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7/27 Eight Ways to Lead- A Mindset Shift for Teachers – Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. @sandeeteach @Medium @JohnMaxwellTeam @alienearbud

7/27 Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Management – The small things you do could be wreaking havoc on your whole system. @cultofpedagogy

7/27 Twenty Five things to try in your classroom next year – Teachers can use the summer to identify and learn about educational approaches or tools they want to use in the next school year. @eSN_Laura @eschoolnews

7/27 Ten Great Books on Autism for Parents and Teachers – Your school should order one of each for the professional development library. @medkh9 @crewsertech

7/25 Report: The Real Role of Blended Learning in Instruction – A new guide on blended learning reminds school district leaders that blended isn’t a goal unto itself; nor is it a specific instructional approach. @Schaffhauser @THE_Journal @AnthonyStogni @MattHarrisEdD

7/25 Three Ways to Help Move Your Boss Forward – George Couros reached out to his Twitter followers to get some advice on this topic. @gcouros

7/23 Designing Learning They’ll Love—Making Learning Personal – Imagine an education system designed around learner preferences; where students discover new concepts in ways that are most comfortable for them and then demonstrate their understanding of those concepts using abilities and talents unique to them. @edwebnet @achieve3000 @celsberry @JamesRoy

7/23 How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher – Transformational teachers share best practices, build mentoring relationships, observe their peers, keep things fresh, model their subject’s usefulness, and demonstrate caring beyond what they teach. @spinedu @edutopia @stdulmage

7/23 Sixteen Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms – Also checkout Google Drive Basics: 3-Course Bundle. @cultofpedagogy @leslie_whitt

7/22 The THree “E’s” of Building a Great School Culture – Be sure to give George Couros some feedback if you read this. @gcouros @Aforbus

7/22 The Eight Best Pathways to Teaching Creatively in Any Classroom – Creativity is a thing of the heart and the mind. We know that creativity can be taught and learned. In today’s multimedia world, it’s as important a skill as problem-solving, critical thinking, and group collaboration. @leecrockett

7/22 Six Messages Every Student Should Hear On The First Day Of School – Consider posting these messages in your classroom or home. @jackiegerstein @terryheick @TeachThought

7/22 Future Workforce: Ready, Set, Blastoff! For the five top skills whatch the short [0:40] animation. @DellTech @TechMinock @DAQRI

7/20 The NAACP Once Again Opposes High Stakes Standardized Testing. This is a policy shift and looks like good news to me. @StevenSinger3 @coopmike48

7/20 Preparing Your Students For Successful Futures – Are you preparing your students for life beyond education? @TeacherToolkit @garybartanus @Eduporium

7/20 Does Online Education Help Low-income Students Succeed? Several new studies conclude that low-income students at U.S. community colleges may not be as well served online as their residential peers. @DrKatrinaKeene @povertynews @EdSurge

7/20 Don’t Waste the First Day of School. The first day of school is an opportunity. It’s a chance to let students know what they can expect from you and your class. Will the class be teacher-centered or student-centered? Will they work in isolation or collaborative groups? Will they be challenged or not? @Catlin_Tucker @Pen63

7/18 Ten Ways to Create the Classroom of the Future – How many of these are happening in your school? @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

7/18 Getting Curious (Not Furious) With Students – When teachers get curious instead of furious, they don’t take the student’s behavior personally, and they don’t act on anger. They respond to student behaviors rather than react to them. @WordLib @edutopia @scholzet

7/17 Five ways to make your presentation better – This is pretty solid advice. Be sure you follow it. @thisissethsblog

7/16 Looking to Ditch Traditional Grades? Here’s How to Get Stakeholders On Board. Schools should switch from traditional grading to competency-based evaluations. They’re more authentic, more meaningful, more logical, and they just make sense. @jencurtis0345 @EdSurge @lisa_westman

7/16 Five Questions to Ask Your Students To Start the School Year – In your time as a student in K-12, what made an impact on you. Not who, but what? What do you remember that influenced you today? @gcouros @demeka03

7/16 Five Questions to remove from your classroom. Keep it simple and look at the language the students are using in the classroom. @EduWells @EdTechNerd

7/16 The first year of teaching is notoriously tough. Denver is experimenting with a new approach. @MelanieAsmar @ChalkbeatCO @demeka03 @mtoro91_torres

7/15 How to boost math skills in the early grades – Early math skills, though critical to academic success, get far less attention than literacy in high-poverty classrooms. @GonserSarah @hechingerreport @pdkintl @DREMEmath @NCTM

7/15 A Town Helps Transform Its School. A low-performing rural school in New Hampshire reached out to the local community for help turning things around. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @pammoran @GrantLichtman

7/15 Inside an Adaptive-Courseware Experiment, Glitches and All – If you are doing this you need a plan to get everyone back on track. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

7/15 How to Cultivate Communication Skills in the Classroom – Communication is one of the most essential twenty-first-century skills, but teaching these skills is not an easy task for teachers. @ShakeUpLearning @TechChef4U

7/14 Ten Easy Ways to Create an Awesome #SchoolCulture This Year – Here are some simple ideas on quick ways you can connect with students. How many are you already doing? @gcouros @gormang

7/14 Fourteen Badge Ideas to Engage and Motivate Learners – How to use badges to build habits, encourage socialization, and teach learners how to use your system. @darjeelingblend @LearnDashLMS @MarkFraver @DaisyDyerDuerr

7/14 We’ve had to prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet before. It’s difficult to teach job-related skills when it’s unclear what those jobs will be. But we’ve been here before. Here’s what we need to do. @gwenmoran @marasiganjayr @FastCompany @donnamurdoch @C4LPT

7/14 Teachers share tips on making makerspaces accessible to all. You don’t need a 3D printer to have a makerspace. @sharonlurye @hechingerreport @snbeach @iste

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7/13 Ten Self-Reflective Questions for Every Teacher – Using self-reflective questions is a way to debrief the learning processes in the classroom in order to improve and grow. @leecrockett @glodigcit

7/13 What Summer Slide Actually Means and Five Ways to Fight It – There is still time to avoid the summer slide for your kids. @EdSurge @Edu_Gig

7/13 Ten Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code – Be sure to watch the short [1:48] video. Let your kids watch it too. @mraspinall @oveucsj

7/11 Don’t Waste the First Day of School. If you too think it’s the most important day, here are some ideas to make it better. @Catlin_Tucker @garybartanus

7/11 Six Alternatives to Reading Logs – In addition to being inaccurate they really don’t promote the love of reading. @shfarnsworth @8Amber8 @alicekeeler

7/11 Why I Don’t Have Classroom Rules – A high school teacher tries a classroom management experiment thinking it will fail. Years later, he’s still at it. @dandrewt @edutopia

7/11 How the Gates Foundation’s plan to grade teachers failed students – For seven years, philanthropy threw millions behind the idea that improving teachers will help struggling students succeed. What went wrong? @bpaynter @FastCompany @garybartanus

7/11 Don’t Waste the First Day of School. If you too think it’s the most important day, here are some ideas to make it better. @Catlin_Tucker @garybartanus
7/10 How Can I Get My Students to Own Our Classroom Culture? A positive community should be a shared responsibility. @emulvahill @EdSurge @WeAreTeachers

7/10 Making Sure Your Praise Is Effective – Research-backed ideas on how to give meaningful praise to inspire and reinforce positive behavior. @finleyt @edutopia @KimGriesbach

7/10 Student-Made E-Books: A Beautiful Way to Demonstrate Learning – Have students create their own PDF e-books, packaging up some aspect of their learning into a finished digital product they can enjoy and share for years. @cultofpedagogy @TeachFromHere

7/9 Ten Easy Ways To Create an Amazing #ClassroomCulture This Year – Simple things can make a significant difference in our classroom environments, yet we should be intentional about them. @gcouros @valwood50

7/9 How to Transform Your Classroom Into a Personalized Learning Hub – Isn’t this something that we should all strive for? @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

7/9 Three Ways to Inspire Teachers -Teachers are hungry for inspiration, committed to their work, and they see the value in it, but it can still be draining. They want leaders who will refill their bucket. @SteeleThoughts

7/9 Teacherpreneurs – the Leaders of Future Education – Teacherpreneur is a new term that is gradually taking over as the role of teachers is getting more and more complex and elaborate. @TouchApp_uk @JamesRoy @Biocourseware

7/8 Education must respond to the demands of the labor market. How is your school doing? @observatoryedu @chrisguijosa @garybartanus @Eduporium

7/8 What if school could be better for students- and adults? Here are the ten characteristics of learner-centered experiences. @katiemartinedu @garybartanus @mjcraw @TheTechRabbi @drchagala

7/8 Be a Reader Leader – What Administrators Can Do to Promote a Reading Culture – The best leaders are readers. What are your leaders reading? @pernilleripp @DrPowersKHS

7/7 These Six Efficiency Tips Will Help You Decide Which Problems to Tackle<./a> This is aimed at business leaders but also applies to educators. @MurrayNewlands @Ross_Quintana @CaseyMinshew

7/7 How to Use Real-life Connections in the Classroom To Increase Engagement – How would your students rate your ability to engage them in the learning process? @Candace_Davies @the_newteacher

7/7 Is the new education reform hiding in plain sight? Personalized learning has broad appeal, but may be more revolutionary than we think. @LauraPappano @hechingerreport @NoApp4Pedagogy @thomascmurray

7/7 Teachers Have Great Ideas. Here’s How to Turn Them into Reality. For school leaders, it’s not so much about prescribing any particular innovation, but rather providing a space and opportunity for teachers to share ideas and develop them. @JinSooDHuh @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @FANgeopolitics

7/5 Good Teaching Isn’t Content Delivery & Learning Isn’t Passing Tests. Students can learn, be engaged, be empowered and given choice, and pass standardized test. @EmergingEdTech

7/5 Seven lessons for surviving a tech upgrade – With 53,000 students, 6,500 employees, and buildings spread across 88 square miles, the recent network refresh at Klein ISD taught them a thing or two. @Rdene915 @eschoolnews @BillsWilliams

7/4 Why Every Kindergarten and First-Grade School Day Should Begin with Inquiry and Imaginative Play. This sets the Tone for the Day. @HeinemannPub @Medium @pammoran @WayneTwpSuper

7/4 When Students Design Their Education. At Riverside School in India, students graduate prepared to tackle future challenges as citizens in a highly globalized world. @tweenteacher @suzieboss @StephenRitz

7/4 Helping Someone Get Better or Showing Them You Are Better? Which are you doing? @gcouros @annmic

7/4 Teaching in a 1:1 Classroom – If you aren’t teaching in a 1:1 classroom you will be soon. Here is some help. As one-to-one (1:1) classroom is gaining popularity, more and more benefits of this form of ubiquitous access to technology have been recognized by educators as well as students. @TouchApp_uk @JamesRoy @Biocourseware

7/3 More States Are Opting To ‘Robo-Grade’ Student Essays By Computer. What is your state doing? @toviasmithnpr @WBUR @Chappy8611 @jcotlin

7/3 Six Signs You’re Creating Confident Students – How many do you see in your classroom? @terryheick @TeachThought @EOverseas

7/3 Lead Smarter, Not Harder, Start Asking Better Interview Questions. Are you even asking a single question during interviews that can help spot people who are open to the notion that studying practice with peers is worth embracing? @plugusin @gcouros

7/1/2018 26 Sentence Stems For Higher-Level Conversation In The Classroom – Parents can use these too. @TeachThought @rudytoot1

7/1/2018 What If We Stopped Calling Them Classrooms? The mental model of the traditional classroom is obsolete. What should they be called? @HigherEdSurge

7/1/2018 How to Teach an Inductive Learning Lesson – This easy strategy, loaded with higher-order thinking, lets students get their hands on the content without further ado. @cultofpedagogy

6/30 Five Tips for Building a Maker Culture of Equity and Inclusion – @JustinAglio @Getting_Smart @E_Sheninger

6/30 We Can’t Teach As Fast As Things Change – When networks represent knowledge and connectivity is a kind of intellectual potential, the ripples move outwards at the speed of sound, distorting everything. @terryheick @TeachThoughtPD @JMcCarthyEdS

6/30 Focusing on the “Next Big Thing” in Education Technology – Since nobody knows, what should we focus on? @gcouros @misskyritsis

6/30 Non-Math Essentials for Learning Math – Focusing on these five qualities of thriving classrooms can help foster confident young mathematicians. @pearse_margie @TeachFromHere @edutopia

6/29 The A-Z Of Online Teaching Challenges – Every online teacher faces many obstacles, and often several on the same day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. @SimpliTeach

6/29 Ten More Professional Development Ideas! These are ideas shared by the participants of the #MSAAChat (Massachusetts Administrators Association) on Twitter. @RACzyz @itsmeSpiri @iruntech @LeeAraoz @atkauffman @JamieArmin @KleinErin @tinamonte @pattyvreilly @girlworld4 @JayBilly2 @Glennr1809 @RobSahliAP @TaraMartinEDU

6/29 Three Ways to Help Kids Avoid Summer Brain Drain – Share with parents you know. @littleBits @Eduporium

6/29 As ParticipAction releases yet another annual report card giving Canadian kids a failing grade for physical activity, experts say educators need to ramp up efforts to create more opportunities for exercise at school. @evaferguson2 @calgaryherald @MikeHynes5 @PaulZientarski

6/28 Our schools Are an Example of How America Eats Its Young. Here is a powerful call to action for our policy makers. @jamaalabowman @NTampio

6/28 Creating Paths to Participation for Introverts – These tools and strategies can help introverts show what they know and participate in class in ways that are comfortable for them. @Non_Toxic_Kids @MCChildsBookDay @edutopia

6/28 Flexible Classrooms: Research Is Scarce, But Promising. An ambitious study of 153 classrooms in the United Kingdom provides the best evidence that flexible spaces can boost academic performance. @edutopia @leighmragsdale @ideaguy42

6/24 Crafting Feedback That Leads to Learning – Here are five techniques for giving feedback that helps students improve their work. @spinedu @eudtopia @garybartanus @cmt1

6/24 Can an AR and VR Pilot Program From Google Prepare Kids for Future Careers? Virtual reality has been the driving force behind Google’s Expeditions app since it launched. Recently it’s added another layer of “reality” to the virtual field trip tool, AR or augmented reality. @JennyAbamu @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @dmirliss

6/24 What the best education systems are doing right. Finland and South Korea have taken different paths to high performance. @awesomechoi @TEDTalks

6/24 Mental Health Infographic: The Importance of Proactive Team Building – This UK study can be of value to teachers from other countries. It is also a good example of effective data displays. @MaximillionLtd

6/22 Five Good Ways for EdLeaders to Make Teachers Feel as Important as They Are – What if we created systems and environments that made teachers feel like they were important every day? @mwniehoff @Getting_Smart @FusingEducation

6/22 Ten Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code – See how coding Improves Academic Performance. @mraspinall

6/22 Rejecting AP Courses: Eight private schools announce they will stop offering Advanced Placement courses. They believe a curriculum oriented toward collaborative, experiential, and interdisciplinary learning will not only better prepare our students for college and their professional futures, but also result in more engaging programs for both students and faculty. @ScottJaschik @garybartanus @insidehighered

6/22 When Administrators Keep Teaching – Teaching keeps school leaders connected to students and other teachers and lets them feel the effects of their own decisions. @tweenteacher @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @TheresaJHall

6/20 Improving the Way We Teach About Slavery – most students have significant knowledge gaps when it comes to some of the most basic facts about slavery. How about your kids? @cultofpedagogy @MeacherAdvice

6/20 Viewing Comprehension Strategies: Watching Videos Like You Read A Book. You can’t watch a video like you read a book; the modalities couldn’t be much more different. @terryheick @TeachThought

6/20 Project-Based Learning Using Disney Movies – Popular movies can be an entry point for students to dig deeper into historical studies. @edutopia @snbeach @iste

6/19 The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies – What format will you use? What questions will you ask? How will you ensure that all students participate? @cultofpedagogy

6/19 Optimism Is a Learnable Skill. Understanding the differences between pessimism and optimism can help students improve the way they respond to challenges. @loreamart @Edutopia @RickettsKate @DaisyDyerDuerr

6/19 Eleven Simple Ideas to Promote Reading No Matter What You Teach – There should be expectations for teachers across all subjects to promote and teach reading within their discipline. @DavidGeurin @diane_larsen

6/19 Eight ways to keep your child’s reading skills sharp this summer – It’s important that kids not slide backward in the summer months. @vedwight @GreatSchools @MCChildsBookDay @HelpingKidsRise

6/17 Using Picture Books With Older Students – A How-to Guide – There no is no too old for picture books. This works for young students too. @stdulmage

6/17 Four Ways to Create Super Readers in Your Classroom – Isn’t this the number one gaol in your school? @dkapuler @ClassTechTips

6/17 Makers in the Classroom: A How-To Guide – This is starting to show up in many schools. @aVndrwrff @EdSurge @EdTechNerd

6/15 Effective Student-Led Discussions – Three approaches to guiding your students to take ownership over their discussions of shared texts. @edutopia

6/15 Lingering Fears from Outdated Screen Time Recommendations Stunt Parent Buy-In. Not all screen time is created equal. @EdSurge @JamesRoy @Edu_Gig

6/15 Three Must-Read Books for Teachers – You can find my summaries of Creative Schools and The Innovators Mindset here. @nflafave @DrTonyWagner @dintersmith @gcouros @SirKenRobinson

6/15 How to Create a School Culture Where Teachers Lead Innovation – Are teachers leading in your school? @JinSooDHuh @Edu_Gig @JamesRoy

6/14 Twenty ideas for teaching coding in math, science, social studies, and ELA – Here are some ways to help students gain coding and other essential skills. @STEM_Tammy @eschoolnews

6/14 Twenty Five Questions That Can Transform Schools – How many have you asked? Be sure your students see the student questions. @ASCD @curriculumblog @mattwachel

6/11 Poverty Poses Challenges For Schools — And Texas’ Future, Education Leaders Say. Poverty may be playing a bigger role than ever in education. @howellwright @tasbnews

6/11 Thank a teacher – send a card campaign – Time to make the day of a teacher who made a difference for you and your kids. @informed_edu @educationgovuk

6/11 Circle up: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills Year Round – Summer school and after-school programs are good places to deal with this issue. @JaneAdams @Medium @edsource @DrKatrinaKeene @CATeacherSummit

6/11 29 Ways American Schools Fail Students – How many are happening in your school, and what can you do about it? @MeganEHolstein @garybartanus @mjcraw @JohnCahalin1

6/10 Eleven Things You Might Unintentionally Be Communicating to Your Students – Even veteran teachers should read this. Also consider picking up David’s book Future Driven, I have. @DavidGeurin @JohnMaxwellTeam

6/10 Roombas, Refrigerators and Other Unexpected Tech That Teachers Actually Ask For – One teacher had to figure out how tech would look different in a Pre-K classroom. The verdict, a Roomba. This is a cool story. @EdSurge @EdGeeks @edmodo

6/10 Five Ways To Implement Virtual Reality In The Learning Process – These 5 ways can be employed by teachers to create some innovative learning opportunities for students. @angelawbaker37 @AnthonyStogni @eLearngraphic

6/9 How to Respond to Angry Employees – This should also work for angry students and children. @Leadershipfreak @teamleap @wallybock

6/7 The Six Most Powerful Ways to End A Presentation – The secret to awesome presentations is knowing how to start a presentation with impact and how to end it on a high. @LisaPatrickBFD @XTRAcredits @FANTASTICRADIOO @PFripp

6/7 Ten Surprising Skills Kids Learn Through Coding – Coding definitely teaches students tech skills, but that’s only the beginning. Take a look at these 10 other benefits. @JenWilliamsEdu @WeAreTeachers @MsMeshover @philshapiro

6/7 The Elements Of A Digital Classroom – The driving question here has something to do with purpose and tools and spaces. @terryheick @TeachThought

6/7 Sharing Student Work Beyond the Classroom – The Share Your Learning campaign highlights the value of having students present their work to authentic audiences. @suzieboss @edutopia

6/6 The cure for an anxious, sucky life, in less than 550 words – Make sure that your kids get this message too. @iamalexmathers @Medium

6/6 Nine Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us – When we try to square how kids learn and what we practice in our classrooms, it might be unsettling and frustrating. @willrich45 @Medium @JosieHolford

6/6 Ditch the Clips in Kindergarten – It seems they are developmentally inappropriate. Here is what to do instead. @coolcatteacher @tsschmidty @ShakeUpLearning

6/4 Knowing Your Audience – Like entertainers, teachers need to know their audience too. @PS373MrGsClass

6/4 Three great tips for experiential learning. Here’s how to get students to apply what you’re teaching to what they find meaningful. @MrsStueckWIVAK2 @eschoolnews

6/4 Getting Started with Blended Learning – With so many diverse digital tools available, it can be challenging to figure out exactly where to start. @Rdene915 @DefinedSTEM @EdumatchBooks

6/4 Eleven Reasons Why Librarians Rock – Share with librarians you know and tell them you agree. @EveryLibrary @Medium @wwplib @joycevalenza

6/3 In the Wild West of virtual learning, an Indiana charter school is opening in an unlikely place — a farm. This looks like a cool experiment. @ShainaRC @ChalkbeatIN @AriannaProthero

6/2 Thinking, Shallow And Deep – Encourage your kids to think deeper. Be sure to see my summary of Thinking Fast and Slow How Your Brain Thinks by Daniel Kahneman. @Alltopstartups @Medium @gcouros

6/1 Roombas, Refrigerators and Other Unexpected Tech That Teachers Actually Ask For -Tthe disc-shaped vacuum cleaner, which uses sensors to autonomously zip around homes is also a great tool to teach students about robotics and empathy. Barbara Cvenić @EdSurge @DonorsChoose

6/1 Eight Ways to Lead A Mindset Shift for Teachers – The paradigm shift from “my” to “our” is subtle but powerful. @sandeeteach @bethhill2829 @ShiftParadigm @burgessdave @drneilgupta @pammoran

6/1 Ten Strategies to Improve Instructional Leadership – How many do principals you know use? @E_Sheninger @mccoyderek

5/31 Five Things I Wish I knew When I started Teaching – Do all of the teachers in your school know these things? @C_Hendrick @tkraz

5/31 Get Kids in the Community and Change the World. Place-Based Education (PBE) is anytime, anywhere learning that leverages the power of place to personalize learning. @tvanderark @colonelb @tetonscience

5/30 Don’t rob your kids of outdoors free play — they need it. Numerous studies have found that physical activity has cognitive, social, emotional and physical benefits. @karol @nypost

5/30 Virtual Reality at Home and in the Classroom – Unlike most teachers, David Pollard has used VR in the classroom. @DavidPollardIRL @HistoryViewVR @Clever_Books

5/30 Twelve Ways to Avoid Student Humiliation – All teachers should review these items. @edutopia @peterjholley

5/30 24 Arkansas schools to expand recess – This is great news. I hope your state can do the same. @howelloman @ArkansasOnline @drhelenstreet @PositiveSchools

5/29 Train Your Students to Think Like Researchers. Have your students forgotten how to ask their own questions about the world, afraid that if they wonder they will be wrong? @Catlin_Tucker @Kschwart @gcouros

5/29 The Argument for Multi-Grade Classrooms in Today’s Schools – Think how absurd it would be to live in our world and maintain your company based on your age alone. @EducatorsRoom @lorimcewen @SarahLuvsShane7 @Shareaholic

5/28 The power of learning through play – Lego Education’s Paul Cassar describes how he came to introduce Lego Education in Malta, teaming up in the process with technology giant Microsoft to blend playing with learning. @ClaireCaruana @TheTimesofMalta @Randy_Matusky @kkapp

5/28 Developing Child Creativity – Is it possible that in the process of being so focused on achievement we’re forgetting all about the importance of creativity? @mombeyondmom @HuffPostBlog @DrBillChen @AnnaKaminsky1

5/28 How To Tackle Digital Citizenship at Your School – What is you school doing? @HollyClarkEdu @micahshippee

5/27 A Fifth Grader’s Mission To Save His School’s Librarian – Would your kids do this? @karayorio @sljournal @rudytoot1

5/27 Four Reflection Questions for the End of the School Year – All teachers should ask themsleves these questions. @gcouros

5/26 What’s Going On In Your Child’s Brain When You Read Them A Story? Children’s understanding of the story is “scaffolded” by having the images as clues. Give them a picture and they have a cookie to work with. @anya1anya @NPR

5/26 The Opportunity for Improvement: “We’ve always done it this way” isn’t a why. After all, there are many things we have spent years doing that we know don’t work. @froehlichm @alexstubenbort

5/26 Where’s the Humanity? The Case for Putting Language Arts Into STEM – We often neglect to tell students that reading, writing and communicating are just as necessary to success as technical skills. @jencurtis0345 @EdSurge

5/25 What if we cannot measure pupil progress? No test measures attainment precisely and short tests are inevitably less reliable than long tests. @profbeckyallen @informed_edu @johntomsett

5/25 How to Use Project-Based Learning in a Flipped Classroom – Save time, work with students directly and deliver feedback quickly with this new paradigm. @edmodo @TedHiff @E_Sheninger

5/25 High school student entrepreneurs win cash awards for business ideas. Students in the INCubator Entrepreneurship course presented their budding business ideas. Is this happening in your school? @dh_madhuk @dailyherald @BataviaHS @FANTASTICRADIOO @startupcrunch

5/25 Digital Signage Growth Helps K–12 Schools Get Their Messages Out. Communication tools create connections with students, staff and parents. @WendyMcMahon @EdTech_K12 @daveandcori @mguhlin

5/24 Five Positive Hallway Conversations – Do your teachers do this? @aaron_hogan @burgessdave

5/24 If Supporting Student Passion Is So Important, What Do We Do If They Don’t Have Any? This is my latest guest post for Charles Carpenter. @DrDougGreen

5/24 Guiding Students to Drive Their Curriculum – A structured framework for engaging middle school students in planning out their own lines of inquiry. @hilarywhamilton @edutopia

5/20 Simple Advice: Enjoy the Kids – This is a great piece of advice for all teachers and parents. @DavidGeurin

5/19 Why Google Maps—not Netflix or Amazon—Points to the Future of Education – For years, education techno-enthusiasts have awaited breathlessly the arrival of an “Amazon” or “Netflix of Education.” Could Google Maps be the better metaphor? @michaelbhorn @EdSurge

5/19 28 Ways to Incorporate a Growth Mindset Concept in the Classroom – Don’t just assume it will happen by itself. Also, see my Summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @Candace_Davies @CarollDweck

5/19 Trevor MacKenzie: Five ideas for bringing an inquiry mindset into your classroom – Start by asking students what their curiosities and interests and passions are. @trev_mackenzie @coolcatteacher

5/18 Twenty Questions Every Parent Should Ask Teachers – Here are some questions parents ideally would be asking to better clarify what’s happening in the classroom. @terryheick @TeachThought @Rdene915

5/17 Start from the curriculum and work backwards from there. Do not try to force technology into the curriculum. In other words, put the pedagogy first. @mcleod @conprin

5/17 True confessions from a principal who STRUGGLES with the last month of the school year. Be sure to read my comment if it clears moderation. @AllysonApsey @burgessdave

5/17 15 Mistakes I Made My First Year Teaching (and what I learned making them) I bet some more experienced teachers in your school are still making some of these. @ajjuliani @gormang

5/16 Supporting school libraries a real no-brainer. Studies prove of anything you can put in a school, a school library is the single most effective thing at closing the achievement gap. @otisrtaylorjr @sfchronicle @Larryferlazzo

5/16 Eleven Industries Being Disrupted By AI – Anyone looking for work or getting ready for college should read this. @druadh20 @cmswire @mi_jim @JimMarous @DeepLearn007

5/16 The New Librarian: How to lead a tech-integration revolution – A librarian shares 5 important lessons for helping teachers & students love to use tech. @eschoolnews @garybartanus @MattHarrisEdD

5/15 How to recover your energy quickly – Be sure to share with students as well. @moretime4u2

5/15 Teen entrepreneur Taj Pabari says we’re overstating the importance of coding for future work. Things like interpersonal skills, communication, and public speaking might be more important. @NWWHIGHAM @tajpmahal @newscomauHQ @mythsysizer @tombennett71

5/15 What is Personalized Learning? This is a big trend in education. Do you know what it is? @OfficeofEdTech @Medium @AnthonyStogni @CATeacherSummit

5/14 Breaking the Silence: Why All Educators Need To Be Advocates. What are you advocating for? @sandeeteach @Math912Teacher

5/14 Three lessons on innovating in PBL – A Pennsylvania district built a Fab Lab and has been blown away by its success. @eschoolnews @DonMartinCTV

5/13 Pay attention! 5 ways to improve your students’ attention spans – Note that the last one is take time for recess. @Kippy2002 @eschoolnews

5/13 Why Schools Should Focus More on “Innovation” Than “EdTech” – Technology will likely be present, but the focus should be on changing the mindset to continuously new and better ways to serve students. @gcouros @DonnaDeSiato

5/11 Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, But It Makes the Learner. Kids come to school curious. The trick is to keep them curious. @ruswalsh @DrMaryHoward @palan57 @plthomasEdD

5/10 What Happens When Students Decide How They Learn? Imagine if all schools were built with students’ voices and thoughts in mind. @GOODBrandStudio @XQAmerica @CarriSchneider @EHSBartleby

5/10 Putting an End to Fake Reading – Here are five ideas on how to get students to really read books—and enjoy themselves while doing so. @JoriKrulder @edutopia @aaron_hogan

5/10 Every Student Should Publish for the World. What are your students doing? @ShakeUpLearning

5/10 After 100 Years of the Same Teaching Model It’s Time to Throw Out the Playbook. What playbook is your school using? @MrZachG @MrMteach3

5/9 Five ways educators can become digital citizenship leaders – You may be a tech-savvy educator who brings digital age lessons and projects to your classroom but are you doing all you can to be a digital leader. @iste @ASchout10 @MrsMagyar

5/9 Seven Ways to Rethink How Your Students Present Their Work – Student presentations have come a long way in the last 20 years of education. @ATorrens84 @PaymanTaei @mrkempnz

5/8 25 Reading Strategies That Work In Every Content Area – Reading doesn’t change simply because you’re reading a text from another content area. Only sometimes it does. @rudytoot1 @TeachThought

5/8 Is this Finnish school the perfect design? The walls are coming down in Finland’s schools. Also going are divisions between subjects and age ranges, and students have more of a say in what they learn. @wef @kidworldcitizen @EduInfographics

5/8 Five Tips Teachers Can Use to Practice Self-Care & Set Boundaries – Share with teachers you know. This is also good advice for parents. @edmodo @TaraMartinEDU @gcouros

5/7 Ten Ways Successful Leaders Think Differently – Thinking differently begets behaving differently. @LollyDaskal @Chappy8611

5/7 The Grief of Accepting New Ideas – Changes in school or classroom practices unleash a variety of emotions. How can we support each other in the process? @rickwormeli2 @aaron_hogan

5/7 Three Ways Districts Can Use AR and AI – Is it time for these technologies to find a place in your classroom/home? @JustinAglio @eschoolnews

5/7 28 Ways to Incorporate a Growth Mindset Concept in the Classroom – Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @Candace_Davies @CarollDweck

5/6 Seven Tips for Teaching Readers How to Recognize Bias – When students are learning about research topics and current events, they must also know how to recognize bias. @kimberleygmoran @WeAreTeachers @lisa_hollenbach @TeachingChannel

5/6 What to Do on Lame Duck School Days – There is no reason to waste this time. @cultofpedagogy @mwniehoff @Gregbagby

5/6 Ten Ways to Help Students Achieve Online Learning Success – If your virtual learning environment isn’t producing the desired results, here’s some help. @edtechdigest @garybartanus

5/6 Navigating a “No Zero” Policy – This alternative to the zero is that students must complete fully all work assigned or no credit can be assigned for the course. @plthomasEdD @JosieHolford

5/5 How young is too young to start introducing students to future careers? One California district’s “World of Work” program starts in kindergarten. @TaraGarciaM @hechingerreport @garybartanus

5/5 25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently – How many do teachers you know do? @rudytoot1 @TeachThoughtPD

5/5 The 10 PBL Commandments – Be sure to show this two-minute rap animation to your students prior to starting a project. @burgessdave @TaraMartinEDU

5/5 Getting Started with PBL: Do One Thing Really Well. Trying to do too much can be a problem. @JennyPieratt @TeachingChannel @lisa_hollenbach

5/4 Digital Tools That Help Students Find Their Passions – Digital tools make it a bit simpler to link students to the topics that they are passionate about. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd @Mapartapa

5/4 Here’s How to Find Out How Racist Your Kids’ School Is. This might be a good data analysis project for students to take on. It could make a difference. @samswey @Colorlines

5/2 Want Better Thought Leadership? Tell Better Stories. How exactly do you define thought leadership? @MESlayter @ManagingEdMag @tmilse @MarketingProfs

5/2 Eight Tips For Teachers Frustrated With Technology – Consider posting this graphic in your faculty room. @terryheick @TeachThought @MAddosare

5/2 Five Best Practices for STEM Education Spaces – If your school is focussing on STEM or wants to read this. @wyliewong @EdTech_K12 @mraspinall

5/2 Five ways to improve your students’ attention spans – 45 percent of a student’s day is spent listening; shouldn’t we do everything we can to improve their skills? @Kippy2002 @eschoolnews

5/1/18 Colleges’ insane effort to keep students perfectly safe – The school plays football and has a boxing club but doesn’t allow students to hike or kayak as part of the outing club. This makes no sense. @BrendanClarey @nypost

4/29 Dad outraged by sexually explicit question on daughter’s homework assignment. How would you rewrite this question to get at the concept? @jenearlyspeakin

4/29 Preserving the Early Excitement of STEAM – An educator argues for keeping the creative spark of primary school STEAM education as students move into middle school. @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @IDODI

4/29 The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids. Today’s young children are working more, but they’re learning less. @ErikaChristakis @TheAtlantic @Anniekidder @pasi_sahlberg @drjeanforkids

4/28 Dear Administrators – A Few Ideas to Motivate Teachers – Share with administrators you know. @pernilleripp

4/27 Questions Before Answers: What Drives a Great Lesson? Students engage more passionately when trying to answer a question that interests them. @edutopia @dalstonEDU @Mr_KCullen

4/27 How One Weird Finding Changed My Perspective on Grades. The students who show the most growth were those who receive comments alone without grades. @hhschiaravalli @Medium @mjjohnson1216 @rickwormeli2

4/26 Test Prep Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming. I would rather have no test prep, but it you are doing it this might be better. @tweenteacher @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @mashupmath

4/26 Here’s What Happens When Every Student Gets a Personalized Learning Plan? @EdSurge @Aforbus @katiemartinedu

4/26 What Would Happen If Learning in School Became More Like Working at a Startup? At its most basic level, a startup is a learning machine. @reshanrichards @sjvalentine @HigherEdSurge

4/25 How Accurate Are Your Grades? I would like to see them go away, but they are still with us. @cultofpedagogy @gcouros @katiemartinedu

4/25 Mathematical Mindset Teaching Guide, Teaching Video and Additional Resources – This is a great free trove of resources for anyone who teaches math. Also see my summary of Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching by Jo Boaler. @joboaler @MrsSmithTMS

4/25 What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom – These technologies are making inroads and improving STEM opportunities in K–12 school districts. @museloose @EdTech_K12 @TaraLinney

4/25 Ten Principles Of Proficiency-Based Learning – Great Schools Partnership continues to produce great resources to support states and districts converting to competency education. @AnthonyStogni @DrAAlston

4/24 Teacherpreneurs – the Leaders of Future Education – Teacherpreneur is a new term that is gradually taking over as the role of teachers is getting more and more complex and elaborate. @TouchApp_uk @JamesRoy @Biocourseware

4/24 How One School Created a Makerspace – If you have one or are thinking of making one, this might help. @todd_burleson @Makerspaces_com @Eduporium

4/24 Five Core Principals of Time Management – There is also a free eBook here. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

4/24 Here Are Three Types of Administrators Who Drive Achievement—and Two Who Don’t. Which kinds do you have in your school? @EdSurge @MsGiroux @KenWallace207 @_AASPA_

4/23 How This School Library Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent – If you want to keep your school library, try increasing student use. @cultofpedagogy @RovannaB @ekitchen87

4/23 Why Believing in Your Students Matters – Research has demonstrated how teacher expectations influence student performance both positively and negatively. @katiemartinedu @iamDrWill

4/23 Eight Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom – How many do you see in classrooms you know? @gcouros @sallyngsh

4/22 High Quality Project-Based Learning: A Renewed Emphasis on the Student – We are thrilled to interview Bob Lenz and Brandon Wiley as they are launching High Quality PBL Framework. @pblbob @bwileyone @LeeAraoz @katiemartinedu

4/22 Helping Children Develop Emotional Literacy – Here are exercises that teachers and parents can use to help young children develop the ability to identify emotions. @edutopia @SELinSchools @DrEdwardMooney

4/22 Standardized Tests Have Always Been About Keeping People in Their Place. Here is just one more well-argued criticism of these tests. Also, see Why Teaching to the Test is Educational Malpractice. @StevenSinger3 @ameliadgvl @EdFocus

4/21 Four Telltale Signs You’re Negotiating With Somebody Who Is Dishonest – Teachers, principals, and parents need to read this as it applies to kids as well. @Dr_Sherrie @Entrepreneur @alvinlindsay21

4/21 Has Online Test Preparation Replaced Traditional Learning? There are A Multitude Of Options Available For Online Learning. Hence It Comes As No Surprise That These Opportunities Are Accessible Even To Students Preparing For Standardized Tests. @FranchiseeIndia @AnthonyStogni @educationbizin

4/21 Five Easy Ways to Kick-Start Reflection in Your Classroom – A reflective practice, is an important shift that should be a top goal in a learner-centered classroom. @HollyClarkEdu @alicekeeler

4/20 Tools for Project Based Learning: The Landscape Today – Project based learning (PBL) has, in recent years, taken its rightful place near the top of the list of challenging pedagogies that most educators agree are worth pursuing. @AdamKulaas @Getting_Smart @LeeAraoz @miriviv

4/20 Fighting Cuts: How To Keep Librarians in Schools. It may be time to fight for libraries in your district. Here’s how. @karayorio @sljournal @elissamalespina

4/20 Edtech playground: Helping teachers choose better tools – Share with the people who choose tools in your school. @NicLovesBooks @iste @rudytoot1

4/19 Setting the pace in schools – Here’s how to overcome the hurdles of giving students more control over their learning. @nmjackson @DA_magazine @Zalaznick @JiJiMath

4/19 Ten Innovative Formative Assessment Examples for Teachers to Know – How many do your teachers know and use? @leecrockett @glodigcit

4/19 Ten Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom – It is not only imperative for students to learn the required material, but also critical that students gain a sense of confidence toward their work, and find the motivation to expand their learning. @TeachThought @LittleBigPlanet

4/19 Three Good Places to Find Hands-on STEM Lessons -Things like Microsoft’s Hacking STEM Library, Exploratorium’s Science Snacks, and SciShow Kids Super Simple Machines offer exciting lessons. @rmbyrne @rudytoot1

4/17 New York’s education ‘leaders’ are hiding the ugly truth. The tests are shorter and scores will come out a month later. If this isn’t the sign of failed leadership, what is? Share with your local media. @NYPostOpinion

4/17 Why American Students Haven’t Gotten Better at Reading in 20 Years. The tests deal with content that students haven’t studied among other things. @natwexler @TheAtlantic @DennisDill @Doug_Lemov

4/17 a> – Most of this could be fixed if our policy maker would get their heads out of the sand. @ConversationUS @vijaysharma1122 @justins_aptaker

4/16 School Leadership: Using the iPad to assist daily activity. Jeff Bradbury sits down with Patrick Larkin from Burlington High School and Jessica Johnson to discuss how they use iPads and technology in their schools. @JeffBradbury @patrickmlarkin @PrincipalJ @garybartanus @TeacherCast

4/16 16 Curation Tools for Teachers and Students – Curation is absolutely necessary in the information age. @GAllenTC @ShakeUpLearning @trilearning @BMcClelland24

4/15 Why American Students Haven’t Gotten Better at Reading in 20 Years – In the United States test designers give students passages on a variety of topics that may have nothing to do with what they’ve learned in school. @natwexler @TheAtlantic

4/15 This Is How Much Sugar Your Kids are Consuming (And How To Reduce Sugar Intake) – The sugar industry has used some of the same tricks as the tobacco industry to promote a harmful product. @NewEnglandMomma @rockinmama @CHOCChildrens

4/15 40+ Projects that combine STEM with Art! – If your STEM projects don’t have an artistic aspect it’s time to give it a try. @PinkStripeySock @DrJacieMaslyk

4/15 Time to Ditch the SAT – Before your kids start the SAT prep game make sure that the colleges they want to apply to require it. Many don’t. @NTampio @GetUpStandUp2 @usnews @USNewsEducation @CollegeBoard

4/14 Want Your Employees to Rave About Your Leadership Skills? Make Sure Any of These 6 Things Happen Daily. @MarcelSchwantes @Inc

4/14 Ten Conversations That Can Start Your Next Project-Based Learning Unit – There are lots of cool resources here. Please share. @johnotterstedt @TeachThought @Rdene915

4/14 The Neuroscience Of Learning: 41 Terms Every Teacher Should Know – How many do you know already. Students should know them too. @judywillis @TeachThought @MarcelSchwantes

4/14 Why I Opt My Son Out of State Testing – This one mother’s story is something all parents and policymakers should read. @mssackstein @edweekteacher @JensBookPage

4/13 Three Tips to Make Any Lesson More Culturally Responsive – Culturally responsive teaching is less about using racial pride as a motivator and more about mimicking students’ cultural learning styles and tools. @Ready4rigor @cultofpedagogy @craftEDcm

4/13 Failure Is Essential to Learning. Failure is not a bad thing. It is a guaranteed and inevitable part of learning in any and all endeavors, and especially as a learning organization. @pblbob @edutopia @DrJacieMaslyk

4/13 Three Things Great Teachers Do Differently – Superstar teachers that students love and respect are the ones that think outside the box on a daily basis and make learning fun for everyone. @cpoole27 @RickJetter

4/11 Eight Ways to Lead- A Mindset Shift for Teachers Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. @sandeeteach @Medium @stdulmage

4/11 Taking Research to the Next Level in Project-Based Learning – The goal is to make research simple and to demystify the process with solid scaffolding. @spencerideas @iamDrWill @katiemartinedu

4/11 Eight tips For Teachers Frustrated With Technology – The big idea is to learn a little at a time and don’t be overwhelmed. @terryheick @TeachThought @OneBryanPL

4/10 These countries are best at preparing kids for the jobs of the future. It’s no surprise that the US doesn’t score well when it comes to collaboration. @wef @jenhegna

4/10 How To Burn Yourself Out As A Teacher – Be sure to share with the teachers you know. @terryheick @TeachThoughtPD @Mapartapa

4/10 Expect the Unexpected from Ed Tech’s Next Big Thing. It’s time to move beyond incremental changes in the classroom. @NoApp4Pedagogy @EdTech_K12 @PersonaLearn

4/10 Retakes Do Not Promote Laziness. They Exemplify Compassion. I’m a big fan of retakes. This might be a good faculty meeting discussion. @lisa_westman @EdWeekTeacher @TinaKpat

4/9 Four ways to lead school improvement with and through others – @richard_bruford @conprin @DavidFifeP

4/9 Why I am an Optimist about Fixing Special Education – Also see Miriam’s book Special Education 2.0: Breaking Taboos to Build a NEW Education Law. @MiriamKF1 @Medium

4/8 Christina Hull: Black Educators Matter – If you want to make your network more diverse, sign up for Dr. Will’s podcast. @iamDrWill

4/8 Grappling With Real-World Problems – Project-based learning can focus on real community issues to combine content and student interests. Is this happening at your school? @maggiedc @edutopia @Gregbagby @chrisclinewcps

4/8 Eight Things to Keep in Mind When Executing a Digital Transformation – By following a process, K–12 leaders can be assured they are making the most of education technology. @E_Sheninger @EdTech_K12 @RickettsKate

4/7 10 Steps to Create an Engaging Classroom – Number 10 is probably the most important. @HillMrispo @ASCD @melanieawelsh

4/7 The 10-Minute Teacher Show with Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher – This episode features this author talking about my new book. @coolcatteacher @STLinATL @DrDougGreen

4/5 How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything. This is good advice for students of any age. @RyanHoliday @thrive @Medium

4/5 Why Do Some Educators Burn Out While Others Seem to Grow More Passionate? Share with any new teachers you know. @DavidGeurin

4/5 How do you focus on being innovative while still teaching the curriculum? What you should try to get people to understand is that how to teach the curriculum, often, is the innovation. @gcouros

4/4 Why I am an Optimist about Fixing Special Education – Start at the bottom with Miriam’s three recommendations. @MiriamKF1

4/4 Seven Ways to Inspire Divergent Thinking in the Classroom – This article explores how to integrate divergent thinking into our everyday classroom practices. @spencerideas @curriculumblog @gcouros

4/4 The 30 Best Science Websites for Grades K-12 – Have your science teachers check them out as a team. @sustainteach @WeAreTeachers @ChrisWeissCT @cultofpedagogy

4/4 The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership – Research shows how leaders can take the high road less traveled. What are your leaders doing? @JeffreySchwartz @ArtKleiner @DBaker007 @stratandbiz

4/3 Five Time-Tested Ways To Build Leadership Credibility – Employees respond well to consistent behavior from their management. @VictorLipman1 @Forbes @Gregbagby @E_Sheninger

4/3 Why We Desperately Need To Bring Back Vocational Training In Schools. What is happening in your school district? @nicholas_wyman @Forbes @nbreitholtz @E_Sheninger

4/3 A Project-Based Learning Spectrum: 25 Questions To Guide Your PBL Planning – How do your PBL efforts stack up? @terryheick @TeachThought @Romdhanifaten

4/3 Six Tips For Creating A Positive Learning Environment In Your Classroom – Are your rules negative or positive? @erhubbell @ASCD @OneBryanPL

4/1/18 How The Women Of ‘Black Panther’ Teach Us Four Key Leadership Styles – Bravery, integrity, curiosity and protectiveness all form powerful leadership cornerstones. Any student who has seen this film should read this. @nerdette @amandakobeshimi @ForbesCoaches

4/1/18 What School Could Be—and What Education Investors Get Wrong – This guy looks like he gets it unlike a lot of other business types. @dintersmith @tonywan @DrKatrinaKeene @JMcKeanK12

4/1/18 What Happens When Teachers Take Creative Risks? Every failure is another step closer to success. Scroll down and start with the short [1:42] animation. @spencerideas @TrevorMuir

4/1/18 Five Good Story Starters for Students – The first is a app you can run on your phone or tablet. @rmbyrne @guionyguionista

3/31 You can lead by empowering others. When considering the traits that foster good leadership, you need to start by considering the people you work with. @mcguirp @marvellousmeapp @InnovateMySchl

3/31 The Process is the Product. The opportunities teachers create for students are much more powerful when teachers teach students to create them for themselves. @gcouros

3/31 Twenty Excellent YouTube Channels for Math Teachers – Make sure that math teachers you know get this. @medkh9 @mraspinall

3/30 Ten Student Lead Discussion Strategies for Increased Student Engagement – If you struggle with student led discussion strategies this is for you. @lindsayannlearn @antraasa @CHSICs

3/30 Twelve Types Of Blended Learning – Find The Model That Works For You. Blended Learning is not so much an innovation as it is a natural by-product of the digital domain creeping into physical spaces. @TeachThought @rudytoot1

3/30 Twenty easy ways to collaborate globally with your class now – Video calls and collaborative digital tools let us connect in powerful ways. They let our students experience and learn from others in diverse locations in deep ways. @jmattmiller @rudytoot1

3/29 The Modern Apprenticeship – Take A New Look at an Old Career Path. Time to consider if your school should offer them. @remakelearning

3/29 PBL Is Not Just For Talented and Gifted Students. Unfortunately, this is the case in many schools. Time to make this change. @andredaughty @MStoraasli @BIEpbl

3/29 This is Why Teachers Must Continue Encouraging Learner Creativity – Why is creativity important and how can it benefit learners? @leecrockett @glodigcit

3/28 Restorative Practices Starts with Empathy. Shift the way you approach behavior challenges, by empowering students with the skills to do well. @MsVenturino @Rdene915 @torreytrust

3/28 A Word of Caution Before Hiring a Director of Personalized Learning – Taking a position with a title that includes a buzzword is risky, especially in a school. @blairtheblur @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @JasonMelt

3/28 Teaching digital citizenship with picture story books – Make sure that they are in your school’s library. @jmattmiller @misskyritsis

3/28 FIve-Minute Writing Conferences – How to make conferencing on essays with 30 students manageable and effective—and the unexpected benefit conferences can bring. Have some of your teachers give this a try. @JoriKrulder @edutopia

3/26 High School Tackle Football: Its Origins Foretell Its Future – Industrial America required workers to be dependable, in good physical shape, able to work as part of a team and, above all, obedient. It was widely believed that football instilled these characteristics. @JohnGerdy @Medium

3/26 How to Measure Success Without Academic Achievement – We have to get past standardized tests. Here are some ideas. @DrKatrinaKeene @SchoolCounsCent @EdSurge

3/26 Audit slams city over ‘troubling’ grade-fixing fallout. Expecting schools to raise graduation rates seems like a bad idea. @SusanBEdelman @VolunteerAnne @nypost

3/26 Ten timeless tips for teaching with technology – See how many of these ideas are happening in classrooms you know. @jmattmiller @MrSchoenbart

3/25 Characteristics of a Student Centered Classroom – How do classrooms you know stack up? @14priyankagupta @etr_in @RickettsKate @megha_nagpal

3/25 How Should We Measure the Impact of Makerspaces? If your school doesn’t have one it’s time to start. @llbusch @EdSurge @MarkFraver @steamlearnlab

3/25 A World that is Asking for Continuous Creation – Carol Dweck identified five key areas in which the actions of people of opposing mindsets often diverge: challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism, and success of others. @gcouros @BonnieCazer

3/25 Getting Around the Gradebook: How (and Why) to Go Gradeless – If you haven’t seen the TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson mentioned here be sure to watch it. @amyrass @litreader @LDennibaum @LDennibaum @hhschiaravalli @JoyKirr

3/24 Intentional Classroom Design: Purposeful versus Pretty – This is how one teacher sets up her room. @egchapma @deem_ellen

3/24 Google Spent Years Studying Effective Managers. The Most Successful Leaders Had This Mindset. Google studied 10,000 manages and identified eight habits of its best bosses. @MSchneiderTwts @Inc @ranaflorida

3/24 Eight TED-Ed Lessons That Can Engage Students – TED-Ed Lessons are among the resources that help students learn while engaging them in the subject matter. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

3/23 How Instructional Leaders Can Create Healthy Work-Life Boundaries – If you don’t take care of yourself first, you are no good to anyone else. @eduleadership

3/23 How Teaching Is Changing: 15 Challenges For The 21st Century Teacher – It’s more about personalization than standardization. @terryheick @TeachThought @rudytoot1

3/22 Relationships, Risk-Taking, and Innovation – All students need someone will push them to take risks in their learning, while having their back if things go wrong. @gcouros

3/22 To Teach Digital Citizenship Effectively, Educators Say It’s Time to Unblock Social Media. What are they blocking at your school? @JennyAbamu @EdSurge @edmodo @s_bearden

3/22 Twenty Five Things Successful Teachers Do Differently – How many do your teachers do? @TeachThought @julie_deneen @jeff_scott2

3/21 How to turn students into entrepreneurs – This is the story of one project in one school that might get others thinking. @iCEVonline @eschoolnews

3/21 Nine Quick Tips for Taking Ownership of Your PD – These tips are for teachers looking to make the most of the knowledge within their own school building, maximize their use of social media, and connect with faraway teachers. @ClassTechTips @rudytoot1

3/21 Want To Start School Later? Avoid These 10 Common Traps. Moving start times later is good for students, but not so convenient for adults. Good luck. @terraziporyn @HealthyHours @HuffPostEdu

3/20 Fiveways to buoy early science learning at home
More parents would focus on science-related activities with their young children if they knew how to actually engage in such activities. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

3/19 Fifteen Reflection Strategies To Help Students Retain What You Just Taught Them – Modeling the use of each up front can go a long way towards making sure you get the quality of work you’d like to see. @terryheick @TeachThought

3/19 Will Letter Grades Survive? A century-old pillar of the school system is under fire as schools look to modernize student assessment. @laura11D @edutopia @mikelubelfeld @UnlearningLead

3/19 Ten Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students – Teachers of all subjects should participate in this vital mission. @artofcoaching1 @edutopia @sstorm01

3/18 Try This Exercise to Be a Better Speaker, and Have More Fun in a Room Full of People. This nugget of mental jiu-jitsu has turned many nervous people into great speakers. @johnbates @Inc @GoogleExpertUK

3/18 12 books every aspiring leader should read, according to a Stanford professor. I’ve read five of them and they are all very good. @work_matters @businessinsider @teamleap @wef

3/18 12 Strategies For Creating An Atmosphere Of Problem-Solving In Your Classroom – The idea is to create situations where students have to think for themselves. @EDmerger @TeachThought @deannamascle

3/17 Four Hour PD – How will you use your professional development time this week? Consider reading my book as part of the professional reading part. @RACzyz

3/17 Why Change (How You Teach)? Unfortunately, the onld one-size-fits-all approach is much easier. @MrZachG @CliffGoodacre @EmergingEdTech

3/17 Students Learn More When THEY Do the Work. Who is doing the work in your classroom? @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

3/17 Three Ways to Unlock the Wisdom of Colleagues – Sometimes the best ideas are inside your own school. @suzieboss @edutopia

3/16 Why Tech-Enabled Teachers Say Goodbye to the Classroom – Lack of respect and pay are two big reasons. @journoinred @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @m4ttbit

3/16 Six Strategies For Creating An Inquiry-Driven Classroom – Curiosity is a powerful catalyst for learning. @TeachThought @rudytoot1

3/16 How Letting Students Teach Can Lead to Their Best Learning Ever – Letting students teach is scary but it’s also a great way for them to learn. @glodigcit @SerraRoseli

3/15 Using Gamification in Teacher Professional Development – If you asked a room of teacher if they would rather work, play, or participate in professional development, professional development would likely come in last. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate @RickettsKate

3/15 In High School, the Kids Are Not All Right. With social and academic pressure mounting, a teacher shares what he’s learned about tracking his students’ mental well-being. @mamawolfeto2 @edutopia

3/15 Are you serving the learner or the score? What are teachers in your school doing? @gcouros

3/15 Technology Changes. The Skills We Believe in Don’t. Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome. @plugusin @Chappy8611 @NLearning

3/14 Why This Teacher Says Instant Feedback Is Where The Action Is. How much instant feedback happens in classrooms you know. @hackmylearning @AngelaStockman @markbarnes19

3/14 Easy, Informal Professional Development – Opening your classroom so your fellow teachers can just drop by and observe is a low-pressure way to collaborate and share best practices. @MrKrapels @misskyritsis @edutopia

3/14 Fifteen Rules of Great Teaching – How many do you subscribe to? @terryheick @rudytoot1 @TeachThought

3/13 How our district is narrowing the digital divide – Start by giving each student a laptop. The kids without access at home can download what they need at home at school. @trendycio @eschoolnews @DeKalbSchools @ISTE

3/13 Three Thoughts for Improving Attendance in Schools – There is a subtle difference between “How do we increase student attendance?” and “How do we create an environment where students want to attend school?” @gcouros @mcleod @conprin

3/13 Your state’s teachers are underpaid. Find out by how much. There are lots of data here for your students to analyze. @alv9n @voxdotcom

3/10 Ten years of school testing have hardly made a difference. Principals say it’s time for a change. Looks like standardized testing hasn’t worked in Austrailia either. Maybe they will make a change. @NC_Robinson @abcnews @johnqgoh @HaskettsHSC

3/10 How Robots Can Help Sick Kids Attend School – There is no reason kids can’t attend school from home. This could also work for kids who are suspended. @trilearning @Lynch39083

3/10 Avoiding Teacher Burnout – Too many teachers leave the profession too soon. This might help. @glodigcit @SerraRoseli

3/10 15 Questions to Replace ‘How Was School Today?’ These questions will help you draw out important information from your kids. @artofcoaching1 @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @rmcotey

3/9 Five Ways to Prep Your Kids for Daylight Saving Time – You don’t have to change bedtime one hour all at once. @DinaRothPort @parentsmagazine @james_minter

3/9 What Separates a Good Blended Learning Program From a Bad One? Any school that has or is considering a 1:1 program should read this. @beccarecco @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @LakotaSuper

3/8 10 Good Educational Websites for Music Teachers – These resources include web tools for creating music, music sheets to learn composition, interactive games to introduce young learners to basic musical notations, lesson plans, activities, and many more. @medkh9 @EdTechFam

3/8 Kids learn better when they’re moving. Alexia Young loves to keep her third-grade class on the move. You should too. @CarolineBmn @ChalkbeatTN @MrsJSweeney @E_Sheninger

3/8 Grammar Girl’s Editing Checklist – Print out the checklist and keep it on your desk as a handy reference to use when you’re editing. Also look for Grammer Girl’s podcast on Stitcher. @GrammarGirl @mtechman

3/7 Try This Exercise to Be a Better Speaker, and Have More Fun in a Room Full of People. All educators and older students should read this. @johnbates @Inc @GoogleExpertUK

3/7 Open Your Door: Why We Need to See Each Other Teach – This may not be easy, but it can help make you better. @cultofpedagogy @jesslahey

3/7 Want To Be Perceived As a Great Leader? Know this Now. All educators are really leaders. @garnettl @Inc @8Amber8 @gcouros

3/6 PD is Getting So Much Better. Readers tell Jeniffer Gonzalez about all the innovative ways their schools and districts are reinventing professional learning for teachers. @cultofpedagogy @TonySinanis

3/6 Sometimes Misbehavior Is Not What It Seems. Here are examples of seeing misbehavior from a new perspective. @edutopia @Tastenspieler

3/6 New Teachers: How to Talk to Parents – A veteran teacher shares what she’s learned in the course of 26 years. Big picture: A little empathy goes a long way. @terrieichholz @edutopia

3/5 Six Tips For Creating A Positive Learning Environment In Your Classroom – Share with teachers you know. @hpitler @ASCD @jon_wennstrom

3/5 Letter Grades Deserve an F. If the purpose of academic grading is to communicate accurate and specific information about learning, letter, or points-based grades, are woefully blunt and inadequate. @jesslahey @TheAtlantic @mraspinall

3/5 Ten Easy Ways To Create an Amazing #ClassroomCulture – Simple things can make a significant difference in our classroom environments, yet we should be intentional about them. @gcouros @JCasaTodd

3/4 Eight Traits of Outstanding People – Hard to argue with this. @Dr_Sherrie @Entrepreneur @MSchneiderTwts @emfriesen

3/4 Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign – Some of the immediate benefits of flexible seating include burning more calories. @TopDogTeaching @edutopia @tedfujimoto @cultofpedagogy

3/4 Meet Three Schools That Will Personalize Learning. Here are snapshots from three distinctly different schools taking part in the program. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

3/4 15 Biggest Challenges Women Leaders Face And How To Overcome Them – Share with women and girls you know. @DBaker007 @guzmand @PhilipCullen @forbes @UKMercer

3/3 Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters – How do you rate the quality at your school? @lernbetr @edutopia @alysoncarp1 @ReidGenise

3/3 How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects – The excerpt below is from the book “Inquiry Mindsets: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners,” by Trevor MacKenzie. @trev_mackenzie @MindShiftKQED @drfurman

3/3 Computer Science Goes Beyond Coding – Computer science is about solving problems using computers and coding (or programming) is about implementing these solutions. @DrKatrinaKeene @Trai_Tech @EdSurge

3/3 Six Must-Have School Spaces for Project-Based Learning – Project-based learning (PBL), a model where students solve problems by taking on real-world projects, is growing in popularity throughout the United States. @AnthonyStogni @Getting_Smart @DavidGeurin

3/2 How the Right Classroom Design Can Improve Students’ Performance – Time for your teachers to rethink classroom design? @mrkempnz @deem_ellen

3/2 Empowering My Flipped Classroom – This is a book review of Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Learning by John Spencer and AJ Juliani. @spencerideas @ajjuliani @weltyteaching @TaraMartinEDU

3/1 You can’t teach empathy — but project-based learning can. @NicLovesBooks @iste @Angela_Watson @cinehead

3/1 How to Develop a Successful Maker Space – If your school doesn’t have one it probably will before long. Here are some good ideas. @Lynch39083 @demeka03

3/1 The 10 Successful Habits of Master Teachers – How many do teachers you know have? @Perapiteticus @TalksWTeachers

3/1 Exploring the Benefit Mindset – Helping students see how they can have a positive influence on their community and the world goes beyond teaching and modeling empathy. @RewardingEdu @edutopia

2/28 Lesson Revamps for High Agency Learning – How much of this is going on in your school? @juliedavisEDU @E_Sheninger

2/28 Why We All Need Mentors and How to Make it Happen – One of the most important roles for educators today is that of being a mentor for students and peers. @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart

2/28 A Modern Solution to the Problem of Teacher Absences – This makes a lot of sense. It offers better learning at a saving. @LianaLoewus @EducationWeek

2/28 Simple Steps to Teach Kids How to Program – Teaching kids to code starts with helping them understand the concepts behind coding before you get into syntax. @coolcatteacher @CorwinPress

2/26 Making a PRE-SCHOOL Experience ‘The CHILD’s SECOND HOME.’ As the child takes the first step into a new world, it’s essential that this transition is a joyful ride for both – parent & child. @etr_in @MarkFraver

2/26 Eleven Great Kid-Safe Search Engines – Which search engine do your kids use? These are also ad-free. @medkh9 @Mapartapa @BookCreatorApp

2/26 Showcase Student Work with bulb a Must-Have Digital Portfolio Tool. How does your school celebrate and showcase student work? @ClassTechTips @bulbapp @rudytoot1

2/25 60 Ways Math Teachers Can Use Google Classroom – Google Classroom is great for any subject area, especially math. @alicekeeler @melanieawelsh

2/25 Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions – With a little help from technology, a young filmmaker, musician, writer, or artist can pursue their work like a pro. @cultofpedagogy @jdtriver

2/25 Teaching with Instagram – You know your students probably use it so this may motivate them. @Romdhanifaten @Marisa_C

2/25 ClassPulse – Gather Feedback from Students – There are a number of products that do this. If you haven’t used any, give this a try. @ClassPulse @rmbyrne

2/24 Exam Stress Tips: 3 Ideas to Help Teenagers Reduce Exam Stress – Most teenagers are headed into the most stressful time of the academic year: final exams. @YourTeenMag

2/24 10 Essential Characteristics of a 21st Century Educator – It is not technology that is having the biggest influence on what we do; it is the speed of change being thrust upon us. @gcouros

2/24 Teaching at the Gym – In this episode the focus on the similarities we can see between working out in the gym and teaching in the classroom. @cpoole27

2/24 “Writing Sucks!” 6 Ways to support reluctant writers in any lesson. Here are six cross-curricular ways to support reluctant or struggling writers in your lessons. @WallaceIsabella @CrownHousePub @SESN19

2/22 Research: Men Get Credit for Voicing Ideas, but Not Problems. Women Don’t Get Credit for Either. If the people in your culture know this, they should be able to do something about it. @HarvardBiz @JanOwenAM

2/22 Of course algebra is important. It’s also a huge problem. For too many students, algebra is not the gateway to mathematical literacy. It is the gatekeeper. Eighty percent of students enrolled at community colleges never fulfill the math requirement, and leave without graduating. @CathyNDavidson @valeriestrauss @PostSchools

2/20 Your Students Secretly Hate Vacations. Unfortunately, many of our students secretly hate them. And worse than vacation is the dreaded “holiday vacation.” It’s the worst. @benschersten

2/20 Six Tips For Creating A Positive Learning Environment In Your Classroom – How many do teachers in your school do? @ASCD @LeeAraoz @hpitler

2/19 To foster a love of art in children, we must teach it at primary school. What’s happening in your elementary school? @PrimaArtClass @ChristyBranham1 @GuardianTeach

2/19 Five Ways To Help Students Ask Better Questions – There are few things that can serve a student better than being able to ask the right question at the right time. @terryheick @sjaafar @DavidGeurin @TeachThought

2/19 How Personalized Learning Starts with Less Teacher Talk, More Student Voice – We need to personalize education rather than standardize it. @angecooper @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @MullerChrisM

2/19 The five-paragraph fetish – Writing essays by a formula was meant to be a step on the way. Now it’s the stifling goal for student and scholar alike. @DLabaree @aeonmag @KevinMEnglish @pennykittle

2/18 Three ways to help students think and act as scientists – How much time do your kids spend thinking like scientists? @eschoolnews

2/16 Are You Making the Most of Your Interactive White Board? From what I’ve seen the answer is probably no. This should help. @cultofpedagogy @pomdr

2/16 How This UN Role-Playing Game Helps Teachers Solve Complex Challenges Together – What does it mean to truly collaborate? For a group of teachers last spring, it meant stepping outside their own roles and trying on someone else’s point of view. @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @OranTkatchov

2/16 How to Maintain Your School Culture When Welcoming New Staff and Students – Schools with strong culture have traditions that ensure that the newcomers feel welcome. @ASCD @Jennifer_Hogan @HillMrispo

2/16 How to talk to kids about tragic events – After horrific events like shootings or attacks by terrorists, parents are faced with this dilemma: What do I tell my kids? @kellywallacetv @pammoran @CNN

2/15 How Can We Begin Developing Imagination in Our Older Learners? By developing imagination we expand the mind to receive possibilities in learning. @leecrockett @glodigcit

2/15 Ten Science-Backed Tips For Bringing Up Your Child Gender Neutral – Most followers of this concept simply aim to bring up their children in an environment free from gender stereotypes. @hvthomson @forbes @SitAtTheTable @HeForShe

2/15 How Pineapple Charts Revolutionize Professional Development – If you are tired of one-size-fits-all professional development, give this a try. @cultofpedagogy @KFelicello

2/15 No Student Is Unreachable. Spend as much time describing what the child can do as what the child can’t do, and don’t give up. @jeffreybenson61 @TeachThought @Rdene915

2/14 Empty Chairs Matter – Every day I go around the classroom and greet every child by name, and I inquire about the empty chairs. If a child is out, I want all of the other kids to know that child is important to me. @coolcatteacher @MarkSBabbitt

2/14 Five ways to move to personalized, competency-based education – How personalized are the classes in your school? @eSN_Laura @eschoolnews

2/14 Nine Ways to Cultivate Courage in Kids to Find Their Hero Within – Where is cultivating courage in your school’s curriculum? @micheleborba @james_minter

2/14 The Key To Raising A Happy Child – Agency may be the one most important factor in human happiness and well-being. @NPRCoryTurner @npr_ed @sjaafar @NowEntertain_Us

2/11 Elementary School Homework Probably Isn’t Good for Kids. A powerful combination of superstition and questionable research ensures young kids hit the books instead of just, you know, reading them. @PatrickAColeman @FatherlyHQ @mraspinall

2/11 Dear Parents: Here’s What You Should Know About Letter Grades. More than anything else, they’re reductionist. Imagine rating your marriage or own job performance based on a single letter. @terryheick @TeachThought @Romdhanifaten

2/11 Grades: Is There a Better Way to Measure Learning? It seems like there has to be. @EducatorsRoom @AprilleHurst @ReadWrite111

2/10 Six TED Talks about failing forward – Check out these six TED Talks on failing forward and what it means to persist despite unexpected outcomes. @eschoolnews @dlaufenberg @ramymahmoud21 @jimharshaw

2/10 Creating Powerful Student Learning Experiences with Escape Rooms – One teacher found amazing resources to make the process seamless. Here’s what he learned. @MsAmberChandler @Getting_Smart

2/10 Five Questions to Ask Your Students To Start the School Year – See if you can guess what some of them are before looking. @gcouros

2/10 The Power of Personal Purpose and Value in PBL – We need to balance what students need to learn with experiences that allow students to apply knowledge with purpose and value. That is where Project Based Learning comes into play. @PrincipalHardin @Horizons93 @BIEpbl

2/9 Tech Upgrades Begin with Professional Development. Massive technology and classroom upgrades must be cemented by first supporting teachers and administrators. @JPassut @EdTech_K12 @JamesRoy @Edu_Gig

2/9 The Flipped Feedback Experiment – The idea is to do the final grading with students, instead of doing the grading in isolation. @theteachingexp @carlameyrink @oveucsj

2/9 Schools Tap Students to Provide IT Help Desk Support. Does your school do this yet? @tynanwrites @EdTech_K12

2/8 Sharing Lessons, Resources & Ideas Through Video – How do share your favorite lesson ideas with colleagues? Videos make it easy to capture ideas and share them with other educators. @ClassTechTips @rudytoot1

2/8 Nick Foles Just Gave Teachers A Gift Of A Great SEL Lesson. What does Nick Foles say about failure? What does he say about comparing you

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