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1/23 It Took Tom Brady Exactly Five Words to Teach a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence. This is good general advice for anyone. @JustinJBariso @Inc @barbaratreacy @jdauria

1/23 Out Of the Negativity, Be the Water That Affects Positive Change. Being a victim of the system is not an effective way to promote progress, we must be a part of the solution. @PeterMDeWitt @mssackstein @educationweek

1/23 Should We Teach Optimism? Over the last several decades the news has become more negative and we have become more pessimistic. This is in spite of the fact that by many objective accounts, the world is getting better. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

1/22 Three Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Should Look Out for in 2019 – Is your school ready? @Juliet_Tech @BizTechMagazine @ziegeran @MattHarrisEdD

1/22 Are classroom robots the NextGen of learning? Technology has the potential to further transform the way we learn, as is apparent by the advancements in robotics and its use in classrooms. @neolms

1/21 Charts Vs Tables: How To Best Represent Your Data. “There is no such thing as information overload. There is only bad design.” Edward Tufte @MisalDisha71 @Analyticsindiam @LouisColumbus @bobehayes @EdwardTufte

1/21 Virtual Reality Learning – How about taking your social studies students on a walk along the Great Wall of China? Or, helping physics or engineering students investigate how Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world was built. @CrushSchoolSpy @Jonharper70bd @CrushSchoolSpy @R_CILR @SeanAThom @Rdene915

1/21 Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us. When schools have high-quality library programs and librarians who share their expertise with the entire school community, student achievement gets a boost. @KCLance @pdkintl

1/20 The Five Worst education Arguements in Graphic Form – Consider post these were your teachers can see them. @tkraz @JamesTheo

1/20 Storytelling is Powerful This is great advice for teachers. I love this guy’s work. Consider buying some for your school. Click here to visit their site. Consider subscribing to keep track of new offerings. @gapingvoid

1/17 Special Education Is Broken. One large study in 2015 showed that students in the program who were supposedly receiving targeted interventions actually performed worse than virtually identical peers who were not in an RTI process. @EarlyYearsEW @OnSpecEd @casamuels @educationweek

1/17 Growing a PLN is More Than a Numbers Game. Growing your PLN is one of the most powerful things you can do for your own professional learning. @froehlichm @JaimeDonally

1/17 Googley Activities and Tools for Primary Students – A common question I receive from folks is how can younger students use Google tools? Here’s how. @ericcurts @tonyvincent

1/16 Why Competency-Based Education Is Exciting And Where It May Stumble – Competency-based education has piqued the interest of many communities because of its promise to make learning a more personal experience for students. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @JdelaneyJoAnn

1/16 Four Shifts To Move From Teacher-Centered To Learner-Centered – Here are four shifts that Katie Martin has increasingly seen in many schools as they move to learner-centered. @katiemartinedu @Erik_Youngman

1/16 What Works For Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading? Excerpted from “The Reading Mind: A Cognitive Approach to Understanding How the Mind Reads” by Daniel T. Willingham. @DTWillingham @MindShiftKQED @Begabungs @cultofpedagogy

1/15 It’s Easier Than Ever to Log Your Kid’s Data, But Should You? THE QUEST TO quantify your child starts before you’ve even conceived. @adriennemso @WIRED @snackfight

1/15 New Study: How does Screen Time Affect Grades? One study found a strong correlation between too much phone time and lower grades. @OneClass

1/15 Your Top Ten Genius Hour Questions Answered – We need a structure, a format, a plan for delivering this kind of experience. @cultofpedagogy @RACzyz @ajjuliani

1/14 All Lessons Should Be Interdisciplinary. It mimics real life learning rather than isolated educational experiences. @jackiegerstein @stdulmage

1/14 Training versus Learning – What do you think the difference is? @katiemartinedu @iamDrWill @E_Sheninger

1/14 Connect with Other Classrooms. One teacher wanted to connect her students with more stakeholders, so she used FlipGrid–a video discussion platform–to post a question. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

1/14 Nine Faculty Trends to Watch in 2019 – This is aimed at the higher ed crowd but I think it applies to K-12 as well. @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

1/13 Introducing the One-Sentence Lesson Plan. Let’s be honest. Who’s got time to write full lesson plans? For every class? @EngNorman @cultofpedagogy @WickedEdTech

1/13 What’s the Difference Between Project- and Challenge-Based Learning? Do you know what Challenge-Based Learning is? @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @AnthonyStogni

1/13 Four Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking – Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning. Are your kids doing any? @iamDrWill @Catlin_Tucker

1/12 By mollycoddling our children, we’re fuelling mental illness in teenagers. Of course we want to keep children safe. But exposure to normal stresses and strains is vital for their future wellbeing. @JonHaidt @PamelaParesky @guardian

1/12 Don’t teach digital citizenship — embed it! – Kids do best when they can learn something authentically, by figuring out their own answers to real-world problems that are relevant to their lives. @hmarrs24 @iste @s_bearden

1/12 The Trouble with “Amazing”: Giving Praise that Matters. If you’re trying to motivate someone—a student, an employee, your child—calling them amazing won’t pump them up the way you hope it will. @cultofpedagogy @bethhill2829

1/11 12 Rules of effective Instructional Technology Coaching [INFOGRAPHIC] – Pushing tech coaches into individual classes seems to be more effective the Getting a bunch of teachers in the same room. @RickettsKate @neolms

1/11 Should Fewer Black Students Receive Special Education Services? Some people think that it’s wrong to give black kids more than their proportional share of special ed help. This is misguided. @DrDougGreen @MsSackstein @EdWeekTeacher

1/11 30 Amazing Sources for Free Teacher Resources – Here are 30 of our top sources for free teacher resources including lesson plans and activities created by fellow professional educators. @WeAreTeachers @emulvahill @trilearning

1/11 Google Research Shows That the Best Bosses Always Do These Two Things – This is aimed at business, but educational leaders should check it out. @MSchneiderTwts @Inc

1/10 Can Americans Tell Factual From Opinion Statements in the News? The ability to classify statements as factual or opinion varies widely based on political awareness, digital savviness and trust in news media. @asmitch @gottfriedjeff @pewinternet @elemenous

1/10 What Schools Can Learn From a Science Museum That Makes Learning Irresistible for Kids – Field trips offer educators an opportunity to experience human-centered learning first-hand. @EdGeeks @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

1/10 Graphic Novels in the Classroom: A Teacher Roundtable – Teachers talked about their own successful practices with graphic novels and shared how the books had transformed reluctant readers into obsessive readers. @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

1/9 Channeling Students’ Passion for Sports Into Social Awareness and Bringing Change. How do you turn a student’s passion into a purpose that serves our global community? @CoachWest @EdSurge @MoreauCatholic

1/9 Five Top Technology Trends in Special Education – A greater push is underway to better serve students with disabilities using new tools. But experts caution technology can diminish mental processing, which is the foundation for learning over time. @BenjaminBHerold @Ed_Admn @hapara_team

1/9 Ten Acts of kindness you can do which don’t cost money – Challenge your kids to see what they can come up with before you share this with them. @carthagebuckley

1/9 The Best Starter Apps for New Chromebook Users – If your school uses Chromebooks you should check them out. @Ohthatflo @lifehacker @dougpete @flipboard

1/8 Tear Down Your Behavior Chart! – Behavior charts and similar public shaming methods don’t teach self-regulation. They mainly harm vulnerable learners. @leeannjung @domsmithRP @KFelicello @alfiekohn

1/7 The Winning Mindset: 4 Lessons Michael Jordan Can Teach Your Kids – The winning mindset that Michael Jordan possesses is something all our children can learn from. @DinnerTableMBA @RaisingAStar @sheenamwhite

1/7 What are the non-negotiable elements in Project Based Learning? Here is a list of the six non-negotiable elements in project-based learning. @gavhays @newtechnetwork @tedfujimoto

1/7 Why the Movie “Eighth Grade” Is Great for Digital Citizenship. Start a conversation about social media and identity with this relatable film. @fearv @CommonSenseEd @eighthgrademov @boburnham

1/6 When Pushing Boundaries in Math Education, Where Can Teachers Turn For Help and Camaraderie? Twitter can be an invaluable tool for professional development among educators. @KristenLepore @MindShiftKQED @ddmeyer @Desmos

1/6 Five Ways to Nurture Compassion in Kids – This is excerpted from Creating Compassionate Kids: Essential Conversations to Have with Young Children ©2019 by Shauna Tominey. @ShaunaTominey @MindShiftKQED @Rdene915

1/6 The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention – The spacing effect is a far more effective way to learn and retain information that works with our brain instead of against it. @farnamstreet @mhebern @CandaceMarles

1/6 41 edtech predictions for higher ed in 2019 – You would think that someone here would have the proper prediction. @eSN_Ellen @ecampusnews @ImFutureReady

1/5 100+ Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs For Critical Thinking – Bloom’s Taxonomy’s verbs–also known as power verbs or thinking verbs–are extraordinarily powerful instructional planning tools. @TeachThought @KimGriesbach @tonyvincent

1/5 Introducing Scratch 3.0: Expanding the Creative Possibilities of Coding – Scratch 3.0 is a new generation of Scratch that expands how, what, and where kids can create with code. @scratch @adambellow

1/5 2018 Elementary/Middle Grade Non-fiction Finalists – Make sure these top books are in your school’s library. @CybilsAwards @pragmaticmom @JosephBruchac @MCusolito

1/5 Building a Metacognitive Classroom – Teaching students about neuroplasticity and the brain’s potential can have a positive effect on their self-perceptions and expectations for success in school. @BrainSMARTU @edutopia @rudytoot1 @web20classroom

1/4 How Perfectionism Tricks You Into Downplaying Your Own Value – Why you need to stop basing your self-confidence on how much and what you accomplish. Starting today. @bizzwriter @Inc @HenleyAfrica

1/4 16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms – Google Drive is far more than a place to store files online. It also includes a suite of versatile creation tools. @cultofpedagogy @Erik_Youngman

1/3 What’s Twice as Important as Technical Skill? The difference between top and average performers isn’t technical skill. @Leadershipfreak

1/3 Why schools should teach the curriculum of the future, not the past – Check the chart that shows that computer science and the arts are kids’ favorite subjects. @hadip @Codeorg @Axon_us @Convoyteam @wef @dougpete

1/3 Ten Tips to Maintain Motivation – See if you can apply these tips to yourself, your students, and your children. @jackiearnold @pdiscoveryuk

1/2 Teachers quit their jobs in record numbers during 2018. Skimpy budgets, low pay and public disrespect is prompting educators to abandon the classroom in droves. What can you do about this? @SamFulwood @thinkprogress @RosaIsiah

1/2 The 10 Best AR Apps for Classrooms Using Apple’s New ARKit – Apple has released a new resource for app developers—the ARKit—that has supercharged augmented reality for fields like entertainment, gaming, advertising and, of course, education. @JaimeDonally @EdSurge @RitaWirtz @micahshippee

1/2 The Eight Best Ways of Teaching Creatively That Will Never Fail – We know from Creativity Fluency that creativity is something that can be taught and learned. @leecrockett @glodigcit

1/1/2019 How Harry Potter Has Brought Magic To Classrooms For More Than 20 Years – It is undeniable that the Harry Potter fandom has had a lasting impact throughout the world. @wynneellyn @MindShiftKQED @JdelaneyJoAnn

1/1/2019 How Making Art Helps Teens Better Understand Their Mental Health – Art can help kids express themselves and understand the world around them. @dr_fraga @MindShiftKQED @taenos99 @cultofpedagogy

1/1/2019 Five Reasons Why Teaching Digital Citizenship Matters – There are still many misconceptions about what digital citizenship actually is and why it matters. @leecrockett @wabisabizen

12/31 Self-Awareness: The Gateway to Leadership – It is a key building block for emotional intelligence (EQ), providing the foundation for greater self-regulation, which lends itself to more astute social awareness and finely tuned social skills, including leadership. @CarolKuruvilla @HuffPost @louisvillelips @pdiscoveryuk

12/30 The Way American Parents Think About Chores Is Bizarre. Should parents be paying children to do chores? We never did. @jpinsk @TheAtlantic @CubanLarry

12/29 Coding: Developing Rigorous Thinkers – You don’t teach coding to create professional coders. You do it to make better thinkers. Also, check out Code Breaker: Increase Creativity, Remix Assessment, and Develop a Class of Coder Ninjas! by Brian Aspinall. @mraspinall

12/29 Arne Duncan Continues to Push Dangerous Corporate School Reform. Duncan has never formally studied education, or been a teacher. @Linda1746 @NancyEBailey1

12/29 College is Only One Option for Kids. This is my latest publication in Education Week Teacher. I think it’s the first time I was published on Christmas day. Share with any high school students you know. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

12/28 A Complete Guide to Using Flipgrid – 12 Tutorial Videos – Flipgrid is a fantastic tool for gathering feedback from students in the form of short videos. @rmbyrne @iplante

12/28 EdSurge’s Year in Review: The Top 10 K-12 Stories of 2018 – Many of the stories here provide an answer to education’s perennial question: How can we make the time we spend with students just a little better? @EdSurge @stephenoonoo

12/27 What Happened When We Introduced Our Students to the Demco Maker Collection. What started as one empty classroom in one of our buildings has now turned into a dedicated space for making. @DrJacieMaslyk @demco

12/27 Student Athletes With Limited Access To Trainers Less Likely To Have Concussions Diagnosed. If you still let your child play football be sure there is a trainer. @ConcernedMom9 @WPR

12/27 Five Simple Ways to Be a Better Leader – Leadership is often made out to be more difficult than it really is. @GordonTredgold @Inc

12/26 Five Ways to Reject Arrogance and Develop the Beauty of Real Confidence – Confidence doesn’t need to brag, impress, outdo, or put others down. @Leadershipfreak @jcbjr

12/25 Three Reasons to Consider a Co-teaching Model – This can be very effective if it’s done right. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

12/25 Two Ways AR and VR are Changing the Training Landscape – This is an ad aimed at companies who need help incorporating AR and VR into employee training, but it briefly explains the concepts for free. @AnthonyStogni @ConsultClarity

12/25 There’s a Reason Why Teachers Don’t Use the Software Provided by Their Districts. Most educational software licenses go unused in K-12 districts. @ArnettTom @Getting_Smart

12/22 Five Thoughts to Improve Your Mental Approach as an Educator – My favorite is number 5 – One of the best ways to increase student effort and engagement is to increase your own energy and enthusiasm. @DavidGeurin @ERobbPrincipal

12/22 Seven Tips That Increase Influence as a Leader – Each leader, themselves, will have to analyze which points would be best used within his or her own life situations. @pdiscoveryuk @traceymseals

12/21 2018 Best Lists for Educators – No matter what you teach you should find something valuable here. @edublogs @Larryferlazzo

12/21 Adolescents and Teens Deserve a Break: A Brain Break. Many adolescents and teenagers come into their house after a long day at school, and they need to take a break. @ProfJPizzo @DisruptedTv @noasbobs

12/21 Four things you should know about digital portfolios – Digital portfolios are a great way to help students learn to reflect on their actions and make positive changes. @Rdene915 @eschoolnews

12/21 Out of the Box Approach to Planning Makerspaces – This is by the author of The Kickstart Guide to Making GREAT Makerspaces @LFlemingEDU

12/20 Say Less, Heard More – The people who get the attention are those that yell the loudest and most often, but we should pay attention to those that pick and choose their spots. @gcouros

12/20 Five Ways To Nurture Extraordinary Performance – It’s aimed at business, but I think it applies to schools. @funficient @pdiscoveryuk @funficient

12/20 A New LinkedIn Report Says These Are The 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired Faster Than Anything Else. How many are being taught at your school? @MSchneiderTwts @Inc

12/20 Why Journaling Makes Better Leaders – Most of what is written on the benefits of journaling is about self-discovery, but this author believes it can help make better leaders, too. @bruce_rhoades @SkipPrichard

12/19 Digital Parenting – Here is a list of “do and do not” for social media use. It’s a good starting point for discussions in the classroom and at home. @SuperScot @PrincipalStager

12/19 Ten Ways To Start Shifting Your Classroom Practices Little By Little – You can’t get the content in if they’re not listening to you. @Kschwart @RickettsKate @KFelicello @JoyKirr @MindShiftKQED

12/19 We Just Got Even More Evidence It’s Better to Start School Later in The Day. Seattle started experimenting with later school times, it’s seen a host of benefits start to appear. @davidnield @HealthyHours @ScienceAlert

12/18 How To Lead Meetings People Actually Want To Go To – Let’s be honest, most meetings, to put it bluntly, suck. Do yours? @LMTPConsulting @Erik_Youngman @E_Sheninger

12/18 Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain – WIth adolescents, there is an incredible opportunity to positively shape their brain and future life course during this period of development. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @Erik_Youngman @cultofpedagogy

12/18 ‘They’re Not Fact-Checking’: How Lies on College Applications Can Slip Through the Net. They really don’t have time to fact-check applications or screen social media. Spot checks, however, can catch some cheating. @anemonanyc @nytimes

12/17 Removing the Obstacles in Education so Innovation and Academics Can Flourish – Teachers say they want to try to create a much more compelling learning environment for their students where they are finding and solving real-world problems, but they feel stifled by their administrators. @gcouros

12/17 The Misguided Priorities of Our Educational System – We spend too much money on college students and not enough on everyone else. @oren_cass @ManhattanInst @nytimes

12/17 Teachers’ Use of Ed-Tech Tools Rises Across the Board, But Time Pressures Persist Teachers’ use of ed-tech increased significantly for 9 out of 13 different types of ed-tech they were asked about. How about your teachers? @EdWeekSCavanagh @EdMarketBrief

12/17 The best children’s books of 2018 for all ages – From celebrity-penned tales to fresh interpretations of the classics, here is our pick of the best for hungry readers from tots to teens. @recipe4survival @ImogenCarter @guardian @sfcook1 @LowCarbonOG @book_awards

12/15 How Play Promotes Literacy From an Early Age – If you’re wondering what play has to do with literacy, consider how play activities help our kids learn about sounds, words, language, and stories. @AnthonyStogni @KimberlyEHart

12/15 What is Edutainment and Why Kids Learn Better this Way – The name is exactly what it sounds like, a form of education designed to be entertaining. @sheenamwhite

12/14 Regents should turn down PR grant from Gates Foundation. Gates has too much control of education for a relatively little amount of money. Read my article Are You Smarter Than Bill Gates? @NTampio @StevenSinger3 @lohud @leoniehaimson

12/14 Education through Augmented Reality – how AR enhances learning. Be sure to watch the short [0:59] video. @ASUS @Erik_Youngman @micahshippee

12/11 Twelve Alternatives To Letter Grades In Education – If you give written feedback be sure not to give grades at the same time. @terryheick @teachthought @Rdene915

12/11 Free Math Lesson Plans from NASA – Space Math is a NASA website containing space-themed math lessons for students in elementary school through high school. @NASA @rmbyrne

12/11 Fifteen Books That Tweens and Teens Want to Read Right Now – Here are some great tips from a UK Tweeter. @lucasjmaxwell @BookRiot @glenthornelrc

12/10 Six creative ways to research your target audience – Share with business teachers and students and your schools social media team. @DorfSerena @PRDaily @jeffsheehan @MarkRaganCEO

12/10 PBS Kids ScratchJr – Scratch With a PBS Twist – With PBS KIDS ScratchJr, kids can create their own interactive stories and games. Be sure to watch the short [1:00] app trailer. @PBSKIDS @rmbyrne

12/10 Out of the Box Approach to Planning Makerspaces – There is no one-size-fits-all approach to planning a makerspace. @LFlemingEDU @RickettsKate

12/10 Stop Glorifying Busy. You can’t move forward with your passion if you don’t take the time to reflect and rejuvenate. @Mrs_Gilchrist @AKDavis529

12/9 Eliminate mindless professional development. It’s essential that teachers’ professional development resemble in its learning processes the kinds of teaching and learning desired in all classrooms. @DennisSparks @DavidFifeP

12/9 Twenty Ways To Provide Effective Feedback For Learning – While assessment gets all the press, it is feedback for learning that can transform a student’s learning. @laurareynolds75 @TeachThought @DavidFifeP @nuzzel @vendi55

12/9 Virtual Reality Science Books Make Learning a Blast! This looks like a good pick for Christmas presents. @myfourandmore @britannica @EloiseM25

12/9 Eleven Reasons why teachers don’t use technology – Here are a number of the real reasons so many teachers are reluctant to use technology in the classroom and some suggestions for what we can do about it. @ukedchat @NikPeachey

12/8 60+ Education Gifts to Add to Your List – What are you getting for your kids? @JustinAglio @Getting_Smart

12/8 Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Technology – Welcome to number two in a series of four posts bringing you over 150 amazing resources for STEM education. @mjgormans @EdTechNerd

12/8 Engage Kids With Coding By Letting Them Design, Create, and Tell Stories – For Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 7-13), the nonprofit Code.org has helped organize nearly 200,000 “Hour of Code” events. @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED @Rdene915

12/6 Tear Down Your Behavior Chart! Behavior charts and similar public shaming methods don’t teach self-regulation. They mainly harm vulnerable learners. @leeannjung @domsmithRP @ASCD @Erik_Youngman

12/6 A Starter Kit for Differentiated Instruction – This is a collection of the clearest, most high-quality resources for learning how to differentiate in your classroom. @cultofpedagogy @hmbeau5

12/5 Happy Birthday Special Education — It’s time for a real redo! You can also read my summary of Miriam’s book Special Education 2.0: Breaking Taboos to Build a NEW Education Law. @Medium

12/5 Twelve Areas School Leaders Should Focus on in 2019 – How many are your personnal list? @PeterMDeWitt @EducationWeek @RodneyHetherton

12/5 Designing Inclusive Learning Spaces – Over the past few years, learning space redesign has become one of the trendiest topics in education. @thomascmurray @AskAdam3

12/5 Ten Ways Educators Can Take Action in Pursuit of Equity – Pedro Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA offers advice. @cultofpedagogy @korytellers @ValeriaBrownEdu

12/4 ‘Video game rehab’ is just an excuse for lazy parents. Bloomberg reported on parents seeking out rehab for children addicted to the popular video game Fortnite. @karol @nypost

12/4 How to encourage more girls to pursue science and math careers – Negative stereotypes about girls’ ability can discourage from them pursuing careers in math and science. @MDDelahunty @InspiringSTEM_N @GoogleExpertUK

12/4 Eleven Helpful Phrases for Disarming Conflict – It doesn’t matter if the conflict is with a student, a colleague, or a parent, it’s so important to listen carefully and let the other person know you are listening carefully. @DavidGeurin @ElisaBostwick

12/2 Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership. This is also good advice for teachers. Keep your ego out of it. @JackieCarter @RasmusTPP @HarvardBiz @cshislop

12/2 Three Good Places to Find Hands-On STEM Lessons – Check out the short videos here. @rmbyrne @RickettsKate

12/2 Four Best Practices For Creating Informative Infographics – One of the hardest parts of creating an infographic is identifying a core message to relate back to your audience. This is important in business and education. @NadyaKhoja @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

12/1 When Kids Lead – Are they doing any leadeing at your school? The more students own it, the better they will like it. @gcouros @Joe_Sanfelippo @nicmicd92

12/1 Ten Tips for Teachers Using the Station Rotation Model – This blended learning model and creating opportunities for small group instruction, real-time feedback, collaboration, and differentiated learning. @Catlin_Tucker

12/1 Rewiring STEM education – The idea that science skills are innate and great discoveries are made only by “lone geniuses” is losing traction in STEM. (Doug: It should be STEAM.) @dinosaurali @symmetrymag @RickettsKate @KelliLWells

11/30 The Benefits of Laughing – Offices and schools can use a good dose of laughter. @BettyAnnHeggie @HarvardBiz @SimonCocking

11/30 How to Plan Outstanding Tech Training for Your Teachers – This is fairly comprehensive. Share with your tech support people. @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

11/30 Build the Foundation, Not the Ceiling. Traditionally, the curriculum has been organized in a linear path that promotes a one size fits all approach to success. @katiemartinedu @Pen63

11/30 Eleven Questions Interesting People Always Ask to Spark Great Conversations – While this is aimed at businesses it looks like good advice for teachers. @MarcelSchwantes @Inc

11/29 The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies – If you want to discuss something you may need a better plan. @cultofpedagogy @learnwithalbert

11/29 Moving from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching Can Be Hard. Here’s One Expert’s Advice. @journoinred @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

11/29 What Does Computer Science Professional Development Look Like? This intense course runs for four-and-a-half days, and gives teachers a deep dive into the world of computer science. Sixty minute sessions don’t cut it. @Sheena1010 @EdSurge

11/28 Four Tips For Effective Course Design And Delivery – This article serves as a brief summary of the best practices that training and development professionals can use. @elearnindustry @Yuri_Druzhinin @iCohere

11/28 Taking the “Manage” Out of Classroom Management. Many teachers assume that if they relinquish control to students that classroom will dissolve into chaos. This teacher found the opposite to be true. @Catlin_Tucker @travislape

11/28 Five Simple “Life Lessons” Every Student Should Learn – The life lessons we instill in our students are the ones that will help them reach their potential and succeed no matter what they do in the future. @cpoole27 @Erik_Youngman

11/27 Ten Websites to Help With Homework – They provide students with reliable resources to use for a variety of educational purposes. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

11/27 Where Curiosity Will Lead Education – The Most Important Skill at the Office Isn’t Being Taught in School, it’s curiosity. @gcouros

11/27 Are You Integrating Personalized Learning Into Your Curriculum? Personalized learning with the help of Artificial Intelligence will change the Education System. @AnjliJain @CConsortiumOrg @Yuri_Druzhinin @DrAAlston

11/26 Leadership Contradictions – Be sure to read my comment as I strongly disagree with his first point. @Mann4Edu @Jeff_Zoul

11/26 How Seeing and Using Gestures Makes Ideas More Memorable – Whether it’s a lesson in math, foreign language vocabulary or science, the result is the same: kids learn better with gestures. @MindShiftKQED @hechingerreport

11/25 Seven Deadly Sins of First-Time Leaders and How to Avoid Them – Here are 7 mistakes that rookie leaders make and what we can do to avoid them. @GordonTredgold @Inc

11/25 Why schools should teach the curriculum of the future, not the past – Robots, artificial intelligence, automation – no longer the stuff of science fiction movies. @wef @hadip

11/24 Using Engineering Activities to Support SEL in Early Childhood Education – With the growing focus on social and emotional learning (SEL) in education, one idea you might not have encountered is to teach engineering to our youngest learners. @Getting_Smart

11/24 13 Stunning Places to Publish Student Art and Writing – There’s something about having our work seen by strangers that makes us take it up a notch. @cultofpedagogy @Mrs_Gilchrist

11/23 The Best New Schools Don’t Look Like Schools At All. If your district is going to build you need to check these out. @DianaBudds @FastCompany @CLPerry55 @E_Sheninger

11/20 A Look at MakerBot Education – Schools all over the country have been working to bring 3D printing to their students to support STEM integration, design thinking, student-centered learning, project-based learning, and the future of work. @Jmeb96 @Getting_Smart

11/20 Dogfooding: How Often Do You Do Your Own Assignments? Dogfooding is a term that’s been used among software developers. It refers to using your own product to work out its glitches. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of “eating your own dog food.” Should teachers do their own assignments? @cultofpedagogy @AysinAlp1

11/20 Add At Least One C to Each Activity. They are communicate, collaborate, critical thinking, and creativity. @alicekeeler

11/18 What I Learned as a New Administrator – An administrator reflects with gratitude on being able to see the work teachers and support staff do in a new light. @edutopia @JdelaneyJoAnn

11/17 Guide to Creating your One-Year Personal Development Plan – A personal development plan is more than a gateway to the career of your dreams; it is a way to discover yourself and grow into the person you have always wanted to be. @ekuzevska

11/17 A Grading Strategy That Puts the Focus on Learning From Mistakes – Teachers know that students learn a tremendous amount from scrutinizing their mistakes, but getting them to take the time to stop and reflect is a challenge. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @drfurman

11/17 Eleven Easy Tips to Really Engage with Families – It’s more than pizza, but pizza is part of it. @PBISApps @DrChrisHubbuch

11/16 These Five Questions Kill Creativity. If you find you’re asking yourself any of them, just stop. @GlimmerGuy @FastCoDesign @ShiftParadigm @GrundlerArt

11/16 Why Edtech Specialists Should Focus on Transformation, Not Tools – Ideally, these specialists partner with teachers to design unique and creative experiences using new technology to boost engagement and risk-taking. @MrShakedown @mosertechteach @EdSurge @stppLMC @thinkm2

11/16 Four Educational Tools to Enhance Collaborative Learning – There are several ways teachers and educators can use the power of the web to collaborate on joint projects. @medkh9 @JamboardApp @padlet @trello @EdTechNerd

11/16 Digital Technology Is Gambling With Children’s Minds. Writing, reading, focusing, and remembering have all been transformed. @educationweek @GettyImages

11/15 Ten Essential Characteristics of a 21st Century Educator – We are in the 21st century, we are educators, so what does that mean and look like in our world and for education? @gcouros @LadaD2

11/15 Five Common Teaching Practices I’m Kicking to the Curb – These are five teaching practices used every day that are not backed by research. @cultofpedagogy @ajjuliani

11/15 Top 100 Free Education Sites – You can find top free sites for teaching math, science, English, and social studies, computer science and coding sites, language sites, and homeschooling sites. @helpteaching @thinkm2

11/15 Nurturing Kindness in Young Children – A leading researcher argues that kindness is innate and has developed a curriculum to strengthen prosocial behavior. @bettyray @edutopia @seemeandliz @KMarkPet

11/14 Adaptive learning helps students finish faster. University of Memphis accelerates students through online courses, saving them time and money. @DennisWPierce @ecampusnews @PatriceHoudayer

11/14 Educating students for their future, not our past – Today, the world no longer rewards us just for what we know – Google knows everything – but for what we can do with what we know. @teacherACER @SchleicherOECD

11/14 Seven Best Practices for Deploying Lecture Capture Campus-Wide – Is this something that high schools could do to? @leilam @Campus_Tech @PatriceHoudayer

11/13 Implementing and combining different teaching strategies – One of the greatest issues of today’s education is its short-term focus on academic results and the lack of importance attributed to long-term learning and understanding. @wooclap @Medium

11/13 Grit and the Greater Good: A Conversation with Angela Duckworth – The nation’s foremost expert on grit says being a “good” person is more imperative than being “great” at something. Check my summary of Grit. @angeladuckw @Editorbytrade @stppLM @jaymctighe

11/12 Might Physical Activity Be as Effective as Antidepressants? It certainly is worth a try. @stopmed_wt_gain @PsychToday @DrLynneKenney @jratey

11/12 Ten Principles Of Proficiency-Based Learning – Don’t be surprised if you find that you want to take these ideas further. @TeachThought @sturgis_chris

11/12 Ten Tools for Your Students’ Creativity Toolbox – Creativity is a process, and you can guide students to develop theirs with a set of tools for different situations. @JMcCarthyEdS @Edutopia @maeward2311 @kjelltf @ERobbPrincipal

11/11 We need to change the way we think and talk about disability, says this inspiring young leader. @ImTiffanyYu @Diversability @djangowinedog @wef

11/11 Seven Incredible Websites & Tools to Enhance English Comprehension & Fluency – The Internet has evolved and offers even more powerful ways for our English learners to increase fluency. @ShellTerrell

11/9 Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership. The higher leaders rise in the ranks, the more they are at risk of getting an inflated ego. @RasmusTPP @HarvardHBS @LaneDebra @E_Sheninger

11/9 Why Aren’t Schools Using the Apps They Pay For? For it to work as intended, it must be paired with other critical elements: professional development for teachers, thoughtful implementation and consistent engagement. @ByEmilyTate @EdSurge @daveandcori

11/9 Why Did That Student Fail? A Diagnostic Approach To Teaching – When students struggle in school, it can be for a variety of reasons. @terryheick @TeachThought @ShellTerrell

11/9 Why the world needs deep generalists, not specialists – Check out this conversation between Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Benjamin Franklin. @aytekintank @JotForm @Stephen_Hurley @MatthewOldridge

11/8 Backpacks Can Stress Your Students’ Spines More Than Previously Thought. Time to replace all heavy textbooks with laptops. @SarahDSparks @EducationWeek

11/8 Top Ten Reasons You Can’t Fairly Evaluate Teachers on Student Test Scores – I hope your state has given up on this madness. @StevenSinger3 @EdFocus

11/8 When We All Teach Text Structures Everybody Wins. Lately, the mandate to support student reading has been directed outside the English language arts classroom. @cultofpedagogy @tonyvincent

11/7 What the New York Times got wrong about kids and phones – Articles lacked relevant research, they drew misleading conclusions, and some of the anecdotal evidence they cited contradicted the central hooks of the stories. @anya1anya @jandersonQZ @cjr @nytimes

11/5 Seven Effective Skills You Need to Survive the Critical Leader – We have all been there before: Working under a leader who is constantly criticizing, a boss who is quick to accuse and blame, a manager who is constantly disparaging the staff. @LollyDaskal

11/5 Teach girls science and they’ll reach for the stars. This is one woman’s story of how exposure to science changed her life. @grierlauren @wef @marcelamomberg @houstonshapers @NASA

11/4 Grade inflation will catch up with Ohio students. Although 90% of parents believe their children are at or above grade level, two-thirds are ill-prepared for college. A major reason is grade inflation. This wouldn’t be a problem if you got rid of grades. @MichaelPetrilli @educationgadfly @cinjo @OhioGadfly

11/4 The Sex Ed Crisis – In classrooms across the country, critical facts about sex are being withheld or distorted in shocking ways. What is happening in your school. @Cosmopolitan

11/4 K–12 Experts Weigh In on Training Teachers to Use Education Technology. Teachers and education professionals offer their advice on preparing teachers for a digitally integrated classroom. @EdTech_K12 @HeatherBHayes @AnthonyStogni @Ed_Admn

11/4 Educating the Whole Child Through PBL – It’s the ultimate instructional response to the need for real-world relevance and application, problem-solving, collaboration, student engagement, presentation skills, mentors and even tech integration. @mwniehoff @Getting_Smart @wsoeldner

11/3 Five Questions for Deeper Reflection – Reflection is important for growth. But we have to be intentional about it. @davidgeurin

11/3 Eleven Tools for Teaching With Videos – A PDF Handout – There are times when a good video or video clip can be just the thing that a student needs to see how all of the pieces of a topic come together. @edpuzzle @rmbyrne @rudytoot1

11/3 Transforming High Schools: Eight Strategies for EdLeaders – Be intentional about soliciting stakeholder participation. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart

11/2 The Negative Effects of Video Games (Parent Guide) – Younger students who have not yet developed the ability to self-regulate their behavior need guidance and support. @JoshOchs @SmartSocialKids

11/2 What’s Missing in Edtech? Character Development. “Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education,” Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in the February 1947. @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

11/1 The Pros and Cons of a School Uniform Policy – Are uniforms good for school culture? Are they good for students? @SarahKuta @EWScrippsCo @SchoolLeadNow

11/1 How to retain great teachers: Start with leadership opportunities. An assistant superintendent shares his district’s multi-layer approach to developing and empowering teachers at the classroom, building, and district levels. @Rdene915 @eschoolnews @pleida1

11/1 Relationships As Engagement: Understanding the Whole Child. What it takes is teacher engagement with students not only as learners but as full and multi-dimensional beings. @AWinkelsas @Getting_Smart @wsoeldner

10/31 The Counselor’s Role: Scaffolded Support In and Outside of the Classroom. Share with principals and counselors you know. @SEL4MA @edutopia

10/31 The real 1:1 is more about making personal connections with every student & less about the number of devices. You can also read my summary of Brian’s book Code Breaker. @mraspinall @ManishaMonga1

10/30 Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides – A student-created vision board is a great way to help students set goals and visualize reaching them. @ShakeUpLearning @HolyGirl22

10/30 Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking – Nobody says, ‘We have this incredible vision for learning, what do you think?’ So you really have to walk people back to the higher vision. @stephenoonoo @EdTechFam @EdSurge

10/30 Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying – It seems there are good reasons why we can’t get enough of addictive, feel-good emotions, as scientific studies prove there are many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits associated with kindness. @AysinAlp1 @edutopia

10/30 Sixteen Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms – Google Drive is far more than a place to store files online. It also includes a suite of versatile creation tools. @cultofpedagogy @alysoncarp1

10/29 Leading Change and Guiding Change, Is There a Difference? Here are Dr. John Kotter’s eight steps to increase success of transformational change. @pdiscoveryuk @Bob_Achieve

10/27 The Importance of Multi-Disciplinary Thinking – Solving the world’s problems needs to start a multi-disciplinary approach. @gcouros

10/27 Ten Tips to Maintain Positive Student Behavior – Is it time to refresh your systems for maintaining positive behavior in your classroom so that the hum of learning continues to sound sweet? @ritaplatt @middleweb @SBEducation @FreeSpiritBooks

10/27 The Characteristics Of A Good School – How does your school measure up? @terryheick @TeachThought

10/27 Nine Competencies for Teaching Empathy – An educational psychologist and parenting expert offers advice to school leaders. @micheleborba @ASCD @ELmagazine @SBEducation

10/25 A New Way To Learn: Five Guiding Principles For Future Education – A change in how we educate is necessary to realize the radical future we see for the world. @PeterDiamandis @XPRIZE @thinkm2

10/25 Building 21st Century Skills With Peer Feedback. These skills have been identified through a collaborative effort between educators, businesses, academics, and government researchers. @peergrade

10/25 What It’s Like to Be an Instructional Coach – It’s someone whose chief professional responsibility is to bring evidence-based practices into classrooms by working with teachers and other school leaders. @cultofpedagogy @bethhill2829 @GSchultek @ecsandber11g

10/25 Three Ways We Can Nurture Empathy By Studying Book Characters – We bet your students start analyzing the people they know too. @kmoranONT @RossCoops31 @drgravityg @ReneeDHouser

10/24 You don’t know what you don’t know. In order for there to even be hope for change to happen, we need to realize that change is necessary. @AnnickRauch @mraspinall

10/24 Some Good Digital Storytelling Tools for Chromebook Users – If you have Chromebooks at your school you should check these out. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

10/23 Growing up in a house full of books is major boost to literacy and numeracy. Research data from 31 countries concludes that a sizeable home library gave teen school leavers skills equivalent to university graduates who didn’t read. @guardian @elissamalespina @aslanational

10/23 ‘Fortnite’ teaches the wrong lessons. If your kids play ‘Fortnite’ let them read this. @ConversationUS @NTampio @JustinCaouette

10/23 Celebrate Kids Making Art. Art can be hard but during the process, it is very fun. @cvarsalona @terjeakke @cvarsalona @jarhartz @tara_smith

10/22 We Ask Teachers: How Has Edtech Made a Difference in Your Classroom? In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, EdSurge asked educators from around the country to share their most transformative edtech moments. @jencurtis0345 @EdSurge

10/22 Will Letter Grades Survive? A century-old pillar of the school system is under fire as schools look to modernize student assessment. @laura11D @edutopia @Jennifer_Hogan @bethhill2829

10/21 Why You Should Create a Collaborative Classroom This Year – There are steps you can take and tools you can use to promote collaboration in the classroom. @Getting_Smart @ClassTechTips @JustinAglio

10/21 The Value of Genius Hour? – Brian Aspinall turns to his PLN to answer this question. Consider using this approach to answer questions you have. @mraspinall

10/20 Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later. The way we teach math in America hurts all students, but it may be hurting girls the most. @barbaraoakley @nytimes @curriculumblog @DanielPink

10/20 Fifteen examples Of Student-Centered Teaching – There is a graphic that will you need to expand and an easy to read list. @terryheick @TeachThought @mitchcenter

10/20 Maker Is More About Culture and Less About Stuff. Makerspace is a growing trend in education that requires aligned pedagogical beliefs and philosophies, but unfortunately gets implemented without much foundation, research or understanding of constructivism. @mraspinall

10/19 Nine Competencies for Teaching Empathy – An educational psychologist and parenting expert offers advice to school leaders. @micheleborba @HillMrispo @ASCD @ELmagazine

10/19 Help Students Learn Coding With This Excellent Website. Codesters provides students with an easy and simple editor where they can engage in creative coding projects using Python. @EdTechFam

10/17 Station Rotation Model: Student Designed & Led Stations – One of the benefits of the Station Rotation Model is how easy it is to design activities at different levels to meet the diverse needs of a group of students. @Catlin_Tucker @RACzyz

10/17 A Better List Of Ideas For Project-Based Learning – If you are just started PBL or have done it for a while, you need to check out these ideas. @TeachThought @LeeAraoz @ERobbPrincipal @MrPStrunk

10/17 Writing A Better Multiple-Choice Question: What Does Research Indicate? This is a summary of an article in Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition. @effortfuleduktr @mssackstein

10/17 Ten Interpersonal Traits of Innovative School Leaders – Innovation is on everyone’s mind—especially K-12 education leaders and school administrators who are constantly challenged to create educational opportunities that successfully prepare today’s students for their rapidly, ever-changing future. @JustinAglio @Getting_Smart

10/15 Six Ways to Build a Rapport With Students – New teachers sometimes struggle with establishing relationships with students, so a veteran shares a few tips on how to get started. @edutopia

10/15 Five VR Projects for Students – Google’s VR Tour Creator empowers students to make their own virtual reality experiences rather than just consuming virtual reality content. @rmbyrne @Google

10/15 Six Reasons to take your Child to Cirque du Soleil – It’s a great art experience and it’s also a great physics lesson. @MyFamilyStuff @Shareaholic @_Penelope @CirqueduSoleil

10/13 Is it more about what you can teach or what they can learn? If we limit our students to our knowledge and only what we deem necessary to learn, we will stagnate their growth as well as that of society. @gcouros

10/13 Teaching Empathy: Are We Teaching Content or Students? Teaching empathy is about teaching students, not content — how they feel about the incoming knowledge will ultimately determine how useful it is to them. @terryheick @edutopia @AllAboutTHEPACT @jeffhiseredu

10/13 What Faculty Need to Know About Learner Experience Design – The emerging field of Learner Experience Design or LX design is about balancing the need for quality course design with the central role of human interaction in online learning. @Profpatrice @whitneykilgore @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

10/13 Project Based Learning Helps Makerspaces Thrive. To get the most out of a makerspace there needs to be consideration given to the instruction that is happening in the classes surrounding the space. @thenerdyteacher @InfyFoundation

10/12 The Ten Characteristics of Teachers Who Successfully Use EdTech – Teachers that are successfully integrating educational technology in their classrooms are beacons for their peers – and there is much they can teach us. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate @DrKatrinaKeene @rudytoot1

10/12 Five Ways To Make Your eLearning Quiz Engaging With a Festive Example – Carefully crafted quizzes can incentivize learners to revise, memorize key points, and encourage social sharing. @steve_penfold @elearnindustry @Yuri_Druzhinin @kayuoit

10/12 A Call for Common Sense Reading Instruction – It appears that in our quest to make sure students can comprehend what they read that we have lost our common sense. @pernilleripp @AZHSPRIN

10/12 Five Characteristics of the Divergent Teacher – The idea of divergent teaching is much more than choosing the road less traveled. @ElisaBostwick @Jeff_Zoul

10/11 The Racist & Misogynistic History of Prom – I suspect that high school kids will find this interesting. Sorry about the short ad. @TeenVogue

10/11 A Tool from Finland to Support Phenomenon-Based Learning – This is an ad, but it looks like a product worth investigating. It deals with 3D printing and AR. @3DBearOfficial @ClassTechTips

10/11 How technology can bridge the skills gap it created – One of the biggest challenges we are facing globally today is how to close the rapidly growing skills gap. @soykang @wef @CMRubinWorld

10/10 Teaching in a 1:1 Classroom – As one-to-one (1:1) classroom is gaining popularity, more and more benefits of this form of ubiquitous access to technology have been recognized by educators as well as students. @TouchApp_uk @JamesRoy @Biocourseware

10/10 Classroom Culture: It’s All About Relationships. Are learners disengaged? Are they off-task, possibly even misbehaving? Are they itching to leave your classroom? Are they reluctant to share their thinking, even one-on-one? Work to form stronger relationships. @Mrs_Gilchrist @blaho_blaho

10/10 Socratic Seminar: The answer to high-level academic conversations – Socratic Seminar is imperative for students to actually experience what rich conversation sounds like. @MaestraSchmidt @RickJetter

10/9 If We Don’t Allow A Redo, What Are We Teaching? One teacher tells parents that their children can rewrite anything, as many times as they want. @KFelicello @PaulEnderle @TeacherAndAdmin

10/9 Five Mathematics Bee-Bot Lesson Ideas For The Classroom – Bee-Bots are a wonderful digital technologies resource to introduce students to coding and computational thinking. @modernteaching @misskyritsis

10/8 18 things that leaders of innovative schools do differently – How the leaders in your schools stack up? @mcleod @KRScienceLady @NLearning

10/8 Should you teach spelling? One literacy teacher believes that avoiding spelling is doing the child or young person a complete disservice. @KSChallis @InnovateMySchl @DriverTrust

10/8 How to Help Students Land the STEM Jobs of the Future – For nearly 30 years, the global non-profit FIRST has been getting kids hooked on science and technology through hands-on robotics competitions. @DrKatrinaKeene @johnpearcenews5 @EdSurge

10/7 Are We Getting Better at the Wrong Things? @katiemartinedu @LDH_ed @LaVonnaRoth

10/7 Challenging Every Student in the Room – Easy ways to quickly gather student data every day—and how you can use it to reach all of your students, whether they’re ahead or behind. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @MarkFraver @DrAAlston

10/7 How to Get Higher-Quality Student Work in PBL – Ask yourself these questions if student project work lack quality. @alysoncarp1 @cultofpedagogy @BIEpbl

10/4 The Eight Characteristics Of Effective School Leaders – Trying to pin down what makes an effective school leader can be a little like trying to eat soup with a fork, but a group of academics has come up with what looks like a pretty good list. @nj_morrison @Forbes @curriculumblog

10/2 Later school start times will help students get needed sleep. But they aren’t enough. California lawmakers voted last month to prohibit most middle schools and high schools from starting classes before 8:30 a.m. @VickiAbeles @latimes

10/2 Seven Ways to Rethink Digital Assignments – If you really want to transition your classroom from static teaching to Dynamic Learning, you have to rethink traditional assignments and the use of digital tools. @ShakeUpLearning @keith_guarino @tech2classroom

10/2 Students Don’t Learn From Suspensions But Restorative Justice Offers Opportunity. Out of school suspensions just accelerates failure and dropping out. @iteach_2learn @edu_post @pammoran @CRTNation

10/2 Differentiating Instruction: It’s Not as Hard as You Think. To some, it conjures visions of having to create a different lesson for every student, and long nights of planning and grading. That insanity is not what differentiation is all about. @s_e_schwartz @LianaLoewus @Larryferlazzo @EdWeekTeacher

10/1 Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss” — and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership – This research suggests that key personality characteristics predict unethical leadership behavior. @HarvardBiz @TamaraMcCleary

10/1 Four Teaching Moves That Promote A Growth Mindset In All Readers – The pressure and angst of getting students reading on schedule can sap the joy out of an activity that many young children love. @MindShiftKQED @c_rejent @KimGriesbach @cultofpedagogy Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck.

10/1 Ten Core Values for Education – These are also the core values of the Zappos shoe company. @gcouros @Zappos

9/30 Women rank better than men at these leadership traits. A new Pew study tells us something we already know here at Fast Company: Women make good leaders! @pavsmo @FastCompany @TamaraMcCleary

9/30 A Writing Strategy That Works For Every Student, Every Time – Writing is difficult to teach, if for no other reason than it is also difficult to do. @terryheick @TeachThought @rudytoot1

9/29 The Secret To Becoming A Better Boss – This is an ad, but it looks like a good book for your school’s professional development library. @wallybock @teamleap

9/29 Is The Big Standardized Test A Big Standardized Flop? There are plenty of reasons to doubt the validity of the Big Standardized Test. @palan57 @Forbes @danvkoch

9/29 Seven Leader-Leeches – How many types of leader-leeches have you seen? @leadershipfreak

9/28 More schools are nixing homework because parents say it’s annoying. The anti-homework camp claims that take-home assignments infringe on family time and prevent kids from developing their own interests outside of school. @RaBergstein @nypost

9/28 A New Curriculum Helps Students With Disabilities Transition to Life After High School. Here is a new high school transition program for students with mild to moderate disabilities. @ONEderTeam @EdSurge

9/28 Ten Ways to Give Feedback That’s Sensitive to Students’ Internal Dialog – Responding to writing is challenging. This can help. @RW_Haven @loudenclearblog

9/28 Get organized and take your lessons digital. Here’s how an elementary teacher streamlined her materials and modernized her lessons. @Rdene915 @eschoolnews

9/27 PDF Candy For All Your PDF Needs – PDFs are incredibly useful for all kinds of things. @DLGWAEA @JaneBozarth @ericcurts

9/27 The Complete Solution Fluency Classroom Guide for Teachers – A growing number of educators all over the world are using Solution Fluency in their classrooms. @wabisabizen @leecrockett @chillmage

9/27 Speaking Skills Top Employer Wish Lists, But Schools Don’t Teach Them. Strong speaking skills are in high demand in the workplace. @cgewertz @educationweek

9/27 The Trouble with “Amazing”: Giving Praise that Matters – What’s wrong with amazing? Or phenomenal? Or any other superlative we throw around a hundred times a day? @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

9/25 Reports show many college students today battle mental illness, but few seek help. Luckily, resources designed to help these students overcome their mental disorders exist today. @DrugRehab_org

9/25 A Tricky Part of PBL: Writing a Driving Question. Do you know the criteria for a good driving question? @johnlBIE @BIEpbl@lorimcewen @cultofpedagogy @BIEpbl

9/25 Seven Alternatives to Traditional Vocabulary Test – This type of testing can lead to better retention. @shfarnsworth @ncte

9/24 Furor Over Blended and Active Learning – Business students at the UFC agitate for alternatives to a model that heavily shifts their learning time to outside the classroom and reduces exposure to instructors. @ScottJaschik @insidehighered @MarkALieberman

9/24 Flexibility will be paramount when schools reopen in the Carolinas. Would your kids have an online connection with their teachers if their schools were closed for an extended time? @NBSunJournal

9/24 The Importance of Daily Renewal for Educators – What do teachers you know do for daily renewal? Here is some advice for all teachers. @DavidGeurin @maeward2311

9/23 How to Differentiate Questions with Google Forms – There are so many amazing things we can do with Google Forms. A favorite feature allows us to differentiate a form for students, meaning we can send students to different questions and pages of information based on how they answer each question. @ShakeUpLearning @ashleysonkin

9/23 Genius Hour – Looking Back to Move Forward – Genius Hour, a “progressive” approach to teaching and learning is quickly sweeping classrooms across the globe. However, the notion of encouraging kids to learn through play has been around forever. @mraspinall

9/23 How to Cultivate Teacher Agency and Buy-In When Going 1:1 – Last year, Hattiesburg Public School District (HPSD) in Mississippi embarked on its 1:1 digital journey. The goal was to provide individualized, personalized, and more interactive instruction. @iamDrWill @EdSurge

9/22 Connecting parents with edtech – Keep all families in the loop when rolling out new technology. @MoreThanATech @DA_magazine @Zalaznick @PHausTech

9/22 What Role Should Students Play in Your Personalized Learning Implementation? When students drive learning, they can do much more than we may realize. @EdSurge

9/21 Are you over-scaffolding your students? @katiemartinedu @Powtoon @WickedEdTech @gcouros

9/21 Talking to Students About Grief – Supporting students in times of loss is less about finding the right words and more about validating what they choose to share. @brcollins27 @edutopia

9/21 What is 20 Percent Time? A Conversation with A.J. Juliani. Imagine if someone told you to take a whole day, once a week, to set your regular work aside and explore something you’re really passionate about. @cultofpedagogy @ajjuliani

9/21 Seven Questions To Ask Pupils During Lesson Observation – It can be very useful, when observing a lesson, to quiz the pupils as well as watch the teacher. @terryfreedman @MarkFraver @DrAAlston

9/20 School Librarians Are Rockstar Resources. If you want your kids to love reading, take them to a library on a regular basis. @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

9/20 Classroom Culture: It’s All About Relationships. Rather than feel overwhelmed, we can pare it all down to one key concept: It’s all about relationships. @Mrs_Gilchrist @TaraMartinEDU @TISLearns

9/20 How One Weird Finding Changed My Perspective on Grades – This deals with the work of Dylan Wiliam, who researched the effect of teacher feedback on student improvement. @hhschiaravalli @dylanwiliam

9/19 School architecture of the future – There are great pictures here of what schools could look like. @rebeccavukovic @teacherACER @irasocol @BartVerswijvel

9/19 Avoid these four edtech mistakes in your classroom. These four common mistakes that impede technology integration and thereby student achievement and growth. @MrsDale_Edu @iste @GHS_MediaCenter

9/18 Station Rotation Model: Grouping Strategies – The Station Rotation Model is a blended learning model where students rotate through a series of online and offline stations. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

9/18 What Doesn’t Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon – With time pressure being what it is, we need to look for things to stop doing. @nellkduke @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @aaron_hogan

9/18 Five Ways to Build Real Teacher-Student Connections for the Year Ahead – This is probably the most important thing that teachers do. @TheConnectedEdu @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @MattHarrisEdD

9/18 When Educators Act Like Gateways Rather Than Gatekeepers, Students Are More Likely to Get Through College. There is an inspirational story here. @edu_post @iamDrWill

9/17 Will Tech Ever Replace Textbooks? – Almost every other industry in the world has been disrupted by digital products. @adaptemy @EdTechNerd

9/17 Schools campaign to end ‘immoral’ Sats pressure. Schools are urged to sign a charter putting pupils’ broader education and wellbeing above scores. @tes @JasonElsom

9/17 Why Students Should Co-Create the Classroom from Day One – Instead of walking into a carefully designed class that’s adorned with decorations and already set class rules, students are experiencing something new on the first day of school. @TeachOnTheEdge @Getting_Smart @tvanderark @teachontheedge

9/15 Bosses get better results when they aren’t total jerks. Share this with jerky bosses you know. @MarisaDellatto

9/15 Fourteen Ways to Tech-Up Your Classroom – Getting use to tech-enabled educational tools in the classroom need not be a huge undertaking. @neolms @JamesRoy

9/15 Integrating Makerspaces Throughout the Curriculum – The makerspace isn’t just a fixed space where kids come and go to complete busywork. It’s an extension of a well-established approach to educating students that has applications and deep implications across disciplines. @THE_Journal @RickettsKate @akapelican

9/13 Ten Traits of a Great Manager, According to Google’s Internal Research – Google is giving you a glimpse inside its robust research on what makes a great manager. @stavziv @TheMuse @EmilyDouglasHC @Inc

9/13 Nine Simple Steps To Increase eLearning Engagement – New eLearning platforms offer lots of bells and whistles, but often times this can prove to be more distracting than anything. @VickiZam @elearnindustry @RickettsKate @unicorntraining

9/13 Sixteen Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms – Google Drive is far more than a place to store files online. @cultofpedagogy @iamDrWill

9/13 Five Case Studies That Prove Learning Games Work – Game-based learning is a hot topic and it doesn’t take long for somebody to ask the question: Does it actually work? @RickettsKate @echo360 @elearnindustry

9/12 Are You Integrating Personalized Learning Into Your Curriculum? Personalised learning with the help of Artificial Intelligence will change the Education System. @AnjliJain @EntrepreneurIND @CConsortiumOrg @RickettsKate @DrAAlston

9/12 How can schools best prepare students for the future? Give them real work to do. At Iowa BIG, teens address their community’s most pressing needs — and the results are benefiting them and their town. @dintersmith @TEDTalks

9/12 Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With AR/VR in the Classroom – Getting started with augmented and virtual reality may seem overwhelming, but with the right approach, successful implementation is achievable. @JaimeDonally @EdSurge @techamys

9/12 Teaching ‘grit’ is bad for children, and bad for democracy. Also see my summary of Grit by Angela Duckworth. @NTampio @aeonmag @angeladuckw @impishchimp

9/11 How Design Thinking Can Help Teachers Solve Real Problems—and Find Their Voice. This model is scalable to schools nationwide. @lportnoy @EdSurge

9/11 The Four Brain Superpowers You Need to Be a Successful Leader, According to Neuroscience – Leaders who understand how brains work can make themselves and their teams more nimble, innovative, and resilient. @Randy_Matusky @LeighEBuchanan @Inc

9/11 Teachers use tech to share Indigenous lessons. Baldhead is part of a group of students in the Indian Teacher Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan working to marry these historic lessons with today’s classrooms. @Yuri_Druzhinin @CBC @DaisyDyerDuerr

9/11 Simple Ways to Support Your Teachers at the Start of the Year – Solutions that administrators can implement ahead of time to resolve four common challenges teachers face as a school year begins. @lernbetr @edutopia

9/10 What Commercialization is Doing to Cannabis – It seems that a lot of white guys are getting rich selling highly concentrated THC products to the most challenged among us. Teachers and parents should listen and share with students. @BenCortConsult

9/10 Three Ways to Engage Students With Hard Fun – Also consider picking up Brian Aspinall’s Code Breaker book. @mraspinall

9/10 New Personalized Learning Report for Parents and Communities – Teachers, leaders, students and families in communities across the country are coming together to explore how schools can better prepare students to succeed after graduation. @susandpatrick @Getting_Smart @CarriSchneider @TVanderark @CarriSchneider

9/10 How Do We Make Homework Worth It? Today Matt Miller co-author of Ditch that Homework talks about homework. @jmattmiller @coolcatteacher @chasemitsuda

9/9 Genius Hour – Looking Back to Move Forward – Genius Hour, a “progressive” approach to teaching and learning is quickly sweeping classrooms across the globe. However, the notion of encouraging kids to learn through play has been around forever. @mraspinall

9/9 Ten Inspired Tech Trends Every Teacher Should Know About – A bevy of tech tips and trends is brightening classrooms including 360-degree video, thoughtful ways to use Alexa, and the sleeper Google tool for improving note-taking and research. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @dsdPD

9/9 What Every “B” Student Has in Common – See if you can guess before you read on. Be sure to check out the Socrative App mentioned here. @lportnoy @Medium @MathPatty @Socrative

9/9 Embracing a “Tasks Before Apps” Mindset – Digital platforms can give children access to learning experiences that meet their individual needs. @ClassTechTips @ASCD @diane_larsen

9/8 What’s school without grade levels? One district’s drive to teach competencies means eliminating age-based classrooms. @chrisberdik @hechingerreport @JosieHolford

9/8 Eight Hiring Stats That Will Chane the Way You Recruit – This is aimed at business, but applies to education as well. People looking for work should also read this. @MarenHogan @Social_Hire @i4_FranklinU @caranorth11

9/8 It’s About Relationships, Stupid. Relationships need to be face-to-face if they are to be effective. This applies to schools too. @SimonCocking @Irish_TechNews

9/7 Active shooter school drills may do more harm than good. I totally agree with this. Sorry about the short ad at the beginning, but this is important. Joy Levinson Clinical Psychologist @nypost

9/7 Ten reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network – A Personal Learning Network is a way of describing the group of people that you connect with to learn their ideas, their questions, their reflections, and their references. @TeachThought @tyeducators

9/7 Ten Questions for Educators to Chew On – These are ten questions that parents should ask if they want to get a real sense of what’s happening in their child’s school. @rickhess99 @EducationNext @AEIeducation @educationweek

9/7 Why We All Need Mentors and How to Make it Happen – Take a moment and think about the different mentors that you have had in your life. How many of them were teachers? @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart @sjgorman

9/6 California may soon let kids sleep in on school days. A bill passed by lawmakers last week would ban crack-of-dawn classes. What is your state doing? @JaneRidleyNY @nypost

9/6 Three Ways to Combat Recipe Learning – If you expect every student to produce the same thing you have assigned a recipe. @web20classroom @MarkFraver

9/6 Listening to Kids and Designing from Scratch for Timeless Learning – “We have rejected the mass standardization of learning that has dominated schools for decades,” said the authors. @pammoran @irasocol @csratliff @Getting_Smart @barbaratreacy

9/6 Twelve Sites and Apps for Learning to Code – Have your kids check them on and report back. @scratch @crunchzaster @code__maven @TouchDevelop @codemonkey18 @thunkable @rmbyrne

9/3 Twelve Ways to Upgrade Your Classroom Design – Does your classroom look like a place where students would choose to spend time? @cultofpedagogy @AngelaStockman @cristama

9/3 Demand that Kindergarten Be a Happy Time and Place: A “Garden for Children!.” Five-year-old children face unjustifiable, draconian reforms that push them to learn earlier than ever before. Stop the madness. @NancyEBailey1 @GetUpStandUp2 @DEY_Project @LiteracyCounts @BadassTeachersA @DianeRavitch

9/3 Here’s What Past School Librarians of the Year Are Planning for 2018-19. Be sure to share with librarians you know. @karayorio @sljournal @MCChildsBookDay

9/3 The Importance of Curiosity and Challenge in Education – School should become a place where curiosity is developed in individuals no matter what factors have led to its decline. @gcouros

9/2 The Elements Of A Digital Classroom – The driving question here has something to do with purpose and tools and spaces. @terryheick @TeachThought @rudytoot1

9/2 Comic Books Still Count as Reading – I’m sure they helped me learn to read and made me a life-long reader. @lucasjmaxwell @BookRiot @glenthornelrc @joshchoward

9/2 The First Six Weeks: Strategies For Getting To Know Your Students – The better we know our students, and the more they know we know them, the more invested they become in school. @balancedteacher @TeachThought @rudytoot1

9/2 Elementary school hires four-legged staff member. Milano will use his skills to help Violet Avenue Elementary School students struggling with a multitude of issues. @PoJoNSchutzman @PokJournal @mraspinall

9/1 Five Structures for Helping Students Learn Project Management – If we want students to think like artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers, they need the chance to design real projects. Be sure to watch the short [1:34] video @spencerideas @Medium

9/1 Three Ways to Introduce AR into the Classroom – Here, a school library specialist shares how she turned teachers and students from skeptics into evangelists. @suesclafani @THE_Journal @rudytoot1

8/31 Project-Based Learning Is Just the Beginning. A district is preparing its students for the future by focusing on the skills and connections students will need in their careers. @MarkFraver @STMath @Find8Fences

8/31 Vegan Parents’ School Lunch Experiences – Portland is known for its progressive politics, yet the city’s schools don’t offer vegan hot lunches. What does your school do? @PressHerald @JoshuaPStarr @PortlandSuper @AveryYaleKamila

8/30 Play-Doh on the First Day of School – An Alternative to “What Did I Do This Summer?” @jedikermit

8/30 Teachers Need Genius a Hour, Too. Everyone should give themselves a genius hour. @spencerideas @Pen63

8/30 How Design Thinking Can Help Teachers Solve Real Problems—and Find Their Voice – This conference is worth considering. @lportnoy @killersnails1 @KristiMeeuwse

8/28 Creating vocabulary notebooks with a purpose – This teacher had the great idea to create template books for her students. She chose Apple’s Keynote app to create the template. @asheehy1 @datadriven2017 @BookCreatorApp

8/28 Three ways to help any kid be more creative – The world’s problems demand bold, new solutions, so today’s children need to develop open, agile minds. @davideagleman @NeoSensory @BrainCheck @TEDTalks

8/28 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. If visuals are so powerful for learning, why don’t we use them more often? @E_Sheninger @DavidGeurin

8/28 How to Spread Growth Mindset among Students – When students have this mindset, they believe that they can improve their knowledge and intelligence over time. Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @SilviaWoolard @mrkempnz @yhalushka @CarollDweck

8/26 The Educator’s Guide to Creativity & Copyright – Whether they’re working in class or at home, students are accessing, viewing, creating, and sharing media as part of their day-to-day academic experiences. @KerryHawk02 @larrymagid @ConnectSafely @rudytoot1

8/26 Why I Don’t Have Classroom Rules – A high

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