Literary Analysis Skills / Health Reset / The Look of Learning

January 22nd, 2020

Literary Analysis
Can you use students’ interests to develop literary analysis skills? Then it’s how to reset your health and life and what learning looks like. On to a financial aid chatbot, a solar-powered car, heading a ball and concussions, a workout quote, and Judas Priest covers Chuck Berry.

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Brain & Art / AI & Talent Acquisition / Photosynthesis Time-Lapse

January 21st, 2020

Brain & Art
Time to find out what happens in your brain when you do art. Then it’s AI and talent acquisition and time-lapse photosynthesis. On to how to sell a cellphone, the most common sick days, the inventor’s mindset podcast, a life instructions quote, and an electric fan as a bass instrument.

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Tech Supports Collaboration / Future Learning Activities / 50 Best Podcasts

January 20th, 2020

Tech & Collaboration
See how tech can support collaboration in your class. Then it’s activities for future learning and 50 top podcasts. On to managing Twitter like a pro, activities with recycled materials, education research summaries, an MKL quote, and some great time-lapse videos.

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US Energy Visual / Play Slow, Get Better / Blended AP Class

January 19th, 2020

US Energy Chart
Start by seeing where the US gets its energy and how it uses it. Then it’s play slow to get better and how to run a blended AP class. On to a student podcast contest, 20 courses for under $20, using dictation to teach spelling, a Tibetan proverb, and the lastest from Simone Giertz last month’s WIRED cover girl.

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Brain Age vs Chronological Age / One Leadership Word / Social Influence for Good

January 18th, 2020

Brain Age
Start with how you can determine your brain age. Then it’s one trait leaders must-have today and how to use your social influence for good. On to Facebook hacks for 2020, The distribution of the world’s wealth visualized, taking the hard road, a history starts now quote, and what to do when you see a moose.

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