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3/15 How Do I Differentiate Through Project-Based Learning? Differentiating can be difficult. This is one way to make it happen. @TeachThought @JMcCarthyEdS

3/15 Empathy isn’t sympathy. Why schools need to understand that. Consider showing your students and teachers the short [2:53] video. @K12TrustED @toddkom @BreneBrown @thinkm2

3/14 Trump Education Dept. Releases New ESSA Guidelines. It should be no surprise that regulations have been trimmed down. Is the good or not? @PoliticsK12 @educationweek @BetsyDeVos

3/14 Nine Ways To Support A Culture Of Wellness In Your School – Does this look like your school? @TeachThought @sylviaduckworth @MissGEnrique @teachermarija

3/14 ProTips for Meaningful Feedback – As an author, I discovered that specific feedback allowed me to get better. The same is true for all students. @education_world @Virginiawoolf64

3/13 Six Ways Teachers Kill the Joy of Reading – Is this happening at your school? @markbarnes19 @amgonza @DavidGeurin

3/13 7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology – How many describe teachers you know? @TeachThought @SilviaDuckworth @tonnet @UoPeople

3/13 Are We Innovating, or Just Digitizing Traditional Teaching? Blended learning has the potential to transform the way teachers teach and students learn—if we take advantage of all that it offers. @brholland @edutopia @KarlyMoura @PHausTech

3/13 Embrace the Unexpected: New Tools Transform Teaching and Learning – Effective partnerships can help faculty integrate technology solutions into the classroom. @EdTech_HigherEd @garybartanus @EmergingEdTech

3/11 Is sending your kid to coding camp a good idea? I hope it also allows for some traditional camp activities and exercise. @Lynch39083 AdvocateforEd

3/11 So Your Kids’ PBL Work Sucks? Eight Ways to Improve It! Projects can be valuable, but only if they are well designed. @GingerLewman @AltCertProgram

3/11 The Teacher’s Guide To Flipped Classrooms – If you are thinking of flipping or don’t’ know what it is, read this. @chemicalsams @Edudemic @wfsuper

3/11 Why the Left Should Work With Betsy DeVos – The left and Betsy DeVos share skepticism of top-down education reform. @JenniferLSteele @educationweek

3/10 Helping Struggling Students Build a Growth Mindset – Also read my summary of Carol Dweck’s Mindset book. @BrainSMARTU @edutopia @mblanrun @JeffHiserBL

3/10 Asian kids dominate admission to New York City’s elite high schools. (NY Post-Conservative) Diversity Lags as Students Are Matched With City Schools (NY Times-Liberal). These tests, unlike some college admissions, are color blind. Is this fair? @Selimalgar @Liz_A_Harris @nypost @nytimes

3/9 Four Tools for Arts Integration in the Content Classroom – I think that this is important. Do you? @erinwilkey @MindShiftKQED @vpigreenie

3/9 Passionate Learning Starts with the Community Not the Textbook: A Call For Informal Learning. @Schoology @sarahdateechur @TechedUpTeacher

3/7 Here’s how one Memphis school is changing the way it disciplines girls of color. What’s happening at your school? @CarolineBmn @ChalkbeatTN @MindShiftKQED

3/7 A Dynamic World Requires Dynamic Classrooms. How dynamic are classrooms you know? @kara_welty @drneilgupta

3/7 Ten Strategies To Make Learning Feel More Like A Game – Have you tried any yet? @TeachThought @DavidGeurin

3/6 Busting the Myth That People Don’t Like Change – Leaders need to read this. @CardinalRos @shareaholic @pdiscoveryuk

3/6 How Students Critiquing One Another’s Work Raises The Quality Bar – Students can profit from more feedback than the teachers can give. @MindShiftKQED @WeAreTeachers

3/6 Time Management for Students: Three Shortcuts – In an ideal world, “Time Management for Students” would be a compulsory course for online learners. @SimpliTeach

3/6 Some Technologies To Watch Out For In 2017 – Make sure your IT people read this. @poweradmn @kesbutters

3/5 How To Transform Groupwork Into Collaboration – Just because people are huddled together doesn’t mean there is collaboration. @focus2achieve

3/5 Teacher PD: Purposeful Tinkering and Application – Deep learning does not occur through sit and get. Deep learning occurs through experiential, authentic, interactive, collaborative instructional processes. @jackiegerstein @Medium

3/5 Recognize Exceptionality – Or, are we placing perimeters on not only students but our adult learners, educators, and staff members? @TaraMartinEDU @YongZhaoEd @gcouros @SarahKMansfield

3/5 This Danish School Has Installed The World’s Largest Solar Facade. – How much solar power does your school have? @peter_koekoek @ClimateKIC @TweetinChar @ClimateReality

3/4 Enliven Class Discussions With Gallery Walks. From chalk talks to computer tours, learn how to engage your students in small-group and whole-class discussions. @WordLib @edutopia @EducationCoach

3/2 Daydream Believers Make More Purposful Students. Every morning after the bell rings, Godfrey Early Childhood Center students start daydreaming. This is very calming. @SNNKent @colonelb @MissStasiak

3/2 Teaching With Your Mouth Shut – Our assumptions regarding what a “good” teacher is may very well be wrong. @_StefyB @HigherEdSurge

3/2 Eight Ways to Use Video With English-Language Learners – Share with ELL teachers you know. @Larryferlazzo @edutopia @OPS_ENLteacher

3/2 Three issues with current homework policies – Are teachers at your school giving too much homework? @EDmerger @nick_chater

3/1 Three Simple Steps That Resolve the Lies in Excuses – I don’t believe in making excuses. You either get something done or you don’t. @Leadershipfreak @patrickmlarkin

3/1 In W.Va., Teachers Turn Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Attacks Into Teachable Moments – Teachers should have been doing this since the Internet hit their classroom. Be sure to see my comment. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek @EdWeekEdTech

3/1 12 ways to really make Genius Hour work in your class – Has anyone in your school tried this yet? @jmattmiller @oveucsj

2/26 Ten Ideas for Using Comics In Your Classroom – There is no shortage of tools for creating comics available to students. @rmbyrne @JCasaTodd @TaraMartinEDU

2/26 What’s At Risk When Schools Focus Too Much on Student Data? Would you want to be driven by data? @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED @NPR_ed

2/26 Five Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Kidpreneurs – There is also a free book here. Kidpreneurs @kidpreneurs @4BetterEducatio @thebizguy

2/26 Three Signs Your Class Is Suffering from the Digital Divide – What does the digital divide look like at your school? If you give every kid a laptop you won’t have one. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd @ProwiseUK

2/25 Nine Ways to Incorporate Student Choice and Student Voice in the Classroom – This explains why it’s good for the brain. @Dr_Armstrong @ASCD @bethhill2829

2/25 We spend 80% of our classroom time on the skills needed for 10% of our jobs. Is this what is happening in your school? @mcleod @LDH_ed @jimamay

2/24 How To Know If Your Child Should Be An Engineer – This is a great parent resource. @kickingwkelly @karen_dawkins

2/24 How To Teach Online Using Humor: 10 Dos And Don’ts – This is also useful for schools evaluating online courses to offer. @SimpliTeach @elearnindustry

2/24 Ten Ways to Ditch That Reading Log – Reading logs make reading seem like work. Does your school have them? @MsMarshallCMS @cultofpedagogy @MsMarshallCMS

2/23 The benefits of not being the first-born child – First-born children not only have better academic outcomes, but that the differences in cognitive abilities for these children are evident as early as age 1. @NaomiSRiley @nypost

2/23 Eight Methods for Effectively Improving Student Communication Skills – Advances in digital media, changing career landscapes, and greater competition in colleges and workplaces makes improving student communication skills a must. @leecrockett @glodigcit

2/23 21 Awesome Classroom Art Supplies Under $10 – These are also great for home projects. on’t break the bank to refresh your supply closet. @WeAreTeachers

2/22 Why we should teach cursive writing to all kids – Scientific research (and common sense) indicates learning how to write cursive helps the development of motor skills. @bethanyshondark @FDRLST @jdforward @LadyBrainsCast @Acculturated

2/22 The Optimal Seating Plan? Letting Your Students Choose – This is worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @LeeAraoz

2/22 10 Tips to Reduce Stress As A Teacher – Many teachers can probably benefit from some of this. @TeacherTriangle @fit2Bsmart @PE4Learning

2/21 Four Things All Project-Based Learning Teachers Should Do – Can you guess what they are? Even teachers already doing this should check this out. Lauren Ayer @TeachThought @NorainiPadillah @Curriki

2/21 Six Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning – I think differentiation is the key to self-paced learning. Here is some help. @betamiller @edutopia @jon_wennstrom @john_lynkk

2/21 Five Steps to Boost Critical Thinking of Participants Every Week – Here is great advice to increase small group discussion success for adults and students. @HassanGhiassi @aristotlescafe

2/20 Six of the Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make – Which ones are you prone to make? @GibsonEdu @edutopia @EdTechFam

2/20 28 Life Skills That Define Student Readiness [Infographic] – You may want to print this and hang it somewhere students can read it. @leecrockett

2/20 So You Want to Create a Teacher-Powered School? Five Things to Know – How much power do teachers have at your school? @wendi322 @EdWeekTeacher @ProwiseUK @Eduporium

2/19 Top ten rules for raising kids – I know Sean Brady and consider him a good friend and a great parent. If you want to add a rule let him know. @prismdecision

2/18 Can Blended Learning Improve Equity in One of Nation’s Most Diverse Districts? Any blended learning going on in your school yet? @jencurtis0345 @edsurge @WickedDecent @johannaprince

2/18 Wide-Open Spaces – Want creative thinkers? Help kids create, says Mitch Resnick. This is an interesting interview with one of our top educational thinkers. @mres @MIT_Spectrum @mcsommer

2/18 What Works Can Hurt: Side Effects in Education – I’ve always thought that designing programs to raise test scores was harmful. So does one of our top education leaders. @YongZhaoEd @pasi_sahlberg @DianeRavitch @dennisshirley

2/17 25 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom – How many have you used so far? @JustAGuido @ProdigyGame

2/17 Ed-Tech Skeptic Larry Cuban Finds New Perspective. I’ve been a big fan of Larry’s since I drew on his work to do my dissertation. He is starting to see some hope. @BenjaminBHerold @LarryCuban @educationweek

2/16 Jeff Speck: Four ways to make a city more walkable – Share with students looking for a community service project. They can study how to make your city more walkable. @JeffSpeckAICP @TEDTalks

2/16 Schools are finally teaching what kids need to be successful in life. Is this happening in your school? @jandersonQZ @qz @RovannaB @SEL4MA

2/16 20 Differentiated Instruction Strategies and Examples [+ Downloadable List] This is important. How much differentiation happens in your school? @JustAGuido @ProdigyGame

2/15 Cool Cat Teacher’s Favorite Everyday Tools That She is Using Now – There almost has to be something here for everyone. @coolcatteacher

2/15 In an age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant. How much redundant education is happening at your school? @GeorgeMonbiot @guardian @chucksandy

2/15 Five Radically Different Approaches to Technology in Schools – Which ones are happening at your school? @urbansitter @huffpostparents @MariosKaratzias @vineetjawa

2/14 What to do if immigration officers come knocking at your door. This is advice for criminals. Next maybe we will get tips for making fake IDs. @eweise @usatoday

2/14 7 Facts about Teachers (Infographic) – This will tell you things like what great teachers do. @edarabia

2/14 Teachers are now showing students how to spot fake news. Start at the end where there are excellent tips for teachers. Also, note that fake news comes from both the left and the right. @AP @nypost

2/13 New Podcast Focuses on English-Language-Learner Education – Podcasts seem like a good source for professional development. @C_C_Mitchell @educationweek

2/13 Stop, Start, Continue: Conceptual Understanding Meets Applied Problem Solving – This could be useful to many teachers. @DavidBHawley @edutopia @_jackcherry

2/12 Letter Grades Deserve an ‘F’ – I agree, what do you and your students think? @jesslahey @TheAtlantic @colonelb

2/12 Nine Ways to Inspire Student Inventors – Share with parents and teachers you know. @coolcatteacher @edutopia @LauraGilchrist4 @tedfujimoto

2/12 Students Learn from Inquiry, Not Interrogation. If you asked your students which of these best describes their experience with classroom questioning, how would they respond? @middleweb @valwood50 @Brad_Burns

2/11 The IKEA Effect in Education – It deals with the fact that people put more value in things they make. Are students making anything at your school? @tomwhitby

2/11 Can Peer Accountability Groups Help Students Achieve Their Goals? Some educators are discovering that students can give emotional support for one another. @zstavely @MindShiftKQED @garybartanus

2/11 Using Emojis to Teach Critical Reading Skills – Emojis can be used to Teach Critical Reading Skills. @KingMarissaE @edutopia @DrTinaNixon

2/10 The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow as Adult Readers – Please share with reading treachers you know. @pernilleripp @KerynDowling @alicekeeler

2/10 How Giving Students Choice During the Day Can Create Unstoppable Learning – How much choice is there in your school? @MindShiftKQED @SteeleThoughts @JeffHiserBL

2/10 Six Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning – Differentiated learning is important and not always easy. This will help. @betamiller @edutopia @thommarkham

2/9 How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams! This free resource could help you make a step up the high tech food chain. @ShakeUpLearning @Chappy8611

2/9 Do’s & Don’ts for Teaching English-Language Learners – Everyone who deals with English language learners should read this. @Larryferlazzo @edutopia @EstherMartinez

2/9 Co-Teaching: How to Make it Work – This can improve efficiency if done right. @cultofpedagogy @jeff_shoemaker @eduk8me

2/9 School bullying linked to poorer academic achievement. This should be no surprise. @cisnc @DailyGenius

2/8 How Playing With Math Helps Teachers Better Empathize With Students – Math Teachers’ Circles can help K-12 classroom teachers experience the fun of working on a challenging problem collaboratively. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @jonathanwylie

2/8 More Than 50 Percent of Teachers Report 1:1 Computing. If your school isn’t there yet you should at least be in the planning stage. @JPassut @EdTech_K12

2/8 21st Century Skills Have Always Been “Needed” Skills, But Now We Need Them More Than Ever. Socrates was talking about these 21st-century skills over 20 centuries ago. @ajjuliani @gcouros

2/6 Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future – Do the people in your school realize this? @E_Sheninger @EdTech_K12 @RigorRelevance @Silvana_Hoxha @clearnlead

2/6 How to Nurture Empathic Joy in Your Classroom – Is this happening in your school? @MindfulOnline @GreaterGoodSC

2/6 21 Tools for Conducting Digital Formative Assessments – Have 21 teachers each check one out and report back. @rmbyrne

2/5 Classroom Seating: A Clue to Teacher Beliefs about Learning. Here are some pros and cons of various ways to arrange a classroom. @Angela_Watson @LarryCuban @Larryferlazzo

2/5 In Language Classrooms, Students Should Be Talking. Language classes often don’t focus on the aspect of learning a language that intrigues students most — speaking it. We should get students talking more. @SWLoyola @Edutopia @Sra_Crespo @FLAGeorgia

2/5 Who is doing the work in your classroom? Here is an argument that students should be doing the majority of the work in the classroom. @Catlin_Tucker @mrsdkrebs

2/5 An All-Girls School Takes Computer Science to the Next Level with Global Collaboration. Make Global Collaboration a reality for your students. @jbuckleyON @Getting_Smart @bradmcurrie @AmyFMcCooe

2/3 Sharing the Screen in 1:1 Classrooms – Easily accessible content consumption and content creation tools change the way that we think about helping students meet learning goals. @edutopia @edutopia

2/3 What the Heck Is Project-Based Learning? The hardest thing about teaching with project-based learning may be explaining it to someone. @tweenteacher @edutopia @garybartanus

2/3 Students use Minecraft to hone math skills. Minecraft has become a useful educational tool over the past year, and not only for elementary schools. @tweenteacher @edutopia @garybartanus

2/3 Why Children Who Sleep More Get Better Grades – How much sleep do your kids get? @Lynch39083 @colonelb

2/2 Intrinsic Motivation vs. Standardized Tests – This is one more reason why high-stakes standardized tests are invalid and harmful. @valenciasmiles @edutopia

2/2 Helping Struggling Students Build a Growth Mindset – This is so important. Is it happening at your school? Also see mny summary of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. @edutopia @BrainSMARTU @teachintechgal @learnocracy

2/2 Nine Ways to Inspire Student Inventors – Here is a collection of ideas to consider as you work to fuel your students’ curiosity. @coolcatteacher @edutopia @DavidGeurin @JeffHiserBL

2/1 Transform Your Staff Meetings, Engage Your Faculty. Could your meetings be more effective? @terryheick @edutopia

2/1 Parent Partnership in Education: Resource Roundup Here is a compiled a list of articles, videos, and other resources to help you engage productively with your kids’ teachers and school. @edutopia

2/1 Six Best Practices for Online Student Engagement – It is impossible to deny the growing shift toward online education. @AliciaAHill @Getting_Smart @Tastenspieler @ShellTerrell

1/31 Ten ways to electrify class with Kahoot! Kahoot! turns your classroom into a game show. @jmattmiller @curriculumblog

1/31 Why Spatial Reasoning Is Crucial For Early Math Education – How much spatial reasoning happens in your elementary school? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @englishteach8

1/31 Three Ways To Grow Independent Readers – Is this happening in your school? @ReadByExample @teachthought @nick_chater

1/30 Six ways to make co-planning lessons more efficient – Co-planning can make all teachers more efficient and result in better lessons. @Angela_Watson

1/30 Teaching — It’s about Inspiration, Not Information. This is an important reminder that teaching is all about building a relationship with your students. @tseelig @gcouros

1/30 A downside of setting student academic results targets in schools – Can you think of what they might be? @gcouros

1/30 How Will a Trump Admin Impact Tech in Schools? Office of Ed Tech Defines Goals. DeVos’ long career as an education advocate has also proven her to be an advocate of supporting innovation in ed tech. Time will tell. @education_world @mfriedmanPGH

1/29 Four cautionary lessons about education technology – Can you name them? David Evans @WorldBank @markbarnes19

1/29 10 Strategies To Make Learning Feel More Like A Game – Gamification is different than game-based learning. Do you know the difference? @TeachThought @philhart @ShellTerrell

1/28 How Gamification Can Help Struggling Students – This is worth a try. @techedvocate @Lynch39083

1/28 How to Use Edtech to Get Your Learners Active and Moving – Movement is vital for kids and adults so give this a try. @KerryHawk02 @EdSurge @ericcurts

1/27 The Two Resources Administrators Should Maximize for Personalized Learning Success – Share with administrators you know. @grantrivera @EdSurge

1/27 Why Kids Should Make the Video Games They Love to Play – Give kids exposure to what it means to have a career using computers. @callmeKi @MindShiftKQED @garybartanus

1/25 Forcefield installs Safe Search which filters out graphic images while delivering comprehensive search results. If you have kids and you don’t have software to block adult content, check this out. @Forcefield_me

1/25 10 Things You Can Do On Google Classroom – If you aren’t using this it’s worth a look. @Horizons93 @SimpleK12

1/25 Tech Tips for Teachers: 3 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom – By making lengthy links more shareable, QR codes help teachers distribute educational resources, student work, and parent surveys. @MDMeg @EdTech_K12

1/25 Five Emoji Learning Activities with Google Docs – This should generate student interest. @ericcurts @ShellTerrell

1/23 What is Technology Integration Success? Has your school defined this yet? @juliedavisEDU @tntechgal

1/23 Using Emojis to Teach Critical Reading Skills – Use kids’ expertise with emojis to help them analyze texts more effectively. @KingMarissaE @edutopia @ICTmagic

1/23 Teaching with badges and stickers the digital way. Digital badges are online representations of skills and achievements you’ve earned. @clcsimon @ukedchat

1/22 Elementary Classroom Hacks: Big Ideas at Little Cost – Share with elementary teachers you know. @edutopia @USCTeacher

1/22 What new technologies carry the biggest risks? You probably not aware of all of these emerging technologies, but you and your students should be. @wef @tucksoon

1/22 Laptops in the Classroom Stops Lecturing, Not Learning. If every student has a laptop, why are you spending the entire class lecturing? @ekowohighered @NewAmerica @garybartanus @wcet_info

1/21 5-Minute Film Festival: Comics in the Classroom – This could help get students more interested. @keyanastevens @edutopia

1/21 Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind – This looks like a good addition to your school’s professional development library. @benakallick @allison_zmuda @ASCD @Sra_Crespo

1/19 How to Avoid the 17 Deadly Sins of Flipped Learning Technology Selection – Be sure to enroll for free. @jonbergmann @kchalls

1/19 What Will it Take for Schools to Get Serious About “Healthy Homework” Levels? Do teachers in your school know what each other are giving for homework? @EmergingEdTech @gormang

1/19 100+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media – Tell your students to check this out and report back. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @teachintechgal @Rdene915

1/19 Need a job? These are the top 5 fields hiring in 2017. Share with high school and college students you know. @actbrilliant @BrilliantLeap @nypost

1/16 Seven reasons to try ‘Genius Hour’ in your classroom – Is anyone tryig it at your school? @grahamandre @InnovateMySchl @grahamandre

1/16 Obama’s Education Dept Issues Last Hurrah: A National Edtech Plan for Higher Education – Good luck getting tenured professors to change if they don’t want to. @jryoung @tonywan @edsurge @iTeachLipscomb

1/15 A Guide To Questioning In The Classroom – All teachers should check their practice against this. @TeachThoughtPD @diane_larsen

1/15 Six Ways to Use Technology to Boost Student Performance – How many are your students using? @kara_welty @ElisaBostwick

1/15 Tips for Mastering Assessment Language – Getting formative assessment right is pretty important. @leecrockett @glodigcit @dee8906 @bjohnson_STEAM

1/14 Is Your School’s Culture Toxic or Positive? A positive culture is vital to student success. Assess yours can use this advice if you need to fix it. @education_world @FreeSpiritBooks

1/14 Growth mindset: practical tips you may not have tried yet. Also see my summary of Carol Dweck’s Mindset book. @Inner_Drive @guardian @tomtolkien

1/14 We Ask Our Kids What They Learn Each Day. Why Don’t We Ask Ourselves? Can your kids tell that you are a life-long learner? @rupa_c_g @EdSurge @ChuongCarolyn @Rdene915

1/13 What Happens When Students Create Their Own Curriculum? Dozens of schools around the U.S. are opting to ditch the traditional school structure altogether to motivate teens in new ways—and it seems to be working. @ESMcIntyre @TheAtlantic @seemeandliz

1/12 Controversial short story gets Sarasota substitute teacher banned. What would your school do? @yadiralopezht @HeraldTribune @millermarinellc

1/12 Tell Kids to Get Good at Stuff Smart Machines Can’t Do (Yet) – Is this what your school is focusing on? @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @wsoeldner

1/12 Teachers’ Union Shoots Itself in the Foot. I’ve worked with teacher unions long enough that this doesn’t surprise me. They also fight online courses. @waltxyz @educationweek

1/11 Why are we so attached to our things? Christian Jarrett’s TED Ed talk is short [4:43] and very interesting. As George Carlin once said: “Other people’s stuff looks like s**t while your s**t looks like stuff. @Psych_Writer @TED_ED @rmbyrne

1/11 Four Ways School Leaders Can Support Meaningful Innovation – Does this happen in your school? @bjfr @MindShiftKQED @sjgorman

1/11 Micro-Schollarships are a New Funding Source for College. This is worth a look. @RaiseLabs @Lynch39083

1/11 Ransomware Attacks Force School Districts to Shore Up — or Pay Up – Is your district sufficiently protected? @educationweek

1/10 The Surprising Secret to Raising a Well-Behaved Kid – Schools should consider sharing this with all parents. @parentsmagazine @EmilyJPH @parenting

1/10 Three Areas Where Having The Innovator’s Mindset is Crucial – Do you have this mindset? @gcouros @dougpete @flipboard

1/9 Getting the Most Out of Your District Technology Support Staff – Be sure to share with your tech staff. @tatumomari @education_com @EdSurge

1/8 Teaching With Technology or Traditionally? The Key is to Balance the Way Out. @14priyankagupta @etr_in

1/8 The Lies We Tell Pregnant Women – This is good for parents and educators as it deals with sex in general with sex education advice. @SexProfSofia

1/8 I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems. One more nail in the testing coffin? Let’s hope. @saraholbrook @HuffingtonPost @wfryer @techsavvyteach

1/5 Seven Reasons ‘Classroom Leadership’ Is Better Than ‘Classroom Management1 – @DavidGeurin @MrSchoenbart @tomwhitby

1/5 The School Library as Change Agent – What is your library doing to change things up? @k12blueprint @techlearning @LynneOakvik

1/4 Donald Trump and K-12 Education: Five Things to Watch in 2017. Can things get any worse? @PoliticsK12 @AndrewUjifusa @educationweek.

1/4 Why Some Companies Are Trying to Hire More People on the Autism Spectrum – Share with parents of autistic kids you know. @bourreelam @TheAtlantic @beccaleech @AutAdsNAction

1/4 Eight Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone With Asperger’s Syndrome – This all makes sense to me based on my experience. Share with employers you know. @sara_mcguire @lifehackorg @anitrabutler @DrBillChen

1/3 Is the emphasis in your school on punishment and compliance or autonomy and dignity? What’s your answer? @mcleod @millielikesthis @alicekeeler

1/3 Five cloud predictions for 2017 – This is important for schools and teachers too. @JohnPEaston @IBM @johntomlinsonuk @developerWorks

1/2 The Smell Test: Educators can counter fake news with information literacy. Here’s how. Where does your school teach this? @sljournal @OohShiny_Sarah

1/2 Three ‘Simple’ Ideas Every Educator Should Work On In 2017 – All educators should review these. @PeterMDewitt @edweek @CorwinPress

1/1/2017 How Massachusetts Built a World-Class School System – Looks like Massachusetts is the closest thing in the US to Finland. What is your state doing? @CtrEdEcon @educationweek

1/1 Why Social and Emotional Skills Are Vital to Keep At-Risk Students on Track – Does your school address this? @LShallcross @MindShiftKQED @mcguirp @SchoolLeadNow

1/1 Ten CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires. It might be fun to share some of these with high school and college students. @jkaraian @qz @justintarte

1/1 Ten Great Apps to Promote Kindness in the Classroom – Have ten teachers each check one out and report back. @Jlsander07 @Getting_Smart @wsoeldner

12/31 Arkansas schools hire untrained teachers as people lose interest in the profession.

12/31 The corporate/political class thinks we have too many bad teachers when the fact is we don’t have enough. @iamDrWill @hechingerreport

12/31 The arts help kids with math, critical thinking – I hope your school isn’t cutting back on the arts. @MotherNatureNet @CopywriterCorey @Gregbagby @E_Sheninger

12/31 How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture – Does your school need this or does it already have it? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @Gregbagby @web20classroom

12/31 Speak Up, Speak Out! The Student Voices That Stirred Higher Ed in 2016 – Let students you know that there is a January 9, 2017 application deadline. @amdulin @EdSurge

12/30 Design Thinking and PBL – These are hot topics in the literature. Are you hip to them? @brholland @JohnsHopkinsEdD @Edutopia @DavidGeurin @MindShiftKQED

12/30 Four Non-Negotiables for Schools – Does this happen uniformly at your school? @gcouros @kkidsinvt

12/30 Five Ways to Amplify the Voices of our Introverts – With discussions online students can’t hide. I’ve seen this in action. @MsVenturino @sarahdateechur

12/29 The Five Obstacles You Must Overcome As a Tech-Savvy Educator – Can you guess what they are? @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

12/28 Toddlers and Touchscreens: What Does the Research Actually Say? The no screens before two sounds good to me. @MarnieKaplan @bellwethered @LarryCuban

12/28 Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students – Who doesn’t want more motivated students? @cultofpedagogy @MrMartinRundle

12/27 Music training speeds up brain development in children. Are your kids taking music lessons? @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

12/27 Ten Things that Immediately Happen when Real Leadership Shows Up – Is there real leadership in your school/organization? @BenjaminPHardy @Medium

12/26 Building a Maker and Design Culture Within Schools = Here are ways one superintendent found to be particularly impactful. It will hopefully inspire both your staff and students. @Glennr1809 @MakerEdOrg @Tastenspieler

12/24 12 Classroom Budgeting Tips for New Teachers – Veteran teachers should check this out as well. @edmodo

12/24 Why Our Coercive System of Schooling Should Topple How coercive is your school? @PsychToday @E_Sheninger

12/24 Bring Excitement Into Any Lesson. – Increase student engagement with these 10 techniques. @RewardingEdu @edutopia @MissGEnrique @lohynova

12/23 Four Ways to Help Students Drive Their Own Learning – This will help move teachers to the passenger seat. @markbarnes19

12/23 Five Ways Design and Making Can Help Science Education Come Alive – Design is an artistic endeavor that values the creative and human-centered application of math, science, and technology. @MindShiftKQED @ChristaFlores15 @CalliWelsch

12/23 Ten Ways to Flip a Kid and Turn Their Day Around – Please share your ideas like I did on this topic in the comments. Let’s get this kid flipping conversation going! @coolcatteacher @v_lees

12/22 What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you. A few more clicks can reveal potential bias of what they find. @chrisberdik @hechingerreport @jwchilders88

12/22 Why Teachers Say Practicing Mindfulness Is Transforming The Work. Teaching is inherently a stressful occupation, and by many accounts, it’s getting more so. This may help. @MindShiftKQED @anya1anya @mattscully

12/22 The four essentials of a successful Genius Hour – If you are doing genius hour or considering it, here is some good advice. @jillbad @eschoolnews

12/21 Visualizing 21st-Century Classroom Design – How does your school measure up? @mary_teaching @mraspinall

12/21 Helping Parents Support Students at the Kitchen Table – This is great advice for parents from top blogger and teacher Starr Sackstein. @mssackstein @edweekteacher @TeachFromHere

12/20 New study shows variety in teachers’ influences on kids’ futures, and how poorly we measure that. Principals should read this. @merkolodner @hechingerreport @KrisGiere @AngelaMaiers

12/20 Teaching Information Literacy Now – How is this handled at your school? @LibrarianMsG @sljournal @DrKMattson

12/20 Enhance Project-Based Learned With These Ten Powerful Tools Have ten teachers each check one out and report back. @mraspinall @bloglovin

1220 Which programming languages are most popular (and what does that even mean)? Deciding which language to learn or teach is confusing. This should help. @DavidGewirtz @ZDNet

12/18 “I Wonder” Questions: Harnessing the Power of Inquiry. Do teachers you know ask ‘I Wonder’ questions? @EdTechAmber @JenWilliamsEdu @edutopia

12/18 Making the Shift from Classroom Management to Classroom Ownership – There is sound advice here for leaders, teachers, and parents. @RACzyz @sstorm01

12/18 How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution This is a short [12:xx] Ted Talk by Wired guru Kevin Kelly. @kevin2kelly @wired @TEDTalks

12/17 Talking Math: 100 Questions That Help Promote Mathematical Discourse – Be sure to share with math teachers you know. @Getting_Smart @wterral @MarzanoResearch

12/17 Carol Dweck Explains The ‘False’ Growth Mindset That Worries Her. Carol Dweck has become the closest thing to an education celebrity because of her work on growth mindset. See my summary of her Mindset book here. @mindsetworks @MindShiftKQED

12/17 Eight teacher-loved edtech tools to try in 2017 – Get eight teachers to each try one and report back. @eschoolnews

12/16 It’s official, teachers must relax over Christmas to avoid burnout. Share with any teachers you know. @sloumarsh @clcsimon @AlwaysComputing

12/16 Sara Frater’s Flipped 1st Grade – You don’t need to wait until secondary school to flip your classes. @Buncee @mrssara88

12/15 Teacher Classroom Observations Are a Waste of Money, Economist Argues. Are they a waste of time at your school? @emmanuelfelton @educationweek

12/15 Could robots be marking your homework? Robots should do what they can do to free teachers up for more individual help. @seanjcoughlan @BBC @josepicardoSHS @domnorrish @donaldclark

12/15 How To Ensure Students Are Actively Engaged and Not Just Compliant – Are your students really engaged? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @JulieHiltz

12/15 What a School District Designed for Computational Thinking Looks Like – Does your district look anything like this? @chrisberdik @MindShiftKQED @sjgorman

12/14 Six Ways to Empower Teenage Girls’ Sexuality – Parents of young girls should read this. Is it time for female masturbation to be on the sex education curriculum? @RallyCrier @peggyorenstein @HuffPostWomen

12/14 Good News for Teachers: Exercise Builds Brain Power, Too. Do your students understand this? @BrainSMARTU @edutopia @shannonmmiller

12/11 Maybe Instead of Finland, We Should Be More Like Massachusetts? Other states should look at this. @TeachFromHere @PeterMDeWitt

12/11 Seven Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break – What are your teachers doing before breaks? @spencerideas @21stCenEducator @c0nvey

12/10 Enliven Class Discussions With Gallery Walks – There are some good ideas here. @WordLib @edutopia

12/10 10 Strategies for Enabling Lifelong Learners in Your Classrooms – See how many you already do. @glodigcit @TeachFromHere @SJR_JimKeefe

12/10 The Seven Steps to Becoming a 21st Century School or District – How many are happening in your school? @kenkay21 @edutopia @pammoran @Braithwaite_ASD

12/10 Betsy DeVos Helped Create Michigan’s Charter Sector. Here’s How It’s Doing. This seems pretty objective. @AriannaProthero @educationweek @BenjaminBHerold @ChartersNChoice

12/9 Teaching in the machine age: How innovation can make bad teachers good and good teachers better. @ArnettTom @ChristensenInst

12/9 One-to-One Computing Drives Growth in the Education Technology Market. Has your school got a 1:1 program? @MDMeg @EdTech_K12

12/9 Embracing Failure: Building a Growth Mindset Through the Arts – What’s the status of groth mindset teaching at your school? @NMschoolforArts @edutopia @avafruin

12/9 Genius Hour Meets Design Thinking – Are either happening at your school? @MissHesslein @MrSchoenbart

12/7 A Blueprint for Successful Arts Education – Arts education has suffered from years of neglect and decline in our schools to make room for tested subjects. @LPerille @EdVestors @educationweek

12/7 Four Videos That Inspire Perseverance – Share these amazing stories with your kids. @aaron_hogan @schug_dennis

12/7 Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities – How many happen in classrooms you know? @npinojames @edutopia @getwhatugive

12/6 Five Myths Working Against Character Education in Our Schools – What is your school doing with character education. @SELinSchools @edutopia @getwhatugive

12/6 Seven Step to Starting a Coding Club at Your School – Does your school have one? @Lynch39083 @mwniehoff @AdvocateforEd

12/4 Doing Just One Creative Task Each Day Will Make You Happier. Your talent, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with it. Priscilla FrankVerified account @badgirlpripri @HuffPostArts @JeremyDBond

12/4 Four Ways to Get Your School Future-Ready – Make sure your district is geared up for what’s next in education by collaborating to build a strong infrastructure. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @EdCircuit @ediazsan

12/4 Five Team Building Games That Can Teach Critical Thinking Skills – These could be done as part of an after-school program. @glodigcit

12/3 How much teacher autonomy is healthy? My guess is that with the current reforms most teachers don’t have enough. @headguruteacher @allison_fuisz @callmemrmorris @cherandpete @teachmrj @noasbobs @CoyneDcoy

12/3 What Makes a Master Teacher – Have you and teachers you know got what it takes? @gcouros @LeeAraoz

12/2 Why Trump’s Education Pick Scares Unions – This could bre a good class discussion topic. @JasonRileyWDRB @WSJ @BetsyDeVos @rweingarten @millermarinellc

12/2 These 10 Employee Skills Will Soon Be In Huge Demand – How many are dealt with at your school? @larrykim @TheMissionT @MarshaCollier

12/2 Four Things We Need to Always Remember in Education – Can you guess what they are? @gcouros @mikeroberts1973

12/2 Genius Hour – Looking Back to Move Forward – Is anyone at your school doing genius hour? @mraspinall @MsCrawford101

12/1/16 How Internship Program Can Help Students in Career Building? Getting the right kind of internship(s) can make a big difference. @e_rajasthan @kdeep39

12/1 How to Make Sure You Don’t Raise a “Mean Girl” Twelve years after the release of that cult classic, a child psychologist says teen girls are exhibiting crueler behavior than ever before. @gracie_je @springstus @james_minter @micheleborba

11/30 Three Ways That Projects are Better Than Tests. Can you guess what they are? @JasperFoxSR @JasperFoxSR

11/30 Teaching With Technology or Traditionally? The Key is to Balance the Way Out. What’s happening in your classroom? @14priyankagupta @etr_in @MissGEnrique

11/30 Technology and Graduation Rate: A Direct Correlation – Educational technology is needed for a variety of reasons. It provides an alternative method of learning for those who struggle to learn using traditional methods. @Lynch39083 @MarkFraver @edvocatepd

11/30 When Finnish Teachers Work in America’s Public Schools – There are more restrictions to professional freedom in the United States, and the educators find the school day overly rigid. @timdwalk @TheAtlantic @Larryferlazzo

11/29 Here’s what you need to know about Betsy DeVos, likely Education Secretary – The big rub for teacher unions is her support for charter schools and vouchers. What do your students think? @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

11/29 The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – How many are included in your school’s curriculum? @wef @SimonCocking @simonlporter

11/29 How to avoid group think and achieve the wisdom of the crowd – Is your school achieving group genius? @prismdecision

11/28 How do you spot a ‘coasting’ teacher and how can you support them? Every school probably has some. Here is some help. @TeacherToolkit @joevans @MistaB10

11/28 Eight Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom – How many does your classroom feature? @gcouros @TweetinChar

11/28 Five Ways Teachers Can Impact School Culture – Don’t let your school just happen without your efforts. @SteeleThoughts @schug_dennis @ToddWhitaker

11/28 The Push to Diversify Gifted-and-Talented Programs – You can do this by saving seats for poor kids. Should you? @cveiga @jeff_shoemaker @JonathanPlucker @nagcgifted @donnayford @drjlmooreIII

11/26 Five Practices Successful Schools Have in Common – How many are happening in your school? @epatnoudes @daveandcori @EdTech_K12 @NoApp4Pedagogy

11/26 Five Innovative Ways To Create Positive Classroom Culture – These tips come from a middle school teacher but should work in high school. @GibsonEdu @edutopia @jon_wennstrom

11/24 How eLearning Gamification Can Help You Enhance Problem Solving Skills – Gamification involves traditional eLearning elements and engaging game mechanics, such as badges and leaderboards. @cpappas @elearnindustry @TweetinChar @eLearngraphic

12/24 Six Ways To Use Mistake-Driven Learning – Here is how to use mistake-driven learning by building mistakes purposefully into your courses and leverage them for teaching. @vidyakumar @elearnindustry

11/24 Five Innovative Ways To Create Positive Classroom Culture – This is an importnt concept. How is the clture in classrooms you know? @GibsonEdu @edutopia @jon_wennstrom

11/23 South Korea’s Testing FixationMost teachers emphasize that if we fail the Suneung test, the rest of our lives would be failure. People pushing testing here should read this. @anna_m_diamond @TheAtlantic @pasi_sahlberg

11/23 Competency-based education can better inform parents, students, and teachers. Competency-based systems create a more transparent, complete, and accurate, picture of student achievement. @CarriSchneider @nacol

11/23 Ten Easy Ways to Energize Your Classroom Tomorrow: Your Students Will Love It and So Will You. You probably already so some of this but perhaps not all. @CathyNDavidson @HASTAC

11/22 Are outdated computers reverting students to a prehistoric era? What’s the situation at your school? @eschoolnews

11/22 Eight Flipped Classroom Benefits For Students And Teachers – Flipping the classroom is a win-win situation for both students and teachers. @LiviaMihai @elearnindustry @Begabungs @MissGEnrique

11/22 Ten Things That Happen When Students Engage in Design Thinking – How much design thinking is going on at your school? @spencerideas @gcouros @LeonardoEffect

11/22 Trading in Traditional Notebooks for Multimedia Blogs – This sounds like a good idea to me. @Catlin_Tucker @alysoncarp1

11/20 Why pushing creativity out of classrooms will stop children succeeding in the 21st century – How creative are classrooms you know? @guardian @RobinEwing @MJasonHouck

11/20 Growth Mindset: Clearing up Some Common Confusions It leads people to take on challenges, persevere in the face of setbacks, and become more effective learners. @ebriceno8 @MindShiftKQED @fastcranny @JeffHiserBL

11/19 The Common Core State Standards allow for teaching digital literacy, but they don’t make a big push for it. Who wants to be common? @LianaHeitin @educationweek

11/19 Building A Tinkering Mindset In Young Students Through Making – What are your kids making. @MindShiftKQED @rechargeedu

11/17 Lets face it, keeping children sedentary for most of their waking hours is causing harm. Does your kid wear a pedometer? They probably should. @valeriestrauss @jarowell @sierraclub @washingtonpost

11/17 What do Students Lose by Being Perfect? Valuable Failure! Is failure built into your kid’s life? @HKorbey @MindShiftKQED @jwchilders88

11/16 Here’s how homeschooling is changing in America. Recent reforms and their negative impact have caused an increase. @Lynch39083 @edvocatepd @MarkFraver

11/16 Strategies to Help Struggling Writers – Are your students writing well and enjoying it? @RusulAlrubail @edutopia

11/16 No, Finland isn’t ditching traditional school subjects. Here’s what’s really happening. @pasi_sahlberg @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost

11/15 Building bridges: How to share research about children and youth with policymakers – Do what you can to influence policy makers you know. @ChildTrends @juandoming @FrancescPedroED

11/15 Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students – This should help any teacher. @cultofpedagogy @ShiftParadigm

11/15 Students who do nothing but study may struggle to get a job. Share with students you know. @ConversationUS @ConversationUK @jimamay @mentoringminds

11/15 College and career plans hatch in kindergarten – Superintendent deploys projects and technology so students graduate with long-term goals. @klacey11 @DA_magazine @Zalaznick @DefinedSTEM

11/14 Battling Status Quo in Schools – This is an important post. What does your school do? @bethhill2829 @mr_aylen

11/14 Cognitive bias cheat sheet – I suggest that you scan the stuff in bold and read the summary points at the end first. This should work for middle school and up. @buster @PostFilm

11/14 Five Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students – Do teachers you know ask these questions. @WordLib @edutopia @tamaslorincz @aaron_hogan

11/12 Gamifying Our STEM Lab. Leveling Up With Challenges, Digital Badges, Display Pages & More! Check out the crowdsourced Gamification padlet at the end of this post too! @LeeAraoz @KarlyMoura

11/12 Teaching Shakespeare With 21st-Century Technology – I know he is a dead white male but his work is so cool. Share with English teachers you know. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

11/12 Growth Mindset: Five Questions to help determine if your school (classroom or district) is aligned with a growth mindset – How does your school measure up? @Bcudly

11/11 The Role of Metacognition in Learning and Achievement – How much of this goes on in your school? @MayaBialik @MindShiftKQED @bashaierk @Mohhsa1

11/11 The Terra Foundation Does Some Cool Things to Support Education. I attended their November 10 conference in Syracuse and had a great time and two meals for $50. @TerraSci

11/10 The 1 Common Mistake That Will Tank Your Presentation – Stories can be powerful. Consider starting with one. @larrykim @Inc

11/10 How Adding Math to a Child’s Home Routine Can Advance Achievement – How much math do you have at home? @Ericnpr @NPR @MindShiftKQED @Begabungs

11/10 Our research shows that when students work on projects, they learn more. I think so too. Do you? @eschoolnews @kerryspeziale @byronmccook @KMLetwinsky

11/9 Five Steps to Implementing Game-Based Learning in the Classroom [+ Game Examples & Downloadable Guide] – Games are powerful learning tools. What’s happening in your school? @JustAGuido @ProdigyGame @Tastenspieler @ShellTerrell

11/9 21 Simple Ways to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning Throughout the Day – This is good advice for all teachers. @weareteachers @eliza990011 @EDUcre8ive @KMarkPet

11/7 Find your own Finland. The US may not be Finland, but we can learn from the Finns. @MichaelFullan1 @ShakeUpLearning

11/7 Pupils perform better after breakfast clubs whether or not they eat anything. What is the breakfast program at your school? @adibloom_tes @tes @Classcharts

11/7 Seven Characteristics of Great Professional Development – Does your professional development measure up? @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD

11/7 Teachers Stop Marking It’s time to remove the pain and look at reasons why teachers should work towards an almost marking-free life. @EduWells

11/6 10 Ways to Rethink Your Project Based Learning Directions #HackingPBL Ross Cooper is someone you need to follow. @RossCoops31

11/6 What Happens When We Shield Kids from Boredom? When we offer kids endless entertainment and activities, do we end up stifling their imaginations? @tbelton1 @MindfulOnline @pomdr @surreallyno

11/6 Six Powerful Strategies For Deeper Learning In Your Classroom – How many do you use? @teachthought @mimg1225 @birtchd

11/4 How To Raise Brilliant Children, According To Science – This is a book that parents should consider. @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED @maureencici

11/4 Seven Traits of Effective Teachers – Can you guess what they are? @TeacherToolkit @AllAboutTHEPACT

11/4 Ten Essential Characteristics of a 21st Century Educator – Time to guess again. @gcouros @focus2achieve @DavidGeurin

11/4 How A Happy School Can Help Students Succeed – How happy is your school? Some of this works better in smaller schools. @lilkat_bigworld @NPR_Ed @MedillSchool @AllAboutTHEPACT @SchoolLeadNow

11/2 Why A School’s Master Schedule Is A Powerful Enabler of Change There are some good ideas here once you get past the introduction. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @ShakeUpLearning

11/2 The 2016 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs – I use most of these people to populate my Net Nuggets effort. @DFrank @KerryHawk02 @EdTech_K12

11/2 How Arts Education Teaches Kids to Learn From Failure – Everyone starts with bad work and fails to get better. Try to apply this to other disciplines. Be sure to watch the short [5:25] video. @MindShiftKQED @edutopia @ArtDesign_pro

11/1/16 Genius Hour Tips From Mr. C – If you haven’t tried this yet you should. Be sure to watch the short video. @cherandpete @ICTmagic

11/1 What Happens When We Fire All The Bad Teachers? This is an excellent opinion piece. Give to any policy maker you know. @TammysTeachings @EdCircuit

10/31 Growing number of elementary schools now homework-free. What’s happening in your school district? @MrsYoung2nd @CBSNews @csratliff

10/31 Shoot, I Did It Again: Three More Ways to Implement Video in Professional Learning – How are you using video with your students? @MrGeller @edthena @EdSurge

10/31 Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development? Should every teacher have their own PD Plan? @PaulineZd @edutopia @tedfujimoto

10/30 Go Formative – See what every student in your class is doing at the same time. @goformative

10/30 Why Growth Mindset Isn’t Working in Schools…Yet – Yet only 50% of teachers surveyed said they have adequate solutions and strategies to shift mindset. @rupa_c_g @EdSurge @flipboard @dougpete

10/30 Pitfalls to Avoid for Effective Group Work – All teachers should check this out. @edmentum @maestradelarte @educasic

10/30 Eight Essential Questions for Planning Personal Learning Experiences – More and more, however, we are beginning to realize the value and provide opportunities for students to learn at their own pace and have personal pathways in their learning journey. @E_Sheninger @KatieMTLC

10/27 Designing With Teens:Five approaches you can use to unpack tough topics with teenagers – @mbredouw

10/27 How Minecraft unlocks creativity and collaboration in classrooms – Microsoft’s smash sandbox is expanding to more schools, and teachers claim real benefits. @ahaywa @sjgorman @macworld

10/27 High schools create career connections. Districts team up with local industry to supply skills students need to succeed in the workforce. What is your district doing? @cristcarolyn @DA_magazine @Zalaznick @Eduporium

10/27 Removing Boundaries Between Subjects – This is a trend world-wide. What are you doing? @cherietanjy @Medium @shamsensei

10/25 5 Amazing Ways Productive People Master Their Time – How many do you do? @larrykim @TheMissionT @Medium

10/24 Technology does not equal innovation, but using technology is often crucial to innovation. Having it and using it well can be two different things. @gcouros

10/24 Surviving Group Projects – Here is advice for teachers and parents. @carlameyrink @theteachingexp @Mr_B_Teacher

10/24 5-Minute Film Festival: 7 Video Writing Prompts for Young Authors – How many teachers in your school do video projects? @VideoAmy @englishteach8 @edutopia

10/24 STEM Inspired vacations – There is no reason that you can’t work some STEM into your kids’ next vacation. @Makebestcrafts @karen_dawkins

10/23 What Do You Do When a Kid Says “I Hate Reading? These are also good tips for kids who don’t hate reading. @WeAreTeachers @Dista11

10/13 A Parent’s Guide to Playing Minecraft With Your Kids – If you haven’t tried Minecraft yet you probably should. @BethSkw @lifehacker @itsmeSpiri @MGrundel

10/23 Mastery Learning: Saying goodbye to traditional grading – A mastery and standards-based style of grading has changed not only my end result, but my overall pedagogy in unexpected ways. @knowledgeworks @EdPersonalized @MarysvilleECHS

10/22 Three Ways to Foster Healthy Reading Habits in Young Children – How many to parents in your school do? @ksantanabanks @HelloParentCo @pragmaticmom @MCChildsBookDay

10/22 Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners. Is any of this happening in your school? @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @Jscognam

10/21 Ring Their Bells: A New Way to Deliver Bell Work – Start class with bell work that engages working memory and sets the tone for positive, productive learning. @AZHSPRIN @edutopia

10/21 How to Spark Curiosity in Children Through Embracing Uncertainty – Many teachers are adverse to dealing with uncertainty. @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED @focus2achieve @lizdavis2

10/20 Teachers as Writers: You Can’t Teach Swimming from the Side of the Pool. What are your writing teachers writing? @ruswalsh @DianeRavitch @lapham_katie

10/20 20 Tips to Help De-escalate Interactions With Anxious or Defiant Students – Share this with any teachers you know. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @tee62

10/20 Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign – Any redisign going on at your school? @TopDogTeaching @edutopia @benjamingilpin

10/19 Finding the Education in Educational Technology with Early Learners – Adult guidance for children using computers is associated with increases in abstract reasoning, planning behavior, visual-motor coordination, and visual memory. @DrLDMcManis @NAEYC

10/19 The Science of Effective Learning Spaces – A neuroscientist explains how factors such as light and seating arrangements can affect students’ cognitive performance. @neuromelina @edutopia

10/18 Do you need fresh ideas for PBL? We’ve got some for you. PBL is a hot topic but not super easy to plan for. Here is some help. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

10/18 Teaching Growth Mindset with 10 Growth Mindset Statements via Silvia Duckworth – This is something all techers should address. @sylviaduckworth @coolcatteacher

10/17 An Educational Debate: 10 Progressive vs. Traditional Teaching Ideas – What’s happening in your school? @mraspinall

10/17 Is it important to you for your students to LIKE you? What do you and your students think? @edgeblogger @manders416

10/17 Beyond the Genius Bar: Cultivating Leadership With a Student-Led Tech Team. Is your school tapping student expertise for tech support? @llbusch @EdSurge

10/17 Schools are finally teaching what kids need to be successful in life. Is your school doing this? @jandersonQZ @qz @MsAmberChandler @SEL4MA

10/14 13 Common Sayings to Avoid – How many have you used in the past? @edutopia @Ruthie2U

10/14 Three Ways to a More Equitable Classroom – This is not just for teachers who teach in schools where equity is a tangible priority. @callmemrmorris @ellication

10/14 How One Weird Finding Changed My Perspective on Grades. Students who showed the most growth were those who received comments alone without grades. @hhschiaravalli @dylanwiliam @Ericlowe21

10/13 Seven tips for choosing professional development programs – Does your school do any of this? @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

10/13 WHAT IF… Home ‘work’ Looked Like This? Do your kids do this when they get home? @cherandpete @jodiforeman @SteeleThoughts @burgess_shelley @rickwormeli2 @jlonneville

10/13 Why We Should Not Lead with Fear in Education – Any fear in your school? @cgouros

10/12 Design Thinking and the Deskless Classroom – Increasing student engagement by taking the leap into a deskless classroom requires an introduction to design thinking and administration support. @evans306 @edutopia

10/12 Growth Mindset: Clearing up Some Common Confusions. This is a hot topic. If you aren’t up to speed this will help. @ebriceno8 @MindShiftKQED @sjctex @JeffHiserBL

10/12 One-to-One Computing Drives Growth in the Education Technology Market. It seems like it’s just a matter of time until every student has a device. What’s your school doing? @MDMeg @EdTech_K12

10/12 Ten Creative Ways to Use Interactive White Boards in the Classroom – How many do your already do? @clsngr

10/11 Three Instructional Routines to Enhance Engagement @MurphysMusings5 @jamessturtevant

10/11 Four Facts You Should Know About Gameifying K-12 Classrooms – Can you guess what they are? @tweenteacher @Lynch39083

10/11 Six Steps to Media Creation in the Classroom – Many think this is a key skill students should leave school with. @Mr_Sondgeroth @DailyGenius @sjgorman @BookCreatorApp

10/9 Seven Steps to Becoming a Data-Driven School – I’m not sure I want to work in a data-driven school. Please see my comment. @edutopia @NMschoolforArts @thinkm2

10/9 Why We Need Empathy in the Classroom – How much empathy exists in classrooms you know? @glodigcit @TheHomeworkDog @ZeinaChalich

10/8 Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign – What do the classrooms in your school look like? @TopDogTeaching @edutopia

10/8 Nine Ways to Upgrade Professional Learning in Your District – How many are happening where you work or where your kids go to school? @thomascmurray @dolanreads

10/8 Seven tips for helping students develop emotional intelligence – Any teacher can use this advice. @isteconnects @JenniferSMMXVI @dalston411

10/7 Shouldn’t All Students Be Able to Participate in Gifted Programs? A principal picks up on an article I did for Education Week on this subject. Here is the link to my original post. Note that there were also negative comments. @POsroff @DrDougGreen @mssackstein @educationweek

10/7 If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You Won’t Learn Anything. How uncomfortable do you get? @andymolinsky @HarvardBiz @SujataBhatt

10/7 I made my classroom look like the real-world—and test scores soared. How real is your classroom? @eschoolnews

10/6 Assessment Matters: Constructing Model State Systems to Replace Testing Overkill. This report describes how states can overhaul their assessment systems under the Innovative Assessment pilot program in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). @FairTestOffice

10/6 New Teachers: Technology-Integration Basics – Some not so new teacher should probably read this too. @edutopia @ShellTerrell

10/6 Why I Threw Away My Rubrics – One professor stopped using hers when she was judged by one. @bullshit_ist @morgetron

10/5 American Schools are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist. @daveswords @WIRED @tedfujimoto

10/5 Three Ways to Be Less Boring – There is good advice here. Do your teachers do this? @eckertjon @edutopia @cdsmeaton

10/5 Does the classroom of the future look more like a coffee shop? @SuzanneTobias @kansasdotcom @eschoolnews

10/5 Ten Simple Ways to Promote Staff Collaboration in your School – How many are happening at your school? @EoinLenihan @bashaierk

10/2 Test Takers Continue to Face Challenges When Using Some Technology. There are issues that people pushing these test didn’t expect. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

10/2 Genius Hour And Design Thinking Sketchnote Resources – If you are thinking of trying genius hour here are some ideas you can use. @ICTEvangelist @grahamandre

10/2 Bill That Would Make Revenge Porn Federal Crime To Be Introduced. This makes sense to me. @TracyClarkFlory @vocativ

10/2 Pedal power boosts North Carolina pupils’ performance – Try this with your ADHD kids. @BBCNewsUS @justintarte @nckhui

10/1 Apple Teacher Program: Self-Paced Learning and Badges – This could change the way your school does professional development. @ClassTechTips @bradmcurrie

10/1 Why Teachers Make Some of the Best Entrepreneurs – It helps that they didn’t do it for the money. @RobynDShulman @HuffingtonPost @JMcCarthyEdS @gailabbitt

10/1 How ‘Deprogramming’ Kids From How to ‘Do School’ Could Improve Learning. Tell students to show you they’d learned the material, no matter how long it takes. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @thinkm2

9/30 Is it getting hot in here? If so, you’re less likely to pass a high-stakes test. How hot is it when you give high-stakes tests? @sarahdarv @ChalkbeatNY

9/30 What Do Teachers Need to Truly Challenge Every Kid in the Classroom? Do some kids in your class ready for the next grade? @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED @LavoieFred @uoitmed

9/30 The future of: “Sit down, Shut up, and Memorize This.” What motivates students is mastery, autonomy, and purpose. Is this happening in your school? Be sure to watch the TED Talk by Dan Pink linked here. @DonWettrick @alicekeeler @sjgorman

9/30 Research Finds The Effects Of Homework On Elementary School Students. This supports what I have seen from other sources. @mariaonzain @lifehackorg @FindTeacherJobs

9/29 Teaching Calculus, the Beautiful Language of Change. There are lots of fine resources here for math teachers and students. @MITOCW @jarowell

9/29Ten Motivational Posters for Your Classroom – I bet most teachers can use one or more of these. @daniellesigmon @edutopia @DavidGeurin

9/28 SAT Results 2016: It’s Complicated – Comparing old and new is confounded by a large increase in test takers. @cgewertz @educationweek

9/28 Seven Reasons Why You Should Adopt eLearning For Your Kids – How much eLearning are your kids doing? @elearnindustry @thinkm2

9/28 The Overselling of Ed Tech – Alfie Kohn sees a middle road between no tech and too much tech. @alfiekohn @bonniebird @betavt

9/27 Eight Things the World Must Understand About Gifted Children – I’ve worked with many highly gifted children and this makes sense to me. @CeliCeliC @melstrum333

9/27 Why do teachers implement personalized learning? Because it is the right thing to do. @knowledgeworks @DrBody4Life

9/27 What does a flipped classroom look like at each grade level? I’m a big fan of flipping, but it will look different depending on age and subject. @chemicalsams @JustinAglio @flippedlearning @eschoolnews

9/26 Three More Critical Questions For the Innovative Educator – Anytime you are trying to innovate you need to ask these questions. @mcleod @conprin

9/26 The Eight Basic Steps Of Project-Based Learning To Get You Started – Consider printing and posting this graphic. @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD @thomascmurray @web20classroom

9/26 In Absence of Qualified Teacher, Maine High School Turns to Software Program. With teacher shortages we may see more of this. @madeline_will @EdWeekTeacher

9/26 Why VR matters, especially in rural and poor schools – All children benefit from new experiences which expand their mental map of the world, but the need is especially acute for children from low-income families. @jencarolan @nick_chater

9/25 Crafting Professional Development for Maker Educators – Professional development for maker educators should introduce the materials and methods involved so that the teachers understand what students can learn from making. @gravescolleen @TeachFromHere @edutopia

9/25 Three Small Steps Toward Creating a Flexible Classroom – How flexible is your classroom? @MsAmberChandler @getting_smart @DavidFifeVP

9/24 Why Can’t Teachers Cross State Lines? Why can’t congress fix this? Our current teacher shortage begs for action. @educationweek

9/23 Cameras in Special Ed. Classrooms a Complex Issue. – A texas law requires cameras to be installed in self-contained special education classrooms at parent or teacher request. Is this a good idea? @OnSpecEd @BreggsR @educationweek

9/23 How One Weird Finding Changed My Perspective on Grades. Students who showed the most growth were those who received comments alone, not grades. @hhschiaravalli @Medium

9/23 Why and How Should Educators Embrace Media Literacy in Classroom – What is the role of media literacy in your classroom? @14priyankagupta @etr_in

9/22 Update on Michigan’s Third-Grade Retention Bill – This is yet another insane piece of legislation from the corporate/political class. If you live there try to stop it. @nckrieger @fixthemitten @colonelb

9/22 Ten Things That Happen When Kids Embrace Design Thinking. Giving students control over the content seems to be key. @spencerideas @jackiegerstein

9/22 Despite warnings, College Board redesigned SAT in way that may hurt neediest students. Looks like one more example of the rich getting richer thanks to the test makers. @Renee_Dudley @Reuters @OfficialSAT

9/22 Crafting Professional Development for Maker Educators – This should introduce the materials and methods involved so that the teachers understand what students can learn from making. @gravescolleen @ryan_library @edutopia @TeachFromHere

9/21 Future Proof Your Students by Embracing the Arts – This is some important from my point of view. @eduWells @EdTechFam

9/21 Our misguided effort to close the achievement gap is creating a new inequality: The ‘play’ gap. What’s happening at your school and in your home? @valeriestrauss @thinkm2 @BadassTeachersA

9/20 Learning Strokes – This starts out with a funny golf joke which Mark Weston deftly applies to teaching and learning. You won’t forget it. @ShiftParadigm

9/20 Microsoft Weaponizes Minecraft in the War Over Classrooms – using Minecraft to vie for kids’ brain space and schools’ dollars. Many educators already use Minecraft. What is your school doing? @jeremyhsu @ToscaKilloran @Medium @kjarrett

9/20 These high schools let your kid can get a head start on college for free. Kids take real college courses rather than AP courses. @nypost

9/20 Why making, coding, and online learning are the real trends to watch. – Future learners will engage with robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and wearable tech that could explode into classrooms in as little as four to five years. @STEPHENOONOO @eschoolnews @dougpete

9/18 Ten Quick Tricks to Spot When Someone Is Lying – All parents and teachers should read this. @LollyDaskal @Inc

9/18 Homework is wrecking our kids. The research is clear, let’s ban elementary homework. What is your school district doing? @HeatherShumaker @Salon @Romdhanifaten @Hubert_edu @davecormier

9/18 Long Island School District Doubles Recess Time For K-5, Should Other Districts Follow? What is your district doing? So far 93% agree. Take the poll. @rpb @SachemPatch @MikeHynes5

9/18 Four Ways Teachers Change Their Students’ Lives – I believe there are way fewer bad teachers than the corporate/political class does. @KaraMasterson @teachercast @DawnStansbury1

9/17 Nine Good Sources of Digital Textbook to Use in Your Teaching – These are websites that provide access to a wide range of free and premium e-Textbooks and educational resources. @medkh9

9/17 Applying Mindfulness to Mundane Classroom Tasks – This is definitely worth a try. @edutopia @shantignr8tion @Romdhanifaten

9/16 A Fun Way to Help Special Needs Students Feel Valued By School Community – What is your school doing about this? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED

9/16 Analysis Projects Growing National Shortfall of Teachers. This is scary as stupid reforms are chasing young people away from the profession. @madeline_will @EdWeekTeacher @educationweek

9/15 Why Punishment Won’t Stop a Bully. Alfie Kohn doesn’t think that punishment makes a school safer. What your you/your students think? @alfiekohn @educationweek

9/15 Don’t Leave Learning Up to Chance: Framing and Reflection – It’s crucial that teachers not only focus on the materials and tools of a maker activity but also carefully frame it and reflect upon it to make sure learning happens. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @wsoeldner

9/15 Hey teachers, please stop using behavior charts. Here’s why. Are teachers are your school still using them? @WendyRussell @NewsHour @PamShaw23

9/15 Use Subtle Cues to Encourage Better Meetings – All leaders should read this. @HarvardBiz @BruceWellman

9/13 Steve Jobs Talks About The Courage To Remove Outdated Tech In Oddly Prescient Video – If you think ditching the headphone jack is a bad idea you need to listen to this. @D8News

9/13 Why helmets don’t prevent concussions — and what might. David Camarillo shows what really happens during a concussion and why standard sports helmets don’t prevent it. [15:56] @TEDxStanford

9/12 15 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher – How many to do/your teachers have? @TechTeacherCent @edutopia @FeketeEDU

9/12 Why We Should Stop Grading Students on a Curve – Is this going on at your school? @AdamMGrant @NYTopinion @tucksoon

9/12 Sal Khan: Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores – This short [10:50] TED Talk is something all schools should consider. @BeingSalmanKhan @TEDTalks

9/11 What Teachers and Parents Should Know About ADHD & ASD – This is a good short summary even for parents and teachers who think they know what they are. @DrTim360 @edutopia @agoodschool

9/11 Three Surprisingly Simple Ways to Bring Relevance to Every Lesson @markbarnes19

9/9 The Hidden Elements of Teaching: Why Body Language Matters – Research from Austrian education scientists indicates that body language is a pivotal component in how teachers reach students. @nicolegrmn915 @education_world

9/9 Five Ways to Create More Teacher Rockstars in Your School – How many rock stars does your school have? @kylepace @KerryHawk02 @EdSurge

9/8 Six Mental Adjustments to Help You Work Less and Accomplish More – I have done all of these and they work! @NateMatherson

9/5 Computing the value of coding ahead of its introduction to B.C. curriculum – Other states, provinces, countries, and schools should follow what happens here. @tracysherlock @VancouverSun @ECiardelli @ScottMcKenzie27

9/5 ‘Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence’: school sign telling parents to keep their distance goes viral. Should your school have this sign? @Eleanor_Busby Reporter at Times Educational Supplement (@tes)

9/5 How can anyone take standardized test scores seriously when stuff like this happens? One more nail in the coffin I hope. @valeriestrauss @washingtonpost

9/5 One-to-One Computing Drives Growth in the Education Technology Market. I’ve visited a number of schools where every student had a laptop and saw some pretty cool things happening. @MDMeg @EdTech_K12

9/4 Last I Checked, Compliance Isn’t a Learning Standard. How many practices have we, as teachers, utilized out of habit without evaluating their effectiveness? @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek @JaneBozarth @TeacherJenCarey

9/4 Ten Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network – How many teachers in your school have one? @TeachThought @KRScienceLady @Lead4KidsDrS

9/3 Five Ways to Ensure Real Learning Happens in Maker-Enhanced Projects – If you are doing projects see if you are hitting these points. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @MindShiftKQED

9/3 What Doesn’t Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon – How many are happening in your school? @nellkduke @edutopia

9/2 Do We Give Students Too Much Choice? Is there a lack of consideration for the potential negative effects increased choice may have on learning. @bryguy350 @educationweek

9/1 Fixing America’s Broken School Calendar – Experts weigh in. What kind of calendar would you and your kids put together? @hayleyglatter @Emily_DeRuy @aliaemily @theatlantic

9/1 Teaching isn’t rocket science, it’s way more complex. This is my latest and one of my best. Hope you like and share. @DrDougGreen @tesusa @davidjmarley

9/1 How ‘twisted’ early childhood education has become — from a child development expert. Education policies that do not reflect what we know about how young children learn have been mandated and followed. @valeriestrauss @julia_lesley @tedfujimoto

9/1 How Trauma-Informed Teaching Builds A Sense of Safety And Care – Don’t make things worse for these kids by removing them from class or suspending them. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @irasocol @mom2mikey

8/31 How Tests Are Failing Our Schools – The newly elected president of the state’s teachers union wants to abolish our reliance on standardized test scores. So do I. @zakjason @bostonmagazine @bmadeloni @DMace8 @mrobmsu

8/31 Libraries of the future are going to change in some unexpected ways. What plans does your school have for its library? @chriswweller @businessinsider @AndyLittlefield @joycevalenza @sai

8/31 A Recovering Perfectionist’s Journey To Give Up Grades. Top source for this blog Starr Sackstein goes from grade grubbing to grade-free. @mssackstein @TEDxYouthDay

8/31 Teachers Are Confident About Using Technology, Now More Than Ever. Survey shows enthusiasm for the future of educational technology, but room to grow when it comes to broader, more innovative implementations. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @educationweek

8/30 Seven Mantras to Start the School Year – You might want to post one or more on the wall. There are some good books here as well. @ajjuliani

8/30 3rd Grade Parents v. Floride Department of Education – Here is your chance to help fight FLorda’s crazy automatic retention law. @DMace8 @OOPinellas @DianeRavitch @gofundme

8/30 Four charts reveal what Americans think about the biggest education fights, including school closures and opt out – What do you and your students think? @AGZimmerman @ChalkbeatNY @AnneLOBrien1 @alexanderrusso

8/29 10 Easy Ways To Create an Amazing #SchoolCulture as a Principal This Year – How many does your principal do? @gcouros @Medium

8/29 This simple, but surprising, thing will improve your kid’s grades. Texting information to parents seems to help. @CateyHill @MarketWatch @jedipadmaster

8/28 Seven things I wish people understood about being a teacher – All teachers should enjoy this. @voxdotcom @flippedlearning

8/28 Don’t Sniff the Glue: How to De-Standardize School With Dawn Casey-Rowe. If you feel handcuffed by standardization this might help. @runningdmc @markbarnes19 @hackmylearning @runningdmc

8/27 40% of US High Schools Don’t Offer Physics. These schools should offer online courses for things they can’t offer. The teachers’ unions might oppose. @LianaHeitin @educationweek

8/27 Study suggests positive link between video games and academic performance. Students who played online games scored above average in maths, science and reading tests, although study does not prove games were the cause. @SamuelGibbs @guardian @thinkm2

8/27 Student-Leaders Sharing Success – One teacher has student prepare and run parent/teacher meetings. @Mr_B_Teacher

8/26 Seven Characteristics of Great Professional Development – How many does the PD at your school feature? @dperkinsed @TeachThought @TeachThoughtPD

8/26 In Defense of Play – The “elaborate detour” of having fun pays cognitive dividends. What does your school/parents do? @AlisonGopnik @TheAtlantic @VealHeidi @NAISnetwork

8/26 Local Parents Calling for Recess in Florida – The measure passed nearly unanimously in the Florida House of Representatives. But one Senator blocked it, refusing to allow it to be heard in the Senate. @JaxMomsBlog @DMace8 @156Teacher @DuvalSchools

8/26 It’s a Project-Based World. Let’s Prepare Students for It. How many projects happen in your school? @belathram @tvanderark @getting_smart @califone @edtechanthony

8/25 Balancing Three Factors When Making a Decision – Is this how you make decisions. It’s only 4:15 minutes long. @eduleadership

8/25 32 Research-Based Instructional Strategies – How many do your teachers use? @TeachThought @sconlineteacher @DaisyDyerDuerr

8/25 Teaching kids to struggle #GrowthMindset – This is a fun activity that can help. @ClassCreatorAU @mrs_hembree @KRScienceLady

8/24 Resources for Getting Started With Project-Based Learning – Just getting started with project-based learning (PBL)? This curated list of resources for educators new to PBL should help. @betamiller @edutopia @SNewco

8/24 Office employees should be on feet for four hours of working day. How about students? Should they stand more? @Haroon_Siddique @guardian @oceofoundation @sanofi

8/24 The Gift of Failure: Interview with Author Jessica Lahey – Consider getting her book Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go, So Their Children Can Succeed. @jesslahey @YourTeenMag

8/23 Find Your Flipped Learning Workflow – Here is what you need to know about making your own videos. Don’t forget you can also use other people’s video. @JoelBSperanza @NorainiPadillah

8/23 The State of Virtual Reality in Education – This technology has promise, but we are just getting started. @reportertanya @Techbradwaid @centerdigitaled

8/22 Are Out Schools Fostering Life-Long Teacher Learners? Modeling learning is an important role for teachers. @MrSchoenbart

8/22 WHAT IF… Home ‘work’ Looked Like This? I see many posts that claim homework for elementary students is worthless. I like this idea. @cherandpete

8/22 School Leaders: Six Strategies for Retaining New Teachers – What is your school doing? @artofcoaching1 @edutopia

8/21 What Are the Best Strategies For Surface to Deep Learning? If deep learning is what you want, you should read this. @PeterMDeWitt @TonySinanis @VisibleLearning @john_hattie

8/21 Seven Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios – Also get George Couros’ fine book summarized here. @gcouros

8/19 What Teachers Can Gain When Students Design the Lessons – Do students have any input or choice at your school? @chrisemdin @MindShiftKQED @itsmeSpiri

8/19 Why Don’t More School Libraries Help Students Through Extended Hours? What does your school do? @MarvaAHinton @educationweek @TimeAndLearning

8/18 Interview Questions for 1:1 School Leaders – As more schools move to 1:1 programs, here are some questions you need to face. @EduroLearning @iamDrWill

8/18 How feeling respected transforms a student’s relationship to school – Start with respects and relationships and take it from there. @sarahdsparks @NewsHour @ryanrismiller @Dr_MCarlson

8/18 What If High School Were More Like Kindergarten? This sounds good to me. @AshleyLambS @TheAtlantic @kjarrett

8/18 24 Things Special Education Teachers Want You To Know – All non-special education teachers should read this. @ScaryMommy @dougpete @flipboard

8/17 How to Run a Thriving School in a Tough Neighborhood – Principal Nadia Lopez takes a personal approach with her middle-school students. @AlexandraWolfe @TheLopezEffect @WSJ

8/17 Pinkcast 1.7: How to decide whether to say yes or no. Check out 1:25 of wisdom from Daniel Pink and consider subscribing. Also, see my summary of his book Drive on motivation. @DanielPink

8/17 Seven Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios – This is an important trend. Are you ready for it? Also see below for the summary of George Couros’ book. @gcouros

8/17 Teen boys are having some problems thanks to porn. Many see themselves as under-equipped, and after watching extreme porn, vanilla sex isn’t arousing. If I had a young son I would share this. @TheSun @nypost

8/15 Three Things I Wish Educators Knew About their Own Learning Check to see if you know them. @langwitches @curriculumblog

8/15 What Might Education in the Future Look Like? What do you and your students think it should look like. @SamBrinson @ugafrank @gcouros

8/15 Adultism in Schools – How many decisions in your school are made for the convenience and benefit of the adults? @SoundOutorg @Sisyphus38

8/15 Does Your PD Have These 5 Essential Qualities? Can you guess what they are? @InnovativeEdu @nick_chater

8/14 Why Teachers Should Act Like Rookies Not Experts – The important this is to model learning. This looks like a good book. @tim_jumpclarke @EduWells

8/14 Advice from a young TED speaker: Start a TED-Ed Club at your school. Does your school have one? @adorasv @adnanedtech @ShellTerrell

8/14 Walking in a Student’s Shoes Last spring was the first Shadow a Student Challenge. Learn more and consider trying this yourself. @crojasphd @educationweek @NewsHour

8/14 The brainy questions on Finland’s only high-stakes standardized test – Also see my summary of Pasi Sahlberg’s book. @pasi_sahlberg @K12Boost

8/13 These 18 practices are proven effective for teaching reading. How many do teachers in your school use? @HeinemannPub @sandeeteach @PaulEnderle

8/13 Five Challenges to Your Best School Year Ever – Even veteran teachers should consider these ideas. @DavidGeurin @DrLatham_K @gcouros

8/12 How to Learn All Your Students’ Names the First Day of School (Without Requiring a Brain Transplant) I should have done this what I taught. @WeAreTeachers @mzteachuh

8/12 America desperately needs to redefine ‘college and career ready.’ Well-intentioned national K-12 education goals are jeopardizing the futures of millions of kids. @dintersmith @DrTonyWagner @iamDrWill @CESNational

8/12 Ten Ways to Ditch That Reading Log – Anything you do that makes reading seem like work will likely discourage reading for fun. @TheHomeworkDog @ncte

8/12 12 Reasons To Hire Employees Who Make Mistakes – Far from being undesirable, employee mistakes are the lifeblood of excellence. @Sales_Source @INC @Vic_Maine

8/11 Fourteen Things a Teacher Should Never do on the First Day of School – How many do you do? @markbarnes19 @readwriterant @schug_dennis

8/11 Distracted From School or Learning? Do you know the difference between school and learning? @gcouros @AnnetteBreaux

8/10 20 Tips to Help De-escalate Interactions With Anxious or Defiant Students – All teachers should read this before school starts. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @KevinMEnglish @Borto74

8/8 Homeschooling to Flee Common Core – It seems that common core and lack of school choice have driven up the homeschooling numbers. @shanevanderhart @TruthinAmEd @TeriGRight

8/8 Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development? Is it differentiated in your school? @PaulineZd @edutopia @reachfund @KickUpEd

8/8 No More Lectures. Try back to school stations instead. Kids should be moving, thinking, collaborating, and changing activities rather than sit and listen. @mamawolfeto2 @EducatorsRoom @manders416

8/6 Open Educational Resources (OER): Resource Roundup – Explore this educator’s guide to open educational resources for information about online repositories, curriculum-sharing websites, sources for lesson plans and activities, and open alternatives to textbooks. @edutopia @EducationCoach

8/6 Seven Ways To Present Course Objectives In An Engaging Way – What teacher doesn’t want to be more engaging? @JanhaviPadture @Classcharts @elearnindustry

8/5 What’s Keeping Women Out of Science, Math Careers? Calculus and Confidence – Any ideas about what we can do to change this? @LianaHeitin @JZubrzycki @educationweek

8/5 Students With a Bigger Purpose Stay Motivated. Purpose for learning teaches students to learn with the goal of making a broader, positive impact on the world. @DigitalPromise @ShiftParadigm @KatieMTLC

8/4 What Boston’s Preschools Get Right – How does this compare to your preschool? @lrmongeau @TheAtlantic @tee62

8/4 Seven Reasons Teachers Should Stop Grading Students Forever – This is definitely a trend. Any chance this can happen in your school? @markbarnes19 @readwriterant @sstorm01

8/4 These students are fixing school Chromebooks — and getting paid. Who is fixing the computers in your school? When I was a computer director in the 1980’s, I paid kids to fix Apple II’s. @BriannaCalix @eschoolnews @Gregbagby @openeastlake @keri_randolph

8/4 Florida Parents Turn to GoFundMe To Fight 3rd Grade Retention Law. This law is so crazy. Consider helping them out. @sarahctully @educationweek

8/3 Four Ways to Nap at Your Desk – Scroll to the botton for this short [3:41] funny video. – More organizations are realizing the value of letting employees nap. What’s happening where you work. @rzgreenfield @business

8/3 A Back-to-School Checklist for Educators – Note that relationships come first. @Vroom6 @johnccarver @chris_rogne

8/3 New Law: Alaska to Allow Parents to Opt Kids Out of Common Core Testing. Let’s hope this catches on in other states. Contact your state law makers. @TenthAmendment @janinesopp

8/3 Mesquite ISD implements new teacher incentive program The first phase requires teachers to complete coursework in differentiated instruction, formative assessment, working with students from poverty and preparing students for a global society. @starlocalmedia @NKeithBlend @lindseymstevens

8/2 What can parents and children do to tackle cyberbullies? What are parents and educators you know doing? @jesskellynt @NewstalkFM @14priyankagupta @StopWebBullying

8/2 10 Reasons to Try Genius Hour This School Year – Has your school tried this yet? @ajjuliani @mraspinall

8/1 Design Tips for Presenters – Students, teachers, and administrators should all check this out. @ClaudioZavalaJr @Jonharper70bd

8/1 Top 3 Tips To Get Rid Of ‘I-am-bad-at-Math’ Syndrome – For many, being bad at math is just a crappy attitude. What’s yours? @LRLabs @magicalmaths @gaw101

8/1 Student Choice Leads to Student Voice – How much choice do students have in your school? @jhblock @edutopia @mraspinall

7/31 5-Minute Film Festival: Freedom to Fail Forward – Here are seven short videos that will help you and your students embrace failure. @VideoAmy @edutopia @Ben_Duggan

7/31 Get Your Students Developing Their Writing Skills With Google Story Builder. Stories are powerful when it comes to learning. @focus2achieve @MikeReading @sharethis

7/30 The Behavior Battle: High- and Low-Tech Solutions – There is good behavior advice here. @edutopia @edtechjam

7/30 Learning Is Not A Ladder, It Is A McDonald’s Play Place. How much play goes on in your school? @kara_welty @ToddWhitaker

7/30 Inspiring the Next Generation of Makers – What are students making in your school? @kcator @Makerspaces_com @InfyFoundation @DigitalPromise

7/28 Ten Tips For Launching An Inquiry-Based Classroom – How many are happening in classrooms you know? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @EDUcre8ive @TeachingChannel

7/28 Ten Surprising Funding Strategies for Your School – This can help if you are looking for support for a new local initiative. @SchoolLeadNow @USCTeacher

7/28 Ten Websites That Teachers Love Right Now! Have ten teachers each check out one and report back. @RACzyz @keith_guarino @kystetech @trevorabryan @DonnaADonner

7/28 Nine Ideas for Combatting Boredom in School (and Why Being Bored May Not Be All Bad). These look like good ideas to me. @belathram @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

7/27 10 questions every teacher should ask themselves – Share with all the teachers you know and work with. @justintarte @pernilleripp

7/27 The Right Way to Bribe Your Kids to Read – It’s important they read in the summer, but extrinsic rewards are problematic. @KJDellAntonia @nytimes @somethewiser @ReadBrightly

7/27 Platforms Have Transformed the Economy. Is Education Next? Let’s hope so. @tvanderark @getting_smart @wsoeldner

7/27 A Growth Mindset Could Buffer Kids From Negative Academic Effects of Poverty. This makes sense to me. Also see my summary of Carol Dweck’s Mindset book. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @wsoeldner

7/26 Learning Technology Trends To Watch For In 2016 – Is your school ready? @Traineasy @kesbutters

7/26 The Common Core Costs Billions and Hurts Students – Share with policy makers you know. @dianeravitch @nytimes @jonathanpelto @Linda1746

7/26 Outdoor Play Helps Keep Kids’ Vision in Focus The benefits of kids playing outside include exercise, exposure to vitamin D, the development of thinking, motor, and social skills, and stress reduction. Did you ever think it could improve your kids’ vision? @Nemours @KidsHealth @AIDHC

7/23 Migrant Students Pose Daunting Challenge. As principal 25% of my students were refugees. You can make it work. @waltxyz @educationweek

7/23 Teachers: don’t run away from discussing porn. What’s happening in your school regarding this topic. Please leave a comment if you can. @tes @DrDougGreen

7/22 Hot desks: Stockholm’s school without classrooms – Is this this future for schools in the US? @kurstyg @Vittra_NextUp

7/22 Visionize a preferred future. – If you aren’t reaching your goals, try Sean Brady’s Backwards-from-perfect approach. Also, be sure to get his book. @prismdecision

7/22 11 Inspiring TED Talks for Modern Educators – Hook up your computer to your TV and binge watch them all. @worldpeacemovie @Sugatam @dalepd @kelleybros @gever @NaviRadjou @jackandraka @wkamkwamba @loganlaplante @leecrockett

7/21 A 4-Part System for Getting to Know Your Students – If building solid relationships with your students is arguably the most important thing you can do to be an effective teacher, you should have a plan. @cultofpedagogy @jessievaz12 @msemilymaclean

7/21 As Pokémon Go Becomes a Sensation, Ed. Experts Weigh Pros and Cons. Educators should at know what this phenomenon is all about. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

7/20 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher – How many to you/your teachers have? @Cs_Teaching_C @edutopia @principalspage

7/20 Why Students Should Take the Lead in Parent-Teacher Conferences – This makes so much sense to me. @MindShiftKQED @tedfujimoto

7/20 Columbia and Barnard are the latest schools to drop SAT and ACT requirements. I like this trend as GPAs are better indicators of success in college. @USATODAYcollege @iamDrWill @elissamalespina

7/19 Gates’ Common Core mea culpa and the school reform divide – From my point of view Gates need to do more mea culpas. @rickhess99 @informed_edu @Medium

7/18 12 Sure Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think – This explains why I’m doing so well as I do all of them. How about you? @LollyDaskal @Medium

7/18 Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers in Math Class – Evidence from brain science suggests that far from being “babyish,” the technique is essential for mathematical achievement. Also see my summary of Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindset. @joboaler @halleycl25 @TheAtlantic @jesslahey

7/17 Should Colleges Really Eliminate the College Lecture? I would replace them with multiple TED Talks. @grossloh @theatlantic

7/16 Four Ways to Protect Vulnerable Students Under ESSA – Here are some details of the new federal law that could harm poor kids. @ALICEJCAIN @educationweek

7/16 Is College Readiness the Same as Career Readiness? Career readiness deserves a lot more attention than it has received. @RothmanR @jal_mehta @educationweek @getwhatugive

7/16 Four secrets to building rapport with students – Relationships are the most important thing and this advice will help. @Angela_Watson @KleinErin @coolcatteacher

7/16 Four pieces of feedback that teachers should collect from their students – How many teachers is your school focus on feedback from students? @richard_bruford @jetpack @kylemschwartz @tsjones49t

7/15 Teacher as Researcher: The Ultimate Professional Development Teacher researchers pause each morning as they walk into their classrooms and ask, “What will my students teach me today?” @dorothysuskind @edutopia @IOEDU

7/14 One Key to Reducing School Suspension: A Little Respect. Maybe your school should try this. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

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