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7/16 Four Ways to Protect Vulnerable Students Under ESSA – Here are some details of the new federal law that could harm poor kids. @ALICEJCAIN @educationweek

7/16 Is College Readiness the Same as Career Readiness? Career readiness deserves a lot more attention than it has received. @RothmanR @jal_mehta @educationweek @getwhatugive

7/16 Four secrets to building rapport with students – Relationships are the most important thing and this advice will help. @Angela_Watson @KleinErin @coolcatteacher

7/16 Four pieces of feedback that teachers should collect from their students – How many teachers is your school focus on feedback from students? @richard_bruford @jetpack @kylemschwartz @tsjones49t

7/15 Teacher as Researcher: The Ultimate Professional Development Teacher researchers pause each morning as they walk into their classrooms and ask, “What will my students teach me today?” @dorothysuskind @edutopia @IOEDU

7/14 One Key to Reducing School Suspension: A Little Respect. Maybe your school should try this. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

7/14 The Danger of Escalation, From Traffic Stops to Classrooms – I’ve seen some teachers take a bad situation and make it worse. Does that happen in your school? @esanzi @edu_post @juscohen

7/13 Myth Debunking: My Top Early Career Teaching Myths – Be sure to share with new teachers and student who want to be teachers. @mssackstein @cultofpedagogy @educationweek

7/13 Get Rid of Grade Levels: A Personalized Learning Recipe for Public School Districts – There is a lot of good advice here for school leaders. @travislape @EdSurge @Carmen_Restrepo

7/13 Why Discipline Should Be Aligned With A School’s Learning Philosophy – If you want fewer suspensions, read this. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @englishteach8

7/12 8 Tips for Creating More Effective Tweets from Twitter – Share with Twitter users you know. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

7/12 Using Minecraft in Education: 30 ideas for using Minecraft in the classroom – Is anyone using it in your school? @clcsimon @sharethis @mraspinall

7/12 My secret weapon for getting into college – This is a touching story about how a school counsellor made a difference. @KIPP @nypost

7/11 Getting Started With Game-Based Language Learning – This offers great advice for all teachers. @DaveDodgson @edutopia @Romdhanifaten @ELTSandbox

7/11 10 Proven Habits of Happy People – How many do you and your students have? @lollyDaskal @INC

7/10 Do No Harm: Flexible and Smart Grading Practices – If you have to give grades, consider this approach. @betamiller @edutopia @teachintechgal

7/10 Engage elementary students with stop animation! – This can involve science, math, language arts, and social studies. @TechMadHatter @isteconnects

7/8 How to Teach Online (Without Selling Your Soul) – When you teach online, it’s easy to spend all your time working. @SimpliTeach

7/8 14 things you should never do on the first day of school How many do you do? Also see Six Ways to Make Students Love You on the First Day of School. @markbarnes19 @DrHarrisonMcCoy @8Amber8

7/7 Five Skills That Online Teachers Are Constantly Developing – Online teaching improves your existing skills and helps you develop new ones whether you realize it or not. @SimpliTeach @elearnindustry

7/6 When Kids Have Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges. Teaching for understanding has always been a challenge, and Harvard’s Project Zero is taking it on. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @WeAreTeachers

7/6 Want To Keep More Kids In School? Design A Smarter Classroom. How smart are the classrooms in your school? @good @efcgwu @remstacenter

7/5 14 Things Gifted Students Want Teachers to Know – I think most students feel this way. @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek @sandeeteach

7/5 Becoming Innovative: 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try – How many are happening in your school? @TeachThought

7/5 Debunking the Belief That Earlier Is Better. – Pressure to push kids harder earlier has gotten out of hand. @raepica1 @educationnation @GetUpStandUp2 @palan57

7/5 Let ‘Em Out! The Many Benefits of Outdoor Play In Kindergarten – How much play time do kindergarten kids get in your school. @HKorbey @MikeHynes5 @willrich45

7/4 We are all home schooled. Day after day, year after year, it’s the interactions we have at home that have the biggest impact on who we become. @thisissethsblog

7/4 Podcast Are the New Professional Development. If you are not engaging in on-going professional development, you are missing the boat. @mandymtaylor @GSchultek @cultofpedagogy

7/4 ‘Why is the material in a standardized test treated as more confidential than …. Hillary Clinton’s emails?’ My sympathies to Texas teachers in students. You don’t deserve this. @JennRums @valeriestrauss @MikeHynes5

7/3 Rising Graduation Rate Skepticism – It’s easy to raise graduation rates without raising student learning. What is your school doing? @waltxyz @educationweek

7/3 Growth vs Fixed Mindset Explained – This short animation [1:15] explains the difference in a very effective manner. Share with teachers and students of all ages. Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @cincottapeter @ViSalus

7/3 5 Things Teachers Want from PD, and How Coaching and Collaboration Can Deliver Them—If Implementation Improves. @Karen_Seattle @EdSurge @teachintechgal @LeeAnnaStirling

7/3 Edtech’s Top 20 Opportunities – Tech-savvy teachers have lots of opportunities. I know I did. @LearnLaunch @Lynch39083

7/2 19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies – Rookies and vets should check this out. @finleyt @edutopia @MetDetChartCntr

7/2 Teacher Burnout May Be Linked to Students’ Stress. This makes sense. Try to avoid getting stressed when you deal with stressed students. @madeline_will @educationweek

7/2 Reminder: Education Is Not a Damn Marketplace. Also see my post on this topic, Failing at the business of school. @ESQPolitics @Esquire @Linda1746 @nancyflanagan

7/1 Q&A With Paul Tough: Environment Matters for Student Success. Also see my summary of his recent book Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why. @paultough @educationweek

7/1 How to Spark Curiosity in Children Through Embracing Uncertainty – Is this happening in classrooms you know? @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED @Ximena1071 @EdTechFam

6/30 Creating blended learning content – This helps teachers personalize learning. @Jisc @lynettelall1 @scotthibberson @alistairm @MarkFraver

6/30 Will homework disappear in the age of blended learning? At the least homework should be personalized and connected to student projects. @cliffcmaxwell @ChristensenInst @MarkFraver @Miles_Hendo

6/29 Five Summer Resolutions for School Year Success – Share with parents you know. @MindprintLearn

6/29 Get Rid of Grade Levels: A Personalized Learning Recipe for Public School Districts. This would be a big change, but it makes sense. @travislape @EdSurge @teachintechgal @mousermed

6/29 Why Don’t Schools Accelerate More Students? Many schools do a good job of slowing down the fast learners. @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek

6/28 Top 10 Tips for 1st Year Teachers – Can you guess what some of them are? @EoinLenihan

6/28 Is Estonia the New Finland? With a focus on equity, Estonia has joined the ranks of the global education elite. What can we learn from them? @sarahbutro @TheAtlantic @ValmontGod

6/28STEM vs. STEAM – Looks like art makes you smart. Is your school’s focus on STEM or STEAM? @bashaierk @livebetterlifes @sharethis

6/28 Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media – I see differentiating as the best way to improve instruction and technology can help. @S_Lackner @edutopia

6/26 Six Must-Haves for Developing a Maker Mindset – These are things and practically all schools need more of. @craftEDcm @edsurge @teachintechgal @InSyncJennifer

6/26 ‘Big data’ was supposed to fix education. It didn’t. It’s time for ‘small data. All school leaders need to read this. @pasi_sahlberg @JonathanHasak @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost

6/26 What Are Your Canaries? We all need early warning systems. As principal mine were teachers brave enough to tell me something need to be changed. @drneilgupta @BAMRadioNetwork @Jonharper70bd

6/25 The Characteristics Of A Good School – Coming up with your own list would be a good faculty meeting activity. This a long list. @terryheick @TeachThought @ToscaKilloran

6/25 Beyond the Bubble Test: Why We Need Performance Assessments – Innovative schools are doing this. What’s happening in your school? Also check out Linda Darling-Hammond’s TED Talk. @Lynch39083 @educationweek @TEDxStanford

6/25 Why High Schools Are Getting Rid of Valedictorians – This is idea is so over. What is your school doing? Why not just get rid of grades? @DavidGeurin @ChrisWejr

6/25 How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child? Some cost a lot more than others. This might be a good open-ended math problem. @lamthuyvo @WSJ

6/24 Rewards of early childhood investment – This short [4:39] interview with Nobel economist Jim Heckman is worth your time. @heckmanequation @MESandbu @ftvideo

6/24 The Kahn Academy is Seeking Talent. They are seeking brilliant explainers whose videos help students succeed in school and find joy in learning. @rmbyrne

6/24 Homework Doesn’t Work. Now What? Give this some thought and then see what this author thinks. @focus2achieve @BAMRadioNetwork @focus2achieve

6/23 Why Handwriting Is Still Essential in the Keyboard Age – Do children in a keyboard world need to learn old-fashioned handwriting? @nytimeswell @morphwithus @jordosh

6/23 If We Want Real Education Reform Trust Young Teachers. From where I sit there is way too much micromanagement from the top. @EoinLenihan @JamesAlanOLOO

6/22 This is What it Takes to Become a Google Certified Trainer – This looks like a good resume builder. @ShakeUpLearning @dovhochbaum

6/22 Six Reasons to Take Your Kids to a Pick Your Own Farm – When is the last time you did this? @_Penelope @mommalewsblog

6/21 Targeted Reading Intervention Programs Using #EdTech – Teachers and leaders alike should check this out. @elearnindustry @MHigleyTICoach

6/21 Virtual Reality – Hope or Hype? Are teachers in your school checking this out? You can get cardboard VR goggles cheap. @CarriSchneider @getting_smart @tvanderark

6/20 Summer Is Prime Time for PBL Remodeling. What are your teachers working on this summer? @suzieboss @edutopia

6/20 ​Preparing Schools for Ransomware—the Next Big Threat to Education – Is your school ready? Share with our IT staff. @JonMLevine @Intermedia_net @EdSurge

6/19 Ten Ways To Motivate Students – This is written from an ESL perspective, but should work for all students. @busyteacher_org @HildaStevens20 @EdusenseNote

6/19 14 Tech Tools to Enhance Project-Based Learning – This is a very rich resource. @EmilyLiebtag @getting_smart @ziegeran

6/19 Why schools should provide one laptop per child – I’ve visited several schools with 1:1 programs, and they are exciting. @binbinzheng6 @markwarschauer @SFGate @craigyen @jeffherb

6/18 For Students, Why the Question is More Important Than the Answer. Questioning students are more active and probably learning more. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @curriculumblog @WeAreTeachers

6/18 This Crayon Recycling Program Is Enhancing Art Programs In Schools. The Crayon Collection recycles crayons left behind at restaurants and distributes them to public schools. @CrayonCollectio @HuffingtonPost

6/17 ‘Only if we end this observation culture will enough young teachers have the confidence to make mistakes. Are teachers free to make mistakes at your school? @tes @totaltutor @iPodLiteracy

6/17 Who Inspired You to Become an Educator? Share your story for a chance to win $2,000. @peopleadmn

6/17 Ten Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network What condition is your PLN in? @TeachThought @tysonkimberly

6/17 Five Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids – Every teacher has some. Share with rookie and vets having trouble. @mrworkfcps @edutopia @ShellTerrell @SGRhoEducator

6/16 Hacking Leadership: 10 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Learning That Teachers, Students, and Parents Love. This looks like a winner. I plan to get it. @Joesanfelippofc @TonySinanis

6/16 What skills do employers value most in graduates? Employers cited specific skills, including innovation, leadership, networking and design skills, as important factors in their recruitment decisions. Grades seem to be less important. @ConversationUS @rburnett8 @tedfujimoto

6/16 Want to Teach in Hawaii? They’re Hiring — and Probably Recruiting in a City Near You. Current reforms have made teaching unattractive, but for those who still want to, there should be plenty of jobs. @MareesaNicosia @SchoolLeadNow @The74 @HIDOE808

6/16 The Media Still Doesn’t Grasp Problems with Bill Gates Control of Ed Policy. Be sure to see my comment and raise your voice. Bill Gates is the problem. So is Jeb Bush. @EmmettMcGroarty @TruthinAmEd @TruthinAmEd @Linda1746 @PaAgainstCC

6/15 The Secrets of Great Teamwork – This article from the Harvard Business Review looks good for all leaders. @BruceWellman @HarvardBiz

6/15 Librarians and media specialists are bridging the gap between instruction and technology.

6/14 This Ed-reform Trend Is Supposed To Motivate Students; Instead, It Shames Them. I hope your school doesn’t have a data wall. @twogoodpages @CubanLarry @LarryCuban

6/14 Ten Growth Mindset Statements – Consider putting this on your classroom wall. @sylviaduckworth @coolcatteacher @SNewc

6/12 10 ways to get the most out of PD and education conferences – Which ones do you already do? @JMattMiller @tes @wikispaces

6/12 How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture – Who is teaching growth mindsets at your school? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @jdprickett @lisegaluga @bourmu @joseehebert

6/12 Evaluating Project-Based Learning – Projects are important, but grading is tricky. @cinehead @edutopia @SNewco

6/12 Tough Tech Choices: Laptops, Tablets, Chromebooks, BYOD? If your school isn’t a 1:1 school yet, you need to read this. @jmao121 @THE_Journal @JamesRoy @BookCreatorApp

6/11 Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves – Don’t you wish motivation came in a bottle? Also see my summary of Dan Pink’s book on motivation. @Larryferlazzo @edutopia @DanielPink @adnanedtech @ShellTerrell @coi_lazier

6/11 Failing at the business of school – The corporate/political class is failing schools by expecting them to be more like businesses. @DrDougGreen @tes

6/11 12 Productivity Tools for Tech-Savvy Teachers – Have teachers who use these tools report to the rest in your school. @markbarnes19 @readwriterant @SNewco

6/10 Why Meditation Is Great for Entrepreneurs, According to Science How being consumed by the present moment leads to flow and peak performance. @M_tthewJones @Inc @LaRaeQuy @M_tthewJones

6/10 Ten Things That Happen When Kids Engage in Design Thinking – If you don’t know what design thinking is, you should. Be sure to watch this short [0:57] animation. @spencerideas @mitchcenter @AngelynCheatham

6/10 Nine Elephants in the Classroom That Should “Unsettle” Us – Some of this can be fixed a bit while some can’t. @willrich45 @HuffPostEdu @ElisaBostwick @BClarksonTX

6/9 The Global Race for Online Learning: How Does America Compare? What’s your guess? @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

6/9 Eight Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom – How many show up in classrooms you know? @gcouros

6/9 Why Grit Can’t Be Taught Like Math. While you are here consider picking up a copy of How Children Succeed: What Works and Why. @paultough @EdSurge

6/8 Summer Days + a Bedtime Routine Checklist Printable – Now that school’s out for summer, parents need to check this out. @_Penelope @liveluvtx @_Penelope

6/8 Standing Desks Get Students to Move their Feet and Brains. Sitting is the new smoking, declare a thousand news articles. What is your school doing? I’m standing as I write this. @jacib @EdTech_K12 @AnnMeerman

6/8 What’s At Risk When Schools Focus Too Much on Student Data? Is your school making these mistakes? @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED @Pen63

6/7 What type of teacher are you? You may have qualities from multiple categories. @sloumarsh @GuardianTeach @Larryferlazzo

6/7 A Recovering Perfectionist’s Journey To Give Up Grades by Starr Sackstein. Grades stunt learning rather than enhance it. Do your teachers wield grades like weapons? @mssackstein @TEDxYouthDay

6/7 16 Schools Where Students Opted Out of Tests Got Penalized by State. Let the punishment begin. Who thinks that punishing schools is a good idea? @the_zim @DNAinfo

6/5 Five-Minute Film Festival: Future Ready Leadership – Share these nine short videos with leaders and people who teach leadership. @VideoAmy @edutopia

6/5 How to Make Content Worth Talking About – Anyone who wants their work to get more attention should read this. @dbiweb @lisabriercliffe @JuntaeDeLane

6/5 Can Reading Logs Ruin Reading for Kids? Rather than creating a new generation of pleasure-readers, forcing kids to keep track of their reading time can turn it into a chore. @DrEricaR @TheAtlantic @mssackstein @SteveFigurelli

6/5 What Doesn’t Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon – How many are teachers you know still using? @nellkduke @edutopia @agoodschool

6/4 FedED Threatens Opt Out Movement: New Dog, Same Old Tricks. Keep on fighting this nonsense everyone. @HuffPostEdu @JohnKingatED

6/4 Florida School Officials Lose Their Damned Minds. If you thought state testing and its consequences were stupid before, this is really crazy. @palan57 @HuffPostEdu @DMace8 @MississippiBAT @sarasotaschools & @Manateeschools

6/4 Polk Teacher’s Resignation Letter Hits a Nerve – Why would anyone want to teach in our current system? @RobinSussingham @wusf @JulieHiltz

6/3 Principal finds out letting Fetty Wap film in school was a bad idea. It’s tempting to have a rap star film a video at your school, but think again. @AP @nypost

6/3 Breaking Through Impasse – There is some simple and effective advice here. Also consider Sean’s book on decision making. @prismdecision

6/3 Five Keys to Success for Beginning Flippers – Gaining in popularity, flipped classrooms can be achieved without a lot of resources. @geiendorsed @coolcatteacher @edshelf

6/2 Five Positive Hallway Conversations – Share this with rookie teachers and veterins. @aaron_hogan @finleyjd

6/2 Are you smarter than Bill Gates? He relies on scientists to cure diseases but takes his own advice when it comes to his disproportional impact on education reform.

6/2 How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off – Share with parents you know. @AdamMGrant @Wharton @NYTopinion

6/1 Three ways to revamp lessons for the interactive learner – How many to teachers in your school use? @eschoolnews @JamesRoy @PatriceHoudayer

6/1 12 Presentation Hooks Used By the Best TED Presenters – Teachers and anyone doing public speaking should check this out. Share with students taking speech. @nchibana @po_st @JamesRoy @LousieAgnes

6/1 Is ‘grit’ overrated in explaining student success? Harvard researchers have a new theory. I listened to Angela Duckworth’s new book Grit. Loved it. @jselingo @washingtonpost @alfiekohn

5/31 How can teachers start feeling better today at work and outside of the classroom? Start being selfish. If you don’t take care of yourself you will be no good for others. @CoachEichenlaub @tes

5/31 Please don’t learn to code. Here is a contrary view to the popular idea that we should teach coding to all students. Also see my Ed Week article on this subject. @Thisiscoolright @techcrunch @Tastenspieler @ShellTerrell

5/31 Seven Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Job Skills – Is there any focus on emotional intelligence at your school? @theeiguy @FastCompany @ToddWhitaker @Ev_Giannopoulos

5/30 The Top 15 Books for Teachers by Brian Sztabnik – You can find summaries of Mindset, Drive, Creating Innovators, and Quiet under the book summaries tab here. @TalksWTeachers @diane_larsen @codejulie

5/30 What Do “Future Ready” Students Look Like? Can you and your students guess @suzieboss @kidworldcitizen @edutopia

5/30 55 Biggest Career Mistakes of Your Life – How many have you made so far? @YouTern @jessicafaurote @coolcatteacher @MarkSBabbitt

5/30 The Problem With Math Problems: We’re Solving Them Wrong. Share this with math teachers you know. @jesslahey @nytimes @MDoublestein

5/29 Our stories are the ladders that make it easier for us to touch the stars. Donovan Livingston from his speach at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard. @DLive87 @LWestLivingston

5/29 American schools are teaching our kids how to code all wrong. Also see my Ed Week article on why we shouldn’t teache coding to all. @idit @qz

5/27 The Best Free Online Rubric Makers – These look like good resources to me. @Landofabe @Edudemic @SNewco

5/27 In Charter School Era, Montessori Model Flourishes. If you want to start a charter school, use this model. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

5/26 Five Foolproof Professional Development Tips for the Educational Offseason – Have you done your summer professionl development plan yet? @bobby__dodd @ConnellySue

5/24 The Sugar Industry Is Hopping Mad Over New FDA Nutrition Labels. I like knowing how much added sugar is in the food I buy. This could be a good conversation topic. @Jesse_Hirsch @GOOD

5/23 Learning to Disrupt: Six Courses that Must be Required for Every Pre-Service Teacher – How many are taught where your new teachers come from? @irasocol @SpeedChange @Medium

5/22 AEI Study Finds Slight Negative Tilt in Media Coverage of Charter Schools. Use this to teach your kids about media bias. @EWEdMedia @educationweek @EWEdMedia

5/22 Teaching Empathy Through Design Thinking – This looks like it is worth a try. @RusulAlrubail @edutopia @ZeinaChalich

5/22 4 Fascinating Trends in Education Technology – Can you guess what they are? @EmergingEdTech @LiveTiles

5/22 What a Decade of Education Research Tells Us About Technology in the Hands of Underserved Students. There is great actionable advice here. @MollyBullock @EdSurge @Edtechnerd @mallyjohnsen

5/21 Five Myths Working Against Character Education in Our Schools – Schools should review this and then review their character education program. @mytowntutors @edutopia @SELinSchools

5/21 So You Want to Drive Instruction With Digital Badges? Start With the Teachers. Badges seem to go with digital learning. @tgrierhisd @EdSurge
5/20 15 New Ideas Every Teacher Should Try – How many are happening at your school. @teachthought @JenWilliamsEdu @ThingLink

5/20 Kindergartner suspended for bringing princess bubble gun to school. This is crazy. What would your school do? Should policy always replace judgement? @ElaheIzadi @washingtonpost, @Larryferlazzo @PostSchools

5/19 Report: Games and Online Video Gain Traction in Education – What are your teachers doing? @THEJournalDave @THE_Journal @SNewco @AmazonEdu

5/19 I was a grade grubber, but now I favor trends that downplay grades. Are teachers at your school picking up on this trend? @jayopsis @washingtonpost @mssackstein

5/17 Solving Education’s $1.5 Billion Problem – It’s the cost of remedial education at colleges. See my comment and my Ed Week Teacher article on the subject. @DeborahHowardd @Getting_Smart @mssackstein @edworkspartners @knowledgeworks

5/17 Recognizing and Overcoming False Growth Mindset Has “Great effort” become the consolation prize for children who weren’t learning in your school? Also see my summary of Carol Dweck’s Mindset. @edutopia @rachelmarker

5/16 25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently – How many do teachers you know do? @TeachThought

5/16 Standing Desks Get Students to Move their Feet and Brains. This is an idea whose time has come. I’m standing as I type this. @jacib @EdTech_K12 @DrJDavisBowman @DavidGeurin

5/16 Four Practices for Increasing Student Engagement – How many are happening in your school. @thenerdyteacher @edutopia @MarkFraver @campussuitecms

5/15 The problem with teaching ‘grit’ to poor kids? They already have it. Here’s what they really need. I’m currently listening to Angela Duckworth’s book Grit and I hightly recommend it. @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost @tsmattea @DanaGoldstein

5/15 Not Ready for College? Flunk Gym. This is my latest post for Education Week. Please read, comment, and share. @DrDougGreen @EdWeekTeacher @mssackstein

5/15 Obama’s Transgender Letter to Schools – Here is the text of the actual letter. While many news outlets are reporting this story, most do not provide this link. @Selimalgar @nypost

5/15 Feds’ push for trans rights in US schools is simply insane. This is the opinion from the conservative New York Post. This could be an interesting discussion topic for students. @nypost

5/14 What’s the best way to teach languages? Share with foreign language teachers you know. @Martin1Williams @guardian @jkdncn @americantesol

5/13 Judge calls evaluation of N.Y. teacher ‘arbitrary’ and ‘capricious. If you want details on why VAM is invalid see my summary of Rethinking Value-Added Models in Education @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost

5/13 Every Presentation Should Be Like a TED Talk. This is what I have started to do. How about you? @PeterMDeWitt @EducationWeek

5/13 Stop drugging ADHD kids — and start teaching them to use their gifts. An adult with ADHD who wasn’t diagnosed in school makes a compelling story. @petershankman @FasterNormal

5/13 How to Give Constructive Feedback to Students – Do teachers you know follow these suggestions? @RusulAlrubail @Romdhanifaten

5/12 ‘I have seen the school of tomorrow. It is here today, in Finland.’ A 2015-2016 Fulbright Scholar who moved to Finland enrolled his 7-year-old in a public school and has been dazzled. @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost @LeonardoEffect

5/10 Go where the bus can’t: 10 virtual field trip ideas. Are teachers in your school doing this? @jmattmiller @mikelubelfeld

5/10 How Your Students Can Design Their Own Learning. – This is an excellent resource. @KerryHawk02 @JCasaTodd

5/8 Why the Smartest People Are Constant Learners. How smart are you by this standard? @michaeldsimmons @iempact @Inc @MindprintLearn

5/8 The Point Of School Isn’t To Get Good At School. Can you or your students guess what the real point of school is? @TeachThought @ProwiseUK

5/8 Seven Characteristics of Affective Leaders – One more time. What do you think they are? @RodneyHetherton @MicheleCorbat

5/7 It Takes Courage to Make Schools Better. Start with asking what you would stop doing or start doing. @edutopia @SELinSchools @GAllenTC @kkw23

5/7 Support Ms. McCormick’s students. Give to a project today! You can also click the Find a class to support button if you would rather give to someone else. Does your school do this? @DonorsChoose @chatzopoulosn @ambielyn19

5/6 Higher Ed Slow To Shift to Digital Experiences – No surprise here as professors’ priorities are research not students. @Campus_Tech @JamesRoy @PatriceHoudayer

5/6 Get Rid of Grade Levels: A Personalized Learning Recipe for Public School Districts – The only real reason for grade levels in the first place is the convenience of the adults. @travislape @EdSurge @ortagisd

5/5 How can outdoor learning boost pupil development and wellbeing? Kids are spending too much time indoors. What are you doing to get them outside? @rebeccarat @GuardianEdu

5/5 Ellin Oliver Keene Mosaic of Thought – I saw her present on May 4th and was amazed. She is so full of life and joy that she inspires teachers to love their work and the children they serve. Here is a link to some of her work. If you want to book her contact Judy Hendricks at judy@mosaicliteracy.com @HeinemannPD

5/5 The 5 C’s of Hiring – I always felt that hiring the right people was the most important thing I did as a leader. Is your school working hard on hiring? @Jennifer_Hogan @bradmcurrie

5/4 Opting out of tests in the UK – Parents supporting the Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign have complained of a damaging culture of over-testing. This is encouraging. @seanjcoughlan @BBCWorld

5/4 20 Questions That Schools Should Be Asking About Professional Development – How many does your school ask while planning? @dperkinsed @teachthought @teachermarija

5/4 Kindergartners get little time to play. Why does it matter? An associate professor of curriculum and instruction in early childhood education and former kindergarten teacher weighs in. @ConversationUS @DanzadanceOrg @jordosh

5/4 Hacking Report Cards: The Whys and Hows of Student Self-Grading – Last time I taught I had the students grade themselves and defend their grades. What’s happening in your school? @markbarnes19 @PaulEnderle

5/3 Seven Time Management Mistakes That Are a Complete Waste of Time – The first one is the most important for me. @LollyDaskal @Inc

5/2 10 Words Smart People Always Use (and 7 They Never Do). By “smart people” I think the author means effective leaders. @jeff_haden @Inc @StumbleUpon

5/2 What Is Virtual Reality’s Role in Education? An Interview with Nearpod Cofounder Felipe Sommer – Have you got your Google Cardboard yet? @blakersdozen @edsurge @ProfeEdTech

5/2 Using The “Green Eggs and Ham hypothesis” To Help Students Develop Creativity – Constraints Can Be a Catalyst for Creativity. @Larryferlazzo @ShiftParadigm @kennisdani

5/2 One-to-One Laptop Programs Improve Student Learning – Is your school doing it or planning to do it? @douglevin @Ed_Tech_Strats @tvanderark

5/1 American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers by Nancy Jo Sales is a must read/listen for parents and educators who want a clue about how social media impacts teen life. I listened to it on Audible. @nancyjosales @audible_com

4/29 Primary testing regime chaotic, say head teachers. Looks like testing in the UK is messed up as well. @BBCWorld @russellhobby

4/29 The School-To-Prison Pipeline Explained – Watch this short video [1:20] and ask how your school is doing. @amandablair @elibhager @Digg

4/29 The case against Pearson — and its response – Looks like they screwed up the tests in New Jersey. Hooray! @valeriestrauss @DMace8 @rweingarten @Pearson

4/29 Pearson Rips Off Students with Tests Designed for Failure. They also made a deal with New York governor to sell crappy tests for teacher preparation students. @adsinger @HuffingtonPost @DMace8 @marcandela77

4/28 “Reforms” Undermine Teacher Preparation in the United States. Students are too busy jumping through hoops and not getting enough teaching experience. @adsinger @HuffPostEdu @JamesRoy @DManningNY

4/28 Low Performers Show Big Declines on 12th Grade NAEP Test. What do you think is causing this? Could it have anything to do with disciplinary practices? @JZubrzycki @LianaHeitin @educationweek

4/26 ‘Not a Math Person’: How to Remove Obstacles to Learning Math – Also see mey Summary of Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @joboaler

4/26 HIGH STAKES TESTING: Education System Malpractice and Mental Abuse… Some Humans Have Lost Their Damn Minds – If you dislike the system as I do you will like this. @wordpressdotcom @Linda1746 @LaurieColacchio

4/26 Engaging Students: From Seatwork to Feetwork – This speaks to me. If you have kids who have a hard time sitting still try to get them moving more. @MaryLangerThomp @sjgorman @middleweb

4/25 Rubik’s Cube and School Reform – Here Larry Cuban points out how complex education reform is. This perspective is important for everyone. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

4/25 The Maker Movement in K-12 Education: A Guide to Emerging Research – If you are thinking of doing this or already trying, you need to read this. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek @Maker_News_EU @mpchristiner

4/24 Differentiating with Flipped Learning – This makes perfect sense to me. Also see my summary of Flip Your Classroom and consider the filppend mastery model. @dustin_berthold @techlearning @teachintechgal

4/24 ‘School of No’ ex-principal’s deranged case for getting her job back – If your principal isn’t there when the kids show up, get rid of him/her. @nypost @MCTV419 @NormScott1

4/23 Teenager dead after getting jumped by girls over a boy. That’s right kids, a fight can result in DEATH! @AP @nypost @peanuttillman

4/23 What if we had Genius Hour for teachers? Unfortunately, thanks to state texting we are micromanaging teachers rather than setting them free. @DavidGeurin @robynholsman

4/23 We’re Bridging the Wrong Gap With Our Low-Income Students, and Here’s Why. The schools with the highest standardized test scores do not necessarily provide the best education. More often, they provide the most test-centered education. @WeAreTeachers @fluis10

4/22 The Myth of Walkthroughs: 8 Unobserved Practices in Classrooms – Teachers and people who observe teachers should read this. @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek @tntechgal

4/22 What the End of Average Means for K-12 – I’ve know for a long time that averages are overrated statistic. Now you can find out why. Get this book from Audible. @thinkschools @EdSurge @Edtechnerd @josephwilsonca

4/21 12 Things That Will Disappear From Classrooms In The Next 12 Years – I would like to see many of these go sooner. How about you? @terryheick @teachthought @GoConqr

4/21 Nine things mentally strong people do every day – How many do you do? @steve_benna @businessinsider @StumbleUpon

4/21 Six Teaching Principles Transferred To Online Courses: Strategies To Use – Are you using these strategies already? @elearnindustry @JamesRoy

4/21 Three Mindset Shifts That Will Make You a Better Leader – Share with leaders and wanna be leaders you know. @pdiscoveryuk

4/19 21 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress and Enjoy a Healthier Life – If you are a leader be sure to share this with those you lead. @benkubassek @FANTASTICRADIOO @KnowGoGrow

4/19 Teach for America applications fall again, diving 35 percent in three years. Why would anyone want to teach in this environment. The public debate about education is polarized and toxic driving away talented people. @emmersbrown @washingtonpost @StevenSinger3 @DianeRavitch

4/19 What Teachers Can Gain When Students Design the Lessons. Also be sure to check out the book this is from. For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education by Christopher Emdin. @chrisemdin @MindShiftKQED

4/19 Seven Traits of Learner-Centered Teachers – How many do teachers you know have? @CarriSchneider @getting_smart

4/17 Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development? Why shouldn’t each teacher have their own individual professional development plan? @PaulineZd @edutopia @aaron_hogan

4/17 Closing the Gender Gap in Education – 5 ways to engage boys in learning – How many are happening in classrooms you know? @mrkempnz @purdzilla

4/16 Technical glitches plague computer-based standardized tests nationwide. What a waste of computer recources. @emmersbrown @washingtonpost

4/16 How Teachers Can Provide Equal Learning in a World of Unequal Access. – What is your school doing to fight the digital divide? @sean_wolohan @EdSurge @Edtechnerd @aoakes4

4/16 3D Printing in Education: An Opportunity to Engage and Inspire Kids in New Ways. This may be a lot of hype, but would give it a try. @LineShapeSpace @Autodesk @toughLoveforx

4/15 Talking in the Hallway: 3 Questions Principals Should Be Asking – What would you ask students if you were principal? @mitchcenter @edutopia @rachelmarker @ASharpTeacher

4/15 3D Printing in Education: An Opportunity to Engage and Inspire Kids in New Ways. Is your school doing this? @LineShapeSpace @toughLoveforx

4/14 I’m an American living in Sweden. Here’s why I came to embrace the higher taxes. As a Swedish-American I’ve been there many times and this rings true. Wish we could do this here. @voxdotcom

4/14 Can San Diego Close the Gaps in AP Participation? What is your school doing to get more minority students in AP courses? @drsuperville @educationweek

4/14 Seniors At Risk of Remediation Take College-Level Course During School Day – There is no excuse for a high school graduating students who have to take remedial courses in college. @MarvaAHinton @EducationWeek @ReadMorePodcast

4/12 Panel: Ditch Grades Now, Focus on Student Learning. Ditch homework and testing while you are at it. @THEJournalDave @THE_Journal @markbarnes19 @NationalPTA

4/12 Airbnb Becomes Dormbnb – Why wouldn’t you rent out your dorm bed if you could? Colleges stopping this are real jerks. @bengcap @nytimes

4/11 You’re now a racist if you say schools need to be safer. It seems that just stopping suspensions of black kids may not be the answer. Note: as principal I had five of fewer suspensions a year and my school was still safe. Your thoughts? @nypost

4/11 Principles of Effective Teaching All teachers should review these. @headguruteacher @josepicardoSHS

4/11 What is your school doing to ensure service is a part of learning? @Emantras_US

4/11 For Common Core test opt outs, it’s next year that counts. Early results this year look good. @GarySternNY @Lohud/Journal @Linda1746 @Stoptesting15

4/10 Fair Grades, Dropping Grades, Grading Versus Knowledge. What do you and your students think about this? @coolcatteacher @tguskey @Medium

4/10 Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities – How many of the six can you guess? @npinojames @edutopia

4/9 Coding in the Classroom: 16 Top Resources – Have 16 teachers/students each check one out and report back. @joylizn @Edudemic @SNewco

4/9 These Politicians Think Your Kids Need High-Stakes Testing—but Not Theirs. Among them are the Obamas, Bidens, Duncans, and Kings. How do you spell hypocrisy? @nikhilgoya_l @thenation @janinesopp

4/9 Three Cheers for the Opt Out Movement. Opt out parents will get credit for killing the testing vampire. @drjohnthompson @HuffingtonPost @janinesopp

4/9 Standardized testing blunders just keep on coming. I’m sure there are more coming as the testing has just started for this year. @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost @AnneLOBrien1 @Noellerson

4/8 Modern day Maria Montessori is returning the ‘right to play’ to kindergartners across China. We need this now in the US. @inhabitots @ShiftParadigm @bhunroe

4/7 Standardized Tests Have Always Been About Keeping People in Their Place. When tests punish the poor schools most, why do minority leaders want to keep them just to show low scores? @StevenSinger3 @jonathanpelto @palan57 @ruswalsh

4/7 Don’t Grade Schools on Grit. This could be an over reaction to grading schools using the crappy state/federal tests. @angeladuckw @thecharacterlab @nytimes

4/7 Eight Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom – How many do you see in classrooms you know? @gcouros @craigyen

4/7 Makerspaces Lead to School and Community Successes. Does your school have one? @chrisobrienisok @edutopia @LeonardoEffect

4/6 99 Simple Things That Will Help You Build Trust and Credibility – I’m not sure we need all of them. Ask your students to prioritize a top ten. @LollyDaskal

4/4 Five Ways Administrators Can Serve as Instructional Coaches – How many do your administrators do? @RossCoops31 @lfuinihetten @CorwinPress @eduk8me

4/2 The Network for Public Education is calling for a national Opt Out. This is due to the harmful effects of annual high-stakes testing on children and schools. Spread the word. @NetworkPublicEd @YohuruWilliams @DianeRavitch

4/2 Five Ways to Create More Teacher Rockstars in Your School – How many do leaders at your school do? @KerryHawk02 @kylepace @EdSurge

4/2 Why our daughter isn’t opting out of state tests – This might get you thinking, but when you check the comments, including mine, you will see that readers disagree. @randimarshall @Newsday @jamaalabowman @InnovativeEdu

4/1 Maker Education and Social-Emotional Development – What does your school about social-emotional development? @jackiegerstein @keith_guarino

4/1 Parents want recess for their kids. Here’s why they should keep fighting for it. How much recess does your kids get and how active are they during recess? @HeatherShumaker @washingtonpost @finleyjd @Wilderness

4/1 50 Ways to Cultivate a Creative Habit – How many of these happen in your school? @amyburvall @WickedDecent @timbuckteeth @eolsonteacher @WickedDecent

3/31 Five Easy Options for Beginning Tech Integration – Share with teachers who haven’t started yet. @chargerrific @edutopia @wooclap

3/31 Seven Habits Of Highly Productive People – Share with students and see how many describe your approach to life. @MarcGuberti

3/31 Five Ways to Build a Strong Relationship With Students Affected by Poverty – IF you believe like I do that relationships are the most important this, please read this. @WeAreTeachers @kylemschwartz @TeachGoodThings @NBPTS

3/30 Lessons for Teaching About Fables, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Legends, Myths, Tall Tales – Parents may be able to use some of this as well. @education_world #AmericanTallTales

3/30 How Asian test-prep companies swiftly exposed the brand-new SAT – Let’s hope that even more colleges make these tests optional. @Renee_Dudley @stecklow @thechinaprice @IreneJayLiu @Reuters

3/29 Five Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Classroom and Instruction. How many teachers in your school are doing this? @msEdtechie @EdSurge @Edtechnerd @IDontStink @teachintechgal

3/29 When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? I’m glad to see that the New York Times has brought this out. Have you had the Internet porn conversation with your kids yet? @peggyorenstein @nytimes

3/27 Six Texas Educational IT Professionals Tackle K–12 Tech Challenges in Roundtable Share with any ed tech leaders you know. @EdTech_K12 @jenjeahaly

3/26 Playworks helps teach students how to play nice. If you are having some recess problems check this out. @a_littman @Playworks @jillvialet @northwesthealth

3/26 Dress Code Violations in the Classroom Blame Disney Princesses. See how the changing wardrobes over the years may have influenced your female students’ apparel. @teachcmb56 @EducatorsRoom

3/26 12 Words That Should Be in Our Educational Vocabulary – These are all good but I would start with relationships. @petermdewitt @bradmcurrie @educationweek

3/25 The 4 biggest mistakes that teachers make when integrating technology – How many are you/your teachers making? @mrkempnz

3/25 Bill Gates explains why classroom technology is failing students and teachers. Gates gets this right but why does he still push the crappy state tests? See my Are You Smarter Then Bill Gates Article. AmyXWang @qz @mssackstein

3/24 NY’s new Regents chancellor supports opt-outs. This seems like a big deal to me. @GannettAlbany @pressconnects

3/24 Florida Senate denies parent request for required recess. This is crazy. Glad I don’t have kids in Florida schools. What’s happening in your school? @Lynch39083 @Shareaholic

3/24 Why We’re Opting Out of Testing – Share with parents who have children in grades 3-8. @iChrisLehman @teachkate @ellen_oneill

3/22 Twitter – Powerful Personalized Professional Development – I find Twitter to be a great souce for professional development. @BradLatzke

3/22 We’re Trying To Do “The Wrong Thing Right” in Schools. This should challenge the teaching of most teachers. Are your teachers doing what’s right or what’s convenient? @willrich45 @dustin772

3/21 13 Insanely Actionable Techniques to Get More Twitter Followers – There is a lot here to chew on, but it’s all good. @thesocialquant @AmberMiddelfart @dr_morton

3/21 Education researchers blast Common Core standards, urge ban on high-stakes tests. Common Core assessments lack “validity, reliability and fairness.” Other than that I guess they are just fine. @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost @jonathanpelto @BadassTeachersA

3/21 Four Essentials for Leading a 1:1 Technology Implementation – You should read this even if all your students have a device. @educationweek @Myers_Berkowicz

3/20 Here’s why I said no to homework for my elementary-aged kids. Research is on your side and cited here. @HeatherShumaker @TODAYshow @mwniehoff

3/19 Principal Clamps Down on 5th Grader Handing Out Opt-Out Fliers. This is pretty bad. Many principals don’t have the courage to fight the harmful testing program. @c_pichardo @the_zim @Dnainfo

3/17 23 Ways To Approach Leadership – Make sure leaders you know see this. @tedbauer2003 @tedcoine

3/17 School’s exercise bikes help kids focus – I’ve seen this in some schools and it seems to be a good idea. @JenWilliamsEdu @MagicPantsJones @ProfeEdTech @FrankVastola

3/17 Tips for Teaching Students to Receive Critical Feedback – What’s the point of giving students quality feedback if they can’t receive it well. @mssackstein @edweekteacher

3/16 Fat-shaming kids doesn’t help them lose weight. Does your school do this? @JoeTacopino @danikafears @nypost

3/16 How Much to Charge Blog Advertisers – If you or your class has a blog, you should be making money. @mombloggersclub @LiveALifeDreams @copromote

3/15 Computers ‘do not improve’ pupil results, says OECD. This is just one more piece of proof that it’s the pedagogy that matters most. @seanjcoughlan @BBCWorld ShiftParadigm @jmadlock

3/14 Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection. Please share this will girls you know and their parents and teachers. @reshmasaujani @GirlsWhoCode @TEDTalks

3/14 Why Educators Need to Promote Themselves – The negative rhetoric around public schools and the teaching profession makes this essential. @AnneLOBrien1 @edutopia

3/14 Teach children about emotional and social happiness. What is your school doing about this? @gulf_news @worldsforus

3/14 How to Give Students More Control Over Their Learning – There are some good ideas here that even veteran teachers might learn from. @CarlDraeger @shyj @howellwright @educationweek

3/13 Making the School Year Easier By Creating A Culture of Kindness – How kind is the culture in your school. @DrLynneKenney

3/13 The Nostalgic Appeal of Teaching Cursive – The reluctance of some to let go of cursive is evidence of a powerful force in education. Nostalgia. Lots of good comments and links here. @acampbell99

3/13 When Behavior Charts Don’t Work, Throw Them Out! I’ve never been a fan as they make consequences public. @edutopia

3/12 Seven Tips for Being a Successful Online Student – Share with any online students you know. It won’t be long before every one is. @atxcopywriter @Edudemic @MarkFraver @outwhiz

3/11 10 Simple Ways You Can Combat Fatigue – I do six of these, how about you? @LollyDaskal @Inc

3/11 SAT’s for All? One More Bad Idea from the Political Elite. Education Week Teacher @#DrDougGreen @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

3/10 Online Learning>Five Advantages Of Online Learning – See if you and your students can guess what they are. @NormanNorman777 @elearnindustry @cpappas

3/10 Six Reasons Why the Opt Out Movement is Good for Students and Parents of Color – Please get this our to your nearby communities of color. @JessedHagopian @theprogressive

3/10 8 Reasons Common Core Will Ultimately Fail – The one-size-fits-all approach is the big problem for me. @Lynch39083

3/9 Why Take An Art Class? – Ms. Chang, BHS Art Department. @mschangart @BurlMASchools @patrickmlarkin

3/9 If Education Is Going To Change, Teacher Prep Needs To First. Be sure to read my comment and leave one yourself. @mssackstein

3/9 Ten Awesome Interview Tips from Actual Hiring Managers – Share with anyone you know who is looking for a job. @UndercoverRec @LinearRecruit

3/8 Elements of a Great Lesson Plan – See how many you can guess before you read this. @EducatorsRoom

3/8 Ditch That TextbookFive Reasons You Must Read: Ditch That Textbook – Has your school stopped buying textbooks yet? @jmattmiller @rkiker @ShakeUpLearning

3/7 Getting the Most Out of Classroom Observations – Even experienced observers should review this. @impactfulcoach @HuffPostEdu @mccoyderek @mwaiksnis @latoyadixon5

3/7 Gamification in the classroom: small changes and big results – Would you rather have a test or a quest? Would you rather get grades or experience points? @neolms @ebonstorm @Teachers_Tech

3/7 20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners – After relationships I see motivation as the most important thing in schools. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @ziegeran @teachintechgal

3/6 After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice. How nice are the people where you work? @aamnamohdin @lisabriercliffe @Marthalanefox @doteveryoneuk

3/6 Standing DeskStanding Desks Schools Can Actually Afford – There are great options here for schools and parents. I use one and love. Great for the ADHD crowd. @oristand @wecontrast @VJnotes

3/6 Could adults’ expectations drive up ADHD diagnoses in kids? This could explain the increase now that kindergarten is the new first grade. @AmyLNorton @medical_xpress @Beyond_ADHD

3/5 Seven steps to protect your smartphone against hackers – This article includes a way to make your phone ring from another other device. @zacharye @BGR@nypost

3/5 ‘Cheating watches’ warning for exams – How much cheating is happening in your school via social media? @seanjcoughlan @BBCNews

3/3 How You Help Students Gain Life Skills – This applies to all students, not just to cognitively challenged. @PrincipalKafele @ASCCD @pernilleripp @SteveFigurell

3/3 10 reasons it’s time to move beyond textbooks – If your school is still buying textbooks it’s time to STOP! Spend the money on laptops. @justintarte @deannamascle

3/3 Administrator’s Pledge on Ethical Treatment of Students Who Opt Out – What do administrators do in your school? This looks like the right thing to do. @edweekteacher @MTAS_Chicago @GetUpStandUp2

3/2 Probabilities of high school athletes playing on the collegiate level. Chances aren’t that good kids. @mccoyderek

3/2 We need to rethink professional development; as educators we should know how to do this. What’s happening in your school? @tomwhitby @tesusa @vickyloras

3/2 Five Life Skills Schools Don’t Teach – Can you guess what they are? Does your school teach any of them? @spinedu @edappadvice

3/1 I’m always stuck doing my kids’ homework — and it’s not their fault. Homework is a hot issue today and this opinion helps explain why. @karol @nypostopinion

3/1 Student PlanningIf you want to improve your teaching, let students co-plan your lessons. This looks like it is worth a try. @tes @ShellTerrell @FrancoTeachit

2/29 Ahole of the MindHow To Ignore The Asshole In Your Mind. This is good advice for all of us. Share with students as well. @Jonwestenberg @Medium

2/29 Coding for Everyone? Are You Serious Mr. President? It’s not possible and it’s also a bad idea. This is my latest post for Ed Week Teacher editor Starr Sackstein. Check it out and consider leaving a comment. Thanks. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein @educationweek

2/29 Five Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Questioners – Even veteran teacher should give this a look. @GlimmerGuy @edutopia @JCasaTodd @mraspinall

2/29 Six Ways To Motivate Students To Learn – After relationships, motivation is the next most important thing for teachers to have. @anniemurphypaul @MindShiftKQED

2/28 At Harvey Mudd College, the Ratio of Women in Computer Science Increased from 10% to 40% in 5 Years. Read this to find how they did it. High schools should try this too. @MariaKlawe @harveymudd @matthieu_Bourel

2/28 State testing not what’s best for our students – Testing has changed but many people believe that the opt-out movement should continue. I agree. @MikeHynes5 @Newsday @janinesopp

2/28 Ivan Coyote: Why we need gender-neutral bathrooms – Ivan was born a girl and is now a transgender male. If you watch this I think you will be more sympathetic. Share with students of just about any age. Also see my post Bathrooms and Locker Rooms: A New Battlefield @ivancoyote @FrankStrategy

2/28 How high school would be different if students could design it – We should listen and do what we can to make it this way. @s_garl @MindShiftKQED

2/27 Three Ways to Implement Ed-Tech to Help Our Students Succeed – This is good reading for teachers using technology and those who haven’t started yet. @RickHess99 @educationweek

2/27 What Teachers Can Learn About Failure From Elon Musk – The CEO of Tesla and other companies says that if you aren’t failing you aren’t innovating enough. @ajjuliani @thenerdyteacher @gcouros @elonmusk

2/26 Study Suggests Endurance Running May Boost Your Brain. How much running do you and your students do? @micheledebczak @mental_floss

2/26 Take Your Math Class from “Oh No” to “Oh Wow.” Be sure to share this with any math teacher you know. Also check out my summary of Mathematical Mindset. @AngelaRuark @mentoringminds @educationweek

2/26 Engaging Families via Student-Led Conferences: Perspective from One of Our Teaching Ambassador Fellows. @usedgov @plkelly27 @mrkempnz @hapara_team

2/25 12 Rules Of Great Teaching – Can you guess any? @terryheick TeachThought @stdulmage

2/25 It’s Time To Co-Design Assessments With Students. Testing yourself is a powerful way to reinforce what you are trying to learn. @mssackstein @RossCoops31

2/24 14 Daily Habits of Successful and Likable Leaders – How many do you/your leaders use? @LollyDaskal @Inc

2/23 How social media is destroying the lives of teen girls – This is a summary of a new book by Nancy Jo Sales that parents and students should all read. Here is the link to her book at Amazon. @nancyjosales @msullivandawson

2/23 Students to learn coding – rather than a foreign language – Should schools allow kids to take computer programming rather than foreign language? Good luck finding coding teachers. @AndrewBuncombe @anthonypisapia @Independent

2/23 Tech in the Classroom – Are We There Yet? How many jobs are there that involve filling in bubbles? What’s happening in your school? @tedfujimoto @SimpleK12

2/23 Ten #EdTech Tools to Strengthen Relationships with #Students & #Parents – Have ten teachers each try one and report back. @InnovativeEdu @Mann4Edu

2/22 Lessons for School Leaders from the Corporate World – Schools are buisnesses because they can’t control raw materials and are run by people without educational expertise, but you can still learn from business. @impactfulcoach @eduleadership

2/22 A warning to college profs from a high school teacher – This describes the damage done by NCLB. @teacherken @valeriestrauss

2/21 Chromebooks in the Classroom: Why Schools Need to Manage Devices – This short post explains the benefit of Chromebooks and how to manage them. @advait3000 @Getting_Smart @wsoeldner

2/20 Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development? I think every teacher should put together their own individual professional development plan. What happens at your school? @PaulineZd @edutopia @teachintechgal

2/20 NextLesson: Lesson Plans That Connect Learning to the Real World – If you are looking for engaging lesson plans, this is a good place to start. Here are some free samples. @NextLesson

2/20 College Applications Shouldn’t Ask About School Discipline Records. I totally agree with this. Does your school send disciplinary records to colleges? @EvieBlad @Rulz4Engagement

2/19 Questioning That Deepens Comprehension – How do your questions stand up to these criteria? @DFISHERSDSU @edutopia @NancyFrey @gcouros

2/19 Stephen Fry’s new startup is a Pinterest for education – Be sure to watch the short [2:14] video. @cjmcgoogan Reporter @Telegraph

2/19 Standards, Grades And Tests Are Wildly Outdated, Argues ‘End Of Average’ – This looks like an interesting book. @anya1anya @NPR_ed @davidwees

2/17 Nine Harmful Assumptions We Sometimes Make About Our Students – How many of these do you/your teachers make? @glodigcit

2/17 Shifting the Grading Mindset Starts With Our Words. This is an excellent article by Starr Sackstein you is a leader in this movement. @mssackstein @educationweek

2/16 John Hattie on BBC Radio 4: “Homework in primary school has an effect of zero” There are other interesting opinions here. @VisibleLearning @carljarvis_eos @ICTEvangelist

2/16 Research Hints at Promise and Difficulty of Helping People With A.D.H.D. Learn. The principle is straightforward: Once a student is familiar with a topic, testing himself on it deepens the recall of the material more efficiently than restudying. @bencareynyt @NYTimes

2/16 What Teachers Can Learn From Lincoln – Share with your students as well. @edutopia @teachintechgal

2/14 Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need It Most. I was guilty of this when I was a principal. @jesslahey @NYTimes @OaklandSchools

2/14 100 Ways You Can Express Love as a Leader – When leaders love their people, their people love them back. They remain loyal, they respect each other, they trust each other. @LollyDaskal @Inc @MicheleDD_MT

2/13 Who Is Doing Most of the Talking? Teachers or Students? What’s it like in classrooms you know? @RossCoops31 @PeterMDeWitt @EducationWeek

2/13 Four Strategies to Learn from the Finland Education System – This looks like practical advice for all schools. @edtechtimes @fashionistagal1

2/13 Five Questions to Remove From Your Classroom – Do any show up in classrooms you know? @EduWells @coolcatteacher

2/13 The Grading System – A Case for Eliminating the Average – On the whole, the average is a pretty bad stat. It can be really bad in schools. @justintarte @SimpleK12 @tguskey

2/11 Three Districts Share Their Telepresence Success Stories – Telepresence and other remote learning options turn absence into opportunity. @jacib @EdTech_K12

2/11 30 Crucial Skills You Need to Be an Amazing Speaker – How many do you have? @LollyDaskal @Inc

2/11 Infographic: Design engaging learning spaces – How does this compare to learning spaces in your school? @michellermanno @isteconnects @mccoyderek

2/10 Why Introverted Teachers Are Burning Out – If you are introverted, teaching may not be for you. @TheMrGodsey @TheAtlantic @hgse @DeanJimRyan

2/10 Exam Land – Eight Things to Remind Our Students Of – Here are the eight things we should remind our students of about their exams (and life in general. @MariaTheo1 @FluencyMC @wordpressdotcom

2/10 Help Students Out of Their Comfort Zones – Here is another cool post from Starr Sackstein. @mssackstein @bradmcurrie

2/10 The problem with schools requiring students to wear fitness trackers – I like this idea. Have any K-12 schools tried this yet? I would do this and have each student should set their own goals. @ChelsFriz

2/9 How ‘Deprogramming’ Kids From How to ‘Do School’ Could Improve Learning – Share with teachers you know. This looks like a great idea. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @ShellTerrell @teresa_diaz

2/9 With Tech Tools, How Should Teachers Tackle Multitasking In Class? Looks like multitasking isn’t such a great idea. @HKorbey @MindShiftKQED

2/9 What I Wish I Knew As A New Teacher – Share with any teacher you know. @mssackstein

2/9 Five Tips for Creating Real Rapport With Your Students – Relationships are perhaps the most important thing. Be sure you/your teachers know this. @emileferlisi @ProfeEdTech @edutopia

2/7 Ten techniques to ensure that your lessons are as dull as dish water – Do your lessons have any of these boring aspects? @EmergingEdTech @Lynch39083

2/7 How do states support their public schools? Badly, a new 50-state report card shows. How is your state doing? @valeriestrauss @locotech @TragicGA @AJCGetSchooled

2/7 Take PD to the Next Level with Badges – Maybe if teachers got use to earning badges they would want their students to do the same thing. @shakeuplearning @jmattmiller

2/7 DNA Got a Kid Kicked Out of School – This looks like one more headache for schools thanks to modern technology. @sarahzhang @WIREDScience

2/6 Teaching Good Study Habits, Minute by Minute – Parents should definitely check this out and share with their kids. @COREChildLearn @edutopia

2/6 Our Kids Are Drowning in Homework, But Still Not Learning. I think the best homework is working on projects started in class. @edu_post @tedfujimoto

2/6 Student Surveys: Why They Matter and five Key Design Principles of Great Surveys – Do teachers in your school use student surveys? @Getting_Smart @IOEDU

2/4 Stressed Out! What Can Teachers Do About It? If retaining your teachers is important they should read this. @LindaFlanagan2 @colonelb

2/4 John Cleese’s ‘completely different’ warning to campus censors – Show this short video [2:37] to your students and see what they think. @JohnCleese @nypost

2/4 Transforming school libraries into learning commons: five keys to success – What has your school library done so far to modernize? @Stantec @BlueSkunkBlog

2/2 Seven Smart Habits of Leaders Who Always Get Successful Results – Can you guess what they are? @LollyDaskal @Inc @iankennethb

2/2 Boys, Girls and K-12 Classroom Gender Bias – Even veteran teachers should read this and reflect on what happens in their classroom. @Lynch39083

2/2 Have e-days gained enough traction to usurp the snow day? I would tell my students that I expect them to direct their own learning during snow days and to report what they learned to the class. What do you do? @educationdive @Scottherrmann

2/1 The 15 Most Popular Free Online Courses for Professionals – These look like they m ight be good for college and some high school students as well. @rhettpower @Inc @dougpete @flipboard

2/1 All students should learn to code. Right? Not so fast. Proponents of coding for all should read this. Anyone remember Logo? @valeriestrauss @CubanLarry @washingtonpost @markbarnes19

2/1 Twelve ways to use Google Classroom’s newest features – These are worth a look. Many innovative teachers use Google’s tools a lot. @jmattmiller @KarlyMoura

2/1 How The Culture Of Achievement Is Hurting Our Schools – Is your school more focused on achievement or teaching and learning? @dperkinsed @TeachThought

1/31 A Harvard psychologist says people judge you based on 2 criteria when they first meet you. Can you guess what they are? There are also some other good links here and you might want to get her book. @Jenna_Goudreau @businessinsider @SocialAssurity

1/31 How to Use Choosito’s Reading Level-indexed Search Tool for Free – Teachers should be sensitive to the reading level of the material they point student to and Choosito can help. @choosito @rmbyrne

1/31 Charting the Professional Development Waters With Badges in New Jersey – This is kind of adding lines to your resume. @NMHS_lms @EdSurge @E_Sheninger @thomascmurray

1/31 Teachers, Teens and Social Media: Q&A with Danah Boyd – Parents should also read this. @zephoria @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

1/30 Third of teachers ban electronic devices in classroom despite positive outcomes. What is the ratio in your school? @Eleanor_Busby @tes @ieducator

1/30 Why The Simple Solution To Academic Success Might Be More Recess – What’s happening in your school? @cdpearson @HuffPostParents

1/30 How One District Redefined Teacher Evaluations with ‘Self-Directed Growth Plans’ – This is pretty much what I would do. @AdamDFried @EdSurge @teachintechgal @KarenColdren

1/29 No time limit for next round of New York tests – Timed tests of any kind are a bad idea. What’s happening in your school? @JonCampbellGAN @pressconnects

1/29 What the ESSA Means for the Future of Computer Science and STEM – Why would someone with a degree in computer science go into teaching? Also, I don’t think it’s possible to train existing teachers to do this. Best option is online courses that teachers unions may fight. Thoughts? @DFrank @EdTech_K12

1/28 Five Classroom Tech Tools That Look Great on Your Resume – While not all schools are equipped with 1:1 classrooms just yet, there are a variety of tools you can learn to prepare you for being in a tech-based classroom. @Candace_Davies

1/27 Overcoming the Pressure to Test – Here is some great advice from top teachers and blogger Starr Sackstein. @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher @seni_bl

1/27 Eight Skills to Look for in a Director of Technology – The first skill in this list may surprise you, but I agree. @tweenteacher @edutopia @christine_heine

1/26 10 New Truths Great Leaders Know That Most People Don’t – Leadership isn’t the same field that it was even a decade ago. Here’s a map to the new landscape. @LollyDaskal @Inc

1/26 The Top 5 Startling Truths about Gifted and Talented Programs – This might cause some controversey from “gifted” parents and teachers. Also see my comment. @Lynch39083

1/26 What will school look like in 2050? Teachers from six countries respond. Be sure to add your guess to this post. @lauramcclure @TEDTalks @TED_Ed @sfgrotto

1/26 How I Took Control Over My Own Professional Development – One teacher explains how he did it. @johnotterstedt @TeachThought @justintarte

1/24 Turning Education Upside Down: Flipping the Classroom and Improving Student Outcomes – This is excellent advice from a pioneer who did this. @flippedschool @NoodleEducation @kevin_corbett

1/24 Kids need standing desks, too. Children may become more active overall and these changes in behavior may translate into better weight outcomes, improved ability to learn and pay attention and greater self-esteem. What is your school doing? @Reuters @nypost

1/24 The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con – I pretty much pro as long as it’s done well. Most schools have at least a few teachers trying it. @mbteach @edutopia

1/24 How One Teacher Keeps 25 Kids From Getting Distracted With Their Computers – I think just about all teachers should read this. @WeAreTeachers

1/23 What can the U.S. learn from South Korea’s testing pressures? If you are looking for more reasons to fight high-stakes testing, here they are. @Lynch39083

1/23 A Guide for Bringing the SAMR Model to iPads – This is sound advice for any school who plans to give each student a tablet or laptop. Here is another article on the subject. @kathyschrock @EdSurge @rachelmarker

1/18 Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development? If one-size-fits-all doesn’t make sense for students, why should it make sense for professionals. @PaulineZd @edutopia @DavidGeurin

1/18 Billboard opt out campaign! Please consider supporting this effort. I did. We need to keep opt-out growing. @Linda1746 @susanoha @gofundme @coopmike48

1/17 Leading Motivated Learners – Here are some reflections on homework and reading logs by a 5th grade teachers and mom. @levlons @TonySinanis

1/16 7 Trust-Building Behaviors Teachers Want From Principals – Do you/your principals do these things? @DavidGeurin @bradmcurrie

1/16 What You Don’t Know About Homework Research – This is a hot topic today. What’s your opinion? @markbarnes19 @kylemschwartz

1/15 Research finds autonomous teachers are happier teachers. How autonomous and happy are your teachers? @adibloom @tes @SchoolsImprove

1/15 Why So Many Teachers Homeschool Their Own Children – This is a short and convincing pitch for making real schools more like home schools. @beccaleech

1/14 The Legal Standing of Free-Range Parenting – How old to you/your kids think children should be before they can walk to school alone? I was five. How old were you? @AarianMarshall @TheAtlantic

1/13 Girl, 11, stops eating for two days after primary school said she was overweight. Is your school telling kids that they are fat? Bad idea. How about you just focus on exercise and healthy eating habits? @Telegraph @wsoeldner

1/13 Research-based Strategies to Help Children Develop Self-Control – Self control is a excellent predictor of success. This is a really big deal. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @E_Sheninger

1/13 The Help Desk: Leveraging Student Genius – Who runs the help desk in your school? Who fixes computers? Face it, your school has many students with strong tech knowledge than many teachers. @andycinek @edutopia @patrickmlarkin

1/13 Feds Urge Schools to Shield Muslim Students From Harassment. How about we shield all students from harassment? Be sure to read my comment on this. As a principal I had Muslims and just about everything else. @EvieBlad @educationweek

1/12 Class Differences in Child-Rearing Are on the Rise. You might find some of this surprising. @clairecm @nytimes @philshapiro @jerryz8551

1/12 Happier Students, Higher Scores: The Role of Arts Integration – What is your school doing with arts education? @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd @sylviastcyr

1/12 16 Things Teachers Should Try in 2016 [infographic] – I have tried many of these recently and they seem to have promise. Are your teachers trying new things? @ShakeUpLearning @s_bearden

1/11 It’s worth the hair loss at deadline: Creating a newspaper program from scrap to publication – Talented teacher Starr Sackstein offers great advice for any teacher advising student newspapers. Share with the teacher in your school that does this. @mssackstein @BAMRadioNetwork

1/11 What Do “Future Ready” Students Look Like? Does your school have a plan to help students with these criteria? @suzieboss @edutopia @teachintechgal @ILAToday

1/11 What It Really Takes To Get Girls Like Me to Code – This is an excellent post written by Mira Baliga, an 18-year-old high school student who developed an iPhone app called Allot Expense Tracker, which is available on the Apple App Store. @EdSurge

1/10 Eight Reasons Common Core Won’t Make It – The cartoon here is worth checking this out. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

1/10 Three Teaching Strategies to Keep Students Accountable – THere is good advice here for rookie and veteran teachers alike. @EmpoweringK6ed @TeachHub

1/10 What Is Lost When Kindergarten Gets More Academic? What’s happening in your school and what do you think should happen? @anya1anya @ElissaNadworny @MindShiftKQED @CalliWelsch

1/9 A PD Story: Bringing 1:1 Technology to Our District – If you are giving every student a device as many schools are, you better have a serious professional development plan. @TLTalkRadio @edutopia @gormang

1/9 Montessori schools give students like Prince George free reign. Public and private schools everywhere can learn from Montessori Schools. Time to go visit one? @PesceNic @NYDailyNews

1/8 Ten keys to success in blended learning You don’t have to do this all at once. This should give you some ideas to try. @jmattmiller @thomascmurray

1/8 Is Pre-K All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Could it be that exposing kids to academic work before they are ready for it turns them off? That’s my bet and this supports it. @andrewflowers @fivethirtyeight

1/8 Sir Ken Robinson’s Creative Schools (2015): Change We All Want & Deserve – Sir Ken begins Creative Schools with a discussion of metaphors in his RSA animated talk.[11:40] @SirKenRobinson @aimeegbartis @Getting_Smart

1/6 7 Things Education Leaders Should Do Right Now – How many are you/your leaders already doing? @tvanderark @Getting_Smart

1/6 Five Powerful Ways to Save Time as a Teacher – This should work for just about anyone. @TeachThought @cultofpedagogy

1/5 Ten signs there’s a grading problem in your classroom – How many are happening in classrooms you know? @justintarte @oveucsj

1/5 Studying Study Drugs – One in five students reported misusing or abusing study drugs in 2014. This fits with my recent post in Ed Week. Education Drugs: Learning on Steroids. @dmdottavio @ProjectKnowMN @mssackstein

1/5 Will States Swap Standards-Based Tests for SAT, ACT? Seven states already have. What is your state doing and what is your opinion? cgewertz @educationweek

1/4 An Educator’s Gift to Their Learners: Seeing Each One of Them There seems to be a consensus that relationships with students are the most important thing. @jackiegerstein @edtechworkshop

1/4 Want To Know What’s Wrong With Averages? Averages are bad metrics for education and in many other fields. Be sure to see my comment. @mssackstein @mindshift @educationweek

1/4 New York Times Editorial Defends High-Stakes Testing and Common Core. If you are a liberal and think the test and punish reform culture is bad for students, this will make you shudder. @DianeRavitch @nytimes @mzteachuh

1/3 Why Your Students Forgot Everything On Your PowerPoint Slides. If you are putting your speaker notes on screen and reading them it’s time to STOP! @MJMadda @EdSurge @HGSE @CubanLarry

1/3 What the ESSA Means for the Future of Computer Science and STEM – The federal government’s new education law gives focus to technical subjects like computer science. My question is who’s going to teach it? @DFrank @EdTech_K12

1/3 What to Do When Your Flipped Classroom Flops. If you are trying to flip your classroom and are running into some probelms, this should help. @cfruin @EdSurge @bashaierk

1/2/2016 The Ten Skills Modern Teachers Must Have – See how many you can guess. Which ones do you need to work on? @amanda_ronan @Edudemic @MrLeBrun @MisterMinor

1/2 10 Benefits of Teaching in a Blended Learning Classroom – If you still aren’t doing some blended learning it’s time to try it. @DigitalJLearn @learn2earn @lyonmi

1/2 2015: The Good, the Bad… and the Potential – This is an excellent review of the key education issues that got a lot of electronic ink in 2015. Read and be hip. @coolcatteacher @edutopia

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