What to Look for In Classrooms / Learner’s Habits / Believe In Your Students

April 23rd, 2018

What to look for
Do you know what to look for in your classroom? If not, try this. Then it’s habits of always learning people and why you must believe in your students. On to using Padlet, modern crafting projects, increasing your library’s use, a difference maker quote, and some amazing photos of Niagara Falls.

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Develop Emotional Literacy / Racist Tests & Malpractice / Listen to Both Sides

April 22nd, 2018

Emotional Learning
Start by learning how to develop emotional literacy in your kids. Then it’s how standardized tests are racist and lead to educational malpractice and why you should listen to people you disagree with. On to blogging resources, water pollution experiments, project-based learning tips, a Seth Godin quote, and what happens when you take steroids.

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Online Test Prep / Kick-Start Reflection / Free Design Tools

April 21st, 2018

Online Test Prep
Anyone getting ready to take a college-required standardized test should consider online test prep. Then it’s how to kick-start reflection in your class and some cool free design tools. On to ten ways to blog in school, the untold story of Charles Schultz, how to spot liars, a Charles Schultz quote, and cartoons on teaching English.

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Pick Yourself Up / Keeping Librarians / Choosing Better Tools

April 20th, 2018

Pick Yourself Up
Since we all fail it’s important to know how to pick yourself up. Then it’s how to keep your librarians and choosing better tools. On to how Facebook learns about you even if you don’t go there, a successful kids book club, tools for project-based learning, a what teachers need quote, and a robot bending pipe cleaners.

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Formative Assessment Examples / Gamify Your Classroom / Hands-On STEM

April 19th, 2018

Formative Assessment Examples
Formative assessments are much more important than the lousy state tests and here you have a choice. Then it’s how to gamify your classroom and hands-on STEM lessons. On to social media and the student teacher, a Dutch tulip animation, self-paced learning tips, a Steve Jobs quote, and a cool animation that might inspire your students.

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