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Movement is Medicine by Dr. Kevin Jardine (@DrKJardine)

  • Kevin is the founder of Feeling Pretty Remarkable as well as his Spider Tech blog. Kevin talks about how important movement and physical activity are for living a happy, healthy and productive life. Our bodies are engineered for movement, yet we have never been more physically inactive as a nation. Move more and hurt less. Movement is one of the most important components of lasting health. Movement improves every cell in your body, even your brain. It can help someone overcome chronic pain. Movement was necessary for our ancestors just to survive. Now we have more sedentary jobs for the most part and temptations to engage in sedentary recreational activity. Sitting is the new smoking. Take micro breaks during the day and get moving. Pharmaceutical and surgical interventions have their time and place, but we rely too much on them. We need to use movement as medicine. We need to strike a balance between gross and fine motor systems. Lifting weight should be mixed with fine motor skill movements. Try standing on one foot as you brush your teeth, for example. Fifteen minutes of exercise along with movement throughout the day works well. The best form of health care is caring for your own health. It is easier to stay out of trouble than it is to get out of trouble.
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