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9/27 Here’s An Eye-Popping Visualization Of The Size Of The Stars In The Universe. This is a great animation for anyone from upper elementary on up. @Kurz_Gesagt

9/27 What Are Some Harsh Truths About Being a Leader? If you are a leader or want to be one you should read this. @LollyDaskal

9/27 How your personality shapes your politics The link between our psychology and politics, showing how personality types largely fall into people who prioritize openness and flexibility (liberals) and those who prefer order and certainty (conservatives). @dannagal Associate Prof Communication & Political Science @UDelaware @AnnenbergPenn @CSzPhilly

9/27 Internet Access Is a Civil Rights Issue. The pandemic has highlighted the crisis of unequal broadband access. @MarkALieberman @educationweek

9/25 Explore How Beer Shaped Civilization. Beer has enjoyed a millennia-long popularity streak. Around 5000 years ago, the Sumerians became the first people to brew grains into a fermented, alcoholic beverage. Since then, the beer-making process has been adapted and improved upon by everyone from ancient Egyptians to Catholic monks. @micheledebczak @mental_floss

9/25 2020’s Happiest States in America – Happiness comes from a combination of internal and external factors. We can influence it somewhat by approaching situations positively or choosing to spend time with people we love, doing activities we enjoy. @wallethub @CortneyMoore716 @nypost

9/25 The Population Density Of What’s Now The United States In 1492, Visualized. Social studies teachers should use this to show students where Native American tribes lived prior to European immigration. My state of New York was a hot bead, but other than a lot of Native American names you wouldn’t know it today. @isfBob

9/25 There’s a new weapon against COVID-19. And it’s dogs. The Helsinki Airport is hiring a team of dogs, trained to sniff out COVID-19, to screen passengers. @ctrlzee @fastcodesign @philanthropr

9/25 Watch How Fast Sediment Settles Down In An Inclined Tube Vs. A Vertical One. It’s a perfect demonstration of the boycott effect, a phenomenon of sedimentation happening much faster in a vessel with inclined walls. See if your students can explain it before @BoingBoing

9/24 Election Night 2020 could go on for weeks — just look at the primaries. If you hope to settle in to watch the Nov. 3 results, you may want to make other plans. During this year’s Democratic primaries, it took days, and sometimes weeks, for the bulk of votes to get counted. @kevinschaul @ashlynstill @washingtonpost

9/22 “Why Do We Have Fall?” – A Post Inspired by My Daughter – This should work for pre-school on up. @SciShowKids @TED_ED @rmbyrne

9/22 What’s in Store for Technology? In order to fully understand this, we have to consider how the mobile phone has found its way into every aspect of our society and the fact that we can no longer imagine a way to live without it. @TechNative @SoftwareAG

9/20 Excellent Tutorials for Computer Science Basics – On GCF Learn Free you’ll find dozens of tutorials on basic topics related to computer science. @GCFLearnFree @rmbyrne

9/20 Robots need to solve mobility before we find their killer app. This VentureBeat published our interview with Boston Dynamics CEO Robert Playter. @EPro @VentureBeat

9/20 Artificial intelligence trends: Machine learning leads Twitter mentions in August 2020 – Machine learning leads as Verdict lists the top five terms tweeted on artificial intelligence in August 2020. @VerdictUK @KirkDBorne

9/20 Can Neural Networks Show Imagination? DeepMind Thinks They Can. DeepMind has done some of the relevant work in the area of simulating imagination in deep learning systems. @kdnuggets @jrdothoughts @KamalikaSome @SpirosMargaris @DeepMind

9/19 Outdoor Education Cookbook: Virtual Nature Walks – Lesson plans for teachers who want to get outside. @MadForMaple @ChrisQuinn64 @wordpressdotcom

9/19 How Good Grammar Saves Lives and Other Reasons It’s Still Important – Your grammar skills, whether good or bad, often leave people with a lasting impression about who you are. @InfoWizcase

9/18 Guy Flies His Drone Too Close To A Red-tailed Hawk, Gets Some Instant Karma. If you have a drone with a camera you can learn from this. @ViralHog

9/18 Why Do Leaves Change Color? This week Reactions is checking out some seasonal science. Why do leaves change color? Spoiler: chemistry. @ACSReactions @YouTube @AmerChemSociety @PBSDS

9/17 Apple rolls our new watches, iPads, and an exercise service. If you want to know some detail about new Apple products watch Tim Cook and his staff fill you in. @tim_cook @Apple

9/16 Would You Swim In An Icelandic Lagoon Filled With Power Plant Waste Water? Iceland is geologically active and has numerous high-pressure hot water reservoirs, including an artificial hot water beach. After years of experimenting and research, the Blue Lagoon was born. A wonder of the world, they let you take a dip in geothermal power plant wastewater for $35. I’ve been there and it is very cool. @tomscott

9/16 How to Increase Your Grit Factor – Check out Shannon Huffman Polson’s The Grit Factor: Courage, Resilience, and Leadership in the Most Male-Dominated Organization in the World. @ABorderLife @SkipPrichard

9/15 Pendulum Waves – Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and random motion. One might call this kinetic art and the choreography of the dance of the pendulums is stunning! Aliasing and quantum revival can also be shown. Share with science teachers and students you know. @Harvard @alvin @baski_LA @FrRonconi

9/14 How Do I Interview for a Job when I Lack Experience? Congratulations on applying. You’ve already overcome the problem of ruling yourself out. Don’t talk yourself out of an opportunity that feels like a stretch. @Leadershipfreak @ziegeran

9/14 Chess (Yes, Chess) Is Now a Streaming Obsession. Viewers are flocking to games during the pandemic, entranced by a charismatic grandmaster and his lightning-fast play. @Kellen_Browning @nytimes @TrippBraden @MarketingProfs

9/13 What Science Tells Us Is The Healthiest Way To Go To The Bathroom – This five-minute animation is something everyone should watch. @SciInsider @insidernews

9/13 Five Ways To Spot A Good Investment Opportunity – The only thing that can be said for sure about investing in stocks or shares is that you’ll never be short of choice. @Frugal__Finance @_NowNowUK

9/12 Highlight negative results to improve science. Publishers, reviewers, and other members of the scientific community must fight science’s preference for positive results — for the benefit of all, says Devang Mehta. @drdevangm @NatureIndex

9/11 Pinkcast 4.02. This is how to make gratitude a habit. Here is some more great advice from Daniel Pink in 1:24. @DanielPink

9/11 How to Leverage the Untapped Power of AI in Social Media? AI is helping companies gain new insights from the world’s largest focus group- Social Networks. @analyticsinme @KamalikaSome

9/11 Revision Is Necessary for Learning. As a more seasoned writer, you realize craft lives in the revision. Although ideas may drip like a sieve, they shan’t reveal themselves to readers until you take the time to read, reread, rework, and mold the message the words are meaning to send. @mssckstein

9/11 Can You Power A House With A Bicycle? After pedaling for hours, discover there’s a difference between the power you use and the power your body can generate. @rmbyrne @BonaireVolt

9/9 How Data Visualization During Public Health Crises Has Saved Lives for Centuries – When publicized far and wide enough, infographics, some experts argue, can save lives. @Murray_Dick @Tyrshaw @TIME

9/8 This Is What The World’s Fastest Baseball Pitch Looks Like At Supersonic Speed. While this video is 23 minutes long, it’s very well done and I found it captivating. Any students interested in STEAM should give it a try. @smartereveryday

9/8 AI 2020: 10 Predictions By The Big Names in Tech – There is no doubt that we are standing on the verge of another industrial revolution and Artificial Intelligence is the one fueling it this time. @automeme @pierrepinna @ronald_vanloon @pbalakrishnarao

9/6 Only 18% of Students Are Learning About AI Ethics. The data which the AI systems use as input can have built-in biases, despite best efforts by AI programmers. This is where the ‘Ethics of Artificial Intelligence‘ comes in. @technowize @TamaraMcCleary

9/6 How Mindfulness Can Help Engineers Solve Problems – Engineering work demands creativity and innovation in order to solve complex, interdisciplinary problems. But creativity and innovation skills are not emphasized in many traditional engineering courses. @bethrieken @drshaunashapiro @HarvardBiz @TrippBraden

9/6 How businesses can maintain human connections in an increasingly virtual world – Historically, business has been conducted face to face (handshakes, networking events, business dinners and so on) and run collectively, in offices. This applies to schools as well. @TechNative

9/4 How to Deal with Exercise & Fitness Setbacks – When you’re putting all your time and effort into getting your fitness and health to where you want it to be, it can be really difficult to cope when you experience a setback. @EclecticEvelyn

9/3 Watch A YouTuber Dive In-Between The Eurasian And North American Continental Plates In Iceland. Silfra, in Þingvellir, Iceland, is where the Eurasian and North American continental plates meet. Technically you’re diving between two continents, but the reality isn’t always that clear cut. @tomscott

9/3 What is Computer Vision? Evolution and Applications in IoT – Computer vision is set to revolutionize IoT. @frankyk_lee @iotforall @SolutionsEurika @DeepPhotonAI @KirkDBorne @BoozAllen

9/2 Key Trends Framing the State of AI and ML – There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to be swiftly adopted by companies worldwide. @TechNative

9/2 How Long It Would Take A Hacker To Guess Your Password, Visualized – This chart, created by Reddit user hive systems with data sourced from HowSecureIsMyPassword.net, shows how long it would take a hacker to “brute force” their way into your account. I would test a password with similar characteristics, not my real password. @hivesystems @reddit @Digg

9/1/2020 Sir Ken Robinson obituary – He was an educationist who argued that children’s creativity is stifled by school systems that prioritize academic achievement. @guardian @daveswords @pasi_sahlberg

9/1/2020 Ready for 5G? These are the plans you’ll need at each of the major US carriers. 5G is here, but if you want to make the most of it you’ll need to have the right plan. @eliblumenthal @CNET @Exchange5g @Fabriziobustama

8/30 Elon Musk is one step closer to connecting a computer to your brain. Neuralink has demonstrated a prototype of its brain-machine interface that currently works in pigs. @rebheilweil @Recode @voxdotcom

8/30 Poop becomes secret weapon to detect COVID-19 cases in dorm, says University of Arizona. Testing wastewater from dorms could be an effective technique along with individual testing and contact tracing. @jackiepeiser @washingtonpost @nationalpost

8/30 The Science of Cycling and the Tour de France – There is a lot of physics involved in casual bike riding and in racing. Here’s a selection of videos that explain the physics of bicycling along with some nutrition lessons. Now that more people are biking, this may be relevant and interesting. @thecyclingpulse @minutephysics @WSJ @gcntweet @rmbyrne

8/30 Bid Data, Small Farms, and a Tale of Two Tomatoes – This is interesting with some cool representations of data. @TEDxNatick @MIT

8/27 A Handful of Videos to Help Students Understand the Electoral College -Should you find yourself looking for some videos to help students understand how the Electoral College works, consider one of these. @rmbyrne @TED_ED @CommonCraft

8/27 Pinkcast 4.01. This is how to make the perfect pandemic lunch. Challenge your kids to make a video like this one from Daniel Pink. @DanielPink

8/26 Ten Physical Symptoms of Stress – See how many you can guess before you look. @moretime4u2 @carthagebuckley

8/26 A Non-Traditional Path to a Second Language – This tells the story of how I went from being someone who thought he was bad at learning a second language to someone with a modest amount of success. Share with foreign language learners you know. @DrDougGreen @optilingoapp

8/26 Poll Finds That Education is a Key Issue in 2020 Race Even Before the Pandemic. I guess the big issues is charter schools, but people on both sides are for them. @EvieBlad @educationweek

8/26 AI 2020: 10 Predictions By The Big Names in Tech – We have seen some breakthroughs in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning in 2019. These technologies have made it possible for computers themselves to interpret and analyze information in a very sophisticated way. Machines can now perform complex tasks such as facial recognition and Big Data Analytics due to AI advances. @automeme @Blockchain_exp

8/25 Five inventions that could transform the health of our ocean – Fishing debris turned into sunglasses and deep sea robots collecting pollution data are some of the innovations that could help clean up our seas. @EvanKirstel @wef

8/25 First Woman Director At MIT CS AI Lab: ‘Want More Women In STEM? Inspire Them Early.’ First Woman Director At MIT CS AI Lab: ‘Want More Women In STEM? Inspire Them Early.’ @NancyZWang @Forbes @awscloud @marlobarnett @SpirosMargaris

8/24 Future of IoT in healthcare brought into sharp focus – Advancements in AI and the effects of the global pandemic are some of the main drivers that will encourage healthcare organizations to adopt medical IoT. @healthcareITGuy @IoTAgenda @KirkDBorne

8/23 Here’s Why Going Cashless Is A Bad Idea – This is a good economics lesson for middle school on up. Economics Explained has many other fine videos on economics. Many people think we don’t teach this enough in schools. @EconomicsEx @Patreon

8/23 How Are Tsunamis Formed? How can a series of waves caused by earthquakes or other underwater eruptions be so destructive? This is good for upper elementary on up. It also tells the story of how a young girl’s knowledge about tsunamis saved a hundred people. @Ridddlers

8/21 Could Space Elevators Actually Work? Could a planet-to-space transportation system be more than something imagined by science fiction novelists? It turns out there’s more to it than you’d think. @RealEngTY

8/21 Coronavirus is in the air. Here’s how to get it out. Here is how to make indoor air safer during the pandemic. Share with the people that take care of your school. @B_resnick @voxdotcom

8/20 How Much Money Car Companies Generate Per Second, Visualized – Automakers produced 92 million cars in 2019 and earned more than a trillion dollars in combined revenue. Their earnings were massive, yes, but their revenue calculated down to the second is absolutely eye-popping. This is an interesting way to display data visually. @partsgeek @Forbes @Digg

8/19 Time to try Optilingo for Language Learning. Learn and practice another language vocabulary with this 29 hour course of phrases. @optilingoapp @Phrostie86

8/18 How Should I Study for the Test? If you’re a teacher, you’ve probably fielded this question before. @effortfuleduktr

8/17 The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? (Part 1) The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens? (Part 2) Science and astronomy buffs will enjoy these colorful animations. @Kurz_Gesagt offer sciency videos made with love, a lot of time and after effects.

8/17 How Food You Eat Affects Your Brain – When it comes to what you bite, chew and swallow, your choices have a direct and long-lasting effect on the most powerful organ in your body: your brain. So which foods cause you to feel so tired after lunch? Or so restless at night? Mia Nacamulli takes you into the brain to find out. [Directed by Private Island, narrated by Addison Anderson]. @HealthcareRout3 @Ad_Anderson @TED_ED

8/16 The fragile state of contact languages – These linguistic mash-ups are at high risk of extinction. The race to save them is a matter of time, with more at stake than words. @johnwenz @Knowablemag

8/14 Scientists think they found the coronavirus’ weak spot. And just like shooting torpedoes down the Death Star’s exhaust shaft, they think they can exploit this critical weakness to make new treatments. @DanRobitzski @futurism @EvanKirstel

8/14 NASA shows off the most striking Mars images that you can download. NASA has spent years investigating Mars up close and personal with its various rovers and spacecraft, the latter of which includes the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). @slashgear @EvanKirstel

8/14 Scientists think they found the coronavirus’ weak spot. And just like shooting torpedoes down the Death Star’s exhaust shaft, they think they can exploit this critical weakness to make new treatments. @DanRobitzski @futurism @EvanKirstel Scientists think they found the coronavirus’ weak spot. And just like shooting torpedoes down the Death Star’s exhaust shaft, they think they can exploit this critical weakness to make new treatments. @DanRobitzski @futurism @EvanKirstel

8/11 A Few Short Lessons About Sharks for Shark Week – This week is Discovery’s annual Shark Week. All week long the Discovery Channel and it’s affiliated channels will broadcast all kinds of shows about sharks. This should be available for elementary on up. @SciShowKids @rmbyrne

8/11 Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones: I marked my ‘Alive Day’ this week, 10 years after losing my legs, and want to share this. This is on Fox News, which is noted for right-wing bias, but there is none here, just inspiration from a man who lost his legs and decided to stay alive. @DanaPerino @foxnewstalk @mikandynothem @AnnaApp91838450

8/10 35 ways to keep your kids entertained and stimulated while learning remotely – To help you out during this time, here are 35 ways to keep your kids entertained and stimulated while learning virtually. @StackCommerce @nypost

8/10 Benefits of Blueberries for the Brain – Blueberries can significantly improve cognitive performance within hours of consumption. Dr. Doug eats blueberries as part of his daily breakfast. Do you and your kids? @nutrition_facts

8/9 Local 9-year-old sells fresh produce roadside. If you let your kids grow a garden while they were learning at home they might be able to do what this kid is doing for additional learning. @WBNG12News

8/9 Telemedicine is Laying the Roadmap for Healthcare’s Future. One New York doctor explains how it has “introduced a whole new level of convenience and respite.” @SimonettaLein @Entrepreneur

8/8 The Tragic Physics of the Deadly Explosion in Beirut – A blast injury specialist explores the chemistry—and history—of explosions like the one captured in videos that swept across the world. This is a great science lesson for middle school on up. @UnderwaterLance @WURED

8/8 Eleven Cognitive Biases That Influence Political Outcomes – Politicians and the political media often use cognitive biases to sway elections. How many are you and your students familiar with? @VisualCap @MandalaySamui @wef

8/8 This 4K Time-Lapse Of A Woman’s Two-Month Voyage Through Antarctica On An Ice Breaker Is Breathtaking. Here are two months of a research vessel’s journey condensed into five minutes. @cassandrafish

8/8 The Surprising Good Thing You’ll Get Out Of Contracting Herpes – Evidence shows that having herpes might actually help your immune system fight other attackers. This is a good science lesson on viruses and immunity. @ksenapathy @savroge @SciShow @scishowtangents @scishowkids

8/7 Why your best work is not achieved with non-stop work. Just being busy isn’t likely to get you to where you want to go. @moretime4u2

8/7 Machine Learning Reveals What Makes People Happy In A Relationship. What makes us happy in a romantic relationship? The question might seem too complex to answer, too varied couple to couple. But a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences attempts to answer just that – using machine learning. @SparkDialog @Forbes

8/7 Is glamping going to be the new social distancing travel trend? Travelers’ taste for bell tents, Airstreams, eco-pods, yurts, tiny homes, and treehouses has been driven by a desire for adventurous, sustainable experiences. @lonelyplanet @suziday123

8/6 Fifteen skills students need for success — and how to teach them – Some skills aren’t easily taught, but they’re essential as students leave school and enter the global workforce. @eschoolnews

8/6 Four Ideas for Building Relationships During Remote Learning – It’s important to build relationships in any environment, whether it is online or offline. Here is some help with the latter. @gcouros @MrsSokolowski

8/6 This Guy Built The World’s Fastest Jet Engine Canoe. If you want your kids to do innovative projects go to KiwiCo.Com. There is a discount code in this video. @thehacksmith @kiwico_inc

8/6 A Fascinating Explanation From Carl Sagan Of How An Ancient Greek Scientist Figured Out The Circumference of the Earth. – This is a great math/science lesson for middle school to adult. @openculture

8/6 From AI to at-home care: The hospital of the future looks nothing like today’s. The hospital of the future will be smaller, specialized, flexible, and more comfortable. And, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it could be coming a lot sooner than anyone expected. @nate_berg @FastCoDesign @EvanKirstel

8/5 Guys Test Out The Power Of A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Against The Hardest Materials They Could Find. They start with a demonstration of the Moh’s hardness scale, which is part of any Earth science course. @ChannelWaterjet @Digg

8/5 Why Do We Need Robots More Than Ever Today? As the pandemic takes the whole world by shock and fear, one thing to focus on is whether it has brought with it opportunities to explore other areas of science and technology such as Robotics. @automeme @HITpol @Fisher85M @MikeQuindazzi @SpirosMargaris

8/5 States Are Broke And Many Are Eyeing Massive Cuts. Here’s How Yours Is Doing. The COVID-19 pandemic could swipe roughly $200 billion from state coffers by June of next year, according to an analysis by the Urban Institute’s State and Local Finance Initiative. Scroll over the lines in the graph to see how your state is doing. @NPR @WSKG

8/4 What’s Geofencing? Ten Reasons Your Business Should Be Using it. Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter around a real-world geographical location. This boundary is set, so whenever someone enters or exits the perimeter, anyone using your app will get a notification. @Frugal__Finance

8/4 I took the safest, most contactless vacation I could think of. And it was incredible. If your vacation plans have been a victim of COVID, look to this couple for inspiration. @mcleantessa @SFGate

8/3 Nine eye-opening facts about antibiotic resistance — and 1 hopeful approach to overcoming it – This is a great biology lesson for middle school on up. @TheKateBook @TEDTalks

8/3 High School Senior’s Tool To End Food Insecurity Wins National Competition. How might accurately predicting crop harvests help curb malnutrition? Lillian Kay Petersen, a 17-year old from Los Alamos, N.M., has created a tool that’s intended to do that. @ReenaAdvani @NPR @MrVonTersch @nprscience

8/3 Mangroves: A Unique Ally in the Climate Emergency. It is key to remember the importance of protecting, sustainably managing, and restoring this key ecosystem. @IISD_SDGs @nkakade @WorldviewInter1

8/2/2020How Bacteria “talk” – a TED Talk by Bonnie Bassler – You can think of yourself at 90% to 99% bacteria depending on the metric you use. Be sure to check out Bonnie’s website. @PrincetonMolBio @TEDTalks

8/2/2020This 15-Year-Old’s Short Film ‘Numb’ Is One Of The Most Powerful Films We’ve Watched About The Pandemic Experience. A soul-crushing daily routine has become the norm during these months of pandemic isolation, and a Toronto-area teen has managed to capture the feelings of that endless loop in just three minutes. What videos have your kids made lately? @gollydrat @HuffPostCaLife @realsarahpolley

7/31 The Anywhere School 2020 – While back to school will look different, we’re excited to invite you to The Anywhere School, an online event to celebrate educators and explore the future of education with thought-provoking panels, keynotes, and more. @Google

7/30 Five Effective Ways Of Preventing Head Injuries – See how many you and your kids can name before you look. @Frugal__Finance

7/30 The future of work is hybrid: Work from home and the workplace. Salesforce surveyed over 3,500 consumers worldwide to gain a pulse check on how workers view the prospect of returning to the next normal. @Ross_Quintana @IsaiahQuintana_

7/29 LnDipity.com – This is a site that offers cartoons about office work several times a week. It kind of reminds me of Dilbert. @LnDpity @matijahiti

7/28 Here’s An Eye-Popping Size Comparison Of All The Moons In Our Solar System. @MetaBallStudios

7/28 Meet the Gleaners, Combing Farm Fields to Feed the Newly Hungry. An age-old tradition suddenly has fresh urgency in the pandemic, delivering surplus produce to Americans who can’t feed their families. If you are looking for volunteer work check out local options. @rachelwharton @nytimes

7/28 The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs: Use Outdoor Clues to Find Your Way, Predict the Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals―and Other Forgotten Skills – There is a lot you and your kids can learn outdoors thanks to this book. @NaturalNav

7/28 Artificial Intelligence Vs. COVID-19: How Is AI Helping To Fight The Pandemic? Artificial intelligence (AI) often raises concerns about privacy and deception apropos of facial recognition and forged entities. However, the massive outbreak of the novel coronavirus is now driving most of the technology companies and experts to look for AI’s abet. @automeme

7/26 How This Marvel Of Engineering Saved The Netherlands From Catastrophic Flooding – The Afsluitdijk, a 20-mile dam and causeway, has been hailed as an icon of Dutch engineering. Other countries can learn from this as they confront rising sea levels. 40% of the Netherlands is below sea level, but they are doing just fine. @TheB1M

7/26 The Science of Fireworks – with Chris Bishop – This is a lecture/demonstration that lasts a bit over an hour. It’s a great chemistry lesson with lots of explosions that should be good for upper elementary on up. @Ri_Science

7/24 The Tallest Building In The World From 1901 To 2022, Visualized – Here’s a visualization of the history of the world’s tallest building — and pretty soon the Burj Khalifa will also be dwarfed. This is a cool animation. @FilmcoreLtd

7/24 Are You Rich? This Income-Rank Quiz Might Change How You See Yourself. This is fun to play with. Enter your income and metro area to see where you stand. Then change metro to someplace like New York City to see how your rank changes. @nytimes

7/21 Bill Nye The Science Guy Explains The Science Of Skin Color. Skin color is a function of latitude due to how UV light turns your skin brown. That means race is a social construct. Show this to your kids. It only a little over one minute. @BillNye

7/21 BAE to 3D Print 30 Percent of Tempest Fighter Jets. 3D printing has impacted innovation on nearly every level; however, some industries are undeniably defined as more important—and especially when they affect worldwide defense, aerospace applications, and security. @BAESystemsInc @My3DPrinting @3DPrint_com

7/20 Someone Built A UFO And Sent It Into The Stratosphere With A Chain Reaction From Lighting 25,000 Matches. You could try this at home, but you could also burn down your house. @maxhax @Digg

7/20 Fighting Misinformation in the Age of COVID-19 – Information literacy has long been hard to teach, especially with the landscape of online platforms changing so fast these days. And during this COVID-19 pandemic, it can seem harder than ever to sort out reliable information from falsehood, rumor, and conspiracy. @jryoung

7/19 Huge methane spike from last two decades is contributing to climate change. The Global Methane Budget diagram is excellent, but I wonder how accurate the numbers are. They have to be approximations. @MikeWehner @BGR @nypost

7/10 The population bomb didn’t detonate. Turns out there’s a new problem. When someone tells you that know what’s going to happen in the future you should be skeptical. @SavorTooth @Grist

7/16 Charting America’s Most Profitable Companies – This is a very cool display of data that most people can relate too. @howmuch_net @fortune

7/15 Here’s How To Swim Across A River With Piranhas Without Getting Bit. Contrary to popular belief, piranhas are generally tame but it’s still important to know how to deal with them if you have to share the water with them. This is a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. @RealLifeLore22 @rayconglobal

7/15 The Science of Spiciness – This cute animation is a good science lesson for anyone old enough to each spicy food. @roseveleth @TED_ED

7/15 A Brief History of Cheese – Before empires and royalty, before pottery and writing, before metal tools and weapons – there was cheese. As early as 8000 BCE, Neolithic farmers began a legacy of cheesemaking almost as old as civilization. @cheezelady @tamcharlyz @Ad_Anderson @TED_ED

7/15 Humans Vs AI – The more AI systems that use data and how these systems are used, the more likely it is that humans and machines will work together, even if AI can replace humans in the digital workplace. @AIDailyUK @SwissCognitive @frossi_t @maier_ak @paulroetzer @andyjankowski @teachthemachine

7/14 The Seven Best Video Lighting Tips – LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION. There’s a reason lights come first in this familiar Hollywood phrase. Because it can make or break your finished product. @bombbomb @WhisperAmber @always5star

7/14 Updates on How AI Being Employed to Speed COVID-19 Treatments and Management – Medical researchers are employing AI to search through databases of known drugs to see if any can be associated with a treatment for the new COVID-19 coronavirus. @aiworldexpo @TrippBraden @ipfconline1

7/14 The Most Common Misconceptions About Artificial Intelligence – In a world where big data, automation, and neural networks have become everyday parlance, misconceptions about artificial intelligence and the processes behind it are spreading like wildfire. @automeme @MaisonDuQuernon @MagalySimeon @ChevillonW @ctravier @100drineT

7/13 Grouper Swallows A Shark Whole, Stuns Deep-Sea Researchers. Researchers on the Windows to the Deep 2019 expedition off the coast of South Carolina were observing a shark feeding frenzy over a swordfish carcass when something extremely unexpected happened. @okeanosexplorer @NOAA

7/13 Everyone wearing face masks could save America from a $1 trillion GDP loss. Wearing a mask doesn’t just save lives, it can also help people save money. Are you wearing yours? @MeganCerullo @CBSNews @PKanagaratnam

7/10 This 3D Rendering Of COVID-19 Cases In The US Per Capita Really Puts Things In Sobering Perspective. This shows the places in the United States seeing spikes in new cases per 100,000 people, as seen on July 4, 2020. It’s an excellent visual display of data. @Digg

7/10 This Video Made by Apollo 16 Astronauts Upscaled To 4K 60 FPS Is Like Being There With The Astronauts On The Moon. Want to take your own moonwalk? This YouTuber took the 16 mm footage shot on the moon back in 1972 and through the magic of artificial intelligence made the quality look like you were right there with them. @NASA @devonshiresab @Patreon

7/10 How to hack your brain to remember almost anything – Four-time USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis and psychological scientist Julia Shaw explain how to use the memory palace technique to boost your memory skills. @ClimbForMemory @mattsreynolds1 @WiredUK @WIRED

7/8 Inspirational Children Libraries from Around the World = Could your school’s library use a little upgrade? @elesapiens @lonerganbooks @sjsubity

7/7 This Machine That Transforms Recycled Glass Into Sand Is Oddly Satisfying. A worker demonstrates the inner workings of the Glass Crushing & Recycling Line. @MBMMLLC

7/7 Budgeting for a United States Road Trip – Now is the perfect time for a cross country road trip considering that most other countries are closed. @mralexlagos @medium @asifrazzaq1988

7/7 Vegetarianism: Tapping Into the Meatless Revolution. Your health, animal welfare, and saving the environment are driving this movement. @KatieJonesTV @VisualCap @TrippBraden @kuriharan
7/6 Why Didn’t The Spanish Colonies Unify Like The United States Did? Spanish colonies ended up becoming independent countries, rather than united states. What happened? This is a very cool animated history lesson for middle school and up. @SideQuestVR

7/5 Making Trumpets / Factory Tour – I don’t play trumpet, but I enjoyed watching one being made. @trumpetjens @YamahaMusicUSA @YamahaGlobal

7/5 NASA’s New Moon-Bound Space Suits Will Get a Boost From AI. Engineers are turning to generative design algorithms to build components for NASA’s next-generation spacesuit, the first major update in decades. @DMOberhaus @WIRED @NASA @TrippBraden @TamaraMcCleary

7/5 Voice + AI Is Coming To The Workplace Loud And Clear – Virtual assistants turn 16 this year and you don’t have to look too hard – or speak too loudly – to find them. In fact, there will be around 8 billion voice-based devices by 2023 – more than the world’s population today. @ninaachadjian @Forbes @automeme @asokan_telecom

7/4 This Is The Greatest Commercial For A Ladder That You’ll Ever See. This is pretty funny, but the product is something you might really want. If I still had a house I would want one. @enibiablog

7/4 Not a Wheelchair.Com – This is a site where you can buy a wheelchair that can go just about anywhere off-road. Consider donating like I did to help people who can’t afford one. Scroll down to find the video where you get to hear the story about a guy who built it for his then-girlfriend (now wife) so she could go anywhere he could. @ZacksJerryRig

7/3 Ten Fun & Challenging Geography Games for Students of All Ages – You can even make up your own games. @rmbyrne

7/3 The Jail You Build – From time to time everyone invents excuses for why they fail at something or why it’s not even worth making the effort to try. @LeadToday @LarryWentz

7/1/2020 Why This Small Patch Of Land Makes It Impossible To Drive Between North America And South America. There are several problems that lead to this. See if you or your students can think of any before you play this short animation. @TabForACause

7/1/2020 This Visualization Of The Relative Rotation Speeds Of Planets Is The Most Fascinating Video You’ll See Today. This brilliant animation is only 29 seconds long, but it could stand being watched more than once. @physicsJ @JAXA_en

6/30 Why Water Continues To Baffle Scientists – Water remains the weirdest liquid on the planet, and the more we study it, the more confounding it remains. This should work for upper elementary on up. @Seeker

6/30 AI 2020: 10 Predictions By The Big Names in Tech – As 2019 comes to an end, we think about the changes we are going to make in the next year. Technology like AI has been a major element of change in the lives of humans. So, it’s only fair to think where 2020 will take our technological advancements? @TrippBraden @automeme

6/29 How to Teach Kids the Difference Between Facts and Opinions – The difference between a fact and an opinion is, well, topical these days. And it’s become increasingly apparent in recent years that it’s a tough concept even for some adults—let alone kids—to grasp. @lifehacker

6/29 National Park Service Website – Find a park near you or plan a trip to one farther away once you can travel again. Some of the coolest places are off the beaten path. @NatlParkService

6/28 NASA releases 10-year time-lapse of the sun. The timelapse video NASA just released is absolutely incredible. It shrinks ten years of sun observations into just over one hour. Yep, it’s an hour-long video, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy it. @MikeWehner @NASA @nypost

6/27 Air Conditioning Wasn’t Invented to Provide Comfort to Human Beings. Its original purpose was to enable factory processes, but now an ever-larger part of the world’s hottest regions is adopting it. @VaclavSmil @IEEESpectrum

6/27 Why Massive Saharan Dust Plumes Are Blowing Into the US – Every summer, an atmospheric event propels desert dust thousands of miles across the Atlantic. This year is particularly bad and timed terribly with Covid-19. @mrMattSimon @wired @rarduengo

6/27 How Racial Bias Works and How to Disrupt It – Our brains create categories to make sense of the world, recognize patterns and make quick decisions. But this ability to categorize also exacts a heavy toll in the form of unconscious bias. @TEDTalks @Stanford

6/27 How Should I Study for the Test? You need to question your knowledge and plan your studying. @effortfuleduktr

6/26 Video: The Solar System to Scale. Your kids can make their own scale model in the neighborhood. THIS IS INSANE! @GoGoGorosh @NASA @rmbyrne

6/26 Inside the Coronavirus – These graphics that follow present detailed explanations into how SARS-CoV-2 sneaks inside human cells, makes copies of itself, and bursts out to infiltrate many more cells, widening infection. (Doug: this is beautiful and very detailed. It will work for middle school on up, but you will get a lot more out of it if you have mastered an understanding of the cell’s components and what they do.) @sciam

6/26 It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising—You Can Boost Your Muscle Mass at Any Age. Age-related declines in muscle are expected—but that doesn’t mean you can’t significantly slow the process down. @EMillard_Writer @runnersworld @leticarino @jratey

6/25 Which Countries In The World Are Most Responsible For Climate Change? This 1–minute animation is cute yet contains a lot of visually displayed data. Try it for upper elementary students on up. @Kurz_Gesagt @btenergy @OurWorldInData

6/24 The Regional Distribution Of COVID-19 Cases In The US, Visualized – What can you and your kids conclude from this? @DataIsBeautiful

6/24 iOS 14 has a new home screen with widgets, a redesigned Siri, and more. There’s also a new Translate app and new group chat features. What the 18-minute video to learn about new features for all of Apple’s operating systems coming out in the fall. The video is down the screen. @cgartenberg @Verge

6/24 Now the hard work starts. How one district changed the rules to not just survive, but thrive, in “the new normal.” @EileenBelastock @eschoolnews

6/23 The Surprisingly Unique Way That N95 Masks Work In Filtering Particles – This is an excellent science lesson for middle school on up. @minutephysics @brilliantorg

6/21 Explore the Royal Academy of Arts in Google’s Arts & Culture Apps. Google’s Arts & Culture site and corresponding apps make it possible for students of all ages to virtually explore thousands of fascinating landmarks and works of art. @artscollegerpg @rmbyrne

6/21 To Decode the Brain, Scientists Automate the Study of Behavior. Machine learning and deep neural networks can capture and analyze the “language” of animal behavior in ways that go beyond what’s humanly possible. @QuantaMagazine @TrippBraden @ipfconline1

6/20 Guy Demonstrates How Toothpicks And String Can Hold Up A Water Bottle Because Physics Works In Mysterious Ways. Be sure to let your kids try this at home. @Digg

6/19 These are the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers of 2020. This year’s cohort includes leaders in carbon capture, alternative meat, circular economies, food security, and financial access, to name but a few. @mkhillyer @wef @Julez_Norton @Xbond49

6/18 How Soy Wound Up In Nearly Every Product In American Households – Here is a short history of how soybeans became a dominant ingredient in nearly everything we buy. @DrKaayla @cheddar

6/18 Taming the amygdala: Staying calm with mindfulness. Tap into these six strategies to help children practice mindfulness and focus on the positive rather than the negative. @eschoolnews @BariKoral

6/17 The Solar Orbiter Has Entered a Thrilling New Phase of Its Journey to the Sun. Earlier today, (6/15/2020) the Solar Orbiter completed its first close approach of the Sun, or perihelion, coming to within 48 million miles (77 million kilometers) of our host star. @dvorsky @Gizmodo

6/16 Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It. Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to learn is a matter of intelligence. @ulrichboser @HarvardBiz @TrippBraden

6/16 The IoT Brings Smart Cities to Life. To tackle major challenges and make cities more liveable and manageable, governments are increasingly turning to the smart city concept. @DavidOroDZMM @IoT_Central @KirkDBorne

6/14 Daring Backyard Scientist Dips Her Hand Into Boiling Oil Without Getting Scalded. Physics Girl demonstrates the Leidenfrost Effect in this hair-raising scientific stunt. She explains the physics for about nine minutes then dips her hand. @thephysicsgirl

6/14 How You Tracked An Outbreak In 1854 – John Snow made a critical discovery in 1854 that cholera was caused by water. This is an iconic use of data representation to solve a mystery. @PhilEdwardsInc @monalalwani @estellecaswell @voxdotcom

6/13 New Zealand Has A Hilarious Ad Campaign About Talking To Your Kids About Porn. New Zealand wants parents to talk to their children about pornography, so they went about it in this, unorthodox ad. Have you talked about it with your kids yet? @YouthWellbeing @TristanRS

6/11 Six Tips for Landing a Job in the Lockdown – Yes, companies are still hiring. Here’s how to get them to hire you or someone you know. @business @LaRaeQuy @BW

6/10 Afton, New York senior plants the seeds to help out food bank. Perhaps this is something your kids can do to help out local food banks. @A_FlahertyWBNG @WBNG12News

6/10 Linsey Pollak Makes and Plays a Clarinet Out of a Carrot. If you have a saxophone mouthpiece and a few simple tools you and your kids can do this. Here is the video that gives you the dimensions for the holes and the carrot length. Check out his YouTube channel for more cool stuff.

6/10 Hwo to Get More Intellectual Humility by Daniel Pink – In two minutes Dan will help you with this important trait that will help you learn more and be more successful. Consider subscribing to the PinkCast. @DanielPink

6/7 What Would Happen If You Filled A Washing Machine With An Entire Bottle Of Laundry Detergent? The King Of Random hosts live out every kid’s dream and see what happens when you dump the entire bottle of detergent into the wash. @thekingofrandom

6/7 How Should I Study for the Test? While we may become tired of students asking this question, it is an incredibly important question to address. @effortfuleduktr

6/7 A German Waterworks Marketed Their Bottled Tap Water To The French City Of Evian And Their Reactions Were Priceless. This short video explains why drinking tap water is much better for the environment and just might taste as good. @WaterNotWaste

6/6 This Time Lapse Of A Wound Healing Over 33 Days Demonstrates The Magic Of The Human Body. It shows 33 days of healing in 11 seconds. @digg

6/6 Try Your Hand at Bird Identification With the Audubon Bird App. If you have bird feeder(s) and children or you are a kid at heart be sure to try this. @audubonsociety @rmbyrne

6/6 How To Capture Wild Yeast And Make It Into Bread From Scratch – Adam Ragusea explains how to capture wild yeast in an effort to make sourdough bread. This looks like a good home science experiment for your kids. @aragusea @skillshare

6/6 How COVID-19 Is Shaping Tech Use. What That Means When Schools Reopen. It might not be a tectonic shift yet, but the changes taking place in the K-12 tech landscape as a result of the coronavirus school closures are real and meaningful, and good and bad. @kbushweller @educationweek

6/5 How Stanley Kubrick Came Up With The Futuristic Filming Locations For A Clockwork Orange The architecture of Stanley Kubrick’s films are as fundamental as the characters. Anyone interested in film should watch this. @cinematyler @mubi

6/5 Coronavirus tests the value of artificial intelligence in medicine. Here we have an AI tool that can spot lung damage on X-rays. @ashleyrgold @FierceHealth @TamaraMcCleary

6/4 The Extreme Chemical Reaction You Get When You Add Water To Chalk – Your kids can do this at home if you can get real chalk. @theactionlabman

6/4 How to End the Frustration of Recurring Problems – Pattern recognition makes room for new solutions. Pedaling harder doesn’t magically transform ineffective solutions into desired results. @Leadershipfreak @jrkuhns

6/3 Music Synchronizes the Brains of Performers and Their Audience. The more people enjoy music, the more similar their brain activity is to that of the musician. @sciam

6/3 73-Year-Old Woman Earns PhD from Howard — and Her Thesis Is About a War She Survived. Share this to inspire some students you know. @Santis_DeRachel @NewBlackMan

6/2 Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On? A recent HBR article highlights the skills that a kind, positive manager might lack: the ability to deliver difficult feedback to employees, the courage to ruffle feathers, and drive change, the creativity to think outside the box. @DanielGolemanEI @HarvardBiz @TrippBraden

6/1 How You Can Improve Your Creativity, Imagination and Thinking – Use this simple game to expand your thinking about new possibilities for all aspects of your life. A fun way to train your brain to be more creative, and never again run out of ideas. @Susanjmccann @selfhelpFYS

6/1 Watch NASA astronauts fly SpaceX’s Crew Dragon using touchscreens. A new era of human spaceflight, indeed. @sokane1 @NASA

6/1 Is the Brain a Useful Model for Artificial Intelligence? Thinking machines think just like us—but only up to a point. @WIRED @Damien_CABADI @Nicochan33

6/1 Why Read Moby Dick – Dive into Herman Melville’s classic novel “Moby Dick,” the story of Captain Ahab’s hunt for revenge against the white whale who bit off his leg. This is a multilayered experience. @MadsDavies @itsaugustastone @TED_Ed @rmbyrne

5/31 Simple Ways to Bring Learning Outside – Going outside helps students focus, and activities for classes from social studies to math can incorporate the natural world. @edutopia @diskon4no

5/31 In Case You Missed It Live or Want to Watch it Again: SpaceX launches NASA astronauts to space for the first time — 5/30/2020 There is also live channel. @SpaceX @NASA

5/30 What is phantom traffic and why is it ruining your life? – Benjamin Seibold So you get in a traffic jam and figure it’s either construction or an accident and then find out it was neither. @BenjaminSeibold @TED_ED

5/29 AP Courses Do Not Deserve College Credit. Students can learn content and skills but shouldn’t fool themselves that they are taking college courses. I don’t agree with this, but it’s food for thought. @NTampio @insidehighered @clanghoff1

5/29 A Simulation Of Different Real Life Scenarios And Your Coronavirus Exposure Risk – This is a useful explainer of how COVID-19 spreads indoors and outdoors. @Maddie_Marshall @SigalSamuel @voxdotcom

5/28 Watch A Model Dam Made Out Of Sand Completely Disintegrate In Dam Breach Experiment. It’s cool to watch this unfold in an experiment. It’s terrifying when it happens in real life. It only lasts 2:50. @HD1080ide

5/28 What Actually Happens When You Recycle? There are important decisions to make before and after your recyclables leave your hands. @NickGDavidson @outsidemagazine

5/28 How Exercise Can Save You From COVID-19. Researchers found that regular exercise may lead to a higher number of Leukocytes or white blood cells, which fight infections. @whereispaolo10 @smehblog

5/27 An Easy-To-Understand Breakdown Of Schwa, The Most Common Vowel In English. Tom Scott explains Ə and the surprising complexities of vowel sounds in the English language. @tomscott @mollykruhl @mollykruhl @WillZMarler

5/26 An Economist Explains What Makes The Optimal Conditions For An Auction. Preston McAfee, the chief economist at Microsoft, explains how auctions serve as price discovery mechanisms This is a good social studies/economics lesson for upper elementary on up. @numberphile @BradyHaran

5/26 20 Best Courses from Udemy Free Resource Center to Learn Programming and Coding – Since everyone is helping people to learn online at this time, Udemy also realizes this is the time to help and that’s why they launched Udemy Free Resource center to put-together free courses from their learning marketplace. @javinpaul @hackernoon

5/24 To Overcome Challenges, Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. When you stop comparing yourself to others, you can accomplish great things, says wheelchair athlete Dean Furness. @donfrolic @carelnolte

5/24 How to Master a New Skill – We all want to be better at something. After all, self-improvement is necessary to getting ahead at work. @amyegallo @HarvardBiz

5/23 Crayola unveils ‘Colors of the World’ crayons representing 40 skin tones. With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes their new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance. @GubitosiBrett @nypost @Crayola

5/23 Healthcare will never be the same: Eight experts on the future of medicine around the globe. The leaders of the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Doctors Without Borders, and more tell us how healthcare is being transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. @RuthReader @ainsleyoc @FastCompany @evankirstel

5/23 How to Master a New Skill – We all want to be better at something. After all, self-improvement is necessary to getting ahead at work. @amyegallo @HarvardBiz

5/21 What We Know About Coronavirus Super-Spreader Events – If you aren’t aware of the kind of events that are super-spreaders of disease, you should be. @rachel_fairbank @lifehacker

5/21 What Happened When I Switched From Mac to Windows – Fed up with the rising cost and declining quality of Apple laptops, a WIRED reporter migrated to Microsoft. It was both a total joy and a complete pain in the neck. Read this if you are in the market for a new laptop.

5/21 reasons to be cheerful – This site created by David Byrne is chuck full of positive things that have already been done. It’s time to get your news from sites like this. @RTB_Cheerful @DBtodomundo

5/19 Writing Software: How To Use ProWritingAid To Improve Your Writing And Self-Edit Your Book. We all need to improve our writing craft and working with a professional editor is the best way to do that. (I’m not getting paid to promote this service.) @thecreativepenn

5/19 Do School Plays Lead to PhDs? A new report shows a correlation that’s held for decades: People with more education are more involved in the arts. Or is it the other way around? @RTB_Cheerful

5/18 Writing Software: How To Use ProWritingAid To Improve Your Writing And Self-Edit Your Book. We all need to improve our writing craft and working with a professional editor is the best way to do that. @thecreativepenn

5/18 Speech-To-Text: Google Speech vs Amazon Transcribe. Tech giants like Google and Amazon are exploring and empowering this field of speech recognition technologies with the help of their Google Speech and Amazon Transcribe products. @automeme

5/18 How Is Artificial Intelligence Combatting COVID-19? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proliferating more widely than ever before, having the potential to influence many aspects of daily life. @asokan_telecom @CGannatti

5/17 If Not 10,000, How Many Steps Should We Be Walking Each Day? Here is a necessary conversation about how to best rethink a decades-old but arbitrary “rule.” @tannergarrity @InsideHook

5/17 The State of the Self-Driving Car Race 2020 – Waymo is still the one to beat. But in a post-COVID-19 world, autonomous will enable more of our contactless needs. @hyper_drive @business

5/17 How AI can help us harness our ‘collective intelligence’ – Collaborating usually makes our work better – but keeping a team on task is not easy. Now, researchers are finding that machines can bring out the best in group work. @EddytheGent @BBC_Worklife @BBC

5/16 Eight Industries You Did Not Even Suspect They Would Be Suitable For Iot Technologies Implementation – Quite shortly in the future, businesses in most industries will no longer be able to remain competitive and demanding on the market without smartly connected machines, devices, systems, which are generally called the Internet of Things (IoT). @IoT_Central @KirkDBorne

5/15 Education Requirements to Become a Teacher – Use this site to find schools if you are interested in becoming a teacher. This looks ideal for high school juniors and people looking to change careers. @Studydotcom

5/14 Humans and Neanderthals co-existed in Europe for far longer than thought. – Cave objects suggest modern humans and Neanderthals shared continent for several thousand years. @NicolaKSDavis @guardian @Qafzeh

5/14 Great films, fun activities and learning opportunities for young minds – Our new under 18 offer – Introducing the BFI’s expanded offer to educate and entertain young audiences aged 18-year-olds and under. @BFI @CreativeIndsUK

5/13 A Comparison Of The Deadliest Animals On Earth, Visualized. Before you watch this or show it to students, see if you can guess who the top two killers are. @Digg

5/13 TinkerCad – From mind to design in minutes – Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding. It’s used by teachers, kids, hobbyists, and designers to imagine, design, and make anything! @tinkercad

5/13 Winners of the 2020 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition – These images originally appeared on bioGraphic, an online magazine about science and sustainability. @kokogiak @TheAtlantic

5/13 Ten technology trends to watch in the COVID-19 pandemic – The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated 10 key technology trends, including digital payments, telehealth, and robotics. @ZiyangFan @wef

5/12 Google’s New ‘Read-Along’ App Can Help Elementary School Kids Improve Their Reading Skills. If you’re at home with a little one that’s just starting to learn to read, Google has a new free resource you can use to help them along. @Emily @Lifehacker @TedHiff

5/12 22 YA Novels to Help Students Process the Pandemic (or Forget It for a Bit) – A former school librarian shares recent young adult novels to boost kids’ resilience or give them some laughs. A few dystopian picks may provide a new perspective on the current situation. @terrigrief @edutopia

5/10 Want to grow your own food? 9 tips to help you get started. – This is something you should do, especially if you have kids who can help. @maryhalton @TEDTalks

5/10 A New Way to “Grow” Islands and Coastlines – What if we could harness the ocean’s movement to protect coastal communities from rising sea levels? @SkylarTibbits @TEDTalks

5/8 Who Invented the Wheel? And How Did They Do It? This probably doesn’t show up in your kid’s history courses, but it should. Cody Cassidy is the co-author of the popular science book And Then You’re Dead, which was translated into more than ten languages. His new book is Who Ate the First Oyster? @CodyCassidy @WIRED

5/8 45 Ways to Master Slack While You’re Working From Home – Slack is becoming even more valuable as stay-at-home orders drag on. With its easy-to-use interface and ability to send quick messages to individuals, groups, or an entire organization, Slack is particularly helpful. It’s used by more than 600,000 organizations in 150 countries. @jlthoms @Entrepreneur

5/8 Singapore UV Robots Can Destroy Viruses. A mall in Singapore has not closed but is implementing safety measures such as social distancing, temperature screening for all shoppers, and frequent disinfecting and cleaning. Northpoint City is also using another weapon to fight the virus in the form of UV robots. @YellRobot @ipfconline1

5/7 Scientists are drowning in Covid-19 research — this AI could help. It’s a classic problem of trying to find the needle in the haystack, except the hay is coming from everyone and everywhere on Earth. @inversedotcom

5/7 Robots help some firms, even while workers across industries struggle. The study finds manufacturing companies that are quick to automate can thrive, but overall employment drops. @MIT @SpirosMargaris

5/6 Fun Activities To Promote Math Skills – Math skills specifically are emphasized when it comes to higher education later on and are essential for everyday life. Some kids enjoy playing and learning with numbers, while for others it’s a chore. @gfletchy

5/5 Five Leadership No-Nos During A Crisis – If communication is the oil that keeps a team or community running, then now is the time for leaders to focus on the best way to stay connected. @TerriKlass @LeadToday

5/5 Support My Local Zoo or Your Own Local Zoo. – Local zoos need your help. They are all involved in species survival programs and without money from visitors they need our donations. @rossparkzoo

5/4 Should You Get an Antibody Test? Here is a user’s guide to the immune system. @jameshamblin @TheAtlantic

5/4 Coffee & Mortality – Drinking coffee seems to have a mild positive effect, but I might not be right for some. @nutrition_facts

5/3 What is a Chatbot? Why Your Website Must Have it in 2020 – A chatbot is a software/application service, that interacts with your visitors on your behalf. It is powered by rules (which are set by a human) and sometimes, artificial intelligence. Currently, chatbots are being widely used in Customer Service industries to automate the response of the same kind of queries. @Nikhonit @networgs @larrykim

5/3 Data Science for analytical minds, an Introduction. If your students or children are wondering about a career in this field, they should start here. @Shilpa9a @KirkDBorne

5/2 The Global Food Waste Scandal – Western countries throw out nearly half of their food, not because it’s inedible — but because it doesn’t look appealing. Tristram Stuart delves into the shocking data of wasted food, calling for more responsible use of global resources. @TristramStuart @feedbackorg @thepigidea @toastale

5/2 Why does running give you a high? Here’s the science. The high emerges only after a significant effort. It seems to be the brain’s way of rewarding you for working hard. @kellymcgonigal @TEDTalks

5/1 Here Are Some Tricks To Make Your Groceries Stay Fresh And Last Longer. This is good advice and it just may be time to disinfect your refrigerator. @merleeshay @goodful

5/1 Create Your Own Digital Comics Whether You Can Draw or Not. Even if you can’t draw a stick person, you can still express yourself and tell stories through the time-honored tradition of sequential art. Your kids might what to give this a try. @jdbiersdorfer @nytimes

4/30 Farmer Reveals The Inside Of A Tractor Cab, And The Amount Of Technology Setup Inside Is Astounding. If you think farming is low tech, think again. Share with your kids/students. @lg_farms @carlsonlaura64 @makingafarmer

4/30 Foreign-language shows, films on Netflix can boost vocabulary. The Netflix library features a large number of foreign-language TV shows and films. Many of them automatically switch to English audio when available, but if you set the audio back to the show of your choice’s original language and turn on English subtitles, you’ve got yourself a fun study tool. @steph_hammettSR @SpokesmanSkate @BiliteracySeal

4/30 National Parks Games and Challenges – Try Virtual National Parks Bingo. Most National Parks are still closed right now, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t learn about them. @NatlParkService @rmbyrne

4/29 What is a mask valve, and why are cities banning them? Valves will keep you more comfortable, but endanger those around you. @ctrlzee @fastcodesign

4/29 25 Fascinating Wonders of the World You Can Visit From Home – Travel the world… no passport required! @WeAreTeachers

4/28 Three Ways Machine Learning Algorithms Are Improving Our Day-To-Day Life – Machine Learning algorithms have enabled the invention and development of intelligent software. This intelligent software, machines, and robots have made both business and domestic life better. @Ronald_vanLoon @automeme

4/28 Smart Microgrids: The Future of Sustainable Power. Fueled by renewable resources and controlled by smart algorithms, microgrids stand to overhaul how we produce, consume—and share—energy. @PCMag @evankirstel @chris_rezendes

4/28 Boston Dynamics gives hospital robot tech to the open-source community. Technologies potentially valuable in the field are being released in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. @SecurityCharlie @ZDNet @evankirstel

4/26 a href=”https://bit.ly/2yLG0fO”>NASA celebrates 30 years of the Hubble Space Telescope. As part of the ‘birthday’ celebrations, NASA has launched a webpage that allows you to see a photo the telescope took on your birthday. It saw the above picture of Pluto and three of its moons on my birthday. @EdwardsCLM @TheSun @nypost

4/26 Frames in Motion: A Beginner’s Guide To How Animation Works – Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how animation works, in under three minutes. Share with your kids. @Animationboss @OnePerfectShot

4/26 Best Apps To Learn Data Science in 2020 – These apps can easily be integrated into your learning process to help consolidate concepts and keep your brain sharp. @fnsnows @TDataScience

4/25 How should NYC grade students during coronavirus pandemic? City, advocates clash over expected policy. Chicago instituted a “no harm” policy, only allowing students’ marks to improve. In Denver, students have to opt-in to receive a letter grade. San Francisco has proposed simply giving every student an A. @cveiga @ChalkbeatNY

4/25 Use your phone to turn a photo into an Excel spreadsheet in a snap. Microsoft’s tool for iOS and Android phones turns photos of notes, lists, recipes, and numbers into Excel spreadsheets. @cliffordcolby @CNET @21stCenturyTch

4/24 NYC parents and activists dueling over school grades amid coronavirus crisis. There is no way to have an equitable grading system under these conditions. @selimalgar @nypost

4/24 Five Ways to Boost Attendance in Virtual Meetings – John Spencer – Here are a few strategies that worked for one teacher as a way to boost attendance in optional meetings. @spencerideas @gcouros

4/24 Three Elements for Successful Virtual Working – Schools can probably learn from some of this. @lyndagratton @MITSloan @TrippBraden

4/24 What Good Leadership Looks Like During This Pandemic – It is a mistake to think that failures of leadership are all we can expect in these grim times. @MichaelaJuneK @AmyCEdmondson @HarvardBiz @Paul_Kandavalli

4/23 How Much Core Strength Do Olympic Swimmers Have? This Much. Russian Olympic swimmer Julia Evimova can’t go to the pool due to #COVID19. So she practices swimming on the kitchen table at home with someone holding her feet. @PatrickCorrigan

4/23 What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s? Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are similar but not the same. @KandolaAaron @mnt @LEAD_Coalition

4/23 An Introduction To Major Types Of Machine Learning Models – Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows systems to automatically learn and refine from that learning while not being programmed explicitly. @automeme @RoboticsTech1

4/22 Five Sure Ways to Ruin Any Friendship – This is something that even young children can learn. @parentteendr @PsychToday

4/21 Augmenting intelligence: What 2020 Has in Store. A new model of partnership between humans and machines is emerging, focused on the value automation and humans working together can bring. @TechNative

4/21 This is how COVID-19 could change the world of work for good. Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School, talks about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work. @rosschainey @AdamMGrant @wef

4/21 Coronavirus: Will COVID-19 speed up the use of robots to replace human workers? For better or worse the robots are going to replace many humans in their jobs, analysts say, and the coronavirus outbreak is speeding up the process. @zoegthomas @nigewillson @BBCNews

4/20 Coronavirus, Virtual Learning And the Five Stages of Grief – If you and your kids don’t know about the five stages of grief this will help. @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek

4/20 A step toward personalized, automated smart homes – System that automatically identifies people moving around indoors could enable self-adjusting homes. @MIT @antgrasso

4/20 The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities – With kids at home and parents looking for educational activities, many of our favorite authors are offering online read-a-louds and activities on social media. @WeAreTeachers @XQAmerica

4/19 Coronavirus: Which Mask Should You Wear? Here’s a look at some of the types of masks you might encounter, how they work, what to consider when making your own and the level of protection they could provide. @taraparkerpope @RachelAbramsNY @edenweingart @nytimes

4/19 50+ Best Streaming Documentaries to Watch as a Family – Make the most of family screen time. Streaming television has become one of our greatest resources these days, and the options available are really amazing. Take a break from the sitcom reruns and tune in to some of these educational documentaries to watch as a family. They’re just as entertaining, and help make screen time worthwhile. @WeAreTeachers

4/19 Put Scrap Cardboard to Use With One of These Hands-on Learning Projects. Show your kids what others had done and challenge them to have some creative fun. @instructables @rmbyrne

4/18 “Places to Love” Study Guides – It’s time to take your kids on some virtual trips with Samantha Brown. I watch her every Sunday at my local PBS station. @SamanthaBrown

4/17 In the year 2020, 5G will be on the rise since it has the potential to change the world. The arrival of 5G will not only transform tech but it will also provide an entirely new mobile experience. This wireless technology is being introduced with the primary aim to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. @TechNative

4/17 We are all isolated across the entire world together. Today George Couros is writing to process his thoughts so bear with him. Trust me, this is worth a few minutes of your time. @gcouros

4/17 How AI helps scientists find reliable coronavirus research – AI researchers are fast busy developing tools that will help medical scientists navigate the fast-growing corpus of literature surrounding coronavirus. @bendee983 @bdtechtalks @SpirosMargaris

4/16 Why Hawaii’s volcano is so UNUSUAL – Hawaii is known for its volcanoes, but most volcanoes on earth exist along tectonic plate lines. Hawaii does not! What causes Hawaii to form, and how is it related to the mystery of a magnetic bar code across the Pacific Ocean? @thephysicsgirl

4/16 Seven Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World – Remote work, automation, and telemedicine could soon become the new normal. @emmarosepb @MRKR

4/16 An Animated Chart Of The Biggest Fast Food Franchises In The World In The Past 50 Years – What this chart change over the year is mesmerizing. Watch how the numbers and rank for your favorite change over time. @worldatlas @Mustafi71255384

4/16 The Food Expiration Dates You Should Actually Follow – The first thing you should know? The dates, as we know them, have nothing to do with safety. There is some good advice here. @kenjilopezalt @nytimes

4/15 What Happens If You Shoot A Ping Pong Ball Going 450 KPH At A Tennis Ball? Ping pong balls seem fairly innocuous, but what happens if you shoot it out of a cannon going over 400 kilometers per hour? Share this with young girls you know. @thephysicsgirl

4/15 The Most Popular Tech Gadget From the Year You Were Born – Almost every year since 1950 has seen a new gadget that’s changed the way we use technology. It takes a while to scroll to see every gadget, but it’s a cool trip. @EttingerZoe @thisisinsider

4/14 Guy Scooped Up A Jar Of Pond Water And Left It On His Window Sill — What Happened Next Was Extraordinary. This is something your kids could do if there is a pond nearby. @shrimp_atomic

4/14 Spock’s Vulcan salute should replace handshakes in coronavirus era. Just raise your hand with the palm facing forward, thumb extended, and his middle and ring finger parted. It’s often accompanied by the spoken words “live long and prosper.” @GaelFC @CNET @GeorgeTakei

4/12 How To Bring In Food From The Outside World While Exposing Yourself The Least To The Coronavirus – This only lasts 12 minutes but will help you eat safely without going to grocery stores. @aragusea

4/11 A Brilliantly Simple PSA About Social Distancing From The State Of Ohio – Mousetraps and ping pong balls were first used as an analogy for a nuclear chain reaction. Here they model disease transmission. @OHdeptofhealth @kottke

4/11 Hamlet (2018) for Free | Globe Player | Shakespeare’s Globe – If you are looking for some high-quality free entertainment could can do no better. I use Apple TV to watch it on my 60″ TV. I saw “Julis Cesear” at the Globe in 2014. @The_Globe

4/10 Every Moon in Our Solar System, Ranked – There are more than 150 confirmed moons in our solar system and Popular Mechanics ranked ’em all. This can take an astronomy buff’s mind off the virus news. @jlorileman @PopMech

4/10 Coronavirus myth-busting: The truth about empty shelves and toilet paper shortages – The toilet paper truth is near the end. @SavorTooth @grist

Jupiter - Monet
4/10 New Jupiter image looks more like a Monet painting than a planet.

Real Monet

Have your kids check out some real Monets @inversedotcom @loretobgude

4/8 Pinkcast 3.20. This is how to clear out your unwanted books. Take two minutes to check this out and consider subscribing. I have summarized several of his books. @DanielPink

4/8 Damn, ‘Guy’s Grocery Games’ Hits Different Right Now. If you want some cool cooking tips you need to watch this show on the Food channel. I never miss it. @jayasax @Eater

4/8 What type of counseling are you looking for? BetterHelp offers personal, couples, and teen counseling online. (This is not a paid ad.) @betterhelp

4/7 Watch these fascinating castle ruins being ‘rebuilt’ using CGI. Working with designers and architects and using CGI, BudgetDirect rebuilt seven of the most unique castles in Europe to show us what they looked like in their heyday. Enjoy! @Pfro @BudgetDirect @nypost

4/7 High Sensitivity Camera Reveal How Micro-Droplets Hang In The Air Long After Someone Has Coughed Or Sneezed. As we consider the different routes through which COVID-19 spreads, information like this is scary but vital. Talking can spread the virus too. @RikiMme @mariow08 @AdvisoDigital

4/7 A Map Regularly Updated Showing Cases and Deaths in Each NY County. Here is an interactive map that shows cases per ten thousand people and deaths by county in New York. Even if you don’t live in New York this should be interesting. @TeriKWeaver

4/5 YouTuber Breaks Down The Solution To A Tricky Amazon And Google Interview Question About Triangles. This is good for high school and up. This is very elegant and easy to follow. At the end, there are links to other cool math videos. @ImZachStar

4/3 How to Create Simple Videos on a Chromebook – No Apps or Extensions Needed. The key points of the video are: How to access the camera on your Chromebook, Where to find your video file, and How to share your video file with students. @rmbyrne

4/3 Why The Coronavirus Is More Dangerous, Infectious And More Rapidly Spreading Than The Flu Virus – This is an excellent animation and should work for upper elementary on up. @Maddie_Marshall @B_resnick @voxdotcom

4/2 Grading Students During the Coronavirus Crisis: What’s the Right Call? It comes down to this: What is the point of grading, anyway? And how might it need to evolve in the age of the coronavirus? @Stephen_Sawchuk @educationweek

4/2 Why masks aren’t better at protecting us from viruses – Even wearing a surgical mask while out shopping, although it won’t block coronavirus virus particles, can remind you not to touch your face. @FastCompany

4/1 Why This Taste Map That We’ve Been Taught At School Is Actually Wrong – Here’s why the well-known diagram that divides our tongue into different taste receptor sections is misleading. This is a good science lesson for upper elementary on up. @mrMattSimon @wired @WIREDScience

3/31 The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown – She was featured on 60 Minutes on March 29, 2020. This TEDx talk has 12 million plus views to date. It is well worth the watch. @BreneBrown @TEDxHouston @60Minutes

3/31 A Visualization Of The Potential Spread Of The Coronavirus Connected To A Single Beach During Spring Break – Tectonix GEO ran an analysis using data from Xmode Social to see the travel paths of anonymized mobile devices that were active at Spring Break at one single Ft. Lauderdale beach. The results are frightening. @TectonixGEO @xmodesocial

3/31 The Math Behind Social Distancing – The diagrams here should be good for students of just about all ages. @VisualCap

3/29 Engineers make ventilators from snorkeling masks to combat coronavirus. They visited the Chiari Hospital, took a look at the valves doctors needed and made a replica using a 3D printer. @Words_by_Woods @nypost

3/29 A Grocery Store Employee Gives The Best Tips On Staying Safe From The Coronavirus While Shopping. This is great advice in only 1:59. She offers several things I didn’t think of. Share with your kids. @RebeccaLoops #FlattenTheCurve

3/28 Ten things to help students during the COVID-19 outbreak – As more and more schools close to slow the spread of COVID-19, parents and educators are banding together to help students keep learning. @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

3/28 Here Are Fast-Growing Vegetables You Can Grow At Home If You Don’t Feel Like Going Out For Groceries. If you are stuck at home consider starting a garden. It’s a great activity for kids. #Selfsufficientme @Digg @NtdtvMoon

3/27 Two Ways to Find Free Ebooks to Download – Teachers and students can use these sites to get books that can’t get from their schools. @rmbyrne @google @ArcOnInternet

3/27 As Coronavirus Closes Colleges, the Campus Tour Goes Virtual. This should be a big help for students as they can use it to narrow down the number of schools that they really visit. @WadeMillward @EdSurge

3/26 A Brilliant Illustration Of How Social Distancing Cuts Down The Spread Of Coronavirus – This short animation is simple but very effective. @SiouxsieW

3/26 This physics-defying Stop-Motion Made With Playing Cards Is Incredibly Fun To Watch. It only lasts 2:30 and it gets more unreal as it goes. @omo_zoc @Digg

3/26 The Unlikely Products Selling Out Because of Coronavirus. See if you and your family can guess what they are before you look. @JenniferAlsever @MRKR

3/24 Why It Is Critical to Prepare Now for The Jobs of Tomorrow. A report on the future of jobs predicts an urgent need for all new skills — but we need to start preparing now. @petergasca @Inc @TrippBraden

3/23 A Fascinating Demonstration Of How Far Your Breath Disperses When You Cough Using Different Methods. Everyone should know how far droplets go using each method. @bauhaus_energy @GenaAmayu

3/23 Finish The Comic & Blank Comic Pages – This looks like a fun activity for kids who are missing school. @Jarrett_Lerner

3/23 The Okinawa Diet – Living to 100 – Dr. Michael Greger, the author of How Not to Die does a 5-minute video on how the people of Okinawa often live to be 100 or more and do so by eating only plants (Just like me). @nutrition_facts

3/22 FREE Minecraft Education Edition Until June – Make Minecraft part of your plan for distance learning. Microsoft is offering FREE Minecraft Education Edition licenses through June. Students CREATE and EXPLORE and BUILD their learning with Minecraft. This is an excellent tool for students in elementary all the way to 12th grade. @alicekeeler

3/21 Your Success guaranteed: a stress-free strategy. All great success is the fruit of slow, patient, relentless step-by-step wisdom. It breeds dogged perseverance until the shining goal is achieved. It’s available to us all. @themerry_monk @selfhelpFYS

3/21 Five People Who Were Amazingly Productive In Quarantine – Isolation or quarantine is a great time to prioritize your mental and physical well-being, but if you also want to use it to be productive, you have plenty of historical role models to choose from. @micheledebczak @mental_floss

3/20 A Fascinating Explanation From Carl Sagan Of How An Ancient Greek Scientist Figured Out The Earth Is Round. This is a great learning video for middle school on up. @openculture

3/20 What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like After A Few Days – This is an excellent short animated video that everyone should watch. @ScienceInsider

3/20 Pinkcast 3.19. This is how to think like a hotshot. Everyone should give this a try and it only takes 1:47. @DanielPink

3/19 The Death Toll Of History’s Most Fatal Pandemics, Visualized – Throughout the centuries, humanity has faced deadly pandemics such as smallpox and the bubonic plague, but how do the death tolls and infectiousness of COVID-19 compare to the pandemics of the past? @VisualCap @Digg

3/19 Learn the Most Common Design Mistakes by Non Designers. This is a good video for high school design students. Here is text version of the same mistakes. Also, check out Visme.Co for a great design school. @PaymanTaei @VismeApp @ResponaApp

3/17 Lowering Your Cancer Risk by Donating Blood – Blood donors have the same number of heart attacks as non-donors. They did experience a 37% reduction in overall cancer incidence, and those who developed cancer had a significantly reduced risk of death. @nutrition_facts

3/17 Visme – The Best Design and Presentation Tool for Non-Designers to create beautiful content. Visme claims to be the world’s most versatile content creation tool, empowering individuals and leading brands to create and present compelling stories in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, documents, videos, graphics and everything in between. It’s free at Visme.Com. @PaymanTaei @VismeApp @ResponaApp

3/15 14 Great Books About Data Science, According to the Experts – They go from textbooks to introductory tomes and mass-market nonfiction. @BuiltIn @SpirosMargaris

3/15 The Neuroscience of Knowledge Transfer – Learnography is a branch of neuroscience that deals with the school of knowledge transfer by applying the learning dimensions of brain circuits. @Learnography @Zeid_factor

3/15 Secrets of Emotional Contagion – Emotion is contagious. Stressed leaders have stressed teams. Angry leaders are surrounded by anxiety. @leadershipfreak @jrkuhns

3/14 2020 Stonehenge Full Moon Dates – If you haven’t been to Stonehenge add it to your bucket list. There are lots of links here for astronomy buffs. @ST0NEHENGE @NatalieMcKalip

3/13 The Solar System Is Full Of Volcanoes. Earth was once the only world known to have volcanoes, but they’re all over the place, spouting lava and icy plumes. Share with astronomy buffs you know. @marinakoren @theatlantic

3/12 A Single Mother’s Guide to Digital Banking – This appears to be good for nonsingle mothers as well. @pewresearch @SonyaValentine

3/12 Storytelling Strategies for Augmented and Virtual Reality. How to do it right? Stories have always been the most powerful way to deliver meaningful and relevant content to the target audience. @infographicteam @ipfconline1

3/12 This Explainer Of Exponential Growth And Epidemics Will Help You Grasp The Potential Scale Of Coronavirus. Right now, (March 11, 2020) Covid-19 cases seem to be growing exponentially around the world. How long will that last, and how bad could this get? @3blue1brown

3/12 Creating Music: What Twitter Teaches Us About Songwriting. Inspiration often comes from surprising places. @muz4now @Carol_Stephen

3/11 This Simple Riddle That Almost Fooled Einstein Is Messing With Our Heads. See how many of your kids can solve this math problem. @preshtalwalkar

3/11 Why we need to kill the lawn – A new book argues that if homeowners converted just half their land to native plantings, it would collectively create an area larger than all national parks in the lower 48 states combined. @adele_peters @FastCompany

3/10 How To Transform Your Front Lawn Into A Garden – Rob Greenfield demonstrates how you can transform a boring front yard into a spectacular garden where you can grow food. @RobJGreenfield

3/10 How To Use Positive Thinking To Reduce Stress – Do you find most days you are feeling like you are consumed by stress? If you are unaware positive thinking can help reduce your stress levels. @brandyellen

3/10 There’s New Evidence on the Benefits of Sun Exposure. Recent studies suggest that sunlight may lower blood pressure in ways that have nothing to do with vitamin D. @sweatscience @outsidemagazine

3/8 Why Do Diseases Keep Coming Out Of China? This is a good history and science lesson combined. @swellis_ @RajaaElidrissi @monalalwani @voxdotcom

3/8 What Hand Sanitizer Can — And Can’t — Kill, Visualized. With hand sanitizer selling out at stores across the country, it’s useful to evaluate what the product can and can’t do. @schodosh @PreetiNMalani @popsci

3/8 Sweet Lessons on the Making of Maple Syrup – Science teachers should consider collecting sap and make syrup. Once your kids make syrup then can then make pancakes. I’ve seen this done in schools. @rmbyrne @Highlights @gardnerwaldeier

3/7 NASA Releases A 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama Of Mars, And It’s Spectacular. Share with science students and teachers you know. @nasahqphoto @NASA

3/7 These 4K Time Lapses Of Star trails Over Some Of The World’s Most Dramatic Landscapes Are Breathtaking. Can you or your students explain what star trails are and what can tell you about your latitude? @shainblum @shainblumphoto

3/7 Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2019 Photo Contest – Be sure to visit the contest page at smithsonianmag.com to see all the finalists and vote for your favorites. @kokogiak @TheAtlantic @smithsonian

3/7 Ten Free Must-read Books on AI – With such explosive growth in the field, there is a great deal to learn. Dive into these 10 free books that are must-reads to support your AI study and work. @kdnuggets @SpirosMargaris

3/5 The Boxes In This Optical Illusion Are Not Actually Rotating And It’s Breaking Our Brains. A flashing background and some subtle black and white shading lines around the edges of the boxes are all this illusion needs. @jagarikin

3/4 How Much Bacteria Clings To Your Hands After Different Hand-Washing Methods, Visualized – It’s always good to get a reminder about what actually constitutes “proper” hand washing. @jenniferagg @MailOnline @Digg

3/3 Want to succeed? Never be afraid to ask questions. Research shows that 70 to 90 percent of help is given in response to people who ask for it. @actbrilliant @nypost

3/3 How Long Would It Take to Fall Through the Earth? Pose this question to your kids and see what they come up with. @qdteinstein @quickdirtytips

3/2 This District Helps Young Kids Identify Their Interests — and Ideal Careers. A new integrated curriculum focuses on careers and makes lessons more relevant to the real world. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @Rdene915

3/2 The Tower of Epiphany – A New “Think Like a Coder” Lesson. Lots of students are enjoying TED-Ed’s Think Like a Coder series. @rmbyrne @TED_ED @DeanPhillipsMT

3/1 Viral TikTok shows Jeff Bezos’ net worth in rice — and it’s a mountain. Challenge your kids to create this kind of visual perspective for some other numbers. @humphreytalks @nypost

3/1 How to Search the Smithsonian’s Open Access Collection – Smithsonian Open Access contains more than 2.8 million digital artifacts that you can view and download for free. @smithsonian @SmithsonianScie @rmbyrne

3/1 Alternative data collection methods to consider for IoT solutions – Consistent and accurate data is the fundamental building block of IoT solutions. @techradar @TamaraMcCleary

2/29 Why Forgiveness Is Important For Yourself And For Them – Lack of forgiveness can turn a person cold inside and make them feel numb to the world or hot inside and angry at the world. @familyfocusblog @CCastleView

2/29 Robots aren’t taking our jobs — they’re becoming our bosses. In warehouses, call centers, and other sectors, intelligent machines are managing humans, and they’re making work more stressful, grueling, and dangerous. @joshdzieza @Verge

2/29 What is the ideal age to retire? Never, according to a neuroscientist. If you want to live a satisfying, long life, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin has some advice for you: Stay busy. @NicoleMaestas2 @Harvard @TEDTalks @HMSHCP

2/28 Thanks To A Mathematical Trick, You Can Always ‘Guess’ What Random Number A Person Has Picked. You might think it’s mind-reading, but really, it’s just about math. @VsauceTwo

2/25 The Four Major Trends Leading The Health Tech Industry – Health Tech and medical innovative trends have become the focus of researchers and developers around the globe. @automeme @Blockchain

2/25 3D printing of body parts is coming fast – but regulations are not ready. In the last few years, the use of 3D printing has exploded in medicine. Engineers and medical professionals now routinely 3D print prosthetic hands and surgical tools. @LawTechGadget @a_rutschman @ConversationUS @MattAB

2/23 NASA Insight lander will give its stuck Mars ‘Mole’ a push. The heat probe has been treading soil for a year now. @akooser @CNET

2/23 Degree apprenticeships can reach diverse learners in new ways. Launched in 2015, degree apprenticeships (DAs) are still relatively new – and I believe they offer exciting opportunities for the higher education sector. @Jisc @portsmouthuni

2/22 These Are the Most Valuable Brands in the World in 2020. This is also an interesting way to display this data. @howmuch_net

2/21 Teaching Students to Wrangle ‘Big Data’ – Data science classes are popping up in schools. Does your school have one? @cgewertz @EducationWeek

2/21 Three Obstacles Mentally Strong Women Have To Overcome That Men Don’t – This could help women and girls you know learn how women can grow mentally stronger. @AmyMorinLCSW @Forbes

2/20 Take A Tour Of The Apartment You Get For $950 In Tokyo. It’s a bit under 300 sq. ft. but totally livable for one. @BarrettPhotoHI

2/20 This Video Comparing The Actual Sizes Of Asteroids Is Making Us Feel Incredibly Puny. Let’s pray that none of these ever hit Earth. This is extremely cool. Share with science teachers and students you know. @MetaBallStudios

2/18 What are Phytoplankton? Like land plants, phytoplankton have chlorophyll to capture sunlight, and they use photosynthesis to turn it into chemical energy. @NASA @ADevotedYogi

2/18 Seven Books to Read for a Kinder, Happier 2020 – Accomplishing more this year won’t mean much if you don’t also enjoy (and share) your success. @EntryLevelRebel @Inc @ValuedMerchants @entrylevelrebel

2/18 Nine Powerful Reasons Why Your Moral Character Matters – In the long run, doing the right thing is the clear path to both success and happiness. Moral character matters. This is good advice for your students. @FSonnenberg

2/17 New Activities for International Dot Day – Since 2017, International Dot Day celebrations have included art projects with recycled materials. @KidLitTV_NYC @pmenon8870 @JulieGribbleNYC @BethFerry1

2/16 Who Was The Person Who Got The Furthest Away From Human Contact In History? Ever wanted to get at far away from people as humanly possible? These brave, lonely people did. @RealLifeLore101

2/13 Flashback Friday: The Protein-Combining Myth – This is by Michael Greger author of How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease. @nutrition_facts

2/13 The Electoral College Explained by Common Craft. This is timely. If you don’t want to use this now save it for the fall. @CommonCraft @rmbyrne

2/13 Seven female scientists you may not have heard of – but should know about. Not a single woman’s name features in the UK’s national curriculum for science, an education charity says – prompting calls for the government to act over a “lack of visible role models for girls”. @hazelshearing @BBCNews @professor_dave

2/9 Moving Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay: Expand the Possibilities of the Genres You Teach. Essay writing should be writing to think. Is it in your classroom? @sshubitz @stenhousepub @BethMooreSchool

2/9 China deploys thermal drones to scan villagers for coronavirus from the skies. The operator can identify suspected coronavirus patients in a crowded area through the thermal imaging cameras installed on the unmanned aerial vehicles. @dailystar @evankirstel

2/9 Disruption: the Changing Workplace and Future of Automation – Technology has taken centre stage in the success of companies today. @TechNative @JennyHopewell @automeme

2/8 This Illustration Of How Field Of View Affects Your Perception Of Speed Will Blow Your Mind. Let’s say you’re on a train — how fast is the world around you moving? When it comes to your perception, the answer is: it depends. @AkiyoshiKitaoka @Digg

2/8 Facial Recognition Moves Into a New Front: Schools. A district in New York has adopted the technology in the name of safety. Opponents cite privacy and bias concerns. @daveyalba @nytimes

2/7 Math Whiz Explains How Russians Do Multiplication And It Might Change The Way You Calculate Things. This would be fun to share with math students from upper elementary on up. @numberphile

2/6 Thinkers360 Predictions Series – 2020 Predictions for IoT – While this is designed to provide actionable insights for business and technology executives, home owners and everyone else should know this. @thinkers360 @antgrasso

2/6 Six Ground-Breaking Software Development Trends: 2020 Edition – AI is changing various parts of many industries including healthcare, retail, and fintech with voice assistance in 2019. @KitRum @hackernoon

2/6 What Colleges Are Doing to Fight the ‘Contract Cheating’ Industry – I get a lot of pitches from people who write papers for students who want to advertise on my site. I simply tell them no. So should you. @jryoung @HigherEdSurge @EdSurge

2/5 Henry Molaison contributed in the formation of new theories on human memory and learning spectrum. Deep learning is acquired from the hippocampal phase of the brain. It extracts knowledge from the temporal region of the brain and the amygdala takes part in the processing of memory and learning modules. @Learnography

2/5 Will virtual reality finally break out in 2020? The hardware is cheap, the games are promising, and virtual reality could finally be ready for the mainstream. Or at least, the slightly more mainstream. @haydencd @pcworld @evankirstel

2/4 Crash Course Channel Trailer 2019 – This is a channel done by the best selling author John Green. His first big young adult hit was The Fault in Our Stars. @johngreen

2/3 Guy Eats Only Food He Grew Or Foraged For One Year. He also lived in a 10 x 10 house with an outdoor kitchen and composting toilet. @RobJGreenfield @aurijackson @jessmassa @BuzzFeedVideo

2/3 What’s Inside A Human Ear? The science of hearing is extraordinary, especially when you see everything that’s inside a human ear. Share with people you know who have ears. This should be good for upper elementary to adults. @BobHunt91 @ScienceInsider

2/2 A Great Set of Videos for Teaching Networking and Computer Hardware Concepts – Teachers in high school and college tech programs can use these. @rmbyrne @CompTIA

2/2 In 2019, more Americans went to the library than to the movies. Yes, according to a recent Gallup poll (the first such survey since 2001), visiting the local library remains by far the most common cultural activity Americans engage in. Is your family going? @danpjsheehan @lithub @PKanagaratnam @jesslahey

2/1/2020 Why Does Bach’s ‘Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude’ Sound So Good? Alisa Weilerstein breaks down the famous Johann Sebastian Bach prelude and why it’s such a great song to put in your TV show. @AWeilerstein @estellecaswell @BridgettHenwood @voxdotcom

2/1/2020 How Is VR Changing The World Of Retail? Some of the most recognized brands in the world are beginning to change their approach and create the ultimate customer experiences. @BootstrapsBiz @robinyearsley

2/1/2020 Sixteen Daily Habits That Will Instantly Make You a Happier Person – Change rarely comes without extensive effort over time, but in the long run, the time you spend growing good habits will pay off well. @LollyDaskal

1/31 Bett 2020: Students will use tech to embrace seamless learning, says Microsoft’s Anthony Salcito. The next decade will see a shift in how children are taught in schools, with technology helping young people and teachers place a greater emphasis on learning outside the classroom. @AnthonySalcito @MicrosoftUK @rudytoot1 @ICTEvangelist

1/31 My journey as a high school entrepreneur – Finals are nothing in comparison to filing taxes as a 17-year-old. Does your high school have a business incubator program? @eschoolnews


1/31 Three Interesting Ways to Use Google Slides Besides Making Presentations – Google Slides was once a bare-bones alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote. Fast forward to today and there are lots of things that you can do with Google Slides. @rmbyrne @googleslides @GoogleSlidesFun

1/30 25 Self-Care Ideas to Get You Through Those Most Stressful of Days – Engaging in a hobby reduces stress and activates genes that increase immunity and decrease inflammation. @bizzwriter @Inc @gcouros

1/30 What Is Self-Reflection and Why It Matters For Wellness – Want to know why you do the things you do? Learn how to self-reflect. @tchikidavis @PsychToday @Romdhanifaten

1/29 Skateboarder Pulls Off Insane, Physics-Defying Full Loop. As I sure most of my readers know, this is not physics-defying. See if your students can explain why this happens. Watch the guy practice on Instagram. @simonisaksson @transworldskate

1/28 How Fertilizers Create A Dead Zone In The Gulf Of Mexico – Fertilizers are great for growing crops and terrible for marine wildlife. Grist explains how they impact waterways. This animation is a very good science lesson. @SavorTooth @jessetnichols @heypenner @grist

1/28 What are you feeding your mind? Hopefully not the mental equivalent of junk food. Our minds — just like our bodies — are fed regularly, and we consume both good and bad things. How much junk is your brain consuming? @joshlinkner @freep

1/27 Are AI-Powered Chatbot Tutors the Future of Textbooks? This is a summary of this year’s South by Southwest Edu (SXSW Edu) conference in Austin, Texas. @jryoung @stephenoonoo @sydneyfjohnson @journoinred

1/27 NutritionFacts.Org I just finished listening to Michael Greger’s book How Not to Die and just purchased a hard copy. He is a major proponent of plant-based diets and using spices as medicine. @nutrition_facts

1/26 The Debate Over Stock Buybacks, Explained. Companies on the S&P 500 have poured more than $5.3 trillion into repurchasing their own shares since 2010. WSJ explains how stock buybacks work, and why there’s debate over whether or not they’re good for the economy. @carmellobello @StoryblocksCo @GettyImages @iStock @WSJ

1/26 The Best Places to visit in the US for the best trip ever – I suspect there are others just as good, but if you are looking for somewhere to go this is a good start. There is also a link to the best national parks. Be sure to take your students/kids. @MindfulTravel_ @travel2next

1/26 Mind-Blowing Simulation Shows What Would Happen If Earth Were Hit By Another Planet. There is a hypothesis that Earth’s Moon was created after a Mars-size protoplanet collided with Earth billions of years ago. Here’s what that might have looked like. This second video goes into more detail. @history_prog @imgur

1/25 Are indoor verticle farms the agriculture of the future? Some schools are doing this to teach students about how to grow their own food. @TEDTalks @18thVineTedTalk @Laxmi68507818 @nebullam

1/23 Artificial Intelligence – The New Digital Divide? Despite all of AI’s promises, there could be very real and significant consequences—particularly when it comes to digital equity. @tvanderark @Getting_Smart @brholland

1/22 This Solar-Powered Electric Car Never Needs Charging. Now you can drive for thousands of miles, and you don’t have to recharge your vehicle thanks to a California startup, Aptera Motors, who is designing solar-powered cars. @ZonePhysics @MichelleBxtr

1/22 Eight Actions to Reset and Revitalize Your Health and Life – I agree with most of this, but I would go one step farther to a plant-based diet. @LoriShemek

1/21 The most common days for people to call in ‘sick’ aren’t what you think. Feeling sick? Maybe just a bit hungover or want to eke out a little bit more of the weekend? Shoot, maybe you just had a whole day off for a holiday and now need time to recover from your family. @FastCompany

1/21 What Happens in Your Brain When You Make Art? It turns out there’s a lot happening in our minds and bodies when we make art. @MalakaGharib @MindShiftKQED

1/21 An Absolutely Fascinating Time-Lapse Of Two Years Of Photosynthesis In The US – The annual cycle of plant growth is not a mystery — plants grow in the spring and summer, and then largely stop in the winter. Redditor u/BayesicallyThomas

1/20 Are indoor verticle farms the agriculture of the future? Some schools are doing this to teach students about how to grow their own food. @TEDTalks @18thVineTedTalk @Laxmi68507818 @nebullam

1/20 PreK-12 Ed-Tech Investments Plunged in 2019, Bucking Overall Learning Tech Trend. Funding for ed-tech companies serving PreK-12 around the world declined by nearly 50 percent last year compared to 2018. @EdMarketBrief @EdWeekMMolnar

1/19 20 courses under $20 that can help you learn a new skill in 2020 – I can’t vouch for any, but there isn’t much to lose. @alexmcgeeney @StackCommerce @nypost

1/19 How America Uses Its Energy, Visualized – This chart is very informative as you can see where energy comes from and where it goes. We also waste a lot. @Livermore_Lab @Digg

1/19 Playing Slow to Become Better – The best advice I have ever received on playing guitar is to have the patience to play slow and do it right, as opposed to playing poorly, faster. With this approach, you will quickly get better at doing the wrong things. @gcouros

1/18 The Distribution Of The World’s Wealth, Visualized – This is also a good geography lesson. @howmuch_net @CreditSuisse

1/18 How Old Is Your Brain? This AI Can Tell You. Brain age looks at how well your brain is aging relative to how many birthdays you’ve celebrated. @ShellyFan @singularityu @MichelleBxtr

1/16 The Time Zone You Live In Has A Bigger Effect On Your Health And Personality Than You Might Think. Cory Zapatka explains the surprising ways that time zones affect our lives. YOu can also see how irregular time zones are. @coryzapatka @chrisjawnmazza @VergeScience @mslopatto @lorengrush

1/16 Take A 180VR Tour Inside The World’s Skinniest Skyscraper. In the slimmest building in the world each apartment takes up an entire floor so when you get off the elevator you are home. You can have one for $28 million or so. Click and drag for the VR180 effect. @business

1/15 Eight big takeaways from CES 2020 – At the annual Consumer Electronics Show, from 8k to 5G to AI to concepts, we all saw through the hype. @backlon @verge

1/15 VR Isn’t Just For Gamers: 3 Ways IoT Is Changing The Enterprise, And How To Support It. It’s should impact education as well as these other industries. @forbesbv @Forbes @TrippBraden @evankirstel

1/15 Critics’ Choice Awards to Serve Plant-Based Menu. The Golden Globes also served a vegan meal. Eat plants for the sake of your health and the environment. @chrissgardner @thr @TayeDiggs @CriticsChoice

1/15 Five Surprising Ways Exercise Changes Your Brain – Moving your body is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mind. @kellymcgonigal @GreaterGoodSC @leticarino @PhysedNow @kinestheticlass @andyvasily

1/14 Nine Good Companion Dog Breeds to Adopt – Share with the dog people in your life. @Dogvills @NightHelperBlog @alpha_trained

1/14 Say Hello To Your New Digital Colleague. McKinsey forecasts that the potential economic impact of automating knowledge work could be between $5.2 trillion and $6.7 trillion by 2025. @TechNative

1/13 1/3 Why Cognitive Technology May Be A Better Term Than Artificial Intelligence – One of the challenges for those tracking the artificial intelligence industry is that, surprisingly, there’s no accepted, standard definition of what artificial intelligence really is. @kath0134 @Forbes @TamaraMcCleary

1/13 Five Big Tech Trends Decoded – Guest blogger Rodney Laws shares a simple explanation for the 5 major tech trends of 2019 & also talks about what to expect in the future. @KeithKeller

1/12 Could hydration levels influence cognitive function? Dehydration can cause headaches and several physiological issues, and older adults are most at risk of experiencing it. Does it also affect cognitive function, however? And might overhydration also affect mental performance? @healthline @PKanagaratnam @_atanas_

1/12 What causes Alzheimer’s? Not toxic amyloid, a new study suggests. Many researchers have argued that the accumulation of toxic beta-amyloid in the brain causes Alzheimer’s. However, a new study offers some evidence contradicting this sequence. @mnt @PKanagaratnam @_atanas_

1/12 A.I. Is Learning to Read Mammograms. Computers that are trained to recognize patterns and interpret images may outperform humans at finding cancer on X-rays. @nytDeniseGrady @nytimes @TrippBraden @MFordFuture

1/11 How One Photographer Captures the Glory of Birds in Flight – These multiple exposures result in some great art and science. @atlasobscura

1/11 Deep learning vs. machine learning: Understand the differences – Both machine learning and deep learning discover patterns in data, but they involve dramatically different techniques. @meheller @infoworld @automeme @GoogleNews

1/10 This Visualization Of Where US Voters Think Iran Is Located Is… Concerning. See if you and your students know where it is. @jpiacenza @MorningConsult

1/10 Kenyan scientist builds with bottles to beat plastic pollution. ‘Eco Blocks and Tiles’ is the first company in Kenya to manufacture roof tiles and other construction materials from plastic and glass waste. @nitabhalla @sree @HopeMwanake @MureithiKevin

1/9 The Mathematical Bridge of Cambridge – Lots of student activities involve designing and building bridges. This is an interesting math lesson. @AmusingPlanet

1/9 20 technologies that defined the first 20 years of the 21st Century – They have brought with them new ways of connecting, consuming and getting around, while also raising fresh Doomsday concerns. @ADCuthbertson @_andrew_griffin @ChuckDBrooks @asokan_telecom @mclynd @diioannid

1/9 Seven Tips For Quality Restful Sleep – When you sleep your brain repairs itself. If you aren’t getting good sleep you need to take some action. @EclecticEvelyn

1/8 Biomes and Ecoregions Interactive Map – When you visit the map you can choose to display either ecoregion or biomes. After you make that selection you can then click on any location on the map to discover the ecoregion or biome of that location. Read Richard Byrne’s description. @rmbyrne

1/8 Four AI Predictions And Warnings By Elon Musk – This would be good discussion material for middle school and up. @automeme @elonmusk @AudreyDesisto @sallyeaves @globaliqx @mvollmer1 @stratorob @Ronald_vanLoon

1/5 Sleep Is Literally a Deep Clean for Your Brain. Sleep washes away toxic gunk that builds up in your brain. Do you really want to leave it there? @EntryLevelRebel @Inc @jboitnott

1/5 Bill Gates Says the World Is Mostly Getting Better. He’s Right. Taking the most basic measurements and looking at the entire globe, you pretty much have to say that life is getting better. You wouldn’t know it listening to the mostly negative media. @MindaZetlin @Inc @BillGates @jboitnott

1/4 How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget – My favorite is the one that says start a garden. This is a great learning activity for kids. @icsfblog

1/4 Lego Finds An Inventive Way to Combine AI and Motion Tracking. The theme park, named Legoland New York Resort will be located in Goshen, New York, which is about 60 miles northwest of New York City and it will open on July 4, 2020. @zivljub @automeme @humanoid_info

1/3 The Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of the Decade – Breakthroughs include measuring the true nature of the universe, finding new species of human ancestors, and unlocking new ways to fight disease. @jaywbennett @SmithsonianMag

1/3 Most and Highest Paying programming languages 2019 – Regardless of whether you’re starting your IT profession, searching for your next IT position, looking for promotion or joyfully staying put, keeping with the Highest Paying programming languages is significant for your IT career. @HeySunilGupta @BinaryIns @TrippBraden @ipfconline1

1/3 This Is Your Body On Intermittent Fasting. Experts share what happens mentally, physically and emotionally when you’re following this eating plan. @namesjules @HuffPost

1/3 Here are the top 10 most competitive economies in the world. But those economies that bring everyone along together, investing in reskilling the workforce and boosting infrastructure, will be best able to withstand a global slowdown. The criteria and graphics are interesting. @wef @DrEscotet

1/2/2020 It’s Official: Voyager 2 Has Left Our Solar System And Is Sailing in Interstellar Space. Share with astronomy buffs you know. @ZonePhysics @Larerbloggen

1/2/2020 Doing good deeds actually reduces physical pain. A new study has found that doing a good deed not only helps the recipient but brings the giver physical pleasure and pain relief. @hfrishberg @nypost

1/2/2020 Artificial intelligence will complete Beethoven’s 10th Symphony. The Unfinished Symphony revisited or: How creative can artificial intelligence be? How can that be done? Here is a brief introduction. @ryantracey @Telekom_group

1/1/2020 When The Beatles Modulated in the First Right Bars – If you know any music nerds be sure to share this with them. @DavidKPiano

12/31 Why Are People Registering Their Cars In Montana? This video covers a lot of ways you can work around the law where you live. @donutmedia

12/31 Should I Become An Entrepreneur? Seven Key Questions That Will Make You Think. Becoming an entrepreneur is a life-changing decision. Sometimes it just happens naturally and, before you know it, you’re an entrepreneur. However most times it requires a deep, possibly life-changing self-analysis. @GoncaloTV @Forbes @markITwrite @metasfresh

12/31 Add These Two Little Words to Your New Year’s Resolution If You Actually Want It to Succeed. Want to be among the eight percent of people who actually stick with their resolution? Here’s how. @EntryLevelRebel @Inc

12/30 How to Ensure You are a “Go To” Colleague and not a “Go From” – “ Go from ” people drive others away. No one wants to be around them. They might as well have fleas. They wouldn’t be any less popular. @pdiscoveryuk @skyemorag

12/30 Adopting These Three Traits of ‘Likable’ People Will Make Your Ideas More Appealing. Regardless of your profession, being liked will get you farther. @carminegallo @Inc

12/30 Four Ways To Not Let Others Dim Your Light – The reality of our world is that people get threatened when other people shine their light on the world. @gcouros @Jonharper70bd

12/29 Why Do Planes Dump Jet Fuel In Mid-Air? On rare occasions, pilots will dump fuel in mid-air. Why do they do this? @AlexAppolonia @businessinsider @techinsider

12/29 Eight Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself in 2020 – With everything happening all the time, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. @TimHerrera @nytimes @alimons

12/29 Three Ideas For Taking Care of Yourself – If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be any good for others. @gcouros @Joe_Castoro

12/29 How Pets Can Help Reduce Bullying – Pets and bullying are two topics one would not think to put together, but the fact is, pets can help play a major role in reducing bullying amongst kids. @KirkpatricM @docweighsin @carlaacarlson @LEAD_Coalition @NOH8Campaign

12/25 The Power of Adapting – Relationship requires mutual adapting. Teams thrive when they adapt to each other. @Leadershipfreak @jrkuhns

12/25 Want to improve the world? Read these 6 game-changing books. I haven’t read any yet, but they all sound good. @F_Bonnici @wef @WEFBookClub @CMRubinWorld

12/26 Teacher explains anatomy to students in skin-tight bodysuit. A teacher in Spain is baring it all for education. @mshannahsparks @nypost

12/26 Get that Diploma: 5 of the Best Ways to Save for College – By starting early, you can ensure that you save as much money as possible for what will be one of the biggest expenses in your life. @iFrugalFitness @BootstrapsBiz

12/26 Scientists Now Know How Sleep Cleans Toxins From the Brain. The synchronized brain waves of non-REM sleep may play a key role in preventing toxins from accumulating in a person’s brain. @WIREDScience @nxthompson

12/24 Seven of the world’s ten most polluted cities are in India. This will help you learn more about air pollution no matter where you live. @howmuch_net @wef

12/24 2019 in medical research: What were the top findings? What are the most important findings from 2019? Here is our overview of some of the most noteworthy studies of the year. @MNT @MNT_MariaCohut

12/23 20 Best Machine Learning Books for Beginner & Experts [Ranked] – Machine learning has a wide array of applications that belongs to different fields, ranging from space research to digital marketing. @Damien_CABADI @Fabriziobustama @hackrio_

12/23 This may be the fastest way to learn something new, according to science. Perfection is not the ultimate goal of learning, researchers say. @SimranKaurAror5 @alipattillo @inversedotcom @E_Sheninger

12/22 Which Americans Pay The Lowest Taxes, Visualized. This short animation tells the real story of taxes. This is good for middle school and up. @alv9n @Maddie_Marshall @adamplease @voxdotcom

12/22 Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: What’s the Difference? Marketers Put Augmented and Virtual Reality to Work. @TreasureData

12/22 How cognitive biases are used to manipulate you – Every day corporations, the media, and politicians exploit your cognitive biases to manipulate you. @prismdecision

12/22 The top technologies that enabled digital transformation this decade – As the decade comes to a close, and we think back to the distant times of 2010, it becomes apparent that the 2010s were a decade of unimaginable digital transformation. @InsightBrief @TechRepublic

12/21 Yoga Benefits the Brain and May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s. Staying aerobically fit, and sticking to an exercise routine like running, is good for your brain and overall health. This has worked for me. @Being_Patient_ @ADevotedYogi @LEAD_Coalition

12/21 These science claims from 2019 could be big deals — if true. Findings in need of more proof include dinosaur fossils from the day a giant asteroid struck Earth and jets from stellar smashups. @CassieRMartin @MrVonTersch @ScienceNews

12/21 This 7-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life. It only takes seven minutes to change how you approach your day. Using this routine when you get to work will make a world of difference in your productivity, your attitude, your success, and your health. @jmbrandonbb @Inc @iownjd

12/20 What is HTTPS and why care? This guide instructs beginner and advanced website owners how to move from HTTP to HTTPS. There is a lot here. Share with coders you know. @OnlineMarketing @mendez_elize @larrykim

12/20 Hello, 5G. Goodbye, Passwords: Predictions for the New Decade. What will security look like in the third decade of the 21st century? Here are a few predictions. @bc_foster @securityblvd

12/20 Finland is making its online AI crash course free to the world. Originally designed for Finnish citizens, now anyone can sign up. @jjvincent @verge

12/19 Kids take over the playground with mind-blowing jump rope skills. As if regular Double Dutch weren’t hard enough, try ad

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