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Humor, Music, & Cool Stuff Greatest Hits 2014

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

In addition to the education and leadership resources I post daily, I always end with this grab bag category so you can have some fun, and maybe still learn something. So read through the list and have some fun. The greatest hits of my other categories were posted on previous days along with my best book summaries from 2013. Have a happy new year and thanks for your continued support.

11/27 Key and Peele’s Substitute Teacher bit – If you are new to these guys be sure to watch some of their other videos. @DrDougGreen

11/27 Regina Dugan: From a mach 20 glider to a hummingbird drone. The nerd as a hero and how we all have nerd power. Be sure to at least watch the humming bird drone at 9 minutes. @TED_TALKS

11/26 A quadriplegic gives a TED Talk using a robot. This is amazing, extremely cool, and inspirational. [10:22] Be sure to watch until he flies his drone. Students need to see this. @TEDx

11/22 Google Street View Team traumatized by Florida’s nude beaches. Lesson for kids: you never know when you are on camera. @HuffPostMiami

11/21 14 school mascots that may be more offensive than the Redskins – Nothing says team sprit better than Hobos. @sara_bee

11/19 All mammals that weigh as much as cats on up take the same amount of time to pee. This is real science and young students will probably get a kick out of it. (It’s the “Other Golden Rule” story.) @scifri

11/18 Princeton is the top school on Trojan’s list. Yes it’s the condom maker. @HuffPostCollege

11/13 Product Testing – The Rollie by Glove and Boots. After watching this, the ad for the real product will probably seem funny. @Fafagroundhog

11/10 Man returns to burning house to save beer. Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending, sort of. @NYDailyNews

11/9 Glove and Boots sing their version of All Together Now. This is so cute and funny. @sbarness1

11/6 Now we have robot baristas. The joke on NPR was now we finally found work for robots who majored in English. Don’t get me wrong, I think English is a fine major. My dear departed wife was one. @qz

11/2 Freestyle Finger Snapping – This starts with a tutorial and goes on to an amazing demonstration of this art. [4:05] @reddit_tv

10/31 The nine most-hated Halloween treats – This is pretty funny. @HuffPostBiz

10/17 Bacon lowers sperm count while white fish increases it. Who knew you could use bacon for birth control. :) @theage

10/15 Dilbert creator Scott Adams discusses his new book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. Passion and goals are way less important than process. Watch the video [5:13] first. @millermarinellc @WSJ

10/10 The difference between porn sex and real sex – This is informative and funny. There is no sex, just food, but it may not be appropriate for kids who haven’t had a reasonable amount of sex ed. If you plan to have an Internet porn conversation with your kid, this might be useful.

10/6 Professional kayaker rides down drainage ditch at 35 miles and hour. This could be bad for your kayak and/or your body. @dailydot

9/27 Mac Story – This is a short parody of Toy Story [2:24]. I gave it the funny rating. @digg

9/26 Glove and Boots test products you can only buy on TV. Gorilla using the Slap Chop brought tears to my eyes. @Fafagroundhog

9/17 Young American tourist shows off features of a Japanese vending machine. Looks like they are a few steps ahead of us with this technology. @digg

8/28 The places that European explorers really did discover first. @GuyKawasaki

8/23 Overcoming obstacles: This is a short inspirational TED Talk [4:22] by a physically disabled student who made the varsity basket ball team as a freshman. All students should see this. @rmbyrne

8/22 iPhone app rates your performance in bed. The [1:24] video is funny and probably PG rated. @mailonline @TheImusShow

8/22 Mickey Mouse in a Bad Ear Day [3:51] – This is very clever. Show it in class and have students critique. This can promote some critical thinking. @ValmontGod

8/9 The fries that bind – Here is a cool infographic on where you find or don’t find McDonald’s. No two countries that both had a McDonald’s have ever fought a war. Your students should find this interesting. @digg @foodbeast

8/7 Ten reasons to drink coffee. @GuyKawasaki

8/2 Pupils at David Bowie’s alma matter make a tribute video [10:01]. This is pretty arty. Perhaps it will inspire other kids to get creative. @SchoolsImprove @eveningstandard

7/31 Kid solves a Rubic Cube while juggling it. [1:35] This is officially Awesome!

7/30 London firefighters notice an increased use of handcuffs. @USATODAY

7/25 Tom Thum: The orchestra in my mouth – [11:41] This guy is amazing. @TED_TALKS

7/22 Yuck Movie – A 4th grader does a documentary exposing the truth about his school lunches. Lesson for adults: not only are the kids watching, they just may be filming. You also may be interested in the story I got this from in the @NYPost.

7/21 Drumming grandma (possibly great grandma) really rocks it. [1:25] @iEducator

7/16 San Francisco TV station reports names of pilots on Asiana flight 214 that recently crashed. Here is a news story that explains how it was a racist prank that made it on air. Don’t feel bad if you think it’s funny. @TheImusShow

7/3 This is a great TED Talk [18:06] by an autistic kid. “Instead of being a student of your field, be the field.” Also see his 60 Minutes piece from 2012 when he was 13. @millermarienllc

‘6/22 Eight-year-old sings opera (Queen of the Night from Mozart’s Magic Flute). This is one of opera’s biggest show off pieces. [3:08] @DrDougGreen

6/18 Manal al-Sharif: A Saudi women who dared to drive. This is very inspirational. Make sure your kids see this. @TED_TALKS @Montberte

5/21 The lighter side of Sweden from the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The you can’t understand all the lyrics, here they are. This makes fun of Swedish culture and it’s right on. I’m a Swedish-American and have been there many times. @GuyKawasaki

5/21 One high school’s epic ending to the school year – This video features every kid in school and what seems like the entire facility. Every sports team and activity in the school in their uniforms are also represented. What end-of-year tradition does your school have? @Guykawasaki

5/17 How Irish dancing got started – This is hilarious. Be sure to watch it all. Thanks to my Swedish cousin Morgan Johansson

5/15 Visit the International Space Station while an astronaut sings the David Bowie classic. This is pretty awesome. ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield wows with Bowie’s Space Oddity. @adambellow

5/8 Bohemian Rhapsody parody by Syracuse students – This is very well done. @millermarinellc

5/3 The Evolution of Music by the Pentatonix – This is a great history of music lesson. @catmiller2 @millermarinellc

4/26 It’s Monday – A parody of the Rebecca Black Friday song – This is pretty funny. @adambellow

4/24 World Yo Yo champion tells his story and shows off. The lesson here is to follow your passion. @TED_TALKS

4/14 The gorillage people – I love these guys. @ValmontGod @FafaGroundhog @MarioGlove

4/5 The 40 hottest women in tech list – Should women on this list be offended? You could title this list Accomplished Women in Tech for my money and run it as is. I got this from This Week in Tech which has many of these women as guests. They are all smart, hard working, interesting, and great role models.

3/14 Three minutes of fun for any French class with Mickey Mouse. This would be excellent for beginners. @ValmontGod

2/19 Nine-year-old banjo wiz with his brothers on guitar and fiddle. This is what can happen when kids don’t have video games. Thanks to Douglas Thaler, retired rock star manager

1/16 Two BBC Trailers with Monty Python songs. Love this stuff. @FastCompany

1/16 Porn study scrapped due to lack on men who don’t watch it. It also notes that most boys watch it by age ten. Parents take note. If you don’t provide sex ed your kid will probably get it online. @MailOnline

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I’m Off the Grid Until Monday. Time to Review My Archives.

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Hello from the Adirondack Mountains where Internet access is spotty at best. I’ll be back with my daily Net Nuggets on Monday. Until then I’m referring you to my Net Nugget archives on the left side of my home page, and my 100+ book summaries available under the BOOK SUMMARIES tab near the top of my home page. The summaries contain the key concepts from the books, but lack the detailed evidence and interesting stories that support the author’s claims.

If you are reading this, I would like to thank you for your support. If you click a book item at the bottom of any page, it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the book. I encourage you to do this to support the authors who often give me their books. I will also get a small payment. I hope you find my work valuable and please consider sharing it with your network. Thanks so much.

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In and Out of Trouble with Facebook & Twitter

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Some of these tweets were part of a previous post, and I adding more as I find them. They seem important enough to keep up front for a while. While social media can be fun for some and profitable for others, some adults and youngsters manage to use it to get in trouble. Each of these stories should stimulate classroom discussion. You might want to have students come up with their own ideas of how to stay out of trouble first.

Principal resigns after apparently pretending to be kid on Facebook & befriending 300 students @courosa @mcleod

Do schools have the right to discipline students for what they say via social media off campus? @iEducator

Eight ways teachers get in trouble using Facebook – @DrDougGreen

How not to get into trouble on Facebook – @DrDougGreen

Social Media For Administrators – Read this if you still think you can avoid using it. @ShellTerrell

Quit Facebook or be expelled, school principal says. @BrianTomkins

Parents of underage Facebookers should be reported, Principal says. Also check link at bottom about girls being barred from graduation for bikini Facebook pictures. @s_bearden

Fourteen members of a Brooklyn gang ended up in handcuffs after idiots in their ranks accepted Facebook “friend” requests from a cop.

This is why parents should NOT allow kids under 13 on Facebook. @s_bearden

Teacher calls her student the devil’s spawn on Facebook and only gets 2-yr suspension so far. Plans to appeal. @NYPost

Mom’s Facebook post of children fighting sparks outrage. This is stupid times two. @BrianTomkins

11 Ways To Lose Your Job On Facebook Jeffbullass Blog @gcouros

State law requires sex offenders to list their status on Facebook. This is a first. Will others follow? @iEducator Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity @mashable

Swiss Olympic Athlete bounced for racist Tweet – You are only as good as your worst Tweet kids. @NYPost

Boy leaves Facebook message that causes mom to turn him in for murder. I’m glad this happened, but there is a lesson here for everyone. @NYPost

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Information on iBooks 2, iBook Author, & iTunes U

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

In case you missed this on Jan 20, 2012 Apple roles out iBooks 2. Try starting at the ten minute point. iBook author comes next. Skip to 49 minute point for new iTunes U app.

Here is a comment on the iBooks concept. You can’t afford Apple’s education revolution but it is the future. @zecool @dcannell

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Is College Worth It Issue? Some Think Not.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Are we starting to see the impact of a college cost/debt bubble? It seems that students are thinking twice about taking on college debt as others wonder if a college education has any value. When you couple this with tons of free online courses we may be seeing the beginning of a seismic shift. Here are some previous posts along with some I have recently added on this subject.

Is College Worth it Today? If you like this read my summary of Academically Adrift. @karolnyc @NYPost

Large Numbers of Students in California Foregoing College Because They Can’t Afford It @21stprincipal

Student loans: the next bubble. Would you lend money to someone without a credit history majoring in gender studies? @NYPost

Guide to Free, Quality Higher Education @rkiker

Colleges Realize They Can’t Keep Raising Tuition. @rkiker

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Is School Hurting Your Kid?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Although I have been concerned about the impact of school sports programs on student health for some time, I became more concerned when I heard Sophie Altcheck (@sophiealt) at TEDNYEd. She is a senior at Horace Mann School in New York City. While aspiring to play college soccer she sustained four concussions. She now is an intern at the Brain Trauma Foundation and tries to spread concussion awareness via her Facebook pages. Here is more on the subject along with the danger heavy backpacks pose and thoughts on recess

Concussions May Be More Severe in Girls and Young Athletes. @DrDougGreen.Com

Study: Women, Teens Take Longer to Recover From Concussions. @wired

Heavy Backpacts Can Spell Chronic Back Pain for Children @NYTimes

Does your school district have a health and wellness policy that includes recess? See my comment. @EngageFamilies @Playworks @DrMerylAin

Are schools making kids sick? @MiguelEscotet

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Job-Ready Resumé / Preschools by State / 1st Grade Spreadsheets

Monday, June 12th, 2017


My Perfect Resume


How State-Funded Pre-K Stacks Up – How is your state doing? @ElissaNadworny @CsanchezClaudio @npr @TracyMar @balmeras

Spreadsheet Fun in First Grade – This is worth a try with your first graders. @PrimarilyGoogle @sjgorman

Social/Mobile Media Education

Do NOT Flip Your Classroom (Unless … ) – There are some valid reasons not to flip your classroom. Best one is that sudents don’t have the technology. @flippedlearning


The Roman Empire, Designed As A Subway Map – History and geography buffs should enjoy this. @MyBoyTrubetskoy @digg


28 Ways to Incorporate a Growth Mindset Concept in the Classroom – That’s a lot of ways. Some should work with your students/children. Candace also has resumé advice for teachers. @Candace_Davies

Inspirational/Funny Tweets

Building Inspector: what’s this called? Darth Vadar: the death—[inspector’s eyes look up from his clipboard] uh the health star. @bobvulfov @mic

Humor, Music, Cool Stuff

Pornhub Is the Kinsey Report of Our Time. This article would be a good primer on the topic for teachers and parents. Don’t forget most kids get their sex ed from online porn. @TheCut

Recent Book Summaries, Original Work, and Guest Posts

Three Cornerstones to Consider When Choosing an Essay Writing Company by Lucy Adam

Good Luck Learning a Foreign Language in American Schools – This is my latest post for Starr Sackstein’s Ed Week Teacher blog. I don’t mean it as criticism of foreign language teachers. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein

Use Text Messaging to Connect with Parents and Improve Student Performance by Ken Rhie


Special Education 2.0: Breaking Taboos to Build a NEW Education Law by Miriam Kurtzig Freedman

Counting What Counts: Reframing Education Outcomes by Yong Zhao & Friends

Never Send a Human to Do a Machine’s Job: Correcting the Top 5 EdTech Mistakes by Yong Zhao, Gaoming Zhang, Jing Lei, and Wei Qiu

Check out my tes author page. @DrDougGreen @tesusa

Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape by Peggy Orenstein

Teaching isn’t rocket science, it’s way more complex. This is my latest and one of my best. Hope you like and share. @DrDougGreen @tesusa @davidjmarley

Be sure to try the bottom right translate button for your favorite language or one you are trying to learn. If you don’t see it check your ad blocking software.

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Kony 2012 – Net Nuggets

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Today I offer three links related to the Kony 2012 most viral video. It’s a 30-minute documentary about a rebel army in Central Africa. There is lots of controversy regarding the intent of the authors of the film. It just became stranger as one was arrested last night. This looks like a good story for students to argue on both sides.

Tweets Of The Day

KONY 2012: How Social Media Fueled the Most Viral Video of All Time #smm @BrettRelander

Uganda PM Tries to Set Twitter Straight About Kony #smm @BretRelander

Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained by Police in San Diego @BretRelander

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Leadership’s Greatest Posts in 2013

Friday, December 27th, 2013

During 2013 I posted over 300 links to leadership stories and advice for educators and parents. They are all available in the archive section on the left side of my home page. Today I present the best and most basic. They focus on how effective leaders behave along with good and bad examples to learn from. I suggest you read through this list quickly before you start to explore. As reading them all might take a while, consider having students and/or parents help.

11/27 Should student work be posted online for all to see? This article lays out the benefits and give suggestions for how to go about it. @Dunlop_Sue

11/23 Seven tips to overcome presentation anxiety – These are good tips for adults and teens. @GuyKawasaki

11/23 35 High Schools Worth Visiting – Check to see which one’s are near you and go visit. @Getting_Smart

11/21 Diane Ravitch supports boycott of common core tests. @JoieTyrrell

11/14 The Long Term Benefits of Music Lessons – @s_bearden @akmbirch

11/13 Seven Things Keeping Women Out of Science – Let hope this can change. @businessinsider @iEducator

11/9 Momentum Grows Against Zero Tolerance Discipline and High-Stakes Testing. @EdWeekTeacher @AnthonyCody

11/7 In Public Education, Edge Still Goes to the Rich. In some states, laws make the rich-poor gap bigger. Where does your state rate? @portereduardo

11/5 How to Ruin Kindergarten – Larry Cuban describes how the test-centric culture is impacting kindergarten. Read this and try to fight back. @LarryCuban

11/4 Five Ways You Might Be Undermining Your Authority – @EntMagazine @BrettRelander

11/2Is it time to ditch seat time as the criteria for awarding college degrees? This makes sense to me. @EDUBEAT

11/2 The Over Scheduled Child – How big a problem is this? Bruce Feiler Also see my comment. @LarryCuban

11/2 In 19 states adults can still hit kids in school. How stupid is this? Also see my comment. @edweek

11/1 Ten Ways to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life – @justintarte @Dwight_Carter

11/1 Suggestions for Dealing with Pornography in Sex Education Classes – I think this is something we need to take on rather than ignore. @guardian @SchoolsImprove

10/27 Children who paint more are more likely to become entrepreneurs. Those who went on to own patents or companies received up to eight times more exposure to the arts when they were in school. @Telegraph @SchoolsImprove

10/25 Six ways leaders diminish team performance. See if you fit into any of these types. @JesseLynStoner

10/25 Regular bedtimes benefits are tied to better behavior. Spanking’s link to bad behavior – Share with all parents you know. @NYTimes

10/21 Are video games better than drugs for ADHD? @dailydot @lemino

10/18 Ten Qualities of Great Teachers – how many do you or your teachers have? @justintarte

10/16 Is the increase in ADHD due to high stakes testing? This makes sense to me. @maggiekb1

10/16 Should preschoolers have nap time? Research implies the answer is yes. @thesleepdoctor

10/10 Banning Balls at Recess – What would you do? What do your students think? See my comment on the subject at Linked In. @Forbes

10/9 How to get high quality work from student projects. Even if you are not new to project-based learning (PBL) this should be helpful. @drmmtatom @edutopia

10/7 Ten strategies for promoting AP course completion – @Getting_Smart

9/29 Losing is good for you. Parents need to read this. @AshleyMerryman

9/27 How to nail the first 60 seconds of a presentation – This is pretty good advice that I always use. Go here to upload your presentation. @NowPossible

9/22 A simple way to leave your stress at work – @FastCompany

9/19 Ten things I wish I knew my first year of teaching. Be sure to share with any new teachers you know. @TeachThought

9/16 Advice for teachers who want to be principals. Be sure to read my comment. @joe_mazza @lynhilt @Larryferlazzo

9/16 Study shows that positive school climate boosts test scores. @EdSource @s_bearden

9/10 Students from rural, urban, Title I and high-need schools get outside and get ahead. @usedgov @Montberte

9/10 Why Every Student Should Be In a #1:1 Classroom – @EmergingEdTech @DyKnow

9/9 Fewer Rules, Better Schools – When I taught high school I never had rules. I just taught. Worked for me. @CoachGinsberg

9/8 Five recruiting habits of successful leaders – @MeghanMBiro

9/2 Ten Creative Scheduling Ideas To Provide Time for Face-to-Face Collaboration and Study – @InnovativeEdu

8/27 Ten reasons why walking meetings are a good idea – @brettgreene

8/20 Tips on building a positive school culture – @Getting_Smart

8/14 It’s time to stop averaging grades. @davidwees

8/13 The truth about homework in schools – Teachers should read this before they assign any more homework. @casas_jimmy @justintarte

8/10 The Five Biggest Skills Modern Teachers Need – See if you or your students can guess what they are. @ShellTerrell

8/3 The Dos and Don’ts for Integrating iPads – All school leaders and teachers need to read this. @Zite @dougpete

8/2 How to be more likable without being a phony – @GuyKawasaki

7/31 32 Characteristics of high performing classrooms. Some of this is pretty good.

7/8 Too Many Bosses – Not Enough Leaders Are you a boss or a leader? How about the people you work with? @fjohnreh @LeaderChat

7/4 Stop Penalizing Boys and girls for Not Being Able to Sit Still at School. Jessica Lahey – The Atlantic @edtechcoaching

6/27 Five Ways to Lead Through a Setback – @tedcoine

6/16 Five Things Rock-Star Leaders Do Every Day – @zite @8Amber8

6/5 Successful complainers make things better. Ten Ways to Complain Successfully – @Leadershipfreak

5/9 Ten Reasons To Try 20% Time In The Classroom: Google does it. Your classroom could too. Why not try it at least once? @colonelb

5/9 Should we continue to teach cursive writing? Elementary principal Rob Furman argues no. @DrFurman

5/2 Let teens sleep in for better grades. @NYPost

4/28 Avoiding the Six Temptations to be a Bossy Boss – @recoveringleadr

4/28 Should schools teach porn literacy? @Montberte @Telegraph @SchoolsImprove

4/26 Nine Leadership Mistakes That Kill Your Team – @fsonnenberg @MattMonge @LollyDaskal

4/17 Four Big Concerns About BYOD In Schools – @ShellTerrell

4/14 How to Destroy Creativity and Innovation – Nice poster on what NOT to do – @recoveringleadr

4/14 Bring inspirational speakers into your classroom via TED Talks. @SchoolsImporve @theguardian

4/12 Nine Leadership Tips Anyone Can Use Immediately – @zite @8Amber8 @LollyDaskal

4/10 Should we be surprised when teachers cheat? Bill Ferriter @plugusin @SBEducation @tomwhitby

4/3 Fifty ways to cheat on standardized tests. Which ones do you use? @prismdecision @washingtonpost

4/3 A field guide to the Meeting Troll – Share this with the people you work with and suggest that they try to avoid being the meeting troll. @thisissethsblog

3/25 Principal Qualities Most Wanted by Teachers – @SusanF95

3/9 Kill Your Conference Room. The Future’s in Walking and Talking. Most of us sit too much. @Wired @iEducator

3/2 Mastering Leadership Relationships – @Leadershipfreak @LollyDaskal

2/25 Top Nine Traits of the Principal as Student Advocate – @mccoyderek

2/16 Not enough physical activity in PE classes (UK) – What’s it like in your school? @SchoolsImprove @bbcnews

2/8 Leadership lessons from Henry VIII – and you thought he was a bad guy. @GuyKawasaki @jaykubassek

1/28 Why So Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom – @POUSDSupt

1/24 Nine Mistakes In Technology Integration In Education – This is good for veterans and those just getting started. @Ktweetthis @teachthought

1/23 Change the Subject: Making the Case for Project-Based Learning. @edutopia

1/21 Three attributes of a great principal – Try to guess what they are before looking. Be sure to ask students what they think and share with your principal. @principalspage

1/5 Six habits of likable people – Ask staff/students to rate themselves. @oveucsj @terryheick

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Learning’s Greatest Hits from 2013

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Thanks to the Internet, teachers and students have access to an unprecedented number of high quality learning resources. Each day I post the best that I find thanks to the people I follow in Twitter. Some of the best from this year are available as part of this post. By far, my best source for this material is Richard Byrne who tweets as @rmbyrne. I suggest you consider subscribing to his blog at Also, be sure to share post this with any teachers you know and thanks again for your support.

11/26 Learn algebra in 42 minutes with video games. @locotech @Forbes

11/23 Thirty apps that have promise in the classroom – Have your students check them out and report back. @Edudemic

11/22 How pain works. Is is a good short lesson [4:04] for upper elementary on up. @TED_ED @rmbyrne

11/18 Changing the teaching of history one byte at a time – Just because you find in on the Internet doesn’t mean it happened. @mcleod @edutopia

11/15 What Project-Based Learning Looks Like in Math – @posickj

11/14 What parents need to know about distance learning – @onlinecourse

11/12 Ten Online Activities for Geography Awareness Week – @rmbyrne

11/11 The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers [6:25] – Arthur Benjamin @tedtalks

11/11 Fifteen Lesson Plans For Making Students Better Online Researchers – Most teachers can probably learn something from these lessons. @Edudemic

11/11 Five Rules of Story Telling – Teachers should consider printing this and putting it where students can read it. Better yet, give each student a copy for their wall at home. @colonelb

11/10 Music lessons are shown to give your brain a boost. @bbcnews @DrEscotet

11/10 A graphic that features the importance of music in education – @DrSpikeCook

11/8 Periods 101 – This is good sex education for young men and even younger women. High school boys should read this along with girls before they have one. @howaboutwe

11/6 Eight Videos That Prove Math is Awesome – @ccscharger

11/1 Project-Based Learning Activities for Geometry From @Curriki – They are free and look interesting. @rmbyrne

10/30 Why Children Should Learn How to Program – @Independent @SchoolsImprove

10/28 Five excellent short videos to teach your students about digital citizenship – These are very good. Principals should figure out which classes should show them. @s_bearden

10/27 Figure This: Math challenges for the family from the National Counsel of Mathematics Teachers – These look like fun. @rmbyrne

10/24 How much can Minecraft Steve bench press? This is an interesting physics lesson using the popular game. More to come.

10/22 Keeping Fit Helps Academic Success. @TheScotsman @SchoolsImprove

10/18 Five Research-Driven Educational Trends in Use in the Classroom – @MindShiftKQED

10/16 Math Live features animated math lessons and activities. @rmbyrne

12/2 Kids Like to Learn Algebra, if It Comes in the Right App. @wired

12/4 The Chemistry of Cookies – This is good for middle school on up. [4:50] @TED_ED @digg

12/5 Twenty things you need to know to financially smart – This includes activities sorted by age for kids from 3 to 18. @rmbyrne @BethKobliner

12/6 Why Students Need to Fail – @UA_magazine @zecool

12/9 Six Ideas for Practical Math Lessons – @GuardianEdu

12/11 The Physics and History of skiing. @rmbyrne

12/12 What causes the lowest temperatures on Earth? animation [1:00] Share with any science teachers/students you know. @digg

12/13 Fifteen Ways of Teaching Kids to Code – This is a key skill for the 21st century. @coolcatteacher @Edutopia

12/17 An Interactive Map of the Odyssey – I wish I had this when I read the book. @rmbyrne

12/22 Biology Pop offers many kinds of resources for teachers and students. @rmbyrne

12/23 Five tools to help students plan story writing @rmbyrne

12/25 Online Fitness Courses – See if you can try some of these with your students/kids. @onlinecourse

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