Hacking Your Education by Dale J. Stephens

Three Reasons for Going Don’t Hold Water

  • Social life isn’t limited to college campuses. In college you end up socializing with random people you run into in your dorm. If you are not in college, you can intentionally seek out people with common interests. You can also live in a city with a vibrant social life of its own as opposed to a small college town.
  • Four years of college might get you a job but it’s no guarantee as 22.4% of college grads under 25 are unemployed, and another 22% have jobs that don’t require degrees. As Dale says, “it’s also a f**king terrible idea to start out with $30,000 or more of debt and it limits your freedom to innovate.”
  • If you want to learn in college you may have to fight for it. Most professors are focused on their research and have no direct incentive to help you learn. If you want to learn how to hustle, network, and be creative, you are probably on your own anyway.
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