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3/11 This One-Take Video Of A Bowling Alley Has Some Of The Coolest Drone Shots We’ve Ever Seen. The drone camera work and sound design of this 1-minute video is astounding. @JayByrdFilms

3/10 This 2018 Video Of John Oliver Warning Meghan Markle Not To Join The Royal Family Hits Differently Now. When going on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Oliver described the British royalty as an “emotionally-stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo-job” and said Markle might have a hard time after she marries into the family. @iamjohnoliver @StephenAtHome

3/9 Here’s How Frigging Cold It Is In Minnesota Right Now. You know it’s cold when a roll of toilet paper can stand on its own. If you live where it gets cold you and your kids can try this. At the end there are more videos in this series. @MinnesotaColdTv

3/8 Why Are The Nordic Countries So Happy? Is there anything we can learn from this? @stefanthyron

3/7 Watch This Quiet, All-Electric Air Taxi Fly for the First Time. Beyond the demo, California aviation startup Joby had a good February, announcing a merger with a large investor and steps towards FAA certification. @RobbReport @mvollmer1 @JeroenBartelse

3/6 Woman Sets Up Tiny Feeder Cam to Capture Birds Eating in Her Backyard. Lisa Ostdrossel is fascinated by our feathered friends and has an ingenious setup that allows her to get very close to them—without scaring them away. @mymodernmetes @sarabandco

3/4 Magnus Carlsson – Möt mig i Gamla Stan (Official Music Video) – Magnuss’ mother is my second cousin. Gamla Stan is the old section of Stockholm. @Magnus_Cson

3/3 These Online Tips Will Help You Secure A COVID Vaccine Appointment. Kris Levins, an “unemployed IT geek from New Jersey,” has booked hundreds of senior citizen vaccine appointments in his community. He recommends using a desktop over a mobile device, repeatedly checking local aggregation sites, and more tips that will help you get an appointment ASAP. @JoannaStern @kgw @WSJ

3/2 This Is What Playing A 14-String Guitar Sounds Like. Guitars normally have six strings. This guitar has more than double that. Must be fun to tune. @ichika_mo

3/1/2021 This House Is Designed To Save Up To 90% Energy. The high-efficiency house is engineered to save as much energy as possible. @mattferrell

2/28 This Acapella Group Performs All Of The Sound Effects On A Mac Operating System With Extraordinary Precision. This South Korean five-member Acappella group absolutely crushes what an Apple computer sounds like in 37 seconds. #acapella

2/27 Couple Compares The Difference Between Living In A $40,000 And A $150,000 Van. You get a lot of convenience and features for the extra $110,000 but the cheap van does have some perks. Regardless, it will take you a long time to break even over hotel rooms. @karaandnate

2/26 Female Guitarist of the Year 2020! The honor goes to The Amazing Miss Lexi Rose Age 18 USA! This is pretty amazing. I hope to see more of her someday. @CRAVE_Guitars

2/24 The Science Behind Why Weed Makes Sex Feel That Much Better – Marijuana’s presumptive status as an aphrodisiac is by no means a new discovery; lustful tales of having sex while high have followed marijuana since pharaonic times. @CandyandPizza @InsideHook

2/23 Sea Shanty – SNL – An aspiring sailor (Andrew Dismukes) has reservations about joining a whaling vessel after hearing the crew’s (Regé-Jean Paul, Bad Bunny, Kenan Thompson, Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, Chris Redd, Bowen Yang, Beck Bennett Alex Moffat Mikey Day) sea shanties. @andrew_vinny

2/22 25 Essential Episodes of The Muppet Show – Watch 25 short bits featuring the guest star of each show. @Groupof60 @vulture

2/21 Cartoons about Teaching during Covid-19 – Cartoonists, no doubt working from home during the pandemic, have continued to dip their pens in ink (and clicked through their software) to capture life in and out of schools during Covid-19. Thanks, @LarryCuban

2/20 Twelve Classic 12-string Guitar Songs that Everyone Forgets. I bought my Guild 12-string in 1963 and it still sounds great. I love this sound.

2/19 Vincent van Gogh’s starry night is being turned into a 1,552-piece LEGO set. Vincent van Gogh’s starry night — one of the most famous paintings in the world — now has a LEGO set, allowing builders around the world to recreate the 1889 masterpiece. @designboom @EvanKirstel

2/18 This Woman Tries To Learn How To Drum In 30 Days. This Is How It Went. This is an incredibly fun video by Youtuber Kize Bae challenging herself to learn drumming well enough to play along with Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby.” This could be a lesson for people who want to learn anything. @drumeo @pomeranian99 @Lin0087

2/17 Drone Footage Shows The Rare Sight Of 100 Manatees Hanging Out With Dolphins In Florida. I go to Florida every and I love spotting manatees. @SeeThroughCanoe

2/16 Poker Tell Videos and More – If you are interested in poker psychology you will like this. @apokerplayer

2/15 Tales From the Far Side Vol. II This is 45 minutes of animated Far Side humor by Gary Larson and his team. WARNING: It’s pretty dark, but I loved it. @FARSIDEoftheday

2/14 Please Please Me by the very young Bee Gees – Barry is the tall one and the one who is still alive. The twines are Robin on the left and Maurice on the right. @GibbBarry

2/13 If Your Apple Watch Were A Person, It’d Be As Annoying As This. We know it means well, but that doesn’t make it any less aggravating. I have an Apple Watch and it really does all of this. I don’t mind, but this is funny. @HoldernessFam @PennHolderness @KimDHolderness

2/12 Husavik – My Home Town (Official Video) | Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. This song was just nominated for an Oscar. (One of Thirteen) Watch the movie on Netflix. @NetflixUK

2/10 Icelandic standup about Nordic neighbours in general and Finnish language in particular. As a Swedish American who can speak Swedish to some extent I loved this. Non-Scandinavians might like it too. An Icelandic comic performs in English to a Nordic audience whilst speaking Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish while remaining funny to all nations. Great stuff.

2/9 This University In Norway Responded To Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl Ad Challenging Their Country’s Electric Car Dominance. The University of Agder in South Norway had some things to tell Will Ferrell and General Motors about their homeland. @AgderUniversity @GM

2/7 Cellist Plays The Most Frenzied Song From ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ With Eight Cellos. You can watch her hands in each box to figure out which cello is playing which part. Go, Samara Ginsberg. @samaracello

2/6 10 Epic Rock Star ‘Muppets’ Moments – Ten real rock starts do the Muppet Show. Got to love this. @Loudwire @TheMuppets

2/3 THE PERFECT OAHU ITINERARY – 7 DAYS – There is a lot more to see in the Hawaiian Islands, but if you only go to Oahu, here is your to-do list. This is a fun read even if you can’t go there. @travel2next @DisneyDream717 @travel2next

2/1/2021 Top 10 Elon Musk Productivity Secrets for Insane Success | (Elon Musk Work Ethic) – This is a summary of his recent book. Here are the key concepts. @elonmusk

1/31 How Far Can An Aluminum Foil Airplane Fly If You Add a Motor? This is very good practical science lesson. @theactionlabman

1/30 Rowan Atkinson Reveals Secrets Of Filming Some Of His Most Memorable ‘Mr. Bean’ Scenes. This is a riot. @Rowan_Atkinson

1/29 Eight of History’s Strangest Taxes – Winston Churchill once wrote, “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. @mental_floss

1/28 It’s critical that you update your iPhone to iOS 14.4 right now. Here’s why and how. I just did this myself. @FastCompany @michaelgrothaus

1/27 This Buddhist Monk Performing AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ Is The Best Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today. This might be the last guy I would expect doing AC/DC. @kossan1108

1/26 Steeleye Span – ‘Gaudete’ (Live) – I love these guys. They have lots of recordings and songs on YouTube. Stream their 50th anniversary concert on February 26, 2021. @steeleye_span

1/25 Cartoons on the “New Normal” Here’s another batch of cartoons on what all of us have experienced since the pandemic upended our lives. Larry Cuban believes that smiling, chuckling, and even laughing during difficult times is helpful. So Enjoy. @LarryCuban

1/24 We Still Don’t Know How Bicycles Work The first 1:20 is an ad. I watched so you don’t have to. @TodayIFoundOut1 @CuriosityStream

1/23 Sensational Girl Drummer Fools Crowd at Japanese Shopping Mall! EPIC! Accomplished 12 yr old Kanade Sato, Jazz Prodigy fools Large crowd at Shopping Mall, thinking she was a beginner! FUNNY AND EPIC! If you want a much older female drummer try this 77-Year-Old Drummer who Leaves Simon Cowell Speechless! on Britain’s Got Talent 2020. @310kanade @talentrecapuk

1/21 Mechanic Attempts To Build A Makeshift Flying Carpet With Jerry-Rigged Heater Fans. This looks like a fun project. @5454garage

1/20 Phil Spector 1939-2021 – Greats from John Lennon to Brian Wilson consider him the best record producer ever. @GrimesNYT @nytimes
Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound | The Wrecking Crew – If you aren’t sure what the Wall of Sound is try this six-minute documentary. @cher

1/19 Tony Basil at 75 – Is a dancer and choreographer who had a #1 hit in 1982 with Hay Micky. @Toni_Basil

1/18 I Use a Bidet for the First Time: Review & Benefits – This is funny and practical. Here is another short video explaining why we should all use bidets. Why aren’t we all using bidets? @alispagnola @techinsider

1/17 Bellowhead – Roll Alabama – Official Video – This is about a ship that was manufactured in England and outfitted in England but used by the Confederate States of America to terrorize Union shipping. Very cool version! @Bellowhead

1/16 The South’s Idea of Geography. JJ Barrows – Full Special – This is 28 minutes of great and clean comedy by an excellent lady comedian. @jenniejoyb @drybarcomedy

1/15 The Three Stooges Story with an Intro by Curley’s Grandson – I grew up watching these guys and love their work. This is one hour of joy for any fan. And yes, they have a Twitter account. @thethreestooges

1/14 Someone Made A Miniature Piano Made Out Of Popsicle Sticks, And It Actually Sounds Melodious. Is this something your kids can try? @mashable

1/13 Here’s The Definitive Best Way To Dice An Onion. New and experienced cooks should enjoy this. I cook a lot and I liked it. @EthanChleb

1/11 12 Days of Phil Mickelson – This parody of “The 12 Days of Christmas” will delight most golf fans. @Skratch @PhilMickelson @MickelsonHat

1/10 25 Most Beautiful Medieval Towns of Europe – I’ve been to three and a few others that belong on this list. How about you? Time to add to your bucket list? @touropia

1/8 Cellos On Fire – Metallica – Master Of Puppets – The intro is in French and you can skip it by going to the 1:15 mark. @CellosOnFire @ManuelViens

1/7 The Most Monitored Cities On Earth, Visualized – Can you or your students guess where they are? @jamescrugnale

1/6 Neuroscience Says These Are the 10 Happiest Songs Ever. Now might be a good time for all of us to remind ourselves of this useful bit of classic research. @ENTRYLEVELREBEL @Inc @cvheady007

1/5 Sha Na Na – The Three Bells – I’m showing my age here, but I love this song. Sha Na Na does it well and adds some humor. The Isaacs may do it better without the humor. Edith Piaf did it as well. @IsaacsMusic

1/4 How Do We Keep Track Of Time On Mars? A Martian day is 42.5 seconds longer than and Earth day. How would visitors from Earth deal with that? @RealLifeLore22 @brilliantorg

1/3 If English had CHINESE tones. Thanks to its tonal nature, Chinese is much more difficult to learn than English. This video plays off that posing the idea that what if English were tonal. @pizzadaughter

1/2/2021 Introducing the Baroque Trumpet with Alison Balsom – This is a great short [8:29] video is something that every music teacher should have. @alisonbalsom @ClassicFM

12/31 Someone Put Together An Epic Mashup Of Songs From The Last 50 Years. This is pretty cool. See how many you can name. @djearworm @LaughingSquid

12/30 Sarcastic Weatherman Gives A PSA On How To Swipe Off The Snow From Your Cars. This is the kind of video your students can make if they find the right topic. English teachers can use this as an exemplar of sarcasm. @dkevrafox2 @FOX2News

12/29 Every Tom Hanks Movie Performance, Ranked. The list is limited to live-action movies, meaning Hanks’s superb turns in the four Toy Story films aren’t on the list. How many have you seen and how would you change the order? @williamfleitch @TimGrierson @vulture

12/28 Capturing America Through The Lens Of A Trucker, And Other Best Photography Of The Week – Start with some crazy Christmas decorations and move on to photographs that should inspire you and your kids. @pang_chieh @Digg

12/27 “O Holy Night” by Joe Bonamassa – This guys is one of the best guitar players I ever seen. I think he is under rated. @JBONAMASSA

12/26 Cartoons for a Pandemic Winter – For the Covid-19 winter holidays, Larry Cuban has gathered some cartoons that poke fun at what transpires in homes, schools, and Santa’s place. Enjoy! @LarryCuban

12/26 It’s Time to Rethink the Banjo (feat. Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn). This tells the story of the banjo. Full confession: I am a banjo player. @belafleckbanjo @abigailwashburn @SoundFieldPBS @PBSDS @Rewire_dot_org @EL2theAy @lindadiazmusic

12/25 The World’s First ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Lightsaber Receives Guinness World Records Recognition. The Guinness World Records honored YouTuber the Hacksmith for his engineering skills in coming up with the world’s first retractable lightsaber. @thehacksmith

12/24 Young Girl Plays Highway Star Guitar Solo. It’s easy to see what she does, but not so easy to do it yourself. @gmvguitar (Instagram)

12/23 $200, $2,000 and $20,000 Trumpet Comparison! Can you hear the difference? If you are into music at all you will have great fun with this. Share with music teachers and students you know. @Hotlipsporter

12/22 Cartoons on Zooming for Work and School – I bet you can think of your own cartoon. Challenge your kids to draw one of their own. @LarryCuban

12/21 Vienna Horns Back to the Future – If you are a French horn fan like me you will enjoy this.

Five Closers in Drum Corps That Give Chills Every Time – If you like drum corps music at all you will like this. @madisonscouts @PhantomRegiment

12/19The Longest Time by Billy Joel – This is crazy good. Note that everyone sings lead at some point. @rogeremerson

12/18 An Indiana sanitation company has devised a fitting way to celebrate the end of a truly crappy year: by having a choir of porta-potties sing “Hallelujah.” @TheDSCshow

12/17 Straight No Chaser’s Movie Medley – It you like acapella singing this group is for you. Click here to purchase their music. @SNCmusic

12/16 The Pacific Ocean Is Surprisingly Bigger Than You Realized. This is a great video for any geography class. @RealLifeLore22 @skillshare

12/15 Population of Europe Throughout History (1600-2020) – This animated bar chart is fun to watch. You may have to look up close and pause it from time to time. @world_ofdata

12/14 Google plans cross-continent concert for Beethoven’s 250th birthday. Ten orchestras across six continents will play ‘Ode to Joy’ to raise money for struggling musicians. @igorbonifacic @engadget @TrippBraden @Nicochan33

12/13 Bach’s MOST TERRIFYING piece! (you will get chills). The Toccata and Fugue in D minor is crazy. It’s also the opening piece in Disney’s “Fantasia.” @SheetMusicBoss

12/12 Watch This Mad Scientist Hurl A Washing Machine Hundreds Of Feet With This Epic DIY Trebuchet. Building a trebuchet, also called a catapult, can be a fun engineering project for students. @colinfurze

Watch this bike messenger break pretty much every traffic law. @BoingBoing

12/9 The Dillards cover “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by the Beatles. I do enjoy it when a band takes a song from one genre to another. @TheDillards

12/8 Eric Johnson – Cliffs Of Dover – Live – Eric Johnson with Kyle Brock and Tommy Taylor performing “Cliffs Of Dover” on December 14th, 1988 . This is as good as guitar playing gets.

12/6 Some Evil Genius Devised A Series Of KAPLA Blocks To Create A Chain Reaction Of Epic Proportions. An extraordinary chain reaction but we’d hate to be the person to clean it all up. @kaplamino @pinouchon

12/5 What Can You Learn by Looking at a Satellite View of the US at Night? Geography is an important factor for why 80% of the population lives east of a line of cities stretching from San Antonio to Winnipeg. #thatisinteresting

12/4 Computer Animator Gets His Sweet Revenge On Pixar By Reanimating Their Intro. This is funny and very well done. Only three minutes. @CGGeeks @skillshare

12/3 The Thermostat Is Turned up and Your Sweater Is on, but You’re Still Always Cold. Here Are 10 Possible Reasons Why. @ericapsweeney @ParadeMagazine

12/2 In the new Christmas commercial for the Norwegian postal service, Santa unleashes his wrath on Twitter. This is a funny and touching two-minute video. Merry Christmas. @Vimeo

12/01/2020 Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen on four trombones – I love this song and it seems like a lot of people are trying to do it on different instruments. @Maniacal4

11/30 📯Titanic: My Heart Will Go On – French Horn Quartet by one guy – I can also play this on the banjo, but this guy does a great job. @fhornpatrick


11/29Here’s Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Performed On Nine Cellos. Cellist virtuoso Helen Newby absolutely crushes the Christmas pop standard. @lolcellocovers

11/28 Rat by Jonothon Lyons – This movie was filmed over the course of four cold nights in New York City in the middle of a global pandemic. The actors went out into Soho to shoot something weird and sweet and melancholy to match their moods, and capture the surreal energy of the boarded up city they love. @jonothonlyons

11/27 Fisherman’s Friends – Sloop John B (Live at Cambridge Folk Festival 2011) – The Kingston Trio did this as did the Beach Boys. I like them all. @Fishy_Friends @CamFolkFest


11/25 Charles Berthoud Plays Fast Banjo Solos on the Bass – If you like banjo or want to see an amazing bass player this is for you. @CHBerthoud

11/24 The Boy On Omaha Beach – This is a short touching video that features an 11-year-old boy who went to Omaha Beach in France with his father on the 70th anniversary of D-Day to honor the men who fought and died. You won’t regret spending six minutes watching this. @Scovmenodealer

11/23 Chef Shows Off Nifty Trick To Peel Shell Off Boiled Eggs. It can be a hassle trying to get the shell off boiled eggs. The hack is to shake them. Time to hard boil some eggs so you can try this. @SeeTempleSquare

11/21 Northwest Passage (Stan Rogers) – The Water Boys (A Cappella Cover) If you like this look for other songs by Stan Rogers. @WaterBoysUW

11/20 This Is How McDonald’s Makes Big Macs. Weather you have ever eaten one or not (I haven’t) you might want to see how they are made. @moon_man14 at tictok

11/18 The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2020 – Before you click see if you can pick the top ten. This list includes the top thirteen. @MadelinePBerg @Forbes

Peanuts Gang Singing “Subdivisions” by Rush – Ladies and gentlemen, here’s another Peanuts music parody. Final Cut Pro (AVAILABLE ON MAC COMPUTERS), was used to create this video. @Snoopy @GarrenLazar

11/16 Here’s What It’s Like To Fly Through The Sky At 186 MPH In BMW’s Electric Wingsuit. Go behind the scenes and see how BMW put together these insane chest-mounted set of electric impellers. @DigitalTrends

11/15 Highway to Hell ACDC cover by 1000 musicians – Did you realize that there is a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven? @CalleUnder @acdc

Here’s A Visualization Of The Largest Cities By Area Around The World. This is also a good georaphy lesson for middle school on up. @MetaBallStudios @LaughingSquid

Why Are There 7 Days In a Week? This guy is really excited about his content. He should keep your class focused for 16 minutes. The answer to this question, however, is finished in the first seven minutes. @DrJoeHanson @okaytobesmart

11/12 Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover – This is pretty amazing. I bet rock fans will dig this. I have a soft spot in my heart for female guitarists. @dr_viossy

11/11 Idea Hombre Music – If you like ambient music or could use it for your business, give this a try. @HombreIdea

11/10 Alex Trebek, Longtime Host of ‘Jeopardy!,’ Dies at 80. I record and watch Jeopardy every night. I think it’s good for my brain. Thanks, Alex. @Jeopardy @nytimes

11/8 TMC DUMONT – Motorcycle with an Airplane Engine – This is the TMC DUMONT, which is a concept art motorcycle, designed and built by Retired F1 driver and designer Tarso Marques. @marquestarso @WonderWorld_YTC

Here’s The Unexpected Way That McDonald’s Makes Most Of Its Money. This is a good business lesson for high school on up. @PolyMatters

11/6 Laura Branigan – Gloria (Official Music Video) – This is a favorite of mine and I even figured out how to play it on the banjo. @laurabranigan @Rhino_Records

11/5 A Case for Cliteracy – Sophia Wallace, an artist, make a case for women, and men, knowing that the clit is only the tip of the iceberg. It never shows up in high school anatomy class, but it should. @sophiawallace @TEDxSalford

11/3 Foot-operated vending machine is a germaphobe’s dream. Step on up! It’s the world’s first foot-operated vending machine. To help slow the spread of COVID-19, Japanese beverage company DyDo unveiled a safer snack option where customers can select a vending machine item and open the tray — all with their foot. @nypost

This Is What ‘The Flight Of The Bumblebee’ Would Sound Like On A Theremin. The performance of Carolina Eyck here is both captivating to watch and to listen to. This obscure instrument was made famous due to its use in “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. Click here if you want to know how a theremin. @CarolinaEyck @hankgreen @WesternDigs @SciShow

Google Translate Sings The Beatles. This is what happens when you go back and forth from one language to another using Google Translate. They have many others you might like. @jaredhalley

This Brutally Honest National Parks Welcome Video Doesn’t Mince Words. There is great advice here along with a few naughty words. It’s also kind of funny in a dark way. @dlansky @Signspotting #reThinkingTourism

Jack Black Sang A Next-Level Cover Of ‘Time Warp’ From ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ And It’s Absolutely Bonkers. @jackblack @tenaciousd

Matt Parker’s Comedy Routine About Spreadsheets From the Festival of the Spoken Nerd DVD: Full Frontal Nerdity – @standupmaths

The Heimatdamisch, a German polka band, cover Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses. Look for the saxophone solo around the four-minute mark. They have many other cool songs on YouTube. @airdriedsausage @dyngklumpen

Here’s The Difference Between The People That Shop At Walmart And Target. America’s two largest big-box retailers seem to attract these two types of people. @TreyNKennedy

Jim Carrey impersonates Vanilla Ice. This is much better his Joe Biden impression. @harvilla @ringer @JimCarrey

10/24 Comedian Explains Why Dating Is Like Finding A Job. This is short and pretty funny. @TreyNKennedy

10/23 The 2020 Weather Photographer Of The Year Awards Prove That Nature Is Flippin’ Lit. Every day across our planet, eye-popping meteorological phenomena occur, humbling us to the awesome raw power of Mother Nature. @jamescrugnale

10/22 Can You Swim In Syrup As Fast As In Water? Pose this questions to your kids and give them time to think it over before they see this. @theactionlabman


Andy Kaufman’s Elvis Presley Impression on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, 1977- This guy was crazy good. Enjoy.

10/19 The rural poverty that created Dolly Parton. There are so few entertainers who truly own such experiences. This is an inspirational story to share with your kids. Also share this video of A Coat of Many Colors.@Sarah_Smarsh @slate

10/18 Florida Janitor Builds A Makeshift Leaf Blower-Powered Vehicle, Instantly Becomes A Legend. This is insanely cool. If you or your kids try this make sure to stay away from a street and cars in general. @BrianEKahrs

10/17 Sh*t That Everyone Says When They Get A Peloton – This guy pretty much sums up the ubiquitous social media posts of Peloton users. @johnbcrist

10/16 The Winners Of The 2020 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Contest Are Spectacular. The winners of this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, announced Wednesday by the Natural History Museum in London, are simply stunning. @jamescrugnale

10/15 Someone Used Neural Networks To Upscale Footage Of New York From 1896 To 60 FPS And The Result Is Spectacular. An intrepid filmmaker restored old footage of the intersection of Broadway and Exchange Alley looking uptown in Manhattan. Check out the NASS YouTube Channel. @Digg

10/14 Luke Spine, 18, put the borders of each state into a computer program that produced music based on the shape of the state’s border. The results are pretty cool. @nypost

10/13 40 Irish Singers Perform A Cover Of The Cranberries’ ‘Dreams’ And The Result Is Mesmerizing. Is there any reason why your high school choir can’t do something like this? @alliesherlock

10/12 This 4000º Plasma Lightsaber Is Extremely Dangerous And Extremely Fun. The Hacksmith has built the ultimate Star War fan accessory, an actual functioning lightsaber. This 18-minute video offers lots of learning for budding engineers. @thehacksmith

10/9 These Peregrine Falcons Raising Chicks Off A 300-Foot Cliff Prove That Nature Is Metal. Here’s a fantastic profile of Annie and Grinnell, UC Berkeley’s resident Peregrine Falcons. @UCBerkeley

10/8 Guy Tries To Trim A 100-Foot Palm Tree, Is Taken On A Wild Ride. A brave arborist in San Bernardino, California, climbed a 100-foot palm tree to chop off some fronds that might cause damage to humans and property. @ViralHog

10/7 This 3-Minute Animation Short Is Painfully Awkward. “Awkward,” a short by director Nata Metlukh, beautifully illustrates a day filled with awkward moments. @notofagus

10/6 Here’s Why Amsterdam Doesn’t Have Garbage Days. Amsterdam is built without the need for garbage days. @notjustbikes

10/5 I Want It That Way – The Petersens – The lead singer here is Emit who is not a Peterson. This group has no less than five lead singers and five lead players. You also need to watch Wierd Al’s parody of this song. @thepetersens

10/5 Abba – The Last Video (Official Video) – The puppets are a little creepy, but it’s fun to watch. @ABBA

10/3 Here’s A Wonderful Size Comparison Of Starships In Science Fiction. From “Independence Day” to “Star Wars,” here’s how different starships compare with each other. @MetaBallStudios

10/1/2020 Thunderstruck for Percussion Ensemble Alumnado PercuFest 2014 dirigido por Rafa Navarro. The cover of this AC/DC song starts around 3:50 after a humorous set up. @PercuFestival @Juliococo

9/29 Why So Many People With Dyslexia Are Stans For Comic Sans. If you are a teacher let your kids pick their own fonts. If you need things submitted in your font you can change it when you get their assignments. @WeAreMel

9/27 What Is The Record For Most Languages Spoken By A Single Person? It depends on what you mean by fluency in a language. @TodayIFoundOut1

9/25 Here’s A Mesmerizing Cover Of Toto’s ‘Africa’ By A Guitar Quartet. This is also beautifully filmed. Search “40 Fingers” on YouTube and you find them doing songs from AC/DC to Vivaldi. @wihelde

9/24 This ‘Bardcore’ Medieval Style Cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck Works So Well. That accoridon twang on a ’90s hard rock riff just hits different. @JohanCarlsberg @acdc

9/22 Bohemian Rhapsody – The Petersens (LIVE) I Love these guys, but they need to pick up the speed on parts of this. The slow tempo, however, can help anyone trying to learn the piece themselves. @thepetersens

9/20 Someone Played ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ On A 100-Year-Old Organ, And It’s Surprisingly Good. This is an example of a programmable instrument and works at lot like programmable looms. The paper roll can be considered software. @peyushmaini

9/20 Bohemian Rhapsody – The Petersens (LIVE) I Love these guys, but they need to pick up the speed on parts of this. The slow tempo, however, can help anyone trying to learn the piece themselves. @thepetersens

9/19 How This One Note Ended Up Dominating The Entire Pop Music Landscape – The guy explains the concept of the ‘supertonic’ in less than two minutes and then elaborates. @andrewhuang

9/18 How strong is Oobleck? If your kids haven’t played with oobleck yet here is how they can make some. @ChemicalKevy @MarkRober @babbledabbledo

9/17 Cellist Performs The ‘Jurassic Park’ Theme In The Grand Majestic Way It Was Meant To Be Performed On Eight Cellos. Samara Ginsberg dons a dinosaur costume for a virtuoso performance of the “Jurassic Park” theme. @samaracello

9/16 2020 U.S. Open: Flyovers of Winged Foot Golf Club’s West Course, all 18 Holes – This includes strategic insights as to how the world’s best players will attack the iconic layout. @usopengolf @USGA @Deloitte

9/15 Guy Plays Toto’s ‘Africa’ In Minor Key, And It’s Pleasantly Weird. Is it time for your kids to make their own multitrack music videos? @KestrelTapes

9/14 The Kennedys Special Tribute to The Byrds! Sunday, Sept 13, 2020 2pm eastern. I’ve been a big Byrds fan forever.

9/13 The Finalists For 2020’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day. Funny animal photos are the lifeblood of the internet, so we are all in luck that the finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced. Submissions have come in from all over the world with a delightful assortment of animals captured in various comical situations. @jamescrugnale

9/12 Autistic Comedian Jokes About What It’s Like Having A Non-Autistic Brother. I would show this to middle and high school kids as it normalizes autistic kids. @joewellscomic @emixpod

9/11 Why Nobody Answered This SAT Question Correctly – The story behind the insane math question that appeared on the 1982 SAT Examination. This is a cool math problem that should be available to upper elementary on up. @Sci_Phile @Patreon

9/9 The world’s fastest backward runner smashes his own record. Big sure to scroll down and watch the Great Big Story video. @zacharykussin @greatbigpress @greatbigstory @nypost

9/8 iPhone 12: everything we think we know about Apple’s 2020 5G iPhones – There is a new design, new sizes, 5G, all-OLED, and more. @jaypeters @verge

9/6 Little Girl Gives A Brutally Honest Summary Of Human Life In 23 Seconds. An adorable little girl gives a candid answer about why she wants to go to school. @BobWeide @curb_david

9/4 The Most Overpaid And Underpaid Movie Stars, Visualized – This should be interesting to movie buffs and people into data representation. @jamescrugnale

9/3 Meet the Sisterhood of Musicians behind Lockdown Sessions. Be sure to watch the video of Rollin’ and Tumblin.’ @GuitarGirlMag @Guitar

9/2 Someone Built A Circular Swimming Fixture For A Seal And It’s Oddly Satisfying To Watch. @Pusa_hispida @Digg

9/1/2020 Magician Pulls Off The Most Impressive Quick-Change Act We’ve Ever Seen. She fooled Pen and Teller. Prepare to amazed. @Lea_Kyle_

8/30 Chadwick Boseman’s Appearance On SNL’s ‘Black Jeopardy’ Sketch As T’Challa Hits Even Harder Now. There are some clear cultural differences between Wakanda and America. I found this very sad yet still funny. @chadwickboseman @nbcsnl

8/27 Pianist Plays ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ At Superhuman Speed, Makes It Look Like An Extreme Sport. He also does it on a toy piano. This is insane. @880hz

8/26 Watch These Two Pranksters Turn New York City Into Their Own Personal Mario Kart Course. Anyone who has ever driven in New York City will get a kick out of this. @Gothamist

8/25 Hiking to history: Virginia woman sets new Adirondack 46 High Peaks record. Goseky began her journey at 4 am on Monday (8/17/2020) near Tupper Lake, NY. Over the next three and a half days, Godesky would cover 160 miles and more than 67,000 feet of elevation gain. She got just a few hours of sleep each night and took quick naps on the drive between trailheads. This is AMAZING! @alyssagodesky @ncpr

8/24 Cellphone Data Shows How Las Vegas Is “Gambling With Lives” Across the Country. Las Vegas casinos, open for months now, are a likely hotbed for the spread of COVID-19. For many reasons, contact tracing has proved next to impossible as tourists return to homes across the U.S. @marshall_allen @propublica

8/23 Someone Dumped Mentos Into 10,000 Liters Of Coca-Cola And It’s Spectacularly Satisfying. This is in Russian, but if you go to the seventeen-minute mark you can watch the impressive action. @MentosUS @DietCoke @Digg

8/21 Virtuoso Pianist Performs The Melody Of Every 1980s Pop Song. Vinheteiro perfoms the entire 1980s song book while staring directly at the camera. @Vinheteiro

8/20 Here’s A Dystopian Short Film About Vending Machines Controlling Everything Around Us. Change Return is a disturbing but plausible futuristic short film by Robert Findlay about our vending machine overlords. @RFindleyProd

8/19 The Socially Distanced “Sport” That’s Perfect for Families – If you haven’t tried pickelball yet, you should. @slate @dankois

8/18 What Happened One Minute After An Asteroid Hit The Earth And Wiped Out The Dinosaurs? After the asteroid killed all the dinosaurs, what happened next? Here’s what scientists believe occurred when the smoke cleared. @Ridddlers

8/17 Running From the Pain – Exercise can be a very effective way to treat depression. So why don’t American doctors prescribe it? @slate @mescottdouglas

8/16 Why Mount Everest Arguably Isn’t the Highest Place on Earth – If you consider the highest point on Earth to be the highest measured from the Earth’s center, Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo is your true champ. @RealLifeLore101

8/14 Scientists think they found the coronavirus’ weak spot. And just like shooting torpedoes down the Death Star’s exhaust shaft, they think they can exploit this critical weakness to make new treatments. @DanRobitzski @futurism @EvanKirstel Guy Takes David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ And Puts His Own Beautiful Spin On It On A Harp. The renditions we least expect are sometimes the best ones. @isaac_mael

8/11 Death by PowerPoint: the slide that killed seven people – This is a fascinating true story of how one bad slide caused the Columbia accident. Are bullet points killing learning in your school? @mcdreeamie

8/10 Guy Tests Out Whether Survival Gear You Can Purchase On Amazon Actually Works. Tyler tests out items you’d put in a survival kit you can purchase on Amazon and sees whether they’re worth your money. @TylerTube1

8/9 Here’s All 17 Cars Available In The U.S. Right Now For Less Than $20,000. If you are warry of used cars but have to live on a budget, there is a lot of choices when it comes to cars. @BCBrownell @jalopnik

8/8 This Cellist Performed The Theme To ‘Ducktales’ On Eight Cellos And It Might Be The Most Delightful Thing You See Today. If you or your kids are musicians or singers consider doing something like this yourselves. @samaracello

8/7 All Creatures Now – John Bennet (c. 1575 – after 1614) This is a local choir showing what a chior can do under the circumstan. The Madrigal Choir

8/6 Woman Slips Into Different Regional Accents Doing A Weather Forecast Of The UK. If you think there is only one accent from the British Isles, think again. @KatiaKvinge @BBC

8/5 Dr. Lee presents Can’t Touch This Covid Parody. This is a funny bit by a high school principal from Alabama. @DrQuentinJLee

8/4 Comedian Does A Dead-On Parody Of School Principals Adamant About Reopening Their Schools. Yes, all of these solutions for re-opening schools sound totally feasible and not at all ridiculous. @mattbooshell

8/3 Watch The SpaceX Dragon Safely Return To Earth In Successful Splash Down. In case you missed it. @NASA @CNN

8/2/2020A Brief History of Metal Music – Today, metal comes in many, many forms, but the hierarchy of the genre is constantly up for debate. One thing is certain, though–Sabbath rules! WARNING: Some obscenity here along with humor and real facts. @pitchfork @JorenCull

7/31 Can You Predict Which Door This Ball Will Hit? Here’s a Rube Goldberg Machine puzzle that will leave you scratching your head. @josephsmachines

7/30 Why Don’t Humans Have Exoskeletons? How did humans wind up with a skeleton on the inside? Joe Hanson explains the story of how we wound up with bones. @okaytobesmart

7/30 Meet the blind piano player who’s so good, scientists are studying him. Matthew Whitaker has been rocking crowds with his improvisational piano playing for most of his short life. He may be blind, but a neuroscientist has found Whitaker’s visual cortex goes into overdrive when he plays. @Sharyn_Alfonsi @DanzadanceOrg @CBSNews

7/29 Here’s Toto’s ‘Africa’ Played On A High-Voltage Tesla Coil. With a quick search, you can find more popular songs by the singing coils on YouTube. @toto99com @ngwata_ @oocjojob

7/29 Fields of Gold – The Petersens (LIVE) – This is a family band featuring four siblings with mom on bass and a famil friend playing the first-rate dobro. A search on YouTube will find some of their concerts. The was recorded on July 3, 2020, in a field so they are safe.

7/28 ‘Karen’ now has her own theme song thanks to Dolly Parton. “Karen” — the viral term for various white women filmed throwing tantrums — has her own soundtrack courtesy of Dolly Parton and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” @DollyParton @StephenAtHome

7/26 Compare the vocal ranges of today’s top artists with the greatest of all time. This chart shows the highest and lowest notes each artist hit in the recording studio. Hover over the bars to see the songs on which they reached those notes. @ConcertHotels

7/24 Woman Tracks Her Guitar Playing Progress Month By Month Over Four Years. I’ve played guitar and banjo since the 1960s. I got a big kick out of watching this. @Digg

7/21 Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6: Sing Gently. 17,572 singers from 129 countries come together to perform Eric Whitacre’s “Sing Gently”. @59productions @EricWhitacre

7/20 The Evolution Of Guitar Intros From 1960 To 2020 Mark Sagum plays the most iconic guitar introductions from popular music over the last 60 years. If you play guitar you might be able to copy some of this. @theawesomer

7/19 The Best Damn Female Guitarists The World Has to offer – They are all amazing. I can’t pick a favorite. @hearsthings

7/17 The Most Googled Things By State From 2010 To 2020, Visualized – V1 Analytics put together an animated map showing the highest trending Google searches for each state in America over a 10 year period. You may have to watch this more than once and stop off and on as you go. @AnalyticsV1

7/16 Guy Straps A GoPro On His Turtle. The Perspective It Yields Is Amazing. Life in the pond is more chaotic than one might imagine. @GoPro

7/15 How A Retired Couple Won Millions On The Lottery Through A Mathematical Loophole – Jerry and Marge Selbee discovered the secret to hacking the lottery by using math. Here’s how they did it. Who can’t use a cool math lesson? WARNING: There is some advertising here you can skip. @HalfInteresting

7/14 Fret Zealot Ukulele Teaching Device – If you or your kids want to learn ukulele this can help. @Fret_Zealot

7/13 Alison Brown and Jake Shimabukuro “Feels So Good” – Prepare to be amazed. Jake is the top ukulele player going and Alison is a top-notch banjo player. @alisononbanjo @compassrecords

7/10 Man Builds The World’s Most Powerful Potato Gun From Scratch. Engineering genius Colin Furze constructed a semi-automatic potato bazooka that can blast spuds into the stratosphere. @colin_furze

7/8 Watch Members Of Toto Put On A Delightful Rendition Of ‘Africa’ From Their Homes. @dashlrow @LaughingSquid @toto99com

7/7 It Takes A Long Time To Process Firewood By Hand, So This Guy Built A Machine To Do His Work For Him. To save energy and time, he built a log splitter and belt conveyor from scratch. Kids who have never dealt with real wood should enjoy this. @DonnDIY

7/6 Time to take a tour of a pipe organ. This is the largest pipe organ in Chicago. @RobScallon

7/5 Where COVID-19 Spread Throughout The Continental United States From March To June, Visualized. David Waldron created a visualization of the “changing geography and changing epicenters of COVID-19.” @davidawaldron @WorkforceIND

7/4 Massive bird of prey snags shark-like fish in wild video. See if you can recognize the bird before you read on. @inkonthepad @nypost

<7/3 a href="">Here’s An Off-Road Wheelchair This Guy Built His Girlfriend So She Could Enjoy Nature. A YouTuber surprised his then-girlfriend with this souped-up “not-a-wheelchair.” Now they’re bringing them to the mainstream. I just went to I donated and left my story about my experience of having a wife with ALS. @ZacksJerryRig

7/1/2020 Cher – “If I Could Turn Back Time” So it’s 1989 and she is on a Navy ship somewhere singing in an outfit that the sailors had to like. I’m a Cher fan and this is special. Some of the video was shot by a guy in a helicopter who says in a comment that it was his best gig. @thefilmpilot @cher @USNavy

6/30 Why We Hate Greeen Screen – This is a great lesson on how to avoid bad green screen video for beginning video students. @tomscott @CuriosityStream

6/29 Rodrigo y Gabriela: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert – They a brother and sister act from Mexico. In addition to playing rhythm guitar, she also plays percussion by beating on her instrument. This inspired my to do the same with the drum head on my banjo. @rodgab @nprmusic

6/28 Haim: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert – California is also a sound HAIM brings wherever it goes, even as the band explores new terrain on its cheekily titled upcoming album, Women in Music Pt. III. @HAIMtheband @nprmusic

6/27 Watch These Extreme Pogo Stick Riders Perform Death-Defying Stunts In Slow Motion. Is it time to get a pogo stick for your kids? @XpogoTone @GrizzlyBryan

6/26 Watch A High-Speed Cup-Making Machine Make 130 Paper Cups Per Minute. I’ve always loved watching automated factories in action. @Digg

6/25 How The Rolling Stones Changed Rock’N’Roll – From music to fashion, The Rolling Stones’ influence cannot be overstated. Here’s how they changed our culture forever. @MartinChilton @uDiscoverMusic @jeffpulver @loogoldham

6/24 How Many Continents Are There? It Depends on Whom You Ask. This is a good science/social studies lesson for middle school on up. @HowStuffWorks

6/23 This Old Clip Of Cher Performing Every Role From ‘West Side Story’ Is Underrated TV Gold. In case you had any doubts that Cher is the hardest working entertainer in showbiz, please enjoy her one-woman, 13-minute “West Side Story” medley from 1978. @cher

6/21 The Most Popular Social Media Platforms By Users From 2002 To 2019, Visualized. See how your favorite has done over the years. Data That Matters via @YouTube

6/20 Someone Recreated a-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ In An Excel Spreadsheet Drum Machine Hack. Dylan Tallchief reconstructed the 80s classic in a Microsoft Excel drum machine. @DylanTallchief

6/19 Here’s What The World’s Largest Camera Lens Looks Lik. Back in 2019, Dianna Cowern visited the SLAC laboratory in Menlo Park, California, and got a front-row seat to the unveiling of the 5.1-foot wide lens—the largest high-performance optical lens ever produced. @thephysicsgirl

6/18 Joni Mitchell Woman of Heart and Mind documentary with subtitles in Spanish. This is an hour and a half long, but it tells the story of a remarkable talent. Share with folkies you know. @JoniMitchellcom

6/17 Cheeky Boston Dynamics Ad Shows Off All The Cool — And Terrifying — Stuff The Robot Dog Spot Can Do. It’s kind of funny and cute, until you imagine an army of these knocking at your door. @BostonDynamics

6/16 Here’s What It’s Actually Like Driving The World’s Cheapest Electric Car. It costs only a little over $900 on Alibaba, but how smoothly can this electric car drive? @JasonTorchinsky @Jalopnik

6/14 MoonRun: Portable Cardio Trainer with Virtual Running Apps – Could this be better than a treadmill at only $249? @Digg

6/13 Will Ferrell And Rachel McAdams Are Goofy Singers In Ridiculous ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ Trailer. Mark your calendar. This baby hit Netflix on June 26, 2020. I saw it and loved it. So did everyone I talked to about it. @rachelmonline @Eurovision

6/11 Genius Weatherman Uses His Backyard As A Map For Weather Forecast. Here the back yard makes for the consummate green screen. @Digg

6/10 The Weird Chemical Reaction You Get When You Mix Baking Soda, Vinegar And Oobleck Together – This is fun and safe science activity your kids can do at home. @thekingofrandom

6/7 Celtica Pipes Rock live at Montelago 2017. Finally a rock band fronted by bagpipes. @CelticaRocks

6/6 Steve ‘n’ Seagulls – Panama – This is a band from Finland that covers a bunch of classic rock songs. If you like this check them out on YouTube. @SeagullsBand

6/5 Gental on My Mind by Glenn Cambell – Check out his guitar solo in the middle. He was a member of the Wrecking Crew that backed up many bands when they were recording.

6/4 This Guy Built A Hummingbird Feeding Helmet And Became Extremely Popular. A patient man wearing a hummingbird feeding helmet was soon swarmed. If you have hummingbirds where you live give this a try. @ViralHog

6/3 Here’s The SpaceX Crew Dragon Docking At The ISS To The Music Of The Blue Danube. The docking of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule syncs up perfectly with the music to “2001: A Space Odyssey.” The touch screens are pretty cool too. @NASA

6/2 GUy Builds a Backyard Roller Coaster During Quarantine. Be sure to scroll down for the short video. @BVHooker @WeAreMel

6/1 Here’s A Low-Tech Demonstration Of How A Computer ‘Works’ Using Marbles And Switches. The Action Lab shows off a Turing Tumble, a series of switches that can count, add, subtract, and even multiply. @theactionlabman

5/31 A Marine Biologist Talks About What Hollywood Gets Wrong About the Ocean. An expert chats ‘Finding Nemo’ and the movies about the deep that are somehow less realistic than the Pixar film about talking fish. @HKSurrey @ringer

5/30 What If The Speed Of Cars Advanced At The Same Rate As Computers? Jalopnik crunched some numbers about the specs of cars and computers over 35 years of development and saw what happened. @hasspowers @JasonTorchinsky @Jalopnik

5/29 Here’s What Happens When You Drop A Feather And A Hammer At The Same Time On The Moon. Back in 1971, during the Apollo 15 mission, astronaut David Scott performed Galileo’s famous hammer/feather drop experiment on the moon. @wonderphy6 @NASA

5/28 Bela Fleck – Throw Down Your Heart (2008) – Full Movie – This is the movie Bela made when he took the banjo back to Africa where it originated. Some evening when you are looking a movie to watch give this a try. @belafleckbanjo

5/27 All 169 seconds of this 70-step chain reaction video are riveting. This guy had lots of time on his hands. It’s amazing. @Creezy/YouTube

5/26 Former NASA Engineer Builds An Obstacle Course To ‘Squirrel Proof’ His Bird Feeder. Imagine being a squirrel in this backyard. You’d hate to see it. @MarkRober

5/24 Why The A-10 Warthog Is A Marvel Of Engineering – Here is the story behind the beloved subsonic, twin-engine plane. @CuriosityStream

5/23 YouTuber Attempts To Blow Bubbles With Molten Lava. The Action Lab’s James Orgill does the ultimate social distancing science experiment — blowing bubbles out of hot magma. @theactionlabman

5/21 Here’s How The Intense, 12-Minute Action Scene In ‘Extraction’ Was Filmed To Make It Look Like One Seamless Take. If your students are interested in making videos they should watch this. @IanReelDeal @thisisinsider @netflix

5/19 Diodato – Fai Rumore – Italy 🇮🇹 – Performance in Arena di Verona – If you miss Eurovision this year you don’t have to miss all of the talent. @DiodatoMusic

5/18 32 Highly Achievable, Totallllllllllly Normal Quarantine Cooking Projects – What are some of your best quarantine recipes? @alex_beggs @bonappetit

5/17 “Longest Time” by Billy Joel – Quarantine Edition Phoenix Chamber Choir wishes everyone the best of health from Vancouver, Canada! Stay home, stay safe, and keep singing. @PhoenixChoir

5/16 Someone Plugged AC/DC’s Lyrics Into An Artificial Intelligence Framework And The Result Was An Epic Song About Balls. Looks like AI still has a ways to go. @FunkTurkey

5/16 The Eight Best Board Games To Keep Us Distracted – Don’t forget MONOPOLY and my summary of Everything I Know About Business I Learned From MONOPOLY: Successful Executives Reveal Strategic Lessons From the World’s Greatest Board Game by Alan Axelrod. @TheGrantBrunner @DrDougGreen

5/15 Free simulator lets you try and fly Elon Musk’s Crew Dragon spaceship. There is a link in this article to take you there. It’s a bit of a hack, but maybe worth your time. @SeanKeach @TheSun @nypost @elonmusk

5/14 The Countries Where Coronavirus Cases Are Increasing And Decreasing, Visualized. @VisualCap @infobeautiful

5/13 Watch This Bobcat Make An Incredibly Long, Nearly Impossible Leap Across The Water. “We were just out fishing for blue crab in Pecan Island, LA and this huge bobcat came out across the weir. I grabbed my phone thinking he was about to get wet, but he surprised us all.” @Digg

5/12 Guy Holds A Parody Zoom Meeting With His Dogs, And It’s Utterly Delightful. In quarantine, Cotter has been providing us with stellar dog content — really top-notch stuff. @MrAndrewCotter

5/10 This Clever Magic Trick Involving A Matchbox And A Coin Is Simple Enough I Could Do It. I bet children you know can do it too. @BoingBoing

5/8 Comedian Perfectly Acts Out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Bewildering Speech About His Daughter’s Boyfriend. During a COVID-19 briefing on April 19, Cuomo delivered a head-scratching anecdote about his daughter’s boyfriend, and it’s only made more surreal by comedian Maria DeCotis’s interpretation of it here. @MariaDeCotis @NYGovCuom @andrewcuomo

5/7 A Fascinating Visualization Of How Long It Took Americans To Adopt New Technologies From 1900 To 2019. How quickly have Americans adopted technologies over the past millennium? As we continue to live increasingly digitally connected lives, it seems like certain automation takes off quickly, while others take generations to become accepted by the masses. @DataIsBeautiful

5/6 Guys Surf Down A Dangerously Steep Storm Drain, Wipe Out Hard. Surfer Jamie O’Brien and his friends found a huge storm drain in Hawaii and had some fun. @JacksonLebsack @jayboy1991

5/5 5/5 ‘Without Question The Worst I’ve Ever Seen’: Lock Picker Picks AmazonBasics Bike Lock Multiple Ways Within Seconds. It should go without saying that I see this as a product to avoid. @LockPickingLwyr

5/4 Kentucky Derby: Triple Crown Showdown – Watch the 13 Triple Crown winners face off under the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. Donate to COVID-19 relief at @KentuckyDerby

5/3 This Equation Seems Impossible To Solve Until You Think Outside The Box. It helps if you know the colors of each numbered pool ball. If you like this check out Mind Your Business. @Digg

The 50 Best Movies to Watch With Your Parents During Quarantine – This is a handy list as it also tells you where you can find each one. @kn8 @vulture

5/2 Bird Song Opera – ShakeUp recomposed Mozart’s Magic Flute ‚Papageno/Papagena Duet‘ into an audiovisual bird twitterstorm aria performed by our feathered fellows. @TaniaLove_FBs @EggersUte

5/1 Extremely Talented Girl Plays The Who’s ‘My Generation’ With Both The Guitar And Bass At The Same Time. She plays the bass with her feet and uses two cameras to record her effort. @Audrey123talks

4/30 This VR Simulation Of A Nuclear Blast Will Wake You Right Up. Even without VR goggles, this is quite something. @YleSandbox

4/29 The Surprising Controversy Surrounding Rain Ownership In The United States, Explained. Who owns the rain? In some states, where water is hard to come by, it can be a contentious legal question. It starts with a short ad, but it is smart and funny. @HalfInteresting

4/28 The Met Orchestra And Chorus Perform ‘Va, Pensiero,’ From Their Homes. I’ve seen a lot of bad performances from people at home recently. This one shows what can be done. @MetOpera

4/26 Taekwondo God Breaks Four Boards With One Spinning Kick. The guy leaves the ground once and by the time he is back on Earth all four boards are broken. Try to imagine how he does it before you watch. Then watch a few more times. @WorldTaekwondo1

4/25 Conan O’Brian crashes Palo Alto tech company’s Zoom meeting. After a short corporate pep talk from CEO Dan Streetman, Conan crashes the meeting with some harsh words for the staff. @Dannosphere @SFGate

4/24 Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” by Me and my quarantine beard. I’m no pro, but I dedicate this to my dear departed wife Denise who passed from ALS in 2009. Life with her was a dance. @DrDougGreen

4/23 A Hacker Turns the NFL Draft into Complete Chaos | Gridiron Heights Draft Special. If you want some weekly animated NFL fun, be sure to subscribe. @BleacherReport

4/22 The Beatles Live in 1965 – Watching the Beatles when they were still performing live is pretty magical. @Digg

4/21 A Woman’s Breast Implants Saved Her Life From a Gunshot, Doctors Say. The bullet had clearly traveled through the left-side implant, which deflected it over to the right implant with enough force that it flipped the right implant upside down. @EdCara4 @Gizmodo

4/20 A Useful Explainer On How To Cut Your Hair At Home for Guys – I may be giving this a shot before long. If you really screw it up just shave your head and take it from there. Mikeshake on YouTube

4/19 We Aren’t Sure Whether This Potato Chip Omelette Hack Is The Worst Idea Ever Or Something Fun To Try. This video should get creative juices flowing for all of your family members. @ChefClubVideos

4/18 Decorah, Iowa Eagle Cam Live Feed – This is something your kids might enjoy. @ath77

4/16 The Honest Trailer For ‘Cats’ Reminds Us How Truly Deranged The Movie Was. You don’t have to have seen this dud to enjoy this. @screenjunkies

4/15 This 3-D Simulation Shows Why Social Distancing Is So Important. Scientists who study the transmission of respiratory illnesses like influenza say that infections typically happen when a healthy person comes into contact with respiratory droplets. @BedelSaget @kartpat @NYTGraphics

4/14 Professional Cooks Demonstrate 13 Different Ways To Make Interesting Pasta With What’s In Your Pantry. Here are good tips for getting creative as you cook more at home. @bonappetit

4/12 Here’s What Happens When You Activate An Airplane Emergency Slide On Its Own. This is mind-boggling. You don’t want to be in the way when one of these things deploys. @Twitter

4/12 Jesus Christ is Risen Today – This is my favorite Easter hymn. You don’t have to be a Christian or even believe that Jesus is the son of God to enjoy this. Here is another version featuring kids playing handbells. @coralridgepc @UMChurch @metzgermusic @YouTube

4/11 Darn tootin’, the Easter Bunny is an essential worker. Kudos to Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, for ensuring that coronavirus lockdowns won’t stop Peter Cottontail from hopping down his bunny trail in the Canadian province. @fordnation @OntarioPCParty

4/10 Guy Shows Off Next Level Cutting Skills In Hilarious Video About How To Become A Better Cook. This is a compilation of trick videos. See if your kids can do some of their own while schools are closed. @Yousuckatcookin

4/8 Guy Taking A Morning Jog Notices A Striking Trend In His Neighbor’s Recycling Bins. See if you can guess what he found. @j_enyeart

4/7 Someone Did A Cover Of Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ On A Stylophone And It Sounds Like Badass Nintendo Music. Share with metalheads you know. Get your Stylophone here for only $69.99. @MaroMaro1337 @amazon

4/5 Beagle Attempts The Toilet Paper Challenge And After A While Is Just Like ‘Forget This.’ This only takes 41 seconds, but is just so cool. @ViralHog

4/3 Horse Goes Through Existential Crisis In This Hilarious Animated Short. This is a wonderful animated diversion for a few minutes. @moonjam @BoingBoing

4/2 Concatenation is a Rube Goldberg-esque video montage made up of cleverly arranged stock video footage. Share with teachers and students in video courses. @jkottke @kottke

4/1 While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Daniel Estrem, baroque lute. danbluedeer YouTube Channel. – While My Guitar Gently Weeps on the ukulele by Jake Shimabukuro – Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne, and others — “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They all rock and what’s not to love. @JakeShimabukuro

3/31 Alton Brown Has The Perfect Hack To Upgrade Saltine Crackers Into A Delicious Snack During Quarantine. This looks good to me, but it may be too spicy for your kids. Perhaps they can suggest another approach. @altonbrown @pantryraidshaw

3/29 Have You Been Washing Your Hands The Wrong Way This Whole Time? Here’s The Right Way. The technique starts at the 2:50 mark, but you and your kids should watch the entire animation. @TheBrightsideHP

3/28 This Flipbook Animation About Social Distancing Takes A Perfectly Unexpected Turn. Challenge your kids to make a flipbook or two if they are looking for something to do. @TheFlippist @juan_delcan @itzjonce

3/27 The Rules for Going Outdoors During Coronavirus It’s important to get outside and get exercise. You and your kids can probably do it and still be safe. Avoid popular areas like beaches or crowded city parks altogether. @IndefiniteWild @outsidemagazine

3/26 Strippers staff ‘Boober Eats’ delivery service during coronavirus lockdown. You have to admire the ingenuity of the American people. @LuckyDevil_PDX @nypost

3/24 Work From Home Zoom Meeting Goes Horribly Awry When One Worker Goes To The Toilet. If you need a little humor, here it is. @Blayofficial

3/23 Wacky Inventor Builds The Ultimate Coronavirus Isolation Box That Will Protect You Until This Whole Thing Blows Over. We need humor more than most times. @colin_furze

3/22 How To Build Your Own Quarantine Pool Table – What can you and your kids build in quarantine? @RollieWilliams

3/21 A Fascinating, Mind-Bending Illustration Of How Our Brains Control What We ‘See.’ This is something your kids can do at home. @CuriosityShow

3/20 Vultures: The acid-puking, plague-busting heroes of the ecosystem – Kenny Coogan – That God for vultures. This is a great video for middle school on up. @TED_ED @kennycoogan

3/19 Watch A F-22 Raptor Perform Crazy Maneuvers In The Air With Incredible Agility. There’s normal flying, and then there’s magic like this. @Combat_learjet @markfingar @cabogunderson

3/17 The Casio DG-20 Digital Guitar Looks Like Something From A Science Fiction Movie. If you want to strait to the jam, start at 7:00 minutes. @samuraiguit

3/15 Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow”—Powerful New Trailer – Here is an action-packed new trailer featuring Scarlett Johansson, who reprises her role as Natasha/Black Widow in the upcoming spy thriller, which opens in U.S. theaters on May 1. @RogWillis1 @Scarlett_Jo

3/14 Pornhub offers free premium service in Italy to ease coronavirus pains. I thought this was funny. I hope you aren’t offended. @JoeTacopino

3/13 Makeway | Create Intricate Courses, Watch Your Marbles Soar. A modular, creative, unique super-puzzle with magnetic bits that attach seamlessly to your fridge, whiteboard, locker, car… you get it. @Kickstarter @TrossTeam

3/12 Homeowners Fend Off Thieves With ‘Home Alone’-Style Trap. In an attempt to prevent tools from being stolen out of their truck, a homeowner devised a clever theft management device. @ViralHog @ring

3/11 Playing This Deeply Soothing Zamboni Simulator Might Help You Forget How Terrible Everything Is. Who doesn’t what to drive a Zamboni. This is great fun. @TolyRibeiro @UnitedResearch

3/10 Rodrigo y Gabriela: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. She plays percussion on her guitar and rhythm at the same time. It’s amazing. @rodgab @nprmusic

3/8 Ranking Sleep Aids By How Effectively They Put You To Sleep – Because sleeping can be such an undertaking, gobs of exhausted people have come up with a whole range of tools and methods for promoting sleep. The problem is finding which one works best for you. @ianlecklitner @DConroyPhD @WeAreMel

3/7 An Excellent Illustration Of How Effective A Dedicated Bus Lane Can Be – I love visiting New York City and taking the subway and the buses while cars aren’t going anywhere fast. @HorneJerome @IndyGoBus

3/5 These 15 Golf Accessories Will Help Boost Your Game in 2020. If you want to practice at home there is gear here for you. @CallawayGolf @PGATOUR @phiGolf

3/3 No Ice Wine for You: Warm Winter Nixes Special German Wine. A warm winter means this is the first time apparently in the history of German winemaking that there will be no prized ice wine from frozen grapes. @wineworldnews @USNewsEducation @AP

3/2 Watch This Hippo Swim With All The Grace And Agility Of A Dolphin. Fiona the hippo is the social media star of the Cincinnati Zoo and it’s not hard to see why. Your kids will like this. @CincinnatiZoo

3/1 YouTuber Emails Every Country In The World For Their Flag And Has The Time Of His Life. Perhaps your kids can send some emails like the ones sent here. @Digg

2/29 Guy Perfectly Captures His Dog’s View Of The World With Stabilized Dog Camera. If you don’t want to watch the process you can go to the 10:15 point to watch the results. @reddit @Digg

2/28 Man Finds A Toyota Supra Abandoned In A Field And Makes It Look Like A Million Bucks. Watch a destroyed Toyota Supra get fully restored to its former glory. The entire process, which took two years, got condensed into 10 minutes. @motionautotv @RoadandTrackMCS

2/25 Watch Volkswagen’s Electric Racecar Obliterate A McLaren 720s In Acceleration Race. Volkswagen’s I.D. R doesn’t have the same power that the McLaren does, but holy crap is it fast off the line. @TopGear_BBCA @BBCAMERICA

2/23 Watch South Dakota State Women’s Basketball Team Nail 5 Half-Court Shots In A Row. You have to love this. I feel sorry for the girl who took the sixth shot. @GoJacksMBB @sportscenter

2/22 How Google Autocomplete Describes Every State In America – Just Google “why is (state name) so” and see what comes up. When I did it I got nine choices for the state of New York. The top was “expensive.” @Mattsurelee

2/21 These Maps Shows What Each State’s Favorite and Least Favorite Other State Is And They Are Priceless. What’s yours? @mattsurely

2/20 Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted. It depends to a large extent where you get your electricity from. @jasonfenske13

2/18 Guy Jumps Into The Water Holding A Ball, Nearly Launches It Into Orbit. Ok science students, can you explain why this happened? @imgur

2/17 An Unbelievable Time-Lapse Of The Snowfall In Newfoundland Yesterday – Challenge your kids to do some time-lapse videos. @OriginalYoni

2/16 YouTuber Explains How Ice Water Can Make Hot Water Boil. The surprising physics of using ice water to make hot water boil is explained. @MouldS

2/13 The Tallest Building In Each American State, Visualized – What is the tallest building in your state and what is it used for. If you don’t live in the US how does the tallest building in your country compare? @Digg

2/9 Aluminium recycling – How it works by Norsk Hydro – A new technology separates the aluminum from aluminum alloys that contain heavier metals. @NorskHydroASA @Umwelt_AT

2/8 See Miami’s Waterfront Through Its Midcentury Modern Lifeguard Stations. These structures—precursors to traditional lifeguarding stations—served Floridians at the turn of the 19th century. @isaac_schultz_ @atlasobscura

2/7 Thai Street Vendor Shows Off Breathtaking Precision With His Coconut Cutting Skills. This is fascinating. Do your kids even know where coconuts come from? @Digg

2/6 NASA Made An Explainer Video On The MAVEN Mars Orbiter And The Animation Is So Well-Done It’s Giving Us ‘Into The Spiderverse’ Vibes. @NASAGoddard

2/5 This Gamer Needed Some Regular Exercise, So He Turned A Treadmill Into A PS4 Controller. If you’re a fan of “Death Stranding” and also in need of a new exercise regimen, this is what you’ve been looking for. @AnyTechnology

2/4 This Japanese ‘Fake Mirror’ Act Is Mind-Boggling In Its Synchronicity. Our mind is telling us these aren’t real mirrors, but our eyes are saying something else. @tuyoshingoro

2/3 The Best 2020 Super Bowl Commercials (And A Few Of The Worst) – It’s the most wonderful time of year: when brands drop tens of millions of dollars to get 60 seconds of your attention during the Super bowl — and only occasionally do something worthwhile with it. @Digg

2/2 The ‘1917’ Trailer Gets A Bizarre SpongeBob Remix. It’s not the mashup we anticipated, but it’s the mashup we need. It helps if you have seen the movie as I did. @carnage41700796

2/1/2020 The Author Spent All Day Arguing About This Triangle Brain Teaser. Can You Solve It? Mathematicians reveal the real answer. See if you’re right. @skippyd @PopMech

1/31 This Three-Card Magic Trick Is So Simple Yet Effective. Your kids can do this is you are willing to cut up one card. @CuriosityShow @BoingBoing

1/30 The Most Detailed Photo Of The Sun Ever Was Just Taken And It’s Incredible. The recently unveiled Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope on Maui island in Hawaii is the largest solar telescope in the world, and it’s starting to deliver on its promise. The cell-like structures — each about the size of Texas. @NSF @JPMajor @DaveBoboltz

1/29 This Revolving Window Illusion Just Keeps Getting Stranger With Every Second. This short video shows you how to make the mind boggling Ames Window. Your kids can do this. @CuriosityShow

1/28 WATCH: 8th-Grader Nails Impersonations Of Trump, Clinton, Obama, Sanders. Maybe we’re all just taking politics too seriously these days. Eighth-grader Jack Aiello used his 8-minute graduation speech to impersonate Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. @_amita_ @NPR

1/27 Here’s Jarvis Landry Putting On The Dodgeball Performance Of A Lifetime At The Pro Bowl. If your school hasn’t outlawed dodgeball yet your kids should see this. @God_Son80

1/26 Seemingly Clueless American Orders Food In Perfect Chinese, Shocking Patrons And Staff. A totally American looking kid astounds people at a restaurant in Chinatown by speaking both perfect Mandarin and Cantonese. @Digg

1/25 Why Is Nike’s Vaporfly The Most Controversial Shoe In America? The sneaker helped a runner break the two-hour marathon barrier but critics say it threatens the integrity of the sport. How did this shoe get such a bad rap? @WSJ @Nike

1/23 Lifeguards to trial new technology to help patrol busy beaches. The pilot uses sensors and closed-circuit TV cameras, powered by artificial intelligence, to count crowds in the water and on the sands, and inside and outside the flags. @juliepower @smh @ryantracey

1/22 Judas Priest does Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode – They really changed it up while keeping the spirit of the song. Keep in mind that this song by Chuck is on the “Sounds of Earth” record attached to the Voyager spacecraft that have bot left the solar system. @judaspriest @ChuckBerry

1/21 Musical Genius Turns Electric Fan Into A Bass Instrument. Who needs a whole band when you can listen to a factory fan pump out all the bass you need? @electronicos_f @Bardivan_Geeves @Davie504bass

<1/20 a href="">Why Is Nike’s Vaporfly The Most Controversial Shoe In America? The sneaker helped a runner break the two-hour marathon barrier but critics say it threatens the integrity of the sport. How did this shoe get such a bad rap? @WSJ @Nike

1/19 Simone Giertz Makes A Coffee Table Out Of 20,000 Matches, Sets It On Fire. You can watch her build it or skip ahead to 9:45 to watch it burn. This is one creative lady. Patreon is a membership platform that gets artists and creators paid. @SimoneGiertz @Patreon @patreonsupport @patreonstatus

1/18 Man Sees Moose Heading Straight Towards Him, Immediately Does The Right Thing. I hope he has his cellphone with him. What would you do? @Ch2KTUU

1/16 How America Uses Its Land, Visualized – With its population expected to grow an additional 100 million people in the next century, it’s interesting to see how are we’re currently utilizing our space. @USGS @WeitzmanSchool

1/15 Fishers Are In For A Weird Surprise When They Open Up A Northern Pike. Anyone who fishes should see this. @ViralHog

1/14 Underdog Games Trekking The National Parks: The Family Board Game (Second Edition) – This looks like family fun and learning at the same time. @GamesUnderdog

1/13 Close-Up Footage Of A Fighter Jet Taking Off From An Aircraft Carrier – This is only five seconds, but it’s pretty cool. @ViralHog

1/12 Students Build The Tallest Toilet Paper Pyramid In The World. While on break for the holidays, high school students from Michigan built the world’s tallest toilet paper pyramid — at 16 feet 3 inches and 5/8ths of an inch. @MLiveMediaGroup @BoingBoing

1/11 George Carlin – National Press Club [complete] – This is amazing. It isn’t short, but he covers a lot of how our language is misused. People on the left and the right should find this interesting. @TheGeorgeCarlin @PressClubDC

1/10 An Olympic First: Cardboard beds for Tokyo Athletes Village. The beds can stand up to 200 kilograms. That’s about 440 pounds, and surely no Olympic athlete weighs that much. @AP @turntable00000

1/9 Watch How These Special ‘Shoes’ Prevent Vehicles From Squishing Migrating Crabs On Christmas Island. As millions of

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