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9/26 Lenny Kravitz Surprises 5-Year-Old Drummer Playing One Of His Songs, And Oh Man, It Is The Sweetest Thing. This kid is amazing. @LennyKravitz @TheEllenShow

9/25 Bike crash left Spokane man unconscious, so his Apple Watch called 911. Do you have yours yet? @seattletimes @byjaredbrown

9/24 Researchers Found a Good Reason to Attach a Nail Gun to a Flying Drone. This could save lives as roofing is a dangerous job. @aliszewski @Gizmodo

9/9 Cheating, Inc.: How Writing Papers for American College Students Has Become a Lucrative Profession Overseas. I constantly get people who do this kind of work asking to do guest posts to promote their work. @fstockman @CarlosMureithi

9/8 Man’s Doorbell Camera Captures The Instant His House Is Lifted Away By Hurricane Dorian. A tornado spun out of Hurricane Dorian completely demolished property owner Jason Sawyer’s home. @WRALRosalia @WRAL

9/7 Singing The ‘Friends’ Theme In Minor Key Transforms It Into An Intense Ballad. A “Friends” fan, distraught over the news that his beloved show is leaving Netflix, performs the theme song like it’s an 80s ballad. @chaseholfelder @Patreon

9/6 People with visible tattoos are more likely to act reckless and impulsive. @benfeuerherd @nypost

9/4 Japan’s singing, self-cleaning toilets are conquering the West. Time to get rid of toilet paper and be much cleaner. @WIRED

9/3 Man Straps A GoPro To His Dog That Loves To Swim And Films His Enthusiastic Journey To The Sea. If you have a dog and a GoPro you should give this a try. @humorandanimals

9/2 This Short Video From The Abaco Islands, In The Bahamas, Shows Damage Caused By Hurricane Dorian. This island is part of the Bahamas. @julmisjames

9/1/2019 Usage Share Of Internet Browsers From 1996 To 2019, Visualized – This is a very cool animated display of data. @Digg

8/31 What White Claw Obsession Says About Our Changing Relationship to Alcohol – On this episode of “Eater’s Digest,” a deep dive into the low-cal, low-carb world of hard seltzer. @martha_c_daniel @Eater

8/30 2018 College Return on Investment – When you touch each dot you get to see which college it is. Good luck finding the school you went to, but by now you probably know the ROI you got. @DallinCrump @tableaupublic

8/29 Parkour Pro Climbs A Wall Like A Freaking Video Game Character. It takes some trial and error, but it’s fun to watch him make it. mrjesseturner on Instangram.

8/28 Conjuring catastrophes: Inside the world’s largest hurricane simulator – It’s a clear summer day in South Florida, but a storm rages inside the SUSTAIN Laboratory at the University of Miami’s (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. @dyllonline @DigitalTrends

<8/27 a href="">This Skateboarding Trick Has Broken Our Brains. Here’s an amazing trick from skateboarder Evan Mock. evanmock at Instagram.

8/26 Watch ‘From Darkness To Light’ — A Spectacular Time-Lapse Of Cloud Formations. Don’t forget take many cellphone allow for making time lapse videos. @Tyschmitt1

8/25 Why It’s Nearly Impossible To Kick A 90-Yard Through A Field Goal – The farthest NFL field goal ever made is 64 yards — why trying to kick any farther than that is nearly impossible to pull off. Share with your school’s football coach. @WIRED

8/24 Man Creates A Truly Unique Musical Organ From Glass Bottles And Latex Balls. You can say many things about this unusual contraption, but “unoriginal” is definitely not one of them. @Caters_News

8/23 Camera Captures A Rocket Launch From A Mere 200 Feet Away. The launching of the United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV Medium rocket is so close to the camera we can practically taste the exhaust fumes. @johnkrausphotos

8/22 School’s Open! Cartoons – Thank you Larry Cuban @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

8/21 ‘Guitar Hero’ God Takes Things To The Next Level, Quite Literally. This gamer decided he needed to up the ante and give himself his own personal challenge while playing the game. @godvfwine

8/20 These Robotic Shorts Make Walking and Running Easier. Exosuits—wearable robotic technologies that enhance our physical abilities—are slowly but steadily leaving the world of comic books and becoming a practical reality. @EdCara4 @gizmodo

8/18 Bride Zip Lines Down The Aisle To Get To The Altar Of Her Wedding. Time for something different. @ViralHog

8/17 The Worst Scams You’ll Encounter While Visiting Paris And How To Avoid Them – Scammers are watching out for foolish tourists. Here are some tips on how to outsmart them. @woltersworld

8/16 Shocked Kayaker Can’t Get Out The Way Of This Calving Glacier. This one-minute video is very cool. @ViralHog

8/14 The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance’ Is Stunning. The prequel series to Jim Henson’s 1982 movie will be available on Netflix on August 30. @netflix

8/11 What The World Would Look Like If Borders Were Decided By The Nearest Capital – All the borders are basically the point where you become closer to one national capital than another. @RSJunkyard

8/10 Football Player Sneaks His Way Into An NFL Tryout — And Returns A Punt For A Touchdown In His First Game. This is a great story. @damon015 @espn

8/9 The Biggest Cities In The United States From 1790 To 2018, Visualized – Over the past several decades, with economic fluctuations, suburban sprawl, urban decay and numerous other factors, the American landscape has changed considerably. This is very cool. @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h @RedditorYT

8/8 Our Favorite Candid Photographs Of Wild Animals — Taken Via Camera Trap – Camera trap technology has given scientists an unparalleled look into the secret lives of wildlife. Warning: There is a picture of vultures picking over a carcass. @ruhimanek @NatGeo

8/7 Every Bug in Your House Ranked by How Worried You Should Be About Them – Share with your kids and anyone you know who teaches science. @WeAreMel

8/5 Watch This Rube Goldberg-Esque Contraption Play ‘Can-Can’ With Ping Pong Balls. This amazing device uses 213 ping pong balls to play “Can-Can” by Jacques Offenbach. @DoodleChaos

8/4 Magician Performs A Ball Trick That Wows The Pants Off Penn And Teller. It’s hard to fool Penn and Teller but this man managed to. @XulioMerino @pennjillette @MrTeller

8/3 A Font Made From Congressional Districts Shows How Egregious Gerrymandering Has Become. Ugly Gerry, a font made by a Chicago-based advertising team using the shapes of gerrymandered districts, is probably one of the most fun endeavors we’ve seen. @pang_chieh

8/2 This First Person View Of A Drone Barreling Down And Around A Mountain Feels Right Out Of A Flying Dream. More drones are being used in television and movie production. They are also fairly affordable. Does your school have one? @Mactac_Graphics

8/1/2019 We Asked 20 Brewers: What Are the Worst Trends in Beer Right Now? I’m a big fan of craft beers. If you are this should be of interest. @krommydas @VinePair

7/31 How Many Years Of Income It Takes To Buy A House In Every US County, Mapped – If you’re saving up to buy a house, it’s probably worth checking out this map. @reddit

7/30 It Rained A Lot At The F1 German Grand Prix And The Highlights Are Wild. There is a lesson here for anyone who drives or wants to learn how. @Max33Verstappen @redbullracing @reddit

7/29 How A Podcast And Its Army Of Amateur Sleuths Helped Free A Man From Prison – It took only a handful of people to wrongly convict Ed Ates of murder. It took an army to free him from prison. @mikehalltexas @TexasMonthly

7/28 Man Hikes 60 Miles Alone In The Most Remote Part Of Iceland. The music they used for this video is very soothing. @adriancobb

7/27 Center Fielder Has To Pitch In 16th Inning — And Gets Three Game-Winning Outs With Hilariously Slow Pitches. This shows how difficult it is to adapt to something you aren’t used to. @imtheoutman @Orioles @MLB

7/26 This Insane ‘How-To’ Arts And Crafts Video Makes No Sense And We Love It. You can do this at home and then try to explain it. @chipspopandabar

7/25 Jon Favreau Explains His Approach To The Opening Scene Of ‘The Lion King.’ If you liked the movie you should enjoy this. @VanityFair @Jon_Favreau

7/24 Company unveils $1,500 flamethrower that will attach to your drone. Much to the chagrin of local fire departments, flamethrowers are legal in most parts of the US. @mshannahsparks @nypost

7/23 Watch Simon Stålenhag’s art come to life in this fantastic fan-animated film. Simon Stålenhag has earned a considerable following for his fantastic retro-futuristic artwork in recent years. @AndrewLiptak @simonstalenhag @verge

7/22 GarageBand Changed How My Autistic Son Interacts with the World. This is a great story about a parent and her autistic son. @GadgetHax

7/21 Man Juggles Balls Like A Wizard Out Of ‘Harry Potter.’ If you can juggle three balls you may want to try some of these moves. @Gfycat

7/19 The First Trailer For The ‘Cats’ Movie Is Here And It Is… Deeply Uncanny. Looks like a must-see movie for me. @UniversalPics

7/18 Alright, We Can Shut Down The Bottle Cap Challenge — This Guy Won. Can you win a meme? We’re not entirely sure, but this guy deserves it. @JukinMedia

7/17 This Freestyle Soccer Trick Defies Logic. Pedro de Oliveira is a world champion soccer freestyler (aka, doing sick tricks), and it’s not hard to see why. @jpto2001

7/16 The Adult Coloring Craze Continues And There Is No End In Sight. Five of the top ten best sellers on Amazon are adult coloring books. What makes these books so popular? @Kate_L_Harrison @Forbes @pro4oto @MColoringClub

7/14 Spend More Time Outside—Doctor’s Orders. Spending time in nature as a treatment for everything from chronic stress to hypertension is gaining steam among mainstream docs. But can taking a walk in the park really cure all ills? @cassidyjrandall @outsidemagazine

7/13 Deep Sea Researchers Stunned When They Film A Grouper Swallowing A Shark Whole. This may not be ideal for all of my loyal readers. @NOAA @oceanexplorer

7/12 Kayaker watches huge python devour crocodile, photographs the entire thing. This is amazing, but may not be recommended for some of my loyal readers. @MikeWehner @BGR

7/11 How Many Of Each Caffeinated Drink You Can Safely Have On A Daily Basis, Visualized – The Mayo Clinic says to be safe, you should cap your caffeine intake to a 400mg daily maximum. Here is how much of each drink you need to get there. @RedditorYT @analyticreport

7/10 National Geographic’s Atlas of Moons – Astronomy buffs will hav fun playing with this interactive visual database. @NatGeo

7/9 A Fireworks Store Caught Fire And It’s As Spectacular As You Could Imagine. While we empathize with the store owner, this also fulfills a deep, long-term desire of ours. @Msteck101 @ViralHog

7/8 Sand artist brings shorelines to life in the most amazing way. This sand art will have you seeing the beach in a new way. Tarain Jehan-Benjamin turns the beaches of Charente-Maritime, France, into magnificent, lifelike creations. @nypost @lucysiegle

7/7 The Exact Moment The Stromboli Volcano Erupted Caught On Camera From A Sailboat – The Stromboli volcano erupted on Wednesday (7/3/2019) and one lucky videographer was able to capture the moment. @BellaSicilia_it @reddit

7/6 How Utrecht Became a Paradise for Cyclists – A new short film reveals how the Dutch city reengineered itself around the bicycle, with life- and money-saving results. @mslaurabliss @CityLab

7/5 This Helicopter Video Of Illegal Fireworks Going Off All Across Los Angeles Is Incredible. My neighborhood was like this too. @NBCLA

7/3 The Strength Of This Neodymium Magnet, One Of The Strongest Commercial Magnets, Is Amazing. If I was still teaching I would seriously want one. @Newsflare

7/2 Here’s How The Apple Computers Of 1987 Envisioned The Future – While they didn’t quite get the specifics right, the core ideas about life in the twenty-first century are pretty accurate. I remember when this first came out. It made sense then. @Apple

7/1/2019 A Masterfully Edited Explanation Of Abstract Art – Why a bunch of drips on a canvas was and is a revelation. Your budding artist should watch this. @squarespace @Nerdwriter1

6/30 What You Should Do If You’re Stung By A Jellyfish — It’s Probably Not What You’re Thinking. If you are heading to the beach this summer you should watch this short animation. @LifeNoggin @CuriosityStream

6/29 The Oral History of the Super Soaker – Prepare to get wet for this tale of how a NASA engineer accidentally invented the greatest squirt gun ever. @WeAreMel

6/28 How Running a Little Bit Every Day for Two Months Changed My Life – This works for me. I’m 72 and just ran my first half marathon. @emilyabbate @AliciaTatone @GQMagazine

6/27 Why All World Maps Are Wrong – These guys are funny and may appeal to your students. @jayforeman

6/26 This Clever, Simple Mechanical Coin Sorting Machine Is Made Out Of Wood And Elbow Grease. This is a cool DIY project. @Digg

6/25 John Oliver Grapples With Mount Everest’s Dangerous Tourism Problem. This is pretty funny even though the topic is rather grim. It’s 22 minutes, but worth it. @iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight

6/24 Artist Swirls Silver Nitrate To Mirror The Inside Of A Glass Sculpture. Can you or your school’s chemistry teacher explain what is going on? @Gmanonfire @ViralHog

6/23 The Ages Of NBA Draft Picks From 1984 To 2019, Visualized – Before you look see if you and your kids can guess the trend. @bbqchickenbball

6/22 Ranking Sugars by How Unhealthy They Are – If you must eat sugar you should at least know which ones are at least somewhat nutritious. @WeAreMel

6/21 How Pixar’s Animation Quality Has Improved Since 1995 – If you like animation you will enjoy this. @chickswithguns2 @Pixar @techinsider

6/20 How Much You Have To Earn To Afford A Two-Bedroom Home In Every State, Mapped – If you are getting ready to join the workforce you need to see this. @dianeyentel

6/19 Chinese Students Have Their Faces Scanned Upon Entering And Leaving School Everyday. Would you want this technology for your school? @Newsflare

6/18 This Garlic Peeling Hack Is Life-Changing. As long as you can avoid jabbing a knife into our hand, this simple method for separating and peeling garlic cloves is going to save so much time. @VPestilenZ

6/17 Empire State has some of the lowest beer taxes in US. It’s a little more than 1 cent per 12 oz. beer. I hope this article doesn’t give NY politicians any ideas. @GregoryBresiger @nypost

6/16 This Parody Of A Boston Dynamics Video Goes Completely Off The Rails. The robot abuse gets a little wild, and the robot decides it’s finally had enough. @CorridorDigital @BostonDynamics

6/14 Office Chair Racing Is Officially the Purest Sport. This is pretty funny. This might be fun to try where you work. Be sure to wear a helmet. @elizabeth_werth @jalopnik

6/13 An Illustration Of Just How Dense Mercury Really Is – Have your students look up the densities of mercury and iron and predict what fraction of the anvil stays above the surface. @theCodyReeder

6/12 Guy Finds Out What Happens When You Pour Liquid Nitrogen Directly Into The Ocean. What do you think will happen? @theactionlabman

6/11 A Very Cool Demonstration Of Owls’ Insane Flying Precision – Equipped with excellent eyesight and hearing, they’re astonishingly agile flyers — as this slow motion clip attests. @imgur

6/10 Can This 10-Year-Old Girl Save the Olympics? Organizers hope phenom Sky Brown will help lure younger viewers to the Tokyo Games. @business

6/8 The Coolest VR Thing You’ll See This Week… Is A Regular Apartment. Mohen Leo brought home an Oculus Quest, he took “virtual reality” in a bit of a more literal sense: he recreated his own apartment, then took a walk around it. @mohenleo @mathewolson

6/7 The Invention That Won World War II – Patented in 1944, the Higgins boat gave the Allies the advantage in amphibious assaults. @dandydave56 @SmithsonianMag

6/6 Arkansas Family Uses 10,000 Sandbags To Protect Their House From Floods. If you have ever wondered if sandbags work, this is proof. @MarcWBIR @WBIR

6/4 This Is What Old English May Have Actually Sounded Like. English teachers should be able to use this. @BoingBoing

6/3 10,000 Steps A Day? How Many You Really Need To Boost Longevity. It’s often the default setting on fitness trackers, but what’s it really based on? @AubreyNPRFood @NPR

6/2 Project: Phenom – Is 13-year-old Olivia Moultrie the grand experiment that American women’s soccer needs right now? Scroll down and start with the 1-minute video. @SI_ChrisBallard @SInow @olivia_moultrie

6/1/2019Meet the new champions from the Scripps National Spelling Bee. – You can also watch the final round. This was so cool. @ScrippsBee

5/31 We Have So Many Questions About This Curious Little Video. I love it when I’m running a race and there are bands. @Digg

5/31 This Zip Line Can Whip Around Corners. Like a personal rollercoaster for one, this newly invented zip line is bizarrely the product of safety testing. This is a good science lesson. @tomscott

5/30 Animator Changes The Weird-Looking Sonic The Hedgehog In The Movie Trailer To The Cartoon One We Know And Love. This is the new movie trailer. @ArchiZT @cartoon_sonic

5/28 The WNBA’s male practice squads lose to women all the time — and enjoy it. Does this happen in your high school? Why not? @natalieweiner @sbnation

5/26 SpaceX Starlink Satellites Spotted In Sky Over The Netherlands. Marco Langbroek did the math and figured out where the satellites could be seen in the sky and was given quite the show. @Marco_Langbroek

5/25 Watch This Unbelievably Strong Robot Pull A Three-Ton Airplane. This quadruped robot has a surprising amount of torque. @IITalk

5/24 A guy staked out his Domino’s Pizza place to see how accurate their tracker is. This is pretty funny. Watch out for some salty language. @BVHooker @WeAreMel

5/23 Former FBI Body Language Expert Explains The Body Language Cues That Actually Mean Something. Leaders should take the 14 minutes needed to watch this. @navarrotells @WIRED

5/22 We Can’t Believe It’s A Robot That’s Making This Omelette. Thank you robot. This is awesome. @ankitv

5/21 This five-seater air taxi just completed its first flight. Lilium’s five-seat design went from an interesting concept to a real, working aircraft and it looks very impressive. @MikeWehner @Lilium @BGR @nypost

5/18 Dam Spillgate Fails With An Almighty Crash. The dam at Texas’ Lake Dunlap had a bit of a problem this week, causing the lake’s water levels to drop dramatically. Are you downstream from any damns? @GBRATX @Storyful

5/17 Get Lost In These Brilliant And Perfect Looping Animations. There is nothing that relaxes the cerebellum like an endlessly looping image that’s both perfectly satisfying and satisfyingly perfect. @tdhooper @lastfm

5/15 This Inexplicable Rubik’s Cube Magic Trick Will Blow Your Mind. Can you or your kids figure out how he did it? @JukinMedia

5/14 I Ran a College Cheating Business Out of My Frat and now I’m a high school teacher. Welcome to Scam Academy, where you’ll find stories of schemes and cheats from within the high schools and colleges of America. @vice @liakantro

5/13 Pachelbel Rant – comedian rants about how much it sucks to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D on a cello. This is funny even if you love the piece. @Ali_Lev @POLITICO @MorningTech @NYTimes @RobPRocks

5/12 YouTuber Reveals Why 96,000,000 Black Balls Are Inside This Los Angeles Reservoir – Ask your students if they can figure out what they are for. @veritasium

5/11 Russian Geniuses Put Tank Treads On A Bentley To Create ‘Ultratank’ – This is fun to watch them make the transition. @AcaderneG

5/10 Why The World’s Fastest Elevator Is More Like A Subway System – The design mechanism for elevator systems in super-tall buildings is a bit different from your usual elevator. @HalfInteresting @CuriosityStream

5/9 Girls Get Totally Wrecked By A Wave Trying To Get The Best Shot For Instagram. You know exactly how this video is going to end, but that doesn’t make it any less sweet. @ViralHog

5/8 Paraglider Shows Off ‘Infinity Tumbling’ Trick And — What? No, Absolutely Not – The maneuver is “considered by many to be the most radical and risky in the sport of Acro Paragliding,” and it sure looks that way. @FlyTheEarth @ViralHog

5/7 How Scientists Are Preparing For The Day A Large Asteroid Heads Towards Earth – Scientist Cathy Plesko from the Los Alamos National Laboratory explains the available options if a large object starts barreling straight towards the earth. @CSPlesko @WIRED

5/6 Drone Perfectly Captures The Staggering Beauty Of This Icelandic Glacier. The Vatnajökull glacier is the largest ice cap in Europe and is undeniably stunning to behold. @Caters_News @StefanoTiozzoPH

5/5 Check Out The Way This Police Robot Pulls A Car Over. A tablet and an “extendable robotic arm” on a police officer’s car seeks to make traffic stops safer. @ReubenBrewer6 @SRI_Intl

5/4 Guitarist Recreates Other Instruments’ Sounds With Incredible Accuracy. YouTuber and guitarist Davidlap is really redefining the concept of a “one man band.” @davidlap3

5/3 Speed Flier Kisses The Tree Tops While Zooming Down An Austrian Mountain. While some of us get a rush of adrenaline from our morning cup of Joe, others need to jump off a mountain and bomb down it at 75MPH. @Caters_News @jamie_lee_speedflyer

5/2 How Much Cheaper It Is To Rent Than Buy A Home In Every State, Visualized. If you live in Florida you may want to rent. This could also be a good geography lesson. @howmuch_net

5/1 Pizza & Wine: Pairings for Every Palete – I you are into wine like I am you might enjoy this. @cabinetkings @KramerKarlie

4/30 A Very Entertaining Way To Test If Your Batteries Are Still Working – This simple electromagnetic “train” requires a few spare batteries, copper wire and neodymium magnets. Can you or your school’s physics teacher explain what is going on here? @reddit

4/29 Brian Earhart Makes Epic 391-Foot Disc Golf Hole-In-One. This is way cool. @DynamicDiscs @bryon2211

4/28 Watch How Much Pressure It Takes To Crush This Tiny Lego Vehicle. Note that the pressure is in kilograms. Multiply by 2.2 to get pounds. @LEGO_Group @reddit

4/27 Seven alternative spires for Notre-Dame Cathedral Since the fire devastated Notre-Dame Cathedral and the French prime minister announced a competition to replace its spire, a flurry of designers have offered alternative proposals. @dezeen

4/26 The Growth And Death Of Colonial Empires, Visualized As Cell Division. All history students and teachers need to watch this. I learned a lot. @pmcruz @aeonmag

4/25 The rise in Americans saying they are bisexual is driven by women. Over 3% of US adults say they are bisexual. This is up from just over 1% in 2008. @sangeetaskurtz @dkopf @qz

4/23 The Ikea effect: “that labour alone can be sufficient to induce greater liking for the fruits of one’s labour” @BBC_Capital @fmathmann @LouiseGrimmer

4/22The Best Anti-Inflammatory Diet Is Just Healthy Eating. I eat a lot of this kind of food and strongly recommend it. @ChristineJByrne @outsidemagazine

4/21 Jeopardy Wasn’t Designed for a Contestant Like James Holzhauer. Before Holzhauer went on the show, the most money earned in a single episode of Jeopardy was $77,000. During his 12-episode streak, he’s beaten that total not once, but five times and has set a new record of $131,127. @jpinsk @TheAtlantic

4/20 Jeopardy Legend Ken Jennings on James Holzhauer It’s Absolutely Insane. Jeopardy fans will enjoy this. @KenJennings @WIRED @Jeopardy

4/19 This Juggler’s Floating Ball Illusion Is Mesmerizing. Ask your kids if they can figure out how this works before telling them.

4/18 Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini Robots Can Now Work Together To Haul A Truck. Ask yourself this: How long until they’re pulling your casket? (Just kidding, this really cool.) @BostonDynamic

4/17 My Favorite Riff with Nikki Sixx: Joe Bonamassa. This is an odd couple, but it’s 19 minutes of Nikki Sixx from the Motley Crue talking to Joe Bonamassa while he plays some amazing riffs. @JBONAMASSA @SixxSense @NikkiSixx

4/16 The 50x Zoom On The Huawei P30 Pro Is Unbelievable. This makes the 10x zoom on my iPhone Xs seem lame. @da_fallon

4/15 Learn from Mistakes@realminimalism

4/13 Guy Rigs Up An Absurd Bullet Time Array With 48 High-Speed Cameras, And The Results Are Unreal. This array, which captures 68 gigapixels per second, is about as close as you can get to seeing every angle of something at the same time. @tesla5hundred

4/12 How Amazon Helped Cops Set Up a Package Theft Sting Operation – An anti-package theft operation that used fake Amazon boxes rigged with GPS location trackers. @motherboard @oszvirginia

4/11 Backyard Scientist Sets Up A Giant Fresnel Lens To Burn Random Objects. Fresnel lenses were initially developed for use in lighthouses. This is a very good science/engineering lesson. @ChemicalKevy

4/10 Your Ear Holes Deserve To Hear This Beautiful Handpan Music. After this clip of musician Adam Foote playing handpan in a forest in North Idaho went viral, he was able to quit his day job and pursue his dream of being a musician full-time. @ViralHog

4/9 This Controlled Detonation Of River Ice Is Unexpectedly Spectacular. Authorities in China blew up ice on the Amur River to help prevent spring flooding, and it looked absolutely awesome. @Newsflare

4/7 How The Number Of Daylight Hours Change In The World Every Day, Visualized – Depending on where you live, the hours of daylight you receive can vary greatly throughout the year. @TheHollyHobs

4/6 Inside IKEA’s Laboratory of Futuristic Foods Assemble and enjoy bug burgers, mealworm meatballs, and algae hot dogs. I eat at IKEA whenever I can. The food is great and cheap. @rohini_chaki @atlasobscura

4/5 The Debate Over BC/AD Or BCE/CE Is More Complicated Than You’d Think. Social studies teachers and students should watch this. @WonderWhy7439 @CuriosityStream

4/4 Here’s A Fascinating Comparison Between The London Tube Map And Its Actual Geography – This is a very cool display of data. @DataIsBeautiful

4/3 Engineer Creates A Rocket-Powered Golf Club And Just Absolutely Demolishes A Ball. This a very cool science lesson. @MarkRober @DestinSandlin @smartereveryday

4/2 Watch The First Full Episode Of Jordan Peele’s ‘The Twilight Zone’ For Free. @JordanPeele @Monkeypaw

4/1 This Animated Commercial For A Prescription Label Maker Is Bizzar. Something about this clip is oddly reminiscent of the animated film “Sausage Party.” Which seems especially odd for an ad for one of the biggest companies in biotech. @thermosci

3/31 Learn To Play The Guitar (For Real) With Fender Play. It’s not free, but you do get a free trial. @Fender

3/29 Drummer Taps Along As Siri Lays Downs A Verse. We will never tire of folks on the internet coming up with clever uses for their digital assistants — especially to distract us all the ethical, privacy weirdness these devices represent. @TGallenstein @ViralHog

3/28 The Life Expectancy Gap Between The Longest-Living And Shortest-Living County Of Each State, Visualized – Depending on the state you live in, the life expectancy gap between the longest-living and shortest-living counties can be anywhere between a little over a year to a whopping 16 years. @reddit @Digg

3/27 Apple Special Event. March 25, 2019. – If you have some time you can get the low down on Apple’s new services for news, games, and streaming. @Apple @tim_cook

3/26 Mathematician Explains Why 277,777,788,888,899 Is An Extraordinary Number. This can be the basis of a fun activity for students who have just learned how to multiply and a lesson for students learning to programme. @numberphile

3/25 What It’s Like Piloting The Goodyear Blimp – Who wouldn’t want to fly a blimp? @GoodyearBlimp @businessinsider

3/24 Why Cats Always Land On Their Feet – People have been scratching their heads about this feline question for hundreds of years. Chronophotography offered the first answer. Believe it or not, this is a physics problem. @colemanlowndes @voxdotcom

3/23 This New Composite Photo Of Jupiter Is Spectacular. Share with any space nuts you know. @NASA @Digg

3/22 We’re Collectively Using Escalators Wrong “Stand right, walk left” is common escalator decorum. Unfortunately, it’s also inefficient and breaking the machines. Do you know the best way? @cheddar

3/21 Guy Tries To Use Water To Put Out Wax Fire, And Oh No No No. Better learn from this guys mistake than make it yourself. You can skip to the 35-second mark to save time.@ViralHog

3/20 Most Of Us Have Been Lacing And Tying Our Shoes All Wrong. All of these different ways seem more attractive. @bob_kitt

3/19 Wine Expert Guesses Whether Mystery Wines Are Cheap Or Expensive. Are expensive wines a sham or do you get a better taste with the higher price tag? @epicurious

3/18 You Can Make This Mini Matchstick Cannon Out Of Common Household Knickknacks. This looks like a fun science project. @Digg

3/17 You Deserve To Watch This Very Satisfying Aerial Video Of Hay Bales Being Made. This watching quality drone footage of people farming. Note to students, food comes from farms. @ViralRumble

3/16 Here’s Why You Should Always Just Use The Crosswalk. @Newsflare

3/14 Soccer Striker Executes Hidden Player Routine To Perfection, Fools Goalkeeper Into Giving Him An Easy Goal.

3/13 Salvador Dalí & Walt Disney’s Short Animated Film, Destino, Set to the Music of Pink Floyd – n 1945, Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí began collaborating on an animated film. 58 years later, with Dalí long gone and Disney gone longer still, it came out. @openculture @roskocfart

3/11 Mercator Misconceptions: Clever Map Shows the True Size of Countries. This map shows a Mercator projection and the true size of countries. @Phanyxx @VisualCap @CeliCeliC @ForumGifted

3/10 Manatees Are Completely And Utterly Mesmerized By See-Through Canoe. There is something about these critters that I find fascinating. @ViralHog

3/9 Watch Metallica Cover Kansas Song in Kansas. During the band’s set, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo regaled the Midwestern audience with an unexpected instrumental rendition of “Carry on Wayward Son,” Kansas’ staple 1977 single. @Loudwire @larrypareigis

3/8 The Mad Science Plan to Power the World With Poop – Most people don’t give a second thought to the poop they flush away. But perhaps they should, because the energy contained within our repellent remains is impressive. @SquigglyVolcano @EARTH3R

3/7 Frank Zappa: See First Glimpse of Guitarist’s Hologram in Tour Promo. This guy was a mad genius and an amazing guitarist. Glad I saw him live in 1979. @rysreed @RollingStone @diellemusicuk

3/6 This Video Really Puts Into Perspective How Much Richer The Super Rich Are Compared To Everybody Else. Vox illustrates how unimaginably rich the very rich really are, before advocating for a new tax system. Are there any unintended consequences? @alv9n @voxdotcom

3/5 The Biggest Coffee Chain In Each State, Mapped – See if you can guess which is biggest where you live. @Maptitude

3/3 The American making ‘ice music’ in the Italian Alps – When Tim Linhart started making instruments from ice they were more likely to explode with a bang than produce music, but things have come a long way since then. @icemusicsweden @thelocalitaly

3/2 An Engineer Explains Weirs, Small Dams That Alter The Water Levels Of Rivers. This is a good math and science lesson. @practical_engrs @skillshare

3/1 n Illustration Of Why Electric Vehicles Are So Much Cheaper To Drive Than Gas Vehicles. This is 13 minutes long but it’s a good applied math lesson. @jasonfenske13

2/28 How The Oscar-Winning Documentary ‘Free Solo’ Was Captured – The crew explains the careful logistics that went into capturing Alex Honnold as he scaled El Capitan without any ropes or harnesses. @AlexHonnold @chaiv @jimkchin @Clairpopkin @NatGeo

2/26 Canadian Man Films Ice Tsunami And He Is *Hyped* About It. This is a great example of the power of ice. Share with science students you know. @ViralHog

2/25 The United Pixels of America: 8-bit Map of the USA – This would be a good geography lesson for students in most grades. @NetCredit @ksantoro17 @ericcurts

2/24 The Process Of Making 3D Kids’ Cups Is Unexpectedly Fascinating. “How It’s Made” details the careful work that goes into making lenticular cups. @ScienceChannel

2/23 This Animated Chart Of How The Top 15 Brands Have Changed Since 2000 Is Wild. It lasts 5:42, but I found it mesmerizing. @mathew1tbooth

2/22 Alex Honnold Critiques Famous Movie Climbing Scenes. How realistic are the stunts are in films like “Mission Impossible,” “Point Break” and, uh, “Failure to Launch?” There is some good science and great scenery here. This is pretty interesting. @AlexHonnold @GQMagazine

2/20 Watch ‘Kitbull,’ A Hand-Drawn Short From Pixar About Inter-Species Friendship. This would make a good writing prompt for most students. @DisneyPixar

2/19 Guy Brews The Same Beer On $1,500 And $150,000 Equipment. It’s easy to make decent beer. Consider giving it a try. @SapwoodCellars

2/17 Ranking Every Kind of Rice by How Healthy it Is – They are not all the same. @WeAreMel

2/16 Surfers Shred Clean 60-Footers In Near-Perfect Conditions. While this scene is insanity to us mere mortals, this clear day in surf mecca Nazaré, Portugal was a dream for the professionals. @JACUZZISURFER @Jacuzzisurfer1

2/15 IllusionThis is one very cool optical illusion. Nothing is moving but your brain doesn’t know it. @PeterMerlinCane

2/14 This Mashup Of ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer With The ‘Avengers’ Theme Song Is Pure Perfection. This is pretty cool. Too bad you have to wait until November to see the movie. @jeeveswilliams

2/13 How Much Money You Need To Save To Retire Early In Every State – You could save $3.1 million and move to Hawaii or $1.4 million and move to Mississippi. @howmuch_net @GOBankingRates

2/10 Turn your iPad into a second display. It’s the only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display for your Mac.

2/9 Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles Of Good Design, Beautifully Illustrated With His Products – Design is a hot topic. This guy is good. It’s in German with English subtitles. Any school with a maker space should watch this. @DieterRams @Vimeo

2/8 Guy Spends Two Years Building A 126,000-Piece K’Nex Ball Track, And It’s Incredible. @amanda_feuk @Bricobig

2/7 The States That Buy The Most Alcohol, Mapped. Bet you can’t guess the number one state. @boknowsdata @mmsdschools

2/6 Pixar Just Dropped This New Experimental Short Film, ‘Purl.’ – This is soooooo cute. It could help your kids warm up to people who aren’t like them. @roxxykristen @davidmlally @bradleyfurnish @pinartoprak @DisneyPixar

2/5 he Way Superman Picks Up A Building Is A Physics Travesty. Make sure all physics teachers and students you know see this. @rjallain @WIRED

2/3 Tom Brady Stars as Thanos in INFINITY WAR Parody. This great new animated parody proves, he’s a lot like football’s Thanos, the unstoppable force in Avengers: Infinity War, who needed six infinity stones. @burgermike @nerdist

2/1 A Mesmerizing Visualization Of Every US Highway In Numbered Order – See if you can find when roads you know show up. @MapPornTweet

1/31 Dolphins Chase Behind A Man Being Towed Underwater. This tourist in Turks and Caicos has the ride of a lifetime while holding onto a “Subwing,” a towable underwater board. @Caters_News

1/30 The World’s Fastest First-Person-View RC Quadcopter Clocks In At A Cool 265 MPH. To pilot customized crafts like this one, pilots must don video goggles that give them a first-person view of the flight for safety purposes. @Gizmodo

1/29 The Terrible History of Photographs by Glove and Boots. This is pretty funny. @FafaGroundhog @MarioGlove

1/28 A Japanese Fashion Model Who Isn’t Human, And More Of The Week’s Coolest Design – Meet Imma. On her Twitter page, she describes herself as a virtual model and proudly declares, “I want to attract humans to the fashion show.” @pang_chieh @Digg @supchinanews

1/26 Kid Absolutely Crushes A Ukulele Cover Of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – This is amazing! The kid is from Tiawan. @FengE14

1/25 The Most Popular Baby Girl Names In Each State Since 1910, Mapped – It’s interesting to see how popular names have changed over the years. @boknowsdata

1/24 Cartoons on Teaching Social Studies – Thanks to Larry Cuban. @LarryCuban

1/23 This Video Of A Sea Cow (Manatee) Grazing On Seagrass Is The Most Magical Thing You’ll See This Week. I love watching manatees during my annual February Florida trip. @ViralHog

1/22 Why Raising Government Funds Through Gambling Is A No Good Idea. Do your kids know that gambling is addictive? @ranjchak @jasongrotto @sandhya__k @voxdotcom

1/21 AI is better at bluffing than professional gamblers. AI and ML systems are turning the professional gambling world on its head. Scroll down and watch the short video. @Terrortola @engadget @CarnegieMellon @heyitscheet

1/20 In Seven Words, Katelyn Ohashi Explains Why Her Gymnastics Routine Went Viral. This routine is insane. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one I enjoyed more. @katelyn_ohashi @carminegallo @Drmamouton @Inc

1/17 How Movie Genres Have Changed In Popularity Since 1910, Visualized – This is an interested use of data visualization. Movie buffs will like it too. @boknowsdata @mmsdschools

1/16 UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi performs perfect 10 Michael Jackson floor routine. This is pretty amazing. @katelyn_ohashi @nypost @newscomauHQ

1/15 Guy Tests Out How Well A Drone Can Fly When It’s In An Elevator. This is a good physics lesson. @theactionlabman

1/14 Ex-Apple Engineers turn your iPad into an extra display. Now for Mac & PC. You can also use an iPhone as a second screen. @duetdisplay

1/13 Travel, Casually Explained – As someone who likes to travel to other countires I found this interesting and clever. @CasuallyE

1/12 AK-47 Gets Stuck On Full Auto In The Hands Of A Newbie, Things Nearly Turn Disastrous. It’s unclear how the gun shifts from semi-automatic to full auto, but this situation nearly got out of control. If you have never shot a weapon on full automatic this should be enlightening. It doesn’t last long. @jamesraitken @ViralHog

1/11 The Coolest Stuff From CES 2019 (And A Few Of The Dumbest Things) – I watched most of these videos and they are all cool. Look for a roll-up TV and a conversation interpreter. @CES @LGUS @Caleb_Denison

1/10 How pizza could save the world – Pizza can be thought of as an open-source platform. This is pretty hip. @FastCompany

1/9 Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. 2019 – Check out the methodology. Are there any near you? @Yelp

1/8 Lily: The 1st smart speaker that teaches Chinese. Learn Chinese the natural way. No books, no vocabulary lists, no flash cards. Just speak. @Digg

1/7 Woman Boldly Grabs Onto A Distressed Seagull To Remove The Plastic Wound Around Its Neck. A gentle reminder to recycle what you can, cut your soda and beer pack rings and, for the love of god, don’t litter. @Storyful

1/6 Kayaking Down One Of The World’s Largest Natural Water-Slides Looks Scary As Hell. Pro kayaker Dane Jackson hit 40 MPH dropping down this natural waterslide in California. @danejackson @ViralHog

1/5 Kids Try Vegan Food And Have Strong Opinions. How would your kids react? This is cute. @fyeahreact @LANEGIRLS797 @SYDNEYBERGERSON @SOPHIA_ROSE_NIKOLOV

1/4 Why Cash Bail Is A Stain On America’s Criminal Justice System – There are interesting data here. This might also give beginning animators some ideas. @Maddie_Marshall @voxdotcom

1/3 The Newly Released Image Of Ultima Thule, The Farthest Object Ever Explored, Is Mind-Blowing. Thanks to new scientific data sent from New Horizons. It turns out Ultima Thule looks like one big old space snowman. @planet4589 @Alex_Parker

1/2 This Might Be The Most Brilliant Gun Safe Ad We’ve Ever Seen. Since you can show real guns guess what this guy does? @SpectrusssCTR

1/1/2019 Look At This 3D Animated Temple Made Out Of Fractals. Study it. Worship it. Fear it. Breathe it in, deep. Live in the fractal temple and know true peace. @bib993

12/31 This Bird Is In Perfect Harmony With The Alligator It’s Surfing On. This is only ten seconds, but very cool. @ViralHog

12/30 How Much Paid Leave And Holidays Workers Get In America Compared To The Rest Of The World? This chart is an eye-opener. @uisceglas @StatistaCharts

12/29 Paul McCartney doing carpool karaoke – is arguably the greatest installment of the long-running late-night segment. The former Beatle returns to Liverpool, stopping by his childhood home and rolling down Penny Lane. @reed_tucker @nypost @PaulMcCartney @JKCorden

12/28 Google Mapping All The Locational References In Beatles’ Songs – This 12+ minute tour is also a good geography lesson and a must for Beatles’ fans. @VanityFair

12/27 Google Mapping All The Locational References In Beatles’ Songs – The lyrical locations in all the Beatles’ songs cover roughly 25,510 miles around the world. @VanityFair

12/26 Award Winning CGI 3D Animated Short Film “Hey Deer!” by Ors Barczy – Children of all ages should enjoy this. @CGMeetup @Entranet_Inc

12/25 This Bad Lip Reading Of Apple Product Launches Is Perfection. If you like this try some of the other Bad Lip Reading productions. @BadLipReading

12/22 Here’s What It Looks Like When An Astronaut Tries To Walk On Earth After 197 Days In Orbit. Looks like he is learning to walk all over again. @Astro_Feustel @mashable

12/21 The Acceptance Rate Of Elite US Colleges From 2015 To 2018, Visualized. As the number of applications for prestigious colleges has risen thanks in part to the emergence of Common Application. This has caused acceptance rates for colleges of the US have declined quite sharply in the past few years. This is also a cool data visualization. @Digg @Reddit

12/20 Macaulay Culkin, 38, reprised his role as McCallister from the iconic Home Alone series in a new Google Assistant advertising campaign. If your kids haven’t seen the original movie it could be fun watching it with them. @IncredibleCulk @NWPhotoLab

12/19 You Can Now Watch Pixar’s ‘Bao’ Short On YouTube. What better way to spend 7:43. @domee_shi @DisneyPixar

12/18 How Many Pennies Do You Need To Cast A Sword? Even if you don’t have time to watch be sure to see the add for a chemistry set at the beginning. It was my favorite toy as a kid. This is a cool science lesson. @mel_science

12/17 A Stunningly Simple Visualization Of How Few People Live In Canada – Challenge your students to create similar graphics for other countries. @NaytaData

12/15 Bowling PinsThese bowling pins were painted by art students at Chenango Forks High School in New York. Can your kids guess which artist is represented by each pin? @ChenangoForksSD @roskocfart

12/14 Finally, Proof That Skateboard Videos Are A Total Sham. Share with kids you know who are making videos. @MischiefArts @thrashermag

12/11 Why JRR Tolkien’s Influence Reverberates Through Classic Rock – If you are a Led Zeppelin fan you will like this. (Sorry about the short (0:10) ad at the beginning.) @WatchPolyphonic @audible_com

12/10 Watching This Biker Race Down The World’s Longest Urban Downhill Track Is Making Our Hearts Stop. It starts our tame and gets crazy. It lasts four minutes, but I couldn’t stop watching. @ViralHog

12/9 This POV Footage Of A Wingsuit Pilot Barreling Down A Cliffside At 120 MPH Is Bananas. The pilot climbed through sub-freezing temperatures to jump from the highest exit point on the west ridge of the famous Eiger Mountain in Switzerland. @NG4Productions

12/8 Pool Breaks Do Not Get Any Better Than This. Well, *technically,* there could be a better break, but this is probably as good as real life will get. @TYPLive1 @1St4_OutdoorSol

12/6 A Spot-On Parody Of Musical Performers And Their Strange On-Stage Habits – Every time you go to a classical concert from here on out, you are probably going to think of this video. @TwoSetViolin

12/5 Bowling Trick Shots by Dude Perfect – These guys do a look of cool tricks. @DudePerfect

12/4 Musician Works His Way Up The Ten Levels Of Classical Jazz Guitar, And It’s Incredible. If you play guitar or like guitar music you will like this. @LucasBrar @SwedishKuriboh

12/2 A Breakdown Of How Uber Charges Customers – Uber has gone from telling drivers that they could earn $90,000 a year to promoting the job as the ultimate side hustle instead. So which one is it? A lot of teachers do Uber on the side. @D_Berkey @ringer

12/1 This Man Bought A Google Home And Really, Really Ran With It. Is this a look at our future? Only 0:53. @DavidNeevel

11/30 Five Bad Signs To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car – This is aimed at novice car buyers. Please share with young people and anyone who buys used cars. @jasonfenske13

11/29 Kent State recruit Kalin Bennett becomes first player with autism to get D1 basketball scholarship. How cool is this? @James_Dator @SBNation

11/28 The Cost Of Childcare Vs. College Tuition In All 50 States, Visualized – A recent study indicates that childcare affordability is even more of a crisis than higher-education affordability. @howmuch_net @Digg

11/27 Climber Intercepts A Woman Rapidly Tumbling Down The Side Of An Icy Volcano In The Nick Of Time. This is pretty exciting. [0:30] @ViralHog

11/26 How to Land on Mars – This is how NASA’s Insight Martian lander will do it today (11/26/2018). Check the cool video at the bottom. There is also an AR app from the New York Times. @13pt @nytimes

11/25 This NASA Footage Of A Rocket Launching Into Space Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See All Week. In this amazing video, you can see a rocket launching from the perspective of outer space. @SPACEdotcom @NASA

11/24 Don McMillan – Greatest Charts – This is hilarious and very high tech. @donmcmillan

11/23 Apple Goes Full-Pixar In Its New Ad For The Holidays. Apple’s holiday ad this year is a surprisingly charming and well-done animation short about the power of sharing. @Apple

11/21 A Hilarious Illustration Of How Much Rubber Sticks To Track After A Day Of Drag Racing – @ViralHog @JustinRYoung

11/20 Noodle Master Turns A Log Of Dough Into 128 Noodles In 10 Seconds. Peter Song has been transforming water and flour into Chinese hand-pulled noodles for over ten years, and he’s unsurprisingly really, really good at it. @tasty

11/18 This Is Certainly One Way To Spice Up Your Bike Commute. The tricks start at the 40 second mark. @VideoElephant @Newsflare

11/17 Artist transforms aluminum cans into gorgeous pieces. This looks like something art students in your school should try. @CrushesArt @nypost

11/16 Christine and the Queens – Tilted – This is creative and freash. Give it a chance. @QueensChristine

11/15 The Difference Between The Mercator Projection And Countries’ Real Geographic Sizes, Visualized – But this comparison between countries’ Mercator sizes and actual sizes will help get rid of some misconceptions. @neilrkaye

11/14 What Are Pubes Actually For? There is not much research here but we have a theory. @KTHeaney @thecut

11/13 The World’s Fastest Jet Suit Looks Like It Belongs In A James Bond Film. 35 miles an hour may not seem fast until you strap this baby on. @browrz @WIRED

11/12 Can You Imagine The Amount Of Work That Went Into This Rubber-Band Marble Machine? One week of work and 40 “fails” later, this contraption is a thing of beauty. @RaminNasibov

11/11 This Trick Won The Magic World Championships and It May Utterly Destroy Your Brain. Eric Chien’s “Ribbon” routine — which won the Grand Prix at the FISM World Championships — is 6 minutes of color- and reality-shifting madness. @Kido810 @Gizmodo

11/9 An Experiment: Can Four Box Fans Strapped Together Work As A Functional Drone? This is a great science and engineering lesson for your kids. @FliteTest

11/8 They Hacked Their School District When They Were 12. The Adults Are Still Trying to Catch Up. The district should hire these kids not expel them. @BenjaminBHerold @EducationWeek

11/7 New Yorker Tries To Commute To Work By Kayak, Quickly Regrets The Decision. I would love to kayak in the East River, but currents are way to strong. @BuzzFeed

11/5 Adam Ruins Everything – How College Loans Got So Evil | truTV – I liked the above link on hydration I just had to post another “Adam Ruins” video. @AdamRuins @truTV

11/4 Average People Try To Keep Up With World-Record Marathon Pace, Fail Miserably. Want to keep up with the pace of world-record holder Eliud Kipchoge? You have to cover 200 meters in 34 seconds and keep it up for two hours. How long could you last? @runnersworld

11/3 The City Adding The Most Jobs In Every State, Mapped – Keep this in mind if your thinking of moving or looking for a college to attend. @Digg

11/2 This Simulation Based On Observations Of The Supermassive Black Hole At The Center Of Our Galaxy Is Mind-Boggling. Based on observations by the European Southern Observatory’s GRAVITY instrument, this simulation shows gases swirling around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way — at just 30% the speed of light. @ESO @GVTYconsortium

11/1 Man Tracks His Stolen iPhone Across The Globe And Ends Up Becoming A Celebrity In China. This is 13 minutes long, but it is a very cool and touching story. @mattstopera @BuzzFeed

10/31 his Drone Footage Of A Kayaker Going Off A 110-Foot Waterfall Took Our Breath Away. Don’t you wish you had a drone to take videos with? @Newsflare @globaltimesnews

10/30 A Really Cool Database For Paper Airplanes – This should be fun and a great science lesson at the same time. @terryheick @TeachThought @LFlemingEDU

10/29 Guy Sleds Down A 400-Sand Dune And Goes… So Fast. ​These sand dunes make for a great natural slide. @reddit @Digg

10/27 What Happens When You Take All Of The Water Out Of Slime? There is a recipe so you can make your own slime. Also chekc out The King of Random YouTube Channel. @thekingofrandom

10/25 The Winners Of The Astronomy Photos Of The Year Contest Are Here, And They’re Extraordinary. These images look like they’re straight out of the imagination of science-fiction writers, but they are not. @jcosco

10/24 Garth Brooks and Ricky Skaggs Get Upstaged at Hall of Fame Ceremony — By a Mandolin! This is a very cool music video. @RickySkaggs @garthbrooks @people

10/23 What Happens When You Combine A Super Powerful Neodymium Magnet And A Magnetic Beauty Mask? This is fun to watch and a good science lesson. @theactionlabman

10/22 A Plane Emergency Landed On The Literal Freeway And Merged Perfectly. A plane has to land on the freeway after an engine error. Somehow it merges better than a lot of actual cars. @ViralHog

10/21 The Horror Villains That Still Haunt Your State After 20+ Years – This is a cool example of data vizualization. @FrontierCorp @EmLaurence

10/20 Shawnee Boy Shows Foo Fighters He Can Play A Mean Guitar. Collier Cash Rule, 10, started playing the electric guitar just two years ago. At Friday’s Foo Fighters concert he showed off his skills to frontman Dave Grohl. You can also click here to help his friend Bo. @foofighters

10/19 These Earbuds Are So Waterproof You Can Swim Laps With Them. Listen to music while swimming, in the rain, or even while you shower! We are proud to present you the first-ever fully waterproof wireless earbuds. @xFyroDesigns

10/17 We Never Knew Jump Rope Could Be This Intense Until We Watched A Professional Team Perform Their Routine. Sorry about the short ad, but this video is worth the wait. @JukinMedia

10/15 Cross Country Runners Unsuccessfully Try To Navigate Steep, Muddy Hill. This is fun to watch. @JukinMedia

10/13 17 Hall Pass Ideas You’ll Want to Steal – If you must use hall passes in your classroom you will love these creative versions that are suitable for almost any situation. @drkarenn @WeAreTeachers

10/12 The Entire Global Economy, Visualized – This is very clever data visualization effort. @LV_Anderson

10/11 Just Chill Out And Watch This Couple Canoe Through A Lake Surrounded By Mountains. This might give you and your kids ideas about how to make cool videos. @Newsflare @VideoElephant

10/10 Do You Know All This British Slang? I got an 80% and I was in England this summer. @offbeat

10/9 Check Out This Guy Speedflying Through Italian Mountains. This guy flew through the wind to descend rapidly down the hill. He glided swiftly over the scenic Italian mountains as low as it was possible. @JukinMedia

10/8 This Tourist Experience With A Humpback Whale Is Somewhere Between Amazing And Terrifying. Check out the exact moment an enormous humpback whale leaps out of the water just a few feet from a tourist boat. @Newsflare @VideoElephant

10/7 The Cities With The Fastest-Growing Economies, Mapped – How are this cities is your state doing? @wallethub

10/4 This 360-Degree Video Of Alex Honnold Climbing El Capitan Without Any Ropes Will Take Your Breath Away. A documentary about Honnold’s inhuman climb, Free Solo, just hit select theaters, but you can watch this from the secure comfort of your couch. @AlexHonnold @jimkchin @chaiv

10/2 Please Enjoy This 25-Second Masterpiece, ‘Mr. Bottle-Opener Rides A Rollercoaster.’ Perhaps this will encourage your kids to make a creative video. @SamfletcherEsq

10/1 Watching The Shock Waves Erupt From A Cannon In Ultra Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing. They capture some big bangs with his snazzy high-speed camera. The first shot gos off at 3:00. @smartereveryday

9/30 Geeky Halloween costumes for kids. Parenting done right. So, fellow geeky parents, check out these awesome and not-too-hard Halloween costumes. I’m pretty sure you can pull these off for your kids. @momresources @coolmompicks

9/29 20 Years Ago, This Pokémon Data Visualization Would Have Ignited So Many Playground Feuds. It’s hard to believe that today marks the 20th anniversary of the “Pokémon” series’ American debut on Game Boy systems. @mathewolson

9/28 The World’s First Calorie Burning Car Is Straight Out of The Flintsones. I wish I could pedel my car don’t you? @domtripolone @newscomauHQ @nypost

9/27 The Earnings Gap Between The 1% And The 99% In Every State, Visualized – It turns out there are 22 states where the top 1% of earners make more than $1 million a year on average, and there are zero states where the bottom 99% make more than $100,000 on average. @howmuch_net @EconomicPolicy

9/25 This Satellite Footage Of A Rocket Taking Off Is Absolutely Incredible. Rocket launches: cool when seen from Earth, and even cooler when seen from orbit. @chengela @verge

9/24 The Electric History Of Guitar Distortion In Music – As a musician I loved this trip through time. @squarespace @WatchPolyphonic

9/23 This Might Be The Very First Teardown Of The iPhone XS. You can also brush up on your Dutch. @fixjeiphone

9/22 The List Of The Most Stolen Cars In The US Is Kind Of Surprising. Older cars without anti-theft devices are often stolen along with cars that are left with the keys in them (duh). @StatistaCharts @KristenWeather @insurancecrime

9/21 Machine Learning Confronts the Elephant in the Room. A visual prank exposes an Achilles’ heel of computer vision systems: Unlike humans, they can’t do a double take. @KSHartnett

9/20 Just Really Beautiful Footage Of Pasta Chefs Doing What They Do Best – If you and your kids like pasta you have to watch this. @tasty

9/19 Photos: Pet Rescues in the Wake of Hurricane Florence – For much of the past week, residents have been evacuating or fleeing from Florence, many of them carrying their beloved furry companions. @kokogiak @TheAtlantic

9/18 The Devastating Slowness of Hurricane Florence – The slow speed caused so much rain to fall in the same places that flooding is a big problem. I was flooded in 2011 by tropical storm Lee here in South Central New York State so I’ve seen it up close. @emorwee @newrepublic

9/15 Weather Channel Reporter Acts Like Hurricane Is About To Blow Him Over… While Two Dudes Casually Stroll By In The Background. He is also leaning with the wind instead of into it. @weatherchannel

9/13 Researchers Are Now Testing Autonomous Vehicles Using A Collapsible Crash Test Robot Car. Anyone with a modern car should watch this. @tomscott

9/12 EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker – Test your eyes and order glasses online. @EyeQueCorp

9/11 How AI changed organ donation in the US – Interesting Story, great illustrations. @corinnepurtill @QZ @QuartzAtWork

9/10 Americans Trying To Locate Asian Countries On A Map Is As Depressing As You’d Imagine. Which countries can you and your kids locate? @AskAsianBoss

9/9 Here’s How To Open A Lock With A Paper Clip, Or, As We Like To Call It, How To Be A Thief. Your kids might enjoy understanding how locks work. @Digg

9/8 A High-Adrenaline Look At What It Takes To Be A Big-Budget Stuntperson – Athletic, can-do actors and actresses like Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron still need stunt doubles to do the heavy lifting. This is pretty cool. @Kara_Chin @87elevenAction @thisisinsider

9/7 How Michael Jackson Wrote Dance Hits That Are As Timeless As They Are Contagious – This is 7:41, and it’s a good music lesson for kids and some adults. @TheeNerdwriter @squarespace

9/6 Norway’s ‘Death Diving’ Competition Looks Legitimately Nuts. No wonder the Swedes tell Norwegian jokes. @fatstonetv

9/5 How The Favorite Alcohol In European Countries Has Changed Over Time, Mapped. Can the alcoholic preferences of a country change in the span of a few decades? Turns out it can. @pang_chieh

9/3 Upside Down Sky Diving Footage That Is Equal Parts Trippy And Relaxing. This video is very well done and fun to watch. @RoundIII

9/2 How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds – Trouble sleeping? Here’s a military-tested trick for guaranteed slumber. @SharonAckman @Medium

9/1 The World’s Biggest Plane Taking Off Is Quite Something. It’s an Antonov An-225, which has a wingspan nearly as wide as a football field, taking off from an RAF base in the UK. @Mraviationguy @Newsflare

8/31 Here’s How Much You Need To Earn To Be In The Top 1% In Every State. See if your kids can guess which state is first and last and where your state falls. @EconomicPolicy @cremedj

8/30 Your Cheat Sheet to Wine Bottle Sizes – Yes, I am a wino. @WE_Marshall @WineEnthusiast

8/28 Woman’s Juggling Trick Is Wildly Satisfying. Check her Instagram Account for more. Just about anyone can juggle if they try. Here is a tutorial. @Digg @nielsduinker

8/26 The Best Boardwalk and Beach Snacks, According to MUNCHIES – n this edition of Hella Good, their staff names the best places to grab a snack, a beer, or an ice cream cone at their beach of choice. @munchies @VICE

8/25 Ranking Every Type of Cheese by How (Un)Healthy They Are – Blue cheese? Soft cheese? … Human cheese? Here’s which are least likely to mess you up. @WeAreMel

8/23 Heroic diver risks his life to save shark from strangling on fishing net. His reward was not being eaten. @nypost

8/21 Look At This Incredibly Athletic Game-Winning Ultimate Frisbee Catch. It’s nice to see a girl make a super play. @furyultimate

8/20 A Paper Airplane You Can Control From Your Smartphone – The simplest form of man-made flight just got a little smarter. @Poweruptoys

8/19 A humpback spent a full half an hour with this lucky diver. This short [1:22] video is well worth the watch and could be a good science resource. @Caters_News

8/17 Listening To What English Would Sound Like If It Were Phonetically Consistent Will Break Your Brian. This is somewhere between Scottish, Jamaican and Elvish. @Aaron_Alon

8/16 We’re Really Getting Mixed Feelings From This Video On What Each State Is Best And Worst At. Can you guess what your state is best and worst at? @RealLifeLore1 @skillshare

8/14 Spectacular Footage Of A Wakeskater Speeding Through A Narrow Volcanic Valley – This is very cool. @briancgrubb @redbull

8/13 How Norman Conquerors Changed The Holy Roman Empire And The World Forever – I wish I had animations like this when I was taking history. @TED_ED @echobridge

8/12 Weezer Pulls Weird Al On Stage To Help Them Cover Toto’s Africa. I’m a big fan of Wierd Al. @Weezer @alyankovic

8/11 How to Write a Great Rock Lyric – This sounds like a cool writting assignment for secondary students. @LaneBrown @nymag @vulture

8/10 It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why. Check the eating habbits of your family against this. @elizabarclay @juliaoftoronto @voxdotcom

8/9 The Rubik’s cube, the most popular toy ever, gets redesigned. @kschwabable @FastCoDesign

8/7 How Big Apple Is Compared To The Largest Companies In Each Country, Visualized – This is also a very good geography lesson. @Forbes

8/6 How to survive a plane crash – This short [6:21] animation is informative. See if your students/kids can guess what to do before you show this. @TheInfoShow

8/5 This Stop Motion Short About A Carpentry Project Uses Legos To Stunning Effect. It’s hard to imagine the time that went into this outstanding labor of love. @ProsBrick @ClarkJaman

8/3 The Projected Largest Cities In The World In 2100 Are Not The Cities You’d Guess. This short [2:26] animation is very interesting. @VisualCap

8/2 You Will Feel ‘The Power Of Love’ Listening To This Kiddie Instrument Cover Of Huey Lewis And The News. Time for your kids to try recording with simple instruments. @THEWACKIDS

8/2 Pizza delivery guy asks to play family’s piano, leaves everyone stunned. An 18-year-old pizza delivery man is going viral after wowing his customers with his piano skills. @JulieVarchetti @michellegant76 @engagepeopleco @nypost

7/31 A Reminder That The Ocean Is A Big, Scary Place – It’s kind of a miracle that container ships — just a bunch of big metal boxes lashed together on an open ship deck — can handle huge storms like this. @rumblevideo

7/30 Every Circle In This Image Is The Same Color And It’s Breaking Our Brains. The colors you perceive depend on which colored bars go over each circle and which colored bars go underneath. @Digg

7/29 How Facial Recognition Will Change Your Face – In a world where all your secrets are public, your face will serve a new function. @cfhorgan @Medium

7/28 Looney Tunes Characters, Ranked – What would your ranking look like? @AlbertBurneko

7/27 Which College Degrees Earn The Highest Salaries? This is a rich example of the visual display of data. Be sure to tell your kids that it’s more important to be happy than rich. @Digg @reddit

7/25 Why Many Consider Jimi Hendrix The Greatest Guitarist Of All Time – Guitar players and fans will enjoy this. @WatchPolyphonic

7/25 The Drone Photography Of The Year Contest Winners Are Staggering. This looks like a cool hobby that parents and kids can engage in. @jcosco @Digg

7/23 What Does A Conductor Actually Do On Stage? Share with music teachers and student musicians you know. @jamesgaffigan @voxdotcom

7/22 All The Physiological Stuff That Happens To Your Body During Sex – I would use this as part of a high school sex education program. @AsapSCIENCE @sidenotepod24

7/20 Guy Puts An Airbag Under His Chair And Sets It Off, Just To See What Happens. Believe it or not, this is somewhat educational. @JukinMedia

7/18 The Gap Between Baby Boomer And Millennial Incomes, Mapped By State – This is an interesting display of data. @businessinsider @Digg

7/17 What’s in Frozen Pizza? All 45+ (mostly terrible) ingredients in this bachelor-pad staple, explained (yep, even thiamine hydrochloride). @WeAreMel @louisbshalako

7/16 Scientists Are Using Human Hair Stuffed Into Panty Hose To Solve A Real Environmental Problem. This looks like something your kids can try at home. @voxdotcom @JossFong

7/15 There Are A Lot More Time Zones Than You Think, Here Are Some Unique Ones. You would think that time would be one of the easiest and most natural things to determine, but like most things, humans ruined it. @TheCrewGame @RealLifeLore101 @UbisoftUplay

7/14 Cyclist Records Himself Biking Through Gorgeous Terrain For One Second Every Day. This might be something your kids can do. @VideoElephant

7/13 The Drone Racing League Simulator – This looks like great fun and there isn’t any shooting. Check the specs before you buy. @steam_games

7/10 A Very Enjoyable Supercut Of One Man’s Trials And Tribulations Learning To Slack Line – This looks like something your kids can try in your yard. @OwenDaughtery @mikeboydvideo

7/9 This AI Can Isolate Music From Different Instruments In Music Videos. The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT developed this deep learning intelligence, called PixelPlayer. @zhaohang0124 @MIT_CSAIL @LaughingSquid @navchandar

7/8 Spectacular, Terrifying Drone Footage Of A Gigantic Wave Eating A Surfer – @maquina_voadora @Digg

7/7 Kids Interrupt Soccer Training To Practice ‘The Neymar.’ If you are like me you are tired of all the acting at the World Cup. @reddit

7/5 Cheap Bike vs Super Bike, What’s the Difference? This like your bike vs the top bike going. @gcntweet @ShimanoROAD

7/4 We’re A Bit Breathless Watching This Speedflyer Travel Over 90 MPH Just A Few Feet Off The Ground. I’m glad I can enjoy this without doing it. @VideoElephant @Caters_News

7/3 These Ballet Spoofs of the World Cup Are Pure GOOOOOAAAAAALLLS! These guys deserve this. There is so much faking going on. @DanzadanceOrg @Dance_Magazine @M_Schrock

7/1/2018 Where LeBron Should Play Next Year, According to a Game Theorist. What’s your guess? This will help you get hip to game theory. @NickGreene @slate

6/30 The Science Of Blue Balls And Blue Vulvas – Share this with sex ed teachers and teenagers you know after you watch it yourself. @AsapSCIENCE

6/29 National Geographic Named The Best Travel Photos Of The Year, And They Are Stunning. How do your travel photos stack up. @NatGeo @EzWVwTmuX62icrI

<6/28 a href="">A Satisfying Walkthrough Of How Burt’s Bees Chapstick Is Made – I love watching how things are made from start to finish. @Refinery29

6/24 How You Trap A Big Python Using Only A PVC Pipe And Branches – The end result comes at the beginning. The entire process follows. We’re not really on board with the part where he uses a poor chick as live bait, but other than that, this is pretty darn ingenious. @AnimalPlanet @Digg

6/22 Game of Thrones at the Summer Solstice. I’ve been to Stonehenge and highly recommend the trip. Happy Summer Solstice. @GettyImages

6/20 Kid Eats An Entire Bottle Of Gummy Vitamins For Breakfast, The Results Are Not Good. There is important knowledge here for adults and children. Too many vitamin pills can kill you. @chubbyemu

6/19 Guy Jumps Up And Down Until His Inflatable Pool Becomes A Wave Pool. Give this a try in your backyard. @JukinMedia

6/17 Benedict Cumberbatch Voices Our Favorite Green Mean One In The Latest Trailer For ‘The Grinch.’This looks high tech and possibly pretty good. @VideoElephant @cumberbatchfan

6/15 Flying Port-A-Potty Sprays Unholy Liquid Everywhere As Strong Winds Blow It Into Space. Are your port-a-potties tied down to avoid this? @KTBS

6/14 Eight-Year-Old Girl Destroys A Drum Cover Of Zeppelin’s ‘Good Times Bad Times.’ What can your eight-year-old do? @Vimeo @Digg @reddit

6/11 A 3D-printed house you can actually live in should be ready by 2019 – Dutch firm Van Wijnen is building an entire community. @skrishna @engadget

6/10 32 Stuntmen Setting Fire To Themselves To Beat A World Record Is Insane To Watch. Have your students think about how they would design the suits. @theawesomer @GWR

6/9 We Love This Man In A Motion Capture Suit, Walking Around Like A Velociraptor For A ‘Jurassic World’ VR Experience. In VR, this guy’s velociraptor impression looks amazing. In real life, not so much. @VideoElephant

6/7 Rodney Mullen Demonstrates A Skateboarding Trick That Should Be Physically Impossible. This is also a very cool science lesson. @almostskate @thephysicsgirl

6/6 Micro Drone 3.0 Combo Pack – If you have $145 to spare, this looks like great fun. @MicroDrone_US

6/4 What Would Happen To Your Body If You Only Drank Energy Drinks? – In 2011, 20,000 visits to the emergency room were related to energy drink consumption. @AsapSCIENCE

6/3 Bank Shots Compilation – Get ready for some very cool trick golf shots. Maybe your kids can give something like this a try. @gm__golf

6/2 What Is Actually Killing You — Sugar Or Fat? This is probably good for middle school to adult. @SciShow

6/1 Guy Can Fling Cards So Hard They Cut Carrots. This can be dangerous. @VideoElephant

5/31 Danish Dude Supercharges His Shredder To Destroy Sensitive Information As Quickly As Possible. This is really cool. @Morfarsdk

5/30 The iPhone 6s Bikini Shoot – This guys uses inexpensive gear to make some professional quality photos. @fstoppers

5/29 The Scientific Reasons For Why You Shouldn’t Pee In A Pool – Every one should learn this chemistry lesson. @PopSci

5/28 A Dialect Coach Explains Why American Actors Are Bad At British Accents. This also looks into why people are under the illusion that British actors are better at mimicking the American accent. @accentvoiceguy @thisisinsider

5/27 href=””>The Surprising Thing That Happens When You Put Cotton Candy In Liquid Nitrogen – This is a good science lesson. Does your school have a liquid nitrogen source? @thekingofrandom

5/26 Cartoons on Using Data to make Decisions – Thanks to Larry Cuban for another cool bunch of humor. @LarryCuban

5/25 How Likely Would It Be For You To Survive The Middle Ages? This is a great animation for social studies students. @TheInfoShow

5/24 Whenever You’re Feeling Down, Remember There’s Still Small But Wonderful Pleasures Like These To Enjoy. Have your kids make their own lists and videos. @TheSchoolOfLife

5/20 Moving Sharks Between Aquarium Exhibits Is Nothing Short Of An Ordeal. A huge number of people work together to carefully coordinate the corraling, lifting and transporting of a single shark.

5/19 Jaw-Dropping 4K Flybys Of America’s Western Landscapes – This is well worth the 3 plus minutes. This would be a good filler for any class. @jaymworsley @Outside_TV

5/18 Check Out This Entirely Solar-Powered Boat. where are we going to put our deck chairs? @PlanetSolar @techinsider

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