Kids’ Books on Race / Biggest Remote Learning Mistakes / AI Reads X-Rays

June 5th, 2020

Anti-Racist Books
Start with books that support conversations with kids about race. Then it’s the biggest remote learning mistakes and how AI can read X-Rays. On to TED_ED resources on race, Film lessons from Stanley Kubrick, a free STEM webinar, a love quote, and a great Glenn Campbell video.

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Navigating Tensions / What Not to do When Schools Reopen / Ending Frustration

June 4th, 2020

Navigating Tensions
Start by learning how to better navigate common tensions. Then it’s what not to do when schools reopen and how to end some common frustraions. On to supporting digital equity, an extreme chemical reaction you can do at home, school leaders share success during COVID-19 time, a right train quote, and a hummingbird feeding helmet.

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Ease Kids’ Anxiety / Critical Thinking Questions / 73-Year-Old PhD /

June 3rd, 2020
Ease Anxiety

How to Ease Anxiety In Children – If you’re in the trenches, trying to figure out how to handle anxiety in your child, you may come across a lot of information that can simply overwhelm and exhaust you. @momfiles

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Kids Write Mini Books / HS Sports Restarting? / Be a Lovable Leader

June 2nd, 2020

Micro Books
Is it time for your kids to write mini-books? Then it’s when will HS sports restart and how to be a loveable leader. On to personal playlists, the elements of emotional intelligence, five education myths, a choice quote, and building a roller coaster in your backyard.

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Flying by Touchscreen / The Brain & AI / Read Moby Dick

June 1st, 2020

Fly by Touchscreen
Time to watch NASA astronauts control their spacecraft using touchscreens. Then it’s the brain as a model for AI and why you should read Moby Dick. On to a new Zoom feature, improving your creativity, a revolution in college admissions, a fearless quote, and a computer model that uses marbles and switches.

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