Practices to Kick / Top Ed Sites / Nurturing Kindness

November 15th, 2018

Five to Kick
Start with some practices you might want your teachers to kick. Then it’s top free sites for educators and how to nurture kindness in young children. On to tools for finding your passion, sound eating advice, 21st-century teacher characteristics, a Bob Marley quote, and country’s real sizes on a Mercator projection map.

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Educating For the Future / Lecture Capture / Easy PDF

November 14th, 2018

Future Education
Is your school educating for the future or the past? Then it’s capturing lectures on campus and the Easy PDF converter. On to tools you should know about, a spelling, grammar, and word checker for students, adaptive learning, ten no talent things for success, and why we have pubic hair.

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7 Infographic Types / Video Textbooks / Duckworth Conversation

November 13th, 2018

7 Infographic Types
Did you know that there are seven types of infographics? I didn’t. Then it’s video textbooks from Clutch Prep and a conversation with Angela Duckworth. On to reasons to give your kid a cell phone, why leaves change color, combining teaching strategies, an Amber Teamann quote, and the world’s fastest jet suit.

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Personalized Learning Protest / Proficiency-Based Learning / Creativity Toolbox

November 12th, 2018

Student PL Protest
Personalized learning may seem like the ideal to some, but not these students. Then it’s proficiency-based learning and your students’ creativity toolbox. On to social media hacks, ten AI data science roles, depression and physical activity, a Colin O’Brady quote, and an insane rubber-band marble machine.

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Enhance English Fluency / How Cars See / What to Skip at McDonald’s

November 11th, 2018

Enhance English
Thanks to top poster Shelly Terrell we have great websites for enhancing English fluency. Then it’s how cars see and what to skip at McDonald’s. On to making your own virtual reality, the difference between THC and CBD, changing the way we talk about disability, a George Couros quote, and a world champion card trick.

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