detentions – If we had to host our own detentions, would there be less? This should make all teachers think. @sledeaux84 @justintarte

1/28 Philadelphia Warns Teachers of Disciplinary Actions if They Inform Parents of Opt Out Right. This efforts seems to still be growing. What’s happening in your district? @DianeRavitch @kelleycollings @PFTrepFSAS

1/26 Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice. Maybe some of your students can contribute to the next phase of this research. @sbergbreiter @TEDTalks

1/25 Can Young People Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Decades Before They Might Get It? This is a touching story about a man and his mother. You can consider donating to help him with his documentary. Remember, leaders also tend to be philanthropists. @maxlugavere @FastCompany
Five Essential Questions to Ask Before You Innovate in Your School – I hope your school is trying to be innovative. If so, this will help. @ScottRRocco @wordpressdotcom

1/25 How Technology Trends Have Influenced the Classroom – Here is how technology has changed classes in innovative schools. @MindShiftKQE @mrhooker @iplante

1/24 Misbehavior in the College Classroom – This also looks like good advice for K-12 teachers and there are some other good resources linked here. @cultofpedagogy

1/24 How to Keep the Negative Attitudes of Others From Impacting You – This is good advice and there is also a free ebook available here. @KevinEikenberry

1/23 New college grads: Who employers want to hire – Which traits do you think they are looking for? Which traits are your kids working on? @CollegeBlogs @cbsnews @Scorebusters

1/22 Letting kids move in class isn’t a break from learning. It IS learning. Making kids sit still for an entire class is often counter productive. @AletaMargolis @valeriestrauss @shannonmmiller

1/22 10 Rules for Students and Teachers – They aren’t what you might expect, but they are worth considering. @Jennifer_Hogan

1/21 Poll: Nearly half of voters in New York State oppose Common Core. 49% are against it and 33% are for it. This no doubt has a lot to do with the associated testing and the fact that only about one third of kids statewide passed. @JimmyVielkind @capitalnewyork @leoniehaimson

1/21 Washington Leads Largest U.S. States in Teacher Engagement. Gallup defines engaged teachers as involved with, enthusiastic about and committed to their work. They know the scope of their jobs and constantly look for new and better ways to achieve outcomes. @Gallup @colonelb

1/21 Team’s Mission: Beat the Boys (and Maybe Make Them Cry). This is a cool story about a girls’ team in an all boys league. @ScottCacciola @nytimes

1/20 Why teachers should ask more questions – This touts a new book by Doug Lemov Teach Like a Champion 2.0: 62 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College that you should probably add to your schools PD library. @Doug_Lemov @washingtonpost @Scorebusters

1/20 Kids who have recess before lunch eat more vegetables. How does your school run recess? @libbyanelson @voxdotcom

1/19 The Rising Costs of Youth Sports, in Money and Emotion. @PWSullivan @JohnAmaechi @nytimes

1/19 Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others – You want contributions from all, people who can read other’s emotions, and women. This is a must read for any leader. @cfchabris @anitawoolley @nytimes

1/18 Elitist parents threaten lawsuit after kids are called out for alleged test prep. This is pretty crazy. Did you pay to have your pre-K kid get some test prep? @tarapalmeri @nypost

1/18 Letting kids walk free – A couple who allowed their 10-year-old and 6-year-old to walk home from a park a mile away find themselves the subject of an investigation by the county Child Protective Services. I roamed free as a kid but now kids can’t in some places. What do you/your kids think? Linda Chavez @nypost

1/17 Grades, The Current Educational Dinosaurs – The first step is to agree with this premise. Then it’s time to take some action. @mssackstein

1/17 How do you make a baby smart? Word by word, a Chicago project says. This looks like a project worth replicating. @saraneufeld @hechingerreport @Larryferlazzo

1/17 When Will the Homework Madness Stop? – Are kids in your school getting bad homework? Should students have some choice regarding what they work on at home? @markbarnes19 @readwriterant @patrickmlarkin

1/16 A School Aide to the Disabled Sues New York City – This punishment seems way out of line. I hope this is a lesson for other leaders. @jimdwyernyt @nytimes

1/16 Longer school days, school years: Somewhat helpful to boosting student learning, but amped-up teaching does more. Looks like giving teachers more time to collaborate yields a much bigger payoff. @BetsyHammond @chalkup @oregonian @justintarte

1/16 Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need It Most. What’s happening to recess in your school? @jesslahey @NYTMotherlode

1/15 Tips and Ideas on How to Facilitate Online Discussions – Most of these tips are also valid for discussions taking place in a physical setting such as classroom. @MiaMacMeekin @medkh9 @askteacherzcom

1/15 Financial Aid Errors No College Student Should Make – Share with any senior students and their parents you know. @TheFiscalTimes @sharethis @Scorebusters

1/15 Kazakh Child Soldier Executes ‘Russian Spies’ in Islamic State Video. I saw this video before they took it down. It is chilling. I wonder if this kind of behavior will hurt their cause as even more people start to see them as evil. Mainstream media may not be following this story. This might be ok for college students and up. @ForeignPolicy @emmacarew @reidstan

1/14 Pressures Rise as Pace of Kindergarten Increases – If your school’s kindergarten classes seem more like first grade, you are probably making a mistake. @educationweek

1/14 Teachers put behind bars to foster empathy with prison-affected kids. If you have students whose parents are in prison, how about visiting the parent with the child? @PositiveNewsUK @mdawriter @chrislehmann

1/14 Additional Online Tools For The Online Student – If you are taking a course online, these tips may make you more efficient. @directoryschool @bdfactsguy

1/13 How Are You Influencing Your Child’s Behavior? Childhood Obesity Stats You Can’t Ignore. This is short, good advice for all parents. @health_detox @Body_detoxify

1/13 Black And Hispanic Students Are Making Meaningful Gains, But It’s Hard To Tell. NEAP results show improvement across the board, but you wouldn’t know it listening to most of our media. @mzinshteyn @FiveThirtyEight @Larryferlazzo

1/12 The Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips. These look good to me. @edutopia

1/12 Should Schools Teach Personality? Is it something that can be taught? @annanorthtweets @nytopinion

1/12 Don’ts In Teaching – See if you can guess what they are. Ask your students for their guesses too. @homeschoolcurr

1/12 Do Internships Really Lead to Job Opportunities? What do you think this answer is? @UndercoverRec

1/11 Evaluating educators based on their students’ exam scores is misguided and threatens reform efforts. When you have everybody reduced to numbers, it doesn’t create a good atmosphere. @AmandaFairbanks @TheAtlantic @Larryferlazzo @changethestakes

1/11 Obama, in Tennessee, Begins Selling His Community College Tuition Plan. The liberal New York Times point out lots of problems with this plan. It could mean money for rich kids in some states and no more for poor kids in other states. Be sure to read all of this. @perezpena @shearm @nytimes

1/10 Quality Counts 2015: State Report Cards Map – Be sure to check all four maps and the details for you state and others. @educationweek @BuysseVirginia

1/9 Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Fariña to Lift School Cell Phone Ban. No talk about using them as learning tools. What does your school do? @NYC @Pen63

1/9 Parenting in the Age of Online Pornography – 93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to online pornography. Here is some advice for Talking to Your Teenager About Online Pornography. Has your school added this to their sex education program? Should they? @nickbilton @KJDellAntonia @NYTMotherlode

1/9 Snow days could soon be obsolete at Minnesota school. If every student has a device and online access there is no reason why some version of school can’t take place when school is closed. @PioneerPress @OfficialDLDay

1/7 Teacher evaluation: going from bad to worse? New York Chancellor Merryl Tisch want to change teacher evaluations in order to find more bad teachers. Sound crazy to you? @carolburris @valeriestrauss @janinesopp

1/7 Children Who Eat More Fast Food Show Less Academic Improvement. Is it the food or do people with lower academic skills just eat more fast food? This looks like a classic causation/correlation error to me. @asvokos @HuffPostBiz @HuffPostEdu

1/7 Six Education Stories To Watch in 2015 – Most of this seems like good news to me. What do you/your students think? @CsanchezClaudio @npr_ed @Explore_paleo

1/6 Five Tips to Help Teachers Who Struggle with Technology – Share with people you know who are responsible for tech support in your school. @mrworkfcps @edutopia @tonnet

1/5 Five Similarities Between Leadership And Parenting – One reason I feature leadership on this blog is that I also feel it has a lot of overlap with effective parenting. @brentgleeson @forbes @HenleyAfrica

1/5 Use YouTube to inspire bored students – Short videos can be much more effective than hour long lectures or videos. @Telegraph @SchoolsImprove @CRGSchools

1/5 Simple Ideas to Make Writing Fun – If your teaching involves writing you need to read this. Parents should read it too. @pernilleripp @cultofpedagogy

1/5 New York Daily News Endorses Punitive Use of VAM. Diane Ravitch blasts the Daily News for this stance. What do you think? @DianeRavitch @NYDailyNews

1/5 If we want better students, end the 19th-century ‘grading game’ – This give some advice as to how to first shift the emphasis away from grades to help students focus on learning. @elysekwatkins @globeandmail

1/5 The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Teaching Job in the Middle of the School Year – Just about every school has someone who needs to read this. Please share. @cultofpedagogy

1/5 Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Standard Testing Here We Go – Here are some tips for reducing student stress during testing. @EducatorsRoom

1/4 Please Quit Pulling Kids Out of Electives for More Reading Intervention. What is your school doing? @edrethink @pernilleripp

1/4 Three things breakfast does to your brain – Here is some latest research along with several more breakfast links. What do you/your children/your students do? @FastCompany

1/3 Syracuse, NY union president to Governor Cuomo: ‘Demonizing’ teachers won’t solve problems. The governor looks to punish more teachers rather than deal with the impact of poverty. @syracusedotcom @SoniaBasko @AndyPallotta @nysutTreasurer @SYRTeachers

1/3 Ten things students want all educators to know – Make your own list before you read this. Even veteran teachers should review this. @justintarte @josepicardoSHS

1/3 Taught by Finland: 10 Best Blog Posts of 2014 – This is by an American teacher who saw Finnish schools up close. There is lot’s we can learn here. @timdwalk @Ilotimo

1/3 ADHD And Creativity: New Research Says ADHD Is Being Mistreated In Schools. All teachers and many parents need to read this. @po_st @theinquisitr @bradmcurrie

1/2 Rage Against the Common Core – The public in many states has reacted negatively to the standards due to the high-stakes-testing component. Do what you can to feed the rage where you live. @nytimes @pasi_sahlberg

1/2 Colleges Reinvent Classes to Keep More Students in Science – Other schools just give boring courses designed to weed people out. Sound unethical to me. What does your college do? @perezpena @nytimes

1/2 Why Cafeteria Food Is the Best – It seems that most bagged lunches flunk the nutrition test. Haw about what your kids eat? @nytimeswell

1/1/2015 Facebook dismisses ‘dislike’ button as too negative. This is good news for teachers and parents. Can you imagine what the bullies would do with this? @nypost

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