Dr. Doug Goes to Italy – Look for Some Travel Tips, Some New Content, and Links to My Greatest Hits

September 20th, 2022

Free Resources for Busy Parents and Educators Who Don’t Have as Much Time to Read and Surf as I Do From now until October 3, 2022, I’ll be visiting Western Italy. I won’t be able to make daily posts, but I’ll send some photos of places that you might want to visit someday and provide […]

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4-Day Week for Schools / What is Deep Learning? / Improve Your Videos

September 19th, 2022

4-day week
During the pandemic a lot of schools went to four-day weeks. Should we keep that model? Then find out what deep learning is and how to improve your videos. On to making money online, when meta analysis goes wrong, a going gradeless podcast, an ugly things quote, and “The Hoiey Poiey” AC/DC style.

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Safeguarding Schools / ADHD Study Tips / CRISPR & Our Food

September 18th, 2022

Safeguarding Schools
Start with ways to protect your school from ransomware. Then it’s ADHD study tips and how CRISPR can change our food. On to Twitter talking to WhatsApp and Instagram, green hydrogen, money lessons for your kids, a loved quote, and the importance of posture.

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Beckham Queues for the Queen / Reducing Cognitive Load / Billionaire Map

September 17th, 2022

Check out Sir David Beckham mixing with ordinary people while he waits in line for the Queen. Then it’s how to reduce cognitive load for your kids and where the billionaires live. On to the best iPhone deals and which one to buy, how to write an excellent essay, how to manage a project-based class, a self-awareness quote, and perhaps the most amazing animation I have ever seen.

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August 12th Post – 100 Benefits of Running / Complicated vs Complex / When Teacher’s Phone Rings – New Content Tomorrow

September 16th, 2022

Start with no less than 100 reasons why running is good for you. Then it’s complicated vs. complex, and when teachers’ phones ring while they are teaching. On to teens using TikTok more and Facebook less, helping struggling students, too many rules in school, a finding the humor quote, and ‘The Hall of the Mountain King.”

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