Voice & AI in the Workplace / Rethinking Honor Roll / AI & Spacesuits

July 5th, 2020

Voice + AI
Has voice and AI come to your workplace yet? Watch for it. Then it’s rethinking the honor roll and how AI is changing spacesuits. On to easy ways to improve your videos, the making of a trumpet, tips for resolving conflicts, a be yourself quote, and a cool visualization of how COVID has spread in the US.

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Not a Wheelchair / Teachers’ Questions About Reopening / Teach Cybersecurity to Kids

July 4th, 2020

Not a Wheelchair
Start with checking out an amazing wheelchair story and conder donating like I did so more people can have one. Then it’s teachers’ questions about reopening and why we should teach cybersecurity to kids. On to things you should never do in virtual meetings, a great ladder commercial, rotation schedules, a making mistakes quote, and a massive bird of prey in action.

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Digital Citizenship Lessons / Virtual Summit for Opening Schools / The Jail You Build

July 3rd, 2020

Digital Citizenship
Start with lessons for integrating digital citizenship into every subject. Then it’s an upcoming summit for opening schools and how we all build jails that limit us. On to e-learning’s struggles, geometry games for all students, the smart use of data, a privilege of leadership quote, and a guy builds a very cool wheelchair for his girlfriend.

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How to Know When It’s Time to See a Chiropractor? by Dr. Brent Wells, D.C.

July 2nd, 2020
Woman holding hed 2

How to Know When It’s Time to See a Chiropractor?

by Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. is a good place to start if you are having pain or issues with your back or other joints. I have gone to chiropractors for many years and they have “fixed” a number of nagging issues for me. They will want to see you on a regular basis, but if you can’t afford that they can at least offer relief in the short run.

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Planet Rotation Speeds Visualized / School’s Back-to-School Shopping List / Explainer Videos

July 1st, 2020

Rotation Speeds
Start with a brilliant representation of the relative rotation speeds of the planets. Then it’s a back-to-school shopping list for US schools and explainer videos from the Harvard Business Review. On to Google Classroom features you may have missed, why you can’t drive to South America, getting rid of mandatory seat time, a where you have never been quote, and a wonderful Cher music video from 1989.

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