Who is Dr. Doug Green?

I have been an educator since 1970. After teaching chemistry, physics, and computer science, I became an administrator for the next 30 years with experience at the secondary, central office, and elementary levels. I have also taught a number of leadership courses for The State University of New York at Cortland and Binghamton University and authored over 300 articles in computer magazines and educational journals. I also recently authored a book, “Teaching Isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Way More Complex”. Click here for the Amazon page and here is a link to an executive summary.

In 2006 I gave up my job as an elementary principal (Woodrow Wilson in Binghamton, NY) to care for my wife who had Lou Gehrig’s disease. After her death in March of 2009, I decided to see how I could use my expertise to help busy educators and parents hone their skills and knowledge. This blog is all about Bite-Sized daily Self-Development for educators and parents. It focuses on book summaries that present the main concepts of important books in about 15 paragraphs. I am active on Twitter @DrDougGreen, and when I find an interesting link or tweet I include it in my daily posts. Working educators and parents don’t always have time to read a lot, but I do. So this is my gift to our common mission to help all children learn. If you think I can help you or your district in any specific way please contact me so we can discuss the matter.

Each year I observe 115+ K-12 teachers in a local school district. Check out my Cup of Joe Podcast on this topic and find out how the teachers are dealing with the pandemic. I also did a Podast for Jabbadu where I talk more generally on education.

I have a BS in Chemistry from Clarkson University, an MA in teaching from Colgate University, a CAS in administration from SUNY Cortland, and an earned doctorate in Educational Theory and Practice from Binghamton University.

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18 Responses to “Who is Dr. Doug Green?”

  1. Glenn Whittington says:

    Dr. Green, What an amazing website! This will be an important resource for me.

  2. Morgan says:

    You forgott to tell that you have a cousine in Sweden with a good knowledge of their beer.

  3. Ron Joekel says:

    Doug: I like your website.. Thanks for giving us information about books/articles you have read.

  4. Galymzhan says:

    Very useful information, particularly book summaries.

  5. Pearl Miller-Cozort says:

    I miss your music. a mole is a number like 7 or 4 like 12 is a dozen of eggs and no more

  6. Thanks for such an uplifting blog. I was widowed in 2001 and know something–but only a little something–of your experience as a caregiver. I have since remarried and found a different meaning in my life. Your cool pix on the boat is such an affirmation! Was not expecting this when I clicked open your blog. Thanks.

  7. David says:


    This site is invaluable. The book summaries are a fantastic idea. Do you know of any other people who are doing things similar in creating book summaries? Or ways to find people. It seems there should be a massive demand for such summaries.

    Also, do you have some rules/ method in creating your book summaries. The notes are fantastic and must be a useful part of absorbing the information from a book? If you have any answers are you able to post them on the blog or email me?

  8. Rita Solnet says:

    This is a terrific website. I’ll promote it all over. I hope you can handle the traffic! This is truly wonderful and timely. Navigating the world of education reform is difficult for even the most seasoned such as you. Therefore, you have empathy, I’m sure, for all the parents and young educators who are struggling to stay above water. Thank you!

  9. tom corgel says:

    Dr. DUG, very impressive website. Many people in and out of education will benefit from your many talents.you are a very unique individual with much to offer. It was a pleasure to work with you during your distinguished career.

  10. Shelly Otero (formerly Van Atta) says:

    Dr. Green, this website is awesome! Thanks for sharing today. I am already navigating around getting a lot of information for me as educator AND a mom of two toddlers!
    Thank you for this gift!!

  11. Obie says:

    Hey Doug,

    I am glad to have stumbled upon this. Been working on a project which also involves business and self-help book summaries. I believe we can forge a mutually beneficial connection and work together. Kindly revert through my email and I’ll give you details. God bless!

  12. Jenna Smith says:

    Doug! We have worked together and I want to continue…I think my emails are not getting through, please reach out to me…thanks!

  13. Jenna: Sorry I changed my email. Try DrDougGreen69@gmail.com.

  14. Hi,

    This is excellent web site for treasure chest just to be discovered.

    Happy Learning to all.

    Warm regards

    Dr. Mukund P.Kakade. (Mumbai)

  15. Ester F says:

    Dr. Doug,

    What a generous gift to humanity, yes because at the end whatever we learn from you, we will teach it to someone. You are contributing to knowledge enhancement of people you do not even know, specially students in developing countries, who cannot get a book like this in the stores.

    In name of All,

    May the Creator bless your future days withHealth, Peace, LOVE, Harmony, Wisdom and Continued time and pleasure in reading and summarizing books.


  16. boldescuaa says:

    Advertising options

    I hope you’re having a good day.

    We’d want to place article adverts on your website drdouggreen.com, and our content will be relevant to the theme of your website. We’ll include a link to the finance/education website.

    If you’re interested, could you please tell me how much you’ll charge?

    We may still be interested if you don’t accept the above request; please include a rate for general links as well.

    If you have any additional sites to offer, please give a list of them along with their rates.

  17. I get many requests for guest posts. Please let me know what you intend to write about first so I can approve it or not and add my thinking on the topic. Once I approve your pitch I want well-written copy that doesn’t need much editing as I have to spend time converting it to HTML. Try to get someone else to read it if you can as it is often difficult to spot your own errors. Please include a photo or a graphic of some sort and include a brief bio with location (State/Country). Try for something between 500 and 1000 words with subheadings. Include a Twitter name if you have one.

    My audience is composed of parents and educators so pitch an article that would work for them and consider the environment that we are currently living in as context. Your author will need some expertise in the field of education to create content of sufficient quality. The author will also need some skill in researching topics they wish to write on in order to support the main ideas. If your author lacks either of these attributes you need to look elsewhere.

    I’ve also had some negative experiences with people who have English as a second language and have a narrow perspective of a culture outside of the US.

    If you wish to include links that are ads, I charge $50 one time. I do not accept articles that promote writing services intended to do students’ assignments for them.

  18. Tomash Paul says:


    I hope everything is going well for you.

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    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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