VR and Memory / Tips for Student Blogging / Get Curious Not Furious

July 18th, 2018

VR and Memory
It looks like VR can help with memory. It’s time to try it in your classroom. Then it’s tips for student blogging and why teachers should never be furious. On to tools for gathering real-time feedback, unusual ways to identify your strength, creating a future classroom, an educator’s priorities quote, and the gap between boomer and millennial income by state.

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The Cost of Coffee Around the World / How to Reinvent Yourself / Food Science TED Talks

July 17th, 2018

Cost of Coffee
Start by comparing the cost of a cup of coffee around the world. Then it’s how to reinvent yourself and food science TED Talks. On to using social media for content creation, genius hour for teachers or anyone, making your presentation better, a live without apologies quote, and what’s in frozen pizza.

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Student Questions to Add and Ax / Helping 1st-Year Teachers

July 16th, 2018

5 Student Questions
Start with five questions you should ask students and five questions that students should stop asking. Then it’s how Denver is helping first-year teachers. On to Obama and others losing Twitter followers, TED Talks for Ed Tech, getting stakeholders to get on board with ditching grades, a David Geurin quote, and cleaning up oil spills with human hair and pantyhose.

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Town Transforms School / Adaptive Courseware / Cultivate Communication Skills

July 15th, 2018

Town Transforms
If one town can transform a school why can’t every town do it? Then it’s dealing with adaptive courseware and how to cultivate student communication skills. On to transforming instruction with Chromebooks, tips for teachers new to coding, boosting math skills in the early grades, a David Geurin quote, and strange time zones around the world.

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Badge Ideas / Prep for New Jobs / Makerspaces for All

July 14th, 2018

Badge Ideas
If teachers you know aren’t giving out badges maybe the should. Then it’s preparing for nonexisting jobs and makerspaces for all. On to what all blog posts should have, great summer drawing lessons, creating an awesome school culture, an Ed Catmill quote, and a cycling video that your kids can do.

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