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9/26 Math Teachers Take a Page From English/Language Arts: Comic Books. Math teachers: What if you could use the colorful stories of comic books to teach multiplication, prime numbers, and linear equations? Would you? @cgewertz @EducationWeek

9/26 Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners. Introduce game dynamics like leveling up and earning badges into your classroom to boost student engagement. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @rudytoot1 @web20classroom

9/26 Straight from the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Teaching the Science of a Growth Mindset – GEM is a new curriculum designed for teaching a growth mindset, social and emotional learning (SEL), and mindfulness for PreK-3rd-grade learning communities. @MindsetWorks @Brainology @CarolDweckDSU

9/25 Early Elementary: Differentiate Reading Practice – This is what a reading practice could look like in a station rotation model. @Catlin_Tucker @travislape

9/25 From piano to programming – Moving from teaching music to teaching computer science may not seem the most natural step, but one teacher has successfully made the leap. @BrantHelen @WeAreComputing @clcsimon

9/24 Teachers Deserve Better: What Makes PD Actually Work? Consider signing up for this webanar. @jwhitby1 @jill_abbott @jmao121 @umpstead @Gregbagby @Rdene915 @2gnoME

9/24 It’s Vital to Focus on Student Engagement. Show me a teacher who isn’t always on the lookout for good classroom-management ideas, and I’ll show you an educator who is fairly clueless. @Larryferlazzo

9/9 Explaining the Value of the Liberal Arts – I think you should get the liberal arts done in high school so you can focus on a career in college. @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

9/9 Professional Development: What Do Educators Really Need? Contrary to the popular perception that teachers have their “summers off,” many teachers take advantage of extra time during the summer to pursue personal and professional development. @Getting_Smart @RACzyz @Rdene915

9/9 Three Attractive Leadership Traits That Motivate Millennials – In just a few short years, Millennials – a generation of workers born after 1981 – will surpass Baby Boomers as the largest segment of U.S. employees. By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. @StefaniYorges

Excess Teacher Responsibilities are Stealing Bonding Time with Students Is the first thing students see upon entering the classroom is a head scanning papers or a smiling face? @Bored_Teachers @MoniseLSeward @palan57

9/8 Pasi Sahlberg and Peter Johnson: How Finnish Schools Engage in Continuous Improvement. @pasi_sahlberg @DianeRavitch @MikeHynes5 @NPEaction

9/8 Michelle Weise: ‘We Need to Design the Learning Ecosystem of the Future.’ “Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous.” Jim Dator, futurist at the University of Hawaii-Manoa @rwmichelle @jimdator @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

9/7 NY Times Posts For English Language Learners – Linked With Descriptions – Larry Ferlazzo has been writing posts for The New York Times Learning Network for nearly seven years on teaching English Language Learners, and that adds up to a lot of posts! Many include online student activities and all include multiple teaching ideas. @Larryferlazzo @edublogs

9/7 Five things to say to students suffering from anxiety – If we really want to support our students’ social and emotional health, we must learn about their fears, struggles, and idiosyncrasies. @RavesiWeinstein @SueTonnesen

9/6 Teen in coma after developing severe lung disease from vaping. Share with teens you know. Vaping appears to be dangerous than we thought. @TamarLapin @nypost

9/6 The nonprofit Si Se Puede Foundation is widely recognized as a bridge-builder and leader in providing community programs that improve the quality of life and strengthen communities, families, and children. Please consider a donation. @WeAreDesertWAVE

9/6 Open Exploration in a Makerspace: What it is and Why We Need It – In a thriving makerspace, there is a balance. Design challenges allow students to work together on a similar theme coming from a design prompt. @DianaLRendina @aaronmaureredu

9/4 Giving Youth Sports Back to Kids – Youth sports programs are no longer about meeting the educational, developmental, health and recreational needs of children. They have become more about satisfying the ego needs of adults. @JohnGerdy

9/4 Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day…No Matter What by Angela Watson – In the book, Watson provides simple, practical strategies individual teachers can use to make their work less stressful and more enjoyable, without moving to a new district or changing anything that’s required of them. @Angela_Watson @cultofpedagogy @KerryHawk02

9/3 Seven ways to be a visible school leader this year – If leaders spend all of their time in their offices, how will they know what staff, students, and families need? @eschoolnews

9/3 Seven Legit Virtual Jobs for Teenagers – Is your teenager currently looking for employment opportunities or a side hustle that will allow them to work at home or remotely? @icsfblog @Home_and_Loving

9/3 Strive To Be A Servant Leader. This was how I lead and it’s a great attitude for any leader to have. @KFelicello @TeacherAndAdmin @LeaderChat

9/2 Ten essential discussions to have in any teacher team. Here are 10 discussions that teams should be having – not all at once, obviously, but over time, involving everyone. @teacherhead

9/2 The Secret to Bringing Out the Best in Others – Support too little and challenge too much – you kick butt. People are stressed and discouraged. Challenge too little and support too much – you coddle. People are comfortable and sleepy. @Leadershipfreak

9/1/2019 Harvard Just Discovered that PowerPoint is Worse Than Useless. The world’s top entrepreneurs (like Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Cuban) avoid it like the proverbial plague. @Sales_Source @Inc

9/1/2019 Let’s Give Our Teaching Language a Makeover. If the first thing you do is threaten a consequence you should read this. @cultofpedagogy @lorimcewen

9/1/2019 Fantastic Word Cloud Tools for Chromebooks – Students can analyze their own writing to see which words they use often (perhaps too often) among other things. @ericcurts @crockow8

8/31 Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning – Differentiated instruction gives students multiple options for taking in information, making sense of their ideas and then expressing what they know. @romcquill @BookCreatorApp @EdTechTeacher21 @BryanLMiller

8/31 The Six Facets Of Understanding: A Definition For Teachers. The framework was created by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe to work with and through their Understanding by Design model. @grantwiggins @jaymctighe @terryheickedu @TeachThought @ERobbPrincipal

8/31 The Scientific Debate Over Teens, Screens And Mental Health – One hypothesis that has gotten a lot of traction is that with nearly every teen using a smartphone these days, digital media must take some of the blame for worsening mental health. @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED @epi_kerrykeyes

8/31 Should Professors (a) Use Multiple Choice Tests or (b) Avoid Them At All Costs? They’re often ineffective as a teaching tool, they’re easy for students to cheat, and they can exacerbate test anxiety. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

8/30 Using Playlists to Differentiate Instruction – Now, Rhode Island teacher Tracy Enos shares her system for customizing instruction to meet the needs of every student. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99 @tweenteacher

8/30 Praise, Don’t Tease, And Other Tips To Help Kids With Their Weight – Sometimes parents misguidedly think that if they tease the child, that it will motivate them to try harder to lose weight. @MindShiftKQED @LittleNeilson @UConnRuddCenter

8/30 Innovation Often Means Teaching Against The Grain. Most progressive teaching models from Heutagogy, Constructivism, to PBL concern themselves essentially, as much as possible, with placing the process and outcomes of learning in the hands of the learner. @EDmerger @TeachThought @Rdene915

8/29 Your Strategies For Supporting Anxious Kids At Home And At School – Teachers and parents all over the country are noticing an increase in mental health issues, including anxiety, among students. @Kschwart @CalliWrights @MindShiftKQED

8/29 The Student Vaping Crisis: How Schools Are Fighting Back. With reports of at least one death linked to vaping and dozens of cases of teens and young adults recently hospitalized, school leaders are starting the new academic year even more anxious about the “epidemic” of e-cigarettes. @drsuperville @Educationweek

8/29 Five ways to make PBL work in ELL – PBL can be very powerful for students trying to learn a new language. @SmartBrief @Jechev

8/28 SAT drops supplemental ‘adversity score’ amid criticism The non-profit organization that administers SAT tests will drop the so-called “adversity score,” which combined neighborhood and school factors. @benfeuerherd @nypost

8/28 Teaching Students How to Ask for Help – Students first need to recognize that they need help, and then they need to know that they’ll be supported when they ask for it. @jshighered @edutopia @leighmragsdale @CISNational

8/28 Too many freshmen show up to high school unprepared. Could onboarding help? Before students begin an experience almost like a new job, more high schools are investing in an onboarding process. @caity_henderson @chalkbeatCHI @marlobarnett @ILRaiseYourHand

8/28 Five Simple Strategies That Can Help Any Student Learn – Empowered with some basic information about how the mind and brain work during learning, teachers can plan to use some new strategies for supporting high student achievement. @TeachThought

8/27 My Favorite Posts That Appeared In August – Larry Ferlazzo is one of the top education bloggers. Here are some great resources he has found and created. @Larryferlazzo

8/27 Six Tips for Managing the Feedback Workload – Providing feedback is proven to increase student learning, and there are ways to make the work involved more manageable. @betamiller @edutopia @cultofpedagogy

8/27 Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Teaching – Give to rookie teachers you know and read them yourself. @C_Hendrick

8/26 A Couple of Good Places to Find Icebreaker ActivitiesIcebreakers.ws is an online catalog of dozens of fun icebreaker and team builder activities. @rmbyrne @IceBreakersMint @Icebreakers

8/26 To Learn, Students Need to DO Something. If you have a lot of students failing your tests, and those students are showing up, then the problem is not them. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99

8/26 Pre-K Teachers Are Making House Calls. It’s Helping Kids Succeed. In more than 700 communities across the country, teachers are supporting students of all ages — and their parents — outside the classroom. @cdcaron @katherinezoepf @nytimes @sharemylesson @AFTteach

8/26 The Rethinking Learning Toolkit includes resources that can help you, your school, district, or organization transform teaching and learning for all learners. @bbray27 @sylviaduckworth @curriculumblog

8/25 Aim Higher: There is No Success without Courage. Courage is the most important of all virtues because without it we can’t practice any other virtue with consistency. Maya Angelou @SkipPrichard @Gurgling_MrD

8/25 How to Stock Your Classroom Library – Tips for bringing high-interest, culturally relevant books into your classroom on a modest budget. @WordLib @edutopia @SpanishPlaygrd

8/25 Why Competency-Based Education Stalled (But Isn’t Finished) – The idea can sound radical, since it often involves doing away with course structures as we know them, to focus on having students prove they can master a series of skills or concepts one at a time. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

8/24 Changing Paradigms from Adult-Centered to Student-Centered Learning in Schools: A Powerful Shift and Catalyst for Change. What if we built our schools, our schedules, our teaching around the needs of our students? @NASSP @SoundOutorg @EdReimagined

8/24 Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear, let’s ban elementary homework. Homework does have an impact on young students — but it’s not a good one. @HeatherShumaker @Salon @Begabungs

8/23 Voices in Tech: How edtech coaches aid classroom instruction. – A well-trained team of coaches helps teachers manage the potentially overwhelming integration of new technology. @NicholeAllmann @EDU_journalist @DA_magazine @Eduporium

8/23 Meet Hannah – She is a 13-year-old who is raising fund to establish a clothing and supplies bank for kids at her former elementary school. Consider donating via her GoFundMe page. Watch a news story about her. @abc7johngregory @abc7

8/23 What Is The Purpose Of A Question? What’s the difference between a good question and a bad question? @terryheickedu @TeachThought

8/23 Genius Hour in Elementary School – A teacher shares what she did and what she learned when she implemented Genius Hour in her fifth-grade class. @SmithMeshelle @jedikermit @spencerideas

8/22 Spending time in nature can benefit your child’s cognitive skills. @FuturityNews @chucksedwin1 @tveitdal

8/22 Teacher Responses that Foster a STEM Mindset – How many of these are you already using? @DrJacieMaslyk @stppLMC @DefinedSTEM

8/22 Getting to Know YOU with your Learner Profile. Kids and teachers need more information to figure out who they are as learners using Universal Design for Learning. @bbray27 @sarahdateechur @bbray27

8/21 Twenty Examples Of Digital Citizenship – We offer some specific examples of good digital citizenship from communicating with social media with clarity and respect to respecting other’s privacy. @TeachThought @Rdene915

8/21 Finding High-Quality Math Tasks Online – A guide to finding math work at every level of cognitive demand for elementary students, including problems that push their thinking. @stppLMC @cultofpedagogy @edutopia

8/21 Apple Shows What Chicago Students Can Do With Just Six Weeks of Code. After six weeks students showed off apps they made. @JinSooDHuh @EdSurge @AppleEDU @jimharmon
8/18 Four things one college did to more than double our graduation rate – From removing remediation to lowering student costs, this community college did all it could to improve graduation rates. @ecampusnews @desireemjewell

8/18 The Definition Of Digital Citizenship – As more and more students interact digitally–with content, one another, and various communities–the concept of digital citizenship becomes increasingly important. @terryheickedu @TeachThought

8/18 Why educators should consider scenario-based learning – It’s where learners are immersed in real-life and situational scenarios that let them gather skills and information. It’s just another face of learning by doing. @neolms @Yuri_Druzhinin

8/18 Get Students Talking with Ongoing Conversations. In our dreamiest of teacher dreams, some of us might imagine days when our students spontaneously erupt into complex, nuanced conversations about the things they’re learning in our classes. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99

8/17 Immersive Experiences in Education – A newly published white paper investigates the pedagogical theory and use cases for deploying mixed reality in the classroom. @alicebonasio @techtrends_tech @dan_bowen

8/17 Ten Strategies for Making the Target Language More Comprehensible – These tips look like winners to me. Share with language teachers and learners you know. @MundodePepita @tmsaue1 @profedenham

8/17 How Gamification Uncovers Nuance In The Learning Process – Gamification is simply the application of game-like mechanics to non-game ‘things.’ @terryheickedu @TeachThought @Rdene915

8/16 Does your school really have a chronic absence problem? Does your district’s chronic absence rate put you at risk under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)? @prismdecision

8/16 Innovate Inside the Box: Empowering Learners Through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and Katie Novak – The answer to creating innovative teaching and learning opportunities lies within you. @gcouros @KatieNovakUDL

8/16 Using Your Privilege​ for Good – It is only right to explore the oppression and privileges that our society may subject our students to. @MrPranPatel @CarinaHilbert

8/16 For the Love of Challenge: It’s All About Mindset. We Can Increase Motivation in the Classroom. @ElisaBostwick @LaVonnaRoth @IndritVucaj

8/14 Rethinking the Lesson Plan – You can’t mandate learning, but you can create conditions where people are inspired and empowered to learn. @katiemartinedu @KFelicello

8/14 How Edtech Can Expand What Teachers Do – Education technology has the capacity to increase what a teacher can accomplish in the course of a day’s work. @Kareemfarah23 @edutopia @JasonElsom @Eduporium

8/14 Ten Things Every Educator Should Say More Often – In a previous post, David Geurin shared eight things a successful educator should never say. Here he considers what we should be saying more. @DavidGeurin @KFelicello @DisruptedTv

8/11 Classroom Management and Project-Based Learning – Why are teachers still hesitant to incorporate PBL in their classrooms? I usually get one of the following two concerns: My students are too low. My students don’t behave. @performinginedu @KFelicello @ShellTerrell

8/11 How To Kill Learner Curiosity In 12 Easy Steps – How many are going on at your school? @terryheickedu @TeachThought @sarah_driessens

8/11 Evidence-Based Scheduling With Daniel Pink – The best-selling author explains why the order of the school day should look different for elementary and high school students. @DanielPink @edutopia

8/10 Open Your Door: Why We Need to See Each Other Teach – One school mandated peer observations and the teacher freaked out. It turned out that they didn’t have to. @cultofpedagogy @marcelamomberg

8/10 The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook: How Your Students Learn More When You Teach Less. Among other things, this book Offers straightforward advice, applicable for new teachers, and great reminders for more experienced teachers. @thelazyteacher @CrownHousePub @ukedchat

8/10 Seven Reasons Why Teaching Is Still The Best Job In The World – I can’t argue with any of these. How about you? @@teachthought @DisruptedTv @chillawesome

8/10 Listening to Students Is a Key to Finding Their Purpose. A student’s far-fetched career choice leads a teacher to a greater understanding of the ‘why’ behind it. @MrDsengclasss @edutopiagreater

8/9 How to Use Kahoot’s New Question Bank to Create a Game – Earlier this summer Kahoot gave a preview of some new features including a question bank for making quiz games. @GetKahoot @rmbyrne

8/9 Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners – Introduce game dynamics like leveling up and earning badges into your classroom to boost student engagement. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @SNewco @web20classroom

8/9 Why is my kid allowed to make spelling mistakes? Many teachers in the early grades encourage inventive spelling, also known as temporary spelling where the child makes the best guess on the spelling of the word, rather than stopping to find out the correct version. @cultofpedagogy @ajjuliani

8/8 Five Reasons You Should Seek Your OWN Student Feedback – If you’ve never asked students for serious, honest feedback, you’re missing something. @cultofpedagogy @jenhegna

8/8 How Can We Help Them Learn Kindness? There are tons of great books with the theme of kindness. Here are links to some favorites. @ElemntryMatters

8/7 Eleven Questions that Build Relationships and Foster Connection – As a teacher, building relationships is the most important thing you do. @DavidGeurin @bethhill2829

8/7 The Seven Quintessential Traits Of An Immersive eLearning Experience – How do you combat the distractions your online learners face? By creating an immersive eLearning experience, transforming your learners’ motivation and engagement. @cpappas @elearnindustry @eLearngraphic @AnthonyStogni

8/7 Essay Writing with EssayPro – There are a lot of resources here that will help you with the writing you need to do. @essayguidepay

8/5 The Human Skills We Need in an Unpredictable World – We need less tech and more messy human skills like imagination, humility, and bravery to solve problems. Education’s leaders and reformers need to listen to this. @M_Heffernan @TEDTalks

8/4 Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking – You have to start with a higher vision as opposed to the type of tables you want to buy. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @EdTechFam

8/4 Tips to Help Kids with Back-To-School Anxiety – It’s a big shift from summer’s freedom and lack of structure to the measured routines of school. And sometimes that can build up into tears, losing sleep, outbursts and other classic signs of anxiety. @ElissaNadworny @MindShiftKQED @drjoy77

8/4 Toddler brains resist learning from screens, even video chat. Science shows that children under the age of 30 months don’t tend to learn from encounters with screen images. @yordygirl @medical_xpress @leoniehaimson @Greene_Thoughts @medi

8/3 This robot could be conducting your next job interview. Unlike a human recruiter who might develop unconscious biases about a candidate based on anything from their gender and ethnicity to how they answer informal chit chat before the interview, Tengai will ask every question in the same order and the same way. @KristinJHouser @CMRubinWorld @wef

8/3 Dear Future Teacher Here Are Simple Tools to Get Started. In this post, Brian Aspinall shares some simple ways to incorporate technology into existing lessons. @mraspinall

8/2 Six strategies to engage girls in computer science – U.S. innovation depends on getting more girls in computer science classes and careers–here’s how to encourage more participation. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

8/2 Minecraft Education Edition – Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. @Minecraft @NYSCATE

8/2 High School Naps May Boost Learning for Sleep-Deprived Teenagers. For chronically sleep-deprived adolescents afternoon naps could help bolster memory and learning, according to a new study in the journal Nature. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

8/1/2019 Eleven Reasons Why Teaching Middle School is the Best Job Ever – Although being a middle school teacher has its ups and downs, the “ups” are magical moments that make all the challenges worth it. @aierstokELA @WeAreTeachers @Joe_Castoro @schug_dennis

8/1/2019 You’re Already Harnessing the Science of Learning (You Just Don’t Know It). This story is part of an EdSurge Research series about how educators are changing their practices to reach all learners. @PoojaAgarwal @EdSurge

7/31 1.7 Million Students Attend Schools With Police But No Counselors. As policymakers call for more school police in response to safety concerns. Many students don’t have access to other kinds of staff necessary for safety like school nurses, social workers, and psychologists. @EvieBlad @EducationWeek

7/31 Eight Useful School Home Visit Resources For Teachers – School home visits are continuing to see traction in many public school districts as a way to not simply ‘improve relationships with students’ but rather begin the school year ‘on even ground’ with families and communities. As a principal, I made lots of home visits. @terryheickedu @TeachThought @Rdene915

7/31 No More Assembly-Line Projects. Here is how to ensure all students are working together to complete a task. @DFISHERSDSU @NancyFrey @lappsdsu @ASCD @AnthonyStogni

7/31 Box Tops for Education are going digital and we are excited! Since its inception in 1996, the Box Tops for Education program has given over $913 million back to America’s schools. @LifeStyleSarah @icsfblog

7/30 How to Write a Syllabus – A well-designed syllabus is an essential tool for effectively managing a course. It gives students a clear understanding of your expectations and a road map for how the course will be conducted. @cultofpedagogy @KFelicello

7/30 Five Levels Of Student Engagement: A Continuum For Teaching – I bet you have had all of these levels in your classroom. @terryheickedu @Teachthought @Rdene915

7/30 Ten Easy Ways to Create an Awesome #SchoolCulture This Year – None of these things are hard to do and all can make a difference. @gcouros @AdminTRodriguez

7/30 Imagining a No-Grades Classroom. Good grades are a reward for compliance but don’t have much to do with learning. Daniel Pink Grades are invalid and unreliable in evaluating student learning. Alfie Kohn @DanielPink @alfiekohn @MrsSJDonovan @pspoppy @JayneMBurton @ncte

7/29 Ten Ways to Help Your Daughter Get Over Her Boyfriend – A breakup is like drug withdrawal. Share with parents who have teen daughters. @parentteendr @PsychToday @DisneyDream717

7/29 Ten Innovative Learning Strategies For Modern Pedagogy – These are ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education. @TeachThought @Rdene915

7/29 Teachers Create What They Experience: 10 Strategies for Improving Staff Meetings – If we want to change how students learn, we must change how teacher learn. @KatieMTLC @Antonio_Baez @DavidGeurin

7/29 Tear Down Your Behavior Chart! Behavior charts and similar public shaming methods don’t teach self-regulation. They mainly harm vulnerable learners. @leeannjung @domsmithRP @ASCD @tedfujimoto @ELmagazine

7/28 Three Ways to Build Student Agency into Your Lessons – Although many teachers recognize the importance of making students active agents in the classroom, it is easy to overlook student agency when we plan lessons. @Catlin_Tucker @keith_guarino @DavidGeurin

7/28 The Playful Approach to Math – Math doesn’t have to be serious. One teacher believes play is the key to math comprehension for all ages. @MatthewOldridge @edutopia @annamariapere10

7/28 Fifteen Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom That Are NOT Google – Google is not the only option for your classroom. There are hundreds of fantastic collaborative learning tools. @ShakeUpLearning @ryanrismiller

7/28 Greater Depth – Can it be taught? When assessing writing, the fine line between expected standard and greater depth can be challenging and raises questions. @MissStanleyYr6 @StAlphegeJunior

7/27 Twelve Tools to Ensure All Students Participate Meaningfully – Students must have the opportunity to voice their opinions, perspectives, or ideas about the materials we present. @ShellTerrell @AysinAlp1

7/27 SixPowerful Ways to Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities – This is how to get unstuck and focus on the upside. @CRLamothe @Inc @gcouros

7/26 Twelve Curriculum Planning Tips For Any Grade Level Or Content Area – Learning should start with the student–their personalized learning needs, their ‘place,’ and their self-initiated application of knowledge on a daily basis. @TeachThought @terryheickedu

7/26 Colleges Should Build Online Programs, Not New Gyms and Climbing Walls. With national on-campus enrollments faltering, online numbers continue to speed forward. @HigherEdSurge @EdSurge @MemoZing

7/25 Are The Questions You’re Asking Important To Your Students…Or Just You? In the spirit of planning with the end in mind, it’s easy to lose focus on what will ignite student excitement, passion, and interest. @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD @TeachThought @Rdene915

7/25 How Giving Students Feedback Through Video Instead of Text Can Foster Better Understanding – When students see the writing all over the paper, it just sounds like you’re saying, ‘You’re a bad writer.’ @DaisyYuhas @hechingerreport @MindShiftKQED @verenanz @Aricfoster2

7/25 ‘On-Ramps’ Can Connect Most Vulnerable Learners to Good Jobs. Changes in the economy, technology and the future of work are already having broad implications—but the benefits are not distributed equally. @rwmichelle @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

7/25 Five Tools And Strategies That Support Personalized Learning – Personalized learning is something that many teachers strive for, but it can be easier to want it than make it happen. @terryheickedu @TeachThought

7/24 Ten Chapter Books Featuring Kids in Foster Care – Are these in your school libarary? Do you know which kids in your school are in foster care? @ImaginationSoup @pragmaticmom

7/24 Humor, an Essential Ingredient for All Good Facilitators – Learn how humor can help you as a facilitator and how to tap into your own sense of lightness on demand. @ica_uk @AnnFry @JoyceMatthews_

7/23 Four Reasons Leaders Don’t Notice Good Performance – What goes unnoticed gradually loses value. What gets noticed improves. @leadershipfreak @ziegeran

7/23 Thirty Of The Best Digital Collaboration Tools For Students – We can now communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime through the simple click of a button, and it is our job as educators to leverage these collaborative tools in the classroom. @maats_defenders @TeachThought @DaHinegardner

7/23 Supporting Learners to Thrive: Shifting Our Focus to What Matters Most. With each suspension, bonds are weakened between the child and school, and there is research to support it. @ElisaBostwick @jeffreykubiak

7/22 The Robot Cooked My Homework. A leader in STEM education explores what’s next with students and robots. @edtechdigest @nerdgirlz @Ed_Admn @Eduporium

7/22 EIghteen Free (or Cheap) Ways to Stock Your Classroom Library – There is no better way to encourage classroom reading than to give your students books. Yet, we know you don’t have the funds to constantly buy books with your own money. @WeAreTeachers @simply_shellie

7/22 Diversity Picture Books for 7th Grade – There are also links to books for other grades. @pragmaticmom @MCChildsBookDay

7/21 Taking on teacher attrition – Here are four steps districts can take to improve teacher retention. @HilaryScharton @@eschoolnews Rdene915 @craigyen

7/21 Six Ways We Kill Students’ Motivation – These people asked the students at their school. You should consider doing the same thing at your school. @ChaseMielke @WeAreTeachers @rodzic_com @MrsC_English

7/21 Three Strategies for Providing Top-down Support for Bottom-up Change – The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) partnered with Stanford University to attempt to empower Colorado school and district leaders to be the agents of change that all their students need. @AlexCEICarter @akrebecca @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

7/19 Podcast: Dr. Scott McLeod on Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning. McLeod argues it’s four big shifts that are transformative: moving from recall to more complex problem solving, doing authentic work, adding voice and choice to build student agency, and infusing technology in powerful ways. @mcleod @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

7/19 100 Questions That Help Students Think About Thinking – You also have a chance to suggest a question of your own. @terryheickedu @TeachThought @DrAAlston

7/19 The 19 Best Teacher Websites That Help You Be Awesome for Kids – The ones I am familiar are all first-rate. @mradamwelcome

7/18 Want Transformational Teachers? Here’s Why Change Starts With Coaches. Coaches need to be activated as change management leaders to truly make transformational change across their schools. @MsMagiera @EdSurge @jdtriver @CmunroOz

7/18 Thirteen Standards For A Near-Future School – Today the unconnected classroom may feature overwhelmed or underfunded teachers. By 2028, that same classroom will be seen as pedagogically absent, professionally negligent, and leaning towards obsolescence. @TeachThought @terryheickedu

7/18 Five Tools for Technology Transformation in Schools – A new report from CoSN explores five ways that technology has the ability to accelerate K-12 innovation. @SaraEFriedman @THE_Journal @schulbert

7/17 Seven Dumb Things Smart People Do That Limit Their Careers – Share these with high school and college students as well as leaders. @gordontredgold @Inc

7/17 60+ Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom – Google is known for making their applications open to working with third-party applications, and Google Classroom is no exception. @ShakeUpLearning

7/17 Seven Secrets Remarkable Leaders Embrace that Average Leaders Neglect – How remarkable are you and the leaders you know? @Leadershipfreak

7/16 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Taught an Astonishingly Effective Leadership Lesson in Five Short Parts. If you’re reading this on an iPhone, you’ll be especially interested. @BillMurphyJr @Inc

7/16 Twenty Questions To Help Students Think Critically About News – We should teach students how to identify bias in the news along with spotting questionable content. @TeachThought

7/16 The Need for More Play in School – Important qualities such as patience, compromise, creativity, focus, critical thinking, problem-solving, determination, resilience, and resourcefulness, to name a few, are developed through play. @E_Sheninger @mssackstein

7/14 Finland, Switzerland, and New Zealand lead the way at teaching skills for the future. Part of the challenge facing educationalists is that technological change will call for skills that fall outside of age-old approaches to curriculum design and teaching. @WEF @KeithKeller @HaroldSinnott

7/14 Ten Ways to Improve Student-Teacher Relationships to Optimize Learning – If you build positive student-teacher relationships, your students will be more likely to pay attention to you, and there will be fewer disruptions. @Candace_Davies @davidtuba10

7/13 The Impact of Mentoring – How is a Mentoring relationship born? Where can you find a mentor or mentee? @BiscottiNicole @DisruptedTv

7/13 Eight Types Of Imagination – Imagination is critical to innovation and learning–but what exactly is it? @DalastKimbasabi @TeachThought

7/13 Three Arguments in Favor of the In-class Flip – For teachers who don’t feel they can successfully flip instruction for homework, try the in-class flip. @Catlin_Tucker @Ed_Admn

7/12 Four Guidelines to Help You Merge Tech and PBL – It’s only natural to merge the two for an immersive learning experience that engages and empowers students. @lynch39083 @techedvocate @Rdene915

7/12 Four Ways to Get Students Moving in Class – Build students’ sense of engagement by incorporating activities that get them out of their seats to work with course content. @magicalmsmurphy @edutopia @thomascmurray

7/11 Rest time: the foundation of performance. Does your time management plan build in time for rest and fun? @moretime4u2

7/11 The Seven Habits of Successful Academic-Innovation Leaders – But investing in innovation as an organizational function won’t amount to much unless the leaders charged with driving innovation are able to thrive. @strategyforedu @EdSurge

7/10 Why We Need Libraries In a World Filled With Noise -This it’s why we all stand up to defend funding for libraries. @ajjuliani @shannonmmiller @joycevalenza

7/9 How much protein do you need every day? You need it to put meat on your bones and to make hair, blood, connective tissue, antibodies, enzymes, and more. @HealthManDan @HarvardHealth @skylarclouds

7/9 Bob Shepherd: This Is What a Generation of “Standards and Testing” Has Done to ELA Teaching. It seems that we don’t teach content anymore, only skills. @DianeRavitch @StevenSinger3

7/8 Physical and Developmental Challenge Books for Kids – Make sure that your school library has them all. @pragmaticmom @MCChildsBookDay

7/8 How I learned to be better at active listening as a manager – Listening skills are vital for every aspect of your life. How good are yours and your student’s? @mwermuth @buffer @bobby__dodd @CalebCAllen

7/7 Three Group Work Strategies That Help Hold All Students Accountable – One of the inevitabilities in the group or teamwork is the difference in how much each group member is contributing. Here are a few ways to counter this and help students grow in the process. @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD @Rdene915

7/7 How to Plan Outstanding Tech Training for Your Teachers – THe first thing is a survey to get to know your audience. @cultofpedagogy @crafted_jennyp

7/7 Google Identifies Its Very Best Leaders Using These 13 Questions. Does your school survey teachers to find out how their leaders are doing? @scott_mautz @Inc

7/6 Playlists: A Path to Personalizing Learning – The playlist concept stems from the Individual Rotation Model in which each student works from an individual playlist of activities. @Catlin_Tucker @taenos99

7/6 Preschoolers Who Practice Phonics Show Stronger Math Skills. Practice with letter-sound interactions positively predicts children’s ability to count, calculate, and recognize numbers. @s_e_schwartz @educationweek @AnthonyStogni

7/6 Why children should engage in physical activities in school – Keeping the body moving in school proves to be beneficial for kids as it improves their cognitive performance and they exhibit lesser behavioral issues. @DrLynneKenney @jratey @ANI

7/6 Five Uncommon Summer Learning Ideas for Teachers – Many people have the wrong idea that teachers spend their summers traveling and sipping mojitos on the beach or by the swimming pool. @CrushSchool1 @mraspinall @Rdene915 @RACzyz @NowakRo @RitaWirtz @R_CILR @froehlichm @korytellers @Jonharper70bd @lifeismaikai @itsmeSpiri @jenhegna @JanetJlake @atkauffman @MarilynEDU

7/5 Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? Excellence is not a zero-sum game. At least, in theory, we can all succeed, but state tests are designed to produce winners and losers. @alfiekohn @nytimes

7/5 At Your Wits’ End With A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Read This. Technology overuse ranked as the No. 1 fear of parents of teenagers in a national survey last year. @anya1anya @_chloeew @MindShiftKQED @drfurman

7/3 What Works In Education And How Do We Know? When measuring success, effectiveness, and performance in education, what are we measuring exactly? @terryheickedu @TeachThought @Rdene915

7/3 Eight questions that help get at deeper thinking and learning – If your goal for a lesson, unit, or other instructional activity is to drive deeper student thinking and learning here is some help. @mcleod

7/2 More time for feedback with improved planning and grading tools – Using rubrics helps teachers set expectations for students, and gives them a consistent framework to provide actionable feedback. @MoniseLSeward @alfiekohn

7/2 Seven Questions To Guide Your PBL Implementation Plan – Why should we engage in PBL? What are the benefits and what is the evidence that supports this kind of shift? @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD @TeachThought @ERobbPrincipal

7/2 The Perils Of Pushing Kids Too Hard, And How Parents Can Learn To Back Off – Share with parents you know. @MindShiftKQED @AubreyNPRFood @NPRJane @JdelaneyJoAnn

7/1/2019 A Strength-Based Approach to Teaching English Learners – What if these students’ cultures, languages, countries of origin, unique skills, and life experiences were held up as assets? @cultofpedagogy @MrDsengclasss

6/30 How to Demonstrate Confidence in Your Teaching – This is aimed at higher ed, but I think it applies to K-12. @bonni208 @EdSurge

6/30 Why Can’t Everyone Get A’s? Excellence is not a zero-sum game. At least, in theory, we can all succeed, but state tests are designed to produce winners and losers. @alfiekohn @nytimes

6/30 Parents care more about their kids’ happiness than about their grades. Research reveals that despite the pressures of modern life and looming exam results, they would much rather their children have a happy family life than fret over their future. @TheSun @ProfLeaWaters @actionhappiness

6/29 Staff Picks: Fall 2019 Picture Books – Add these picture books to your must-read list! The School & Library team shares more about these outstanding staff picks here. @MacKidsSL @ChildrensBookSF @HollyMMcGhee

6/29 How Daily Farm Work and Outdoor Projects Make Learning in High School Better for Teens – The program is aimed at helping students feel connected to each other and their community. @MindShiftKQED @hechingerreport @CalliWrights

6/29 Growing Writing Skills with Digital Portfolios – This look like a good way to help teachers measure student growth. @Jeremybballer @teacher2teacher @MrsGraham1121 @Artguy76

6/28 Moving Students From Digital Citizenship To Digital Leadership – Digital Citizenship has become one of the more symbolic phrases that represent the significant impact technology has made on our behavior and interactions. @terryheickedu @TeachThought

6/27 60 Ways To Help Students Think For Themselves – What kind of conditions or contexts promote effortless learning, learning when they don’t even know it’s happening? @terryheickedu @TeachThought @Erik_Youngman

6/27 Failure Is Necessary for Growth, but Only In These Three Instances. School teaches us to be afraid of failure. This to be one of the great disservices of the modern school system. Learning to fail is imperative. @dcancel @Inc @EmilyDouglasHC

6/27 Co-Teach Your Way to Successful Inclusion. When you step inside another teacher’s classroom, receiving the same respect isn’t a given. You must adjust to sharing the space and a new set of students along with a different set of classroom rules. @BNieminski @ASCD

6/26 What Does Innovation Mean in Higher Education? Is there a limit or consensus to what innovation actually means on campus and kin k-12 schools? @antoinettesiu @Yuri_Druzhinin @HigherEdSurge

6/26 Why Students Love a Game-Based Learning Experience – For as long as children have preferred playing to sitting quietly and learning their ABCs, preschool teachers have been craftily devising games as Trojan horses to teach them concepts. @neolms @Yuri_Druzhinin

6/26 FIve Ways K–12 Teachers Can Take a New Approach to Computational Thinking – ISTE has created a set of instructions to help K–12 teachers incorporate STEM into their daily curriculum. @EAZtweets @EdTech_K12 @ISTE @Yuri_Druzhinin

6/26 How To Use Infographics As Multimodal Learning Tools – People don’t all learn the same way. Teachers know this, and that’s why multimodal learning methods are an essential part of any teacher’s toolkit. @sara_mcguire @TeachThought

6/25 22 Diverse Book Choices for All Grade Levels – Suggestions from teachers who are working to offer students at every grade level book choices that represent their lives. @T_F_Berger @edutopia @StevenSinger3

6/25 Schools are rethinking classroom design to encourage collaboration and creativity. But can the Instagram-ready spaces get the job done? @biasevoli @hechingerreport @marlobarnett @iamDrWill

6/25 Reimagine Your Library Space. When working on ways to reimagine your library space, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to know where to start, or if change is even possible. @TCEA @wfryer @TCEALIBSIG @DianaLRendina

6/24 Districts Used 7,000 Tech Tools This Year. Which Ones Were Most Popular? Individual school systems use an average of 703 different digital tools every month. What does your school use? @EdWeekMMolnar @EdMarketBrief @educationweek

6/24 Education 2.0: Blueprint for the 21st-century classroom – New-age teaching methods, which are tech-centered and wholly compatible with the contemporary job market, are rendering traditional models of learning obsolete. @amolarora @SundayGuardian @AnthonyStogni @flippedlearning

6/24 Designing Lessons for Engagement – Activities that get students out of their chairs and moving in the room can help them engage with course content, even in high school. @bethpando @edutopia @taenos99 @cultofpedagogy

6/24 Autism: More Than Meets the Eye. How ability can grow out of seeming disability @sbkaufman @sciam @DrEscotet

6/23 The Social Stages of Play – Children can not only learn about science, math and engineering through play, but they can also learn important social skills while playing. @EncouragePlay @ECEforLife

6/23 Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn, According to New Research. Are you and your students using the most effective, research-backed study technique? @EntryLevelRebel @Inc @rlfreedm @MsClaraGalan

6/23 Smart buses let students work online during long commutes. How smart are the school buses in your district? @EdScoop_news @ScoopNewsGroup @iplante @Kajeet

6/23 FIve New SeeSaw Features for Teachers and Students Creating Digital Portfolios – This week SeeSaw added more features designed with Chromebook users in mind, but will also be beneficial to those who use iPads, laptops, and Android tablets. @rmbyrne

6/22 Closing the Gap: Digital Equity Strategies for the K-12 Classroom – Although incredible progress has been made, equity issues remain prevalent in schools and districts across the country. @NicolRHoward @sarahdateechur @All4Ed @sarahdateechur @DigEquityPLN

6/22 The race is on for the AI-powered classroom. AI programs have enormous potential to redefine what we understand to be personalized learning, and while in the early stages, it is well worth looking at. @neolms @ungerlm

6/21 If Kids Can’t Read What They Want in the Summer, When Can They? Assigning books for summer reading can’t guarantee that reading takes place, and could have a negative effect on young readers’ long-term reading interest and motivation. @donalynbooks @sljournal @MsNatashaRice

6/21 Virtual Reality: THE Learning Aid Of The 21st Century. Research suggests we retain more information and can better apply what we have learned after participating in virtual reality exercises. @SolRogers @forbes @dmirliss @martina_ori

6/21 Florida city pays $600,000 to hackers who seized its computer system. The hackers apparently got into the city’s system when an employee clicked on an email link that allowed them to upload malware. There is a lesson for everyone here. @cbsmoneywatch @AMGreenCBS @vladduthiersCBS

6/20 Timelines as Portfolios – The idea of creating a timeline to use as a digital portfolio is to have students show examples of growth throughout the school year. @rmbyrne

6/20 The race is on for the AI-powered classroom. According to a 2018 research report, AI-based technologies are primed to grow within the edtech market by just under 47%. @neolms @ungerlm

6/20 Why Every Classroom Should Teach Digital Citizenship – Everyday students display a deficit on how to mindfully employ the unbridled potential and power of their smartphones and other digital tools. But who’s to blame? @TeachThought @MindfulStew @KFelicello @ERobbPrincipal @LRobbTeacher

6/19 Ten Tips for Teachers Using the Station Rotation Model – It’s exciting to see so many teachers trying this blended learning model and creating opportunities for small group instruction, real-time feedback, collaboration, and differentiated learning. @Catlin_Tucker @RACzyz

6/19 Why Do We Design Failure Into Our Schools? If students can finish a race after school no matter how fast they run, why can’t they just finish their courses and grade levels during the school day? @DrDougGreen @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

6/19 Fifty Alternatives To Lecturing – This is a mix of learning models and literacy strategies that can be used to accomplish what we hope a lecture might. @TeachThought @ERobbPrincipal @LRobbTeacher

6/19 Memorization is Not a Bad Thing. Memorization is not a bad thing, but what we spend time locking into memory will change. @gcouros @Tastenspieler

6/18 Introducing the One-Sentence Lesson Plan – Let’s be honest. Who’s got time to write full lesson plans? For every class? Five days a week? @EngNorman @cultofpedagogy

6/18 Bad sleep habits lead teens to high-risk sex. Insufficient sleep may increase the potential for sexual risk-taking by compromising decision-making and influencing impulsivity. @hfrishberg @nypost

6/17 MIND Research Institute Launches ST Math Chats During ISTE 2019. The new interactive lessons use MIND’s “play, discuss, apply” model ​to deepen learning through whole-class discussion. @ETRoundup @MIND_Research

6/17 Students Use AI Virtual Assistant to Prepare Peers for High School. How can schools make students producers of AI rather than consumers to help prepare for the #FutureOfWork? @JustinAglio @MontourSD @Getting_Smart @EmergingEdTech

6/17 24 Things A Teacher Should Never Ask A Student To Do – Either make the work meaningful or shelve it until you can. @terryheickedu @TeachThought @Rdene915

6/16 Twelve Stupid Things to Stop Saying to Your Team Immediately – e all have our leadership blind spots, and sometimes even the most intelligent leaders say things that are—well, just stupid. @LollyDaskal

6/16 Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future. As districts across the country purchase technology at a feverish pace, they must ensure they have a solid implementation plan. @E_Sheninger @EdTech_K12

6/16 Blended Learning Built on Teacher Expertise – An inside look at a teacher-designed instructional model that combines blended learning, student self-pacing, and mastery-based grading. @Kareemfarah23 @edutopia @taenos99 @cultofpedagogy

6/16 Shifting the Grading Mindset Starts With Our Words. Getting rid of grades is a big and challenging step to make, but it can be done and even if you aren’t ready to go all in, there are ways to adjust small things in the classroom that will lead to important growth for students. @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

6/14 Annual Reminder that Graphic Novels are “Real” Reading – What’s great about informal learning outside the classroom is that children are free to pursue their own interests and select their own books! @molly_wetta @BookRiot @meg_allison @frankisibberson

6/14 How to Demonstrate Confidence in Your Teaching – For some of us, confidence is a revolutionary choice. I think this also applies to K-12 teachers. @bonni208 @HigherEdSurge

6/14 Teach Kindness With Coding. Every moment is an opportunity to be kind. @ValerieSousa7 @SCBWI @mraspinall @codebreakeredu

6/14 Three Ways to Build Student Agency into Your Lessons – Although many teachers recognize the importance of making students active agents in the classroom, it is easy to overlook student agency when we plan our lessons. @Catlin_Tucker @travislape

6/13 Seven Practical Tools to Enhance Inquiry-based Learning in Class – This is an awesome collection of web-based applications that facilitate and encourage inquiry-based learning. @medkh9 @EdTechFam

6/13 Ditch the grammar and teach children storytelling instead. Writing stories is a craft that is crucial for life. And if the government insists, you can test it, measure it and use it in commerce. @timlottwriter @guardian @annmic @terjepe

6/13 38 Prompts Merging Reflective Thinking With Bloom’s Taxonomy – If students are going to be productive in a dynamic society and workplace they will need to be agile, fluid learners. @edteck @TeachThought @Rdene915

6/13 Maker Spaces and PBL: Perfect Together – Makerspaces, STEM Labs, Project-Based Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning, and Genius Hour can be combined. @ZywickiR @RebeccaKreider @kjarrett @LFlemingEDU

6/12 All kids want to play. Kids with disabilities are no different. “Ian” is a short, animated film inspired by the real-life Ian, a boy with a disability determined to get to the playground. Show this to your kids. @NurturedNeurons @WaltonRo

6/12 How Teachers Are Changing Grading Practices With an Eye on Equity – Here is a case against giving points for homework and extra credit, and against the 0-100 point scale that dominates many classrooms. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @MrDsengclasss @cultofpedagogy

6/12 Six Factors Of Classroom Gamification – Gamification is about transforming the environment and regular activities into a kind of game. @TeachThought

6/12 Eight Student-Made Podcasts That Made Us Smile – Is it time for your students to start making podcasts? @clare_lom @MindShiftKQED

6/11 Stop Saying Learning Styles Don’t Work. By ‘learning styles’ we are referring to the idea that there are ‘multiple intelligences.’ @terryheickedu @TeachThought @Rdene915

6/11 Five Ways to Design Your Teacher-led Station – The Station Rotation Model is particularly popular because teachers do not need a device for every student to make it work. @Catlin_Tucker @MrDsengclasss

6/11 Three Ways School Leaders Can Undo Grading Inequities – We still see remnants of 19th-century practices in our day-to-day work in secondary settings: namely, A-F grading on the 100-point scale. @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek @jeffreykubiak

6/10 Moving Towards A Coaching Leadership Style – This is aimed at business, but I think it applies to leaders in schools too. @JohnMulindi @businesslifetip

6/10 How To ‘Pull’ Deeper Learning Through PBL – One criticism of constructivist, some might say progressive, education (and in particular PBL) is that it lacks ‘real content’ learning by students. @dperkinsed @TeachThought

6/10 Teaching History with EdTech – Often, social studies teachers teach by the textbook. Never wavering, never exploring. That needs to change. @eduappsandmore

6/10 Reinforcement Learning : The Concept Behind UCB Explained With Code. Reinforcement Learning is a term known to practically everyone working in the field of AI. @SwissCognitive

6/9 Why Teens Should Understand Their Own Brains (And Why Their Teachers Should, Too!) – Sarah-Jayne Blakemore’s new book, Inventing Ourselves, The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain dives into the research and the science and offers insights into how young adults are thinking, problem-solving and learning. @sjblakemore @ElissaNadworny @prtaylorca @ijukes

6/9 Five Common Teaching Practices I’m Kicking to the Curb – Jennifer Gonzalas uses research and tells you what to do instead. @cultofpedagogy @yhalushka

6/9 The Global Search for Education: Teaching Literacy – What Students Might Learn from Play. The abcdespañol board game for 30 years has been successfully implemented as a learning tool in more than ten countries. @CMRubinWorld @PlanetClassroom

6/8 Sweden has invented a word to encourage people not to fly. And it’s working. Flying emits huge amounts of CO2 compared to taking the train. This was started by a young girl. @wef

6/8 ‘It’s OK to not be OK:’ How One High School Saved Lives with a 34-Question Survey. This is probably something your school should consider. @annschimke @MindShiftKQED @ChalkbeatCO @EdTechNerd

6/8 Six characteristics of hoops in education–and how software can help – Hoops as in jumping through hoops. This should help you spot needless tasks at your school. @zjvv77 @eschoolnews @abreplatform

6/7 Do you work with a jerk? Here are six things you can do. Even in the best workplaces, rude coworkers may occasionally appear. But you don’t need to smile and suffer in silence. @rohandas @PorathC @TEDTalks

6/7 Are Students Customers or Just a Crop? Although teachers have to be in control in the classroom they can still view students as valuable customers. Enjoy my latest work and leave a comment. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein

6/7 School Sends Kids To Meditation Instead Of Detention, With Amazing Results. An elementary school in Baltimore is trying this and it seems to be working. @dederittman

6/7 Six Ways Educational Technology Projects Can Improve Children’s Literacy – User-centered design is vital. @wayan_vota @ICT_works @NikPeachey
6/6 Start Classroom Management From a Place of Love, Not a Place of Power. What is the biggest classroom-management mistake you ever made, and what did you learn from it? @Larryferlazzo @educationweek

6/6 How to Push the Boundaries of School with Dynamic Learning – Does your classroom offer one-and-done types of learning activities, or does the learning grow, inspire, and evolve throughout the year and beyond? @ShakeUpLearning @thinkm2

6/5 Co-Teach Your Way to Successful Inclusion. I’ve seen some of the frustrations mentioned here. With good leadership, they can be avoided. @ASCD @SBEducation

6/5 Twelve Powerful Statistics That Prove Why Teachers Matter – Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. Yes, it can also be one of the most challenging and difficult, but there’s power in knowing that teacher impact is profound and enduring. @WeAreTeachers @james_minter

6/5 Not Enough Time to Teach Social-Emotional Learning? Try These 4 Easy Steps. @EdSurge @DavidFifeEDU @OfficialMindUP

6/5 Steps for planning my flipped lessons – In this blog post, one teacher shares a video I made with the steps I take when planning a flipped lesson. @martharamirezco @ayatawel

6/4 Making Kids Read Fast is NOT the Goal of Fluency Instruction; Making Meaning Is. The real goal of phonics instruction – to get kids to the point where they don’t have to use phonics much in their reading. @ERobbPrincipal @AprilleHurst

6/4 From ‘Minecraft’ to mixed reality, Microsoft is preparing students for the future. The research highlighted several themes, including a new focus on social skills and emotional competencies and an ongoing need for personalized learning. @DeborahBach1 @MSFTNews @kevinhoneycutt @JWalterEDU

6/4 Four Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking – Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning. Does it happen at your school? @Catlin_Tucker @TeachOnTheEdge

6/3 Smart Leaders Focus on Execution First and Strategy Second. A strategy is never excellent in and of itself; it is shaped, enhanced, or limited by implementation. @RosabethKanter @HarvardBiz @VAEducatorCMR

6/3 Building a High School Gaming Program – A first-year computer science teacher one teacher has spent the past year building a gaming program with tremendous support from the administration. This is what it looks like. @jamescollinsjr @DisruptedTv

6/3 Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Decorations – What you put on your classroom walls can affect your students’ ability to learn. @YoukiTerada @edutopia @diane_larsen @drrobertdillon
6/2 Gender equality starts at home: Seven tips for raising feminist kids. How many are you already doing? @UN_Women @MichelleBxtr @MichaelGLFlood

6/2 Seven ways to drive district-wide innovation – Innovative learning experiences can, and should, be widely available, highly engaging, and designed to prepare all students for our rapidly evolving global economy. @eschoolnews @drrodberger

6/1/2019Teaching With Technology in Higher Ed? Start With Relationship-Building. This applies to K-12 as well. @BMDewsbury @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

6/1/2019These Calm-Down Jars Will Blow Your Students’ Minds. This is an engaging science lesson for people of any age. @WeAreTeachers

6/1/2019Eight Great Middle-Grade Comics – I know I would have been more excited about reading if I could have read more comics. @aramblingfancy @BookRiot @pragmaticmom @CBCBook

6/1/2019Four Ways to Create a Learner-Centered Classroom – Significant learning does not happen without significant relationships between teachers and students, and the students with one another, and that is where we should start. @katiemartinedu @KentPolen

5/31 Phase transitions: The math behind the music – Next time you listen to a favorite tune or wonder at the beauty of a natural sound, you might also end up pondering the math behind the music. @physorg_com @cwru @TeachFromHere @maanow

5/30 Transforming the classroom with augmented learning – Learning has evolved to a point where augmented reality (AR) is a possibility. @neolms @Yuri_Druzhinin

5/30 How Schools Can Spend Time More Wisely: Four Big Tips From Daniel Pink – How many is your school already doing? If not, why not. See my summaries of his books here. @DanielPink @educationweek @EngNorman @cultofpedagogy

5/30 More Kids Than Ever Are Dealing With Test Anxiety, and We Need to Help. Want better test scores? Address what test anxiety is doing to our students. @stacytornio @WeAreTeachers @SchoolLeadNow

5/28 Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking – When educators first consider redesigning learning spaces, they might immediately conjure up mental images of free-flowing Starbucks lounges. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @EdTechFam

5/28 Why Has the “School as Factory” Metaphor Persisted? Some this the model is good but that it just needs to be tweaked. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

5/28 The Greatest Barrier for Educators Changing Their Practice? Internal Resistance. Over the past year, the EdSurge Research team has been working on a project to understand how educators are shifting their practices. @EdSurge @stppLMC @cultofpedagogy

5/28 Ten Women in Innovation to Keynote Your Next Event – Share this with your female students so they can see some new role models. @CarlaJohnsonc @KeithKeller @AliceXinliZhang

5/26 How to be an AMAZING teacher! – Teachers go to any lengths to have students consider them to be amazing teachers. Some are great, others, not so great. Let’s pick a few of the possibilities apart. @eduappsandmore

5/26 What if Students Designed Their Education? Students need to be taught “how” to learn and prepare for more than knowing the content, by developing skills that are transferable. @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart @AnthonyStogni @DrAAlston

5/26 Five DIY Virtual Reality Projects for Students – Google’s VR Tour Creator offers an excellent way to create virtual tours that can be viewed in your web browser and or in the Google Expeditions app/ @rmbyrne

5/25 Teachers of Color Get Lower Evaluation Scores Than Their White Peers. We should be nurturing the minority teachers we have rather then giving them crappy evaluations. @madeline_will @educationweek

5/25 Applying the Power of Stories to Excite Students About Science – This can also help teachers from burning out. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @taenos99 @cultofpedagogy

5/24 Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism – Jeniffer Gonzalez thinks we could be handling the problem with a lot more finesse. @cultofpedagogy @AysinAlp1

5/24 Four principles that Enable Effective Feedback and High Performance – Gallup found that only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. @Leadershipfreak @DavidGeurin

5/24 Twelve Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future – If you are a leader at any level in a modern organization or aspiring to be one, here are some of the critical competencies and skills you need to thrive in a VUCA world. @tnvora @SimonCocking @helene_wpli

5/23 Empowering Learning Through Student Strengths – Are teachers in your school exploring student interests and helping them develop their talents? @jeffreykubiak @gcouros

5/23 What If We Stopped Calling Them Classrooms? One professor says that the mental model of the traditional classroom is obsolete. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

5/23 Tin Foil Boat Ideas for the STEM Penny Challenge – Before building boats with your children, you may want to read one of these books to them that features a boat. @jdaniel4smom @icsfblog @shareaholic

5/23 How Movement and Exercise Help Kids Learn – How much are kids moving at your school and at home? @dfkris @CalliWrights

5/22 Ten Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse – Straight talk about body parts and a no-secrets policy can protect young kids without scaring them. @anxioustoddlers @drjoyce_knudsen @AQuarterBlue

5/22 How to Help Students Ask Better Questions by Creating a Culture of Inquiry – When students are able to ask their own questions, they can chase their curiosity and tap into their own interests. Be sure to watch the short video. @stppLMC @spencerideas

5/22 Six Ways to Disrupt Your Traditional Mindset and Become a Better Leader – Here is what every leader needs to know in a brave new world. @ToddNordstrom @Inc

5/22 Twelve Ways To Make YouTube Safer For Children – Also See Why Worrying About Screen Time Might Be The Wrong Approach. @teachthought @MJasonHouck

5/21 How to Print on Post-its, Plus Free Templates for Rubrics, Observations, and More – Here are four teacher templates that we hope you steal, including observation notes, rubrics, and a writing checklist for your students. @WeAreTeachers @lportnoy

5/21 ‘Adversity scores’ only invite a new quest for victimhood. The problem with this is that adversity is something individual to each of us. @karol @nypost

5/21 The SAT’s Bogus ‘Adversity Score’ – Are we really going to rank students on a one-to-100 pseudoscientific index of oppression? @thomaschattwill @NYTMag @TheAmScho

5/18 Pep Talk for Tired Teachers – Here are a few tips for tired teachers to help you take a deep breath, come up with a plan and regain your equilibrium. @ShellTerrell

5/18 Girls Who Code Helps Draft ‘Landmark’ Legislation Aimed at Closing the Gender Gap. Washington became the first state to get on board with Girls Who Code’s policy agenda. @ByEmilyTate @EdSurge @Gregbagby @MasteryTrack

5/18 Four Reasons to Gamify Your Classroom – A child’s job is to play. Not to learn, but to play. @neolms @RickettsKate @neolms

5/17 The Importance of Teaching the Behaviors You Want to See – Telling doesn’t work. Lectures create distance. Complaining doesn’t empower anyone. And rewards and punishments mostly work only to get compliance and not to build better behavioral skills. @DavidGeurin @getwhatugive

5/17 How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects – The excerpt below is from the book “Inquiry Mindsets: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners,” by Trevor MacKenzie with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. @trev_mackenzie @MindShiftKQED

5/17 Six Simple Ways to Get Your Students Talking – But research shows that the more the students speak in the class, the more they learn. @Medium @ShellTerrell

5/15 Beware of Bias and Value Variability As You Promote Persistence. Grit, or more broadly the ability to sustain effort through difficulty, is critical to career and life success. But promoting it thoughtfully is a challenge. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

5/15 Explainer: what is explicit instruction and how does it help children learn? Explicit instruction is a term that summarizes a type of teaching in which lessons are designed and delivered to novices to help them develop readily-available background knowledge on a particular topic. @Shutterstock @ConversationEDU @RickettsKate @greg_ashman

5/15 Beyond gaming, these are six potentially disruptive uses of augmented reality. It is a combination of real and virtual (computer generated) worlds that superimpose real-world elements like text, images, and sound. @vaibhavshah18 @jlubinsky

5/15 The Importance of Teaching the Behaviors You Want to See – Telling doesn’t work. Lectures create distance. Complaining doesn’t empower anyone. @getwhatugive @DavidGeurin

5/14 Paying to Turn in Homework? ASU Prof’s Viral Email Raises Questions About Online Textbook Model. He also fought requiring students to buy a digital textbook and the requirement that he fail 30% of the students. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

5/14 Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online – Despite the fact that images are easy to get on the Internet, using them may be illegal. @cultofpedagogy @WHHumanities

5/14 Dintersmith: Trust Teachers—They’re the Experts. The best-selling author of What School Could Be shares his thoughts on what needs to come next in American education. @emdashkap @edutopia @cultofpedagogy @mrsmelanieroy

5/13 Math Teachers Should Be More Like Football Coaches. That style of motivation could help in the classroom, too. Students respond to the passion of their teachers. BIG! @JohnCUrschel @nytimes

5/13 Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn – When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect, even if it seems silly or unconnected to the learning goal at hand. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @WHHumanities @cultofpedagogy

5/12 Ten Body Language Hacks To Project Leadership Presence On Video – When you are on camera, do you know how to project leadership presence? @CGoman @Forbes @zaibatsu

5/12 Classroom Teachers are the Real Scholastic Experts – Not Education Journalists. Why is it that when the news media wants an expert on education they go to… themselves!? @Gadflyonthewal1 @BadassTeachersA @lportnoy @StevenSinger3

5/11 People That Fill Your Bucket – This short clip, says so much about us as educators as well as our students. @gcouros @v_lees

5/11 How K–12 Schools Can Start an Esports Program – For school districts that want to jump into competitive gaming, here are a few ways to get started. @CDWJoe @EdTech_K12 @CDWCorp @Ed_Admn @airhead_edu

5/10 Project-based learning boosts student engagement and understanding. Kids take projects more seriously and make interdisciplinary connections. @TaraGarciaM @hechingerreport @DisruptedTv

5/10 How To Burn Yourself Out As A Teacher – This post takes a look at teacher burnout, this time trying to understand how it happens. @terryheickedu @TeachThought @KFelicello @LRobbTeacher @ERobbPrincipal

5/10 Nine Simple Solutions for Common Teaching Problems – Mark Barnes, a veteran teacher and author of six education books, thinks the solutions to many of our education challenges are things we could start doing tomorrow. @cultofpedagogy @markbarnes19 @KFelicello

5/9 How to Improve Your Questioning Techniques – Good questioning helps students build understanding, but poor questioning can deter students from learning. @BarbBlackburn @middleweb @RoutledgeEOE

5/9 Encourage Students to use spare time purposefully – Using Technology Better. What is it you’re wondering? If we gave this statement to our students and asked them what it could be, I’m sure they would come up with interesting ideas. @donnagolightly1 @Usingtechbetter @MikeReading

5/9 A Game-Changing Practice Fuses Math and Literacy. A program that scaffolds math with reading and writing has a formerly struggling elementary school in the Bronx dramatically outperforming the state in math. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @rudytoot1

5/8 Helping Students With ADHD Stay Organized – Digital portals like Google Classroom and Moodle can benefit students who struggle with organization and executive function. @edutopia @marcelamomberg @M_Olson_

5/8 20+ helpful professional development resources for teachers – I use many of these sites for my daily blog resources. @lucie_renard @ibookwidgets @BartVerswijvel

5/8 Developing a Growth Mindset in Our Students – If we want students to develop a growth mindset, how we talk to them about their learning matters. How we demonstrate our own learning process matters, too. @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

5/7 Ditch the Math Worksheets and Stop Killing Kids’ Curiosity. Children tend to be creative, but school tends to take it out of them. @kathyliusun @educationweek

5/7 Tech Resources for Your Next Science Experiment – Can an iPad help out with a science experiment? What role does a Chromebook play in the science classroom? @ClassTechTips @thinkm2

5/7 Ten teaching techniques to practice deliberately – It’s a well-established idea that to develop expertise in a particular skill or technique, you need to practice. @teacherhead

5/6 Seven Ways to Develop Future Ready Leaders – Schools alos need leaders who can adapt, evolve, collaborate and grow at the speed of change. @Justcoachit @JeremyScrivens @BigRedRuckus

5/6 Red Shirting Kindergarten Kids, Good Idea or Bad? Just holding kids back in a low SES district might not have the same benefits since those kids would be much less likely to get any special tutoring or other supports while they waited. @ReadingShanahan @LisaHansel

5/6 Making School a Safe Place for LGBTQ Students – For many LGBTQ students, discrimination and harassment are still a daily reality, and school is one of the main places where they experience these things. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99 @GLSEN

5/5 Learner-Centered Schools in Albemarle County – These schools include options for students and families that are designed around student needs, interests, academic goals, and passions. @EmilyLiebtag @getting_smart @k12albemarle @tvanderark

5/5 Ensuring That Teachers Don’t Run Out of Gas – A middle school principal looks at ways to manage work efficiently so that teachers aren’t running on empty at the end of the year. @MattHowell_11 @edutopia @MindShiftKQED

5/5 A Comprehensive Guide to Badges and Portfolios – David Niguidula goes beyond theory and provides a multitude of authentic examples, practical applications, and thoughtful considerations. @middleweb @DavidNiguidula @ShellTerrell

5/4 Learning from Black Male Teachers Who Thrive – Schools say they want to get more black men into classrooms. The words of four teacher leaders give clues for how to do so. @ELmagazine @selmekki @iamDrWill @BMEsTalk

5/4 Opening up immersive technologies to education – Using immersive technology, student nurses can perfect their stitches and criminals see the consequences of their actions. @Jisc_AR @Jisc @lee_ballantyne

5/4 Four fun ways principals can boost teacher self-care – Reminding teachers to be good to themselves and practice self-care is good for them and their students. @eschoolnews @WickedEdTech

5/3 Get Started with bulb Digital Portfolios this Year. The folks at bulb are passionate about giving students and teachers a space to highlight their accomplishments. @bulbapp @ClassTechTips

5/3 Girls Outshine Boys on Federal Exam of Tech, Engineering Skills. The country’s 8th graders improved their scores on a national technology and engineering exam, with girls significantly outpacing boys. @BenjaminBHerold @EducationWeek

5/3 What’s the difference between diversity, inclusion, and equity? These words and the issues they point to loom large in tech. @GA @jrkuhns @linda_aldred

5/2 Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine. Did you realize that laughter is not only fun, but actually healthy for you and your

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