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8/16 It’s probably time to clean your filters. Stop breathing in dirty air and drinking cloudy water. Change your dang filters, especially if you have children. @allieevolpe @voxdotcom

8/16 Creating student engagement through the power of play – Play is an essential part of learning and growth, fostering a learning mindset and teaching students to absorb knowledge through exercise and practice. @BenTalsma @VAInstitute

8/16 Icebreakers and Exit Tickets – 30 Questions – If you use either of these techniques should should find some good ones here. @rmbyrne

8/15 Data-Driven Instructional Practice – Turn now to those policymakers who gather, digest, and use a vast array of numbers in order to reshape teaching practices. @LarryCuban

8/15 Four ways to support ELLs in post-pandemic learning – Certain student groups experienced more impacts to their learning during the pandemic–here’s how to help English language learners. @eSN_Laura @eschoolnews

8/14 QUIZ: Can You Name These Historical Figures? I got 48 out of 51 and was told that I’m either a historian or a time traveler. Let me know what you get at Doug@DrDougGreen.com.

8/14 Seven Lessons for Academic Success in High School – If you are looking to achieve true academic success, simply owning the best pens and notebooks won’t be enough. @sstudentsblog @_feedspot

8/11 Four tips to bring the real world into your classroom – Real-world examples bring something more tangible, impactful, and real to the curriculum–and students become more interested and engaged. @Yo_Mista KiddomApp @eschoolnews

8/11 Creating Collaborative Classrooms – How can you use this fantastic resource in a classroom setting? Here are five ways OuiSi Nature supports collaborative classrooms. @ClassTechTips

8/11 Don’t make these five mistakes in high school. Be sure to share with high school students you know. @KatieHabits

>8/10 Aspire Podcast: Hacking Assessment 2.0 – Check out this bonus episode of Aspire, where Josh Stamper and Starr Sackstein discuss the updates to the second edition of Hacking Assessment which came out on August 2, 2022. @mssackstein @Joshua__Stamper

8/10 The Real-Life Science of Stuffed Animals, Children, and Stress Reduction – The fact that so many people hold on to their favorite stuffed animals from childhood is testimony that stuffed animals play a substantial role in the emotional well-being of children. @Support42shops

8/9 Mastery learning can help close pandemic learning gaps. As education emerges from the first two years of the pandemic and looks to the future of learning, educators are focused on how best to mitigate. @khanacademy @eschoolnews

8/9 Do You Know Who Your Students Know? Better Data on Students’ Networks Can Start the School Year off Right. New data suggests that this year, the social landscape for some high school students looks different than years prior. @juliaffreeland @Getting_Smart

8/8 Approaching the New Year With a No Grades Classroom – You’ve reflected and realized that it isn’t just shifting practice; it’s a philosophical shift you’re ready to make because you know it will benefit kids. @mssackstein

8/8 Let Students Lead the Dialogue With Parents. Giving students more say in communicating what happens in school reinforces their commitment to learning and teaches them life skills. @amsuad @edutopia

8/8 Students can get to class without bells, but schools need to adapt. During remote learning, students didn’t have that buzzer at home. So when students returned to school buildings, some administrators decided to leave them off entirely. @NimahGobir @MindShiftKQED

8/7 How to practice effectively…for just about anything – Annie Bosler and Don Greene – But what does practice actually do to make us better at things? @anniebosler @DonGreenePhD @TED_ED

8/6 Three ways to highlight productive urgency while avoiding teacher burnout – An elementary principal explains how he creates a sense of purpose throughout his school without causing unnecessary anxiety and fear. @eschoolnews @worcesterpublic

8/6 Education tech companies bring virtual teaching to the table as a solution to the teacher shortage. Our teacher could be sitting in Montana and will have a Texas teaching certification and will stream straight into the rural Texas classroom. @ChloeNordquist @ScrippsNational @DenverChannel

8/5 How hands-on education creates better educators – To become better educators, teachers need the right tools–and the hands-on training–to help them face new and upcoming challenges head-on. @eschoolnews

8/5 Researcher Behind ‘10,000-Hour Rule’ Says Good Teaching Matters, Not Just Practice. You’ve probably heard of the 10,000-hour rule, which was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster book “Outliers.” @jryoung @EdSurge

8/4 The Simple System For Planning Project-Based Learning Experiences – The textbooks are no longer “good enough”, and the multiple-choice tests are no longer “good enough”, and the lectures are no longer “good enough” for our kids. @ajjuliani

Displaced Ukrainian students find education with US online tools. For these kids online education is a big upgrade from nothing, and they are making the most of it. @KirkCarapezza @GBH

8/3 NASA Is Crowdsourcing Cloud Research—on Mars. Space fans around the world can help analyze data collected by the Mars Climate Sounder. Get your kids involved. @katrinacecile @WIRED

8/3 Schools as Factories: Metaphors That Stick. The idea of the school as an efficient factory assembly line has a surprising history. A century ago, the notion of schools delivering finished products to a democratic society was both new and–here is the surprise–admired. @LarryCuban

8/3 Next-generation tech for schools–right now – Tech is constantly evolving, and new technology advances mean that your schools don’t have to wait to use future-looking tools and strategies. @eschoolnews

>8/2/2022 Hacking Assessment 2.0 by Starr Sackstein is now available. I summarized the original version ins 2016. @mssackstein

8/2/2022 Using Games to Help Students Develop Executive Function Skills – Collaborative games can help students develop skills like critical thinking, emotional control, sustained attention, and working memory. @eeculp @edutopia

8/1 2022 A Great Place to Find Lesson Plan Ideas – In the strategy resource bank you’ll find dozens of teaching strategies accompanied by free handouts to use in your classroom. @FreeTech4Teache @rmbyrne

8/1 2022 Gamification tools that increase student engagement – Gamification offers many benefits for teachers and students alike–here’s how to integrate these tools into your instruction. @eschoolnews

7/31 Pikmykid, a School Dismissal System. A school dismissal system can ensure students stay safe. Families know when and where to be, and everyone is accounted for at the end of the school day. @pikmykid @ClassTechTips

7/31 Paper books linked to stronger readers in an international study – There’s a lot to like about digital books. They’re lighter in the backpack and often cheaper than paper books. But a new international report suggests that physical books may be important to raising children who become strong readers. @jillbarshay @hechingerreport @MindShiftKQED

7/31 Not Your Average High School Finance Lesson – A Unit on Saving and Investing for High School Students appears to be created to coincide with the use of The Stock Market Game. @garystager @rmbyrne @wjfrey

7/30 How to Stay Focused During the Summer Break – Long summer vacations can also lead to forgetting most of what you’ve learned over the past school year. @StudentLifeNet @_feedspot

7/30 What College Admissions Officers Really Want Students with evident emotional intelligence, initiative, and grit are much hard to come by. @collegeaveloans @_feedspot

7/27 Using Popular Apps for Formative Assessment – Adding simple tech options to boost formative assessment activities can help ensure that every student is getting the most from the lesson. @ClassTechTips @edutopia

7/27 Hawaii’s Kihei Elementary School Selects Discovery Education’s Mystery Science to Support Deeper Student Engagement in the 2022-2023 School Year. Through this new phase of collaboration, educators at Kihei Elementary School will add Mystery Science, an award-winning digital resource for K-5 teachers and students. @KiheiElementary @DiscoveryEd @eschoolnews

7/27 Are Today’s Children Different than Children in the 1890s? Teachers speak less glowingly, however, of how their attention span is as short as a tweet or how little ones expect the classroom to be just like “Barney and Friend.” @LarryCuban

7/26 Five digital tools to enhance your social studies instruction – Social studies is critical to students’ lives beyond the classroom–educators should use every possible tool to engage students in this critical. @SHigginsBGCS @eschoolnews

7/26 Using the Inquiry Process to Improve Learning Outcomes – With data gathered from early assessments, teachers can work together to improve lessons to meet the needs of all students better. @edutopia

7/25 How do you stop cheating students? (Hint: tech isn’t the only answer) Virtual proctoring invites privacy and security concerns that don’t come into play when a teacher monitors a test in person. @NimahGobir @MindShiftKQED

7/25 The six Best Language Learning Apps in 2022: Duolingo, iTalki, and More – If you aren’t sure which one to use, this should help. I currently have a 700+ day streak in Duolingo Swedish. @RansomPatterson @collegeinfogeek

7/24 Teaching Grit Through Sportsmanship – Striking out happens. It stings, and it sucks, but it happens, and we have two choices when it does, either let it get us down and then quit or take what we learned from the strike out and try even harder the next time we get up to bat. @mssackstein

7/24 Growth Mindset is More than a Colorful Bulletin Board. As any educator knows, growth mindset work does not happen in isolation or by just putting up a picture. @akrebecca @Getting_Smart

7/22 Create Collaborative Classrooms. Connect with the team at OuiSi and had a chance to explore their resources for students and teachers. @ClassTechTips @playouisi

7/22 How I\to use technology to keep PE relevant in the 21st century – Physical education teachers are using the latest learning strategies to keep PE relevant and ensure students are practicing their 21st-century skills. @eschoolnews @IsmailCSP

7/22 The Ultimate Guide to Performance-Based Assessments – Performance-based assessments move beyond multiple-choice and written tests to determine not only what students know but how they apply their knowledge. @OtusK12

7/22 Arts, Culture, and Geography Games to Share in Google Classroom – Play with Arts & Culture offers more than a dozen interactive games for students to play to test their knowledge and to learn about the connections between art, culture, and geography. @rmbyrne @Larryferlazzo

7/21 Does Teaching Get Easier With Time? Yes, planning lessons and managing spaces gets easier, but the daily grind of teaching doesn’t. @mssackstein

7/21 Business Leaders Say Computer Science Needs to Be A Core Subject. Today, a collection of more than 500 prominent business, education, and nonprofit leaders called on states to update their K-12 curriculum to make computer science a core subject. @dtmollenkamp @EdSurge

7/21 The kids are all right online. Online learning, once dismissed as a poor substitute for in-person learning, is proving why it is engaging and fulfilling learning. KevinHogan@eschoolnews.com @eschoolnews

7/21 Five tech tools to use in an elementary music classroom – Technology enables the creation and use of digital music–how are you exposing students to digital music creation in your music classroom? @eschoolnews

7/19 The Principles of Learning: Context Is Integral To Learning. Mental models are how we understand the world. Not only do they shape what we think and how we understand but they shape the connections and opportunities that we see. @ajjuliani

7/19 5-Minute SEL Activities You Can Do Every Day – Virtually or In Person – Every activity helps students create the classroom culture they want to see: affirming their experiences, feeling safe in their learning environment and supporting their voice and choice. @BarbaraGruener @teacher2teacher

7/18 How Do Politicians Keep Getting So Rich? See if you and your students/kids can guess any of the answers before watching. This seems balanced politically. @StoryblocksCo @thinkSTT

7/18 Seven Tips for Parenting ADHD Teens – You want to help your teens get on the right path, but they’re resistant to rules and they get annoyed when you give them reminders. @Shareaholic

7/18 Researchers find a tradeoff between raising achievement and engaging students. Two researchers from the University of Maryland and Harvard University waded into this mess. @jillbarshay @hechingerreport @EricHanushek @MindShiftKQED

7/16 Ten Plus Chrome Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students – In this episode, we are jumping into some Google Chrome updates, features, and tips for teachers and students. @ShakeUpLearning

7/16 How to Produce a Play on a Shoestring Budget – If you don’t have the funding to put on a show with costumes and big sets, you can still create a memorable performance. @edutopia @thefridaystory

7/16 Five ways to create a strong math culture in your schools – A strong math culture can help students develop positive habits and mindsets that improve their math competency. @eschoolnews @lynchbren21

7/15 EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning Environments – Be sure to get one for your school’s professional development library. @ClassTechTips

7/15 Getting real-world experience: High schoolers design a ‘life skills’ lab for students with disabilities. Students at the School of Design and Construction are partnering with IKEA to build life skills learning lab for students with disabilities. @marcelanotes @ChalkbeatNY

7/15 Parents Share Tips for Starting the College Admissions Process. It’s college application season and families with high school seniors are looking for answers to their college admissions questions. @CollegeAveLoans @_feedspot

7/13 Remote possibilities: Successful strategies for virtual teaching and learning – Virtual learning is making its presence known–here’s how emerging edtech tools are making room for innovation. @eschoolnews

7/13 What Are The Best Al

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