Rest Time & Performance / Online vs Higher Ed / Training for EdTech

February 16th, 2019

Rest Time
Rest is the foundation of performance. Are you and your kids getting enough? Then it’s online taking on higher ed and training teachers to use education technology. On to critical blog features, Cybrary Man’s genius hour resources, student journalism classes, a Dan Rockwell quote, and some insane surfing video.

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Teaching Creativity / In-Demand Skills / Video & Learning

February 15th, 2019

Creativity is the top soft skill employers want. Are you teaching it? Then it’s other in-demand skills and how video improves learning. On to Google Maps and AR, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp integration, biology and PE, a reason to smile quote, and a cool optical illusion.

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Reading Plus / Deep Math Learning / How to be Sensitive

February 14th, 2019
Reading Plus

Check out Reading Plus to see if it can help your inefficient readers. Then it’s deep math learning and how to be sensitive. On to using social media on Valentine’s Day, how language works, education and AI, 12 things to remember, and the Frozen 2 trailer.

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Nurture Compassion / Successful BYOD / Robot Journalists

February 13th, 2019

Robot Journalists
How much time do teachers in your school spend nurturing compassion? Then it’s the drivers of successful BYOD initiatives and robot journalists. On to videos on social media, foods not to order in restaurants, noticing the good stuff, an Albert Einstein quote, and what it takes to retire early by state.

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From Teacher to Leader: Finding Your Way as a First-Time Leader—Without Losing Your Mind by Starr Sackstein

February 11th, 2019
Teacher to Leader

From Teacher to Leader: Finding Your Way as a First-Time Leader—Without Losing Your Mind by Starr Sackstein recounts her first year as an administrator. This story of a remarkably gifted teacher’s journey into administration after her first year is a great read. Starr’s reflections, research efforts, and writing skills have resulted in a valuable resource for teachers considering a jump to administration and experienced administrators alike. She lives up to her desire of becoming the kind of leader she would want to have. As an educator since 1969 and an administrator for 30 years, I find her advice to be spot on. Make sure that you and your professional development library has a copy.

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