Inspirational/Interesting/Funny Tweets

9/5 Narrative@Gapingvoid

7/27 Myth@Gapingvoid

7/26 Vslue@Gapingvoid

7/25 Grown Ups@Gapingvoid

7/21 Daskal@LollyDaskal

7/20 Inspire@Gapingvoid

7/19 Purpose@Gapingvoid

7/18 Reality@Gapingvoid

7/17 Gratitude@Leadershipfreak @Dr_RobertEmmons

7/14 @LollyDaskal@LollyDaskal

7/13 Character@Gapingvoid

7/11 Culture@Gapingvoid

7/7 Leaders@LollyDaskal

7/6 Sell@Gapingvoid

7/5 Difficulties@Gapingvoid

7/4 Prioritize@Gregbagby

7/3 Decision@LIVEpositivity @johnccarver

6/30 Relationships@Leadershipfreak

6/29 Do More@Gapingvoid

6/28 Facts@Gapingvoid

6/23 Relationships@Leadershipfreak

6/22 Stories@Gapingvoid

6/21 Influence@Gapingvoid

6/20 Potential@Leadershipfreak

6/19 Authority@Gapingvoid

6/16 Leaders@Leadershipfreak

6/15 Turbulent@Leadershipfreak

6/14 Insights@Gapingvoid

6/12 Changes – I think the lesson here is that big changes may require lots of little steps. @Gapingvoid

6/8 Job@Leadershipfreak

6/7 Conversation@Gapingvoid

6/6 Goals@Leadershipfreak

6/5 Creativity@Gapingvoid

6/2 Smarter@Gapingvoid

6/1/2023 People@LollyDaskal

5/30 People@Leadershipfreak

5/26 Change@Gapingvoid

5/25 Robot@Gapingvoid

5/23 Risks@Gapingvoid

5/22 Future@Leadershipfreak

5/19 Strategy@we_are_vaei @VAInstitute

5/17 <



5/15 What You Know@Gapingvoid

5/10 Inovation@Gapingvoid

5/8 Freaky@Gapingvoid

5/4 Decision Making@Gapingvoid

5/3 Lee Marvin@bakadesuyo

5/2 Thinking@Gapiongvoid

5/1/2023 Practice@Gapingvoid

4/28 Self-Worth@marshawright

4/27 The BEst@Gapingvoid

4/26 The Free Market@Gapingvoid

4/25 Ideas@Gapingvoid

4/24 Wierd@elonmusk

4/21 Influence@Gapingvoid

4/19 Innovate@Gapingvoid

4/17 S**T Sent by my cousin Morgan in Sweden

4/13 Present@Gapingvoid

4/12 Best@8Amber8

4/11 Miley quote@Educatorslab

4/7 Reese H. B. Reese @BusinessStoriesOfficial @reeses @Hersheys

4/6 Innovation@Gapingvoid

4/5 Editing@Gapingvoid

4/4 Job@Gapingvoid

4/3/2023 Cart-Horse@Gapingvoid

3/31 Leadership@Principal_EL

3/30 Reality@Gapingvoid

3/29 Think Differently@Gapingvoid

3/28 Success@Rdene915 @BrainyQuote

3/27 Optimism@Gapingvoid

3/23 Picasso@tim_fargo

3/22 Avderage@Gapingvoid

3/21 Comitted@ClaudioG

3/20 Connecting@Gapingvoid

3/17 Jordan@coachajkings

3/16 Success@marshawright

3/13 Candle@Gapingvoid

3/10 Work@marshawright

3/8 Human@Gapingvoid

3/7 Humanity@Gapingvoid

3/6 Education & Lifelong Learning Quotes: The Importance of Self Education – This batch of quotes contains some from the Nazis that show how education can be indoctrination. @SpreadGoodIdeas

3/3 People@theeiguy

3/2 Dr Deuss@ChrisMorrall
It’s Dr. Doug’s birthday too.

3/1/2023 Dottie Quote@dottie_pepper
Dr. Doug and Dottie Pepper at Binghamton University on 2/27/2023 – Photo Credit Donald Miller

2/27 The WOlf@Gapingvoid

2/24 Twemty Inspirational Quotes to Start off 2023 – Thank you George Couros for this twenty for the price of one post. @gcouros

2/22 Courage@Gapingvoid

2/21 Tact@lawrence_wray

2/20 Kieth Richards@RollingStones @DrDougGreen

2/17 Control quote@DrDougGreen

2/15 EGO@tim_fargo

2/14 Culture This is true for superintendents and principals too. @Gapingvoid

2/13 Seeds@Gapingvoid

2/9 @Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid



Rock Bottom


2/2 Gapingvoid@Gapingovid

2/1/2023 Courage@selfhelpFYS

1/31 DaskalLolly Daskal @LollyDaskal

1/30 Be Kind@bekindtoall01

1/27 Comparing@LifeWithJohn

1/26 Shaw quote@themerry_monk

1/25 Truth@lawrence_wray

1/24 Direction@lawrence_wray

1/23 REgrets@Gapingvoid

1/13 Direction@TheZigZiglar @lawrence_wray

1/12 Pivot@Gapingvoid

1/10 Disrupt@Gapingvoid

1/6 Better Today@embracetruejoy

1/4 Fear@ThisIsSethsBlog @bmoore_20

1/2/2023 Honesty@DSMarquisAmeri1

12/30 Joujrney@teedjvt

12/29 Truth@Gapingvoid

12/27 CEOs@Gapingvoid

12/27 Calmness@gary_hensel

12/22 Be Brave@Gapingvoid

12/22 Life@selfhelpFYS @realNDWalsch

12/21 Believe@Gapingvoid

12/20 Jane Austen@CuriosityStream

12/19 Honor

12/13 Mergers@Gapingvoid

12/9 Create It@BruceVH

12/7 Growth@SteveGutzler



12/5 Be Kind@Stopworkplacebu

12/2 Love/Used@DalaiLama @BruceVH

12/1/2022 Creativity@Gapingvoid

11/30 Leader@melhawk46

11/29 Laders@Gapingvoid

11/25 The Glass@Gapingvoid

11/23 What's Important@Gapingvoid

11/22 A Place@bethhill2829

11/18 The Future@marshawright

11/17 Status Quo@Gapingvoid

11/16 Happiness@Gapingvoid




11/14 Patton@Gapingvoid

11/11 Problems@Gapingvoid

11/8 North Star@Gapingvoid

11/7 Twitter@Gapingvoid 11/7 Twitter@Gapingvoid

11/4 Roads@DrSherriBarrow

11/3 Data@Gapingvoid

11/2 CEO The same is true for school principals and superintendents. @Gapingvoid

11/1/2022 Desire@SimpliTeach

10/28 Dream@tim_fargo

10/27 Missed@Gapingvoid

10/26 Idenity@Gapingvoid

10/25 Driving@Gapingvoid

10/24 Daskal@LollyDaskal @tim_fargo

10/21 Live Life@ChrisQuinn64

10/19 Environment@Gapingvoid

10/18 You's@Gapingvoid

10/17 Efficiency@Gapingvoid

10/14 Map@Gapingvoid

10/13 Belonging@Gapingvoid

10/10 Ideas@ClaudioGT

10/8 Caring@Gapingvoid

10/7 Clture@Gapingvoid

10/12 Different@Gapingvoid

10/6 Excellence@Gapingvoid

9/19 Ugly Things@Susansailboat

9/18 Loved@marshawright

9/16 Humor@Imported_Fu

9/14 Success@themerry_monk @Susanjmccann

9/13 Great Work@Gapingvoid

9/12 Keep Calm@Gapingvoid

9/9 Rocket Science@Gapingvoid

9/8 Be Alive@DeborahDian

9/7 Problem@LeadToday @selfhelpFYS

9/6 Mistakes@tim_fargo

9/3 Knowledge@Gapingvoid

9/2 Purpose@DrMaryHoward @KimberlyDavistv

9/1/2022 Reform@Gapingvoid




8/30 Leadership@Gapongvoid

8/29 Burnout@Gapingvoid

8/26 Grading@TomSchimmer @LyzaJo @DrDougGReen

8/25 You Are@marshawright

8/24 It's about people@Gapingvoid

8/23 Be Yourself@BillMoore20

8/20 Influence@Gapingvoid

8/19 What They Can Do


Not Adults


8/17 Ransom@danthenoodleman @MarkDavidGerson

8/16 Transactions@Gapingvoid

8/15 Friendship@jeffsheehan

8/14 Living Today@Gapingvoid

8/11 Power@lawrence_wray

8/10 Ashe@marshawright

8/9 Friends@LifeWithJohn

8/8 Patience@tnvora @MindShift @ShaneAParrish

8/7 Fargo@tim_fargo




8/5 Compassion@elly_chapple

8/4 Selfishness@coachlanceloya

8/3 Time and Friends@lambas70

8/2/2022 Churchill@tim_fargo

8/1 2022 Help@themerry_monk

7/31 Great Things@marshawright

7/27 Best@DrDougGreen

7/26 Change@Gapingvoid

7/25 My Kids@Walt_Jordan

7/24 Advice@TeachersJourney

7/23 Self-Sacrifice@LeadToday

7/22 Hunter@WeinsteinEdu

7/21 Teamwork@Gapingvoid

7/19 Leadership@Gapingvoid

7/18 Beckett@ManiarMuhammad

7/16 Pollen@Gapingvoid

7/15 Wisdom@LeadToday






Hard Work


7/10 Hard@Gapingvoid

7/8 Music@RonAndSandyLee

7/7 Attitude@GregMc81

7/6 Teamates@coachlanceloya

7/5 Crestivity@theeiguy

7/4 Great Stories@Gapingvoid


Hard Work


7/2 Math@teachergoals @jaimacklin

7/1 Priase@SimpliTeach




6/29 Responsibility@LeadToday

6/28 Information vs Knowledge@Gapingvoid

6/23 Human Behavior@Gapingvoid

6/21 Paul Harvey@lawrence_wray

6/20 Real Friends@LifeWithJohn

6/19 Kids quote@johnccarver




6/17 Know Students@teacher2teacher

6/16 Take Action@GCouros @melrobbins

6/15 Empathy@Gapingvoid

6/14 SM Learning@AshleyPTaplin @teacher2teacher

6/13 Hope@Dianne__LadyD

6/11 The Goal@simonsinek @LyzaJo @DrDougGreen

6/10 Gapingvoid Liberty@Gapingvoid

6/9 Don't Cheat@tim_fargo


Be Still


6/7 HaRVEST@marshawright

6/5 Nature@MindShiftKQED

6/3 Emption@dlhampton

6/2 Something Better@gcouros

5/31 Regrets@tim_fargo @JenniferAOnline

5/30 Laundry@AlienToYou

5/26 Trees@KaraJarina

5/25 Life@Gapingvoid

5/20 State of mind@tim_fargo

5/19 Mission@Gapingvoid

5/18 <Smile@AhmedWaqas21

5/17 52 Years@womenafter50




5/15 Kindness@tim_fargo

5/14 Smile@LifeWithJohn




5/12 Person@tim_fargo

5/11 Give to People@ClaudioGT

5/10 Napoleon@tim_fargo

5/9 Nye@RonAndSandyLee @BillNye

5/8 Wisdom@Gapingvoid

5/7 Wise man@tim_fargo

5/6 You the artist@LRobbTeacher

5/5 Be Exceptional @tim_fargo

5/4 Karla Starr@karlastarr

5/3 Twain Fooing People@NationalRSOL

4/30 Influence@Gapingvoid


Better Leader


4/28 Happy@LifeWithJohn


Ed Tech


4/26 SKills@MattRhoads1990

4/25 Good Morning@Dianne__LadyD

4/24 Courage@tim_fargo

4/22 Path@IanMakMakay

4/21 Van Gogh@tim_fargo

4/20 Feedback@SimpliTeach



@sylviaduckworth @rushtonh @MindShiftKQED

4/17 Franklin@KenBurns @PBS

4/16 Get Back UP@kathyireland @theeiguy



4/14 Defeat@lawrence_wray

4/13 Do Good@lawrence_wray

4/12 Dreams@Ranal55


Lawn Mower

@procm2 @marilyn_mustard

4/10 Hearts and Minds@simonsinek @tim_fargo

4/9 Speak to Children@ShiftParadigm @barefootnfive

4/7 Dog quote@tim_fargo

4/5 Patience@selfhelpFYS

4/4 Bring to the table@lawrence_wray

4/3 Curious@KellyPared @teachingpython

4/2 Grow Old quote@performbetter

4/1/2022 A friend@ClaudioGT

3/31 Collaboration@Gapingvoid


TJ quote


3/29 Sheep WOlf@Gapingvoid

3/28 Ricky Gervais@prageru @rickygervais

3/27 Beauty@DanaGarrison

3/26 Little Things@tim_fargo

3/25 Breath@juanblanco76

3/24 Love Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid

3/23 Stress/Passion


3/22 Failing@lawrence_wray

3/21 Doubts@tim_fargo

3/18 Impossible to Fail@Khulood_Almani

3/14 Life's Challenges@LRobbTeacher

3/12 Gapingvoid hope@Gapingvoid

3/11 Five Ways to Help Your Elementary Schooler with Homework – The word homework can mean so differently to different children. Some dread it and some enjoy and look forward to it. @Talentnook

3/10 Love for others@Gapingvoid

3/9 Sm Business@marshawright

3/8 @tim_fargo@tim_fargo

3/7 MLK@tim_fargo

3/5 Problems@tim_fargo

3/4 Work's Reward@BruceVH

3/3 Stories Count@harari_yuval

3/2 Sunshine@qsteph

2/28 Afraid Not to Try@lawrence_wray

2/27 Curie quote@SimpliTeach

2/26 Responsibility@tim_fargo

2/25 Success@tscottmcleod @RonAndSandyLee

2/24 Fredrick Douglas@SandraDirkson

2/22 Never be limited@RosaIsiah

2/21 Survival Guide@motivational

2/18 Abe quote@tim_fargo

2/15 Do Something@marshawright

2/13 Voltaire@OliJAnderson

2/12 True Words@marshawright

2/11 Dream@codyjohnson @DrDougGreen

2/9 Miles Davis@tombarrett

2/8 Success@Gapingvoid

2/6 HOPE@lawrence_wray

2/5/2022 It Can't Be Done@Imported_Fun

1/31 Metaverse@Gapingvoid

1/29 HST@tim_fargo

1/28 Diggins@jessdiggs @SInow @DrDougGReen

1/27 Respect@LifeWithJohn

1/26 MLK@tim_fargo

1/24 Heart & Soul@Rdene915




1/22 Venn Diagrams
This is pretty funny, but it might take a minute to figure it out or watch the comedy bit below.

1/21 Screw Up@Leadershipfreak

1/20 Vulnerability@RonAndSandyLee

1/18 Online Learners@SimpliTeach


Order Lunch


1/16 Love@FSonnenberg




1/14 Relationships@ClaudioGT

1/13 Business is Change@Gapingvoid

1/12 LIsten@themerry_monk




1/10 Problem Solving@WarrenWhitlock

1/8 Chances@Justmemarie2

1/7 100% Ready@SteveGutzler

1/6 Hamlet@WSroufe

1/5/2922 Experience@tim_fargo

12/31 Never Give Up@LifeWithJohn

12/30 Experience Einstein@Imported_Fun

12/29 Bloom@selfhelpFYS

12/28 Beijing 2022If you watched “60 Minutes” on December 26, 2021 you saw the artist who created this. He fights the Chinese Communist Party. Should you? @badiucao @60Minutes

12/27 Progress not Perfection@RonAndSandyLee

12/24 Not a saint@tim_fargo

12/23 Swedish Proverb@loveGoldenHeart


Now Live


12/21 Growing@tim_fargo

12/20 Old Owl@Dianne__LadyD

2/19 Your Time@RonAndSandyLee

12/18 Empty vessel@lawrence_wray

12/17Leave People Better

12/16 Play@dbc_inc

12/15 Right Leadership@Dr_ChrisHobbs @bdych

12/14 Fear Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid

12/12 Choices@stratorob




12/10 J.K. Rowling@jk_rowling @joboaler @DrDougGreen

12/8 Buzzwords@Gapingvoid

12/7 Pandemic Audit@GibbonsTJo

12/6 Good Judgement@pgockley

12/4 Teachers Responsibilities@McMenemyTweets

12/3 Life is short@gapingvoid

12/1/2021 The Bee@LifeWithJohn

11/30 Leadership@WSroufe

11/28 Every Exit@RonAndSandyLee

11/27 Jung@drugb0t

11/26 Every Exit@RonAndSandyLee

11/25 Kierkegaard@tim_fargo

11/24 Love@themerry_monk


Your Own Thoughts


11/22 Norms@Gapingvoid

11/20 Be Happy@ITArchitechs

11/19 THick Skin@Melanie_Collins


True Friends



Unique Child


11/15 Laziness quote@eileen_lennon Moderator of #NYCSchoolsTechChat

111/13 Life is short@BabyGo2014

11/12 Simmons@BillMoore20

11/11 World as Canvas@SimpliTeach

11/10 Dreams@JeanetteJoy

11/9 Kind Words@theeiguy

11/8 True Friends@jeffsheehan

11/6 Gapngvoid Wealth@Gapingvoid

11/5 Your Love@lawrence_wray

11/4 Life is a book@gary_hensel

11/3 Observe and Learn@TrainingMindful

11/1 Feedback@Leadershipfreak

10/31 Entreprenual Mindset@Gapingvoid

10/29 Larry Cuban’s latest cartoon collection – You might not find all of them funny but my friend Larry does his best. @LarryCUban







10/26 Be and Expert@SimpliTeach

10/25 Smile@Dianne__LadyD

10/23 Be Like a Child@themerry_monk

10/22 Humiliation@SmittyD9199

10/21 Gapingvoid TeachGapingvoid@Gapingvoid

10/20 Kindness@nirwnnews




10/18 Be Somebody@RonAndSandyLee

10/17 Boynton@SandyBoynton @sarcher06466184

10/16 Great Things@RonAndSandyLee

10/14 Lottery quote@Susanjmccann

10/13 Aspiration Quote@themerry_monk

10/12 Success@IMQuotes_Videos

10/10 Mandela@ReidGenise

10/9 Segregating@ClaudioGT

10/7 Culture's Job@Gapingvoid

10/5 Einstein@LRobbTeacher

10/4 Stick withlove@theeiguy

10/2 Friend quote@RonAndSandyLee

10/1 Thanksgiving@Dianne__LadyD

9/30 Person you are supposed to be@Ranal55

9/29 Intelligence@lawrence_wray

9/28 Mistakes@TaylorZ_Smith

9/27 Good Things@IMQuotes_Videos


Time and Life


9/24 Impossible to fail@lawrence_wray

9/23 Fire of Anger@themerry_monk

9/22 Good Enough@StressFreeKids

9/21 Ship Comes In@RonAndSandyLee

9/20 Show Up@teachergoals

9/19 Easy Tasks@LifeWithJohn

9/18 Kindness Mark Twain@theeiguy

9/17 Innovation Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid

9/16 Stumbling Block@mingberg

9/15 Small Things@lawrence_wray

9/13 Gift of Friends@themerry_monk @Susanjmccann

9/11 Game of Life@Susanjmccann




9/8 Listen to Kids@ChrisQuinn64

9/6 Do something@Dianne__LadyD

9/3 Universe@ClaudioGT

9/2 Wonderful Day@confessions_cup

9/1 Culure or Toast@Gapingvoid

8/31 Ford@Susanjmccann




8/29 Bridges@RonAndSandyLee

8/27 Simplicity@Gapingvoid

8/25 Alfie Kohn@LRobbTeacher @alfiekohn

8/24 Comfort Zones@RonAndSandyLee

8/21 Thunder@LifeWithJohn

8/20 Friend quote@muz4now

8/17 Culture@Gapingvoid

8/16 Lighten Up@LifeWithJohn

8/15 Digital Transformation@KirkDBorne @DataPrime_ai

8/14 Polin@Gapingvoid

8/13 Love and Kindness@LifeWithJohn

8/12 Mark Twain Cranky@tim_fargo

8/11 Lost in thought@lawrence_wray

8/10 Someone helping@LifeWithJohn

8/9 Diversity@Gapingvoid

8/7 1 small thing@BruceVH

8/6 Bill Gates@lawrence_wray

8/5 Significant Learning@teachergoals

8/4 Toxic Person@LifeWithJohn

8/3 Courage@BreneBrown

8/2 Good Teaching@DrEdwardMooney

8/1/2021 Mentor@lawrence_wray

7/30 Age@LifeWithJohn

7/29 Limitations@LRobbTeacher

7/28 Anything Worthwhile@Gapingvoid

7/27 unique@Imported_Fun

7/26 Passion@ChristineBemis2

7/25 Emotions@StressFreeKids

7/24 Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid

7/22 Love Yourself@AriEmpire_

7/19 Happiness@themerry_monk

7/18 Spoon Feeding@Imported_Fun

7/17 Dilbert@devaang

7/16 Impatience@FSonnenberg

7/15 People quote@BillMoore20

7/14 Bruce Lee@MFinley0311

7/13 Good as LoveGo here to start a conversation. @Gapingvoid

7/12 Progress@RonAndSandyLee

7/11 Fail seven times@imtorsten

7/9 Surround Yourself@smgaillard @moore_magnet

7/8 Ego at th wheel@Gapingvoid

7/7 Be Kind Today@LifeWithJohn

7/6 Positive Mindse@Gapingvoid

7/4 Agony of Change@Gapingvoid

7/3 Plan A@RonAndSandyLee

7/2/2021 Love and Trust@FSonnenberg

6/30 Gandhi@lawrence_wray

9/29 Another Day@LifeWithJohn

6/27 Someone Pitted A Formula One Race Car Against A Bugatti Chiron In A Drag Race, Here’s How It Went. If you are into cars at all you will enjoy this. @carwowuk @chris_carwow

6/27 img src=”” alt=”Jobs” />@MaryKayGibbs


People to love


6/25 Good Teaching@DrEdwardMooney

6/24 When in doubt begin@Gapingvoid

6/22 Patton@Imported_Fun

6/21 Negative Thoughts@teachergoals

6/20 Jolie@GordonTredgold


Wrong Books


6/17 Love@themerry_monk @Susanjmccann

6/16 Opinion@LifeWithJohn

6/15 Constellation@SimpliTeach

6/14 Euripides quote@lawrence_wray

6/12 Happiness@themerry_monk

6/11 Ordinary thing elevated@Gapingvoid

6/10 Person of Value@lawrence_wray

6/9 No Substitute@SimpliTeach

6/8 Favors quote@tim_fargo


Freedom of Mind@carlos_wilde

6/6 Better Paths@Ranal55

6/5 Connections@Ross_Quintana

6/4 Courage@muz4now

6/3 Risk the Fall@Ranal55

6/2 Great Teachers@lawrence_wray

6/1/2021 Mandela@lawrence_wray




5/30 Mistakes Bridge@tim_fargo

5/29 Decide what you want@lawrence_wray

5/28 Attitudes quote@LisaThomasBooks


Sun and Moon


5/26 Collaboration@Gapingvoid

5/25 Today's Best@LollyDaskal

5/24 Appreciation@LifeWithJohn

5/22 Richer Than You Think@TheMindsJournal

5/21 Character@lawrence_wray

5/20 Doing Nothing@lawrence_wray

5/19 StandardsClick to goto the site.@Gapingvoid

5/18 Invisable Leaders@LRobbTeacher

5/17 Someday quote By it here at Boomerangs By Vi. @Makerspaces_com

5/14 Celebrate every small win@teacher2teacher

5/13 Freud quote@lawrence_wray

5/12 praise quote@SimpliTeach

5/11 Sincere Care@Susanjmccann

5/10 A Better Tomorrow@jeffsheehan

5/9 Kids need to hear@Imported_Fun

5/8 Great Things@Imported_Fun

5/7 The Race quote@teachergoals

5/5 Accomplish Great Things@BillMoore20


Pass on your values


5/3 Fall down@EmilyAPaschall

5/1/2021 Angry quote@LifeWithJohn

4/30 Ordinary@selfhelpFYS


Differences quote


4/28 Better Leader@Leadershipfreak

4/27 Starting OVER@Home_and_Loving

4/26 Learn from Succss@BruceVH @lawrence_wray

4/25 Little Things@LifeWithJohn

4/24 Russell Wilson@AdvFootball

4/23 Nel Noddings@mom2mikey

4/21 Dance@gapingvoid

4/20 Love Without Judgement@LEAD_Coalition

4/19 I teac because@teacher2teacher

4/17 The way things are@Ranal55

4/16 Hellen Keller@GordonTredgold


Bayard Rustin


4/13 Personnal quote@ToddWhitaker

4/12 Forgive Yourself@FelixNater

4/10 Appreciate what you have@FSonnenberg

4/9 E.B. White@ClaudioGT

4/8 Life is short@BillMoore20

4/7 Forgivness quote@spencerrayner


Win Learn quote


4/5 Student Comfort@SimpliTeach

4/3 Exhausting@tim_fargo

4/2 What Life's about@Imported_Fun @BMediaLLC

4/1/2021 Michigan State University Virtual Science Festival – Check out the many live virtual presentations and virtual school programs that start today (4/1/2021). @MSUSciFest @MSU_Herbarium

4/1/2021 Ten Tips for Managing Childcare and Teaching Kids During the COVID Crisis – The coronavirus pandemic has not only produced a health and economic crisis, but a childcare and education crisis for American families as well. Millions of parents are juggling childcare and teaching while working full-time jobs. @Bankrate

3/31 Astronaut quote@maetheastronaut @WomenWhoCode

3/30 Doing Nothing@Imported_Fun

3/29 Gordon Threadgold@GordonTredgold

3/28 I hope we all make it@feelTHEnature_

3/27 Leadership Illustration@nancyrubin

3/26 Human Being@chrishowardlive

3/25 Success quote@BillMoore20

3/24 Speak life to children@JenaiaMorane

3/23 The Ones Who Win@ConsultantSch

3/22 Kierkegard@lawrence_wray

3/20 Zuck quote@MrHouseHack

3/19 Harvey Feirstein@carthagebuckley @HarveyFierstein




3/17 Goals@LifeWithJohn

3/15 Curisoty quote@Rdene915

3/13 Watch the clouds@actionhappiness

3/12 Beautifule@RedMajid

3/11 Anxious Students@SimpliTeach

3/10 Be Good@SmrtAleks @BrendaMatusik1

3/9 Believe in yourself@tim_fargo

3/8 Taking a risk@themerry_monk

3/7 Determined Person@Imported_Fun

3/6 Vanderark@tvanderark @Getting_Smart

3/4 Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid

3/3 Oscar Wilde@LifeWithJohn

3/2 McCann@themerry_monk

3/1/2021 Browing quote@tim_fargo

2/28 8 Characteristics@gapingvoid

2/27 Emerson@tim_fargo

2/26 Jimmy Buffet@theeiguy

2/24 Agility@ScottGraffius

2/23 Purposeful Action@ClaudioGT

2/22 Buddha quote@LifeWithJohn

2/21 My scars quote@IMQuotes_Videos

2/20 Don't Rush@gary_hensel

2/19 Successful People@Suzie81Suzie

2/18 Where to go quote@gapingvoid

2/17 What Life Gives You@Ranal55

2/16 Ideas to Things@InnerJamApp

2/15 Mr. Rogers@WarrenWhitlock


Why we walk



Dale Carnegie


2/12 Hellen Keller@ClaudioGT


A Year from Today


2/9 Principal El@basil_marin

2/7 Bird quote@LifeWithJohn

2/6 The Best Road@tim_fargo

2/3 Joan Rivers@GordonTredgold




1/31 Believe in Someone@BethFratesMD

1/30 Khalil Gibran@tim_fargo

1/29 Be Kinds@KindnessLDNONT

1/28 Be Strong@LifeWithJohn

1/27 Leadership Gapingvoid@gapingvoid

1/26 Relationships@Leadershipfreak

1/25 Negativity@JeanetteJoy

1/24 Lena Horn@tim_fargo

1/23 Socrates@LifeWithJohn

1/21 Other People's Faults@themerry_monk

1/20 Happy With Yourself Ebrima Darboe is a young girl from the Gambia in Africa. Please follow her @Sherrifo1.




1/18 Musk's Learning Treen

1/17 Victor Hugo@SimpliTeach

1/16 True Wealth@tim_fargo

1/15 Regret@911well

1/14 I'm sorry@JeremyGilley

1/13 Herny Ford@imtorsten

1/11 Forget the Rules@WrtrStat

1/10 Open to learning@Imported_Fun

1/8 Dalai Lama@ADevotedYogi @DalaiLama

1/7 Greateful quote@GermanyKent @gcouros

1/6 Core Beliefs@clegleiter

1/5 Forgive Yourself@IMQuotes_Videos

1/4 Good Laugh@LifeWithJohn

1/3 Never Give Up@LifeWithJohn

1/2/2021 2020 quote@thinkchat2020

12/31 Do nice things@tinybuddha


Happiness 3


12/29 5 R's@AngelaMaiers @mercer

12/28 Kindness@LifeWithJohn

12/27 How to treat people@DarrinMPeppard

12/26 Joy@Gapingvoid

12/24 Plan vs Reality@ajjuliani Also check out AJ Juliani’s 2020 Failure Report

12/23 Kindness@DrPriceMitchell

12/22 Kindness quote@LifeWithJohn


Chop Your Own Wood


12/20 Enistein @thewisdomposts


Beer Fridge

There have been a lot of photos posted by people in the Binghamton, NY area that just got 42″ of snow, but this one is hard to beat. @AndrewWHAM @adam_gillwx

12/18 Take your own class@ERobbPrincipal

12/17 You are beautiful@LifeWithJohn

12/16 Change quote@LeadToday

12/15 Winston Churchill@LexonikUS

12/14 Being a woman@LifeWithJohn

12/13 Anything is possible@SimpliTeach

12/12 Risk the Fall@Ranal55

12/11 Me time@FSonnenberg

12/9 Fedback quote@GordonTredgold

12/8 Tough Times@Ranal55

12/6 You Are Responsible – Get this guy’s visual backgrounds here.@Gapingvoid

12/5 Talk to your children@seemeandliz

12/4 It's only a tool@ISTEEdLeaders

12/3 Perserverence@Ranal55

12/2 Child's Song@MUSICWITHNANCY @psychauthormom @TheGreatCourses

12/01/2020 Goals@Leadershipfreak

11/30 Can I Just Read@mr_hayes

11/29 Journey@tim_fargo

11/28 Life is too short@kimgarst

11/27 Yesterday@LScottHarrell

11/25 Trade Your Soul@LeadToday

11/24 Emerson quote@tim_farge

11/23 Visualize@jeffsheehan

11/21 Micheal Jordan@gary_hensel

11/20 Failure quote@tim_fargo @BillMoore20

11/19 Honest Trailer Of ‘Toy Story 4’ Shows How Illogical The Movie Was When You Think About It. As soon as you think hard about it, the movie raises a lot of questions in terms of its logic. @screenjunkies

11/19 Happier@Susanjmccann




11/17 Seneca@BethFratesMD

11/16 Robin Williams@SmrtAleks

11/15 Extraordinary@AndyVanDyke

11/14 Cicero@tim_fargo

11/12 MLK Quote@LRobbTeacher

11/11 Worry@craiggroeschel @lifechurch


Find a way



Eyes Front


11/7 Next Good Thing@HealOnPurpose

11/6 Change Routines@actionhappiness

11/5 Contageous Gapingvoid@Gapingvoid Click here to purchase his work.@Gapingvoid

11/3 Do what you have to do@tim_fargo

11/2 True Friend@AndyVanDyke

11/1/2020 Maya Angelou@tim_fargo

10/30 Happiness@robdunlopEDU @JillDuBois22

10/29 Happiness@gary_hensel

10/28 Better Thinkers@cabreraresearch

10/27 Anne FrankMaybe you and your kids should give it a try. @LifeWithJohn

10/26 Helen Kelller@historyinmoment

10/25 Engaging Activities@mr_Alsheimer

10/24 Cover My Class@Bored_Teachers

10/23 Others Prosper@LifeWithJohn

10/22 Kindness@HOLLYJBIRD

10/21 Vibe - Tribe@gary_hensel

10/19 Me Time@themerry_monk

10/18 Stepping Stones@SimpliTeach

10/17 Open Mind
Go to the Gapingvoid site to buy some cool suff.@Gapingvoid

10/16 Let Joy Fly@JillDuBois22

10/15 Winning quote@BethFratesMD

10/14 Invent the wheel@Susanjmccann

10/13 unthinkable@Imported_Fun

10/12 Leo Tolstoy@tim_fargo

10/9 Success@Imported_Fun

10/8 Future@Rdene915


Worst days quote



Khalil Gibran


10/5 Who we are@StephenRCovey

10/3 Flexibility@SimpliTeach

10/1/2020 Kahoot quote@KahootAcademy @LindaSees

9/29 Joyful quote @wadestanford

9/27 Confucius@AndyVanDyke


My world


9/24 Sophocles@dederittman

9/22 Don't Worry@tim_fargo

9/20 Challenge Beliefs@themerry_monk @selfhelpFYS

9/19 Online Class Cartoon@teachergoals

9/18 Passion quote@Ranal55

9/17 Expert@SimpliTeach

9/16 Don't Judge@drmike_goddard

9/15 Rise and Shine@ErmaLuis1

9/14 Goals and Dreams@imtorsten

9/13 Love Yourself@HealOnPurpose


Challenge and Change


9/11 Jobs@Imported_Fun

9/9 Hard Times quote@tim_fargo




9/6 Pretending@Leadershipfreak

9/4 How far you have come@HealOnPurpose

9/3 Bruce Van Horn@BruceVH

9/2 Push Today@tim_fargo


Chase the right things





8/27 Keep Your CrayonsPurchage your copy here. @gapingvoid

8/26 Einstein quote@Imported_Fun

8/25 Be the teacher@HillMrispo

8/24 Don't Fail Alone@themerry_monk @Susanjmccann

8/23 RIP Sir KenIt is with heavy hearts that we announce that Sir Ken Robinson died peacefully yesterday, 21st August 2020, surrounded by family after a short battle with cancer. We will be following up with a further update as we begin to follow Sir Ken’s wishes and honor his legacy. (Doug: This guy is a legend. His TED Talks are unsurpassed.) @SirKenRobinson

8/21 Made Readers@Imported_Fun


Past Future


8/19 Why You Can't Do It@FSonnenberg





Avoid Negativity


8/16 Write Your Future@LifeWithJohn

8/14 Friends and Future@Leadershipfreak


Make a Difference


8/10 Team quote@ClaudioGT

8/9 Kindness is free@melanie_korach

8/8 Dale Carnegie@themerry_monk @selfhelpFYS

8/7 Live without pretending@BruceVH

8/6 Aristotle@tim_fargo

8/5 Augmented Reality@STEMbyThomas

8/4 Getting Up@proactivelylead

8/3 We are strong@akbusybee

8/2/2020Bob DYlan@tim_fargo @bobdylan

8/2/2020Quote of the Week: When small is awesome and personal growth is certain. You are called to make an impact in life. We all are. Doesn’t matter if we imagine we’re too small to make any impact. It’s not true. @themerry_monk @selfhelpFYS @Angela_Watson

7/31 Editing is hard@bkmkting

7/30 The Future@gapingvoid


Ben Franklin


7/28 Cornerstones to our Heart@Lau7210

7/26 Social Distancing@EnglewoodSun

7/24 Bob Dylan@tim_fargo

7/21 The World We Choose@CBosley19

7/20 How to make Vegan Tzatziki – @KiddyCharts

7/19 Compassion@Leadershipfreak

7/17 Joy Happens@HenriNouwen @tim_fargo

7/16 Reach for your dreams@tim_fargo

7/15 Meaning of Life@LeeAraoz @edutopia


Trust quote



Motivate Yourself


7/10 Impact the future@teacher2teacher

7/8 Silver Lining@susanjmccann @themerry_monk

7/7 Ripping off your mask@teachergoals


Impossible Journey


7/5 Be Yourself@confessions_cup


Making Mistakes


7/3 Leadership Priviledge@cdsmeaton

7/1/2020 Where You Have Never Been@BruceVH

6/30 back to normal@johnccarver


Dale Carniege


6/28 Bruce Lee quote@gary_hensel

6/27 Fear quote@tim_fargo


Grass is greener


6/25 Edison quote@LifeWithJohn


Fear Diagram


6/23 Tim Fargo@muz4now @tim_fargo


Ann Landers


6/20 Your Light@themerry_monk




6/18 Teaching Online@SimpliTeach

6/17 Future Self@Gapingvoid

6/16 Casting Stones@Leadershipfreak

6/14 Better Person@Imported_Fun

6/13 van Gogh@Imported_Fun

6/11 Listen@LeadToday


Helen Keller quote


6/7 I Deserve Success@themerry_monk

6/6 Falling quote@tim_fargo

6/5 Love quote@Gapingvoid

6/4 Right Train@selfhelpFYS

6/3 Empathy quote@HansNAppel

6/2 Choice@LifeWithJohn

6/1 Live Fearlessly@tim_fargo

5/31 Dalai Lama@thecrowdview

5/30 Flexibility@SimpliTeach

5/29 Bad Leaders@TheBradCurrie

5/28 What a Leader IS@tim_fargo

5/27 Mother Teresa@PLPNetwork @snbeach

5/26 Milton Friedman@prageru

5/24 New Beggining@tim_fargo




5/21 Misbehavior@clegleiter


Dreams and Goals



Challenge Change


5/17 Creativity quote@SimpliTeach

5/16 Deep Love@DeborahKozich

5/15 Mark Twain@WrtrStat

5/14 End of the Day@clegleiter

5/13 Community Partnerships@STEMbyThomas @CMRubinWorld

5/12 Anne Frank@tim_fargo

5/10 Insprational Leaders@Leadershipfreak

5/8 Bruce Lee@LScottHarrell

5/7 Love quote@selfhelpFYS

5/6 People Priorities@Ranal55

5/5 Weed and Feed@wadestanford

5/4 Humility@tim_fargo

5/3 C. S. Lewis@MadalynSklar

5/2 Ruture quote@Rdene915

5/1 People Have Ideas@ClaudioGT




4/29 Encouragement@NowakRo

4/28 Too Many Things@thecrowdview

4/26 Make a Difference@LScottHarrell @InnerJamApp

4/25 Mark Twain@tim_fargo

4/23 Goals and Dreams@muz4now

4/22 A Good Life@gratefuledu64


Courage quote


4/20 I Love You@_TomGReid

4/19 After It's Over@CristinaDajero

4/18 Positive Energy@gigirules7

4/17 Best Research Vouros@gcouros

4/16 Falling Together@MrzAndersonWCH

4/15 Confidence John Wooden @tim_fargo

4/14 Busy Life@Leadershipfreak

4/12 Reach the Hearts@tim_fargo

4/11 Count Your Blessings@themerry_monk

4/10 Nurses@gapingvoid

4/8 Gossip quote@tim_fargo

4/5 Love In The Time Of Coronavirus (free ebook download) @gapingvoid

4/3 Thomas Aquinas@tim_fargo

4/2 Keep Swimming@coachlanceloya


Fear Courage


3/31 Strong Leader@evankirstel

3/29 Things to give up@lilachbullock

3/28 Relationships 1st@DrBradJohnson @EmilyReadLeads

3/27 Make People Better@LScottHarrell

3/26 Beat Sadness@muz4now

3/24 Kid quote@deem_ellen

3/23 Your Dream@TonyGaskins @InterestingFol1

3/22 Stephen Hawking quote@SimpliTeach

3/21 Stand Tall@thecrowdview

3/20 Jobs quotes@JustinW77085014

3/19 Forrest WiFi@LifeWithJohn

3/17 Do nice things@LifeWithJohn

3/15 Made them feel@hackmylearning

3/14 Plate@NHEdCommr

3/13 Walt Whitman@LifeWithJohn

3/12 Continual Progress@LeadersBest

3/11 Clever quote@themerry_monk @selfhelpFYS @Susanjmccann

3/10 50+ quote@Gapingvoid

3/8 Emerson quote@carlaacarlson

3/7 Estee Lauder@DisruptedTv

3/5 Competitive Life@NowakRo

3/4 Weeds@SturmDon

3/3 Success & Hard Work@TheRock @jimhuling

3/2 People Buy Relationships@ThisIsSethsBlog @JaniceMars

3/1 Success quote@DavidGeurin

2/29 Things to quit@Cbp8Cindy

2/28 Teachers Scared@gcouros

2/25 Mindset@kaushalsen_15

2/23 What Does It Take To Master Communication In The Digital Age? Start with an assessment that will let you know where you stand. @TrippBraden @CareerTrend

2/22 Ghandi quote@CBosley19


Cheeta vs Snail

@10Ticks – Contact the math resource site at

2/20 Experiment@dederittman

2/18 Think Big@lilachbullock

2/17 I Have a Dream Ask your students what their dream is. @NikaStewart

2/16 Things you have@911well

2/13 Angelina Jolie@GordonTredgold

2/9 Blooming FLowers@trev_mackenzie

2/8 Jobs on Leadership@theeiguy

2/7 Work Hard@InterestingFol1

2/6 Entrepreneurship@lilachbullock

2/5 Yourself@HomeOfGastro

2/4 Dylin Wiliam@ERobbPrincipal

2/3 Vibe Tribe@heatherrose1814

2/2 Fantastic Results@SteveGutzler

2/1/2020 Change Quote@selfhelpFYS @themerry_monk @thecrowdview

1/31 Friends@suziday123

1/30 Experience@renathunderhawk

1/29 Single question@tim_fargo

1/28 Book & Coffee@confessions_cup

1/27 Accepting@dederittman

1/26 Ordinary Moments@NowakRo

1/25 Mindset@DCulberhouse

1/23 Beautiful World@themerry_monk @Susanjmccann

1/22 Workout@PaulaMaier3

1/21 Life Instructions@DarrinPeppard

1/20 Mindset@DCulberhouse


Live like a lion


1/18 History Starts Now@BruceVH

1/16 Teaching Literacy@bethhill2829




1/14 Success Secrets@seancasey1

1/13 New Week New Goals@methodtestprep

1/12 GapingVoid@gapingvoid

1/11 Hopes and Dreams@ErmaLuis1

1/10 Practice@tim_fargo

1/9 Spontaniety quote

1/8 Watch Growing Up@mrandmecomic

1/5 Happiness in common things@dederittman


Sophia Lauren


1/3 Good Times Bad Times@LifeWithJohn

1/2/2020 I love you@LifeWithJohn

1/1/2020 Achievement Secrets@HomeOfGastro


Woman Astronaut


Listening Well






Surround Yourself


12/26 Gibran@HomeOfGastro

12/24 Chance of Success@lilachbullock

12/23 Merry Christmas@LifeWithJohn

12/22 LIfe of Honor@FSonnenberg

12/21 Maya Angelou@NowakRo

12/20 Change will happen@KatieNovakUDL

12/19 Depak Chopra@muz4now


Power Give Up


12/17 Part of Story@tim_fargo

12/16 Aldous Huxley@tim_fargo

12/15 Impress Yourself@BruceVH

12/13 Life is Complex@themerry_monk

12/12 Spontanaity@jrkuhns

12/11 No offence@tim_fargo

12/10 Kindness@seancasey1

12/9 It doesn't matter@LeadToday

12/8 Failure Bruse@bmoore_20

12/7 People Care@VeronicaD533

12/6 Awesome@seancasey1

12/4 Opportunity@Rdene915

12/3 Where I am@Teen_Whisperer

12/2 Learners are not disabled@KatieNovakUDL @gcouros @burgessdave


Joy Quote


11/28 Happy Thanksgiving@HOLLYJBIRD

11/27 Relationships@nyweathergirl @LeadAndLearn

11/26 Fred Rogers@WeinsteinEdu

11/24 Changing Mindset@drkristyandre


Happiest People


11/20 Remain Calm@911well

11/19 I was wrong@bmoore_20

11/18 Love Someone@BruceVH

11/17 Kindness@couros

11/16 Becoming a leader@Neville_Garnham

11/15 JFK@BruceLesley

11/13 Objective not Technology@fisher1000 @Larryferlazzo


Motivation TIps


11/10 Walt Whitman@tim_fargo

11/9 Rediculous@tim_fargo

11/6 Avoid Stress and Worry@NobelPrize

11/5 Great Twain@Mind_on_ASaP

11/4 Count your BLessings@themerry_monk

11/3 Hands thrown up@tim_fargo

11/2 The Only Happy People@melanie_korach




10/31 Yet@Erik_Youngman @ERobbPrincipal

10/29 The Biggetest Lie@WhisperAmber

10/28 Change and Struggle@911well

10/27 M Jordan@Erik_Youngman

10/26 Empathy@LifeWithJohn

10/25 Curiosity@Gapingvoid

10/23 wishes@Leadershipfreak

10/22 Circumstances quote@tim_fargo

10/21 Change Myself@bmoore_20

10/20 Believe in the child@WeinsteinEdu

10/19 JFK quote@tim_fargo

10/17 Mistake@HTStelian

10/16 E Roosevelt@Mind_on_ASaP

10/15 Brave Creative@Mind_on_ASaP

10/14 Choose Optimism Consider printing and posting this in your school. @Ranal55

10/13 Secret of Change@carlaacarlson


People Doing It


10/11 Good Coworkers@SchoolLeadNow

10/10 KIndness@KellyScammell

10/9 Game of Life@thecrowdview

10/8 Rocky Quote@BootstrapsBiz @iFrugalFitness

10/7 Fun Today@LifeWithJohn

10/6 Complexity@ClaudioGT

10/5 T Roosevelt@LeadToday @TheSalesHunter

10/4 Preparing Students@ajjuliani @gcouros

10/2 Believe Your Child@StressFreeKids @SpEdResource

10/1/19 Future Disturbe@TheEricGraham

9/30 Success@themerry_monk @selfhelpFYS

9/29 Great Works@Rdene915

9/28 Do it with passion@Ranal55

9/26 Mindset Differtence@BruceVH

9/25 Fresh Start@KellyScammell

9/24 No PHones@GapingVoid

9/9 Frolicking quote@TeachersJourney

9/8 Good Heart@carlaacarlson


Marie Currie


9/6 self care@tim_fargo

9/4 Wander Aimlessly@Ranal55

9/3 Self Care@SolutionTree

9/2 Success@WSroufe

9/1/2019 Community@TeachersJourney

8/31 Self-Confidence@DinnerTableMBA

8/30 Stressed/Blessed@Tim_Fargo @ClaudioGT

8/29 BeautyKhalil Gibran @tim_fargo

8/28 Education quote@SturmDon

8/27 Sunrise quote@NowakRo @BaskomutanDe__

8/26 Choose Optimism@Ranal55

8/25 Happy quote@LifeWithJohn

8/24 Do what you can@Sam___Hurley

8/23 Circumstances@NidoQubein @Home_and_Loving

8/22 Stumble@dederittman

8/21 Mark Twain@BobDuffyROC


Responsible quote


8/17 Tom Landry@tim_fargo

8/16 Judging Schools@SolutionTree

8/14 Struggles quote@911Well @HTStelian

8/11 Growth@911well


Education as weapon


8/9 C.S. Lewis@Imported_Fun

8/8 Besides HomeworkLilly Tomlin @Rdene915

8/7 Dilbert@GordonTredgold

8/5 Weak are cruel@carthagebuckley @moretime4u2


Love What You Have

@melanie_korach @melhawk46

8/3 Sleep quote@seemeandliz

8/2 Before you Assume@HTStelian

8/1/2019 Positive quote@heatherrose1814

7/31 Positive quote@ToddWhitaker @msmelindacooper

7/30 Appreciation@suziday123

7/29 Classroom Management@SteeleThoughts @ProfJPizzo

7/28 Your Limits@LollyDaskal

7/27 Who to be with@tim_fargo

7/26 Inclusion@gapingvoid

7/25 Creativity@SirKenRobinson @mlobrien1


Find a way


7/23 Inhale Exhale@KFelicello

7/22 Hand to hold@tim_fargo

7/21 Fear Nothing@GordonTredgold

7/19 Pursue your dreams@tim_fargo

7/18 Kindness quote@tim_fargo

7/17 Oprah quote@DavidFifeEDU @Oprah

7/16 Music in Curriculum@singtolearn

7/14 Bigger Thing@DinnerTableMBA

7/13 Groucho Marx@tim_fargo

7/12 What we love@HTStelian

7/11 Clive Thomposn@gcouros

7/10 Your Next Life@abundancevibes

7/8 Past Future@LifeWithJohn

7/7 No to be busy@teachergoals @joshua_becker

7/6 Pat Summit quote@GordonTredgold

7/5 Do it tomorrow@tim_fargo

7/3 Passion quote@tim_fargo

7/2 Gratitude quote@sad_rob_benigni @tim_fargo

6/30 Always Done it That Way @CatherineDeVrye @JaniceMars This applies to teachers too.


Resist anger


6/28 Be Greatful@Susanjmccann @themerry_monk


Work and luck



Attitude quote


6/25 Bobby Night@InterestingFol1

6/24 Coffee quote@confessions_cup

6/23 Courage@GordonTredgold


Talent v Character


6/21 Change the Changable@TheDenisWaitley @tim_fargo

6/20 Students Work@desireetickle1

6/19 The Future@BrianTracy @MadalynSklar

6/18 Good Couros quote@gcouros

6/17 Better Teammate@coachlanceloya

6/16 Gandhi Quote@tim_fargo

6/14 30 Teacher Quotes Guaranteed to Improve Your Day – Rather than pick one I’ll let you check them all out. Enjoy. @SimpliTeach

6/13 Live Passionately@Ranal55

6/12 Make Ideas Happen@JaniceMars

6/11 We can only believe@Ranal55

6/10 Create with heart@tim_fargo

6/9 Light Candles@SimpliTeach


Music quote

@InterestingFol1 @FollowMeToo3

6/7 img src=”” alt=”Left Behind” />@BruceLesley @leoniehaimson

6/6 Seeds you plant@ElysiaSkye

6/5 Do something every day that you don’t want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain. Mark Twain @dederittman

6/4 Real 1:1@mraspinall

6/3 Happiness quote@dalstonEDU @Pharrell

6/2 JK Rowling's Life@planetshark

6/1/2019Plant Seeds quote@mradamwelcome

5/31 Learn to Listen@jaydostal

5/30 Students are not adults@ChrisQuinn64

5/28 What Others Think@MyPowertalk


Chinese Proverb


5/25 Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden @LollyDaskal

5/24 Rommity Quote@BlogOutreachSEO

5/23 Student Strengths@jeffreykubiak @gcouros

5/22 Patience quote@FollowMeToo3

5/21 The Right Path@InterestingFol1

5/18 Strong People@NowakRo

5/17 Forgive Yourself@FollowMeToo3

5/15 Influencer @BruceVH

5/14 Trust@Leadershipfreak @gcouros

5/13 Michelangelo@Mind_on_ASaP


Hero quote


5/11 George Halas@tim_fargo

5/10 STEM quote@edublogs @shellterrell


Live Life



Never Give Up


5/7 Work Endlessly@IanMAdair

5/6 Happy Heart@themerry_monk @Susanjmccann

5/5 Feelings and Emotions@tim_fargo


Life Begins


5/3 Our Job@gcouros

5/2 Live life now@Neville_Garnham

5/1 Choose Love@BruceVH

4/30 Where You Ought to Be@gcouros

4/29 Yet quote@heatherpanders @Erik_Youngman

4/28 Become Better@BruceVH


JKF quote

@katiemartinedu @ERobbPrincipal

4/26 Integrity@VAEducatorCMR


Creat Happiness@abundancevibes

4/23 Real 1:1@mraspinall

4/22Super Teacher@DougDunnEdS

4/20 Stop Shrinking@calewis1975 @RebeccaCoda

4/19 Your Own Tools@gapingvoid


Doug on Inflation

@DrDougGreen @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

4/17 Don’t ask kids what they want to be, ask them what they want to do. Jack Black on “Startalk” with Niel DeGrasse Tyson @TysonNiel @RealTenaciousD @StarTalkRadio

4/16 Diversity and Innovation@gapingvoid

4/13 Change and Growth@TamaraMcCleary

4/12 What You Do@HeatherDeSantis

4/11 Empathetic People@gapingvoid

4/10 Nature Never Repeats@tim_fargo

4/9 Be Real@mrskrobichaud

4/7 Surround Yourself@DeborahKozich

4/6 Stupid Things 12 Stupid Things to Stop Saying to Your Team Immediately – @LollyDaskal

4/5 Carl Jung@Leadershipfreak @ziegeran

4/4 Rocket Fuel@Gapingvoid

4/3 Positive attitude@tim_fargo

4/2 Tech Can Teach@SturmDon

4/1 Difficult Roads@DarrinPeppard


Tom Peters


3/29 Entrepreneurship@lilachbullock


Smart and Brave

@kathyiwanicki @ChrisQuinn64

3/27 Open Mind@Mrs_Gilchrist

3/26 Detour@tim_fargo

3/25 Problem Solution@SimpliTeach

3/24 Find Solutions@mraspinall

3/23 Mark Twain@Sam___Hurley


Attitude Quote


3/21 Defeats@DrMayaAngelou @MadalynSklar


Diverse speakers


3/19 If you are doing something that you would not want a crowd gathered in the town square to know about, consider whether you should be doing it in the first place. Gary Marx

3/18 Too Many Blessings@johnccarver

3/17 Doing Less@tim_fargo


Live the present

@carlosslim @GordonTredgold

3/14 Everything Temporary@HealingMB @DavidFifeEDU

3/13 Practice@FSonnenberg

3/11 Six Rules Consider posting these rules. @LScottHarrell

3/10 Wise Man Foolish Man@GordonTredgold

3/9 Visit Classrooms@SteeleThoughts @edutopia

3/8 Happiness Quote@tim_fargo


Everyday Dream


3/6 Impact@Gapingvoid

3/5 Strive for excellence@Dr_Ernest_Jones @skrodriguez1 @Medium

3/2 Best research@gcouros

3/1 Bring Sunshine@8Amber8

2/28 Don't Stray@LiveALifeDreams

2/26 Weakness@LiveALifeDreams

2/25 Fredrick Douglas@KellyScammell

2/24 Candle quote@SimpliTeach @jlipnack

2/23 angry quote@GordonTredgold

2/22 Mandela@Imported_Fun

2/20 Emerson quote@tim_fargo





Noie of others


2/16 Toothpast quote@Leadershipfreak

2/15 Reason to Smile @author_Dinesh

2/14 10 Things@fiverr

2/13 Education Is Einstein@abundancevibes

2/10 You are in charge@DrMaryHoward

2/9 Four Selfs@3_DLeadership


Asimov Quote



Blended Learning

@E_Sheninger @bjohnsonEDU

2/6 If we trust the lives of our students to teachers, why won’t the corporate/political class trust them with lesson plans? @dintersmith

2/5 Effective Learning@tnvora

2/3 Rainbow/Cloud@DrMayaAngelou @tim_fargo

2/1 See Beautiful@tim_fargo

1/31 Love Students@teacher2teacher @thenotoriousmrb

1/30 Teacher Quote@WeinsteinEdu @PurduePolyHS @johnccarver

1/29 Confrontation Dr. A. J. Anglin @tim_fargo

1/28 Dweck Quote Check out my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @WeberEducation @IUSD

1/26 Ann Landers@LeadToday

1/25 SO What@WeinsteinEdu

1/24 Mandella Quote@NelsonMandela

1/23 Sorry about the size, but you should be able to make it bigger. It’s worth the trouble.

Murphy's Warfare Law

@atchuuup @AtchuupPosts

1/22 MLK Quote@CapeJeffTigers

1/21 A child not accustomed to books will likely not read much as he gets older. Exposed to fewer words, he’ll develop fewer strategies for decoding them. As he advances through the grades, his literacy is on increasingly shaky footing. @barabasi

1/20 A good way to tell if an artistic idea is any good is to remember the most successful video game idea of all time is “a plumber who steps on turtles” so who knows. @PlanetofFinks @ValmontGod

1/17 Katie Martin@katiemartinedu @Erik_Youngman

1/16 Only As Smart@froehlichm @JaimeDonally

1/15 M Gates Here is the link to more of her quotes. @melindagates @BlogOutreachSEO @MikeSchiemer

1/14 Boring Words@momfiles

1/13 Unused Creativity@MoniseLSeward

1/12 Twain quote@ERobbPrincipal

1/11 Experience Caesar@GordonTredgold

1/10 If You Can Choose@gcouros @KWelch7

1/9 Make Your Choices Quote@NowakRo

1/8 Buddah Quote@MikeHynes5

1/7 Pleasure in job@Imported_Fun

1/6 On the Path@pdiscoveryuk

1/5 Why Not@fyeahreact @mr_Alsheimer

1/4 Reading as floor@YongZhaoEd @gcouros


Tommorow's Changes

@LeadToday @ebahan @larryarceneaux

1/2 Curious George@deem_ellen @shiftparadigm

1/1/2019 Language Limits@ShellTerrell

12/31 Cookie Cutter@NealSchaffer

12/30 Leader quote@tom_peters @LiveALifeDreams

12/29 Positive Quote@TheESSClub @VardaKreuz


Grow Yourself


12/27 Opportunity Quote@DrPriceMitchell @PsychToday @ariyares

12/26 Treat People@jcbjr @911well

12/25 Santa Alert@CrimeADay @PKanagaratnam

12/22 Walls as Museum@EdWeekTeacher @Larryferlazzo @DrJAEBrown @mrsjjee

12/21 Don’t test the depth of the river with both feet. African proverb

12/19 Aesop Quote@voicesofyouth @UNICEF

12/18 See Opportunities@nucfootball

12/17 Adult Attitudes@DavidGeurin

12/15 Student Complains@LeadAndLearn

12/14 Value of Moment@CoachBobStarkey @Jennifer_Hogan

12/11 Faith quote@wjudithrbuw @tim_fargo

12/10 Everyone’s got their thing, their own fears, their own narrative, their own drama. You’re not the only one. On any given day, your thing is smaller than their thing. And when things aren’t going the way you expect, it’s worth focusing on that. Seth Godin @thisissethsblog

12/9 Learning quoteRoman Nowak @Nowakro

12/8 Friends Who Listen@HeatherDeSantis @ShawnJohnson_

12/6 Failure Quote@Leadershipfreak @dougpete

12/5 Really Do It@tim_fargo

12/4 Feedback quote@Larryferlazzo

12/2 Different Abilities@LeadAndLearn

12/1 Defensiveness Quote@DavidGeurin

11/30 A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. Bruce Lee @NiklasGoeke

11/29 Someone's Opinion@LesBrown77 @motivational

11/28 Gratitude Also see the article this came from. 25 Reasons to Give Thanks for Teachers @JaniceWard09 @maryryerse @Getting_Smart @tucksoon

11/27 Do What is Right@CassieCostanzoK

11/26 Learn It AllAlso check out the article this came from. @Leadershipfreak

11/25 College Purpose@joshua_r_eyler @bonni208 @tihighered

11/24 Look for a mess@LeadershipFreak

11/21 Thankful Teachers@Katiemc827

11/20 Lorax Quote@NowakRo @drseuss1904

11/18 Learners Self Access@mrsdkrebs @plugusin

11/17 Pirate Teaching Listen to Dave Burgess’ Interview. @burgessdave @bbray27 @RACzyz

11/16 Do Your Best Work@gapingvoid

11/15 Bob Marley@johnccarver @bobmarley @stephenmarley

11/13 Whole Staircase@8Amber8

Email Doug@DrDougGreen.Com for more archives.

11/12 Adventure is just bad planning. Colin O’Brady – Also, watch his inspirational TED Talk and follow him as he walks across Antartica. @colinobrady


Big Question


11/9 Ambiguous Messages@Leadershipfreak

11/8 Purpose emerges@Leadershipfreak


Let the Children Play

@pasi_sahlberg @SirKenRobinson @williamdoylenyc

11/5 Woopi Goldberg@WhoopiGoldberg @Imported_Fun

11/4 Act Positive@TeacherAdvice @Larryferlazzo

11/3 Real Confidence@Leadershipfreak

11/2 Tina Fey Quote@SchoolLeadNow @tinafeylaughs

11/1 Sucking at Leadership@Leadershipfreak

10/31 Success Quote@WaitleyGlobal @gcouros

10/30 Inner Critic@Leadershipfreak

10/29 Feeling Gratitude@MrNeny

10/27 Purpose in LIfe@DavidGeurin

10/25 Invest in Yourself@LollyDaskal

10/24 It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind you when you go. @randytravis

10/23 Greatest Gifts@meenamac @bjnichols @nnschools

10/22 Expect problems@8Amber8 @LemonSevens


Three Choices


10/20 Students Will Learn@Larryferlazzo @EdWeekTeacher @MWhitakerGood

10/19 Shania Twain Quote@tim_fargo @ShaniaTwain

10/17 Being a Muppet@brholland

10/15 David Geurin@DavidGeurin

10/13 Unknown FutureLiv Boeree Poker Champ @Liv_Boeree @TEDTalks

10/12 Your GutLiv Boeree Poker Champ @Liv_Boeree @TEDTalks

10/11 Sample Size quoteLiv Boeree Poker Champ @Liv_Boeree @TEDTalks

10/10 Wonder Quote@MaestraSchmidt @RickJetter

10/9 Be the one@8Amber8

10/8 Since you’ll never have enough information to make the best choice, all you can do is make the best of the choice you’ve made. — If you want to improve at predicting the future, start by recognizing how unpredictable it is. @stevenbjohnson @AdamMGrant

10/7 Growth Mindset@MikeAudevard @TedHiff

10/4 When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative. When the guests taste the soup, that’s summative. @RossCoops31 @MurphysMusings5


Relationships Quote

@rdene915 @ChrisQuinn64

10/1 Jobs quote@plugusin

9/30 Students can learn with grades, but they can’t learn without timely, descriptive feedback. Rick Wormeli @RickWormeli @rickwormeli2

9/29 Fresh Start@DavidGeurin

9/28 A beautiful question is an ambitious yet actionable question that can begin to shift the way we perceive or think about something – and that might serve as a catalyst to bring about change. Warren Berger @GlimmerGuy @RossCoops31 @MurphysMusings5

9/27 Success Comes From@Leadershipfreak

9/25 Snoopy Quote@Peanuts_4Fans

9/24 Today is the best day and now is the best time. If you’re doing something generous, if you’re building something worthwhile, if you’re making an important ruckus, do it today. You don’t need more time, you simply need to decide. @thisissethsblog

9/23 The surest way to corrupt youth is to instruct him to hold in high esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. @RossCoops31 @MurphysMusings5

9/22 Equity quote@katiemartinedu @PowToon @WickedEdTech @gcouros

9/21 Student Decision Be sure to scroll down to watch the short [2:24] animation by PowToon. @katiemartinedu @WickedEdTech @gcouros

9/20 Unhappy Quote@Katiemc827 @msrachelhollis

9/19 Surround Yourself@8Amber8


Special Occasions


9/17 Coffee Quote@Katiemc827


Success Quote LD


9/13 Do Anything@8Amber8


Not what we do quote

@froehlichm @patriciasmeyers

9/11 Our Job@gcouros

9/10 Today's Quote@annemariayritys

9/9 Ideas aren’t cheap, they’re free. Tina Seelig @tseelig

9/8 You can teach people skills, but you can’t teach them how to give a s**t. Kenji Lopez-Alt @Freakonomics


Nick Saban


9/6 Ability to Grow@gapingvoid

9/5 Parent Communication@LeadAndLearn

9/3 If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do, you are misinformed. Mark Twain

9/2 If everything is important, then nothing is important. @AmyDujon

9/1 Kids Feel Love@DavidGeurin

8/31 Teacher Sacrifice@SBEducation @Larryferlazzo @RoxannaElden

8/30 Great Teachers@Larryferlazzo @EdWeekTeacher

8/28 Relationships quote@ziegeran @MrsJSweeney @Jeff_Zoul

8/26 Team def quote@gcouros

8/25 Best Thing@ToddWhitaker @gcouros

8/23 If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Dylan William @AmyDujon


Workplace Laughter

@theattitudeguy @gcouros

8/19 Who You Teach@ManuelScott @jeffhiseredu




8/13 Change and Choice@DavidGeurin @MarkFraver

8/12 Dream and Purpose@motivational

8/11 Learning Spaces@RossCoops31 @TheBradCurrie

8/7 Back to school checklist: Reconsider traditional homework; it doesn’t enhance learning. Reconsider traditional grades; learning can’t be measured. Reconsider rules and consequences; carrots and sticks don’t change behavior. Reconsider self-compassion; you deserve it! @markbarnes19


Believe Your Potential


8/5 The wins and losses take place in the gym long before the fight. Muhammad Ali @AmyDujon

8/3 We need to produce people who know how to act when faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared. Seymour Papert @AmyDujon


Steven Covey Quote

@michellegant76 @engagepeopleco

7/31 It's not the answer@BrainyQuote @gcouros

7/30 We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. John Dewey @DavidGeurin

7/29 There are two things people complain the most about, the way things are and change. @DavidGeurin

7/28 You infuse value into others when you attend to their words. Dan Rockwell @Leadershipfreak

7/27 Language You Use@ASCD

7/25 Look for the good@BrianTracy @gcouros

7/23 Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into smaller parts. Henry Ford @DavidGeurin

7/22 You are a leader if you are restless for change, impatient for progress, and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo. Because in your head, you can see a better future. Marcus Buckingham @mwbuckingham @DavidGeurin

7/20 Sometimes you have to go out on a limb because that is where the fruit is. Will Rogers @DavidGeurin

7/18 The first priority in education is to get children excited about learning. The second is to keep them excited. Everything else will take care of itself. Jason Elsom @JasonElsom @DavidGeurin

7/17 Live Without Apologies@Lachybe @ideas @hackspiritorg

7/16 Success is built on strengths, not weakness. #FutureDriven @DavidGeurin 

7/15 We never know when a simple conversation with a student might spark something lasting and worthwhile. David Geurin from Future Driven @DavidGeurin

7/13 Failure Quote@gapingvoid

7/11 Relationships@lorikrobertson

7/10 Drucker on Turbulence@gregmiller68

7/9 Teach yourself and then your students how to verify the authenticity and accuracy of images, videos, and reports that you find in social media and elsewhere online. @dyerksjr1 @rkiker

7/8 Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him. Booker T. Washington @DavidGeurin

7/7 Whether you sell insurance or you’re a schoolteacher, obviously you the people you work with can make you more productive or less productive. @johnwilliamsnyt @nytimes

7/5 Courage Quote@Leadershipfreak

7/4 Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. Fred Rogers @HeinemannPub @Medium @pammoran @WayneTwpSuper

7/3 An art form, a form of expression being evaluated by an algorithm is patently ridiculous. Kelly Henderson @kjrjkr2008

7/1/2018 Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden @LollyDaskal

6/30 A.J. Juliani@ajjuliani


Success Quote LD


6/28 The heart of leadership is turning your focus toward the welfare of others. @Leadershipfreak

6/24 Disarm Hate Button@steelepierce

6/22 Successful Leaders@Leadershipfreak

6/20 The more bad ideas the better. If you work really hard on coming up with bad ideas, sooner or later, some good ideas are going to slip through. @thisissethsblog

6/19 Culture is Mindset@Gapingvoid

6/17 Power Question@Leadershipfreak

6/15 Tony Wagner Quote@nflafave @DrTonyWagner @dintersmith @gcouros @SirKenRobinson

6/14 It’s possible to slow time down and make your life feel more memorable by simply finding something different about each day. @FastCompany

6/11 Think too Small@Katiemc827

6/10 Feel the Attitude@JohnMaxwellTeam @DavidGeurin

6/10 52 Of Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes For Teachers – Teaching is hard, and at times it can seem like energy is in short supply. Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration to remind us why we do what we do. @TeachThought @WickedEdTech

6/9 Are students in your school talking mostly about their grades or mostly about what they’re learning? Let’s create school environments that shift the conversation. And keep the focus on learning, not grades. @DavidGeurin


Believe in Yourself



Be a Voice


6/4 The most important thing a leader can say is “I really screwed that up.” @DanielCoyle


Tech Decisions

@gcouros @karaknollmeyer @aaron_hogan

6/2 Happiness Quote@DrEscotet




5/31 Do not fight technology. It isn’t going to go away and it’s only going to get better. We have to change our lesson plans rather than try to “ban.” @alicekeeler

5/30 Failure is Important@SchoolsImprove Also see this post.

5/29 The best classroom management strategies are relationships and engaging lessons, not rules. @teachergoals

5/28 There’s only one thing that’s worse than having an unhappy childhood, and that’s having a too-happy childhood. Dylan Thomas @jeffbullas

5/27 Introvert Advantages@spencerideas

5/26 It doesn’t do any good at all to know that you can’t please everyone but not use that knowledge to be bolder, walk lighter and do better work for those you can please. @thisissethsblog

5/25 Issues to avoid quote@Leadershipfreak

5/24 Good Attitude@LollyDaskal

5/20 Change Behavior Quote@DavidGeurin

5/19 We've Always Done it This Way@terryheick @markbarnes19 @TeachThought @jlkes

5/18 It isn’t how much you know that matters. What matters is how much access you have to what other people know. It isn’t just how intelligent your team members are; it is how much of that intelligence you can draw out and put to use. Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown @LizWiseman @GregoryMcKeown @gcouros

5/17 If you want to be tops in your field, pick a really small field. Simone Giertz @SimoneGiertz

5/16 Good Teacher Quote@LeadAndLearn

5/15 You are awesome@8Amber8


Couros Quote 514


5/13 Tactics without strategy is a scrum. When your timeline is an hour or a day, it’s easy to get in the tactical groove. But repeat that hour after hour, day after day, and all you’re making is a mess. @thisissethsblog

5/11 Teaching Opportunities@DrDebbieSilver @TeacherAdvice @Larryferlazzo


Be a Fountain


5/9 Determine to spend most of your think-time focused on strengths, talent, opportunities, and the future. @Leadershipfreak

5/8 The way to build true confidence in young people is not to flatter them with superlatives for whatever they do. It is to help them develop the knowledge, skills, and qualities they need to handle the challenges they face. @SirKenRobinson

5/7 If you want us to take your new proposal seriously, considering including a premortem. Include a detailed analysis of why your project might fail. @thisissethsblog

5/6 Small Improvements@Leadershipfreak

5/5 There are few things more powerful than a well placed compliment. @ToddWhitaker


Attitude not Intelligence


5/2 If a student turns something in late, it doesn’t mean the student knows the content less. Similarly, just because a student turned it in on time, doesn’t mean the student knows the content more. Grade learning, not behaviors. @justintarte

5/1/18 When children aren’t given the space to struggle through things on their own, they don’t learn to problem solve very well. They don’t learn to be confident in their own abilities, and it can affect their self-esteem. Chris Meno @SirKenRobinson @laronica

4/29 You grow when you do something for the first time. @Leadershipfreak

4/28 Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. @LivPsy

4/27 Assume the best@terryheick @TeachThought

4/26 We must create schools that reflect the world we live in, not the one we grew up in. @DavidGeurin @rwdavis_edu

4/25 The Only Way to Win – Learning takes effort. @gapingvoid

4/24 Attitude Quote@johnccarver

4/23 Be a difference-maker for someone today… 1. Do more than expected. 2. Promise less, deliver more. 3. Share with others. 4. Shoulder blame, share credit. 5. Give a helping hand. @DavidGeurin

4/22 Show up. Show up and keep showing up. Show up with at least enthusiasm as you had when you first raised your hand to volunteer. The volunteering part is easy. Making promises is a fun way to get someone’s attention. Keeping those promises is often unsung, but that’s how you build something. @thisissethsblog

4/21 In the end there are no “losers.” Some winners just take longer to develop. Charles Schultz @Snoopy


Teacher Needs Quote

@conprin @mcleod

4/19 Eat your food as your medicines, otherwise, you have to eat medicines as your food. Steve Jobs

4/17 Respect must be earned. Honesty must be appreciated. Compassion must be given. Loyalty will be returned. @LollyDaskal

4/16 It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default. J.K. Rowling Here’s a link to more failure quotes. @MattHarrisEdD @garybartanus

4/15 How to give a five-minute presentation: Give a four-minute presentation and take your time. @thisissethsblog


Stress Quote


4/13 You miss a lot of luck if you interact only with your own friends. @JaniceKaplan2 @barnabymarsh

4/11 I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes- @HilLesha @melissacruzv

4/10 Daily quoteFor more of these quote click here. @djdoug @MaryLangerThomp @jkhanssteiner

4/9 An Expert’s View: Sir Ken Robinson – Rather than one quote today you have an interview with Sir Ken. @SirKenRobinson @nytimes

4/8 Listening Quote@Leadershipfreak

4/7 Remove fear and get educators and students to know that progress trumps perfection. @rossathibault

4/5 There’s no limit to how complicated things can get, on account of one thing always leading to another. E. B. White @JaniceKaplan2 @barnabymarsh

4/4 Luck is believing you are lucky. Stanley Kowalski in A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. @JaniceKaplan2 @barnabymarsh

4/3 There is no longer anything I can fear. There isn’t any pain I haven’t known. Winnie Mandela 1936-2018 @Forbes

4/1/18 Adam Grant@AdamMGrant

3/31 The Process@gcouros

3/30 Focus on how far you have come in life rather than looking at the accomplishments of others. @LollyDaskal

3/28 Novice@Gapingvoid


Relationship Success

@maeward2311 @Jennifer_Hogan @maeward2311

3/25 Opportunities Arise Out The Relationship’s We Build. Daniel Imbellino @djdaniel2020

3/24 It is through feelings as well as through reason that we find our real creative power. It is through both that we connect with each other and create the complex, shifting worlds of human culture. @SirKenRobinson

3/23 If the ideas in music could be expressed in words, there would be no need to write the music in the first place. @SirKenRobinson

3/22 Now more than ever communities depend on a diversity of talent; not on a singular conception of ability. @SirKenRobinson

3/21 Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. Stephen Hawking @jenhegna @DanielPink

3/20 A library is a place where you learn what teachers were afraid to teach you. —Alan M. Dershowitz @BookRiot @JumpIntoABook1 @nypl

3/19 Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. @LollyDaskal

3/18 Feedback@Leadershipfreak

3/17 Everyone has an accent The fact that we think the way we speak is normal is the first clue that empathy is quite difficult. You might also notice how easy it is to notice people who are much worse at driving than you are–but that you almost never recognize someone who’s driving better than you are. @thisissethsblog

3/16 Feedback@Gapingvoid

3/15 Taking Risks@johnccarver

3/14 My starting point is that everyone has huge creative capacities as a result of being a human being. The challenge is to develop them. A culture of creativity has to involve everybody, not just a select few. @SirKenRobinson

3/13 We must all do the best we can in whatever situation we are in. Never give up. Stephen Hawking @TheScientist_SH @NielDegrasse


Don't Fix Flowers


3/9 Love Your Work@8Amber8

3/8 The environment itself will teach the child while the parent remains a quiet observer. Maria Montessori @anya1anya


Respect Quote



Couros quote

@gcouros @perickson22 @iamDrWill @katiemartinedu

3/5 Buddha Wuote@Lachybe @ideas @hackspiritorg @Zen_Secrets

3/4 Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman @davidhogg111

3/3 The #1 predictor of career success is having an open network. This exposes you to more people and new ideas. @david_perell

3/2 Change is an opportunity@PaulaGMeyer @ajjuliani @gcouros @katiemartinedu

3/1 Teacher Relationships@justintarte @teacher2teacher

2/28 You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. John Wooden @motivational


Recess is Crucial

Also check out this link. When School Kids Lose Their Recess Time – @alicekeeler @FreeRangeKids @reason

2/25 Every day kids go through the equivalent of 6 workshop sessions at a conference. We are all exhausted doing this once. Students do it every day. @alicekeeler @ACColley

2/24 Children are Powerful@Gapingvoid

2/22 Stop telling kids you’re bad at math. You are spreading math anxiety ‘like a virus.’ Cathy N. Davidson

2/20 Algebra is the most failed course in high school and college. Why should it be a “gatekeeper” course? @CathyNDavidson @TonyWagner

2/19 Teaching is the most important of all professions. Sort that out, and social problems will get sorted out. Sir Ridley Scott @pasi_sahlberg

2/18 Power of TeamsDan Rockwell @Leadershipfreak

2/16 Joy In Life@johnccarver

2/15 The ability to learn faster than your competitors m

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