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4/1 Why Every Detailed Map Of China Is Slightly Wrong – No, we’re not talking about those contentious, controversial places in China, like Taiwan or Tibet. We’re talking about an active decision by the Chinese government to make all maps inaccurate. @Wix

3/31 30+ Color Mixing Activities for Kids – There is also a fun story about colors coming together to create new possibilities. @babies2bookworm

3/31 Ten Best and Worst Foods for Your Liver – How does your diet and the food you feed your kids stack up?

3/31 To Grandma’s House: Six Unique Updates to the Tale of Little Red Riding Hood – Time to get these for your school library. @shannonmmiller @BNKids

3/29 Surging Floodwaters Slowly Destroy A Bridge. This demonstrates the power of water. The breakup starts around the 40 second mark. @Storyful @themercurycomau

3/29 Love Travel, Love Languages! You get so much more from your travels if you can converse with the locals in their own language. But what is the best way to go about learning a new language? @katelovestravel @DisneyDream717

3/28 McDonald’s will use AI to automatically tweak drive-thru menus. It might give McFlurrys more prominent placement on hot days, for instance. @krisholt @engadget

3/28 Seven Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight – Wondering why you and your kids are packing on the pounds..these seven reasons may be to blame. @LoriShemek @HealingMB

3/27 An Engineer Illustrates Why One Kind Of Dam Is More Dangerous Than Others. This is a good science and engineering lesson. It’s also a good safety lesson. @ptee_groups @squarespace

3/27 Why memorizing facts can be a keystone to learning – Memorising facts and lists can build the foundations for higher thinking and problem solving, writes psychology teacher Marc Smith. @guardian @MarkAndrewSmith @Yuri_Druzhinin @C_Hendrick

3/26 Six Reasons The iPad Dominates Over the Chromebook in Education – If you are thinking about buying technology for your school read this first. @WiredEducator @ToddWhitaker

3/25 The Beautiful Future of Solar Power – This TED Talk by Marjan van Auble is a good science lesson. @marjanvanaubel @TEDxAmsterdam

3/25 A Few Favorite Apps – This may simplify the process of choosing new apps. @Lynndeeee @shareaholic

3/24 The Dirty Dozen: 12 Highest Pesticide-Prone Forms of Produce and The Clean 15: The 15 Lowest Pesticide-Prone Forms of Produce – If you want to be safe eat “organic” food. @ActiveBeat @ewg

3/24 How to Motivate Yourself to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do – No matter how generally motivated you are, all of us have some tasks that we don’t want to do. @HarvardBiz @bizzwriter

3/24 Ten Techniques for Retrieval Practice – Retrieving information you have been studying (self-testing) is more powerful that additional study. @teacherhead @VipulaSharma1

3/24 In Helping Others, You Help Yourself. Consider the positive feelings you experienced the last time when you did something good for someone else. @PsychToday @Dotbethune @TheGood90551276

3/23 Ten Lessons I Learned While Teaching Myself to Code – If you want to learn to code this will be a huge help. @tferriss

3/23 Robots Working as a Group are Able to Determine the Optimal Order of Their Tasks. Currently, engineers are responsible for programming the sequence of actions. But this could soon change. @ULBruxelles @SwissCognitive

3/22 A.I. Shows Promise Assisting Physicians. Doctors competed against A.I. computers to recognize illnesses on magnetic resonance images of a human brain during a competition in Beijing last year. The human doctors lost. @CadeMetz @nytimes @nancyrubin @ipfconline1

3/22 Honest college students give advice for high schoolers applying now – Try not to let the current scandal get in your way. @AlyssaPry @YahooFinance @iownjd @YahooFinance

3/21 Resilience in three steps: endure, adapt & thrive – No one escapes the cruel vagaries of life. When confronted by an overwhelming challenge, follow these three steps to achieve resilience. @prismdecision

3/20 Where did the moon come from, a new theory? The Earth and Moon are like identical twins, made up of the exact same materials which is really strange since no other celestial bodies we know of share this kind of chemical relationship. @SarahTStewart @TEDTalks

3/20 Academic Vocabulary: Explicit vs. Implicit Information – It seems these words along with inference are important if you are dealing with the Common Core. @Catlin_Tucker @iamDrWill

3/19 What’s The Tallest A Tree Can Grow? An explanation of the physical factors that keep trees from growing as tall as skyscrapers. This short animation [4:45] is a great science lesson. @HammoudValentin @TED_ED

3/19 Your Brain On Music Every part of the human brain activates in response to music. Here’s how mellifluous sound changes the structure of the mind. @provenself @AssalHabibi @wired

3/19 Why scientists say experiencing awe can help you live your best life – Psychologists say the emotion of awe plays a big role in our health, happiness, and wellbeing. And you don’t need to witness a supermoon to experience it. @OncTimes_AsstEd @rudytoot1 @NBCNews @NBCNewsBETTER

3/18 How to choose a job that will make you happy – There’s more to happiness on the job than choosing what you do. Here are some even more important factors to consider. @amabaie @Amazsite

3/17 How to Differentiate Questions with Google Forms – You can send students to different questions and pages of information based on how they answer each question. @ShakeUpLearning @iamDrWill

3/16 Making the grade: A* students share their revision tips and secrets – @ThatNikTaylor @mrdixonmedia @WhichuniUK

3/14 The Ever-Increasing Age Gap Between Leonardo DiCaprio And The Women He’s Dated, Visualized. This should get some of your students interested in data visualization. @DataIsBeautiful @LeoDiCaprio @Sydonahi

3/14 All College Admissions Are a Pay-to-Play Scandal. Rich kids will get into better schools mostly because they are rich even if they don’t cheat. @EricLevitz @NYMag

3/13 Five ways students can graduate fully qualified for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – The world is changing quickly and to keep pace, education must innovate. @CMRubinWorld @wef

3/11 Why ‘perpetual learning’ will help you thrive in the changing world of work – Check out the lists of growing and declining skills. @wef @Cisco @CMRubinWorld

3/11 Eight Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For – From computer programming to nuclear fission to the paper bag machine, it’s time to stop erasing these women from their great works. @tasneemraja @MotherJones @JosieHolford

3/10 How language shapes our brains…and our lives – Language and communication are as vital as food and water. We communicate to exchange information, build relationships, and create art. @MNT_MariaCohut @mnt @SBEducation @actfl

3/9 The 32 Most Iconic Poems in the English Language – How many have your and your kids read? @knownemily @lithub @JeremyDBond @michikokakutani

3/9 Proven Habits of Happy People – How many do you have? Be sure to share with your students. @LollyDaskal

3/9 Arts-Integrated Pedagogy May Enhance Academic Learning. The arts may help students remember science lessons. @ckbergland @KFelicello @heARTISTatWORK @MaireCervenak @ThirstyBeesNY @DisruptedTv @Richmondruss

3/8 Dear Liberal Arts Major: STEM Companies Need Your Skills to Grow. More companies in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—or STEM—fields are hiring workers with liberal arts backgrounds. @benpimentel @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge @BlueVine

3/7 A Quick Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and TensorFlow – What used to be just a pipe dream in the realms of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is now mainstream technology in our everyday lives. @BPIncubator @gp_pulipaka

3/7 Researchers explore what makes robots ‘persuasive’ to humans. A new study explores how robots persuade and build trust with humans. @TechXplore_com @UofT @ArtificialShane @BobPickard

3/6 How to Choose the Right Chart Type [Infographic] – Building chart is an integral part of data analysis. It helps to decide how to analyze data. @ibobriakov @DataScienceCtrl @granvilleDSC @nancyrubin @KirkDBorne

3/5 How To Best Cram For A Test, According To Science. Maximize the little time you have with these handy tips and tricks to help you ace that exam. @AsapSCIENCE

3/5 Video games could help uncover your hidden talents – and make you happier. A growing body of research suggests that the virtual world can show you what you are truly capable of. @WeightmanCraig @ConversationUS @Romdhanifaten @wef

3/5 AI is reinventing the way we invent. The biggest impact of artificial intelligence will be to help humans make discoveries we couldn’t make on our own. @DavidRotman @techreview @Gen_Kilpatrick @SamueL_WonG_

3/3 Truth Quote@tim_fargo

3/2 AI is real now: A conversation with Sophie Vandebroek – You can listen to the coversation or read the transcript. @S_Vandebroek @techreview @Darktrace @ChuckDBrooks @techreview

3/1 Hawaii Tops U.S. in Wellbeing for Record 7th Time. See how your state did on the five criteria that go into this rating. Here is what two authors at the New York Post think. @elizameryl @TamarLapin @nypost @Gallup

3/1 Ten High School Teacher Resume Writing Tips With Example Accomplishments – You never know when you are going to need one so keep it up to date. @Candace_Davies

2/28 Five effective ways to overcome setbacks in life – Time to get comfortable with your discomfort. @LaRaeQuy @SBEducation

2/26 The WIRED Guide to 5G – 5G is coming so you should have some understanding of it. @klintron @WIRED @caitlin__kelly

2/25 These are the 13 cheapest grocery stories in America. Looking for a great deal on food? The store with the best sales might surprise you. This didn’t surprise me. I get most of my food there. Can you guess? @PKanagaratnam @TODAYshow @JuliaMcCurley

2/25 Public Speaking Is No Longer a ‘Soft Skill.’ It’s Your Key to Success in Any Field. Great persuaders have a competitive edge in the age of ideas. @carminegallo @Inc

2/25 How Artificial Intelligence is changing Public Relations – Many Public Relations professionals believe that AI will continue to be a strong ally that will change the industry in a positive way. @thewehrhouse @KeithKeller @DigammaAI

2/25 A Quick Guide to Encrypted Messaging – This is something we all should understand. @desnnr @MartinAButters

2/24 eMammal Lite – Practice Identifying Animals and Learn Where They Live. eMammal Lite is an online activity based on the wildlife photographs on the Smithsonian’s eMammal site. @rmbyrne @eMammal @SmithsonianScie

2/24 How to declutter your mind – If your brain is a heaving mess of work and life to-dos. Find some focus with these straightforward steps. @skylarclouds @rydercarroll @TEDTalks

2/23 NASA captures incredible ‘dragon’ aurora over Iceland. The natural phenomenon is caused by particles emanating from the sun that collide with Earth’s atmosphere to put on a gorgeous light show. @christocarbone @FoxNewsTech @nypost

2/23 Man 3D-Prints A Tank Because Human Ingenuity Knows No Bounds. It’s not full sized, but it is definitely a tank. @HansPederSahl

2/22 Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy. This is a great short lesson for anyone teaching the basics of potential and kinetic energy. @AkshatRathi @qz @InspiringSTEM_N @wef

2/22 Thirteen hidden pockets of daily free time you didn’t know you had (and how to make the most of them) – A time-management expert demonstrates how easy it can be to liberate minutes, if not hours, from tight schedules. @lvanderkam @FastCompany @AdaptNowEditors

2/22 Tips for Becoming More Observant in a World Full of Noise = So why do I believe the ability to be observant is becoming more valuable than ever? @gcourus

2/22 Three Ways How AI Will Augment the Human Workforce – If you are working or preparing to work, you should read this. @Ronald_vanLoon @DataScienceCtrl @InsightBrief

2/20 Four modern literacies students need to learn in school – The educational system needs to change and adapt to new challenges faster than it does. @LiviaMihai @neolms @AnthonyStogni

2/19 An Online Lab for Learning About Weather Patterns and Forecasts – The Smithsonian Science Education Center’s Weather Lab is one of many online learning activities produced and hosted by the Smithsonian. @rmbyrne

2/17 AI That Understands Your Body Language – The listening and sensing devices in our homes that choose music, manage thermostats, and look up recipes may soon know more about your state of mental and physical wellness than your primary physician. @poppycrum @Dolby @zaibatsu @forbes

2/16 Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites: Self-Determined Learning – This guy offers tons of free learning resources. @cybraryman1

2/16 Rest time: the foundation of performance. If you want to be productive, you need to build in rest time and so should your students. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

2/15 Eight Things You Should Know About the Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp Integration – If you haven’t heard, Facebook announced that it’s working to integrate three major chat platforms — Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp — in order to allow cross-communication for users. @johntomlinsonuk @larrykim

2/15 Is Creativity a Skill? According to a new LinkedIn analysis of member profiles, creativity tops the chart of soft skills that employers are looking for. Is your school promoting it? @tonywan @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

2/15 These are the 10 most in-demand skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn. How many are your school teaching? @InsightBrief @wef @CharltonEmma

2/14 Evolutionary biology can help us understand how language works. How did languages develop so many different ways of fulfilling the same kinds of communicative tasks? @MishaDunn @ConversationUS @ToscaKilloran @wef

2/14 How to Be Sensitive to Other People’s Feelings – One of the most important traits of a leader is sensitivity to the feelings of the people around them. @LollyDaskal

2/13 Nine Foods You Should NEVER Order at a Restaurant – I’m not sure I agree with all of these tips, but they are worth considering. @_nutritiontips

2/13 Did A Robot Write This? How AI Is Impacting Journalism. Several major publications are picking up machine learning tools for content. So, what does artificial intelligence mean for the future of journalists? Nicole Martin @Forbes @TamaraMcCleary

2/10 The best thing you can do for your health: sleep well. This goes for your kids too. @guardian @PamShaw23

2/10 What Is Disruptive Innovation? The theory of disruptive innovation has proved to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. @claychristensen @HarvardHBS @kdeep39 @simonlporter

2/9 What can we learn from the world’s most enduringly creative people? They “slow-motion multitask,” Can you do this as well? @TimHarford

2/9 The History of Artificial Intelligence – It began with the “heartless” Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. @Damien_CABADI @dinisguarda @HarvardBiz

2/9 Five Tips to Improve Focus and Get Things Done – Where we place our attention determines what gets done. In most instances, we know what we need to do. We even know how to do it. So where do we fall short? @rogerhamilton @YoungEnt

2/9 What is a subreddit on Reddit … and Why Should You Care? In essence, a subreddit is like a niche forum. @NealSchaffer

2/8 The Fastest-Growing Job In Each State, Mapped – This would be interestng information for anyone looking for work or preparing for a job. @BLS_gov

2/8 Why Your Success is Fueled by Your Peers? If you want to be successful, it seems to make sense to get around successful people. @SkipPrichard @leobottary

2/8 What is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? They’re the hot topics of the day in the educational technology industry. @rmbyrne @PBSKIDS @smithsonian

2/7 Five Life Skills That Successful People Master That Others Don’t – Here are life skills that parents often didn’t teach. @jeffbullas @martinjonesaz

2/6 There Is A Much Better Way To Board Airplanes, But There’s No Way It Will Ever Be Implemented. Stop the animation after the problem is posed and see what your students come up with. @skillshare @cgpgrey

2/6 Is Your Body Language Revealing More Than You Want It To. Studies find that up to 80% of what we understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words. @LollyDaskal

2/6 Future technologies that will drive Industry 4.0 – Scenarios like these are gradually becoming a reality in industrial production. @KlausHelmrich @wef @ChuckDBrooks @simplivllc @MikeQuindazzi @HaroldSinnott

2/5 Last fall TED-Ed started publishing a series of lessons titled “Why Should You Read…” – The series features short animated TED-Ed lessons that explain the significance of classic works of literature. @Mary_Eicher @TED_ED @rmbyrne

2/5 Guy Breaks Down What 2,000 Calories Looks Like In Four Popular Diets. The diets are keto, paleo, vegan, and fast food. The visuals help you see what 2,000 calories look like. @Buff_Dudes

2/3 Why Quantifying Turbulence Is One Of The Hardest Problems In Science – Cut your local meteorologist some slack. Here’s why predicting wild weather can be so difficult. This 3:35 animation is a great science lesson. @QuantaMagazine @qaisicle

2/3 25 Years Of Super Bowl Halftime Show Lineups, Ranked – This is a great piece of data generation and display. You kids should like it. @guswez @FiveThirtyEight

2/1 Five Fantastic Word Cloud Tools for Chromebooks – Word Clouds are a favorite tech tool for classrooms. Are you using them? @ericcurts @wfryer

1/31 How Much Prices Have Changed For Different Goods And Services Over The Last 20 Years, Graphed. Note that this inflation calculator shows a 55% increase over the last 20 years. Why is college tuition so high? @Mark_J_Perry @howmuch_net

1/30 How Much Snow It Takes For School Districts To Close? It depends a great deal on where you live, according to a 2014 map. Point out county borders to your students. @NOAA @reddit @Digg

1/29 Understanding blockchain is way easier if you think of it as an onion. In Blockchain Basics, Daniel Drescher describes blockchain as a software system made up of two layers; application and implementation. @mattbeedham @thenextweb @mi_jim @evankirstel

1/29 New Hubble view is ‘deepest image of the universe from space.’ The space telescope run by NASA and ESA once again delivers a wondrous look at the cosmos. @akooser @CNET @rudytoot1

1/28 Smart Glasses Aren’t on the Streets, They’re on Factory Floors. On the factory or the shop-room floor augmented-reality, smart glasses are already being deployed across a wide swath of industries. @JakeSwearingen @intelligencer

1/28 Pop Music is Stuck on Repeat. Colin Morris does a great job analyzing repetition in songs old and new. The metric he uses is interesting. If you like music you will like this. @HalfEatenScone @TEDxPenn

1/26 Reading List: Nine Smart Books on Artificial Intelligence – This is a topic that most of us including our students should know more about. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart

1/26 Four Ideas for Overcoming Math Anxiety – This will help you spot it in students and offer some ideas. @Lynch39083

2/25 Ten Short Lessons from Ten Fields That Have Had a Profound Impact On My Life – These are good lessons as far as I can tell. @Collect_Wisdom @RetireManifesto

2/25 How This Successful Teenage Entrepreneur Learned The Art Of Tenacity – One of the biggest challenges facing young entrepreneurs is that they have the drive and passion, but without dogged determination and a cast iron resolve, their creative talents can go unnoticed. @alisonbcoleman @Forbes @vijaysharma1122 @robmknowles

1/24 47% of the human workforce will be replaced by 2035. Will your career disappear? Students looking for a career to pursue should play with this cool data tool. Note that the chance of teachers being replaced is very low. @LeisurejobsGB

1/24 Is Creativity a Skill? According to a new LinkedIn analysis of member profiles, creativity tops the chart of soft skills that employers are looking for. @tonywan @edsurge @DrKatrinaKeene

1/24 Beyond Design Thinking: Why Education Entrepreneurs Need to Think in Systems. For the last few years, design thinking has been in vogue. @amyahearn11 @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

1/23 Careers in Accounting – The career growth for accounting students was recently projected to grow by 10% over the next decade. Accounting Licensure InformationNew York Page

1/23 Hans Rosling’s Factfulness Test – Time to see what you and your students know about how the world has changed in the last twenty years. After you go over the answers see if your students can draw a conclusion. @HansRosling @Gapminder @GlobalHealthKI @OlaRosling

1/22 Here’s How Tax Brackets Actually Work. This should work for middle school and up. @alv9n @xtinathornell @voxdotcom

1/22 Ivy Experience provides SAT & ACT test prep, tutoring, and college essay and application consulting services. If you know any high school juniors share this with them and their parents.

1/22 A Virtual Amusement Park About Molecules – The NanoSpace Molecularium is a nice educational game produced by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. @Molecularium @RPIUnion @rmbyrne

1/21 How to Embrace Change Using Emotional Intelligence – Next time your organization introduces a big change, consider these four emotional intelligence strategies to help you embrace the change rather than brace for it. @KandiWiens @DarinRowell @q_harvardbusin1 @LeeAraoz @E_Sheninger

1/20 The Highest-Paying Job In Each State, Mapped – While the highest-paid occupation differs from state to state, one thing is clear: if you want to earn a lot of money, being a doctor really pays. @BLS_gov

1/20 What actually works for muscle recovery—and what doesn’t – Looks like the best thing to do is get a good night sleep. It’s also really good for your brain. This is true for your kids too. @camaldarelli @PopSci @DepositPhotosPr

1/20 What is hedonism and how does it affect your health? Hedonism has a bad reputation, but it might be time to reconsider. @ConversationUS @MichelleBxtr @Pleasure_Lab

1/17 All Educators Need to Keep Learning. Regardless of how many years you’ve been in education, the one thing that remains consistent is the absolute need for continuous learning. @MsSackstein @EdWeekTeacher

1/17 Three Emerging Technologies That Will Disrupt The Learning Ecosystem – “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road” – by Stewart Brand @Shanavazsf @elearnindustry @PatriceHoudayer

1/16 Why 2019 Was The Best Year For AR And VR At CES – One showgoer give relates his experiences. @CharlieFink @Forbes @SRplatform

1/16 New Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before And Pay 50 Percent More – Technology is already creating roles that simply didn’t exist 5 or 15 years ago, opening up both new full-time careers as well as lucrative ‘spot’ opportunities. @xuezhao @Forbes @MeghanMBiro

1/15 Top Seven Habits Of Mentally Strong People – Mentally strong people exist. But they are not a miracle. How many do you have? @PalomaCanteroGm @Forbes @IanMAdair @SteveMaraboli

1/15 Is Artificial Intelligence about Taking Human Jobs or Creating Them? What is the Future of Work? @ShudeepC @Julez_Norton @SpirosMargaris

1/14 The top 11 apps to use with Book Creator – It lets you can pull in content from other apps so easily, it’s often the last step in the workflow – where students collate all their content from other apps into one place, to showcase their work. @BookCreatorApp @seni_bl @McWERK

1/13 To Prevent Fires, One California Town Says ‘Goat Fund Me.’ Realizing its predicament, Nevada City has launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay goats to clear brush at the edges of town. @mrMattSimon @WIREDScience @vtitunik

1/13 Björk on creativity as an ongoing experiment – I’ve been a fan for a long time. This is one very creative artist. @bjork @thecreativeindp @Julez_Norton

1/12 How the periodic table went from a sketch to an enduring masterpiece – Every chemistry student should read this story. @tom_siegfried @ScienceNews @MrVonTersch

1/12 Education is the most difficult sector to automate. Automation is disrupting industries and the employment sector by putting a lot of people out of work. This might not be the case for the sector of education. @JosephineMisson @wooclap @thinkm2

1/11 Five Body Language Positions Used by Charismatic Speakers – Your body language and posture reveal a lot about your personality, state of mind, and confidence level, among other things. @AMAnet @KasiaWezowski @pwezowski

1/10 How to Download Thousands of Classic Books and Movies That Just Entered the Public Domain – Classic books by

1/10 21 Secrets Behind Viral Infographics – 90% of information that’s transmitted to our brains is visual. So it’s not surprising that publishers who use infographics generate more traffic. @jeffbullas

1/9 Five ways to make your iPhone speakers sound louder – Get your kids to try number five as a hands-on project. @@themattelliott @CNET @DanzadanceOrg

1/8 Sun, Moon, and Planets 101 – National Geographic’s YouTube channel has an excellent playlist that is titled National Geographic 101. @NatGeo @rmbyrne

1/8 Five Technology Trends That Will Make Or Break Many Careers In 2019 – Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are likely to remain hot topics. @BernardMarr @Forbes @nancyrubin @SpirosMargaris

1/8 Is It Bad for You to Read the News Constantly? recent survey from the American Psychological Association found that, for many Americans, “news consumption has a downside.” @markhamh @TIMEHealth

1/8 Three Ideas for Staying Positive – This is good advice from George Couros who is one of the best education bloggers I know. @gcouros

1/7 The World’s 100 Most Nutritious Foods – How many do you and your kids eat? How many are served in your school cafeteria? @BBC_Future

1/7 Lýdia Machová: The secrets of learning a new language – She shares four principles to help unlock your own hidden language talent — and have fun while doing it. Language teachers need to check this out. @TEDTalks @kaustabh_phani

1/6 Ranking Vegetables By How Healthy They Are – Which ones do you and your kids eat? @WeAreMel @IanLecklitner

1/5 How Does A ‘Martian’-Style Gravity Assist Actually Work? This is a good physics lesson for middle school and up. @rjallain @WIRED

1/4 Changing lives through addiction care & education – One of my followers reached out with this drug rehab resource. It looks good to me. People facing these problems and health teachers should check it out. @DrugRehab_com

1/4 How to Crush Your Habits in the New Year With the Help of Science – The NY Times asked the experts and checked the journals for the most useful tips you can take to heart. @susan_shain @nytimeswell @MindfulOnline

1/3 This Daily Habit Will Make Your Life Better Within a Month. Stop, take a step back from whatever you were doing, and ask yourself how you can improve it. @LollyDaskal

1/3 South Korea and Sweden are the most innovative countries in the world – The share of new science and engineering graduates has kept the US out of the top ten. @byjohnmckenna @thisisformative @wef

1/2 Why memorising facts can be a keystone to learning – Memorizing facts and lists can build the foundations for higher thinking and problem solving. @guardian @RickettsKate @pattishank

1/2 Ten Music Business Predictions For 2019 – Anyone who listens to music might find this interesting. @bobbyowsinski @Forbes @larrypareigis

1/1/2019 The Third Education Revolution – Schools are moving toward a model of continuous, lifelong learning in order to meet the needs of today’s economy. @TheAtlantic @donnamurdoch @bill_friel_edu

1/1/2019 Five myths about the future of work that you need to stop believing – Being a “quick” learner can be advantageous–but it’s not the be-all and end-all when it comes to success in the future of work. @a_purbasari @FastCoDesign @elemenous

12/31 A Super Blood Wolf Moon Will Glow Red In The Sky This January. The total lunar eclipse will be visible from coast to coast in the United States on January 20. Mark your calendar. @Starz_Wayne @tee62

12/31 25+ Google Tricks (Guaranteed You Won’t Know All of Them!) – Maximize your time with these lesser-known commands. I didn’t know most of them. @larrykim @Inc

12/31 How to Create Visually Amazing Content, Even if Your Last Name Isn’t Van Gogh – Start by making content easy to read. @thrivethemes @imobsession

12/30 Is the World Getting Better or Worse? Look at the numbers with Steven Pinker in his TED Talk. @sapinker @TEDTalks

12/30 Pernille Ripp’s Favorite Books of 2018 – Make sure your school library has all of them. @pernilleripp @LeeAraoz

12/30 The 16 Worst Decisions You’ll Ever Make in Your Life – How many have you made from time to time? @LollyDaskal

12/30 This is why babies are so much better than you at learning languages. Babies can learn a second language in one hour per day. Want to know why? @FuturityNews @Sisyphus38 @wef

12/29 The science stories that shook 2018 – Scientists pick the breakthroughs and discoveries that defined their year, from insights into human evolution to our first trip aboard an asteroid. @guardian @AdamRutherford @jimalkhalili @PeteEtchells @MrLauLearning @demishassabis

12/29 Internet of Things trends for 2019 – The state of the Internet of Things (IoT) market has not quite seen the explosion it did in 2017, rather it seems as though the hype has calmed as vendors prepare to bring a real impact in 2019. @TamaraMcCleary @computerworlduk

12/28 Has The AI Train Left The Station? – An Interview With Leading AI Influencer Spiros Margaris. Spiros Margaris is a leading AI & Fintech influencer in the world. @Analyticsindiam @mi_jim @SpirosMargaris

12/28 What The AI Jobs Of The Future Will Look Like – Unless you are retired or near retirement, you need to read this. @annacod @DellTech @rogerhamilton @Forbes @intel

12/28 The Ultimate Women in Science Reading List: 150 Essential Titles – How many are in your school’s library? @CountDvL @WomenYSK @MDDelahunty @JacquelynGill

12/27 Make Your Own Tanker Implosion With a Soda Can. The tanker implodes because of pressure. In this case, it is air pressure from the surrounding atmosphere. @WIRED @rjallain @MythBusters @ScienceChannel

12/27 Why Reading Is the Most Intelligent Thing You Can Do. Reading plays an integral role in developing our intelligence, problem-solving, and analytical skills. All good reasons to do more of it. @bizzwriter @AnthonyStogni @Inc

12/26 Wisconsin Teen Continues Giving With Blanket Drive For Mayo Dialysis Patients. What are your teens doing? @ABC6NEWS @korytellers @chizad7

12/26 Five Things My Father Taught Me Which Advanced My Career – Formal education doesn’t really teach us about mindset, dealing with people or about how to react in times of adversity. @GordonTredgold

12/26 Why Resistance to Change Is Natural and Healthy – Leaders often see resistance to change as bad. Understanding why it is natural and good helps us deal with it better. @MikeLehrOZA

12/26 Four Emerging Technology Areas That Will Help Define Our World In 2019 – We’re not flying around in our own cars as the Jetsons did yet, but we’re closer. @ChuckDBrooks @Forbes @CaseyFahey

12/25 How To Mix Paint Colors, Blending Techniques And Basic Color Theory – It’s like magic. This looks like a good lesson for beginning artists of any age. @AmyEWynne11 @CreativeLive

12/25 19 trends we’ll be obsessing over in 2019 – Next year promises even bigger surprises both in real life and online. Don’t be left out. @ericspitznagel @nypost

12/22 Diverse Middle Grade Fantasy Books – Does your middle grade reader love fantasy? Magical worlds, fantastic beasts, mythical creatures, bizarre dimensions. This list of diverse middle-grade fantasy books will keep them up all night reading. @momandkiddo @pragmaticmom

12/22 The Future of Learning Technology – This isn’t a crass oversimplification of technologies but a means of extending L&D’s expectation of technology and how it could serve us in the not-so-distant future. @elearnindustry @RickettsKate @juandoming

12/22 U.S. Education in 2018 in Ten Charts – These charts convey some big takeaways about U.S. schools, students, and teachers in 2018. @educationweek

12/21 Homeschooling: This is How We Do it. This isn’t for everyone, but if you are considering it or even doing already you need to check this out. @myfourandmore @Cleverlychangin

12/20 Daytime Naps Boost Brain Power in Mysterious Ways. – Short bouts of sleep benefit information processing below conscious awareness. Are you and your kids getting your naps? @ckbergland @PsychToday @NoelMcDermott

12/19 Do You Know Your Leadership CF? CF, or Care Factor is genuine. If you have it you truly care for the people you lead, in fact, you care for people in general. @LeadToday @FSonnenberg

12/19 The 10 fastest-growing remote jobs of 2018 – The top remote job positions are in surprising industries, according to a FlexJobs report. @macybayern @TechRepublic @nancyrubin

12/18 The Shortest International Border In The World Is Only 278 Feet Long. This is an interesting geography lesson and fun trivia. @HalfInteresting @BrilliantMaps

12/18 What is AI? What are the AI trends? This is what some marketing experts think. @megzcarpenter @Talkwalker @KeithKeller

12/17 Ranking Nuts By How Healthy They Are – Walnuts are really healthy, as are most other nuts are. @recipe4survival @drdavidfriedman @WeAreMel

12/15 Station Rotation Model: Student Designed & Led Stations – One of the benefits of the Station Rotation Model is how easy it is to design activities at different levels to meet the diverse needs of a group of students. @Catlin_Tucker @Pen63

12/15 Six Ed Tech Tools to Try – They’re not all brand-new, but each one could make a real difference in the way your students learn or the things they produce. @cultofpedagogy

12/14 The Seven Top Characteristics That Define Good Learners – This could be a list for our students or anybody who aspires to learn well. @glodigcit @leecrockett

12/14 WWF Free Rivers – An Interactive, Augmented Reality Story About Rivers – WWF Free Rivers is a free augmented reality iPad app produced by the World Wildlife Foundation. @WWF @rmbyrne

12/14 What’s so hard about histograms? Scroll down and watch one be created step by step. @AranLunzer @AmeliaMN @JZarracina @3blue1brown @AmeliaMN

12/11 How to Use the Concept Attainment Strategy – This is a cool way to go about introducing a new concept. The example is from art class, but other subjects can use it too. @cultofpedagogy @bethhill2829

12/10 America’s Power Grid Isn’t Ready for Electric Cars. The challenge isn’t just about how much energy electric vehicles will need. A more important question is when they’ll need it. @joshdr83 @EnergyUT @Davetuttle3 @CityLab

12/9 Teach kids to debate, and you teach them not to be ignored. Debating can drive confidence, oracy and ultimately social mobility. @negoodfellow @TesResources

12/8 The Most Efficient Way To Peel A Hardboiled Egg – You can skip to the 2:06 mark to see the pro do it. @epicurious

12/8 The act of drawing something has a “massive” benefit for memory compared with writing it down. A picture is worth a thousand words…. When it comes to conveying a concept, this sentiment can certainly be true. @Emma_J_Young @ResearchDigest @Randy_Matusky @elearningcoach

12/6 How to Collaborate with People You Don’t Like – The first step is both acceptance and reflection. @HarvardBiz @BGraceBullock

12/6 An Introduction to AI – Here is an introduction to AI terminologies and methodologies, covering Machine Learning, Deep Learning Narrow AI, Super Intelligence, Classic Artificial Intelligence, and more. @kdnuggets @CaseyFahey

12/6 32 Ways to Live a Happier Life That Doesn’t Cost a Penny – But it’s important to always remember that the truest wealth is not counted in money but in the things that bring us happiness. @LollyDaskal

12/5 Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves – There are four qualities that have been identified as critical to helping students motivate themselves: autonomy, competence, relatedness, and relevance. @Larryferlazzo @Erik_Youngman @edutopia

12/4 Forgery Experts Reveal How They Spot Fake Paintings. Forensics is a hot topic for getting students interested in learning. This might help. @WIRED @tatraas

12/4 21 Secrets Behind Viral Infographics – 90% of information that’s transmitted to our brains is visual. This is aimed at business, but it is important for educators. @jeffbullas

12/2 Artificial Intelligence Paradox: As Robots Take Over, People Skills Become More Critical. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to dramatically transform the tasks associated with many jobs. @joemckendrick @Forbes @Julez_Norton @TamaraMcCleary

12/2 How Our Brains Figure Out What Words Mean Based On How They’re Said. It’s not just what you say that matters. It’s how you say it. @Wes_Kieschnick @MindShiftKQED

12/1 Moon and Venus December 2 to 4 – In the coming mornings – December 2, 3 and 4, 2018 – look eastward before sunrise for the moon and Venus. Set your alarm. @cshislop @earthskyscience

12/1 Made on iPad: Creative workflows and insights offered by professionals – @MichaelSteeber @9to5mac @jimharmon @AppleDrD

11/30 ISS releases longest time-lapse video made in space. Two trips around the Earth in only 15 minutes. @christocarbone @FoxNewsTech @nypost

11/29 3D Bear: Bringing Augmented Reality to Every Classroom – WIth this tool teachers don’t have to spend a lot of time trying it out or figuring out how to get started. @Rdene915 @3DBearOfficial @JaimeDonally

11/29 The iPad is changing music production. Grammy award-winning music producer Henny Tha Bizness uses the iPad exclusively to make music. Be sure to watch the short video. Schools could use this. @hennythabizness @cultofmac @mistercharlie @rudytoot1

11/28 Eight Things People Don’t Tell You About Social Media – But You Should Know – Even the most successful people started small. @dreckbaerfrau @TheSocialMs @Dawn_Abraham

11/28 Want to Seem Smart? Ask for Advice. A new study shows asking for help actually makes you look more competent, not less. @EntryLevelRebel @inc @MSchneiderTwts

11/27 What If You Stopped Sleeping? – Video Lesson – This animation explains the effects of sleep deprivation as well as the effects of sleeping too much. @rmbyrne @AsapSCIENCE

11/27 Ways to Relax When You Finally Find Time for Yourself – This is aimed at moms but should work for anyone. @BusyMomDiary1 @_Penelope

11/26 Eight Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt – According to the psychotherapist Adam Phillips, self-doubt and anxiety serves an important function. @GordonTredgold

11/26 Here’s why your attitude is more important than your intelligence. When it comes to success, it’s easy to think that people blessed with brains are inevitably going to leave the rest of us in the dust. But new research from Stanford University will change your mind. @talentsmarteq @wef @LouisColumbus

11/25 Two Easy Ways to Publish Podcasts – And Ten Topics for Classroom Podcasts – Many teachers are now including podcasting projects in their classrooms. @jonathanwylie @rmbyrne

11/25 Seven Easy Ways to Improve Your Intelligence Every Day – How many are you already doing? @larrykim @MobileMonkey_ @WordStream @Inc @Medium @CNBC

11/25 Create your own Augmented Reality location-based adventure. Metaverse is a very powerful platform for producing multiple forms of AR, everything from multiple choice questions, to using your camera to do a Google Image Search, to geo-location experiences. @crewsertech @micahshippee

11/24 Mathematician Unravels A Curious Pattern Among Prime Numbers. Share with math teachers and students you know. @numberphile @BradyHaran

11/24 Ten Simple Ways You Can Combat Fatigue – This is good advice for people of all ages. They all work for me. @LollyDaskal

11/24 Ten Traits of Highly Creative Achievers – I don’t think you have to have them all, but you probably need some. Which do you have? @Dr_Sherrie @Entrepreneur @ChrisWeissCT

11/23 U.S. Population Growth by State (1900-2017) – This animation makes population groth look like a horse race. It’s a very cool visual data display. @ThePedMeister @DataIsBeautiful @reddit

11/23 The Chemistry of Thanksgiving or “Why It’s Not Turkey Making You Sleepy.” Enjoy this compilation of Thanksgiving turkey chemical deliciousness! We’re celebrating the holiday with our favorite food science bits and pieces. @ACSReactions @rmbyrne

11/21 Flipped Classrooms: Why And How To Flip Education? Why schools should use flipped classrooms by default and how you can flip your class and offer a more personalized experience of learning. @elearnindustry @Yuri_Druzhinin

11/21 Five Great Non-Education Books That Might Change Your Thinking on Teaching and Learning – Check my summaries of Drive by Daniel Pink and Mindset by Carol Dweck. @Gcouros @DanielPink @MindsetWorks @KimGriesbach

11/21 Moving Students From Digital Citizenship To Digital Leadership – Digital citizenship is “The quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities.” @TeachThought @mccoyderek @sylviaduckworth

11/21 Lifting weights is better for your heart than cardio. Lifting weights protects against heart attacks and stroke more than running or cycling, a study suggests. @shaungw @TheSun @nypost

11/21 What Are Probiotics, and Why Should I (Maybe) Try Them? Here is a beginner’s guide to infusing your gut with fresh helpings of “good bacteria.” @GQMagazine @abidhaque

11/20 Which of These Six Types of Entrepreneur Are You? Check out the fascinating infographic and see which one most aligns with your entrepreneurial style. @larrykim @MobileMonkey_ @founding

11/20 Does Brain Training Work? (Brain Researchers on Improving Memory) There are 10 million new cases of dementia every year, with most from Alzheimer’s disease. 200,000 of those affect young people. It’s time to defend your own mind. @tomgerencer @NinaAtZety @zety_com

11/18 Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Less Confident – Confidence is a key component of success, and part of building and maintaining confidence is looking for the little things that may be undermining it every day. @LollyDaskal

11/18 Shift Happens Ten Years Later – Still Worth Watching – 10 years ago, a short video called Shift Happens went viral, providing a wake-up call to educators that their students would enter a very different world once they left the classroom and entered the workforce. @mcleod @karlfisch @EdSurge

11/18 One Teacher’s Journey Into Understanding the Power of Graphic Novels – Do your teacher discount the value of pictures as part of reading? @Mrs_Ennis_OMS @kevinhoneycutt

11/18 Mickey Mouse Turns 90. (11/18/2018) Mickey Mouse’s vast popularity was a major driver of the success of the Walt Disney Company, one of the great success stories in American economic history. Be sure to show your kids Mickey’s First Animated Cartoon. @ModernCoinMart @Oswald_Official

11/17 Mapping the Thanksgiving Harvest – There are maps for each of the common ingredients of your Thanksgiving meal. @Esri @rmbyrne

11/17 Take a Video Crash Course in Beginner Electronics. Here is a series of highly entertaining, user-friendly, and informative videos that would explain the rudiments of electronics. @CollinMel @make @LFlemingEDU

11/16 Six Essential Beliefs When You Make Major Changes – If you want to reduce stress when you make big changes check this out. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

11/15 How to Prevent Weight Gain After Reaching Your Goal Weight – This is good advice for everyone of all ages. @uprun4life @sweetdreaming96

11/14 A Spelling, Grammar and Word Checker for Students – This tool is designed to support student writers as they compose writing on any topic. @classtechtips @rudytoot1

11/14 easy PDF: Secure, Anonymous, No Limits – This looks like a useful site for converting files to an from pdf format. @EasyPDFcom @JessMiller78

11/13 Why leaves change color in fall – The bright colors are wonderful to behold. But do they have some hidden purpose? @earthskyscience @Shareaholic @cshislop

11/13 The Seven Types of Infographics and When to Use Them – An infographic utilizes several visual elements to present information. However, it is up to you to choose the elements that best fit the information you wish to convey. @Infobrandz @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

11/13 The best way to learn – video textbooks! Clutch Prep is different because it’s incredibly specific to the student’s course. To get started, students are able to register under their specific professors’ course at over 3,200 universities. @edtechneil @clutchprep @ShellTerrell

11/12 Top ten roles in AI and data science – Applied data science is a team sport that’s highly interdisciplinary. Diversity of perspective matters. @quaesita @medium @nancyrubin @simonlporter

11/11 Here Are The McDonald’s Items Employees Say You Really Shouldn’t Order. Even McDonald’s warns its employees about eating too much of the food. @mashed

11/11 The Science Of THC And CBD – THC makes you high while CBD, an almost identical chemical, can help with anxiety and inflammation. More research is needed. @asapscience_

11/11 How Do Self-Driving Cars See, and How Do They See You? Dozens of companies are trying to build self-driving cars and self-driving car technology, and they all approach the engineering challenges differently. @adavies47 @Wired

11/9 FIve Fantastic Word Cloud Tools for Chrome Books – Word Clouds are a favorite tech tool for classrooms. Are your teachers using them? @ericcurts @MrKevinRoper

11/8 How GPS Works – NASA’s eClips channel on YouTube has a good student-friendly explanation of how GPS works. @NASA @rmbyrne @LaunchpadPro

11/8 Poor Thinking Habits You Must Fix to Think More Critically – It’s worth our time to seek ways of improving our thinking and to guide our learners to do the same. @leecrockett

11/7 Little Red Riding Hood: Three Multicultural Versions – Here are three contemporary versions of Little Red Riding Hood set around the world in Ghana, China, and Cajun Louisiana. @kidworldcitizen @BiculturalMama

11/7 Six Unmistakable Habits That Separate Successful People From Everyone Else – This is good advice for adults and kids. @MarcelSchwantes @Inc @MSchneiderTwts

11/7 The Most Important Skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Try Ethics and Philosophy. Moral judgment and ethics could be as revolutionary as artificial intelligence in this next revolution. @tonywan @EdSurge @JustinAglio

11/7 Five Good Resources for Language Learners – Technology has made it super easy for anyone to start learning a new language from scratch and right from the comfort of their couch. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

11/5 Adam Ruins Everything – Why You Don’t Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day. You can just drink with you are thirsty. @AdamRuins @truTV

11/4 Are Electric Cars Actually Any Better For The Environment Than Regular Cars? It depends on the size of the battery and where the electricity comes from. There is a lot of good science here. This would be a great source for a student project. @jasonfenske13 @TrulliFormulaE

11/3 Grid Multiplication – It’s a good flash primary maths activity which helps students learn how to use the grid method of multiplication. @ukedchat @ICTmagic

11/2 32 Native American Children’s Books – Does your school library have these books? @coloursofus @valariebudayr_ @MulticulturKids

11/2 These 15 Behaviors Will Make You Almost Irreplaceable At Your Workplace. Your students should read this. @nina_angelovska @Forbes @gcouros

11/1 Seven Fun and Creative Ways for Students to do Research Projects – Giving Student Choice Increases Their Motivation and Buy-in. @EmergingEdTech

11/1 Just The Good Stuff From Tuesday’s (10/30/2018) Apple Event – Read this if you don’t have an hour and a half at Apple.com @steverousseau @tim_cook @Apple

10/31 Force Your Child To Learn Another Language, They’ll One Day Thank You For It (In More Than One Tongue). A 36-year-old mother is glad her mother made her bilingual. @10Daily @SenorG @BiliteracySeal

10/31 Six Ways Busy Parents Can Find Time to Exercise During the School Year – Are you struggling to find time to exercise now that your kids back in school? Here is some help. @jdaniel4smom @sweetdreaming96

10/29 Learn Anything: 50 Of The Most Popular Online Courses Of All-Time – Class Central has thousands of reviews written by our users, and we were able to sort these courses by the Bayesian average of their ratings. @TeachThought @Pen63 @inixon

10/29 Six Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018 – They’re not all brand-new, but we think each one could make a real difference in the way your students learn or the things they produce. @cultofpedagogy @loudenclearblog @Flipgrid @InsertLearning @BookCreatorApp @AutoDraw @sway

10/29 Fifteen Questions That Invent the Future – If you feel stuck, you have aspiration without progress. But the right question re-ignites forward movement. @Leadershipfreak

10/27 An Easy Way to Create Your Own Captioned Flipped Video Lessons – You could use a screencasting tool like Screencastify or Screencast-o-matic to easily make a video that includes captions. @Screencastify @screencasto @rmbyrne

10/25 This Explanation Of Each Part Of The Apollo 11 Spacecraft Drives Home How Amazing It Is That We Went To The Moon. People born after 1960 or so should watch this. @voxdotcom

10/24 Six strangely effective sleep tips you may not have tried before – Sleep is so important for kids and adults. Be sure to try these tips. @LaurenSteussy @nypost

10/24 Which Data Skills Do You Actually Need? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You. Data skills — the skills to turn data into insight and action — are the driver of modern economies. @filtered_chris @HarvardHBS @datadriven2017 @thomascmurray

10/24 Writing Tips: Seven Steps For Beta Testing A Story Idea – Share with high school and college teachers and students you know. @thecreativepenn @bkmkting @Weifarer

10/23 Meaningful Learning Begins and Ends with the Opportunities We Create. Learning hasn’t really changed, but the conditions that impact and influence it has. @E_Sheninger

10/23 The Non-Obvious Way to Think Creatively – This process helps us make surprising connections and combine ideas in new ways. @Sparkitivity @creativitypost @jackiegerstein

10/22 Weather Photography Favourites October 2018 – Share these with anyone you know who is interested in photography. @StormHourMark @StormHour

10/22 Twenty Three Inspiring Books Everyone Who Wants to Succeed Should Read – Reading is a powerful daily habit which can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. @salubriousdish @MichelleBxtr @Inc @salubriousdish

10/21 Not exercising is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease. We’ve all heard exercise helps you live longer. But a new study goes one step further, finding that a sedentary lifestyle is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease. @DrashmanCNN @CNN@dembinskis @kathleentullie @CJCain7

10/21 Boosting Resilience Through Creativity – Creativity is a resource for coping with stress—and it can be as simple as just asking questions to enhance our sense of wonder. @brightmorningtm @edutopia @DrKatrinaKeene @CertificateSt

10/21 Fifteen Simple Tricks To Improve Your Presentation Skills – Educators and students can use these tips to help make the most of presentation opportunities. @EmergingEdTech

10/20 Twenty Five Tricks To Improve A Boring Lesson – One question or comment from a student or the teacher can turn that quiet into bubbling sea of chatter. @TeachThought @seni_bl

10/20 Photographing London: Iconic Locations and Hidden Gems – At the end there is a section titled “How to Choose the Right Photography Gear.” This is useful even if you aren’t going to London soon. Try doing something like this for the city where you live. @_thephototeam @EmilyRuthFord

10/19 Seven Square Miles – These 39 images are snapshots from Google Earth, all showing seven square miles of the surface of our planet. You and your kids should enjoy them. @kokogiak @TheAtlantic

10/19 Multiple Intelligences Theory: Widely Used, Yet Misunderstood. One of the most popular ideas in education is applied in ways that its creator never intended. @YoukiTerada @edutopia @AysinAlp1 @doriscairus

10/19 Stephen King’s Reading List for Writers – Three Harry Potter books made it. Share with English teachers and budding writers you know. @StephenKing @StephenKing @sstorm01 @openculture

10/17 These Are the Skills That Your Kids Will Need for the Future (Hint: It’s Not Coding). The jobs of the future will involve humans collaborating with other humans to design work for machines, and value will shift from cognitive to social skills. @Digitaltonto @INC

10/15 Ranking Fast Food Burgers by How Unhealthy They Are – This is a great resource for any health teacher. The real world connection should interest your students. @WeAreMel

10/15 An Easy Way to Be a Better Listener – This is great advice for all of us. @1followernodad @GQMagazine

10/13 Is Your Body Language Revealing More Than You Want It To? Eighty percent of what we understand In a conversation is read through the body, not the words. Especially for people in leadership. @LollyDaskal

10/12 Collaboration: Bringing Students Together to Promote Learning – Changes have come in the types of activities used as well as the different tools available for having students collaborate. @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

10/11 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever – These are also good questions for young people to ask themselves. @LollyDaskal

10/11 Three Lessons on Decision Making From a Poker Champion – This short TED Talk [6:07] contains great advice for learners of all ages. @Liv_Boeree @TEDTalks

10/10 Online Colleges vs. Traditional Colleges – While this is posted by an online college, it doesn’t seem biased. @UoPeople @iamDrWill @svanunu

10/10 Seven Ways to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality – Dreams without action is a world of make-believe. Consider the following. @MickUkleja @successmagazine @Ross_Quintana @MLM_ignite

10/9 A Student’s Perspective on Urban Place-Based Ed – There are many cool studies and fascinating conclusions being made by educators and researchers that show how valuable learning rooted in a specific community truly is. @Getting_Smart @ziegeran

10/9 Why Being Nice to Your Coworkers Is Good For Business – This is a good TED Talk for people of all ages. @PorathC @TEDTalks

10/9 The 25 Best Data Visualizations of 2018 – The art of making data beautiful is taking the world by storm. Data visualization experts and artists are creating amazing things in the world of data design every single day. @PaymanTaei @NinjaEconomics

10/8 Visualizing 40 Years of Music Industry Sales – This is a good example of data visualization that your students should find interesting. @jeff_desjardins @VisualCap

10/8 Live Be Yoga: How a “Mindful Minute” in Class Is Transforming the Way Kids Deal with Stress and Anxiety – Can yoga empower kids and teens through movement, meditation, and breath practices? @pragmaticmom @Yoga_Journal

10/7 Chart of the day: Plants rule the carbon weight of the world. There are almost 8 billion people alive today. This sounds like a lot, but how do we really weigh up in comparison to other living things? @phocks @abcaustralia

10/7 What’s The Tallest We Could Theoretically Construct A Building? Is the sky really the limit? Is the sky really the limit? This short [4:47] video is very interesting. @cheddar

10/4 Girl’s Science Experiment Goes Oh So Very Quickly Off The Rails. So what did we learn from this kids? Note that the dollar didn’t burn up. @JukinMedia

10/4 50+ Examples of How Blockchains are Taking Over the World – Pick an industry, from automobiles to artificial intelligence, and odds are you’ll find examples of blockchains in action. @ZagoMatteoGian @Medium @Damien_CABADI @albertogaruccio

10/4 These Calm-Down Jars Will Blow Your Students’ Minds. There are step-by-step directions for a cool experiment that kids of all ages can do. Watch the short [1:01] video. @stacytornio @WeAreTeachers

10/2 Why learning from experience is the educational wave of the future – Today, in contrast, employers want fresh graduates who they don’t have to train. @ikpuri @ConversationUS @pammoran @f_castellaneta

10/1 This Analysis Of A Rembrandt Masterpiece Will Make You Want To Learn More About Art. Explore the intricate symbology, luminous light and masterful detail Rembrandt packed into this famous work. (Sorry about the preceding short ad.) @NordVPN

10/1 This Fascinating World Map was Drawn Based on Country Populations. The typical world map shows us the basic geography of countries and continents, but it doesn’t give any indication of where people actually live. @jeff_desjardins @Visualcap @FANTASTICRADIOO @wef

9/30 Why a Tennis Ball Goes Flying When Bounced on a Baseball – See if your students can explain this before they read on. @rjallain @WIRED

9/30 18 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses, Tutorial & Training – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most booming topics in every industry. @jadirectivestwt @InsightBrief @ahmedjr_16

9/30 Five Ways Being Politically Correct is Bad for Business – Learning to navigate office politics is a vital skill in most organizations. @pdiscoveryuk @LetsGrowLeaders

9/29 Three Good Places to Find Hands-on STEM Lessons – Check out Microsoft’s Hacking STEM Library, Exploratorium’s Science Snacks, and SciShow Kids Super Simple Machines. @KarlyMoura @rmbyrne

9/28 Polygraph: A Game that Gets Students Talking. Students are shown an array of choices. One student picks a choice that the other students must ask yes or no questions to identify. @kathyhen_ @MTMS_at_NCTM @Desmos

9/27 The Difference Between Art and Design – The subject of what separates art and design is convoluted and has been debated for a long time. @JohnONolan @TryGhost @DesignerDepot @ATorrens84 @TanyaLeClair

9/25 Why Should You Read Poe? – A TED-Ed Lesson – A new TED-Ed lesson examines what made Poe’s macabre work timeless classics. @TED_ED @Flocabulary @rmbyrne

9/25 You may not have even heard of these IT jobs, but demand for them is soaring. Only about one in 10 survey respondents are familiar with cybersecurity job titles. Share with students and teachers you know. @vickisalemi @nypost

9/24 Six Questions Students Can Use To Guide Their Inquiry-Based Learning – Learning through inquiry is one of the most ‘natural’ and organic forms of learning. @jenhegna @TeachThought

9/24 How Can You Tell You Work for a Terrible Boss? They Do Any of These Six Things Daily. Do you or your boss do any? @MarcelSchwantes @DBaker007 @Inc

9/23 A Simple Tool for Fostering Growth Mindset – Have students use an old technology—ballpoint pens—to keep their mistakes and revisions, and their learning, visible. @CourtSears1 @edutopia @JdelaneyJoAnn

9/22 Eight questions to ask before creating a makerspace – Like everything in ed tech, it’s not enough to have a bunch of shiny gadgets in your makerspace. You need to have the right materials to meet your goals. @dianafingal @iste

9/21 30 Incredible Diverse Books for 2nd and 3rd Grade – Check to see how many are in your school’s library. @pragmaticmom @momandkiddo

9/20 The Seven Hallmarks of Effective Feedback – Learn how can you best leverage feedback to achieve the desired results. @middleweb @CommonLit

9/20 The Best Strategy for Guessing on a Multiple-Choice Quiz – This is one strategy that is new to me. @mental_floss

9/19 Bad Habits at Work and How to Fix Them – This is good advice for students as well. @brigidludwig @fundera

9/19 Ten jobs that are safe from robots – A college degree, problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to technological change will help land jobs at low risk for automation. @GonserSarah @DBaker007 @SpirosMargaris @hechingerreport

9/18 Nineteen Simple Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem Quickly – This is very good advice for parents and their children. @LollyDaskal

9/17 Behind the Scenes of TED-Ed’s Wildly Popular YouTube Channel for Students – The nonprofit also has an education arm with its own YouTube channel filled with animated explainer videos, generally about four to seven minutes long. @journoinred @EdSurge @crosewainstock @TESOLCALLIS

9/17 Three Ways to Improve Decision Making by Thinking Like a Computer – This is a must watch. It’s the best 12 minutes you are likely to spend this month. @TG_AT @TEDTalks

9/15 Five Great Math Apps for Students – Your students should have some fun playing with them. @medkh9 @mskiwifruit

9/13 Three Ways Blogging Has Helped Me Grow as a Learner – The author started blogging over eight years ago merely for the reason to understand how this type of platform would help his students. @gcouros

9/12 Mathematical Habits of Mind – We all have them, some good and some bad. We pick them up from friends, family, and even strangers. @MoMathgal @edutopia @DonnaRudder1 @web20classroom

9/11 The 5 Secrets to Singing & Dancing Simultaneously, According to Broadway’s Go-To Vocal Coach. Share with the people in your school that do the school musical. @Dance_Magazine @DanzadanceOrg

9/10 To Kill a Mockingbird published as a graphic novel – I bet a lot of students you know would prefer this approach. @HenryBodkin @telegraphnews

9/9 How To Tell Whether Your Seafood Is Cooked Properly Or Not – This video is only 56 seconds in length, but the dude nails it. @testcook @TheMoth @TestKitchen

9/8 Lifelong Learning in Unexpected Places – Perspective can be the difference between seeing a burden or an opportunity. @SchamandaBaker @sciam @juandoming @C4LPT

9/8 Celebrating Soil by Aaron William Perry and Yvonne Kozlina is a beautiful picture book that explains how soil is much more than dirt. It is full of life in the form of bacteria that make life of all kinds possible. The goal is to help young people appreciate the role of soil so they can become stewards of this vital resource. Click here to purchase a copy of Celebrating Soil for your home or school library. @yonearthworld

9/7 At What Point Is It Better To Turn Off Your Engine Rather Than Idling In Traffic? Ask your students how they would go about answering this question and see if their answers match to one given in this video. @jasonfenske13

9/6 Book Summaries: The Most In-Depth Collection on The Web Scroll down to the section on Psychology & Sociology Book Summaries for my favorites. @The_Power_Moves

9/5 Six Reasons for Coding in K-5 Classrooms – The hard part is finding teachers who can do it. @iste @Mcoaty @TMarianoGCSD

9/3 Sharing Genius Hour Learning with the World – We love seeing kids get curious about things, so in Genius Hour we begin with wonder. @gallit_z @mrsdkrebs @middleweb @SBEducation @Kidblog

9/2 The Neuroscience of Personalized Learning – This is a hot topic for educators. Time to learn more about it. @growthengineer @JamesRoy @echo360 @elearnindustry

9/1 The Optimal Seating Plan? Letting Your Students Choose – Allowing students to move the furniture can help you differentiate instruction and give your students more agency in their learning. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @JdelaneyJoAnn

9/1 Is College Dead or Just Sleeping in Class? Fewer jobs require degrees. Enrollments are decreasing. The next generation of students are entrepreneurial creators, they don’t like being “talked at” in class, and their fiscal conservatism may dissuade them from buying into higher education. @_Continuum @HigherEdSurge @EdSurge

9/1 Are Ambiverts More Influential & Successful Than Extroverts? Ambiverts are not only more common than you might think but also more successful and influential. @larrykim @mobilemonkey_ @Inc

8/31 The 2008 financial crisis completely changed what majors students choose. What majors are your students considering? @dkopf @qz

8/31 Hacking, Innovating and Failing Well—How Tech Sector Principles Can Revolutionize Education Workplaces. The sector’s most significant legacy for American schools might have little to do with apps for students—and everything to do with revolutionary organizational designs. @teachingquality @EdSurge

8/30 Five Things That Will Keep You from Achieving Work-Life Balance – Avoid these self-destructive habits to find that elusive balance between your career and personal life. @larrykim @Medium

8/30 Ten Ways to Turn Failures Into Successes – It’s entirely possible to turn every failure into a success story that shapes the ultimate outcome of your business even if you are a teacher or a student. @sujanpatel @Inc @TalentCulture @codishewan

8/28 The No. 1 asset for job seekers of the future: The ability to learn. As tech continues to accelerate the world, your job prospects won’t be about the degree you have or what you already know. @jasonhiner @TechRepublic @KareAnderson @TamaraMcCleary

8/26 Five Life Lessons Jeff Bullas Discovered About Success – Your students should read this before they near the job market. @jeffbullas

8/25 Real-Life Surgeon Attempts A Heart Transplant In ‘Surgeon Simulator.’ I bet biology teahers in your school would love to have this technology. @DrJohnsonLee @BuzzFeed @BuzzFeedNews

8/25 Five Trends Emerge in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018 – Widespread artificial intelligence, biohacking, new platforms and immersive experiences dominate this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle. @kcpanetta @Gartner_inc @joancarbonell @DeepLearn007

8/23 What The Continents Looked Like From 540 Million Years Ago To The Present – All science teachers and students should view this. @ClimateOfGavin

8/21 Do you know the effects of stress? Learn how you can Overcome them. This article will take you through some critical tips and effects of stress on your body. @ekuzevska

8/20 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Memory Right This Very Moment – How many do you and your kids do? @AsapSCIENCE @mitchellmoffit @whalewatchmeplz

8/19 Top 10 Insanely Racist Moments In Disney Movies That You Totally Forgot About – This is a good learning opportunity for people like me who saw the originals and kids who are relatively new to Disney. @WatchMojo

8/16 Which cities are liveable without air conditioning – and for how much longer? Mapping the world’s cities where you can live comfortably without heating or air conditioning reveals how few boast such ideal climate. You can enter a city and find out mean high and low temperatures. @7091lapS @RockefellerFdn

8/16 TRNDlabs Spectre Drone – The Art of Flight Has Never Been This Easy to Master. Watch the short [0:42] video and get one for only $69. @TRNDlabs

8/14 A Mindset for Dealing With Difficult People – If you deal with them in the right manner your day is likely to go better. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

8/14 Why Even AI-Powered Factories Will Have Jobs for Humans – Tesla had to add humans to a factory that was supposed to be all robots. @hjameswilson @pauldaugh @HarvardBiz @DBaker007 @guzmand

8/13 Anticipating and Answering Parent Questions about Edtech – Is your school ready? @LexiaLearning @RosettaStone @AvehoL

8/12 Five Ways Educators Can Help Families Make Better Use of Tech Outside the Classroom – Parents clearly see educators as their partner in identifying educational digital media for their children, yet our survey highlights that only one out of ten educators often recommend digital media to their students for educational purposes. @m_s_hyman @EdSurge @MarkFraver @DaisyDyerDuerr

8/11 Seven Habits You’ll Notice the Happiest People Practicing (but Most of Us Rarely Do) – How many of us can say we live this way? @MarcelSchwantes @Inc

8/11 Playlists: A Path to Personalizing Learning – The goal of the playlist model is to allow students some control over the pace and path of their learning. @MarkFraver @Catlin_Tucker

8/10 Only One-Eighth of the Ocean is Free of Human Impact. Thirteen percent of the world’s oceans are considered marine wilderness—crucial areas of water mostly undisturbed by humans where biodiversity is able to flourish. @allison_fuisz @InsideNatGeo @NatGeo

8/10 Apple just named its favorite apps and games of the year. The picks include two puzzle games and a meditation app. These choices are based at least in part on the merits of the apps, rather than exclusively on downloads. @kifleswing @businessinsider @TeacherAdvice @calm

8/6 Ten Self-Evaluation Tips for Technology Instructional Specialists – These look like good tips for everyone. @TechMadHatter @edutopia @Edulastic

8/5 The role of online learning courses: How to learn? There is classroom learning, on-the-job learning, and online learning and each have their strengths and weaknesses. @EssentialSkillz @RickettsKate @UOIT_BA_ESDT

8/3 August guide to the bright planets – Time to get outside at night with your kids and look up. Try to get away from city lights. @cshislop @earthskyscience @brucemcclurepr

8/3 How to Be Productive: 10 Ways to Actually Work Smarter – These are good tips to consider from an expert in this field. @thestartup_ @sree @dansilvestrecom

Email Doug@DrDougGreen.Com for more archives.

8/2 What Happens When A Nuclear Reactor Is Run By Undergraduate Students? No, this isn’t the premise of a sci-fi show. It’s actually happening at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. @tomscott

7/31 Flipped Learning 2.0: Rethinking the Flipped Classroom Model – Most teachers and instructors of all levels, from grade school through university, simply aren’t using video to its fullest potential in their flipped classrooms. @scottnadzan @Getting_Smart @mwniehoff @istevenson75

7/30 100 Things Students Can Create To Demonstrate What They Know – What are your kids creating? @sandeeteach @mraspinall @TeachThought

7/30 Witness the birth of an iceberg. This iceberg broke off Greenland’s Helheim Glacier on June 22. If laid atop New York City, it’d stretch from lower Manhattan to Midtown. @earthskyscience @cshislop

7/30 This Image Is Why Self-Driving Cars Come Loaded with Many Types of Sensors. If you are interested in this topic check out Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead by Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman. @jme_c @melbakurman @DBaker007 @ipfconline1 @techreview

7/29 Experience the endless benefits of meditation. With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked. Meditation might help. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

7/28 How Air Conditioning Works – This short [4:38] animation uses excellent drawings and narration to explain the inner workings of air conditioners. @ACSReactions @YouTube @AmerChemSociety @PBSDS @rmbyrne

7/27 Students build coding skills block by block. Students learn to code by finding basic structures, or blocks of code, and fitting them together. @dkiang @iste @garybartanus @Eduporium

7/25 What Would Happen If A Nuclear Bomb Was Detonated In The Deepest Part Of The Ocean? This short [6:02] animation is a great science lesson. @Kurz_Gesagt

7/23 How to Create a Successful Virtual Reality Game? The success

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