Do You Have Grit? / Edtech Jobs / Create a Positive Environment

February 20th, 2018

Grit Criteria
Check to see how many of these 15 signs of grit that you and your kids have. Then it’s where the edtech jobs are and how to get them and how to create a positive school environment. On to a life saved by Google, boosting the brain’s memory, why students hate vacations, a Cathy Davidson quote, and confusing British phrases.

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Asking Better Questions / Start Personalizing Learning / 5-Paragraph Fetish

February 19th, 2018

Ask Better Question
Getting students to ask better questions is important. Here are some tips. Then it’s personalizing learning and student voice and the problem with essay formula writing. On to a mother’s view on cell phones in school, the history of blockchain, fostering a love of art, a teaching is important quote, and a robot drawing machine.

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Rewire Your Brain / The IoT Bus 2018 / Ages for Peaking

February 18th, 2018

Brain Image
Start with some tips for rewiring your brain. Then it’s the Internet of things (IoT) 2018 and the ages peak at things. On to educational podcasts for kids, apps that make coding fun, helping students act like scientists, a Dan Rockwell quote, and an unsinkable boat.

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UN Role-Playing Game / Maintaining School Culture / Talking Tragedy with Kids

February 16th, 2018

UN Role-Playing
Start with a cool role-playing game for your kids. Then it’s maintaining a healthy school culture and talking tragedy with kids. On to blended learning tips, new flipping ideas, making the most of a whiteboard, a joy in life quote, and skating across the sky.

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Gender Neural Parenting / Pineapple Charts & PD / Reach Every Child

February 15th, 2018

Gender Neutral
Learn how raising a gender neutral child is tricky, but still possible. Then it’s using pineapple charts for professional development and trying to reach every child. On to finding influencers on Twitter, truths for your younger self, developing imagination in older learners, a learning faster quote, and a love song takes on brain science.

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