Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Take Quality Photos by Emily Ford

December 13th, 2018

Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Take Quality Photos by Emily Ford looks at some of the top tips for encouraging your kids to get into photography. Whether you’re a

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Seven Blog Post Sins / Free Math Lessons / Tween & Teen Books

December 11th, 2018

Blog Post Sins
Start with seven deadly sins of blog posting. Then it’s free math lesson plans from NASA and books for tweens and teens. On to new Facebook and Twitter features, a concept alignment strategy, alternatives to letter grades, a faith-based quote, and JRR Tolkien’s rock influence.

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PBS Kids Scratch / Planning Makerspaces / Don’t Glorify Busy

December 10th, 2018

PBS Scratch
Time to let your kids learn some programming with PBS Kids Scratch. On to how to plan a makerspace and why you shouldn’t glorify busy. On to adding valuable content to Facebook, our power grid problem, researching your target audience, a Seth Godin quote, and an amazing downhill bike ride.

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Effective Feedback / VR Science Books / Why Teachers Don’t Use Tech

December 9th, 2018

Effective Feedback
Do you know how to give effective feedback? Here are twenty ways. Then it’s VR science books and why teachers don’t use tech. On to emailing student work summaries, teaching kids to debate, ending mindless professional development, a learning and grades quote, and POV video from a wingsuit.

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Drawing Beats Writing / STEM Resources Pt. 2 / Engaging Kids

December 8th, 2018
Drawing vs Writing

Start with the benefits of drawing rather than writing. Then it’s more STEM resources and engaging kids with coding. On to rules for Facebook marketing, the best way to peel and egg, educational gifts, a friends who listen quote, and an awesome pool break.

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