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4/21 Top 100 Rodney Dangerfield Jokes – If you like Rodney at all you will love this well done compilation will do it for you. @RodneyNoRespect

4/20 Punch Brothers cover Gordon Lightfoot “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” 3/3/22 Boston, MA – Chris Thile and Punch Brothers with Noam Pikelny, Chris Eldridge, Gabe Witcher and Paul Kowert perform Gordon Lightfoot and Tony Rice’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” @LessThanFace1 @punchbrothers @christhile

4/19 CELTICA – Pipes Rock: Megawat – If you like bagpipes and rock and roll this could work for you. @CelticaRocks

4/17 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Fan Vote. You have only two weeks. I don’t see how they can keep Dione Warwick out. I also recommend Pat Benatar and Judas Priest. Dolly Parton said she would decline to make from for someone else. @rockhall @judaspriest @BestShotBenatar

4/16 Rush – Tom Sawyer (Bass Cover) by a very young girl. She is incredible. Getty Lee is considered a top bass player and she is playing his entire part. @EllenPlaysBass

4/15 Canon Rock – Jerry C cover by Laura Lace – Laura is a student of Jerry’s and she just kicks ass on this cover of Pachabel’s Cannon in D. Yesterday I posted her doing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D

4/14 J. S. Bach – Toccata in D Minor Guitar cover – This is INSANE!!! This is the piece that opens Disney’s “Fantasia.” At the end there are more amazing videos. Instagram:

4/13 “My Old School” Performed in Berklee’s LA Studio Ensemble 2016 Spring semester led by Marty Walsh. These kids really kick this old Steely Dan hit. @martywalsh8

4/12 Songs that use Counterpoint – This is an excellent music lesson for middle school on up. @TomplayApp

4/11 Old Blind Dogs – EDINBURGH TRADFEST 2020 – What’s not to like about a band with a bagpipe player. @oldblinddogs

4/10 Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Crooked Tree (Live) – If you like this there are a lot more of her work on YouTube. In addition to a very pleasant voice, she is an excellent guitar player with a fine band. @mollytuttle

4/9 The 5 Eating Habits Tom Brady Swears By – I pretty much do this and I never get sick. How many do you and your kids follow? @SamanthaBoesch @EatThisNotThat

4/7 Akaash Singh | Bring Back Apu | Full Comedy Special – This is a bit political but works for the left and right I think. WARNING: It’s also loaded with F-words so beware. @AkaashSingh @PadmaDevii

4/5 Artificial intelligence beats eight world champions at bridge. Victory marks milestone for AI as bridge requires more human skills than other strategy games. @lfspinney @guardian

4/4 The 12 Easiest, Most Fun Guitar Riffs – This is aimed at players who know the basic guitar cords. @musiciswin

4/3 Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast (Official Video) – If you are into metal rock this is one of the best. If you are also into opera as I am. you will appreciate Paul Dickenson’s voice. @IronMaiden

4/2 Top 10 Heartwarming Olympic Moments – Have a box of tissues ready. I sure needed some during this video. @MsWatchMojo

4/1/2022 Mesmerizing Drone Footage Captures Extraordinary Time Lapse Of Sheep Running Across A Meadow – This is really cool and only last 1:15 minutes. @LiorPt @design_boom

3/31 The mysterious isochronous curve – This is something you and your kids could make and research further. @CuriosityShow

3/30 All You Need To Know About The Starstreak Missiles Now In The Hands Of Ukrainian Troops – The U.K. Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Ukraine is ready to use the high-velocity missiles in combat against Russian aircraft. Be sure to watch the two short videos. @CombatAir @thewarzonewire

3/29 Clever Margarita Glass Is Made Entirely Of Salt – You don’t have to be old enough to drink to enjoy this short video. @therealshoptime

3/28 George Carlin- “Everyday Expressions” – If you need six minutes of joy, here it is for you. @TheGeorgeCarlin

3/27 How Much Apartment Space You Get For $1,500 Per Month In America’s Biggest Cities, Visualized – From 1,600 square feet to just 262, here’s how the size of apartments differs on a $1,500 budget across America’s 100 biggest cities. @tilpa

3/26 Have Your Mind Blown By This 360° Time Lapse Of All 5,005 Exoplanets Discovered Between 1991 And Now. This is very creative and cool and only 1:17 minutes. @NASA

3/25 Cartoons on Teaching Art in Public Schools – As someone who observes every K-23 teacher in a local district I find that the art classes are excellent when it comes to learning and differentiation. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

3/24 Someone Threw A Paper Airplane Off Their Penthouse Apartment And Its Flight Path Will Put You On The Edge Of Your Seat. This looks like something that your kids can do if they can find a high place. @Digg

3/23 Secret to running faster without getting so tired (NOT WHAT YOU THINK) At 75 I still run and race. This sounds like good advice to me.

3/22 Here’s What Was Going On Inside The Head Of The Man Who Illegally Climbed The Shard. This iconic building in London it a goal for extreme climbers. WARNING: There is a casual F-word. @VICE

3/21 Six from Six: The Musical on Broadway – This is an Animatic of the final number, which to my tastes should be a big hit. If you like it a little searching will find videos from the actual show that I saw and really enjoyed on 2/18/2022. @TheTobyMarlow @MucyLoss

3/18 The Nesting Song – Official Video – This lady has a good voice. This is a nice song and a very cool video. @diellemusicuk

3/14 ‘SNL’ Captures That Uncomfortable Feeling Black Customers Have When Shopping At A Cashier-less ‘Amazon Go’ Store. I shopped in a black store where you had to check your bags on the way in and they told me I could keep my bag. You guessed it, I’m white. @kenanthompson @nbcsnl

3/12 Someone Built A Hot Wheels Backyard Mega Track With Waterfalls And It’s A Thrill Ride From Beginning To End. You and kids of any age should get a kick out of this ride. @backyardracing

3/11 Tiger Woods: World Golf Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech (2022 Induction) – In case you missed it, this is pretty cool. Did you know that when Tiger played junior gold he wasn’t allowed in many club houses due to the color of his skin? You can also listen to his daughter introduce him. @TigerWoods @GolfHallofFame

3/10 How Expensive Are Starbucks Lattes Around The World? These Data Visualizations Break It Down. Not all Starbucks lattes are created equal. These maps and charts show the prices of Starbucks drinks across the United States and around the globe. This is a good lesson in data science. @Starbucks @Digg

3/9 This Little Girl Singing ‘Let It Go’ Inside A Ukrainian Bomb Shelter Will Melt Your Heart. Just in case you haven’t seen this yet I had to post it. @jamescrugnale @Independent

3/8 Peace Love and Hope – David Perry Origina – This would be a good song for elementary teachers to play. It is especially good for beginning readers. @DavidPerryTunes

3/7 Northwest Passage (Stan Rogers) – The Water Boys (A Cappella Cover) – If you aren’t a Stan Rogers fan here is your chance to get started. @WaterBoysUW @Stanfest

3/5 Why isn’t the Netherlands underwater? Dig into the incredible engineering of the Netherlands’ Delta Works— the most sophisticated flood prevention system in the world. @alstefan @TED_ED

3/4 Robin Williams explains how golf was invented – This is the clean version of his classic story of golf. @RWFansite

3/3 How These Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles Are Taking A Bite Out Of Russia’s Armored Vehicles – Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles are proving to be an effective defense against Russia’s advancing armored vehicles in Ukraine. Here’s how they work and why they’re a formidable weapon to have on the battlefield. @usmmil

3/2 Five Surprising Uses for Recycled Poop – The average person produces about a pound of poop a day. Where does it all go? The answer depends on where you live. @LinaZeldovich @mental_floss

2/28 SNL’ begins the first show in a month with Ukrainian choral performance in a display of solidarity. “Saturday Night Live” forewent its usual political cold open sketch and began Saturday’s show with a solemn performance by the Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York in a show of solidarity with the people of Ukraine. @joneillmusic

2/27 50 Fun And Interesting Geography Facts – Fact one is that 90% of Earth’s population lives in the Northern hemisphere. Which ones took you and your kids by surprise? @catdaddyshow

2/26 How To Master The Easiest And Toughest Shots In Pool – Professional pool player Tony Robles demonstrates how to get the basics right and then shows off some fancy shots you can learn on the table. This is good for beginners and intermediate players. @PredatorTourNYC

2/25 All the Things That Drain Your EV Battery – And, yes, there’s way more to it than just driving hard and turning on those heated seats. @AlistairJ90 @WIRED

2/22 What makes muscles grow? We have over 600 muscles in our bodies that help bind us together, hold us up, and help us move. Your muscles also need your constant attention, because the way you treat them on a daily basis determines whether they will wither or grow. Your kids should watch this. @IAQinGWN @TEDTalks

2/21 Blues Brothers: Soul Man – SNL – Today’s song “Soul Man” by The Blues Brothers was recorded LIVE at the Universal Amphitheater in September 1978, a few months after they debuted on SNL as the musical guest on April 22, 1978. @dan_aykroyd @nbcsnl

2/18 ‘Dream come true’: Puerto Rican model is Victoria’s Secret first with Down syndrome Sharing a black and white photo of herself in a Victoria’s Secret bra, Puerto Rican Sofía Jirau announced she has become a new type of angel – the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome. @itsgabbymiranda @USATODAY

2/15 Sistine FloorThe builders of the Sistine Floor – I miss Gary Larson, but he has a treasure trove of old stuff.

2/13 One Look At You Makes Me Wanna… David Perry Original – This is new music from one of my fans. It’s clever. Give it a chance. @DavidPerryTunes

2/12 These Words That Women Know Better Than Men And Vice Versa Will Make You Question Your Grasp Of The English Language. See how many you know from each list. @lead_mbradley

2/11 Here’s The Secret Code That The Interstate Highway Signs In The US Are Telling Drivers. You might not have learned this in driver’s ed, but the red, white, and blue highway shields are trying to tell you something. @cgpgrey

2/9 The National Winners from the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 – The World Photography Organization has announced the winners of the 2022 Sony World Photography National Awards. The winners, of which there are many, were selected from a massive pool of more than 170,000 submissions. @jaronschneider @PetaPixel

2/8 EYE IN THE SKYThis One-Take Drone Video Inside The National Hockey League All-Star Game Will Blow Your Mind. This is amazing and only two minutes long. @jamescrugnale

2/6 The Rolling Stones – Snap Crackle Pop (Rice Krispies Commercial – 1963) – This is amazing. I don’t think you need to be a fan to enjoy this. @ricekrispies @RollingStones

2/5/2022 100 Places You Need to Visit Before You Die. United States Travel – This forty minutes, but worth it. Be sure to keep score of the places you have been from the start. Also, make a list of the places you would add. Here is mine: the Florida Key’s Road, the Finger Lakes in New York State, The LaBrea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, Napa Valley, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Cape Cod, the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Yankee Stadium. Top of the Rock in Southern Missouri, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Coolie Dam, Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, Charlestown, South Carolina including Fort Sumter, the Agusta National Golf Course, and Padre Island in Texas. @World2Briggs

1/31 “In the Still of the Night along with a lot of 1950s icons – The Five Satins perform this memorable song. If you’re my age you will love this. If you don’t remember the 1950s you can still get a kick out of this. @safeshare_tv

1/29 Rhone Talsma Had The Best Reaction After Realizing He Had Beaten Amy Schneider On ‘Jeopardy!’ In case you missed it this is the guy who finally beat Amy Schneider who has the 2nd most consecutive wins in Jeopardy! history. @Jeopardamy @Jeopardy

1/28 Can You Figure Out How The NO₂ Fountain Works? Once the ad start you can skip to the 3:45 mark in you aren’t interested. This is a cool chemistry lesson for middle school on up. @theactionlabman @YouHodler

1/27 The Most Unbelievable 8-Ball RUn Ever! There are several insane shots here. @chrismelling1 @BilliardNetwork @genipool14

1/26 Meat Loaf “Bat Out OF Hell” Live With the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – This is the title song from the 4th best selling album ever written by Jim Steinman and produced by Todd Rundgren. @MelbSymphony @RealMeatLoaf @realjimsteinman @toddrundgren

1/24 Craziest final Jeopardy ever! I watch Jeopardy! every night and somehow I missed this one. It is pretty cool. @Jeopardy @Jeopardamy

1/23 Inside the Story of iBeer, the Underdog App That Made Millions – Be sure to watch the short video. This is silly, buy fun. @quinmyers @wearemel

1/22 Here’s The Time Meat Loaf Absolutely Crushed The Star-Spangled Banner At The 1994 MLB All-Star Game. This is a real WOW. I’ve always been a fan. Rest in peace big guy. @RealMeatLoaf @mlukfc @MLB

1/21 Investigating the Periodic Table with Experiments – with Peter Wothers – This is an extended lecture/demonstration that any chemistry teacher or student should watch. I started my working life as a chemistry teacher. @peterwothers @WillKnot

1/20 Celtic Thunder Heritage – “A Place in the Choir” – This is song by Bill Stains who just passed at 74. Lots of fold covered this. I saw him play live in the Adirondacks last year. He was left-handed and played a right-handed guitar upside down. Here is Bill singing “River.” @celticthunderoz @nytimesmusic @acousticUSA

1/18 Watching Gareth Potts Clear A Pool Table In Under 30 Seconds Is Extremely Satisfying To Watch. This is a version of 8-ball where there are seven yellow balls and seven red balls. Since he sinks a yellow ball on the break he has to clear all yellows and then sink the eight. I’ve played a lot of pool. This is insane. @GarethPotts

1/17 Where New York’s 14 Million Tons of Trash Go – NYC Revealed – New Yorkers produce over 14 million tons of trash each year — and a combination of city agencies and private companies work daily to haul away what New Yorkers don’t want. What happens to the trash you throw out? @Carl_E_Mueller @FrankPosillico @tasiajensen @cheddar

1/16 I put my capo on the 11th fret and this happened. I often find that playing a familiar song with the capo on sounds different and lends itself to more creativity, but this is way out of the box. @casperesmann

1/15 Incandescent Bulb Filament In Liquid Nitrogen. Ok kids, why can a bare filament glow in liquid nitrogen burn without destructing? @theactionlabman

1/14 Here’s What 260 MPH On The Autobahn In A Bugatti Chiron Looks Like In Real Time. Note that the speed gauge is in kilometer per hour. The top speed of 418/kph is equal to 260 mph. @Bugatti @DopeCars_NFT

1/13 Watch This Extremely Patient Craftsman Build A Miniature Man Cave Into The Side Of A Mountain. Here’s a mesmerizing video of a man building an earth hut, grass roof, and fireplace out of clay, It starts with a summary that takes less than a minute if you don’t want to watch all twenty minutes. Cyprien Outdoor Adventures @MarnixRijpma @suwayrah_

1/12 Why yeast extract is in tons of foods (and why it’s delicious) – I put yeast extract in my breakfast drink every morning and it tastes really good. If you are any kind of foody you need to watch this. @aragusea @omnibread1_

1/10 Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise – If you are trying to decide which kind of weights to do this might help. @Picture_Fit

1/8 We Doubt This GPS Guided Laser Navigational Display On A Bike Is Street Legal But It Looks Hella Cool. The LaserCube purports to provide a laser-based navigation system. It looks awesome but there’s no way it’s street legal, right? @wickedlasers

1/7 Debut Music Video Single by Singer Guitarist PettyRock Vimolwan Saisathit- Thailand Open the Sky – SHe is 12-years-old. The song starts at 1:30 and the guitar solo that Eddie VanHalen would be proud of starts at 3:30. Here is a longer video that includes here doing “The Ace of Spades” on the street and Pachabel’s Cannon in D at the age of eight. @CRAVE_Guitars

1/6 Watching A Time Lapse Of This Pumpkin Grow From Seed To A 1,321 Behemoth Is Mesmerizing. This only takes a minute and a half. Students of all ages will enjoy this. @skaueller @heatonmoorpark

1/5/2922 WJM Performs “Titanium” at Pier 39 San Francisco – This was five years ago, but they are still together. Just search “WJM” on YouTube. They sound a bit like The Killers and also remind me of a young Rush. @WJMtheband

12/31 This Comedian Hilariously Demonstrates Everything Wrong With Gas Pumps In Less Than A Minute. Charlie Berens brilliantly riffs on how intrusive ad tech has ruined America’s gas pumps. @CharlieBerens @ManitowocMinute

12/30 Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog in “Dueling Banjos” – I remember where I was when I heard the Jim Henson died. I cried like a baby. Fortunately, Kermit still lives. Full confession: I’m also a banjo player. @funnyordie @KermitTheFrog

12/29 Someone Put Cello Strings On Their Bass Guitar And The Result Was Extraordinary. Charles Berthoud discovers that a bass guitar sounds incredible with cello strings. @CHBerthoud

12/28 Follow This Script The Next Time An Airline Says They’re ‘Bumping’ You To The Next Flight. This short video could be worth real money someday. @breeashhh

12/27 Top 20 Greatest Male Guitarists of All Time – I think that Townsand and Richards are here more for their songwriting than their guitar virtuosity. I would replace them with Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa. I would also move Prince and Zappa up. I’ve seen other lists like this and this is the most credible of the bunch. @WatchMojo

12/24 Analysing The Beach Boys’ greatest song – ‘Good Vibrations’ is way more complicated than I thought. It changes keys more than any other pop song. Share this with music teachers and students you know. @Bellroy

12/23 Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night: Great Art Explained – Van Gogh didn’t pick up a paintbrush until he was 30 and by the time he was 37 he was dead. Share with art teachers, students, and anyone interested in art. @mfaboston

1/22 “Ave Maria” sung in an INCREDIBLE sounding stairwell – I have no idea who these guys are, but this is incredible. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from Dr. Doug

12/21 Winter Holidays Cartoons from Larry Cuban – @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

12/21 Paul McCartney’s Piano Lesson – Paul can’t read or write music. If you want to play piano give his method a try. Here is lesson two. @secrets_of_roc

12/20 Stevie Nicks – Rock and Roll (Live In Chicago) – From ‘Stand Back: 1981-2017’, Stevie Nicks’ three-album career-spanning collection is available now. Featuring studio hits, live performances and celebrated collaborations – Find your copy here. @StevieNicks

2/19 Molly Tuttle, Alison Brown, Missy Raines & Kimber Ludiker – This features five women playing “White Freightliner Blues” originally by Townes Van Zandt. @DaddarioandCo @mollytuttle @alisononbanjo @TheNewHip @kimberludiker

12/18 This One-Take FPV Drone Of A College Campus In Switzerland Is Absolutely Bonkers. Take a mesmerizing journey through a school in St.Gallen, Switzerland. It’s only three minutes and it’s very cool. @NewStepMedia @HSGStGallen

12/17US Presidents’ Favourite DRINKS – Fifteen favored wine as I do while twelve preferred some kind of whisky, four liked beer, three liked vodka, two liked rum, two liked cider, and only six were nondrinkers. Franklin PPierce stands out as he drank EVERYTHING. This is cool and only 4:25 lone. @hammabish

12/16 The History of Metal One guy plays every style one after another. @bomaproductions

12/15 One Simple Trick for Being a Better Thinker – Fad brain boosters all miss one key thing: Our brains evolved to work together. @ejwillingham @Slate

12/14 What Happens When You’re Drunk AND Stoned At The Same Time? While you might get higher, you won’t get safer or smarter. Share this with anyone you know who does both at the same time. @AsapSCIENCE

12/12 This Giraffe-Sized Reptile Was the Largest Flying Creature to Ever Live. The pterosaur likely launched itself about eight feet off the ground before flapping away, solving the mystery of how these creatures could even fly at all. Kids usually love dinosaurs. @RashaAridi @NewsfromScience @SmithsonianMag

12/11 Sommelier Explains Why Different Types Of Wine Glasses Exist And What They’re Meant For. I drink wine everyday and I learned a few things from this short video. This guy has many other interesting wine videos. @MaisonNoirWines @bonappetit

12/10 Watch the Jellyfish Cam at the Monteray Bay Aquarium – Watching this is like a good meditation session. @MontereyAq @taraparkerpope @NYTimesWell

12/8 Bela Fleck – The First Noel, Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, Joy to the World Banjo Jam – CBB 09 – If you want to get into the holiday mood, start with some Christmas music on the banjo by the best. He starts playing one minute in. @belafleckbanjo @MyTallTripod

12/7 This Mashup Of Twister Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ And Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Works Insanely Well. Send your Mariah Carey-loving relatives this hilarious mashup that we’d call the greatest gift of all. @ThereIRuinedIt

12/6 Adam Sandler on Hanukkah – SNL After noticing a lack of Hanukkah tunes, Adam Sandler decided to sing a Hanukkah song about all the famous Jewish people you might not know about such as David Lee Roth, Goldie Hawn, and The Three Stooges. [Season 20, 1994] @AdamSandler @nbcsnl

12/4 This Drone Uses Piercing Talons to Perch—or Snatch Things. What do you get when you slap 3D-printed raptor legs on a quadcopter? A robot that can land like a falcon to keep an eye on the forest. @mrMattSimon @wired

12/3 Top 10 Spices to Clean Your Arteries that Can Prevent a Heart Attack. I eat most of these daily and am very healthy. Also, be sure to avoid salt and sugar. @RespiratoryZone

12/1/2021 Next Level Pianist Performs ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ But Continuously Makes It Jazzier Each Verse. This is a great music lesson. Share with music teachers and students you know. @_charlescornell

11/30 Venice, Italy 4K-UHD Walking Tour – With Captions! – Prowalk Tours – This is a three-hour-plus walking tour of Venice. I was there in 2019 and it is a magical place. This is fun to watch in pieces. @ProwalkTours

11/28 Stephen Sondheim Delivers A Master Class On Performing ‘Send In The Clowns.’ As you maybe know, he just passed. He was an amazing American artist. As this video shows, he was a teacher too. @guildhallschool

11/27 This Is The Most Beautiful Rendition Of Green Day’s ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ You’ll Ever Hear. “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” sounds like it’s being played by an angel in heaven with this harp guitar cover by Jamie Dupuis. @JamieDupuis

11/26 Stephen Sondheim Delivers A Master Class On Performing ‘Send In The Clowns.’ As you maybe know, he just passed. He was an amazing American artist. As this video shows, he was a teacher too. @guildhallschool

11/25 Your Brain on Crack Cocaine – This short animation is perfect for middle and high school health classes. @AsapSCIENCE

11/24 A Comprehensive Explanation For Why It’s So Hard To Come Up With A Good Name For A Car – This is funny and worth the 16-minute length. @donutmedia

11/23 sons Honesdale, Pennsylvania is the BEST small town in America. I live not too far away and can’t argue with this guy. @Marklaylow @BarbTotta @annaleax_

11/22 Cartoons on Living Digitally – Enjoy Larry Cuban’s latest cartoon collection. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

11/20 Uninvited: The Spread of Invasive Species – This is a very good documentary. If you or you students are interested in the environment you need to see this. @NYSDEC @MateoFrye @JRNYJim @st3powers

11/19 47 Fun Facts About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – On Thursday, November 25, Macy’s will send its 95th Thanksgiving Day Parade down the streets of Manhattan. I’ve been several times. It’s a great show. @erincmccarthy @Stacy_Writes @mental_floss

11/17 Paramedics Debunk 12 First Aid Myths. Paramedics Randy Li and Lorena Concepcion-Martinez debunk 12 myths about first aid. They talk about how to properly perform CPR, different choking protocols, and the best way to clean a wound. This could save a life. @michonce @margaretguzmann

11/16 AC/DC – Back In Black on iPhone (GarageBand)

11/15 This one-of-a-kind McDonald’s has a ‘McBoat’ float-thru window. Scott, whose 4.4 million-subscriber channel focuses on highlighting “Amazing Places” across the world, says that the McBoat struck him as profile-worthy due to its combination of different and predictable. @hanfrish @nypost @tomscott

111/13 Tessellation Is Easier Than You Think. Have your kids give this a try and learn some geometry at the same time. @theactionlabman

11/12 Jack Black Performed A David Bowie Cover With A Bunch Of Kids And Now We Want A ‘School Of Rock’ Sequel More Than Anything. @BlueBearMusic @jackblack

11/11 2021’s Best Places to Retire in Florida – Florida’s unmatched status as a retirement paradise, however, doesn’t rub off on every one of its cities. I have many friends there and they all picked places near the top of this list. @AssembledAdam @ClaimerApp

11/10 2021 09 26 St Louis Rolling Stones Full Concert – This is a fairly high quality production of the first concert they put on after Charlie Watt’s death.

11/9 Here’s How Axl Rose Expertly Fixed A Potentially Deadly Crowd Crush Situation At A Guns N’ Roses Concert. So I guess that Axl Rose is a genius after all. All rock stars should watch this. @gunsnroses @Dig

11/8 Top 70 Metal Wedding Songs for Your Reception – Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a wedding to play these songs. @Loveyouwedding @BlogginandLivin

11/6 Fred Armisen Gave A Brilliant Impression Of How Punk Music Evolved Every Decade. Fred Armisen gave Jimmy Fallon’s audience a history lesson in punk music in this extraordinary imitation. @FREDARMISEN5 @jimmyfallon

11/5 American Civil War from The European Perspective | Animated History – History teachers should share this with students from middle school on up. @ArmchairHist

11/4 Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile And Stuart Duncan: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert – The genre-bending cellist Yo-Yo Ma heads a dream team of string players — Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, Stuart Duncan who borrow from bluegrass. @YoYo_Ma @EdgarMeyerJr @christhile @odonovanaoife

11/3 U2 with Mick Jagger & Fergie: Gimme Shelter – Live from Madison Square Garden (2009) – This is one of the best Rolling Stone’s songs for my money. Fergie is amazing here as a complement to Mick. @U2Argentina @U2 @MickJagger @Fergie @FergusonCrest

11/1 Osborne Brothers – Rocky Top – They were to record what became Tennessee’s State Song. Sonny on the banjo just passed. Here is his New York Times obituary. @brothersosborn

10/31 Here’s Simon Pegg’s Next Level Party Trick Impersonating Every Member Of The Beatles In Less Than 12 Seconds. @Simon_Pegg @magicfm

10/31 Best Halloween Candy Ranked – I totally agree with number one on this list but would argue with some of the other placements. What do you and your kids think? @Gawker

10/29 Keith Richards Demonstrates his 5-String Technique. If you play guitar at all you can try this. Remove the lower E string, tune the low A string to G, and tune the hi E string to D. Then mess around. You will be playing “Street Fighting Man” in no time. @officialKeef @NoiseyMusic @VICE

10/28 AC/DC does On Broadway – Note that he changes keys and plays with one hand. Unfortunately, it ends too soon. @acdc @pchenderson_LV

10/26 Here are links to three song collections by Jon Magnusson. He plays guitar and piano and also sings on some songs. The songs are in a wide range of style and all very well done.Beyond the Seasons

10/25 How U.S. Military Linguists Learn Languages Fast – Share this with language teachers you know. @Olly_IWTYAL

Welcome to Climate Pledge Arena Home of the Seattle Kraken. There are 31 colorful pages here with very little text. Let me know if you can explain why using rainwater to make ice is greener than using tap water. @emilymkaplan @espn

10/23 How Pickleball Won Over Everyone From Leonardo DiCaprio to Your Grandparents – The addictive tennis-Ping-Pong hybrid might be the last thing red and blue Americans can agree on. “I literally want every person in the world to play this game,” says one convert. I finally played this year and I’m 74. It’s great fun. @VanityFair

10/22 What Happens When You Drop A Giant Pumpkin 100 Feet Into A Pool. I don’t know what was the rationale behind this, but it is satisfying to watch it unfold in slow-motion. Save this for your class Halloween party. @HereIsOregon

10/21 The Best Farmers Market in Every State – I love farmers market where you can buy and eat locally grown food. I’ve been to the one in my state (NY) and it it very good. How’s the one in your state? @BrittanyAnas @EatThisNotThat

10/20 Bela Fleck and Chris Thile “Off the Top,” Grey Fox 2016 Oak Hill, NY. Bela and Chris are arguably the best on their respective instruments. Let me know if you disagree. @belafleckbanjo @christhile @LessThanFace1

10/19 This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Quit Porn. Face it parents, your kids are probably get sex ed from porn. The lesson here is that it’s a good idea to give up porn if you want a meaningful relationship with someone that involves real sex. @AsapSCIENCE

10/18 Jay Leno Tests Out A Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle That Never Needs To Be Charged. It’s an interesting vehicle, but I don’t think I’d want to drive one on the road. Check out Aptera’s website where you can configure and reserve your car. @jayleno @LenosGarage

10/17 Dreams – The Petersens (LIVE) – I’m a big fan. This features the youngest daughter Julie Ann. @thepetersens

10/16 Top Three Positive News Stories, OCTOBER 2021 – These are good news stories and positive news that we all long for as we are constantly fed with negative news, be it on news channels or social media. @ernest6words

10/14 Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains founder, dies (1938 – 2021) RIP. This is a short video obituary about a great musician and person. There are lots more Chieftains content on YouTube. Check it out. @thechieftains

10/13 How Magellan circumnavigated the globe – Ewandro Magalhaes – Students studying exploration of the new world should see this short TED Talk. @ewandromag @TEDTalks

10/12 What 100 Calories of Halloween Candy Looks Like. Here’s how to have some of what you’re craving—without wrecking your diet this holiday. @catharob @ConsumerReports

10/10 Here’s Why You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Fail The Milk Crate Challenge. It seems easy enough. Run up and down a pyramid of stacked milk crates. Dr. Nehemiah Mabry, an engineer, explains why you’re stupid for even trying this. @NehemiahMabry

10/9 Daniel Craig Answers Questions About James Bond 007. This video is eight minutes of the kind of questions I would like to ask. @GQMagazine @Daniel_CraigFan

10/9 Here’s A Time Lapse Of A Student With ADHD Watching A Math Instructional Video Versus Watching A “Star Wars” Video, And The Difference Is Stark. If only we could make math seem more like “Star Wars.” @UCF

10/7 How This One Weird Trick Can Help Clear Your Sinuses – I tried this and it seemed to work. Good luck. @likeinthesand

10/5 Someone Turned Their House Into A Full-On ‘Ghostbusters’ Halloween Light Show, And It’s A Paranormal Visual Extravaganza. This is pretty insane. Enjoy. @SeasonedProjec1

10/4 Hey, Grandpa – The Petersens Original (LIVE) – This is a true story written be the fiddle player. It brought tears to my eyes. @thepetersens

10/2 Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas playing “Grand Etang / Hull’s Reel” live on BBC Radio Scotland – I saw these guys in Ithaca, NY last night and they are excellent. If you like this YouTube has lots more. @alasdairfraser @NatalieHaas83

10/1 Songs that will help you identify intervals – This is a great music lesson for young and old songwriters alike. @ToneGym10 @Patreon

9/30 The Bangles – In Your Room – I love this video and I’m not alone as it has over seven million views. While the lyrics might be PG it’s shows how women can creat a great rock band. @Banglesfun

9/29 Tom Scott Discovered A Model Train Set Connected To Real Railway Signaling Equipment In Germany, And It’s Breaking Our Brains. This shows a simulator that allows future train controllers to practice with three different technologies. @tomscott

9/28 Benefits of Lentils and Chickpeas – I only eat animals when friends prepare them for me. I also ran a half marathon on Sunday (9/26). I was the oldest finisher (74) and beat 82 younger runners. You can make beans really tasty with the right spices. @nutrition_facts

9/27 Mr. Sandman (Cover) by Foxes and Fossils – The fossils are the guys playing the backup track to the singing foxes. I love these guys. @foxesandfossils

9/25 A Teenager On TikTok Disrupted Thousands Of Scientific Studies With A Single Video. Suddenly, scientists used to getting a wide mix of subjects for their Prolific studies saw their surveys flooded with responses from young women. @Verge @Prolific

9/24 Cartoons on Returning to School–2021 – Reopening schools during and after the Covid-19 pandemic offered cartoonists enough material to run their inkwells dry. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

9/23 ‘Family Guy’ Made A Surprisingly Good PSA About What The COVID-19 Vaccine Actually Does. Science teachers can probably use this. It’s only 3:37. @FamilyGuyonFOX

9/22 Don’t Boil Your Sweet Corn — Here’s The Definitive Method To Making It Taste Even More Delicious. Here are tips for removing the husk, removing corn from the cob, and cooking it at the proper temperature. As an experienced cook, I learned a lot from this. @TestKitchen

9/21 This Middle School Wanted To Beat The Record For The World’s Longest Cereal Box Domino Effect, And The Result Is Glorious. Every box was donated to a local food pantry. @IVALongBeach

9/20 The Wheels On The Bus (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) – Ask your kids which version they like best. @FrogLeapStudios @LydiaThespian

9/19 Norm McDonald – Moth Joke – Norm just passed away from cancer. This brilliant comedian left us way too soon. If you haven’t seen this bit it’s worth about four minutes. There is a lot more on YouTube if you like it. @ConanOBrien

9/18 20 of the Hardest ‘Jeopardy!’ Questions of All Time – “Triple stumpers” are known for giving all three contestants a run for their money. Test your mettle on these famously challenging questions. This was fun. I got about half of the right. Good luck. @adriennemwest @esquire

9/17 20 Ways To Pay Less at Costco Many of these tips apply no matter where you shop. Be sure to get your kids involved. @Yahoo @morganmquinn

9/16 Why Michelangelo Didn’t Paint the Last Supper – Monty Python’s version of “Why Michelangelo Did Not paint the ‘Last Supper.’ And for those of you who might be confused, it was Leonardo Da Vinci who painted the famous version of ‘The Last Supper,’ not Michelangelo. @EricIdle @montypython

9/15 Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas playing “Grand Etang / Hull’s Reel” live on BBC Radio Scotland – He is from Scotland and she is from the US-trained at Juilliard. This is pretty cool. @alasdairfraser @NatalieHaas83

9/13 Blacksmith Debunks The Dumbest Conspiracy Theory About 9/11 In Less Than Two Minutes. This is also a good science lesson. @jhattara @Digg

9/11 May Baby – The Petersens Original (LIVE) – The lead singer is the youngest Petersen Julianne who is now in college. I feel like I’m watching her grow up. She is starting to sound like Nanci Griffith who recently passed. @thepetersens

9/10 Raul Malo – Live at Daryl’s House Club 4.15.21 – Raul is the lead singer of the Mavericks and for my money has the best voice in the business. This lasts 1:47 so rev it up when you need something to listen to for a while. @MavericksMusic

9/8 How Did Each U.S. State Get Its Name? Many of your students should like this. @blinkist

9/6 Former NASA Engineer Erupts The World’s Tallest Slime Volcano. If you don’t have time to watch it all, watch the first few minutes to see a former fail and skip to the 12:30 mark to see the epic win. @MarkRober @DraftKings

9/3 Raunchy ‘Simpsons’ prank pulled at school board meeting. This link also includes a link to 23 of Bart’s best prank calls. @nypost @TheSimpsons @Smokin_hopper

9/3 New ABBA Music After 40 Years – A new album of ten songs is available for pre-order. A new venue is being built in London for a 22-song concert that will feature ABBA avatars (see above) and a live band. See a glimpse at the end of this video. @ABBAVoyage

9/2 Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper (Single Version) (1976) – I saw these guys at the New York State Fair last night and they just as good as ever. When I was in college I jammed with the lead guitar player. @bocfanclub

9/1 A School Board Meeting Takes A Hilarious Turn When Some Dubious Names Are Called To Speak. Would Phil McCracken and Eileen Dover please speak up? @HenricoCitizen

8/31 Debbie Harry & Kermit The Frog – Rainbow Connection – This is a favorite of mine that I can play on the banjo. @BlondieOfficial @KermitTheFrog

8/30 Taliban Enjoys Deep Belly Laugh Over Diversity Training Materials Left Behind By U.S. Military. Taliban fighters captured books like Antiracist Baby, White Fragility, and The GayBCs and collectively cracked up over the ridiculousness of the gender ideology present in the works. (Doug: Humor always comes with some risk.) @TheBabylonBee

8/29 Dave Grohl Invited Nandi Bushell To Play Drums On Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’ At A Live Concert And She Proceeded To Absolutely Crush It. Nandi Bushell born 28 April 2010 is a British-Zulu musician and social media celebrity. She is best known for her drumming skill, performing covers of popular rock songs which had drawn the attention of several musicians including Questlove, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Grohl, and Matt Bellamy. @Nandi_Bushell @foofighters

8/27 10,000 women die in car crashes each year because of bad design. Men are more likely to cause crashes, but women are more likely to die in them. That’s because car manufacturers have no incentive to safely design vehicles for women—and that has to change. @hanaschank @FastCompany

8/25 Eight Wine Regions Emerging Due to Climate Change – Climate change brings many terrible effects. But its silver lining is the emergence of new wine-growing regions. @nicklesg @winewankers @wineworldnews @Liquor @SustainableKW

8/24 The Jeopardy! guest hosts ranked – It’s been a chaotic time behind the scenes as the show loses planned host Mike Richards—here’s who we think should take over. Do you agree? @alexm247 @TheAVClub

8/24 Don Everly, Older Brother in Groundbreaking Rock Duo, Dies at 84. The Everly Brothers were enormously influential when I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s. @nytimes @dlcantwell

Experimental Stop-Motion Short Film Lets Skiers Interact With Nature Like Never Before.
This is extremely clever and creative. @robheule @outsidemagazine

8/20 Larry Cuban’s School Reopening Cartoons – Another school year is upon us. It is the second fall reopening since the Covid-19 pandemic of March 2020. Can’t let a pandemic stop the flow of cartoons about parents sending off children to school in 2021. Enjoy! @LarryCuban

8/17 Here’s What It Sounds Like When You Take The Heaviest Distortion Pedal On The Market And Plug It Into A Harp. Did you know that the harp could be a heavy metal instrument? This is cool. @emilyharpist

8/16 Remembering Nanci Griffith, with The Kennedys, Sunday, August 15, 2pm EDT! This is easy to play along with. I’ve been a huge Nanci Griffith fan since I saw her on Austin City Limits in the 1970s. She was special. Here is Nanci doing one of my favorite songs Once In a Very Blue Moon. @KennedysThe

8/15 Someone Played Motörhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ On Church Bells, And It’s The Most Rock And Roll Thing You’ll Ever See. Heavy metal is even more epic when performed on 15th century church bells with carillon musician Frank Steijns going all out at Weert, Netherlands’ Sint Martinuskerk church. @myMotorhead

8/14 Eight Things The Beatles Pioneered – Can you guess what some where? @SoloconTutti

8/14 Facing Outrage Over Bikini Rule, Handball Federation Signals ‘Likely’ Change. The physical version of the NY Times didn’t include the above photo. What do you and your female students think? @jggross @nytimes

8/13 This Matchstick Animation Is Some Of The Most Seamless Stop-Motion Animation You Will Ever Seen. It’s an engrossing work of art from start to finish. @Digg

8/12 Who leads the world in medals per capita? This site, which is updated daily during the Olympics, provides the answer. Here the US comes in 59th, but we still beat China who comes in 78th. @MedalsPerCapita @craignm

8/11 Six Important Things to Know About Breakthrough Infections – As the Delta variant likely drives more cases of Covid-19 in vaccinated individuals, experts weigh in with helpful information. @SmithsonianMag @emilylmullin @johnshopkins

8/10 This Is Why Men Don’t Understand What Women Find Attractive. This idea is that the female gaze sees men as people – not objects. @serenathesmith @Refinery29

8/9 Viva La Vida – The Petersens (LIVE) – I love this group. If you like this song search them on YouTUbe for more. @thepetersens

8/7 Here’s How Olympic Divers Make The Smallest Splash Possible. This is also a cool science lesson. @voxdotcom

8/6 Which States Can You Live More Comfortably On A Minimum Wage, Mapped – Let’s be real. The cost of living can vary a lot within a state. My state of New York is a great example. Have your kids calculate what they think is their cost of living and compare it to your local minimum wage. @MIT @Digg

8/5 Billie Eilish’s new ‘Happier Than Ever’ album is here: How she’s changed pop. There was Madonna. There was Beyoncé. And there was Taylor. Now, you can add Billie Eilish to the list of women — make that, artists period — who have changed pop. @TheChuckArnold @nypost

8/4 Why Even the Fastest Human Can’t Outrun Your House Cat – A new model explains the forces and body design features that limit maximum sprinting speed. @WIRED

8/3 Eight albums that prove modern music isn’t all crap – Can you guess what some of them are? @SkooveNews

8/2 The Best Cities for Cyclists – How would your town stack up? @nytrealestate

8/1/2021 Here’s A Mindblowing 3D Animated Comparison Of Speeds Of Different Objects In The Universe. This sows the distance traveled in one minute at constant speeds of various objects. @MetaBallStudios

7/30 Dusty Hill, Long-Bearded Bassist for ZZ Top, Dies at 72. I saw ZZ Top in the 1970s and have enjoyed their music ever since. Time to check out some of their music on YouTube. @risenc

7/29 The Greatest Female Flatpickers (Part 1) – If you play guitar you can learn from watching this. I know I did. @ToondeCorte

7/28 Cartoons on Ending Pandemic – Emjoy this latest edition of Larry Cuban’s cartoon curation effort. @LarryCuban

7/27 After Five Years Of Tinkering Former NASA Engineer Unveils A Record-Breaking Domino Robot. This is almost sixteen minutes, but it totally sucked me in. @MarkRobe

7/26 Creepy Humanoid Robot Sinks Two Perfect Shots During Halftime At Tokyo Olympics Basketball Game. CUE 4 is a humanoid basketball robot developed by Toyota and you have to admit, the form is pretty clean. @mlgnba @Toyota

7/25 Dazzling drone display during Olympic Opening Ceremony | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports – It took over 1,800 drones to make this model globe in the sky. This is must-watch. @NBCSports @NBCOlympics

7/24 Three Days in Greenland – If you are into exotic travel this might be for you. It’s also fun even if you don’t want to go there. @Lynne_Jean @1976write

7/22 This Big Dog Rescuing This Tiny Dog From Floating Away Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll Watch Today. A big dog brings this little tiny dog ashore. @Digg

7/19 Watch 12-Year-Old Gui Khury Steal The Show At The X Games With The First 1080 In Competition, And It Made Tony Hawk So Happy. This is less that two minutes so be sure to watch and share with your kids. @TheAthletic @BleacherReport @tonyhawk @XGames

7/18 This Guy Took A Photo Of Himself Every Day For 21 Years And Used Neural Networks To Upscale His Aging Process To 4K 60 FPS. This lasts only 2:20. Ask your kids what they notice as they watch. @noahkalina

7/17 What Happens When You Shatter A Wine Glass With Nothing But Sound? Gav from The Slow Mo Guys shatters a wine glass using only sound and records it in 187,500 FPS, which is more than 7,000 times slower than the human eye. This is a very cool science lesson. @TheSlowMoGuys

7/16 Scotsman All-Carbon Fiber Scooter – It’s also 3D printed, costs $2,000, and ships in December of 2021. @sonnyvu @indiegogo @GeekyGadgets

7/15 Apple’s weather app won’t say it’s 69 degrees. If you’re an iPhone user, the weather is always a particularly nice 70 degrees. Or 68 degrees. Any temperature but 69 degrees, @cgartenberg @Verge

7/14 Have Your Mind Blown By This Last Of Its Kind Old-Timey Aerial Ropeway That Uses No Power. This is an excellent science lesson for upper elementary on up. @tomscott

7/13 Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys (Cover) – Foxes and Fossils – You may find the lyrics silly, but the melody and the harmony is first-rate. This is an excellent cover from a group I found playing with YouTube. @foxesandfossils

7/12 THRiVE: Turn Food Waste into Ready-to-Use Compost Easily. 2.5H Super Fast Processing Time | Multi Recyclable Waste Options | Intelligent Protections | Silent & Eco-Friendly | Easy to Use. @Kickstarter @thrive_usa

7/11 Here’s A Hysterical Sketch About What Happens When A Midwesterner Meets An East Coaster. Here’s what happens when two of the most distinct regionalisms collide. Charlie Berens is a funny guy. @CharlieBerens

7/9 The Winners Of The 2021 Audubon Photography Awards Are Breathtaking. After months of quarantining inside many North Americans have taken up bird-watching as a hobby. Many of these birders have been lucky to take some eye-popping photographs of our feathered friends. @jamescrugnale @audubonsociety

7/8 This Moment When A Slinky Defies Gravity Is Breaking Our Brains. When you drop a slinky on the ground, there’s always a second when the bottom of the slinky freezes. Get a slinky and try it. This is a great science lesson. @theactionlabman

7/7 The Many Reasons You Should Avoid Portable Air Conditioners – As a renter, I’m glad I watched this. This is also a good science lesson. @TechConnectify

7/6 Here’s A Rare Close-Up Look At How A Beaver Can Chew Through A Tree Limb. In three minutes he makes short work of a fairly large limb. Be sure to share with kids you know. @Digg

7/4 The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs: Use Outdoor Clues to Find Your Way, Predict the Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals―and Other Forgotten Skills – Grab this inexpensive paperback if you are visiting nature this summer. @NaturalNav

7/3 Olympic Champion Simone Biles Debunks Every Misconception People Have About Gymnastics. Olympics fans like myself should enjoy this. Her personality is infectious. @Simone_Biles

7/2/2021 Watch Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs Dance In Sync To BTS, And It’s A Bop. Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots strut their stuff in this tribute to the South Korean pop group. It’s short and very cool. @BostonDynamics @Hyundai

6/30 How To Snap Spectacular Fourth of July Fireworks This Summer – Here are some tips for novice and experts alike when it comes to getting some cool fireworks pictures. @KatrinEismann @petapixel

9/29 The Seven Tools Ito Buy for You Kitchen After Graduating from Culinary School – I prepare all my own food and recommend these tools. @JesseSzewczyk

6/26 Guy Buys A 60-Year-Old Camera At A Flea Market In France And Discovers Undeveloped Film Inside — What Happened Next Was Extraordinary. This short video also includes some good detective work. @Mathieustern

6/25 The Best Cities for Cyclists – How would your town stack up? @nytrealestate

6/24 Cartoons about Robots – This month’s feature cartoons from Larry Cuban deal with the slow but steady robotization of human contacts. @LarryCuban

6/22 Siri’s new voices sound amazing. Here’s where to find them and how to make the switch. Tired of talking to the same ol’ Siri? As of iOS 14.5, there are now a total of four smart assistant voices (and the default is no longer female). @MrCippy @CNET

6/21 Watching How Erasers Get Made Is Oddly Mesmerizing. I love watching things being made. Share with your kids. @HowItsMade_Gif

6/20 J.S. Bach, Cello Suite No 1 – Julia Lange, Classical Guitar

6/18 Here’s Why There’s Been A Spike In COVID-19 Variants. This is an excellent science lesson for upper elementary on up. @umairfan @adamplease @monalalwani @voxdotcom

6/17 Guy Demonstrates Every Way To Play Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” On His Synthesizer. Seth Everman shows off the many music genres you can play Nirvana’s signature song on a synth. Give it a try if you have a keyboard. @SethEverman

6/16 Ranking The Jeopardy! Guest Hosts So Far – As an avid Jeopardy! watcher, I found this to be interesting. My ranking would be somewhat different, but not a lot. How about yours?@alecbojalad @DenofGeekUS @OfficialTCA

6/15 Rick Wakeman on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (2015) – Vivaldi was a rock star in his day. His “Four Seasons” is the most recorded piece ever. @GrumpyOldRick

6/14 Tracking Coronavirus Vaccinations Around the World Check out the interactive world map to see how each country is doing. There were a few surprises for me. @Josh_H @nytimes

6/12 Don Q 151 Rum Review: A Flammable Delight?This is a review from Prescott VanMyers of something I wouldn’t go near. When I was in college Bicardi had a 151 proof rum that people I knew drank and lived through. @UnemployedWine

6/11 Somebody Captured A Solar Eclipse That Occured Mid-Flight, And It’s Breathtaking To See.@konstructivizm

6/10 Woman Lives In A Car Full Time With Her Dog. This Is How She Does It. The backseat of her Prius is her kitchen, her closet, and her office. This is a fun video to watch. @nikkidelventhal

6/9 Euro 2020 of kits! Every team’s home and away jerseys ranked to crown the European champions. This was supposed to happen in 2020 so they kept the name even though it starts Friday (6/11/2021). @PTGChrisWr @ToePokeNet @ESPN

6/8 This Danish PSA Uses Vikings To Tell A Humorous Story About The Importance Of Always Wearing A Helmet. This is hilarious. @paperley @dewaanifordrama @otakureview @mjgtwo

6/7 Gorgeous New Short Film Shows Us What an Early Lunar Colony Would Actually Look Like. Students from upper elementary on up should like this. @dvorsky @SOM_Design @NASA

6/6 How We’re Fooled By Statistics – If you don’t fully understand regression to the mean, you should and this will help. @veritasium

6/5 New Jersey surfer catches wave in wake of ferry boat. A pro surfer caught a gnarly wave in the wake of a massive ferry boat and rode it for two full minutes — dazzling passengers, @inkonthepad @nypost

6/4 Sommelier Reviews Jeppson’s Malört (Holiday Special). Prescott Van Myers is a sommelier who started this YouTube channel when COVID hit. I think he is hilarious. @UnemployedWine

6/3 Sommelier Explains All The Red Flags You Should Look Out For On Red Wine Labels. I am a serious wino and this looks like a good “Wine Labels for Dummies” video. @MaisonNoirWines @bonappetit

6/2 Here’s Why There’s A Shortage On Seemingly Everything In The United States. This is almost twenty minutes, but it’s something any business student should watch. @wendoverpro @SamfromWendover @hover

6/1/2021 Here’s A Tour Inside Little Island — Manhattan’s $260 Million Floating Public Park. Little Island is a new floating park built on the West side of Manhattan. Take a look at what it has to offer, with NYC-based YouTuber Here Be Barr. @HereBeBarr

5/31 How Smart Changes In Engineering Designs Of Road Barriers Made Them Less Deadly – This is a good physics lesson for middle school on up. @CarCamCentral

5/30 Ikväll På Stan – The Boppers (1979) This is a Swedish Doo Wop group singing in English. @RosaMannen

5/29 This liquid, incredibly, pours itself. This belongs in any lesson about polymers. Share with chemistry teachers and students you know. @theactionlabman

5/29 Samantha Brown’s Places to Love – Season Four – If you love to travel this is a show for you. @SamanthaBrown

5/28 Everly Tribute The Everly Set takes Villagers down memory lane. Just saw these guys at ‘Jeff’s Place.’ If you like the Everly Brothers you will like them. @jeffpulver

5/27 Could You Live Inside New York City’s Smallest Apartment? Get ready to see places with less than 200 square feet. Time for a reality check on NYC real estate. @erikconover

5/26 The Worst Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Walking, Says Olympic Walker. All too often walkers get short shrift in the exercise world. Walking is an amazing way to burn tons of calories, increase your cardiovascular fitness, negate the ugly effects of sitting, and ultimately extend your life by upwards of 20 years, exercisers are far too quick to dismiss it as some sort of geriatric pastime for those who are incapable of running. @EatThisNotThat

5/25 The 80 Greatest Dylan Covers of All Time – You can listen to eighty songs here if you like. Don’t be surprised if you spot some songs that you didn’t know Dylan wrote. @DavBrowne @keithharrisexp @greeneandy @robsheff @angiemartoccio @korygrow @jonbern @RollingStone

5/22 Cartoons About Little Kids In School – This month’s feature is cartoons about little kids at school and at home. Enjoy! @LarryCuban

5/21 All Those Electric Vehicles Pose a Problem for Building Roads. Gas taxes are the largest source of funding for highway construction and maintenance. As a renter, I have no place to plugin. The inability to plug in at home mostly impacts poor people. @AarianMarshall @WIRED

5/20 Former NASA Engineer Builds An Even More Epic ‘Mission Impossible’ Obstacle Course To Hilariously Thwart Squirrels In His Backyard. This lasts nineteen minutes, but it’s worth it to see how smart squirrels can be. You can also take Mark Rober’s creative engineering course. @MarkRober

5/19 The Bangles – Live in 1986 (Annotated Version) – These are four women playing and singing some enjoyable music. Share it with young women you know. @Banglesfun @rogers_mekel

5/18 Songs Inspired By Bach – Bach even reused his own tunes and copied from others who copied from still others. This is a good music lesson for middles school on up. If Paul Simon and Paul McCartney can take from Bach so can you. @SkooveNews

5/17 Returning boomerang called “Way over the hill.” This is pretty amazing. Looks like it would make a great gift. @boomerangsbyvic

5/15 The Apple Designer You’ve Never Heard of Is Making Noise – The goal is to rethink audio. You heard right—one of Apple’s gods of visual design is focusing on the ear. You can purchase this speaker here. @StevenLevy @WIRED @syngspace

5/14 The Staves – Glastonbury 2015 – This sister act is worth a listen. I enjoyed it while composing this post. Try it while you work. @thestaves

5/13 Lindisfarne before and after the Viking raids // aerial 3D flyby. This was the site for the first Viking raids in the British Isles in 793. It’s on my bucket list. You can also listen to the British group called Lindisfarne. @TheDigVenturers @lindisfarneband @NTNorthd_Coast

5/12 Banjo Virtuoso Gives Mozart’s Signature Classical Music Song A Unique Twangy Spin. Note: This is not a real banjo. It is a six-string guitar on top of a banjo body. Nonetheless, this is still very cool. @LucaStricagnoli

5/11 Kapchorwa | Land of Running Champions – If you are a runner as I am, you will find this inspiring. Share with runners you know. @NNRunningTeam

5/10 Perseverance sees Jezero Crater rim in 360° Mars panorama – Sixty Minutes alerted me to this last night. This is a very cool 1:18 vido that teachers can use for any class that deals with astronomy. There are more videos at 60 Minutes Overtime. @60Minutes @andersoncooper @AC360 @kzubrow @aerovironment

5/9 Why every cyclist needs a pool noodle – On roads with zero road shoulder, the pool noodle becomes your shoulder. It makes you more visible to passing cars and 18-wheelers. @Annalisavdb @qz

5/8 11 Things Quarantine Killed Off That We Hope Never Come Back – I think that Zooming with college and high school friends that I haven’t seen for decades will also stay. @itishowitis @InsideHook

5/7 Ohio politician takes a video call while driving, tries to hide it with a virtual background. Show this picture to your kids and ask them if anything looks out of place. @kylejhyatt @roadshow @CNET @brennerforohio

5/7 I tracked my kid with Apple’s Airtags to test its privacy features. I haven’t tested Airtags yet, but I plan to. @HeySamantha @CNN

5/5 This Video Of A Drone Flying Through The Mall Of America Really Is A Masterclass In Cinematography. Drones that can take video are getting more affordable. Affording one and being able to fly it like this are two different things. @JayByrdFilms @AnthonyJaska @QuackAttackPod

5/4 Jim Steinman A-Z – On Monday, April 19, 2021 we sadly lost Jim Steinman at the age of 73. In this video, you get a look back in A-Z style the songs that he either wrote, produced, composed, or a combination of the above. @realjimsteinman @RealMeatLoaf @celinedion @BonnieTOfficial

5/3 Saw Virtuoso Takes The Instrument To New Heights You Didn’t Think Were Possible. @gregoire_blanc

5/1/2021 This Guy Brilliantly Reimagined What ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Would Sound Like If Performed By Blink-18 rather than Journey. This one-man band if fun to listen to even if you aren’t familiar with Blink-182. @alexmelton @blink182

4/30 This POV shot shows what it’s like to go down the world’s longest water slide. This is mesmerizing and very cool. Unfortunately, you have to go to Malaysia for a ride. @ThemeParkEscape

4/29 Jeff Coffey – “This Time Around” I like this tune and the video includes places in Florida where I have been. @JeffCoffeyMusic

4/28 April’s ‘pink’ super-moon across the world – in pictures – On 4/26/2021 a lot of people got cool pictures of the full moon. Even I got one. @CharlieRiedel1 @FlorionGoga @NadeemAkhtarSo1 @sam7tarling

4/27 Molly Sanden – Husavik (Live at Oscars, which they didn’t win, sigh) If you haven’t watched “Eurovision” the movie you should give it a shot. This is the song from the movie that was nominated for an Oscar. You can also watch a 16-year-old Icelandic girl sing it from her bedroom.@mollysanden

4/26 Guess the Country from a Map #3 – Hard! Hard is no exaggeration. The countries in Africa and the Stans were difficult for me. Good luck. @itsNNAU

4/25 Cartoons About Life In COVID – Enjoy Larry Cuban’s latest collect of topical cartoons. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

4/24 Revisiting the 15 Most Controversial Rolling Stones Songs – Like a lot of the Stones’ catalog, it’s a relic from another time, full of racism, sexism, and other questionable lyrics that have aged poorly. But like the Stones themselves, it has endured. Go figure. @aahrealbonsters @InsideHook

4/23 Here is what happens to your body when you try to quit marijuana. Let your students know that it’s a good idea not to get started. @AsapSCIENCE

4/22 Leave Her Jonny Leave Her by The Longest Johns – This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen yet when it comes to Zooming a tune. Enjoy. @TheLongestJohns

4/21 Covid-19 Vaccination Race: Top Countries by Number of People Vaccinated – This lasts eight minutes, but it’s interesting to watch which countries have the best percent vaccinated on the right. @StatsGlobal @musoscientific

4/20 Google Earth’s New Timelapse Feature Shows the Effects of Climate Change. Google has partnered with the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University to debut the biggest update to the Google Earth platform in years: a time lapse function that shows how much the Earth and its climate have changed between 1984 and 2021. @petapixel

4/19 Musician Play’s Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Somebody To Love’ On Gayageum, And It Totally Rocks. This is very cool. Go Luna!

4/17 10 Beatles Hits That ‘Rip Off’ Other Songs – @SoloconTutti @Tony_Rowden

4/16 Chuck Berry’s 1965 Belgium TV Appearance (Complete) – This is amazing. Chuck was self-contained. He wrote the songs, played lead guitar, and sang lead. He was one of a kind. Enjoy.

4/15 Stephen Fry: The History Of The First Printing Press | The Machine That Made Us – This is almost an hour-long, but well worth you and your family’s time. The production is superior and the story fascinating. @stephenfry @jeremy_irving @PatMcGrady

4/15 The Alphabone Orchestra – The Alphabone Orchestra is not only a colorful, fanciful introduction to the alphabet and visual arts, consider it as your child’s first music lesson. Also, get one for your school’s library. @JohnGerdy

4/13 North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein strikes out all 21 batters in seven innings. This is a whole new definition of a perfect game. @MeanGreenSB @uapbbuzztap

4/12 Add your song to 1000+ Free Spotify Collaborative Playlists. These are not paid placements, but real opportunities to place your music to a broader audience. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anyone for the placement and you’re not violating Spotify terms of service. @EM_Magazine @cdmblogs @digitalmusicnws

4/10 The 10 Most Popular Opera Arias – by classical music stars (Pavarotti, Netrebko, Deborah York) – This starts out a bit slow, but give it a chance. Opera is the best art form, but it takes some effort to appreciate it. @AnnaNetrebko

4/9 Mamma Mia – The Petersens (LIVE) – If you are a fan of ABBA and/or the Peterson you will like this.

4/8 Have Your Mind Blown By Tim Allen’s Ridiculously Eclectic Car Collection. This is like going to a car show without leaving the house. Share with car lovers you know. @ofctimallen

4/7 A Comprehensive Breakdown Of How They Rescued The ‘Ever Given’ From The Suez Canal – This is an animated reenactment [7:11] of how the biggest blockage in Suez Canal history got stuck and removed. @The_Ops_Room

4/6 the original transatlantic sessions 1 – This is three and a half hours long, but features first-rate folk music. Play when you are busy doing something else. @JerryDouglas @EmmylouSongbird @Kathymattea09 @irisdement

4/5 ABBA THE WAY OLD FRIENDS DO FRIDA & AGNETHA – I just found this and have never heard it before even though I’m a big ABBA fan. It is very touching. @ABBA

4/3 How About Some Baby Bird Phots? In addition to being extremely cute, these are outstanding photos. @KennKaufman @audubonsociety

4/2 Paul McCartney demonstrates the Mellotron. This 1960s instrument was ahead of it’s time. @motormouthmusic

4/1/2021 Substitute Teacher Instantly Bonds With Children By Purposefully Saying Their Names Wrong. She no doubt got the idea from Keegan Michael Key’s Substitute Teacher Bit. @BVIRAL_ @KeeganMKey

3/31 Do You Think You Can Tell How A Neighborhood Voted Just By Looking Around? This is a fun game. I got 75%. @emilymbadger @jshkatz @KevinQ @iamrumz

3/30 Free With Your Covid Shot: Beer, Arcade Tokens and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Businesses across the United States and beyond are offering free stuff to people who have been vaccinated. The perks include movie popcorn, alcohol, and even marijuana. @mikeives @jesus_jimz @nytimes

3/29 Newton’s third law – Best Demonstration EVER !! – by Prof. Walter Lewin – This is only 51 seconds, but it is very cool. Share with science teachers and students you know. @LewinMit

3/28 The Wisdom of Yogi Berra – Famous Quotes – Also see my summary of Yogi’s book When You Come to a Fork in the Road, TAKE IT @YogiBerraMuseum

3/26 Top 10 Eurovision Song Contest Songs – Go to Youube and search “Eurovision 2021″ to find the current song from your favorite country. @Eurovision @WatchMojo

3/25 This Is Why You Don’t See That Many Dick Pics On Dating Apps. It seems that they use AI to spot suspected Not Safe For Work (NSFW) pics that humans then review. @ChalupaBatmanGG @Kippoapp

3/24 How James Holzhauer Broke Jeopardy – Cheddar Explains – James Holzhauer was on track to be the highest winning Jeopardy contestant of all time when this was recorded. How is he doing this? James is a professional gambler and his game-play strategy proves it. Cheddar explains how James is controlling the Jeopardy board. @cheddar @James_Holzhauer @Jeopardy

3/23 Our Calendar Makes No Sense, So This Guy Made A Few Brilliant Suggestions. Dave Gorman has a brilliant and funny replacement for our current confusing calendar. @DaveGorman

3/22 Here’s A High Adrenaline Video Of A Paraglider Dropping Onto A Ski Slope. Red Bull athlete Valentin Delluc makes a visit to a ski resort in the most badass way possible. This is unbelievable action and drone video. @ValentinDelluc @redbull

3/20 Street Busker Hits The High Note On Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ And Thrills The Crowd. Irish singer Allie Sherlock electrifies the crowd with her performance of “Shallow.” Get more of her music here. @alliesherlock

3/19 Here’s The Difference Between A $5000 Cello And One That Costs $1 Million. Wendy Law dramatically explains that you get what you pay for — especially with cellos. Click here to buy her album.@CellistWendyLaw

3/18 Muppet Show Sketches Missing From Disney+ – Enjoy 25 minutes of classic Muppet humor and see if you can spot what is politically incorrect about each bit. @disneyplus

3/17 Why It’s Almost Impossible to Make a 7-10 Split in Bowling – The dreaded 7-10 split is by many accounts the toughest shot in bowling. WIRED’s Robbie Gonzalez went to the U.S. Bowling Congress to meet a pro bowler, an engineer, and a robot named Earl, to find out why it’s actually Almost Impossible. @rtg0nzalez @wired

3/15 Timpanogos High Choir Sings William Tell Overture. How about having your school choir try this? @DebHebertCasey @tjpeti

3/13 Add microgreens to every meal. – Just add water once and harvest in a week. This is a good activity for kids. @hamama_greens

3/12 Here’s What Would Happen If You Dumped Hydrochloric Acid On Your Car. This is a good practical chemistry lesson for middle school on up. @theactionlabman

3/11 This One-Take Video Of A Bowling Alley Has Some Of The Coolest Drone Shots We’ve Ever Seen. The drone camera work and sound design of this 1-minute video is astounding. @JayByrdFilms

3/10 This 2018 Video Of John Oliver Warning Meghan Markle Not To Join The Royal Family Hits Differently Now. When going on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Oliver described the British royalty as an “emotionally-stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo-job” and said Markle might have a hard time after she marries into the family. @iamjohnoliver @StephenAtHome

3/9 Here’s How Frigging Cold It Is In Minnesota Right Now. You know it’s cold when a roll of toilet paper can stand on its own. If you live where it gets cold you and your kids can try this. At the end there are more videos in this series. @MinnesotaColdTv

3/8 Why Are The Nordic Countries So Happy? Is there anything we can learn from this? @stefanthyron

3/7 Watch This Quiet, All-Electric Air Taxi Fly for the First Time. Beyond the demo, California aviation startup Joby had a good February, announcing a merger with a large investor and steps towards FAA certification. @RobbReport @mvollmer1 @JeroenBartelse

3/6 Woman Sets Up Tiny Feeder Cam to Capture Birds Eating in Her Backyard. Lisa Ostdrossel is fascinated by our feathered friends and has an ingenious setup that allows her to get very close to them—without scaring them away. @mymodernmetes @sarabandco

3/4 Magnus Carlsson – Möt mig i Gamla Stan (Official Music Video) – Magnuss’ mother is my second cousin. Gamla Stan is the old section of Stockholm. @Magnus_Cson

3/3 These Online Tips Will Help You Secure A COVID Vaccine Appointment. Kris Levins, an “unemployed IT geek from New Jersey,” has booked hundreds of senior citizen vaccine appointments in his community. He recommends using a desktop over a mobile device, repeatedly checking local aggregation sites, and more tips that will help you get an appointment ASAP. @JoannaStern @kgw @WSJ

3/2 This Is What Playing A 14-String Guitar Sounds Like. Guitars normally have six strings. This guitar has more than double that. Must be fun to tune. @ichika_mo

3/1/2021 This House Is Designed To Save Up To 90% Energy. The high-efficiency house is engineered to save as much energy as possible. @mattferrell

2/28 This Acapella Group Performs All Of The Sound Effects On A Mac Operating System With Extraordinary Precision. This South Korean five-member Acappella group absolutely crushes what an Apple computer sounds like in 37 seconds. #acapella

2/27 Couple Compares The Difference Between Living In A $40,000 And A $150,000 Van. You get a lot of convenience and features for the extra $110,000 but the cheap van does have some perks. Regardless, it will take you a long time to break even over hotel rooms. @karaandnate

2/26 Female Guitarist of the Year 2020! The honor goes to The Amazing Miss Lexi Rose Age 18 USA! This is pretty amazing. I hope to see more of her someday. @CRAVE_Guitars

2/24 The Science Behind Why Weed Makes Sex Feel That Much Better – Marijuana’s presumptive status as an aphrodisiac is by no means a new discovery; lustful tales of having sex while high have followed marijuana since pharaonic times. @CandyandPizza @InsideHook

2/23 Sea Shanty – SNL – An aspiring sailor (Andrew Dismukes) has reservations about joining a whaling vessel after hearing the crew’s (Regé-Jean Paul, Bad Bunny, Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, Chris Redd, Bowen Yang, Beck Bennett Alex Moffat Mikey Day) sea shanties. @andrew_vinny

2/22 25 Essential Episodes of The Muppet Show – Watch 25 short bits featuring the guest star of each show. @Groupof60 @vulture

2/21 Cartoons about Teaching during Covid-19 – Cartoonists, no doubt working from home during the pandemic, have continued to dip their pens in ink (and clicked through their software) to capture life in and out of schools during Covid-19. Thanks, @LarryCuban

2/20 Twelve Classic 12-string Guitar Songs that Everyone Forgets. I bought my Guild 12-string in 1963 and it still sounds great. I love this sound.

2/19 Vincent van Gogh’s starry night is being turned into a 1,552-piece LEGO set. Vincent van Gogh’s starry night — one of the most famous paintings in the world — now has a LEGO set, allowing builders around the world to recreate the 1889 masterpiece. @designboom @EvanKirstel

2/18 This Woman Tries To Learn How To Drum In 30 Days. This Is How It Went. This is an incredibly fun video by Youtuber Kize Bae challenging herself to learn drumming well enough to play along with Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby.” This could be a lesson for people who want to learn anything. @drumeo @pomeranian99 @Lin0087

2/17 Drone Footage Shows The Rare Sight Of 100 Manatees Hanging Out With Dolphins In Florida. I go to Florida every and I love spotting manatees. @SeeThroughCanoe

2/16 Poker Tell Videos and More – If you are interested in poker psychology you will like this. @apokerplayer

2/15 Tales From the Far Side Vol. II This is 45 minutes of animated Far Side humor by Gary Larson and his team. WARNING: It’s pretty dark, but I loved it. @FARSIDEoftheday

2/14 Please Please Me by the very young Bee Gees – Barry is the tall one and the one who is still alive. The twines are Robin on the left and Maurice on the right. @GibbBarry

2/13 If Your Apple Watch Were A Person, It’d Be As Annoying As This. We know it means well, but that doesn’t make it any less aggravating. I have an Apple Watch and it really does all of this. I don’t mind, but this is funny. @HoldernessFam @PennHolderness @KimDHolderness

2/12 Husavik – My Home Town (Official Video) | Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. This song was just nominated for an Oscar. (One of Thirteen) Watch the movie on Netflix. @NetflixUK

2/10 Icelandic standup about Nordic neighbours in general and Finnish language in particular. As a Swedish American who can speak Swedish to some extent I loved this. Non-Scandinavians might like it too. An Icelandic comic performs in English to a Nordic audience whilst speaking Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish while remaining funny to all nations. Great stuff.

2/9 This University In Norway Responded To Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl Ad Challenging Their Country’s Electric Car Dominance. The University of Agder in South Norway had some things to tell Will Ferrell and General Motors about their homeland. @AgderUniversity @GM

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