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6/4 Making Kids Read Fast is NOT the Goal of Fluency Instruction; Making Meaning Is. The real goal of phonics instruction – to get kids to the point where they don’t have to use phonics much in their reading. @ERobbPrincipal @AprilleHurst

6/4 From ‘Minecraft’ to mixed reality, Microsoft is preparing students for the future. The research highlighted several themes, including a new focus on social skills and emotional competencies and an ongoing need for personalized learning. @DeborahBach1 @MSFTNews @kevinhoneycutt @JWalterEDU

6/4 Four Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking – Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning. Does it happen at your school? @Catlin_Tucker @TeachOnTheEdge

6/3 Smart Leaders Focus on Execution First and Strategy Second. A strategy is never excellent in and of itself; it is shaped, enhanced, or limited by implementation. @RosabethKanter @HarvardBiz @VAEducatorCMR

6/3 Building a High School Gaming Program – A first-year computer science teacher one teacher has spent the past year building a gaming program with tremendous support from the administration. This is what it looks like. @jamescollinsjr @DisruptedTv

6/3 Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Decorations – What you put on your classroom walls can affect your students’ ability to learn. @YoukiTerada @edutopia @diane_larsen @drrobertdillon
6/2 Gender equality starts at home: Seven tips for raising feminist kids. How many are you already doing? @UN_Women @MichelleBxtr @MichaelGLFlood

6/2 Seven ways to drive district-wide innovation – Innovative learning experiences can, and should, be widely available, highly engaging, and designed to prepare all students for our rapidly evolving global economy. @eschoolnews @drrodberger

6/1/2019Teaching With Technology in Higher Ed? Start With Relationship-Building. This applies to K-12 as well. @BMDewsbury @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

6/1/2019These Calm-Down Jars Will Blow Your Students’ Minds. This is an engaging science lesson for people of any age. @WeAreTeachers

6/1/2019Eight Great Middle-Grade Comics – I know I would have been more excited about reading if I could have read more comics. @aramblingfancy @BookRiot @pragmaticmom @CBCBook

6/1/2019Four Ways to Create a Learner-Centered Classroom – Significant learning does not happen without significant relationships between teachers and students, and the students with one another, and that is where we should start. @katiemartinedu @KentPolen

5/31 Phase transitions: The math behind the music – Next time you listen to a favorite tune or wonder at the beauty of a natural sound, you might also end up pondering the math behind the music. @physorg_com @cwru @TeachFromHere @maanow

5/30 Transforming the classroom with augmented learning – Learning has evolved to a point where augmented reality (AR) is a possibility. @neolms @Yuri_Druzhinin

5/30 How Schools Can Spend Time More Wisely: Four Big Tips From Daniel Pink – How many is your school already doing? If not, why not. See my summaries of his books here. @DanielPink @educationweek @EngNorman @cultofpedagogy

5/30 More Kids Than Ever Are Dealing With Test Anxiety, and We Need to Help. Want better test scores? Address what test anxiety is doing to our students. @stacytornio @WeAreTeachers @SchoolLeadNow

5/28 Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking – When educators first consider redesigning learning spaces, they might immediately conjure up mental images of free-flowing Starbucks lounges. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @EdTechFam

5/28 Why Has the “School as Factory” Metaphor Persisted? Some this the model is good but that it just needs to be tweaked. @LarryCuban @CubanLarry

5/28 The Greatest Barrier for Educators Changing Their Practice? Internal Resistance. Over the past year, the EdSurge Research team has been working on a project to understand how educators are shifting their practices. @EdSurge @stppLMC @cultofpedagogy

5/28 Ten Women in Innovation to Keynote Your Next Event – Share this with your female students so they can see some new role models. @CarlaJohnsonc @KeithKeller @AliceXinliZhang

5/26 How to be an AMAZING teacher! – Teachers go to any lengths to have students consider them to be amazing teachers. Some are great, others, not so great. Let’s pick a few of the possibilities apart. @eduappsandmore

5/26 What if Students Designed Their Education? Students need to be taught “how” to learn and prepare for more than knowing the content, by developing skills that are transferable. @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart @AnthonyStogni @DrAAlston

5/26 Five DIY Virtual Reality Projects for Students – Google’s VR Tour Creator offers an excellent way to create virtual tours that can be viewed in your web browser and or in the Google Expeditions app/ @rmbyrne

5/25 Teachers of Color Get Lower Evaluation Scores Than Their White Peers. We should be nurturing the minority teachers we have rather then giving them crappy evaluations. @madeline_will @educationweek

5/25 Applying the Power of Stories to Excite Students About Science – This can also help teachers from burning out. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @taenos99 @cultofpedagogy

5/24 Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism – Jeniffer Gonzalez thinks we could be handling the problem with a lot more finesse. @cultofpedagogy @AysinAlp1

5/24 Four principles that Enable Effective Feedback and High Performance – Gallup found that only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. @Leadershipfreak @DavidGeurin

5/24 Twelve Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future – If you are a leader at any level in a modern organization or aspiring to be one, here are some of the critical competencies and skills you need to thrive in a VUCA world. @tnvora @SimonCocking @helene_wpli

5/23 Empowering Learning Through Student Strengths – Are teachers in your school exploring student interests and helping them develop their talents? @jeffreykubiak @gcouros

5/23 What If We Stopped Calling Them Classrooms? One professor says that the mental model of the traditional classroom is obsolete. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

5/23 Tin Foil Boat Ideas for the STEM Penny Challenge – Before building boats with your children, you may want to read one of these books to them that features a boat. @jdaniel4smom @icsfblog @shareaholic

5/23 How Movement and Exercise Help Kids Learn – How much are kids moving at your school and at home? @dfkris @CalliWrights

5/22 Ten Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse – Straight talk about body parts and a no-secrets policy can protect young kids without scaring them. @anxioustoddlers @drjoyce_knudsen @AQuarterBlue

5/22 How to Help Students Ask Better Questions by Creating a Culture of Inquiry – When students are able to ask their own questions, they can chase their curiosity and tap into their own interests. Be sure to watch the short video. @stppLMC @spencerideas

5/22 Six Ways to Disrupt Your Traditional Mindset and Become a Better Leader – Here is what every leader needs to know in a brave new world. @ToddNordstrom @Inc

5/22 Twelve Ways To Make YouTube Safer For Children – Also See Why Worrying About Screen Time Might Be The Wrong Approach. @teachthought @MJasonHouck

5/21 How to Print on Post-its, Plus Free Templates for Rubrics, Observations, and More – Here are four teacher templates that we hope you steal, including observation notes, rubrics, and a writing checklist for your students. @WeAreTeachers @lportnoy

5/21 ‘Adversity scores’ only invite a new quest for victimhood. The problem with this is that adversity is something individual to each of us. @karol @nypost

5/21 The SAT’s Bogus ‘Adversity Score’ – Are we really going to rank students on a one-to-100 pseudoscientific index of oppression? @thomaschattwill @NYTMag @TheAmScho

5/18 Pep Talk for Tired Teachers – Here are a few tips for tired teachers to help you take a deep breath, come up with a plan and regain your equilibrium. @ShellTerrell

5/18 Girls Who Code Helps Draft ‘Landmark’ Legislation Aimed at Closing the Gender Gap. Washington became the first state to get on board with Girls Who Code’s policy agenda. @ByEmilyTate @EdSurge @Gregbagby @MasteryTrack

5/18 Four Reasons to Gamify Your Classroom – A child’s job is to play. Not to learn, but to play. @neolms @RickettsKate @neolms

5/17 The Importance of Teaching the Behaviors You Want to See – Telling doesn’t work. Lectures create distance. Complaining doesn’t empower anyone. And rewards and punishments mostly work only to get compliance and not to build better behavioral skills. @DavidGeurin @getwhatugive

5/17 How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects – The excerpt below is from the book “Inquiry Mindsets: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners,” by Trevor MacKenzie with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. @trev_mackenzie @MindShiftKQED

5/17 Six Simple Ways to Get Your Students Talking – But research shows that the more the students speak in the class, the more they learn. @Medium @ShellTerrell

5/15 Beware of Bias and Value Variability As You Promote Persistence. Grit, or more broadly the ability to sustain effort through difficulty, is critical to career and life success. But promoting it thoughtfully is a challenge. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

5/15 Explainer: what is explicit instruction and how does it help children learn? Explicit instruction is a term that summarizes a type of teaching in which lessons are designed and delivered to novices to help them develop readily-available background knowledge on a particular topic. @Shutterstock @ConversationEDU @RickettsKate @greg_ashman

5/15 Beyond gaming, these are six potentially disruptive uses of augmented reality. It is a combination of real and virtual (computer generated) worlds that superimpose real-world elements like text, images, and sound. @vaibhavshah18 @jlubinsky

5/15 The Importance of Teaching the Behaviors You Want to See – Telling doesn’t work. Lectures create distance. Complaining doesn’t empower anyone. @getwhatugive @DavidGeurin

5/14 Paying to Turn in Homework? ASU Prof’s Viral Email Raises Questions About Online Textbook Model. He also fought requiring students to buy a digital textbook and the requirement that he fail 30% of the students. @jryoung @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

5/14 Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online – Despite the fact that images are easy to get on the Internet, using them may be illegal. @cultofpedagogy @WHHumanities

5/14 Dintersmith: Trust Teachers—They’re the Experts. The best-selling author of What School Could Be shares his thoughts on what needs to come next in American education. @emdashkap @edutopia @cultofpedagogy @mrsmelanieroy

5/13 Math Teachers Should Be More Like Football Coaches. That style of motivation could help in the classroom, too. Students respond to the passion of their teachers. BIG! @JohnCUrschel @nytimes

5/13 Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn – When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect, even if it seems silly or unconnected to the learning goal at hand. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @WHHumanities @cultofpedagogy

5/12 Ten Body Language Hacks To Project Leadership Presence On Video – When you are on camera, do you know how to project leadership presence? @CGoman @Forbes @zaibatsu

5/12 Classroom Teachers are the Real Scholastic Experts – Not Education Journalists. Why is it that when the news media wants an expert on education they go to… themselves!? @Gadflyonthewal1 @BadassTeachersA @lportnoy @StevenSinger3

5/11 People That Fill Your Bucket – This short clip, says so much about us as educators as well as our students. @gcouros @v_lees

5/11 How K–12 Schools Can Start an Esports Program – For school districts that want to jump into competitive gaming, here are a few ways to get started. @CDWJoe @EdTech_K12 @CDWCorp @Ed_Admn @airhead_edu

5/10 Project-based learning boosts student engagement and understanding. Kids take projects more seriously and make interdisciplinary connections. @TaraGarciaM @hechingerreport @DisruptedTv

5/10 How To Burn Yourself Out As A Teacher – This post takes a look at teacher burnout, this time trying to understand how it happens. @terryheickedu @TeachThought @KFelicello @LRobbTeacher @ERobbPrincipal

5/10 Nine Simple Solutions for Common Teaching Problems – Mark Barnes, a veteran teacher and author of six education books, thinks the solutions to many of our education challenges are things we could start doing tomorrow. @cultofpedagogy @markbarnes19 @KFelicello

5/9 How to Improve Your Questioning Techniques – Good questioning helps students build understanding, but poor questioning can deter students from learning. @BarbBlackburn @middleweb @RoutledgeEOE

5/9 Encourage Students to use spare time purposefully – Using Technology Better. What is it you’re wondering? If we gave this statement to our students and asked them what it could be, I’m sure they would come up with interesting ideas. @donnagolightly1 @Usingtechbetter @MikeReading

5/9 A Game-Changing Practice Fuses Math and Literacy. A program that scaffolds math with reading and writing has a formerly struggling elementary school in the Bronx dramatically outperforming the state in math. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @rudytoot1

5/8 Helping Students With ADHD Stay Organized – Digital portals like Google Classroom and Moodle can benefit students who struggle with organization and executive function. @edutopia @marcelamomberg @M_Olson_

5/8 20+ helpful professional development resources for teachers – I use many of these sites for my daily blog resources. @lucie_renard @ibookwidgets @BartVerswijvel

5/8 Developing a Growth Mindset in Our Students – If we want students to develop a growth mindset, how we talk to them about their learning matters. How we demonstrate our own learning process matters, too. @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

5/7 Ditch the Math Worksheets and Stop Killing Kids’ Curiosity. Children tend to be creative, but school tends to take it out of them. @kathyliusun @educationweek

5/7 Tech Resources for Your Next Science Experiment – Can an iPad help out with a science experiment? What role does a Chromebook play in the science classroom? @ClassTechTips @thinkm2

5/7 Ten teaching techniques to practice deliberately – It’s a well-established idea that to develop expertise in a particular skill or technique, you need to practice. @teacherhead

5/6 Seven Ways to Develop Future Ready Leaders – Schools alos need leaders who can adapt, evolve, collaborate and grow at the speed of change. @Justcoachit @JeremyScrivens @BigRedRuckus

5/6 Red Shirting Kindergarten Kids, Good Idea or Bad? Just holding kids back in a low SES district might not have the same benefits since those kids would be much less likely to get any special tutoring or other supports while they waited. @ReadingShanahan @LisaHansel

5/6 Making School a Safe Place for LGBTQ Students – For many LGBTQ students, discrimination and harassment are still a daily reality, and school is one of the main places where they experience these things. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99 @GLSEN

5/5 Learner-Centered Schools in Albemarle County – These schools include options for students and families that are designed around student needs, interests, academic goals, and passions. @EmilyLiebtag @getting_smart @k12albemarle @tvanderark

5/5 Ensuring That Teachers Don’t Run Out of Gas – A middle school principal looks at ways to manage work efficiently so that teachers aren’t running on empty at the end of the year. @MattHowell_11 @edutopia @MindShiftKQED

5/5 A Comprehensive Guide to Badges and Portfolios – David Niguidula goes beyond theory and provides a multitude of authentic examples, practical applications, and thoughtful considerations. @middleweb @DavidNiguidula @ShellTerrell

5/4 Learning from Black Male Teachers Who Thrive – Schools say they want to get more black men into classrooms. The words of four teacher leaders give clues for how to do so. @ELmagazine @selmekki @iamDrWill @BMEsTalk

5/4 Opening up immersive technologies to education – Using immersive technology, student nurses can perfect their stitches and criminals see the consequences of their actions. @Jisc_AR @Jisc @lee_ballantyne

5/4 Four fun ways principals can boost teacher self-care – Reminding teachers to be good to themselves and practice self-care is good for them and their students. @eschoolnews @WickedEdTech

5/3 Get Started with bulb Digital Portfolios this Year. The folks at bulb are passionate about giving students and teachers a space to highlight their accomplishments. @bulbapp @ClassTechTips

5/3 Girls Outshine Boys on Federal Exam of Tech, Engineering Skills. The country’s 8th graders improved their scores on a national technology and engineering exam, with girls significantly outpacing boys. @BenjaminBHerold @EducationWeek

5/3 What’s the difference between diversity, inclusion, and equity? These words and the issues they point to loom large in tech. @GA @jrkuhns @linda_aldred

5/2 Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine. Did you realize that laughter is not only fun, but actually healthy for you and your kids? @ElemntryMatters

5/2 Six Awesome Benefits of Reading to Your Kids – It may seem silly to read a book to a baby, but it might not be as silly of an idea as it seems. @icsfblog @brandyellen

5/1 The challenge of creating the citizens of the future – Education is far more than just exam results. @MrBarkerMHS @Classcharts

5/1 Eight Steps To Teacher-Led, Digital PD – While many professionals work either in isolation or total stagnation, educators are constantly given new tools to become better at their craft. @TeachThought @KFelicello @LRobbTeacher

4/30 Let’s Stop With The Worksheets And Create Engaged Readers. What does being engrossed in reading look like? What does it sound like? What evidence exists that true, engaged reading is taking place? @TeachThought @drangelapeery @ERobbPrincipal

4/30 Six Great Steps to Make Co-Teaching Awesome – Collaboration has become a key to continue to improve instruction in the classroom. @mraspinall

4/30 Seven Skills Students Will Always Need – Can you and your students guess what they are? @TeachThought @KFelicello @LRobbTeacher

4/29 Seven Fears of the Joyless Leader – The fearful are not joyful. But the fruit of confidence is passion and grit. @Leadershipfreak

4/29 What if we were obsessively learner-centered in schools? How many of these ten characteristics are common at your school? @katiemartinedu @8Amber8 @matthew_arend

4/29 A Starter Kit for Differentiated Instruction | Cult of Pedagogy – Either you want to start differentiating instruction in your classroom and don’t know where to start, or you already differentiate but want to see if you’re missing anything. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99

4/28 Effective Literature Strategies – While students should be given the opportunity to read at home any books they prefer, at school we should focus on high-quality texts that require cognitive effort. @surreallyno @audhilly

4/28 The Process of Change – There is always a great deal of discussion about change in education in order to better prepare students for success. @E_Sheninger @mthornton78

4/28 Confidence and Conceit – Two quick ways to ruin a team—create a culture of conceit and envy. Conceit is not confidence and envy kills unity. @ResourcesFca @DrPowersKHS @fcaimpactplay

4/27 Why The Big Standardized Test Is Useless For Teachers – There are many problems with the testing regimen, but a big issue for classroom teachers is that the tests do not help the teacher do her job. @palan57 @forbes @sstorm01

4/27 Sparking Change in Teaching Practices – Educators share key moments that catalyzed change. @piros_grant @marcelamomberg @cultofpedagogy @edutopia

4/27 Video Assignments Are the New Term Paper. How Does That Change Teaching and Learning? We increasingly learn from digital video. @BryanAlexander @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

4/26 The Post-LMS World: Social, Simple, Modern, Mobile and Student-centric. Despite its name, the Learning Management System (LMS) is not about learning. @EdSurge

4/26 EdSurge’s First International Education Technology Events Calendar – Twice per year, EdSurge creates a calendar of K-12 and higher education technology events in the U.S. and beyond. Go to some if you can. @sydneyfjohnson @HigherEdSurge @AnthonyStogni

4/25 Listen Up, Parents: Success Looks Different On Every Kid, Okay? – Somewhere along the line, parents were given the idea that the only way our children will be “successful.” @FruitLoopKeeper @SocialAssurity @higheredparent

4/25 The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies – What format will you use? What questions will you ask? How will you ensure that all students participate? @cultofpedagogy @marcelamomberg

4/25 The Effect of a Great Principal on School Culture – Even if you have great teachers, the principal is the one who sets the tone. @SchoolLeadNow @ChrisQuinn64 @mrhgaddis

4/25 Five Innovative ways for teachers to connect with other teachers – The professional development programs offered by most districts can be a somewhat bland, formulaic and often times an irrelevant experience. @neolms @RickettsKate

4/23 Eight Basic Steps Of Project-Based Learning To Get You Started – he process of designing and implementing project-based learning can be fairly complex. @dperkinsed @TeachThoughtPD @KFelicello @LRobbTeacher

4/23 Five online discussion tools to fuel student engagement – Online discussion tools give students a chance to connect with each other and be heard. @eschoolnews @jeffreyknutson

4/23 Twelve Alternatives To Letter Grades In Education – The letter grade fails because its job–to communicate learning results to learners and families cannot possibly be performed a single symbol. @terryheickedu @TeachThought @sarah_driessens

4/23 The Easiest Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity – The rate of childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Learn the simple steps that can help prevent it. @myfourandmore @teaching_health @DisneyDream717 @GoliathGamesUS

4/2220+ helpful professional development resources for teachers – As a teacher, we encourage our students to never stop learning. But what about us? @Romdhanifaten @BartVerswijvel

4/22No grammar schools, lots of play: the secrets of Europe’s top education system. In Finland, children don’t start school until they are seven, but what happens before that is even more important. @patrickjbutler @guardian @NurturedNeurons @LittlForestFolk

4/22The 19 Best Teacher Websites That Help You Be Awesome for Kids – I regularly post content from most of these sites. @mradamwelcome @cultofpedagogy

4/21 Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Management – These are all spot on. @barronmargaret

4/21 Five Research-Backed Studying Techniques – Teachers can guide students to avoid ineffective studying habits in favor of ones that will increase their learning outcomes. @edutopia @NurturedNeurons @jordosh

4/21 How to Teach an Inductive Learning Lesson – This easy strategy, loaded with higher-order thinking, lets students get their hands on the content without further ado. @cultofpedagogy @LeeAraoz @nainisingh

4/21 Seven Good Tools for Creating Word Clouds – They are useful in providing students with a nice way to visualize the most frequently used words in a passage of text. @rmbyrne @Romdhanifaten @abfromz

4/20 To Learn, Students Need to DO Something. If you want learning to stick there has to be some action. @cultofpedagogy @maeward2311

4/20 A “million-word gap” for children who aren’t read to at home – That’s how many fewer words some may hear by kindergarten. @jgrabmeier @OhioStateNews @NurturedNeurons @Wes_Kieschnick

4/20 The Fallacy of Early Academics: Why Play-Based Preschool Matters. While pressures remain to enroll kids in early academic settings, kids lose something very valuable when we push too hard. @thoughtparent @NurturedNeurons

4/20 ​A Starter Kit for Instructional Designers – The field has deep roots in distance education, human-computer interaction, and visual design. @amyahearn11 @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

4/19 Two Things I Learned During my TEDx Experience by Allyson Apsey. Is there a TED Talk in you? @AllysonApsey @ERobbPrincipal

4/19 Three principles that explain authentic decision-making – This guy is clever. Give him a chance and follow him. @Leadershipfreak

4/19 Six Stages of Play and the Importance of Each – Play is fun for kids, but it’s also an important learning tool. @quinnanya @seemeandliz @KimberlyEHart

4/18 Teacher Time Savers – Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching is back and sharing more ideas. @RachelLynette

4/18 Women Leaders – Six Myths you Definitely Want to Check Out – Myths like women leaders don’t work as hard as men, and only men lead successful companies are reasons there aren’t more women leaders. @AnnabelleSmyth1 @pdiscoveryuk

4/17 Diane Ravitch’s New Book is a Fun and Breezy Romp Through the Maze of School Policy. Imagine you could talk with Diane Ravitch for 10 to 15 minutes every day. That’s kind of what reading her new book. @StevenSinger3 @GetUpStandUp2

4/17 When Students Design Their Own Games They Learn Way More Than Coding. There is a need to bridge the gap between what students do at home and what they do at school. @misterwashburn @EdSurge @MissGEnrique @ICTEvangelist

4/17 Four Things All Project-Based Learning Teachers Should Do – In today’s educational environment, students are expected to collaborate, think critically, and work together. @TeachThought @jlubinsky

4/16 Four Attributes of a Great Assistant Principal – Often you get to help guide the direction of the school but you still have many opportunities to be in the classroom and connect with kids, more so than a principal. @gcouros

4/16 Science Says Kindness Can Make You a Better Leader. Here Are Three Reasons. Leaders who express kindness, and a sincere desire to help an employee become their best, build stronger relationships with their people. @ToddNordstrom @Inc @cvheady007

4/16 Stuff I’ve Learned as a Principal – Here one principal reflects on his first six year on the job. @SteeleThoughts

4/16 Building Teens Into Strong Readers — By Letting Them Teach – In this program teens are given the responsibility of helping a younger student. That’s a big deal for them. @clare_lom @MindShiftKQED @KFelicello @cultofpedagogy

4/15 Four Things Teachers Shouldn’t Be Asking Their Students to Do – Do any of these happen in your school? @JustinMinkel @educationweek

4/15 IBM’s New Artificial Intelligence Can Make Humans Better Decision Makers. IBM’s Project Debater is able to maintain a meaningful debate with a human, and potentially help decision makers. @SusanFourtane @IntEngineering @ABSW @ChuckDBrooks @HeinzVHoenen

4/15 IBM CEO Ginni Rometty: AI will change 100 percent of jobs over the next decade. We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and artificial intelligence, analytics and automation are radically changing jobs. @LoriIoannou1 @CNBC @museonics @dinisguarda @IBM @GinniRometty @andi_staub

4/13 Four Reasons Leaders Need Rest – “Burning the midnight oil” is a great metaphor, but does not make a leader effective over the long haul. @shawnlovejoy

4/13 Climbing trees is safer than organized sports. Most parents wouldn’t for a second doubt that the benefits of sport outweigh the risks. So why don’t we do that with tree-climbing and other free play activities in nature? @feistyredhair @TreeHugger @NurturedNeurons @natureplaysign

4/13 What to Do on Lame Duck School Days – Days after tests and before vacation offer great learning opportunities. They should also be fun. @cultofpedagogy @CarpTracy

4/12 When Teachers Experience Empathic Distress – Mindfulness and compassion are effective self-care strategies for teachers who work with students who routinely experience trauma. @WordLib @edutopia @sstorm01 @cultofpedagogy

4/12 How to Teach Your Teenager Smart Money Management Tips – The downside of the public education system, teenagers aren’t usually taught the necessary life skills that it takes to leave home and maintain their own residence. @icsfblog @NightHelperBlog

4/11 What do you do with what you know? Personal development books are only as helpful as the action we take after reading them. @gcouros

4/11 How Can Brain-Based Learning Change the Classroom? How do students best learn? How do teachers best teach? @cwhitetech @EdSurge @AnthonyStogni

4/11 CommonLit: An Online Library of Free Texts – We want our students to be able to read challenging texts. The only catch is finding the right texts. @cultofpedagogy @CommonLit @taenos99

4/10 Libraries Are Often Missing From ‘Student Success’ Initiatives. Researchers Are Asking How to Change That. A new report this week explores whether libraries can play a more proactive role in helping community college students succeed. @sydneyfjohnson @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

4/10 Why Play is Important for Child Development Play has evolved as a safe way to learn skills needed for survival. @NurturedNeurons @MittAubin

4/10 AI Family Challenge Introduces Artificial Intelligence, Encourages Problem Solving. Evaluations found that students participating in Technovation challenges display are more self-confident, better problem solvers, better entrepreneurs, more resilient and more self-reliant. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

4/9 Algebra for 3rd Graders? When it comes to algebra, new research suggests you can’t start too early. @SarahDSparks @educationweek

4/9 Fifteen Ways to Bring More Positive Language into Your Classroom and School – To our students, we don’t just tell them what they need to learn, we show them in the way we, ourselves, behave. @WeAreTeachers @StressFreeKids @drkarenn

4/9 75 Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks for the Classroom – The dollar store offers so many ways to save on classroom supplies. @stacytornio @WeAreTeachers

4/7 The Pyramid of Myth – Here’s a common representation found by searching google images for “the learning pyramid.” @effortfuleduktr

4/7 We Need a Strategy—Not a Silver Bullet—for Student Success. A liberal arts education can be of value. However, students from lower socioeconomic statuses do not have the financial resources to wait. @ecampusnews @HigherEdSurge

4/7 How Google Impacts The Way Students Think – It’s always revealing to watch learners research. When trying to understand complex questions often as part of multi-step projects, they often simply “Google it.” @terryheick @TeachThought @KFelicello @LRobbTeacher @ERobbPrincipal

4/7 Passion Projects Ignite Student Interest. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a room full of engaged students trying to figure out what they want to do research about. @mssackstein @edweekteacher

4/6 Designing Flexible Seating With Students – A veteran elementary teacher shares what he’s learned from eight years of building a student-centered environment. @edutopia @DrGregGoins @benjamingilpin

4/6 77 STEM Activities for Families – STEM is everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to get families doing things together, STEM is a great way to do it. @dailystem @SueKwiecien @cubeforteachers

4/5 Going After ‘The Roots’ of Bullying – How can teachers and administrators best address bullying in school? @Larryferlazzo @amausbach @SigneWhitson @Tamara_Fyke @ThinkKids

4/5 The Ultimate Guide to Teacher and Educator Discounts – Here are 50+ Stores with Discounts for Teachers and Librarians. @couponchief @FinanceSuprhero

4/4 25 Teacher Hacks For A Successful Classroom – Teaching is tough but so are you. Teacher hacks can be life and time savers so the teachers from the Lucky 2nd Grade Teachers Facebook Group. @MrsAOlson

4/4 Why Did That Student Fail? A Diagnostic Approach To Teaching – The following 8-step process is a valuable tool for me as a teacher. @terryheick @TeachThought @ERobbPrincipal

4/4 8 Ways to Lead- A Mindset Shift for Teachers – Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. @sandeeteach @EQUIPLeaders @shyj

4/4 Four Predictions for Students’ Tomorrows – To make students’ futures better, we need to consider what skills they will need—and teach them. @erik_palmer @ELmagazine @multiteach

4/3 How To Create A No-Zero Policy In Your Classroom – If you do have to grade you can at least stop giving zeros. @TeachThought @ERobbPrincipal

4/3 Your Top 10 Genius Hour Questions Answered – Here are some practical instructions for how to actually do genius hour. @cultofpedagogy @FelixJacomino @ajjuliani

4/2 Seven ways to drive district-wide innovation – Innovative learning experiences can, and should, be widely available, highly engaging, and designed to prepare all students for our rapidly evolving global economy. @eschoolnews @greshamschools

4/2 Eleven Creative Ways to Boost Reader Engagement – This is aimed at adult authors, but it’s good advice for students too. @DianaUrban @bkmkting @SarahBolme

4/2 Connect the Four! A vocabulary game for any classroom – Find four pictures that connect to each of your vocabulary words in the unit. @tishrich @hmarrs24

4/2 Ten Characteristics of Learner Centered Experiences – Education Reimagined defines the paradigm shift from teacher-centered learning. @katiemartinedu @ERobbPrincipal

4/1 Three Tips on Dealing with “Teacher-Stress” – Here are some shorts and quick thoughts on dealing with the stress of being a teacher. @gcouros

4/1 Keeping Girls in STEM: 3 Barriers, 3 Solutions. Stereotypes and cultural norms dampen girls’ interest in STEM, but educators can counter the disparities with small changes to their practice. @carlyberwick @edutopia @jenhegna @mariagalanis

4/1 These Students Are Already Solving Problems for Local Businesses. This is an after-school program that brings together a diverse group of teenagers to solve complex, real-world problems. @MarvaAHinton @EducationWeek

3/31 Are You Sabotaging Your Classroom Management? If you struggle with classroom management no matter how many different strategies you try, there’s a good chance you might be doing something to get in your own way. @cultofpedagogy

3/31 Enhancing Innovation in the Workplace through Five Montessori Conditions. The most innovative companies in the world integrate these five characteristics into everything they do, schools should too. @kwagssd3 @Getting_Smart @Romdhanifaten @meesterkurt

3/29 Ten things I do to boost my students’ self-esteem – My many of this teacher’s things do you/your teachers do? @rlfreedm @eschoolnews @ToddWhitaker @cultofpedagogy

3/29 14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools. How many does your skill still have? @IngviOmarsson @mraspinall

3/29 Four Crucial Teaching Skills Every Great Teacher Needs – Can you guess what they are? Try making your own list before you read this. @mradamwelcome @Wes_Kieschnick

3/28 College Money Worries? Make Money and Save Money With This Free College Student Budget Template. We hope you’ll find the following FREE college budget template the most intuitive one out there. @OneClass

3/28 Why College Will Soon Be About Credegrees And Co-Ops – A credegree is a new term to describe a program where a student graduates with both a traditional bachelor degree and some sort of industry-recognized skill or credential. @brandonbusteed @Forbes @DisruptedTv @ERobbPrincipal @LRobbTeacher

3/28 Decoding the Teenage Brain in Three Charts – New technologies are shedding light on what really makes adolescents tick—and providing clues on how we might reach them better. @smerrill777 @edublogs @edutopia

3/27 The Many Shades of Fear-Based Parenting – Trustful parenting is thrown off course, in various ways, when fear prevails. @PsychToday @PamShaw23

3/27 Dialogic teaching: 10 principles of classroom talk – What is dialogic teaching and how do you do it effectively? One primary head shares the key principles of this approach. @tes @AngelaStockman @profneilmercer

3/26 The Jobs of Today May Not Exist Tomorrow – How do we Prepare Students? Lifelong Learning is an Essential Skill, not a Buzzword. @TeacherJenCarey @TheJenCarey @iamDrWill

3/26 Seven Skills Students Will Always Need – Tony Wagner of Harvard University worked to uncover the 7 survival skills required for the 21st century. To accomplish this, hundreds of CEOs in business, non-profits and educational institutions were interviewed. @TeachThought @DrTonyWagner @Erik_Youngman @DrAAlston

3/26 Spencerport, NY Teachers’ Association 2019 Opt-Out Statement – Share with the officers in your schools teachers’ union. @SpprtTeachers @leoniehaimson

3/26 Using Creativity to Boost Young Children’s Mathematical Thinking – The students in Molly James’s kindergarten classroom were tasked with creating a mathematical art gallery. @dfkris @MindShiftKQED

3/25 Shifting the Grading Mindset Starts With Our Words. Language matters. It’s that simple. What we say and how we say it has a big impact on how students and other stakeholders respond to our choices. @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher @aaron_hogan

3/25 Helping Students Develop Executive Function Skills – Simple classroom strategies can assist students with deficits in executive function skills like time management and active listening. @DitullioDr @edutopia @VipulaSharma1 @TaraLinney

3/25 35 Psychology-Based Critical Thinking Strategies – There is a lot here, but it’s all good. @SagaMilena @TeachThought

3/24 What’s the Difference Between Project- and Challenge-Based Learning, Anyway? Project-based learning leaves teachers with a lot of latitude for designing both hypothetical and real-world activities. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @RickettsKate

3/23 Do you teach the way you were taught? It’s time to learn how to teach the students we have. @ecampusnews @prtaylorca @ERobbPrincipal

3/23 A Guide to Finding Media for Classroom Projects – The best way to avoid any kind of copyright infringement concerns is to use media that you have created yourself. @rmbyrne

3/23 Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions – With a little help from technology, a young filmmaker, musician, writer, or artist can pursue their work like a pro. How many are students in your school using? @cultofpedagogy @stppLMC

3/22 Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking – When educators first consider redesigning learning spaces, they might immediately conjure up mental images of free-flowing Starbucks lounges. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @EdTechFam

3/22 The Ultimate List of Teaching Strategies Every Teacher NEEDS to Know – How many do teachers you know already use? @mradamwelcome @DartnellJeff @susieqteacher

3/22 On Inviting Parents and Students to Professional Learning Opportunities – Invite both parents and students to professional learning days so that they can understand and have a voice in how learning opportunities are changing. @gcouros @v_lees

3/21 A Single Parent’s Financial Guide to Returning to School – The key here is effective household budgeting. No matter how much you make or how many financial responsibilities you may have, proper budgeting can ensure you have the funds necessary to meet your long-term goals. @AlyJwriter @thesimpledollar

3/21 Invest in arts and PE to boost attainment and engagement. Pupils who enjoy physical education and the arts take part in school life more fully than those who do not. @tes @leticarino @ImSporticus

3/21 Artificial Intelligence Could Help Colleges Better Plan What Courses They Should Offer. With changing industries, course offering will have to change too. @jryoung @HigherEdSurge @EdSurge

3/21 Enough with the Teacher Talk- Ideas for Getting More Student Talk – What can be done to limit teacher talk. To create an environment where students have a much bigger chance to discuss and explore? @pernilleripp @DolezsarGlarvin @b_rad527

3/20 Three Questions to Explore When Placing Learners at the Center – Helping learners understand ‘whyʼ is a powerful potential motivator and invites them to commit to learn, rather than just comply. @drrickabaugh @ERobbPrincipal @katiemartinedu

3/20 How Learning Works: 10 Research-Based Insights. You’re a teacher, so you know how learning works. You see it happen in your classroom every day. But do you know how learning really works? @BabeLiberman @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

3/20 Build Teens Into Strong Readers — By Letting Them Teach.Tteenage tutors start the program reading between a fourth and sixth-grade level. @clare_lom @MindShiftKQED @JdelaneyJoAnn

3/19 Five Collaborative Practices that Impact Learning – Many schools and districts are providing time during the school day for educators to collaborate. Is yours? @katiemartinedu @burgessdave

3/19 The Pedagogy of Blended Learning – Blended instruction is what the teacher does with technology. Blended learning is where students use tech to have control over path, place, and pace. – Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger @iamDrWill

3/18 Is the College Cheating Scandal the ‘Final Straw’ for Standardized Tests? I hope it is. @DanaGoldstein @elizashapiro @NYTimes

3/18 Dr. Seuss Books Can Be Racist, But Students Keep Reading Them. Seems like the publisher could fix some of this. For some, this could be a lesson on racism. @jessicayarmosky @NPRCodeSwitch @WSKG

3/18 Five Ways K–12 Teachers Can Take a New Approach to Computational Thinking – ISTE has created a set of instructions to help K–12 teachers incorporate STEM into their daily curriculum. @EAZtweets @EdTech_K12 @AnthonyStogni

3/17 How One Professor Uses Podcasts to Teach Empathy and Social Justice. She wanted to encourage students to embrace human interaction—and build empathy. @EdSurge @2legit2bfit @micheleborb @BarbaraGruener

3/17 How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects – The excerpt below is from the book “Inquiry Mindsets: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders, and Curiosities of Our Youngest Learners,” by Trevor MacKenzie with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt. @trev_mackenzie @MindShiftKQED @yhalushka @aimkellar

3/17 Are Texas Kids Failing? Or Are the Tests Rigged? Accomplished teachers who knew their kids were reading on grade level by virtually all other measures were seeing those same kids fail. @mimiswartz @TexasMonthly @antraasa @DianeRavitch

3/17 Extra Credit Diminishes Everything And Everyone. This author writes about homework a lot and thinks it is one of the most misused practices in education. Your thoughts? @GaryArmida @TeacherAndAdmin @ERobbPrincipal @KFelicello

3/16 When You Have A Kid Who Procrastinates – A real mom tells an interesting story here. @WhisperAmber @DisneyDream717

3/16 If You Do Any of These 4 Activities in Your Classroom, You’re Already Personalizing Learning. How many happen at your school? @Todd_Flory @EdSurge @RickettsKate @KSDEredesign

3/16 How a P.E. Department Designed a Compassion-Based Curriculum – They began by observing students, interviewing them, and immersing ourselves in their worlds. @AngelaStockman @cultofpedagogy

3/16 Schools love the idea of a growth mindset, but does it work? A generation of schoolchildren is being exhorted to believe in their brain’s elasticity. Does it really help them learn? @C_Hendrick @NTampio

3/14 Why Lunch, Exercise, Sleep, and Air Quality Matter at School – Evidence is mounting that attending to these basic aspects of students’ school experiences can significantly improve their academic focus, concentration, and mental well-being. @SarahDSparks @EducationWeek

3/14 Four Ideas to Help Improve Teacher Well-Being – When you try to do too much for others, it can often lead to too little for yourself. @gcouros

3/14 Raising a Nonstarving Artist – If you have children or grandchildren with artistic talent and passion there is no need to worry about their career options. @DrDougGreen @Valmontgod @Mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

3/13 25 Movies You Can Pair With Books – Here are 25 movies you can pair with books to enhance your family’s movie night. @Erin_Vincent35 @BraveWriter @CeliCeliC @ForumGifted

3/13 What’s Missing in Edtech? Character Development – “Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education,” Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in February 1947. @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

3/13 Through Another Lens: School Reimagined. How can we design learning experiences that change the health of the whole community? @crowley_mike @maelstrom @ToscaKilloran @JoyceBronwyn

3/13 Four Ways to Create a Learner-Centered Classroom – Do you believe that significant learning does not happen without significant relationships between teachers and students, and the students with one another. @SmartDataCo @katiemartinedu @EmilyLiebtag

3/11 21 things every teacher should try! – How many have you tried so far? @clcsimon @SOLeary_edu @TabletAcademyUK

3/11 Can Game-Based Learning Have Practical Applications for Nontraditional Students? That’s the central question behind a report by Muzzy Lane Software, a Newbury, Mass. @mwmcneal @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

3/11 Educator Innovation Station – Flipgrid is here to support YOU as you explore the vast universe of amplifying #StudentVoice. @Taralson @jessxbo @annkozma723 @flipgrid @annkozma723 @cmurr28

3/10 I Used to Preach the Gospel of Education Reform. Then I Became the Mayor. Rahm Emanuel Rahm realized how important principals are when it comes to creating a good school be it public or charter. @RahmEmanuel @ChicagosMayor @LarryCuban

3/10 Ten Ways To Give Students More Control Of Their Education – Allowing students to be involved and take control of their education gives them the tools to be much more successful. @TeachThought @travislape @cultofpedagogy

3/10 Why Design Thinking Has a Place in Your Classroom – Design thinking is a popular topic among educators. Teachers and school leaders who are committed to innovative practices have been drawn to this topic. @ClassTechTips @Eduporium

3/10 Twelve Books You Need on Your Leadership Bookshelf – I bet just about any school can afford these fine books. @PeterMDeWitt @EducationWeek @Vroom6

3/9 The Path To PBL with Bob Lenz – Listen to this podcast while you are working out for some professional development. @pblbob @DrGregGoins

3/9 Introducing the One-Sentence Lesson Plan. Let’s be honest. Who’s got time to write full lesson plans? For every class? Five days a week? @EngNorman @delta_dc @cultofpedagogy

3/8 Texas Says Most of Its Students Aren’t Reading at Grade Level. But Are Its Tests Fair? This is just one more story about how bad federally mandated testing is. @DanaGoldstein @mannyNYT @nytimes

3/8 The Inquiry Cycle – Wondering how to roll out a full Inquiry Cycle in your practice? Curious as to where to begin and where to go next? Also check out their book. @rbathursthunt @trev_mackenzie

3/8 Four Grading Practices That Discourage Growth Mindset – Many teachers are talking the talk, but not walking the walk when it comes to growth mindset in the learning process — especially in grading practices. @WeinsteinEdu @BehaviorFlip @POWERofICU @spurlockb_rcs

3/8 Meet the Principal who’s Recruiting Men of Color to Pursue Teaching Careers. I think we need more of this. @UIC_CollegeofEd @AlfredTatum @BeNobleButler

3/7 Focusing on the Positive Possibilities for Our Students – Could we focus on how we make the lives of others around us better? @gcouros

3/7 Tips for Using Nearpod with Early Learners – The team at Nearpod has developed lots of content specifically for early learners. @ClassTechTips @DianaGorman11

3/7 Four Reasons to Watch Movies as a Family – Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings. Here are some reasons to watch movies as a family to help inspire you to host a family movie night soon. @blm03 @DisneyDream717

3/6 Good Teachers Stick To The Lines, Great Teachers Inspire New Lines. Great teaching grows from rich inquiry and therein lies the real art of teaching. @dperkinsed @TeachThought @ERobbPrincipal

3/6 Is The Cognitive Load Theory The Most Important Thing A Teacher Should Know? According to British educationalist Dylan Wiliam, it is the Cognitive Load Theory (Wiliam 2017). Is it true? Well, that depends. First some backstory. @terryheick @TeachThought @dylanwiliam

3/6 The 2019 Ultimate List of Diverse Children’s Books – Check to see if they are in your school’s library. @hereweeread @MCChildsBookDay

3/6 Leading Change and Guiding Change, is There a Difference? Dr. John Kotter, regarded by many as the authority on leadership and change, spells out his eight steps to increase the success of transformational change. @pdiscoveryuk @Bob_Achieve

3/5 There’s No Such Thing as Perfection in Leadership…Strive for THIS instead. What are you passionate about? And what are you doing to deliver on this passion? @Dr_Ernest_Jones @skrodriguez1 @Medium

3/5 Can Equity Be Taught? In a rapidly diversifying district with a largely white teaching force, how do you foster mutual trust and understanding? @carlyberwick @Edutopia @JenWilliamsEdu @RyanLTyler

3/3 Can We Teach Critical Thinking? Arguably one of the most valued and sought after skills that students are expected to learn is critical thinking. @DrSilverFox @AceThatTest @tucksoon

3/3 The Power Of I Don’t Know – Questions are more important than the answers they seem designed to elicit. @TeachThought @terryheick

3/3 Five Ways to Sustain School Change Through Pushback, Struggle and Fatigue – Here are some of the ways teaching and learning are changing. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @LaneDebra @MullerChrisM

3/3 Extra arts education boosts students’ writing scores — and their compassion, big new study finds. Arts learning experiences benefit students in terms of social, emotional, and academic outcomes. @matt_barnum @chalkbeat @DoodlesAcademy

3/2 The Opportunity to Become Successful Learners – I am not adamant that kids have access to devices (their own or ones provided) all the time. What I want is that students have opportunities that best serve them to be successful. @gcouros

3/2 Five Ways to Promote an ‘Inquiry Mindset’ for School PD – The notion of a student ‘inquiry mindset’ has become very en vogue in educational circles lately. @HollyClarkEdu @Medium @E_Sheninger

3/2 Implications Of Learning Theories On Instructional Design – This does a good job of explaining three popular learning theories and how to use them. @elearnindustry @RickettsKate @JenWilliamsEdu

3/2 Teacher wears same dress for 100 days to teach students a lesson. To prove that you are not what you wear, one teacher donned the same gray, button-down dress for 100 days in a row, washing it only “as needed.” @hfrishberg @nypost @WheresMyEraser

>3/1 How to Have What It Takes to Be a Longterm Leader – If you’re looking to shine as a leader for an extended stretch of time, you should possess certain essential personality traits. @FloydWilliams78

3/1 25 Common Education Mistakes We Can Fix Right Now – How many are you still making? @leecrockett @wabisabizen @glodigcit

3/1 Why principals must delegate – “The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.” Anthea Turner @impactfulcoach @SBEducation @AntheaTurner1 @DavidFifeEDU

2/28 Teachers Must Be Architects of Learning Experiences. The approach that involves teachers talking and students listening keeps students firmly in the role of passive consumers. @stppLMC @Catlin_Tucker

2/28 War on Boys – Boys do worse in schools than girls in school. Here are four things that we can do now. Christina Hoff Summers @AEI @prageru

2/26 New York’s ESSA Accountability System Nightmare – The New York State Education Departments’ implementation of ESSA accountability has produced a bureaucratic quagmire worthy of Orwell, Dickens or Kafka. @prismdecision

2/26 Six Ways to Teach Social and Emotional Skills All Day – The types of skills required to care for and advocate for oneself and others — self-regulation, responsibility, empathy, and discipline, among others — are becoming increasingly central to the work of schools and teachers. @GraceTatter @MindShiftKQED @Horizons93 @DrAAlston

2/26 Five Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader – This video explains it pretty well. Note there is one bad word on the screen near the start. @TheYoungTurks @CenkUygur @AnaKasparian

2/26 How to Teach Kids About Taboo Topics – This TED Talk is something all teachers should listen too. @teachandtransf1 @TEDTalks

2/25 Ideas for Using Audio & Video in Sub Plans – Today, there are more options for quickly creating audio or video recordings to use in sub plans. @rmbyrne @Ilotimo

2/24 Thinking Big Is the Completely Wrong Way to Achieve Success. Here’s Why. It’s tiny step, tiny step, tiny step–not huge leap and then fall on your face. @WandaThibodeaux @jamie_stark @Inc

2/24 Five Reasons We Will Avoid Edtech Conferences – If you are going to invest in going to a conference, then that conference has to provide value that is impossible to achieve in some other way. @joshmkim @kreshleman @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

2/24 Three Myths of Personalized Learning – In order to implement and improve personalized learning, we first need to reach agreement about what it is—and what it isn’t. @betamiller @edutopia @dougpete

2/23 YOUR KIDS ARE USING TOO MUCH TOOTHPASTE, AND IT’S MAKING THEIR TEETH ALL NASTY-LIKE. This is also a good way to save money. @ianlecklitner

2/23 Project Based Learning is a Roller Coaster. One of the most challenging aspects has been using project-based learning to integrate curriculum. @Catlin_Tucker @stppLMC

2/23 I’m a Neuroscientist. Here’s How Teachers Change Kids’ Brains. While we often don’t think of ourselves as brain changers, when we teach we have an enormous impact on our students’ cognitive development. @TeachFromHere @jhlavacs @EdSurge

2/22 A Quick Guide to Deep Learning – There is AI, ML, and DL do you and your students know the difference? @IT_Chronicles @MartinAButters

2/20 Schools As Places of Joy: We Are Responsible For the Cultures That We Create? Despite the best intentions of educational leaders, students are typically processed through a system of educational compliance in an environment that is “frequently characterized as one big educational arms race.” @crowley_mike @crowley @JenWilliamsEdu

2/20 Extra arts education boosts students’ writing scores — and their compassion, big new study finds. Adding time for dance, theater, or visual arts isn’t at odds with traditional measures of academic success. @matt_barnum @chalkbeat @AnthonyStogni @RitaWirtz

2/20 Five Ways To Be A Better Parent or Friend – This could be part of a lesson on caring for your kids. @DisneyDream717 @Jasminea5100

2/20 How we made virtual reality part of our students’ learning – Our role, as educators is to go beyond entertainment and use technology to create a distinctive learning experience. @FEweek @EdtechMcKean

2/19 What if Students Designed Their Education? Students need to be taught “how” to learn and prepare for more than knowing the content, by developing skills that are transferable to multiple areas of life and work. @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart @froehlichm

2/19 Twenty Two Diverse Book Choices for All Grade Levels – Check to see if your library has these books. @DavidFifeEDU @MoniqueCoyle

2/19 The Key To Raising A Happy Child – Agency may be the one most important factor in human happiness and well-being. @MsRezendez @MindShiftKQED

2/19 Empowering Students in the Day-To-Day Operations of Our Schools – This is a story about a student tech team that helps teachers. @gcouros

2/17 Why fraternities can be a good thing for young men. It was for me in the late 1960’s. It featured social growth, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity. Also check out Alexndra Robbins’ book on the subject. @AlexndraRobbins @nypost

2/17 Zensational Kids – Mindful breath and movement practices help students and educators thrive in and out of the classroom. @ZensationalKids @SuperMontvaleK8

2/17 Five Technology tools that will keep your students engaged in the classroom – Students are obsessed with technology and gadgets nowadays, so why can’t we use technology to keep them engaged while learning? @dana_jandhyala @neolms @Ed_Admn

2/17 Ask Yourself, Why Am I Grading This? “If I don’t grade it, students won’t do it.” This reasoning leaves teachers with piles of work to grade, but how much of that time spent results in improved student performance. @Catlin_Tucker @englishteach8

2/16 Student Journalism Classes Going Strong, Poll Finds. n many of the nation’s schools, though, student interest in journalism is growing or holding steady, according to a new survey by the Education Week Research Center. @aSashaJones @educationweek

2/16 Will Online Ever Conquer Higher Ed? The latest data on the nation’s college and university enrollment shows that online is steadily climbing its way up to more than a third of the student population. @TeachFromHere @HigherEdSurge

2/16 K–12 Experts Weigh In on Training Teachers to Use Education Technology. Teachers and education professionals offer their advice on preparing teachers for a digitally integrated classroom. @EdTech_K12 @RickettsKate @Ed_Admn @wcsFvMS

2/15 Biology and PE ‘fit’ together for new class collaboration. This makes a lot of sense to me. @vbschools @meg5han @smith2dw

2/15 Does Video Improve Engagement and Learning? We need to be skeptical about wild claims about video improving engagement and learning, as much of the hype comes from an assumption. @pattishank @elearnindustry

2/14 Educators and Artificial Intelligence: “Err on the Side of Caution,” Says RAND Researcher. The work of teachers and act of teaching, unlike repetitive tasks on the manufacturing floor, cannot be completely automated. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

2/14 Check Out Reading Plus. Reading Plus delivers proven instruction and practice activities for efficient silent reading. Be sure to watch the short video. @ReadingPlus @RPStatus

2/14 Five Classroom Dimensions That Show Deep Math Learning Is Happening. Spend as long as is necessary on the most fundamental structures of math, making sure students know those really well. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @AnthonyStogni @MatterOfPlay

2/13 Noticing the Good Stuff: A Suggested Practice – When something amazing happens in your classroom but only you see it, did it really happen? @cultofpedagogy @jamie_stark @edifiedlistener

2/13 Five Ways to Nurture Compassion in Kids – Everyone has the potential to make a difference in their own way. @ShaunaTominey @MindShiftKQED @taenos99 @cultofpedagogy

2/13 The Drivers of a Successful BYOD Initiative – Leaders need to pay attention to Eric Sheninger. @E_Sheninger @stdulmage

2/10 The Evolving Role of the Teacher – The modern teacher has to be a very different teacher from the teachers they grew up with. @EDUcre8ive @katiemartinedu

2/10 This Study of 300,000 Leaders Revealed the Top 10 Traits for Success. See if you can guess what they are. @bizzwriter @Inc @GermanIOD

2/10 What Failing Students Want Us to Remember. By seeing students as more than their grades, we can enable them to reach their potential. @WordLib @edutopia @mccoyderek

2/9 Irish Government Leads the Way on ITC Apprenticeships. I see the need for more apprenticeships of various kids here in the US. @Irish_TechNews @SimonCocking

2/8 Do We Really Need PD? Why do we need professional development when teachers learn through experience? @katiemartinedu @jamie_stark

2/8 As Textbook Companies Try New Options, Many Students Say Price Is Biggest Factor. Who wants to schlep heavy textbooks around nowadays? @jryoung @journoinred @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

2/7 After 12 Years of Teaching Writing…an Epiphany! Catlin Tucker has been teaching students how to write for 12 years, but this week she had a realization that made her question the purpose of writing in school. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

2/7 Give Teachers Credit: They Know Learning Is Social. The enthusiasm shared by educators who understand that social media will forever impact their lives and practice is very reminiscent of the vibe expressed by dot-commers two decades ago. @spirrison @EdSurge

2/7 The Six Fundamental Skills Every Leader Should Practice – It starts with your vision. @rashkenas @bizzwriter @HarvardBiz

2/7 Four Ways Schools & Teachers Can Save Money with the Right EdTech – A survey released in May 2018 by the US Department of Education confirms that 94% of public school teachers spend money out of their own pockets to buy classroom supplies—close to $500 on average. @cleartouch_WHF @multiteach @DaleGayman

2/6 Flipped Classroom: Engaging Students with EdPuzzle – Time to find out how this tool works. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

2/6 Using Science to Bring Literature to Life – Combining science and literature can help students engage more deeply with both subjects. @edutopia @RickettsKate @DrAAlston

2/5 Power Lesson: Note-Taking Stations – One teacher decided to create a structured lesson that utilized stations to give students an opportunity to practice with various types of note-taking styles. @cultofpedagogy @travislape

2/5 Three Good Places to Find Hands-on STEM Activities – I bet every school can find something here. @MakeCodeTeam @MicrosoftEDU @exploratorium @rmbyrne

2/3 The White Flight From Football – A recent study found that 44% of black boys play tackle football, compared with 29% of white boys. @AlanaSemuels @TheAtlantic

2/3 How AI is Changing Special Education – Technology has also begun to play an interesting role in educating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students. @neolms

2/3 Students Learn From People They Love. Time to put relationship quality at the center of education. @nytdavidbrooks @nytopinion @DisruptedTv @dintersmith

2/1 Ten Ways Educators Can Take Action in Pursuit of Equity – How many are you already doing? @cultofpedagogy @TeachFromHere

2/1 Four Reasons to gamify your classroom – Through play they learn. They learn to be part of a community and develop into fine men and women. They can learn everything they need to, all while having fun. @neolms

2/1 The Ten Education Issues Everybody Should Be Talking About – Fing our what issues have the potential to define—or redefine—education in the year ahead. @Erik_Youngman @educationweek

2/1 Black History Month: Teaching Beyond Slavery – Avoid minimizing black history; include the full human experience beyond enslavement. @CoshandraD_TT @tolerance_org @BGMS_AP @DOEChancellor

1/31 Gym Class Is So Bad Kids Are Skipping School to Avoid It. P.E. do little to improve physical fitness, but it can also lead to truancy and disciplinary problems. Students use lockerroom where adult supervision is limited, and it facilitates teasing of overweight or unathletic kids. @aliaemily @TheAtlantic

1/31 Community College Transfers Outperform High Schoolers At Top Colleges, So Why Do We Ignore Them? Community college transfers also outperform transfers from other four-year colleges. @nleesanchez @Forbes @DisruptedTv

1/31 Five Arguments Against “Innovation in Education” and How You Might Respond – You will hear arguments such as, “I think innovation is important but what about…(insert curriculum, time, money, lack of funding, standardized tests, and lack of training)? @gcouros @stdulmage

1/31 OneNote Class Notebook: A Digital Binder That Will Change the Way You Teach – OneNote Class Notebook is a do it all platform. It’s completely free for educators and it’s available everywhere: Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices. @cultofpedagogy @vijaysharma1122

1/28 Eleven Easy Ways to Increase Self-Confidence – This trait is closely associated with success. @carthagebuckley

1/28 Educators and Artificial Intelligence: “Err on the Side of Caution,” Says RAND Researcher. The work of teachers and act of teaching, unlike repetitive tasks on the manufacturing floor, cannot be completely automated. @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

1/28 Learning through play: what are the benefits? Play is one of the most misunderstood topics in education, says psychologist David Whitebread. Here, he sets the record straight. @Helen_Amass @dgw10041 @tes

1/26 Three Things We Should Stop Doing in Professional Development – Although this is focused mainly on what we do as adults in our time together, many of these lessons have applications to the classroom. @gcouros

1/26 Ten Tips to Start Teaching With Minecraft – Minecraft promotes student independence and creativity, but it is also an immensely collaborative tool. @johnmillerEDU @MatthewFarber @EdSurge

1/26 Building Teamwork and Perseverance in Early Elementary Students with Breakouts – In early grade classrooms many children aren’t reading yet or still struggle with reading, so clues need to be visual or involve audio. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @Rdene915

1/25 How to Introduce Engineering Principles Early to Help Inspire Interest in STEM – Engineering in elementary school makes sense to me. @lrmongeau @MindShiftKQED @hechingerreport

1/25 Two words that can help check your assumptions about people – Asking “so what?” can bring out your hidden beliefs and ideas. @maryhalton @iownjd @TEDTalks

1/25 The Ten Characteristics Of A Highly Effective Learning Environment – The reality is, there is no single answer because teaching and learning are awkward to consider as single events or individual “things.” @terryheick @TeachThought @Erik_Youngman

1/24 Educators Share How Video Games Can Help Kids Build SEL Skills. Paul Darvasi is teaching his 12th graders that if there’s something about themselves they don’t like, they have the power to change it. @journoinred @EdSurge

1/24 Five Ways to Help Children with ADHD Develop Their Strengths – Try the Five C’s method — self-Control, Compassion, Collaboration, Consistency, and Celebration — as a roadmap for reducing family stress and equipping children with the skills they need to thrive. @dfkris @MindShiftKQED @drfurman

1/23 It Took Tom Brady Exactly Five Words to Teach a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence. This is good general advice for anyone. @JustinJBariso @Inc @barbaratreacy @jdauria

1/23 Out Of the Negativity, Be the Water That Affects Positive Change. Being a victim of the system is not an effective way to promote progress, we must be a part of the solution. @PeterMDeWitt @mssackstein @educationweek

1/23 Should We Teach Optimism? Over the last several decades the news has become more negative and we have become more pessimistic. This is in spite of the fact that by many objective accounts, the world is getting better. @DrDougGreen @mssackstein @EdWeekTeacher

1/22 Three Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Should Look Out for in 2019 – Is your school ready? @Juliet_Tech @BizTechMagazine @ziegeran @MattHarrisEdD

1/22 Are classroom robots the NextGen of learning? Technology has the potential to further transform the way we learn, as is apparent by the advancements in robotics and its use in classrooms. @neolms

1/21 Charts Vs Tables: How To Best Represent Your Data. “There is no such thing as information overload. There is only bad design.” Edward Tufte @MisalDisha71 @Analyticsindiam @LouisColumbus @bobehayes @EdwardTufte

1/21 Virtual Reality Learning – How about taking your social studies students on a walk along the Great Wall of China? Or, helping physics or engineering students investigate how Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world was built. @CrushSchoolSpy @Jonharper70bd @CrushSchoolSpy @R_CILR @SeanAThom @Rdene915

1/21 Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us. When schools have high-quality library programs and librarians who share their expertise with the entire school community, student achievement gets a boost. @KCLance @pdkintl

1/20 The Five Worst education Arguements in Graphic Form – Consider post these were your teachers can see them. @tkraz @JamesTheo

1/20 Storytelling is Powerful This is great advice for teachers. I love this guy’s work. Consider buying some for your school. Click here to visit their site. Consider subscribing to keep track of new offerings. @gapingvoid

1/17 Special Education Is Broken. One large study in 2015 showed that students in the program who were supposedly receiving targeted interventions actually performed worse than virtually identical peers who were not in an RTI process. @EarlyYearsEW @OnSpecEd @casamuels @educationweek

1/17 Growing a PLN is More Than a Numbers Game. Growing your PLN is one of the most powerful things you can do for your own professional learning. @froehlichm @JaimeDonally

1/17 Googley Activities and Tools for Primary Students – A common question I receive from folks is how can younger students use Google tools? Here’s how. @ericcurts @tonyvincent

1/16 Why Competency-Based Education Is Exciting And Where It May Stumble – Competency-based education has piqued the interest of many communities because of its promise to make learning a more personal experience for students. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @JdelaneyJoAnn

1/16 Four Shifts To Move From Teacher-Centered To Learner-Centered – Here are four shifts that Katie Martin has increasingly seen in many schools as they move to learner-centered. @katiemartinedu @Erik_Youngman

1/16 What Works For Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading? Excerpted from “The Reading Mind: A Cognitive Approach to Understanding How the Mind Reads” by Daniel T. Willingham. @DTWillingham @MindShiftKQED @Begabungs @cultofpedagogy

1/15 It’s Easier Than Ever to Log Your Kid’s Data, But Should You? THE QUEST TO quantify your child starts before you’ve even conceived. @adriennemso @WIRED @snackfight

1/15 New Study: How does Screen Time Affect Grades? One study found a strong correlation between too much phone time and lower grades. @OneClass

1/15 Your Top Ten Genius Hour Questions Answered – We need a structure, a format, a plan for delivering this kind of experience. @cultofpedagogy @RACzyz @ajjuliani

1/14 All Lessons Should Be Interdisciplinary. It mimics real life learning rather than isolated educational experiences. @jackiegerstein @stdulmage

1/14 Training versus Learning – What do you think the difference is? @katiemartinedu @iamDrWill @E_Sheninger

1/14 Connect with Other Classrooms. One teacher wanted to connect her students with more stakeholders, so she used FlipGrid–a video discussion platform–to post a question. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

1/14 Nine Faculty Trends to Watch in 2019 – This is aimed at the higher ed crowd but I think it applies to K-12 as well. @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

1/13 Introducing the One-Sentence Lesson Plan. Let’s be honest. Who’s got time to write full lesson plans? For every class? @EngNorman @cultofpedagogy @WickedEdTech

1/13 What’s the Difference Between Project- and Challenge-Based Learning? Do you know what Challenge-Based Learning is? @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @AnthonyStogni

1/13 Four Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking – Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning. Are your kids doing any? @iamDrWill @Catlin_Tucker

1/12 By mollycoddling our children, we’re fuelling mental illness in teenagers. Of course we want to keep children safe. But exposure to normal stresses and strains is vital for their future wellbeing. @JonHaidt @PamelaParesky @guardian

1/12 Don’t teach digital citizenship — embed it! – Kids do best when they can learn something authentically, by figuring out their own answers to real-world problems that are relevant to their lives. @hmarrs24 @iste @s_bearden

1/12 The Trouble with “Amazing”: Giving Praise that Matters. If you’re trying to motivate someone—a student, an employee, your child—calling them amazing won’t pump them up the way you hope it will. @cultofpedagogy @bethhill2829

1/11 12 Rules of effective Instructional Technology Coaching [INFOGRAPHIC] – Pushing tech coaches into individual classes seems to be more effective the Getting a bunch of teachers in the same room. @RickettsKate @neolms

1/11 Should Fewer Black Students Receive Special Education Services? Some people think that it’s wrong to give black kids more than their proportional share of special ed help. This is misguided. @DrDougGreen @MsSackstein @EdWeekTeacher

1/11 30 Amazing Sources for Free Teacher Resources – Here are 30 of our top sources for free teacher resources including lesson plans and activities created by fellow professional educators. @WeAreTeachers @emulvahill @trilearning

1/11 Google Research Shows That the Best Bosses Always Do These Two Things – This is aimed at business, but educational leaders should check it out. @MSchneiderTwts @Inc

1/10 Can Americans Tell Factual From Opinion Statements in the News? The ability to classify statements as factual or opinion varies widely based on political awareness, digital savviness and trust in news media. @asmitch @gottfried

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