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1/25 Eleven Places to Learn Leadership Skills That Will Make You a More Confident Leader Without Costing You a Dime – Here are 11 places that will help you increase your skill level on a rocket-like trajectory. @larrykim @MobileMonkey_ @TheMissionHQ @Medium

1/25 A Makerspace Built by Elementary Students – Third graders designed a makerspace for their school. Then they got their budget approved and built it. How cool is this? @edutopia @spstemlab

1/25 Making Math a Family Thing – Here are some strategies for parents and teachers on closing the math gap between home and school. @UKnowHGSE @verenanz @PamDavEd

1/24 The Joy of Opting Out of Standardized Testing – Please consider optig your kids out as well. @StevenSinger3 @EdFocus

1/24 The Changing Landscape of Education: An Interview with Sir Ken Robinson – He also has one of the most watched TED Talks. @SirKenRobinson @edCircuit @drrodberger

1/24 Microsoft challenges Chromebooks with $189 Windows 10 laptops for schools. Microsoft is also making some Mixed Reality content available for both the HoloLens and the range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. @tomwarren @verge @davezirk @kerszi @mr_isaacs @iwearthecrowns @MGrundel @kjarrett

1/24 Research Shows That 1:1, Teacher-Led Classrooms Increase Student Engagement. Student devices in classrooms can be very effective at improving student engagement, achievement, and computer skills. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

1/23 What Failing Students Want Us to Remember – Learners benefit considerably more from a myriad of low-stakes assessments and routine feedback. @WordLib @Edutopia @Mann4Edu

1/23 Five Questions Every Kid Is Trying to Answer – When we think about creating a stronger school culture, these questions will help you focus on relationships. @DavidGeurin

1/23 Five Things Moms Can Do For Best Stress Relief – You don’t have to be a mom to take advantage of some of this. My favorite is exercise with your kids. @BusyMomDiary1 @Shareaholic @_Penelope

1/22 Five big ideas for education innovation in 2018 – Here are five ways the education innovation agenda should move forward this year. @JullesFisher

1/22 Repair: Relationship Restoration in Response to Student Decisions – It’s relationships, not programs that change children…Young people thrive when adults care about them on a one-to-one level. @bethhill2829 @Jennifer_Hogan

1/21 Five Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids – Beginning and veteran teachers should check this out. @mrworkfcps @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @Inspiration4T

1/21 The Future of Education is Unstructured Learning, and Here’s Why. Unstructured learning gives the individual students exactly what they need, which is space to grow. @leecrockett @glodigcit @AysinAlp1

1/20 This major city knows the secret to improving student performance. Focusing on school leadership and high-quality principals yielded impressive results. @eSN_Laura @eschoolnews

1/20 Elephant in the Room: It’s the Tech Takeover, NOT Common Core. We are in danger of losing public schools and it’s all about “disruption” and technology. The federal government is leading the way. @NancyEBailey1

1/20 Want to Raise Kids Who Won’t Give Up Easily? Teach Them the ‘Batman Effect.’ This is a fun and simple way to show kids they’re stronger than they think. @AmyMorinLCSW @Inc @rhettpower

1/19 Coding My Growth Mindset: A Women’s Self Reflection – One teacher realized just how important it has been for her to nourish and develop her own Growth Mindset. See my summary of Mindset here. @ReadingCindy @brookebrowntpt @MindsetWorks @E_Sheninger @cultofpedagogy

1/19 You Can Do It! How to Encourage Goal Setting for Students. – Goal setting encourages a growth mindset. It also supports the development of skills students need to be prepared for their future careers. @MissL_Barrett @WeAreTeachers

1/18 Not Much New in EdTech in 2017; 3 Things Could Change That in 2018. – New tech like AI, VR, and AR didn’t make much of a dent last year in education, but they could this year. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @thinkm2

1/18 Inviting Controversy Into Our Classrooms – Do you let your students argue two sides of any issues? Perhaps you should. @Mr_Russell_BGHS @cultofpedagogy @iamDrWill

1/17 What Great Leaders Struggle With – But Are Scared to Admit – This is a checklist that all leaders should review. @LollyDaskal

1/17 Developing Student Voice Is Critical. TED-Ed Clubs Can Help. Here 7- to 17-year-old students have a platform to voice concerns, ideas and creative solutions to complex problems through the format of a TED Talk. Time to start one in your school. @mrnavas @EdSurge @EDUcre8ive @NASSP @TED_ED

1/17 Ten Dos And Don’ts For Group Work & Student Grouping – The challenge facing many educators is not in wanting their students to work together, but in figuring out how to group students together in the most effective ways. @TeachThought @JennNichols012

1/16 How the Heck Do You Grade Choice-Based Learning? If students get to choose they just might do their most inspired work. @ajjuliani @pammoran @spencerideas

1/13 Middle School STEAM – Five Ways to Amp It Up – Exciting STEAM projects can ignite and excite any middle school. @pr05bps @coolcatteacher @CorwinPress

1/12 The Staggering Naivety of Those Criticizing Public Schools as Out-of-Date. Be sure to watch the high-quality short [5:56] animation. Also, watch the video about Finland at the bottom. @StevenSinger3 @EdFocus

1/12 A teacher’s guide to 3D printers – If you want to ensure you’re getting the best and most appropriate equipment possible for your budget here is what should you be looking out for. @Educ_Technology @trilearning @NetSupportGroup

1/12 Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff – Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @keithheggart @edutopia @bjnichols

1/11 Beyond Design Thinking: Why Education Entrepreneurs Need to Think in Systems. Systems thinking offers a necessary antidote to some of design thinking’s blind spots by taking a holistic view of complex social challenges. @amyahearn11 @Acumen @EdSurge

1/11 The Best Quick Formative Assessment Ideas for Teachers to Know – The more quick formative assessment ideas teachers have to call on, the better. @leecrockett @glodigcit

1/11 Four Tools That Take Blended Learning to the Next Level – How much blended learning is going on in your schools? @eschoolnews

1/11 How an Anti-Tech Teacher Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Edtech – He had the vision that with personalized learning they would be online the whole time and he would never talk to them. @JennyAbamu @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @Turnitin

1/10 The Power of the Positive Phone Call Home – How many do you and your teachers make? @artofcoaching1 @edutopia @marcelamomberg

1/10 The Three-Step System For Getting Students to Do the Talking – This is interesting. You may want to start by scrolling down to see the steps. @ajjuliani @DrSConstantino @MrGesualdi

1/10 Define “21st Century Teachers, Students & Classrooms.” I never thought this term made sense at it implies that something should have radically changed when the 21st century arrived and that these skills would last for the rest of the century. @mraspinall

1/9 Creating a Learning Orientation Versus a Performance Orientation – If you don’t know the difference you need to read this. @KatieMartinEdu @RACzyz @gcouros

1/9 Why STEM practices should be taught across the entire curriculum – STEM education will play a crucial role in preparing both individuals and the economy for the future. @SusannahEduAu @Social_Ventures @rhonimcfarlane

1/9 Eight reasons Finland’s education system puts the US model to shame – Most of these things could be easily done in the US with the right vision from leadership. @chriswweller @businessinsider @Independent

1/7 The 30-Day Happy Teacher Challenge – You don’t have to do them all or even one a day, but try to do some. @prestoplans @hodge_dv @ncte

1/7 Seven Deadly Mistakes That Even Great Leaders Make – How many do you/your leaders make? @LollyDaskal

1/7 ClassHook Helps Teachers Use Television Clips in Their Classroom. ClassHook helps teachers with the process of finding educational moments from popular television shows and movies. Be sure to watch the one-minute video. @ClassTechTips @ClassHook

1/7 Helpful Language Arts Websites for Teachers – We asked some of our Teacher Learning Community members what language arts websites helped them most in the classroom. Here are some of their answers. @SimpleK12 @englishteach8 @SimpleCEO

1/6 How Instructional Leaders Change Teacher Practice – Share with leaders and inspiring leaders you know and scroll to the bottom for a free pdf. @eduleadership

1/6 Will Letter Grades Survive? A century-old pillar of the school system is under fire as schools look to modernize student assessment. Colleges say that competency-based transcripts will not hurt students in the admissions process. @laura11D @edutopia @jmattmiller @james_minter @SlugPieStories

1/6 Alternatives To What’d You Learn In School Today? These are questions that parents can ask to get at what their children do in school. @terryheick @TeachThought

1/5 Transition to middle school can be rough. What’s being done to help? Middle school might just be the new high school — at least in terms of the attention, it’s getting as one of the bigger transitions in childhood education. @frteachermama @WillWaidelich @CPennParent @CampHillSD

1/5 So Your Kids’ PBL Work Sucks? Here are Eight Ways to Improve It. Some teachers throw up their hands, blame the kids or the supposed lack of structure of PBL and go back to their lecture/worksheet, teacher-directed ways. @GingerLewman @kevinhoneycutt

1/5 Six Ways You Can Promote Gender Equality In Your Classroom – As young children begin to notice the differences in social expectations for gender roles, the ways teachers interact with students stand to have a great impact on their ability to participate in their education. @TeachThought

1/5 How diplomas based on skill acquisition, not credits earned, could change education. By 2021, students graduating from Maine high schools must show they have mastered specific skills. @lrmongeau @hechingerreport @ptaylorsjr @jcasp

1/4 Math Doesn’t Have to Suck. Here Are Three Ways to Make It Better @JustinMinkel @EdWeekTeacher

1/4 Three Problems with Traditional Grades – Like too many aspects of education, students play a passive role in the traditional grading system. @Catlin_Tucker @dkreiness @gcouros

1/4 How-To Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts – By listening to a narrator tell a story or an expert discuss a topic, podcasts can help students strengthen their ability to gather information through multimedia. @classtechtips @DBaker007

1/3/2018Alarmed by Fake News, States Push Media Literacy in Schools. What is your state doing? @VOANews

1/3/2018Teaching Introverted Students: How a ‘Quiet Revolution’ Is Changing Classroom Practice. This plan should work for introverted and extroverted students alike. Click here for my summary of Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. @biasevoli @susancain @educationweek

12/31 Why there’s no such thing as a gifted child – In my view this is a label that make the ‘gifted’ risk adverse and the rest seem second rate. @WendyBerliner @guardian @bjohnsonEDU @E_Sheninger

12/31 5 Apps for Student Sports Lovers with Curriculum Connections – Students who love sports follow stories of favorite athletes, know their teams’ statistics, and can make predictions about future performance. We can leverage these interests. @ClassTechTips @edutopia

12/31 19 Apps to Inspire Creativity in Kids – This looks like something fun to check out over New Years. @Mom101 @parentsmagazine @SineaPies @FamilyFun

12/30 Three Ways to Put Balance Back in Education in 2018 – Can you guess what they are? @smilelearning @EdSurge @DougTimm34 @DaisyDyerDuerr

12/30 Can Kindness Be Taught? Be sure to click on “Kindness Curriculum” to get your copy. @Schiffman108 @nytimes @stdulmage @OUSEHS

12/29 How schools are steering social media – Districts seek to balance creativity and experimentation with safety and privacy. @DavidRaths @DA_magazine @ziegeran @MattHarrisEdD

12/29 Students Share The Downside Of Being Labeled ‘Gifted’ – Consider not using this label at your school. It’s bad for all students. Be sure to watch the short [5:43] video. @joboaler @youcubed @MindShiftKQED @Horizons93 @JosieHolford

12/28 The Four Kinds of Leaders Who Create the Future – William Taylor reflects on leaders, on the habits of mind that drive them, and he realized that most could be sorted into one of four categories. Which one are you/your principal? @williamctaylor @HarvardBiz @james_minter

12/27 Schools Are Missing What Matters About Learning. Curiosity is underemphasized in the classroom, but research shows that it is one of the strongest markers of academic success. @sbkaufman @TheAtlantic @ChrisWeissCT

12/27 The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Does your school focus on any of these skills? @wef @donnamurdoch @LoharPrasanna @MikeQuindazzi @antgrasso

12/27 A mathematician has created a teaching method that’s proving there’s no such thing as a bad math student. There’s mounting evidence that the method works for all kids of all abilities. @jandersonQZ @qz

12/27 Kids Don’t Fail, Schools Fail Kids: Sir Ken Robinson on the ‘Learning Revolution’ – Check out my summary of Sir Ken’s Book The Element. @MJMadda @EdSurge

12/26 How to Respond When Students Use Hate Speech – Here are some activities for creating a healthy classroom culture. @edutopia @Rdene915

12/26 Check out the 12 Benefits of Creativity. We are Teachers posted an infographic from popular education artist Sylvia Duckworth listing the 12 benefits of creativity. @SimpleK12 @sylviaduckworth @SimpleCEO

12/26 How to Stop Killing the Love of Reading – When You Ask Students What they do in reading, they tell you, it is mostly worksheets about reading or computer programs that ask them to read passages, not books, and answer multiple-choice questions. @cultofpedagogy @DaHinegardner @gcouros

12/26 The Three Barriers to Deep Thinking in School – Deep thinking is a very, very delicate flower. It blooms only under rare and perfect conditions when you’ve given the seedling absolutely everything it needs. @benorlin

12/24 Nine Classroom Management Ideas We Can Steal From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Body language can speak loudly. @WeAreTeachers @JeanCapuano

12/23 Five Ways to be an Unforgetable Teacher – Get inspired by some fantastic advice on reaching students. @cpoole27 @coolcatteacher

12/23 With Virtual Reality, the World Is Your Classroom. Virtual and augmented reality headsets are helping teachers take students on unbelievable adventures—without even leaving their seats. @VMware @TheAtlantic

12/23 Seven Important Questions Before Implementing Digital Portfolios5 – If your schools doesn’t use digital portfolios it’s time to start. @gcouros

12/22 18 things that leaders of innovative schools do differently – What do you and leaders you know do? @mcleod @ShellTerrell @BradLatzke

12/22 Using Picture Books in the Middle School Classroom – This can motivate students, make then think, and encourage writing. You are never too old to enjoy pictures. @pernilleripp @tysonkimberly

12/22 Put Away the Red Pen. The key idea is to give them feedback without the grade if you want them to read it. @RickWormeli @KatieMartinEdu @PrincipalStager @gcouro

12/21 The Future of Education is Unstructured Learning, and Here’s Why – It’s the time for teaching innovation and discovery of the unknown through messy learning. @glodigcit

12/21 Three must-have skills for today’s librarians – Does the librarian in your school have them? @sksgrigsby @eschoolnews

12/20 High School Football: The Folly of Trying to Sustain the Unsatainable Why would you let your kid play football? @JohnGerdy

12/20 Nine Ways to Inspire Student Inventors – How many are you doing for students you know? @coolcatteacher @edutopia @Rdene915

12/20 Seven Ways to use online video in your classroom – How many can you think of? Unfortunately, Wideo is no longer free, but this good promotional video for Wideo still remains. @MrWideo @rmbyrne

12/20 2017 in pictures: The best science images of the year – A spectacular total eclipse, hitch-hiking octopus, nanoscale fireworks and more @nature

12/20 Just Say No To 10 Behaviors That Kill Competence. On the lifelong quest to become our best selves, we must stretch and grow and learn from our mistakes. @leadingincontxt @7Lenses @teamleap @leadingincontxt

12/18 13 Keys To Nurturing A Readerly Life – How many do teachers you know use? @TonySinanis @Arsant10

12/18 Why personalized learning should start in school libraries – Let’s hope that it doesn’t end there. @eSN_Meris @eschoolnews

12/18 15 Ways to Foster Happiness in the Workplace – Share with any leaders that you know. This is a bit long but worth it. @mikegiannulis @DgtlMike @iconiContent

12/17 The Five Obsticles You Need to Overcome as a Tech-Savvy Eductor – Be sure to read my comment. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

12/16 Are gifted students now an underserved population? With the focus on making all students proficient the faster learners can be forgotten. @DennisWPierce @eschoolnews

12/14 Response: Policymakers Should ‘Treat Teachers Like Equals – What do you think are the most important things that many policy-makers don’t understand about teachers, students, and schools? @Larryferlazzo @EdWeekTeacher

12/14 School start times and the economy – There’s a very significant economic benefit to pushing school start times later. What is your school doing? @thesleepdoctor @HuffPost @BurkheadBill

12/14 Fifth-Graders In Chicago Write To Newspaper: ‘You Don’t Really Know Us.’ Your kids may not have their problem, but they can still do this. @rklein90 @HuffPostPol @tee62 @jenhegna

12/13 Growing Talent for the 4th Industrial Revolution – Is your school preparting students for the automation age? @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @garybartanus @Eduporium

12/13 Eight Strategies To Help Students Ask Great Questions – A good question can open minds, shift paradigms, and force the uncomfortable but transformational cognitive dissonance that can help create thinkers. @terryheick @TeachThought @rudytoot1

12/13 Learning Targets Can Make Our Lives Easier. How involved are your students in setting targets? @RossCoops31 @smartins3313 @E_Sheninger

12/11 Want to Start School Later? Avoid These 10 Common Traps. Research has been clear on this for decades. Major health groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Medical Association have issued calls to start middle and high schools no earlier than 8:30 a.m. @terraziporyn @HealthyHours @HuffPostBlog

12/11 Five Ways to Make Class Discussions More Exciting – It’s not enough for students to simply pay attention — they need to be active participants. @edutopia

12/11 Dr. Michael Hynes Makes His Case for More Recess, Self-Directed Play and “PEAS” in Schools. Playing with other children, away from adults, is how children learn to make their own decisions, control their emotions and impulses, see from others’ perspectives, negotiate differences with others, and make friends. @MikeHynes5 @PMSchoolsSupe

12/11 The Staggering Naivety of Those Criticizing Public Schools as Out-of-Date – Be sure to watch the short [5:56] videos. The second one at the bottom is about Finland. @StevenSinger3 @JACandBensMom

12/10 What causes addiction? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple. @Kurz_Gesagt @Patreon

12/10 Quick Classroom Exercises to Combat Stress – These brain breaks and focused-attention practices can help students cope with stress and trauma and focus on their learning. @desautels_phd @edutopia @tweenteacher

12/10 Five Reasons You Will Love to Teach Your Kids to Cook – Teaching my daughter how to cook was great fun. Keep in mind that it will probably take longer. @SineaPies @liveluvtx

12/10 Ten Characteristics of Learner Centered Experiences – Education Reimagined defines the paradigm shift from teacher-centered to learner-centered. @KatieMartinEdu @eduk8me

12/8 Eight-year-old raises money to feed children. Consider helping her out. @WBNG12News

12/8 Making in a Middle School – What’s happening in your middle school? @aimeegbartis @Getting_Smart @Rdene915

12/7 Ten Characteristics of a LeadUp Teacher – A LeadUp Teacher undoubtedly possesses many characteristics! Innovative, inspiring, and empowering just to name a few. @ElisaBostwick @drneilgupta

12/7 The Best Self-Assessment Questions for Encouraging a Growth Mindset – If students learn to ask the right self-assessment questions and keep themselves accountable, the results in learning improvement can be amazing. @leecrockett @glodigcit

12/6 The Impact of Leadership on the Change in Learning and Teaching – Foundational to this is the notion that is highlighted in the the new Future Ready Leaders Guide by EdSurge. @katiemartinedu @EdSurge @ElisaBostwick

12/6 A Collection Of My Best Resources On Student Motivation – Also see my summary of Daniel Pink’s book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. @Larryferlazzo @DanielPink

12/5 New Yorkers call for removal of Met painting that ‘sexualizes’ girl. This might be a discussion topic for a high school class. Is a young girl’s underpants worse than the totally naked statues in the same museum? @inkonthepad @nypost

12/5 FIve Fallacies That Are NOT Differentiated Instruction – Differentiated instruction (DI) begins with an accurate understanding of what DI is—and is not. @bethhill2829 @ASCD

12/5 Why We Should Embrace Mistakes in School. If students can see the beauty in spilled milk, research suggests they’ll learn better. @amylevaggsc @GreaterGoodSC @cchew775 @chalsuccess

12/4 Girl’s body found; mom’s boyfriend charged with hiding death. Kids living with their moms and a boyfriend are at elevated risk for abuse. Know which kids at your school are in this position and alert the counselor. @WBNG12News

12/4 25 Favorite Preschool Learning Themes – Share with preschool teachers and parents of preschoolers. @tch2and3yearold @SineaPies @tch2and3yearold

12/4 Four Factors Impacting Online Course Flexibility – Share with online teachers and course takers. @barrydahl @garybartanus @D2L

12/4 What’s Wrong with Extra Credit? Turns out there is a lot wrong in some classes. How about your school? @JoyKirr @hhschiaravalli @_TDSocial @TG2Chat

12/3 Creating an Inclusive Classroom – Being open to talking about race helps foster safety and unity in a multicultural classroom. Here are nine tips. @edutopia @WickedDecent @growingupglobal

12/2 How School Leaders Can Attend to the Emotional Side of Change – One of the most difficult things about leading change in schools is that there aren’t clear structures to deal with conflict or disagreement. @ziegeran @MindShiftKQED @ziegeran

12/2 Bridging the Chasm: Defining Success Beyond Traditional Academics – Be sure to check out the 20 competencies that contribute to success after high school diagram at the bottom. @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @jdauria

12/2 Three Articles for Student Discussion on “Success” – It is crucial for students to think about the idea of “success” in their own terms. @gcouros @8Amber8

12/1 Five Reasons Professional Development is NOT Transforming Learning – What’s happening at your school? @katiemartinedu @gcouros @jeff_scott2

12/1 Five Ways to Overcome the Challenges of Implementing a Genius Hour – Creativity takes many forms and the maker movement has provided many teachers and students opportunities to invite creativity back into the classroom. @Getting_Smart @garybartanus

12/1 How Students Critiquing One Another’s Work Raises The Quality Bar – Too often when students produce school work, they turn it into a teacher for a grade and move on. @MindShiftKQED @mcguirp

11/30 Should We Ban Technology In Classrooms and Meetings? I say no. How can you do surveys and get input from all students at the same time without them? @patrickmlarkin @plugusin

11/30 4th Grade Circuit Stations and Interactive Switches – I think this would work for other ages as well. This is also a good home project. @gravescolleen @SparkFunEDU

11/30 Authenticity Matters: 12 Ideas To Make Learning ‘Real-World’ – From what I have seen, most schools need more real-world activities. (See learning item below.) @TeachThought @Rdene915

11/30 Bill Gates & Betsy DeVos: Mr. and Mrs. Public School Sabotage – You may have a different opinion, but this should get teachers, parents, and maybe policy makers thinking. @StevenSinger3 @commondreams @pittfancarl

11/29 Five Principles of Outstanding Classroom Management – When we asked our community for their best classroom management practices, over 700 ideas rolled in. @3seed @bettyray @edutopia @trilearning @john_lynkk

11/29 Six Ways Administrators Can Prove the Efficacy of Digital Tools – All admins should check to see if they are doing this six things. @E_Sheninger @EDUcre8ive @EdTech_K12

11/28 Some States Changing Course on Teacher Evaluation. Six states—Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Oklahoma—have now dropped requirements that evaluations include student-growth measures. @LianaLoewus @EducationWeek

11/28 Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting. Some studies imply that you learn better taking notes with pen and paper. @dynarski @nytimes

11/28 Five Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids – All teachers should review this advice. @mrworkfcps @edutopia @trilearning @thinkm2

11/27 How to Leverage Technology to Make Videos a More Active Learning Experience – Digital tools let educators maximize class time spent watching a video. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

11/26 Recess Isn’t P.E.: State Legislatures Reframe the Meaning of a Child’s Freedom. This is so wrong. @VisualCap @NancyEBailey1 @teka21bat

11/26 20 books by teachers, for teachers to inspire your teaching – They look good to me. @jmattmiller @Larerbloggen

11/25 Three Assumptions Teachers Should Avoid – Try to guess before you read this. @JoRauhala @edutopia

11/24 At this high school, lockers and textbooks are obsolete. Is your school still buying textbooks rather than issuing a laptop or tablet? @YorkDispatch @eschoolnews

11/24 Liberate the Turkey and Homework on Holiday Weekends. You can do this every weekend. @sjgorman @EdWeekTeacher @mssackstein

11/24 Want Preschoolers To Become Successful? Allow Them To Play More. All the research supports what early childhood teachers know: It is time to get back to the basics. Let the children play. @HuffPostEdu @scardella24 @LEGOfoundation

11/24 The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies – What format will you use? What questions will you ask? How will you ensure that all students participate? @cultofpedagogy @alysoncarp1

11/22 More Talking in Math Class, Please. Talking about math helps elementary students deepen their understanding. Use these three tips to get the conversation started. @edutopia @Rdene915

11/22 Six Ways Administrators Can Prove the Efficacy of Digital Tools – When new technology is rolled out, K–12 leaders must prove it is worth the investment. @E_Sheninger @EdTech_K12 @thinkm2

11/22 Three Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Educators and Learning Scientists – How are current innovations building on what we know about how people learn? @kcator @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @JoskosSolutions

11/21 How Ending Behavior Rewards Helped One School Focus on Student Motivation and Character – A substantial body of social science research has concluded that giving rewards for certain types of behavior is harmful. @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED @leticarino @tedfujimoto

11/21 Five Strategies to Demystify the Learning Process for Struggling Students – I would try this on all of my students. @dfkris @MindShiftKQED @wsoeldner

11/21 Why We Should Apply The Golden Circle Model To eLearning – If you don’t know what the Golden Circle is, check this out. @mohammadhassam @elearnindustry @trilearning @unicorntraining

11/21 Ten Things Every Team Leader Needs to Know – Share with leaders you know. @JesseLynStoner @curriculumblog

11/19 Why Some People Succeed And Others Don’t – The difference between the ones who make and the ones who don’t is quitting. @JeffGoins @Jonharper70bd @LarryWentz

11/19 Say What? Five Ways to Get Students to Listen – Is listening the neglected literacy skill in your school. @WordLib @edutopia @mjjohnson1216

11/18 Three Myths About “Empowering” Students in Schools Today – How much are student empowered in your school. @gcouros

11/18 Tips to Engage Students Through Collaboration – If you ask students they will tell you that they want to work together. @CorwinPress @tweenteacher

11/18 Flexible Classrooms: Assembly Required – Seating, storage, lighting, and tables—we cover what you need, where to get it, and how much it costs. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @flyfish29

11/17 The Case(s) Against Personalized Learning – All educational leaders need to read this. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

11/17 Top Three Tips To Get Rid Of ‘I-am-bad-at-Math’ Syndrome – How about thinking ‘I’m not good at math yet.’ @LRLabs @magicalmaths

11/17 When Testing Takes Over – An expert’s lens on the failure of high-stakes accountability tests — and what we can do to change course – @bariwalsh @hgse @shyj

11/15 15 things you should do to prepare for your next presentation – Everyone has a story to tell. But not everyone knows how to tell it. @Dropbox @DrBakerHerring

11/15 Eleven Things You Might Unintentionally Be Communicating to Your Students – All teachers should read this. @DavidGeurin @mrodz308

11/15 Six Tips for Channeling Calm So You Don’t Yell at Your Kids – Getting control of our anger is important work. Studies show that yelling at kids can be just as harmful as physical discipline. @positive_parent @seemeandliz @ONTSpecialNeeds

11/15 Globally Connecting Learners through Project-Based Learning – As educators, we need to strive to open up opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives, to engage in collaboration with their peers, and more importantly, to become globally connected learners. @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart

11/14 Students Share The Downside Of Being Labeled ‘Gifted.’ Gifted is still a label. Should we label students? Be sure to watch the short [5:43] video. @MindShiftKQED @EdTechFam

11/14 Entrepreneurship in K-12 Education – Increasingly, our students will need to think like entrepreneurs. @Getting_Smart @tvanderark @cpaterso

11/13 Who is doing the work in your classroom? Chances are the students should be doing more. @Catlin_Tucker @mssackstein

11/13 Here’s Why Teaching Your Daughter To Be Quiet And Polite Works Against Her. Give her a voice and watch her conquer the world. @IAmSteveHarvey @jlh842000

11/12 Leaders Don’t Complain. Some people would rather complain than actually do something about their situation. Doing something may require leaving your comfort zone. @LaRaeQuy @LeadToday

11/12 How My Students Create Their Own TED Talks – If students at your school don’t do this they probably should. @TeachThought @AysinAlp1

11/12 Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students – Motivation may be the most important thing for teachers to instill. Here’s how. @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

11/11 How do you focus on being innovative while still teaching the curriculum? Curriculum and innovation don’t have to be opposites. @gcouros

11/11 Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Makerspace – There is good advice here even if you already have a makerspace. @BrittanyMurro @McGrawHillK12 @Glennr1809

11/9 Italy Talgam uses successful conductors to illustrate powerful examples of leadership. (4th talk from the top) Each of the seven video clips reveal a critical aspect of showing joy in one’s work to treating others as equals. Music lovers will like this. @GeorganneFord

11/9 Four ways teachers are preparing pupils for a digital future – Is any of this happening in your school? @DiscoveryEdUk @InnovateMySchl

11/9 Teaching Digital Citizenship: 10 Internet Safety Tips for Students Parents and teachers should check this out. @kathleen_morris @amgonza @edublogs

EdTech Relationships
11/9 Building Relationships with EdTech Companies to Better Serve Students – What kind of relationships does your school have with vendors? @mssackstein @Getting_Smart

11/8 Measuring Successes as a New School Leader, One Experience at a Time – To make any change, to build any relationship, you have to go slowly. @mssackstein

11/8 It’s (still) not OK for teachers to remain digitally illiterate. This graphic identifies sixteen ideal behaviors of teachers today. How many do teachers you know have? @ddraper @Medium @educollabor8ors @ijukes

11/7 Ann Cooper talks about the coming revolution in the way kids eat at school — local, sustainable, seasonal and even educational food. Make sure your school leaders listen to this. @chefannc

11/7 When Testing Takes Over – Here is a book that tells how excessive high-stakes testing undermines the goals of instruction and meaningful learning. @DanKoretz @hgse @UKnowHGSE @BradLatzke

11/7 Ten Ways To Motivate Your Staff – How many does the principal do in your school? @TeacherToolkit @KarlyMoura @jm8997

11/6 I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won’t stop fact-checking me. @MrBedleysClass @voxdotcom

11/6 If Teachers Aren’t Asking The Right Questions, The Answers Could Have Surprisingly Little Value. @dsfcmedia @teachwire

11/5 Kid injured in NYC attack didn’t let it ruin perfect attendance at school. I love this as I never missed a day of work as an educator. What would your kid do? @ysteinbuch @nypost

11/5 Five Classroom Jobs You Should Outsource To Your Middle School Students – Can you and your students think of any others? @WeAreTeachers @DrPowersCMS @mccoyderek

11/3 Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These five Traits. @MSchneiderTwts @Inc @dalevankeuren

11/3 The Six Drivers of Inquiry-Based Learning – Inquiry-based learning can be defined as learning that “starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios – rather than simply presenting established facts. @RossCoops31 @scholzet

11/3 What If Teachers Took Computation Out of Math Class? Nobody does computations on the job, but schools spend lots of time making students do computations without context. Be sure to watch Conrad Wolfram’s TED Talk. @conradwolfram @MindShiftKQED @bethhill2829

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11/2 Open a Micro-School: Here’s How. It’s getting easier to open a really cool school. A new wave of tiny schools are creating options for students, parents, and educators. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart

11/2 How online high school prepared my sons for NASA – Students can finish high school courses at an advanced pace, freeing up time to go further with personal interests. @eschoolnews

11/2 Dynamic Learning v. Static Learning – How much dynamic learning goes on in your school? @ShakeUpLearning @KarlyMoura @jmattmiller

11/2 Nine Mistakes That Sabotage Your Classroom Management – So if you’re struggling with student behaviors, give yourself a break. @DavidGeurin @edublogs

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11/1 Ten timeless tips for teaching with technology – There are three certains in life: death, taxes and changing technology. @jmattmiller @rudytoot1

11/1 The Epic Guide to Student Ownership – How can you keep students accountable? @ajjuliani @MissGEnrique @1MvdS

11/1 Eight Ways to Support Digital Citizenship Skills with Google – It’s NOT About Google, It’s About the LEARNING. @ShakeUpLearning @Arsant10

10/31 Top Five TED Talks on Leadership – You know that these have got to be good. @simonsinek @starrscience @TdiShelton

10/31 Conversations Instead of Grades – This is how one teacher got students to focus on improving skills instead of numbers. @Catlin_Tucker @TeachOnTheEdge

10/30 Three Ways Parents Can Make Digital Media a Positive for Young Kids – Digital technologies have added a new element of anxiety to family life for many parents. Here is some help. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @englishteach8

10/30 Five ways to teach students to be future-ready Today’s students face a technology-infused, innovation-filled world in their future. @jmattmiller

10/28 The paradox of standardized testing – Standardized achievement tests are deeply flawed, and test-based accountability has been terribly damaging to public education. Be sure to read my comment. @JoshuaPStarr @pdkintl @nelitajo

10/28 Students Sitting Around Too Much? Try Chat Stations. Instead of performing a complex task, students just have a quick discussion. Chat Stations are incredibly flexible. @cultofpedagogy @smcgon

10/28 Games Mindset is Increasingly Prevalent In Business & Education. Two recent articles address the beneficial correlations between 1) games and business mindset and 2) gaming and education. @elianealhadeff @garybartanus @nick_chater

10/28 The Power Of I Don’t Know – It’s okay to say “I don’t know.” Teach your students how to develop questions because it helps conquer their own confusion. @terryheick @TeachThought @LaneDebra

10/27 A 7th Grade Teacher’s Shift to Flexible Seating – Anybody in your school trying this? @markleteacher @edutopia

10/27 Five Tips to Create a Cost-Effective Makerspace Quickly – Teaching students the value of invention doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. @ipadqueen2012 @EdTech_K12 @ASchout10

10/27 Five Ways to Improve Your District’s Digital Leadership – Educators are counting on your digital leadership and your support to help everyone embrace edtech. @Lynch39083 @educationweek @barbbrown @kevindeforge

10/26 Catalysts for Leadership Creativity – Creativity is a process that experts have advised for decades involves four stages: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. @cat3y @ASCD @jackiegerstein @ELmagazine

10/26 What Are the Best Ages to Take Your Kids to Disneyland? What’s your opinion? I was 11 in 1958 and it was magical. @intheknowmom @_Penelope

10/26 New Study Shows the Impact of PBL on Student Achievement. How much PBL is going on in your school? @nellkduke @edutopia @melanieawelsh @tedfujimoto

10/26 Seven Varied STEM Lesson and Learning Resources – If you’re a STEM teacher and looking for some fresh perspective, I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something fun here. @Emerging @EmergingEdTech @garybartanus

10/24 Five Reasons Why Your Students Should Write Every Day – Do you know what they are? @scilearn @AddThis @TalksWTeachers @ncte

10/24 Three ways the modern school is becoming more like the modern workplace – What’s happening in your school? @BZalcberg @eschoolnews

10/24 Seven Ways to Bring Joy to Your Classroom – If you aim to be effective as a teacher in the inclusive classroom, here are seven tips that can help. @think_inclusive @drfurman @TIE_BC

10/23 Research: How the Best School Leaders Create Enduring Change – Transforming a school is a long, hard, and often lonely task. @HarvardBiz @DrBenLaker @GoddardJules @LizMellonDuke @LaneDebra @jaymctighe

10/23 How to Make High School More Like Kindergarten – We should also make kindergarten more like it used to be. @lifehacker @mraspinall

10/23 Five Ways to Make Your Curriculum More Visible – A solid curriculum allows teachers and students to work towards common goals and provides guidance on what students should be focused on. @mrkempnz @agisaa @blaho_blaho

10/23 Ten Easy Ways To Create an Amazing Classroom Culture – Simple things can make a significant difference in our classroom environments, yet we should be intentional about them. @gcouros

10/22 Ten Questions to Ask Before Installing a New Educational App – Are your teachers asking these questions? @MDMeg @EdTech_K12 @mswanson

10/22 Four Roles Οf Online Education Ιn Youth Empowerment – Are your kids empowered? @sarahsmith82110 @eLearngraphic

10/22 Five Ways to Empower Students through Writing—Each and Every Single Day – My favorite is no red pens. @kelliwest @ncte @TheBooksource

10/21 Beloved coach fired for ‘run like you’re being chased by a rapist’ joke. This could be a good discussion topic. Ask your kids what they would do if they were the school administrator. @Selimalgar @nypost

10/21 10 Characteristics of Learner Centered Experiences – Education Reimagined defines the paradigm shift from teacher-centered to learner-centered. @katiemartinedu @DaHinegardner

10/21 Trauma-Informed Practices Benefit All Students. These practices can help kids build coping skills and self-efficacy. @shevtech @edutopia

10/21 How Parents Can Help Their Children Thrive at School – Our work ethic is influenced by our relationship with our parents. @Inner_Drive

10/20 Three Ways to Make a Difference This Week – The first one is to get to know your students better. @aaron_hogan

10/20 Sharing Lessons, Resources & Ideas Through Video – Here is a resource for seeing other’s top lessons and sharing your own. @ClassTechTips @dkapuler

10/20 Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves – As a teacher the thing I wanted most was motivated students. @Larryferlazzo @edutopia @SNewco

10/19 Halloween Tips@CharPdWilliams

10/19 Five Ways to Teach Students to Be Future-Ready Helping prepare kids for the workforce can be done with a few simple classroom changes. @jmattmiller @EdTech_K12 @cherylbonz

10/16 When The Focus Is On The Student, Not The Class – Read how one school district turned things around. @WSKG @NPR @mattscully @TeacherJenCarey

10/16 Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week this week! There are lots of resources here as well. @erinwilkey @eschoolnews

10/16 Seven Tips for Integrating Technology into the Classroom – Remember, technology is not a substitute for quality instruction. @hpitler @EdCircuit

10/15 Why I Don’t Have Classroom Rules. – A high school teacher tries a classroom management experiment thinking it will fail. Years later, he’s still at it. @dandrewt @edutopia @drfurman

10/15 Turning Your Students Into Web Detectives – Here are five vetted resources students can use to separate truth from fiction online. @jeffreyknutson @edutopia @DrLatham_K

10/15 Be a Talent Coach, Not an Evaluator. This applies to dealing with students and teachers. @mssackstein @EducationWeek @DrHarrisonMcCoy @esc11 @r11prins

10/15 What Should I Buy For My New Makerspace? A Five-Step Framework For Making the Right Purchases – This is a great resource for people setting up a maker space and for those considering it. @LFlemingEDU @EdSurge

10/14 The Skills a Child Really Needs Before Kindergarten – Forget the ABC song and counting to 100 for no reason, a kid needs context before kindergarten. @PatrickAColeman @dadofdivas @dad2summit

10/14 21 Phrases to Use in Dealing With Difficult Behaviors – Always try to be positive and respectful. @DavidGeurin @Chappy8611 @nuzzel @jodiepierpoint

10/14 How to Motivate a Middle School Reader – What is more important than motivation when it comes to learning? @ReganReads @MontourSD @CommonSense

10/13 Imagine a New Learning Paradigm. When children start exploring the world they live in, the are invigorated and curious. Does your school make them less curious? @mssackstein @educationweek

10/13 Ten Ways to Teach Argument-Writing With The New York Times – This is a very rich resource. Share with writing teachers and aspiring writers you know. @KSchulten @NYTimesLearning @NYTarchives

10/13 Write for My Teacher, or Publish to The World? Which are your students doing? @NLearning @tweenteacher @globalearner

10/13 Three Benefits of Establishing a ‘Genius Hour’ – Letting students explore their own passions in the classroom can meet educational standards in innovative ways. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

10/11 One Teacher Goes Gradeless and Tells the Story – Read about one classroom whose focus is on learning, feedback, and more learning rather than on grades. @MikeSzczepanik @hhschiaravalli

10/11 How to Be a Happier Teacher This School Year. Here are 17 ideas that sound good to me. @justinfashley @edu_ms_pagano @NCAEE1 @NCYI

10/11 Why you should “frame-storm” before you brainstorm – Join Danial Pink and Tina Seelig for two great minutes that could change how you solve problems. Be sure to see my comment. @tseelig @DanielPink

10/11 Parent-Teacher Conferences … or Collaborative Conversations? All teachers should check out this advice. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @giroux_lorraine

10/10 Five tips for better makerspaces – Do you have a maker space at your school? @eSN_Meris @eschoolnews

10/10 18 Ways to Recognize Learning as the Culture – This post is about creating a culture of learning that is visible in your school as learning is happening. @sylviaduckworth @thomascmurray @bbray27

10/10 Teaching Empathy Through Design Thinking – Can design thinking help you as an educator in your classroom? @RusulAlrubail @edutopia @JennBinis @JulieBoulton12

10/9 Teacher allegedly called out cheerleaders who ‘showed a lot of vagina.’ This might be a good discussion topic for older students. How would this be handled at your school? @SusanBEdelman @nypost

10/9 Growth Mindset: How to Normalize Mistake Making and Struggle in Class. – Also see my summary of Mindset by Carol Dweck. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @KimGriesbach @TeachingChannel

10/9 The Padagogy Wheel – It’s Not About The Apps, It’s About The Pedagogy. The Padagogy Wheel is designed to help educators think – systematically, coherently, and with a view to long-term, big-picture outcomes – about how they use mobile apps. @AllanADL @TeachThought @tonnet

10/8 An easy way to prioritize your work – It’s all about urgency and importance. @freshdesk @MarkSBabbitt @BarryRoss

10/8 Planning For Critical Thinking: A 5-Step Model – If you don’t have a plan for critical thinking give this a try. @TeachThought @curriculumblog

10/8 Improvement Requires Change – It is important that everyone you work with understands this. @LeadToday @BobBurg

10/8 If schools don’t allow mistakes, where are they supposed to happen? Do your students understand the value of mistakes? @gcouros

10/7 Teaching Your Students to Read Like Pros – Parents should be abel to use this too. @KellyBCartwrig1 @edutopia @jedikermit

10/7 How Giving Students Choice During the Day Can Create Unstoppable Learning – Our current models of jam-packed school days starting in kindergarten with early start times, late release, and hours of homework are not conducive to true consolidation of learning. @maricelamw @TeachingChannel @MindShiftKQED

10/7 What Will Change If I Start Practicing PBL? Do you know? If not please find out. @mwniehoff @Getting_Smart @mwniehoff

10/7 Is early college working? How higher ed can address four common concerns related to dual enrollment. @helmerjodi @universitybiz @EmergingEdTech @garybartanus

10/6 Text, tweet, email, call—what do parents want in school communications? The latest data from Speak Up Research Project gives insights on school-to-home communications. @eSN_Meris @eschoolnews

10/6 How I In-class Flipped a Boring Language Lesson – This takes some planning that is well worth it. @martharamirezco @flippedlearning

10/6 The Truant Teacher Problem – Collective bargaining agreements allow traditional public school teachers to “get sick” too often. I’m proud to say that I never took a sick day during my 36-year career. @ldsand @CityJournal

10/6 Five Positive Hallway Conversations – Here are some ideas about how to treat students with respect. If you give respect you are more likely to get it back. @aaron_hogan @DavidGeurin

10/4 When You are Your Biggest Flipping Problem – For teachers trygint to flip their classrooms the biggest problem may be between their ears. @flippedlearning

10/4 Ten Small Things Successful People Do Every Day – How many do you and your students do? @LollyDaskal

10/4 Creating Your District’s Digital Hub – Be sure to share this with the people who lead you district’s technical plan. @RossCoops31 @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @mashupmath

10/4 How Is This Better Than Paper? If it’s not then you should probably stick with paper. @alicekeeler @NKeithBlend

10/3 What You Need to Know About Preschool Bullying – The capacity for empathy forms at age three, meaning preschoolers are capable of caring for others as well as intentionally hurting others. @bullied_nomore @james_minter

10/3 Every Child Deserves to Learn. Something happens when we offer students the opportunity to be in control of what and how they learn. @mssackstein @educationweek

10/3 Has K-12 Education Fallen for a Testing Charade? Some people have. I hope my loyal readers know better. @rickhess99 @educationweek

10/2 How This School Library Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent – How much student traffic does your school library get? @cultofpedagogy @Tastenspieler

10/2 Five ways to teach students to be future-ready – How much of this is going on in your school? @jmattmiller @mydesk_not

10/2 Three ways to strategically incorporate creativity in schools – Is there a focus on facilitating creativity at your school? @eschoolnews

10/2 Here’s What a ‘Kindness Curriculum’ Looks Like and you can download it for free. Scientists want to make kindness as integral to the curriculum as reading or math. @biasevoli @Stephen_Sawchuk @maryannesacco @educationweek

10/1 Add Value, the Law of Addition – Leaders add value by serving others. @fgustafson @EdCampQC @curriculumblog

10/1 Four Hour PD – What’s your professional development plan? @RACzyz

10/1 Three Ways to Make a Difference This Week – Can you guess what they are? They sound good to me. @aaron_hogan @EduTweetOz

9/30 Advice for Superintendents – From a Superintendent – Does your superintendent do this? @knowledgeworks @EdPersonalized @Zimaw

9/30 How an Anti-Tech Teacher Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Edtech – Hear the story of the poster-child for anti-technology in his district. @JennyAbamu @EdSurge @EDUcre8ive

9/30 Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn – When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @JennGibbs @tedfujimoto

9/29 Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars. The use of adjunct professors in some colleges is abusive in my opinion. @alastairgee @Guardian

9/29 Ten Essential Characteristics of a 21st Century Educator – How many do you and teachers you know have. @gcouros @edu_ms_pagano

9/29 New Study Shows the Impact of PBL on Student Achievement. Project-based learning in high-poverty communities can produce statistically significant gains. @nellkduke @edutopia @ryansteuer @tedfujimoto

9/28 2017’s Best & Worst States for Teachers – I’m happy to say I live in the #1 state (NY). If your state has a low raking it’s time to lean on our politicians. @RichieVBernardo @WalletHub @eschoolnews

9/28 Six ways to spark innovation in a traditional school – @j0hnburns @EDPublishing @ToscaKilloran

9/28 How to Influence Without Authority – The goal is to get things done without resorting to “do it because I told you so.” @JesseLynStoner @teamleap

9/28 EdTech Reboot Course – Energize Your Instruction is an in-depth, interactive 4 week course that transforms educators and their classroom from tech-sort-of to tech-savvy. It only costs $99. Keep in mind that you are more likely to finish a course if you pay something for it. @ClassTechTips

9/27 Seven Toxic Thoughts That Are Sabotaging Your Success – All actions result from thought, so it’s the thoughts that really matter. @LollyDaskal @Inc

9/27 Is Dyslexia Hiding in Your Classroom? What might be seen as laziness or acting out could really be dyslexia in disguise. @kimberleygmoran @WeAreTeachers @NISDBRAUCHLE

9/27 Assigning More Writing—With Less Grading – Check out four best practices for teaching writing that can help you improve student learning without creating a mountain of grading work. @a2matthew @edutopia @jmattmiller @tucksoon

9/26 Four Ways Teachers Can Support Students of Color – All teachers should read this. @cultofpedagogy @jenhegna

9/26 Exploring Personalized Learning in Pittsburgh – Is your school working on this? @remakelearning @EdSurge @MontourSD

9/26 Eight Reflective Questions To Help Any Student Think About Their Learning – How many do you use? @terryheick @TeachThought

9/25 Four Reasons To Consider Homeschooling For Your Child – Lots of people are doing this and it’s not for religious reasons. @SusieQpon @brandyellen @bloglovin

9/25 How Showing and Telling Kids ‘I Believe in You’ Can Empower Them at School. Also, see my summary of Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler. @joboaler @MindShiftKQED @MontourSD @PittsburghAEYC

9/25 48 Critical Thinking Questions For Any Content Area – Consider printing this handy chart. @iplante @TeachThought

9/24 Top Things to Consider When Selecting After School Activities for Kids – Also be sure to avoid football. @The_News_Record @liveluvtx @cuzin_logic

9/24 Teachers Can Now Use IBM’s Watson to Search for Free Lesson Plans. This is worth a look. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @DrKatrinaKeene @SVirgadamo

9/24 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do – @AmyMorinLCSW @Forbes @micheluttia @fastcranny

9/24 A Simple Tool for Fostering Growth Mindset – One second-grade team works hard to nurture a growth mindset in our students. @edutopia

9/23 Child-Driven and Data-Driven; Can you be both? The short answer to the title of the post is “no”, you can’t be both “Child-Driven” and “Data-Driven”. I totally agree. @gcouros

9/23 How to Ditch Those Worksheets When Teaching Math – Try ditching them for all other subjects too. @MarieMerouze @Marbotic @EmergingEdTech @nick_chater

9/22 Does Your Classroom Inform, Inspire, and Entertain? We need to inform to increase understanding and make meaning, inspire to infuse learning with a sense of meaning and purpose, and entertain to ignite the wonder, awe, and whimsy of learning. @DavidGeurin @stdulmage

9/22 Teach your pupils the art of coding. – Coding is part of the curriculum now, but why do we have to treat it as a technical subject when children think of it as a creative endeavor? @edtechneil @AnimatedDad @drhelenwright @tes

9/22 Genius Hour in Elementary School – A teacher shares what she did and what she learned when she implemented Genius Hour in her fifth-grade class. @edutopia @KleinErin

9/21 Testing remains key part of Georgia’s education plan. This is a step in the right direction. What is your state doing? @Ty_Tagami @_myAJC @jarowell @ClaireVSuggs

9/21 Delaying the Grade: How to Get Students to Read Feedback – If you can’t get rid of grades you can at least delay them. @jarowell @ClaireVSuggs

9/21 Connected Learners Require Connected Teachers – Here is a step by step plan for non connected teachers in your school. @HollyClarkEdu @ptaylorsjr

9/20 Penn Prof Faces Backlash for Saying “Not All Cultures Are Created Equal.” This could provide a hot topic for a high school class discussion. @ClaireSasko @phillymag

9/20 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students – This is a very good blog. @cultofpedagogy @loudenclearblog @gcouros

9/20 5 Classroom Tools to Measure Student Learning – They are way better than standardized tests. @Bethany_Petty @edutopia @garybartanus @EdTechFam

9/19 28 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing – There are some cool graphics here. @WeAreTeachers @EduTweetOz @Davo452

9/19 Limiting “Teacher Talk,” Increasing Student Work – A team of teachers share strategies to increase student ownership in literacy. @achievethecore @EDUcre8ive

9/19 What All Grade Levels Can Learn from a Preschool Classroom – Can you guess what it is? @bethhill2829

9/19 Ten Easy Ways To Create an Amazing #ClassroomCulture7 This Year – If you aren’t thrilled with your culture, read this. @gcouros @Perapiteticus @aaron_hogan

9/18 More Than a Grade: Cultivating Intellectual Play in Students – Are we communicating to our students that grades are the final goal and ultimate achievement of learning? @LLAMcNabb @ncte @ElaineColella

9/18 What Character Strengths Should Educators Focus On and How? Which ones do your teachers deal with? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED

9/18 Kids Who Talk Back Are Likely to Be More Successful. This is why problem children grow up to be successful. @ilyaNeverSleeps @Inc @GordonTredgold @hypersocial_uk

9/17 Develop Leaders, Not More Followers. There is some great advice here. @shannoncassidy @Shareaholic @MarkSBabbitt

9/17 How Teachers Can Provide Equal Learning in a World of Unequal Access – If your school can issue each student a laptop the problem is mostly solved. They can access the Internet at school and work offline at home. @sean_wolohan @EdSurge @MissGEnrique @MattHiefield

9/17 Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need It Most. What’s happening in your school? @jesslahey @smussle @lhighfill

9/17 Hurricane Harvey Shuttered Her School, But Not Her Teaching. No need to stop teaching just because your school is closed. @design2research @educationweek

9/16 Why People Succeed – The Reasons Behind Success – See if you and your students can guess what they are. @ThugStart @Preirna_Prachi @rahmanj

9/16 Unprepared NYC graduates spend $63M a year on remedial classes. This is what happens when high schools lower graduation requirements in order to please the corporate/political class with higher graduation rates. My advice, if you aren’t ready DON’T GRADUATE. @Selimalgar @nypost

9/15 Why kids should never let go of Lego – It’s unfortunate that screens are replacing physical toys, but they don’t have to parents. @NaomiSRiley @nypost

9/15 A Classroom Full of Risk Takers – State teachers of the year explain how they make students feel safe enough to take risks—and then push them to do so. @lingram2016 @edutopia @jmattmiller

9/14 Three Crucial Elements of Being a Change Agent – Can you guess what they are? @gcouros

9/14 Let Learners Get in Their Zone (of Proximal Development) – You probably know what this is, but it isn’t always easy. @EdGeeks @teachintechgal @JoeBuscemi505 @EdSurge

9/14 Power Skills and What You Need to Succeed – Hybrid jobs are taking the workforce by storm — mixing equal parts traditional business knowledge, like management or relationship building, with equal parts in-demand and in-the-moment new age skills, like data analytics or coding. @agarwaledu @edXOnline @TweetinChar

9/13 In The Age Of Screen Time, Is Paper Dead? Can you guess the answer? @SDrummondNPR @james_minter @stephsorkin

9/13 Three Tips for Managing Phone Use in Class – Setting cell phone expectations early is key to accessing the learning potential of these devices and minimizing the distraction factor. @lkolb @edutopia @jmattmiller

9/13 Why teachers should make sleep a priority – Are you getting enough quality sleep? Here’s why it matters – and what you can do to get into a good routine. @Zofcha @GuardianTeach @EdCentral @87History

9/13 Creative Ways to Grade and Provide Feedback for Students – What do your teachers do? @lernbetr @edutopia @garybartanus

9/12 Creative Ways to Grade and Provide Feedback for Students – Here are some ideas that should get teachers thinking. @lernbetr @edutopia @garybartanus

9/12 Maker Movement Grows in K-12, with Librarians Leading the Way. What is your librarian doing? @mitchcenter @sljournal

9/12 Shifting the Grading Mindset Starts With Our Words. Here is a vocabulary lesson for teachers who want to deemphasize grades. @mssackstein @aaron_hogan

9/12 Sir Ken Robinson: Finding Market Pressures To Innovate Education. The problem is that institutionalized education is woefully behind the times. @drrodberger @SirKenRobinson @ptaylorsjr @RolandBuduhan

9/11 Compliance-based ‘Data Collection’ is a Turn-Off. Does is make any sense to give kids annual tests based on their born-on dates? Share with policy makers you know. @FarhatAhmad1 @teachintechgal @mbotzzapp @EdSurge

9/11 Creating Change-Agents: The Intersection of Critical Thinking and Student Agency – The ambition to teach humans to think deeply dates back to early thinkers such as Aristotle. @JennyPieratt @Getting_Smart @DeSimone227 @MarzanoResearch

9/11 Ideas to Incorporate Movement into the Classroom – Are kids moving in classrooms you know. @TheOTtoolbox @philshapiro

9/9 Seven Educational Transformations for Any Classroom – How many are happening at your school. @smilelearning @edtechteam @micahshippee

9/9 A Phone Call Home Makes All the Difference. Do any teachers you know do this? @WordLib @edutopia @carrionconnects @jeffhiseredu

9/9 Ten Interesting Ways To Use Text In Teaching & Learning Resources – Check out the Typorama app. @ICTEvangelist @KentSchoolJobs

9/9 Playtime Isn’t Just for Preschoolers—Teenagers Need It, Too. Are your teens getting any? @wen_jill @fit2Bsmart

9/8 Creating Tomorrow’s Moonshot Thinkers – Be sure to watch the TED Talk by Esther Wojcicki who suggests how we should change instruction. @EstherWojcicki @Getting_Smart @tvanderark

9/8 Relationships Matter More Than Rules. Do all teachers you know realize this? It is so true. @WordLib @edutopia @james_minter @SlugPieStories

9/8 12 Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom – If you have any ELL students share this. @cultofpedagogy @slyssymarshall

9/7 Helping Struggling Students Build a Growth Mindset – Veteran researchers present five strategies—like maintaining success files and allowing choice. @BrainSMARTU @DrLDelgado75 @jeffhiseredu

9/7 Outstanding K–8 Flexible Classrooms – K–8 educators from across the country give you a peek at their classrooms. @edutopia

9/6 Have SAT Accommodations Gone Too Far? Why can’t everyone hace the same accommodations? Be sure to read my comment. @educationweek

9/6 Engage Kids With 7 Times the Effect. The way to engage students is to make sure that they care about the material and know how much you care about them. @finleyt @edutopia @WickedEdTech

9/6 Seven Classroom Management Techniques That Secondary Teachers Swear By – See the positive results of positive reinforcement. Share with rookie teachers you know. @TrevorMuir @ProwiseUK @WeAreTeachers

9/5 How Free Eyeglasses Are Boosting Test Scores in Baltimore – This is only part of the solution and only from some kids. @SarahGamard @politicomag

9/5 Six Messages Every Student Should Hear On The First Day Of School – What do your students hear? @terryheick @jackiegerstein @TeachThought @loudenclearblog

9/5 The greatest deficiency in education is our obsession with showcasing deficits. What are they focusing on in your school? @lisa_westman

7 Strategies
9/5 Seven Strategies for Personal Professional Learning – How many are you and your teachers already learning. @bbray27 @aaron_hogan

9/4 Why Your Students Aren’t Learning: 10 Silent Disruptors Of Academic Performance – School leeaders need to know about this. @terryheick @TeachThought @TechChef4u @DavidGeurin

9/3 An Old School Teacher Experiments with Student Choice – How much choice do students have in your school? @edutopia

9/3 12 Rules Of Great Teaching – How many do your teachers follow? @terryheick @TeachThoughtPD @mitchcenter

9/3 Co-Teaching: How to Make it Work – This can be a powerful practice. Try sharing with your special ed teachers. @drangelapeery @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

9/3 10 Easy Ways To Create an Amazing Classroom Culture This Year Classroom culture is so important. Share this with your teachers. @gcouros @tperran

9/2 Ten Characteristics of Successful Teachers – How many do your teachers have? @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

9/2 The Gut-Level Teacher Reflection – Here are five questions teachers should ask to do a complete gut check. @patrickmlarkin @cultofpedagogy

9/2 Why School Still Starts After Labor Day in Michigan – The calendar is designed to bolster the economy—but some worry it hurts kids. What do you think? See my comment. @EWAEmily @TheAtlantic @colonelb

9/2 Four charts on how people around the world see education – Just seeing how these charts visually present data is worth a look. @lauraruthsilver @pewresearch @dogtrax

9/1 10 Motivational Posters for Your Classroom – Ask your students which ones they want to print and hang. @daniellesigmon @VDVMusic @edutopia

9/1 Fight Corporate Education Reform and Meme It. This is something I try to do daily. @StevenSinger3 @coopmike48

9/1 Why The US Won’t Switch To The Metric System – This is good for just about any science class. @dionlee__ @zackbeauchamp @monalalwani @voxdotcom

Women in Sound
9/1 Why Aren’t There More Women Working in Audio? Like with many STEM-oriented fields, music production and sound engineering are dominated by men—though that’s very slowly changing. @JoyLanzendorfer @TheAtlantic

8/31 Starbucks’ Former President Reveals 6 Leadership Traits That Led to His Wild Success. Howard Behar, the author of “It’s Not About The Coffee,” grew Starbucks from 28 stores to over 15,000 stores. Here he reflects on the key leadership principles that made that happen. @MarcelSchwantes @Inc @nealstimler

8/31 Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children – This is a conversation with one of the co-authors of this book. Be sure to get a copy for your professional development library. @anya1anya @MindShiftKQED

8/31 How Do You Know When A Teaching Strategy Is Most Effective? John Hattie Has An Idea. Rather than focusing on one aspect of teaching, Hattie synthesizes education research done all over the world in a variety of settings. @VisibleLearning @MindShiftKQED @EduTweetOz

8/31 To Develop Future-Ready Students, Project-Based Lessons Teach Real World Skills. We can no longer afford to view social-emotional learning and character education as pleasant supplements to the curriculum. @adhocrocket @EdSurge @ptaylorsjr @ijukes

8/30 In the ‘homework wars,’ both sides are wrong. What’ your opinion? What do your kids think? @NaomiSRiley @nypost

8/30 Google Introduces New Features for Classroom Exploration. The tech giant expands offerings that help teachers use tools like Google Earth Voyager in the classroom. @JPassut @ManifestDigital @Spkmall @DBaker007 @GoogleForEdu @EdTech_K12

8/30 Tips to Help Kids with Back-To-School Anxiety – We talked to some experts about what parents can do to ease the transition — plus, what to watch out for if there’s a more serious problem. @ElissaNadworny @CalliWelsch @MindShiftKQED

8/29 Seven ways to start your year with great relationships – It’s widely understood that relationships are the most important thing for effective teaching. @bones_carmel @InnovateMySchl

8/29 12 Questions To Ask Your Students On The First Day Of School – This may be too much for one day but they can be used as writing prompts during the first weeks. Prioritize which one should come first. @terryheick @teachthought @JamesRoy @Rdene915

8/29 Six Projects that Promote Student Ownership in the First Month of School – What kind of projects are your kids doing during the first month of school? @spencerideas @jackiegerstein

8/29 Virtual Reality In Corporate Training: Reshaping Your Learning Experience. When will VR come to your school? @elearningfeeds @realityismyth

8/26 The Central Habit of Highly Successful People – Can you guess what it is? Do you have it? @Nicolascole77 @TheMissionT @Medium

8/26 The Central Habit of Highly Successful People Can you guess what it is? Do you have it? @Nicolascole77 @TheMissionT @Medium

8/26 Girls set AP Computer Science record…skyrocketing growth outpaces boys. Over 29,000 female students took an AP CS exam this year, which is more than the entire AP CS exam participation in 2013. What are your girls doing? @codeorg

8/25 Florida Looks to Hide Minority Students with Accountability Waiver. I see no purpose of breaking down scores by race. Please see my comment. @StevenSinger3 @quoniambebe

8/25 The Power Of I Don’t Know – It’s okay to say “I don’t know.” Teach your students how to develop questions (because) it helps conquer their own confusion. @terryheick @TeachThought

8/25 Education Career Revitalization – Passionate Action Tips to Take Now – As the new school year fast approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on the current state of your education career. @Candace_Davies

8/25 Can an ‘Open’ Math Curriculum Compete With Commercial Publishers? A major middle-school math curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards today goes live for all to download, use, and adapt for free. @Stephen_Sawchuk @educationweek @mswanson

8/22 The Most Common Teacher Pitfalls… And How to Avoid Them – Share with young teachers you know. @TalksWTeachers @taenos99

8/22 Five Ways to Teach Students to Be Future-Ready – Do your students get this treatment? @jmattmiller @EdTech_K12 @multiteach @Turnitin

8/22 Four Challenges for the New School Year – Think about ways you can continually grow and learn while providing students the opportunity to share their voice and their learning. @mattwachel @ASCD @dkreiness

8/22 Why Stickers, Pizza Parties, and Tickets Didn’t Work in My Classroom – Ideally you can get some intrinsic motivation going. @ajjuliani @alysoncarp1 @gcouros

8/21 When Richard J. Berry, the mayor of Albuquerque, saw a man on a street corner holding a cardboard sign that read “Want a job,” he decided to take him up on it. What is your mayor doing? @Mayor_Berry @TEDTalks

8/19 Stockholm Syndrome – The Only Reason Any Teachers Still Support Common Core. The very idea that we need the same academic standards in public schools from coast-to-coast is unpopular, expensive, ineffective and politically suicidal. @StevenSinger3 @coopmike48

8/19 PL
Teachers Struggle with Personalized Learning Initiatives, Study Finds. Educators lack time, resources and support when it comes to personalized learning initiatives. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @Pen63

8/19 18 Digital Tools and Strategies That Support Students’ Reading and Writing – Lots of good resources here for teachers and students. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @ESLlibrary @DrAAlston

8/19 17 Signs You’re Actually a Micromanager – These are not generally good things. How many do you do? @LollyDaskal @Inc

8/17 A PBL Cheatsheet for Engaging in Authentic Project-Based Learning – This is worth a look. @leecrockett @globaldigitalcitizen

8/17 Five Techy Ideas to Start the Year Strong – Use technology to foster strong relationships and increase communication with parents and students to set a strong foundation for the school year. @meagan_e_kelly @FeketeEDU

8/16 Circle up: Teaching social-emotional skills year round – Is this happening in your school? @DrLynneKenney @SELinSchools

8/16 10 Best Books for New Teachers – Be sure to get them for you school’s professional development library. @WeAreTeachers

8/16 Sidewalk Chalk — Starting the School Year Right! – This looks like fun for K though adult. @ed_dir @jedikermit

8/15 Three Beginning of the Year Surveys For Students And Parents – What are your teachers doing to learn about new students and their parents? @pernilleripp @stumpteacher

8/14 Six Leadership Insights from Marathons – This leader’s experience presented clear implications for lessons on his journey to becoming a better leader. @ChrisRStricklin @JamesRoy @switchandshift

8/14 8/14 Projects Vs Project Based Learning: What is the difference? If you don’t know this will help. @gavhays @AysinAlp1 @Alex_Corbit

8/14 8/14 Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions – Are students allowed to follow their passions in your school? @cultofpedagogy @MrSchoenbart

8/13 Delaying the Grade: How to Get Students to Read Feedback – Feedback is vital, but if you give it the same time as you give a grade it won’t get much attention. @loudenclearblog @alysoncarp1 @gcouros @cultofpedagogy

8/13 The big lesson from the world’s best school system? Trust your teachers. They do this in Finland and we can too. @jonnyADE @guardian @annmic @gunnarooo

8/13 Goodbye to Grades? Mastery-Based Learning Is Becoming the New Standard. A new learning strategy could be the end grades as we know it. But the individualized learning could make this revolutionary way to teach better for students. @SpitupnSuburbs @parentsmagazine @bonniebird @gcouros

8/12 Summer Bookshelf 2017 – Summer many almost over for some teachers, but it’s never too late to get some of these books. @TeacherToolkit @multiteach

8/12 8/12 Five Tips for Preparing Teachers for New Classroom Tech Tools – Professional development for new IT should keep teachers in mind. @SamMormando @EdTech_K12

8/12 8/12 Lessons From Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Failures – Finally, you can learn from someone else’s mistakes with this approach to learning. @jryoung @EdSurge @ShakeUpLearning

8/11 Why Grades Are Not Paramount to Achievement – The intrinsic love of learning supplants the drive for high marks in the long run. @AshleyLambS @CurioLearning @TheAtlantic @multiteach @gcouros

8/11 Seven Characteristics Of Great Professional Development – Share with any principals you know. @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD @TeachThought @accordeducation

8/11 Back to School Pictures You May Not Want to Post – Share with any parents you know. @jdaniel4smom @karen_dawkins

8/11 Five Ways to Help Your Students Become Better Questioners – Make it safe, cool, rewarding, and fun. @GlimmerGuy @edutopia

8/10 Digital Transforms K–12 Classroom Collaboration and Culture. Technology is forcing education leaders to rethink everything from floor plans to curriculum. @teachintechgal @CDWCorp’s @VargasJjoel

8/9 Six Questions To Ask Your Students On Day One – This could also be a good writing assignment. @jsm2272 @ASCD

8/9 Educators Shape Minecraft’s Growing Presence in the Classroom. Thanks to new teacher-approved features, adding the video game to your class is even easier. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

8/9 Seven reasons Finland’s education system puts the US model to shame – This makes it easy to see what the US might try. @chriswweller @businessinsider @SitAtTheTable @wef

8/8 Four Things Transformational Teachers Do – How many do you and teachers you know do? @finleyt @edutopia @philshapiro

8/8 How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture – Who is teaching about a growth mindset in your school? @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @jdprickett @aaron_hogan

8/8 How to Design a School That Prioritizes Kindness and Caring – Is caring common in your school? @LindaFlanagan2 @MindShiftKQED @valwood50 @jeffhiseredu

8/8 Students Should be Involved in Professional Development (PD) – This is an excellent idea. @TaraMartinEDU @isterlingn @wordpressdotcom

8/5 From Teacher to Leader: Shift Your Mindset – if we are going to successfully grow teacher talent to maximize the most student learning success, we must empower them so they can feel confident enough to compel students to take the same risk. @mssackstein @educationweek @jenhegna @bjohnsonEDU

8/5 Resources on Developing Resilience, Grit, and Growth Mindset – These qualities are so important that they need to be addressed in your school. @IanMAdair @edutopia

8/5 Seven Time-Saving Strategies For Teachers That Put Students First – Implementing the instructional process of formative assessment can actually maximize time for teaching and learning. @TeachThoughtPD @DavidGeurin

8/5 Map of Play – Just enter a zip code to find playgrounds near your current location. @kaboom @rmbyrne

8/4 200 Tips for Effective School Leaders – There should be something here that leaders at your school can use. @alienearbud @tsschmidty

8/2 Seven tips for creating an effective PD program – Building t

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