The Reading Workout: A 30-Day Plan That Turns Teenagers into Readers by Chris Beatty

Week 4 and You’re On Your Own

  • Now its time to finish your book. Chris suggests you divide the remaining pages by eight and read that many pages for the next eight days. You should also find somewhere to start your own library shelf. You can start with this book and your library books. During this book, you will be asked to rate your love of reading on a scale from one to ten many times. At the end you can graph that set of ratings to see how far you have come on the hate to love reading scale. On day 30, you can also take pride in the fact that you finished this book. And remember the Incredibly Stupendous Reading Tips: 1) Read what YOU want to read, 2) Avoid distractions when you read, 3) If you don’t like what you are reading, toss it. 4) READ EVERY DAY. Good luck and thanks Chris.
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