Using AI for Differentiation / How Not to Use Technology / Science Videos to Get Kids Talking

September 29th, 2023

Start with using AI to differentiate your teaching. Then it’s how not to use technology when teaching math and science videos to get kids talking. On to getting your teens off their phones, a new way to learn another language, ideas for Halloween projects, an ego image, and an interview/banjo lesson with Bela Fleck.

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Podcasting is Changing Teaching / Teach Emotional Intelligence / The Evolution of Film

September 28th, 2023

Start with seeing how podcasting may be changing teaching. Then it’s teaching emotional intelligence and the evolution of film. On to crazy TikTok challenges, how to read faster and remember what you read, who is libel in a self-driving car crash, a vision image, and the three companies that control the soft drink market.

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Schools of the Future / How Important is Homework? / New MacOS Features

September 27th, 2023

What do you think the future of school is? Then it’s the importance of homework and new MacOS features. On to ChatGPT taking on Alexa, a happy state map, the danger of a single story, an emotion quote, and the circle of fifths.

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Language Learning Tips / Quick Built Housing Solutions / Foods That Prevent Headaches

September 26th, 2023

Start with some language learning tips. Then it’s quick built housing solutions and foods that prevent headaches. On to sponsored links in AI, animals ranked by eyesight, nurturing joy in teaching, a leadership quote, and “Barbie Girl” done in classical style.

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The American classroom has changed / Corruption Perception Index / New Apple Watch Review

September 25th, 2023

Start with how the American classroom has changed. Then it’s the corruption perceptions index by country and a review of the new Apple Watch. On to why it’s difficult to switch away from Google’s search engine, states rated by diversity, why dads are important, a Lolly Daskal quote, and Bach on a glass harp.

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