Smarter With Coffee / Suspensions Don’t Teach / Meaningful Rules

August 17th, 2018

As a coffee addict, I’m happy to see it’s good for me now. Then it’s how suspensions don’t teach and meaningful classroom rules. On to sources of free images, more talking in class, fentanyl testing kids for college students, a coffee needs me quote, and what English would sound like if it were phonetically consistent.

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LMS in a Video Game / Boost Metacognition / Affordable Drone

August 16th, 2018

Start by checking out the first video game that contains a learning management system. Then it’s how to boost metacognition and a very affordable drone. On to iPhone accessibility settings, liveable cities without heat or AC, building student-teacher connections, a capacity to learn quote and what each state is best and worst at.

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AI and Human Jobs / Target Language Strategies / Librarian Collaboration

August 14th, 2018

Human JObs & AI
There will be jobs in the world of robots and AI. Will your kids have the right skills? Then it’s foreign language learning strategies and how to collaborate with your librarian. On to how and why to schedule tweets, dealing with difficult people, grading for mastery, a busy quote, and a wakeskater speeding through a narrow volcanic valley.

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Personalized Learning in Prison / Help Students Love Learning / Collaborative Planning

August 13th, 2018

PL in Prison
One state tries personalized learning in prison. If it works how about trying it in schools? Then it’s how to help students love learning and collaborative planning tips. On to mistakes you could be making on your class blog, anticipating parent edtech questions, coaching principals, a David Geurin quote, and animated history meets the Norman knights.

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Humans Skills That Beat AI / New In Google Classroom / Recess & Mental Health

August 12th, 2018

Human SKills
Humans still have skills that beat AI and robots, but are they being taught at your school? Then it’s what’s new from Google Classroom and how recess impacts students’ mental health. On to 21 Twitter tricks, educators helping families with tech, the impact of a classroom library, a dream and purpose quote, and Wierd Al joins Weezer.

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