Dealing With Cyberbullying in the Era of Remote Learning by Amanda Winstead

June 23rd, 2021

Dealing With Cyberbullying in the Era of Remote Learning by Amanda Winstead offers sound advice for parents, educators, and students on this timely topic. The key is communication and making time for it. Since cyberbullies leave a digital trail, it’s vital that students feel safe when it comes to sharing this type of abuse with adults they trust.

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Early Ed’s 800 Lb. Gorilla / Chinese Drone Companies / Ignite Summer Learning

June 22nd, 2021

800 lb Gorilla
Do you know what early education’s 800-pound gorilla is? Then it’s Chinese drone companies and how to ignite summer learning. On to how search can teach critical thinking, finding fast tennis balls, how to coach people, a George Patton quote, and new voices for Siri.

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Cultivating Number Sense / HyperDocs in Class / Summer Math Activities

June 21st, 2021

Number Sense
How much time do your kids spend on making educated guesses? Then it’s using HyperDocs in class and some summer math activities. On to using AI to recruit, why you should use miso instead of salt, the best first jobs, how to fight negative thoughts, and watching erasers being made.

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Remote Learning Upside / Boost Your Immune System / Disgraceful Online Teaching

June 20th, 2021

Remote Learning
So what is the upside of remote learning? Then it’s how to boost your immune system and one teacher thinks her online learning was disgraceful. On to the wrong way to email someone, seagulls coming to cities, the rise of cyberattacks, an Angelina Jolie quote, and Bach’s cello suite #1 on guitar.

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Doing Research? Search My Archives

June 19th, 2021

If there is any topic related to education that you are researching or just interested in, you can search this site. You can also go to my five archive pages on the left of my home page and search there. While you can also search the Internet, the items stored on my archive pages have been vetted for quality and accuracy by someone who has been in education full time since 1969.

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