The Evils of Algebra / Complaining & Your Brain / Getting Smarter Chart

February 22nd, 2018

Algebra Gatekeeper
Is there any reason that you can’t graduate from high school or community college without algebra? Then it’s complaining and your brain and a getting smarter chart. On to the issues with the AnitChat app, what helps ELL learners learn, what women don’t get credit for, a Cathy N. Davidson quote, and an amazing flood video.

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Teaching Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Way More Complex: What’s Wrong With Education and How to Fix Some of It by Doug Green

February 21st, 2018
Rocket Science Book

Hi from Key West, Florida where I’m visiting friends. This is a repost of my summary of my recent book. I hope you like it. I’ll be back tomorrow with more Net Nuggets.
Teaching Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Way More Complex: What’s Wrong With Education and How to Fix Some of It by Doug Green takes on the failed test-based accountability system and one-size-fits-all learning methods left over from the 1800s. He also deals with topics like special education, gifted education, and even Internet porn. He cites experts as he defends his criticism of the reforms of the corporate/political class and offers suggestions for how to clean up some of the mess. Please consider getting a copy for a policy maker you know.Try to get a copy into the hands of any policymaker you know.

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Do You Have Grit? / Edtech Jobs / Create a Positive Environment

February 20th, 2018

Grit Criteria
Check to see how many of these 15 signs of grit that you and your kids have. Then it’s where the edtech jobs are and how to get them and how to create a positive school environment. On to a life saved by Google, boosting the brain’s memory, why students hate vacations, a Cathy Davidson quote, and confusing British phrases.

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Asking Better Questions / Start Personalizing Learning / 5-Paragraph Fetish

February 19th, 2018

Ask Better Question
Getting students to ask better questions is important. Here are some tips. Then it’s personalizing learning and student voice and the problem with essay formula writing. On to a mother’s view on cell phones in school, the history of blockchain, fostering a love of art, a teaching is important quote, and a robot drawing machine.

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Rewire Your Brain / The IoT Bus 2018 / Ages for Peaking

February 18th, 2018

Brain Image
Start with some tips for rewiring your brain. Then it’s the Internet of things (IoT) 2018 and the ages peak at things. On to educational podcasts for kids, apps that make coding fun, helping students act like scientists, a Dan Rockwell quote, and an unsinkable boat.

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