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3/15 Here’s A Useful Geography Lesson About Which Countries Hate Each Other From Around The Globe. It might be good to know the next time you go overseas which countries don’t get along with each other. @roywoodjr @TheDailyShow

3/11 Engineer Breaks Down Everything You Need To Know About The Eight Main Types Of Roller Coasters. That’s right kids. Being a roller coaster engineer is a real job. @KoreyGravity @GravityTheGroup

3/10 Unwinding Anxiety – New science shows how to break the cycles of worry and fear to heal your mind by Judson Brewer. @penguinrandom

3/10 How to Tell Which Emails Quietly Track You – Your emails know more about you than you might think, like when you open them or when you forward them to others. But you can reclaim your privacy. @davidnield @wired

3/9 See How the Vaccine Rollout Is Going in Your State – This interactive map compares % first dose and % second dose for each state. @CDCgov @nytimes

3/9 Can Exercise Make You More Creative? To spur innovation and ideas, try taking a walk. You do want creative kids, don’t you? @GretchenReynold @nytimes

3/9 AI program claims to predict COVID-19 death rate with 90 percent accuracy. A team of Danish researchers claims that artificial intelligence software they have developed can predict – with 90 percent accuracy – whether an uninfected person will die from COVID-19. @ysteinbuch @EurekAlert @KU_GlobalHealth

3/9 Coronavirus News: Long Island teen creates crafts program for kids in homeless shelters. A Long Island teen went from being “lonely and bored” at the start of the pandemic, to busy when she launched “Craft With Me.” What can your teen do? @LaurenGlassberg @ABC7NY

3/8 What Will Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day – Walking is a totally free, easy exercise that requires little effort, and benefits not only your physical but also your mental well-being. If you’re looking for a simple yet very effective way of losing weight and improving your overall health, walking is something just for you. @bright_side_me

3/8 Visualizing How Much Countries Spend on R&D This infographic comes to us from HowMuch.net, and it compares R&D numbers for nearly every country in the world. It uses data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics adjusted for purchasing-power-parity (PPP). @jeff_desjardins @VisualCap @mvollmer1 @FrRonconi

3/8 Animating Kids’ 10-Step Animated Storytelling System – These are good steps to use for telling any kind of story. @AnimatingKids

3/7 These Smart Insoles Fixed the Author’s Running Form—and Aching Hip. These pressure-sensing insoles are a great diagnostic tool for leveling up training or addressing painful running woes. @pwhall @wired

3/7 Why we misunderstand virtual reality? Virtual reality has the unique capability to engage with all our senses at once. For that reason, it can offer an immersive experience not found in other mediums. @bdtechtalks @kashyapvyaas @ipfconline1

3/6 How to get your resume past Artificial Intelligence (AI) screening tools: 5 tips – Most resumes must pass through an automated test – based on AI or RPA – before humans ever see them. Career experts share tips, from language to formatting, on how to build a resume that clears that first AI screening tool hurdle. @kevinrcasey @4enterprisers @shehzadyounis

3/6 The Future Of Work Will Demand These Eight New Skills<./a> The future of work is upon us and while we’ve been entrenched at home, the world has changed significantly. Getting back to work won’t be getting back at all, it will be a new game. And success in the future will require new skills—some of which may come as a surprise. @TracyBrower108 @Forbes @HaroldSinnott

3/6 How Artificial Intelligence Can Slow the Spread of COVID-19 – Wharton’s Hamsa Bastani spoke with Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM last July about a new machine learning approach to COVID-19 testing at the Greek border. @hamsabastani @Wharton @Penn @bexxmodd @marcusborba @whartonknows

3/4 Two Science-Based Ways to End a Conversation – The team analyzed data from two experiments consisting of 932 conversations in all. @inversedotcom

3/4 Almost everyone in the workplace will become a data professional. Medb Corcoran, Ireland lead for Accenture Labs talks about her career journey and why data skills will be critical for businesses going forward. Could this be the same for schools? @ElseeArdill @siliconrepublic @nigewillson

3/3 JavaScript 101: Into Programming – A program is often referred to as source code or just code. Program is a set of special instructions to tell the computer what tasks to perform. Code usually is saved to the file but with JavaScript, you can write code directly into a developer console in a browser. @bexxmodd @spot_code

3/3 Two Search Refinement Tips That Helped Richard Byrne’s Students – By excluding “Bluetooth” from the search results and choosing “filetype PDF” in the advanced search menu students are able to get past a lot of their initial frustration. @arduino @rmbyrne

3/2 Five Things You Didn’t Know About Artificial Intelligence – While it might appear to be a fairly new concept, it’s actually been around since the first computer was built back in the 1930s. @BBNTimes_en @bexxmodd @HarbRimah

3/2 How To Brag Bravely And Boost Your Career Transition In 2021 – What’s one reason women don’t get ahead in their careers? It’s not for lack of expertise or experience. It’s that they don’t market themselves and their achievements. @SitAtTheTable @ForbesWomen @JudySchoenberg @LindaLautenberg

3/2 The 7 Real Reasons for Laughing – The circumstances in which we laugh are many and varied, but, deep down, we laugh for one (or sometimes several) of just seven reasons. @NeelBurton @PsychToday @BethFratesMD

3/1/2021 It’s Maple Syrup Time, Yay! This is something that you and your kids can do in you have any maple trees nearby. It’s also a great school project. @Highlights @rmbyrne

3/1/2021 Post-COVID: Five Ways Your Job Could Change – This is a good time to be a creative thinker and innovator. @itsdesign @cnaintelligence @meisshaily @octaveanalytics @ziplgp

3/1/2021 The Rumored Apple Car Is Bad News for Elon. Could Apple succeed with a car? Well, the company’s recent Macintosh was distinguished not only by speedy chips but unprecedented battery life. So it’s not surprising that we’ve heard the Apple car will have groundbreaking battery tech. @StevenLevy @WIRED

2/28 Autonomous Driving Dataset Visualization with Python and VizViewer – Explore the Lyft Prediction Dataset with a novel visualization toolkit. @TDataScience @epuujee @Eli_Krumova #Dataset #Python #Analytics #MachineLearning #ML #AI

2/28 Pinkcast 4.07. This is how to carve out an hour a week to think big. Pink casts are short and contain big idea. This is no exception. @DanielPink

2/27 Four-year-old girl discovers 220 million-year-old dinosaur footprint at a beach in Wales. The creature probably stood about 29.5 inches tall, was about 8 feet long, and walked on its two hind feet. Tell your kids to keep their eyes open. @Adela_Suliman @NBCNews @philshapiro

2/27 Here’s what happened when AI and humans met in a strawberry-growing contest. In Pinduoduo’s Smart Agriculture Competition, four technology teams competed with traditional farmers over four months to grow strawberries. @LLLloyd1 @wef

2/27 What is bias?“Bias” is an overloaded term that means remarkably different things in different contexts. It is also something that you and your students should understand. @TDataScience @quaesita @HaroldSinnott @ipfconline1

2/26 GeoQuiz – How Many Countries Can You Identify in Fifteen Minutes? You can play solo or against someone else online. The hard part for me is the spelling. @geoquiz @GeoQuizApp @iQuonik @rmbyrne

2/26 This $20 Python Programming Bundle Preps You for a Career in AI. True to its namesake, Python snakes through numerous areas of the tech industry. Nearly every time we open an app, click on an ad, or even speak to our voice assistant, we can be sure there’s some Python code making it happen. @StackCommerce @PCMag

2/24 The road to electric is filled with tiny cars. So what do a lot of Chinese and a lot of older people in Florida have in common? @lavender_au

2/24 Eight advantages of IoT in banking – It is estimated that by 2025, there will be 64 billion IoT devices worldwide. This figure is a big jump from the 10 billion gadgets in 2018. Further, according to McKinsey, 127 new tools worldwide are attached to the web each second. @TechNative @YvesMulkers

2/23 Three requirements for successful artificial intelligence programs – Many AI programs do not generate business gains. For successful deployment, make sure there’s scientific, stakeholder, and application consistency. @MITSloan @epuujee @KeaneDA1

2/23 Steve Jobs: One Thing in Life Separates the People Who Do Things From Those Who Just Dream About Them – The co-founder of Apple screwed up, big time, and often. But he left us with a profound lesson. @MarcelSchwantes @Inc

2/23 FBI, Secret Service investigating cyberattack on Florida water treatment plant. Local officials said someone took over their TeamViewer system and dangerously increased the levels of lye in the town’s water. @TechRepublic @RagusoSergio

2/22 What is the Highest Point in Each State of the USA? This is an excellent US geography lesson and just a fun tour around the US. Some are really easy to get to while others require some serious climbing. @ChicagoGeoYT

2/22 What is Python Used For: a Comprehensive Guide Learn what is Python used for these days: find out why it’s the best programming language for AI, machine learning, and its other uses. @bitdegree_org @epuujee @Sirlupinwatson

2/22 The Brain’s ‘Background Noise’ May Be Meaningful After All. By digging out signals hidden within the brain’s electrical chatter, scientists are getting new insights into sleep, aging, and more. @lizlandau @WIRED

2/21 Own Your Body’s Data – Talithia Williams, a statistician, makes a compelling case that all of us should be measuring and recording simple data about our bodies every day — because our own data can reveal much more than even our doctors may know. @Dr_TalithiaW @TEDTalks

2/21 Learn to Code: What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn First? To help you get to grips with learning to code and to help you make your mind up here is an amazing infographic with helpful information for complete coding novices. @makeawebsitehub @HaroldSinnott @ingliguori

2/21 How Jakarta Became The Fastest Sinking City In The World – Jakarta, population 10.77 million, is sinking into the ocean fast. How did things get this bad? This is a good history and science lesson. @xtinathornell @zazein @rajaaeli @voxdotcom

2/21 Here’s The Physics Behind How Drop Towers At Amusement Parks Work. This is a good STEM lesson that your kids will find interesting. @aoEngineering

2/20 How This Invention Saved A Million Boats From Being Shipwrecked – The Fresnel lens helped sailors see lighthouses from significant distances than before, saving countless lives. This is a good physics lesson for middle school and up. @BridgettHenwood @dionlee__ @voxdotcom

2/20 The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen – “Hans Rosling makes data come alive like no other speaker. This is an incredible talk that changed my understanding of the world. It’s mesmerizing.” Chris Anderson – TED Curator @TEDchris @HansRosling @Gapminder @GlobalHealthKI @OlaRosling

2/19 These are the programming languages most in-demand with companies hiring. Survey of 15,000 developers and HR managers reveals JavaScript, Java, and Python as the most sought-after languages, while knowledge of React, Node.js and .NET Core are also in high demand. @owenrdhughes @techrepublic @bexxmodd @ipfconline1

2/19 Four Work-From-Home Tech Tricks I Learned From Twitch Streamers – These are some great tips for anyone working at home. @cindella204 @wired

2/18 The Geography of Spices and Herbs – This is a great cooking and geography lesson combined. Share it with students and parents. @theatlaspro

2/17 Human Population Through Time – It took 200,000 years for our human population to reach 1 billion—and only 200 years to reach 7 billion. But growth has begun slowing, as women have fewer babies on average. When will our global population peak? And how can we minimize our impact on Earth’s resources, even as we approach 11 billion? @AMNH

2/17 What are the Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist? The data science job market is far from saturated, with an estimated shortage of 190,000 specialists in the US only. @ValchanovIliya

2/16 Want to Fix Urban Sprawl? Ditch the Cul-de-Sac. Streets arranged in grids, with few dead-ends, encourage walking and transit. But in developing countries, growing cities are taking the opposite route. @flaviehalais @WIRED @elpaavo

2/16 The Eight Parts of Speech: Examples and Rules – If you know someone who is struggling with grammar as I did please share this with them. It gives a look at the forest to someone who is lost in the trees. I also recommend Grammarly to any writer. @Grammarly

2/15 Here’s A Nifty Visualization Showing How Expanding Highways Makes Traffic Significantly Worse. The concept is called induced demand. See how if works. @lebult @BridgettHenwood @dionlee__ @monalalwani @amazur @voxdotcom

2/15 How Writing Down What You’re Thankful For Can Be Good For Mental and Physical Health – Noting your gratitude seems to pay off: There’s a growing body of research on the benefits of gratitude. @maanvissingh @ThaddeusBTeach @MindShiftKQED

2/14 Why Are American Homes So Much Less Sturdy Compared To Other Places? Here’s why American homes are so flimsy despite not being that old. Can your students answer this before they watch? @iamjohntejada @Zomb_Queen @Carl_E_Mueller @cheddar @TheAtlantic @Medium

2/14 What Would Happen If You Never Showered With Soap? Learn what soap does and how you can live without it. @WeAreMel @delia_cai @fillegrossiere

2/14 Indoor Air Expert Tests The Most Popular Air Purifiers On The Market To See Which Cleans The Air The Best. You can go to the 18-minute mark to learn how to make your own air purifier that out-performs some of the commercial ones tested here. You can also learn why humidifiers and essential oil diffusers are not recommended. @nilkoksalcbc @cbcmarketplace @CBC @cbcgem

2/13 The World’s Top Ten Most Spoken Languages – See if you and your students can guess what they are. @VisualCap @automeme @FrRonconi

2/13 Predicting cardiovascular risk with Artificial Intelligence – An automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm is using deep learning to predict damaging cardiovascular events such as heart attacks. @HealthEuropa @bexxmodd @asokan_telecom

2/12 Here’s A Cool Visualization Of Herd Immunity With 500 Mouse Traps That Demonstrate Why Vaccines Work. The more contagious a disease the higher the percentage you need to vacinate. This is great for middle school on up. @okaytobesmart @DrJoeHanson @PBSDS

2/12 Chemical HumanHere is the chemical breakdown of the human body. Note proteins and fats are equal and carbohydrates are only 1%. Also, only six elements comprise 99%.

2/12 What’s Stopping Americans From Buying An Electric Car? Electric cars got a lot of attention at the Super Bowl, but Americans remain skeptical of making one their next vehicle. What’s holding us back? @CuriosityStream @wendoverpro @WatchNebula

2/12 Nutritionists Debunk The Most Popular Food Myths We Have. Is red wine really good for your heart? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Two dietitian nutritionists explain and debunk 19 of the most popular food myths out there. @ScienceInsider @NewsfromScience @ScienceMagazine

2/10 Forget Blood—Your Skin Might Know If You’re Sick. This glowing microneedle test could catalyze a transition from blood-based diagnostics to a stick-on patch. I like that medical tests are becoming less invasive. @laxmevy @WIRED

2/10 Top five AI gadgets for your home – AI is an incredible technology that can improve your daily life. We’ve rounded up the best five AI gadgets to purchase this year for safety benefits and daily improvements. @gadgetflow @nigewillson

2/9 Make Your Essay Structure Rock-Solid with These Tips. In high school and college, it’s not enough to just write strong essays. One of the most important skills to develop is writing strong essays efficiently. @grammarly

2/9 If I had to start learning Data Science again, how would I do it? The author’s favorite way to learn is going from simple to complex gradually. This means starting with practical examples and then moving to more abstract concepts. @TDataScience @johanstn

2/7 Musical Explorers World Map – This is very cool. Let your kids play with this if they like music. @carnegiehall @rmbyrne

2/7 The Surprising Decline in Violence – Steven Pinker charts the decline of violence from Biblical times to the present and argues that, though it may seem illogical and even obscene, given Iraq and Darfur, we are living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence. @sapinker @TEDTalks

2/7 Here’s What Learning to Juggle Does to Your Brain. First of all, you have to stop thinking and kind of become a robot. I taught myself to juggle and found it to be good for my brain. @tomvanderbilt @WEIRD
2/6 How Do mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work? This one-minute animation is a good place to start if you or your kids are trying to figure this out. @VaccinateNY

2/6 Snow and Ice Pose a Vexing Obstacle for Self-Driving Cars. Most testing of autonomous vehicles until now has been in sunny, dry climates. That will have to change before the technology will be useful everywhere. If there is a lot of snow and ice may be your self-driving car shouldn’t be driving either. @willknight @WIRED

2/3 How to Support Vocabulary Building in Science Classes – With carefully crafted statements that incorporate vocabulary and prompt discussion, students learn scientific terms and concepts more readily. @edutopia

2/3 Biden Wants the Government to Run on EVs. It Won’t Be Easy. This is interesting. As a renter, I really can’t consider an electric vehicle yet. Note that WIRED trends liberal. @AarianMarshall @WIRED

2/3 A six-year-old became the world’s youngest computer programmer. Now 7, Kautilya Katariya set a new Guinness World Record for completing IBM’s AI certification. @EstherShein @techrepublic @nigewillson

2/1/2021 Researchers propose AI system that summarizes historical texts. The sheer volume of archives can make interpreting historical text challenging even for experts. @Kyle_L_Wiggers @VentureBeat

2/1/2021 What 5G promises for IoT – Right away 5G looks promising for high-density Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, but future releases of the cellular technology have even greater potential. @BobViolino @networkworld @AndyHorvitz @ipfconline1

1/31 Fifty Cognitive Biases in the Modern World – You need to be aware of biases if you want to be your best or at least better. They show up a lot in the literature I read. @VisualCap @Nicochan33 @RicardoSGulko @PawlowskiMario

1/31 These are the top impacts from The Davos Agenda. Read down to scan the topic headlines before you get lost in the weeds. These are the items that are capturing the focus of world leaders. @kirstensalyer @wef @PVynckier

1/31 How to Feel Better Now – Try one of these scientifically-backed techniques to get a quick mood boost. @PsychToday @TariqAAHassan

1/30 Five Reasons Why Swedish People Are So Attractive – I think it comes down to fact they are more likely to be fit and care about their appearance. (Full Confession: I am a Swedish-American.) @stefanthyron

1/30 The music project helping people with dementia find their voice during lockdown – A Manchester orchestra has taken its care home music sessions online, as staff and families sing the benefits for memory and wellbeing. @faywert @MancCamerata @guardian @chucksedwin1 @LEAD_Coalition

1/30 GM Plans To Phase Out Gas And Diesel Cars By 2035. GM set the date as its target but hedged on a full commitment, describing the move as “an aspiration to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035.” Is this bad news for people who rent and don’t have any place to plugin? @Jerryhirsch @ForbesWheels @Forbes @mtbarra @GM

1/29 What Are Giant Blue Ponds That You Can See From Space Doing In The Utah Desert? This is a good practical chemistry lesson. At 4:00 you get a very cool potassium + water explosion. @veritasium @b_meagher @Bachner37 @googleearth

1/29 These Doctors Are Using AI to Screen for Breast Cancer. During the pandemic, thousands of women have skipped scans and check-ups. So physicians tapped an algorithm to predict those at the highest risk. @willknight @wired

1/28 The Frightening Economics Of The Tesla Semi – This is a good practical math lesson. See if your students can devise a way to compare the Tesla Semi to the Diesel version before they watch this. @BahlFranke @Tesla @elonmusk

1/28 Data is the New Oil. Data has transformed the face of our current industries. Data is what we gift to our world. It can also be your form of a gift. @thestartup_ @AnikaChhabra__ @thestartup_ @bexxmodd @RichardEudes

1/27 Is It Time for an Emergency Rollout of Carbon-Eating Machines? Facilities that suck carbon dioxide out of the air could be powerful weapons for fighting climate change. But their deployment requires a huge wartime-style investment. @mrMattSimon @wired

1/26 19 Books Successful People Read – Here’s a pile of books recommended by high achievers. One of these books is “The Element” by the late Ken Robinson. Read my summary here. @SALUBRIOUSDISH @Inc @JanetJlake

1/25 The pandemic is speeding up the mass disappearance of men from college. The decline in enrollment has been seven times as steep among men as among women. Women now make up about 60% of college students. @JonMarcusBoston @hechingerreport

1/25 Cameras can protect the elderly with intelligent fall detection. So can my Apple watch. @armediapublish @PawlowskiMario @RagusoSergio

1/25 These habits paved the road to success for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and more. Researchers have identified 22 “flow triggers,” including having clear goals, immediate feedback, a rich environment, and a task at hand that challenges our skillset just enough. Flow follows focus. There is a lot of good advice here for young and old alike. Consider reading The Art of Impossible. @haileyeber @steven_kotler @nypost

1/24 Nine Neat NASA Resources for Students and Teachers – Updated – Have nine teachers or students each check one out and report back. @rmbyrne @NASA

1/23 Dialect Coach Seamlessly Switches Between More Than 15 Local US Accents. Accent expert Erik Singer is a whiz at imitating accents from Bostonian to Appalachian. This could be used by ELA teachers. @accentvoiceguy @wired

1/23 Not ready to be vegan? Here are 5 tweaks to make your diet more Earth-friendly. – I’m a vegan except when my friends feed me meat. I’m a vegan for health reasons, but if it helps the planet that’s great. @hi_thisissunny @TEDTalks @BruceGFriedrich @GoodFoodInst

1/23 Innovation Incubator – Idea to Digital Product at rocket speed! We drive the way you dream. @InnovationIncua

1/21 Take a Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Home – This is something your students might enjoy playing with. @HullFilmFest @MountVernon

1/21 The 6 Questions I Ask Before I Say ‘Yes’ to Anything – It’s okay to value your time and energy — in fact, it’s important. @jess_ekstrom @Entrepreneur @gcouros @headbandsofhope

1/21 Five Technologies That Will Transform Medicine In Post-Pandemic America – From the wreckage and devastation will emerge something few contemporary observers would expect: a brighter future for American healthcare. See if you can guess what they are. @RobertPearlMD @Forbes @EvanKirstel @jameyedwards

1/20 Seven AI-Based Movies To Look Forward To In 2021 – This year has just begun, and just like the previous year, 2021 is also going to be super exciting for AI-based movies. @SejutiDas @bexxmodd @nigewillson @Analyticsindiam

1/20 Will a Brain-Computer Interface based technologies pave the way to new opportunities? Imagine if in the future we can order food as soon as we think of it, or if a Netflix series gets downloaded after we mentally decide which one to binge-watch during the weekend. Brain-computer interface (BCI) promises to make these things become reality someday soon. This looks like a good topic for a class discussion or a writing assignment. @analyticsinme @PVynckier @HarbRimah

1/20 Eight Rewarding and Highly Sought-After Tech Careers – These rewarding eight tech careers will help if you are changing your career, looking to go into tech or if you’re thinking of the best tech career path to take. @CatherineAdenle @YvesMulkers

1/20 How The EU Is Leading The Way In AI-Powered Social Innovation – In 2020, cross-industry AI adoption skyrocketed like never before, as people-oriented solutions became the sole focus and priority of technology entrepreneurs, enterprises, and governments. @MMinevich @Forbes @smwidubai @TADigitalInc @jamesvgingerich

1/19 MIT neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher bares all to teach neuroanatomy. This short video [1:29] features a female neuroscientist shaving her head to show where various function areas of the brain are located. You can also watch Nancy Kamwisher’s TED Talk. Here’s her website at MIT. @MIT

1/19 Quick Steps to Learn Data Science As a Beginner – Before understanding the basic concepts and algorithms in data science and machine learning, you must learn a language. This author chose to learn the Python language. @AnalyticsVidhya @epuujee @webAnalyste @bexxmodd @dsguide_

1/19 How Has Artificial Intelligence Risen in the Healthcare Sector – The healthcare sector has seen immense transformations over the years and the extent to which life has become convenient cannot be merely put into words. @analyticsinme @automeme @bexxmodd @Hitavarma

1/18 Development of the COVID-19 Vaccine – This short animation [4:41] should be useful for science teachers in middle school and up. @OsmosisMed

1/18 How English Ended Up With Multiple Words Meaning The Same Thing – This short video [2:19] is a language and history lesson combined. I suggest pausing as some words go by pretty fast. @arikaokrent

1/18 Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Fight Fake News? Can algorithms that exacerbate the effects of fake news also be used to counter it and foster critical thinking at a mass scale? @VirajZero @TDataScience @bexxmodd @wiwer77

1/17 Here’s An Eye-Popping Time-Lapse Of A Couple Building A 3-Acre Farm In One Year From Scratch. This 21-minute video tells the story of how a young couple bought land in Panama without water or electricity and turned it into a self-sufficient home. This is essentially a big learning project. Here is their YouTube channel. @N0MADICM0VEMENT

1/17 Watch Sony test drive its Vision-S prototype on public roads. @IgorBonifacic @engadget @PawlowskiMario @Nicochan33 @CES

1/17 Six Cutting-Edge Applications of AI – See how artificial intelligence is substantively reshaping industries, from e-commerce to insurance. @quintendo64 @BuiltIn @epuujee @Deep_In_Depth

1/17 Full Episodes of National Geographic Specials – Recently Nat Geo releases full episodes of some of the most popular specials that they have aired. Consider showing segments as parts of your lessons. @NatGeo @rmbyrne

1/16 Guys Try To Get Snow Off Roof, Get Way More Than They Bargained For When Avalanche Happens. You know what’s likely going to happen at the end of the video, but still, it was way more than you expect. @theawesomer

1/15 The Top 50 Most Valuable Global Brands – This infographic is very interesting. See if you and your students can guess the top four. @VisualCap @PawlowskiMario @AndrewinContact @GuyKawasaki

1/14 Disc Golf for Beginners with Nate Sexton – I took up this game during the pandemic and love it. People with widely different abilities can play together and it’s a true life-long sport. Schools should consider adding to the PE curriculum. @InnovaDiscs

1/14 Top Data Science Careers of the Future – This is in response the author received when he wrote the original article as readers suggested many other jobs in this field. @rpdesai24 @epuujee @DD_NaNa_

1/13 Veganuary, the 1-Month Veganism Challenge, Exceeds a Half-Million Participants. The surge of interest in this annual event is attributed partly to the pandemic. Also, see my summary of How Not to Die if you want more reasons to eat plants. @feistyredhair @Treehugger

1/13 Here Are Fast-Growing Jobs For The Future. As the American population gets older and technology continues to dominate, there will be a plethora of new, exciting, and high-paying opportunities in these sectors. @wecruitr_io @Forbes @SitAtTheTable

1/13 Five emerging trends to drive tech innovation for the next decade – Gartner has identified social distancing technologies, composable enterprise, AI-assisted design, differential privacy and biodegradable sensors as the five key emerging trends that will drive technology innovation over the next decade. @ishers123 @InformationAge @Gartner_inc

1/11 37 Children’s Books to help talk about Racism & Discrimination – Talking to our children about racism and discrimination is as necessary as it is uncomfortable for most parents. Necessary because racial bias in children starts as early as from the age of 3; uncomfortable because it means we have to address our own racial biases. @coloursofus @MCChildsBookDay @pragmaticmom

1/11 How Much Should You Exercise? This short [4:24] video points out that diet and not smoking are more important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active. @nutrition_facts

1/11 The Secret To Couch To 5K’s Long-Running Success – If you are still at the couch stage it may be time to try this program. As an avid runner, I can assure you that once you start you will be glad you did. @quinmyers @WeAreMel

1/11 Foods that fight inflammation – Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to reduce inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator. By following an anti-inflammatory diet you can fight off inflammation for good. @HarvardHealth @bar_zie

1/10 Top 15 Largest European cities in history (1 AD – 2019) – Anyone teaching or taking European history should watch this. Be sure to stop it from time to time. Get ready for some surprises. @HubRankings

1/10 A Final Tribute To Alex Trebek – This video featuring “Once Before I Go” by Peter Allen was played at the end of Alex Trebek’s last Jeopardy show on 1/8/2021. It’s worth another watch or a first watch if you missed it. Have a tissue ready. @Jeopardy

1/10 The Seven Types of Rest That Every Person Needs – Sleep and rest are not the same thing, although many of us incorrectly confuse the two. @DrDaltonSmith

1/8 See the Most Mind-Bending Optical Illusions of 2020. You can create your own version of the winning design with a free, printable kit. Be sure to watch all three short videos. @theresakmach @smithsonianmag @ScienceMagician

1/8 The Roadmap of Mathematics for Deep Learning – Instead of reading through in one sitting, We recommend using this article as a reference point through your studies. Go deep into a concept that is introduced, then check the roadmap and move on. Share with math students you know. @TivadarDanka @epuujee @Deep_In_Depth

1/8 This Is Unarguably The Best Way To Cut A Bell Pepper. Chef Ming Tsai shows off a simple and effective cutting board hack that will make prepping bell peppers an absolute breeze. If you have been cooking more at home this will help. @mingtsai

1/8 How Google Is Using AI & ML To Improve Search Experience – Recently, the developers at Google detailed the methods and ways they have been using artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to improve its search experience. @Analyticsindiam @epuujee @ipfconline1

1/7 Your Brain on Music – Neuroscientist and musician Alan Harvey takes us on an interactive journey showing live on stage what music does to our brain waves, and explains how music is more than just entertainment. You’ve never seen music like this before @TED_ED

1/7 How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins – This should convince every parent to engage there kids in music. @Ad_Anderson @Grace_OT @TED_ED

1/7 How to hide from a drone – the subtle art of ‘ghosting’ in the age of surveillance – One way that’s within reach of nearly everyone is learning how to simply disappear from view. @achoifitz @ConversationUS @Nicochan33 @ipfconline1

1/6 Benefits of Flax Seeds for Inflammation – I add a table spoon of ground flaxseed to my morning drink daily and I feel great at the age of 73. @nutrition_facts

1/6 Six Gut Instincts to Never Ignore – Here we dive into the topic of knowing when your feelings mean protection mode has kicked in with gut instincts or not. @brandyellen @liveluvtx

1/5 Watching How Titleist Makes Golf Balls Is Oddly Satisfying. I love watching how things are made. In a sense, this factory is one big specialized robot. @GolfTown @Titleist

1/5 These are the world’s most innovative economies. There is a 40-second video that lists the top ten. See if you can guess which countries make the list. @bar_zie @wef

1/4 Archaeology is going digital to harness the power of Big Data. Combining traditional “pick and trowel” field work with a sweeping birds-eye view. @JenLucPiquant @arstechnica

1/4 Six Free Graphic Design Tools For Entrepreneurs At No Risk – They are also good for students and teachers. Canva is the real deal here. @apollineadiju @canva

1/4 Performance Marketers Need to Watch These 5 Consumer Trends in 2021. Consumers should watch them too. After a year of chaos and uncertainty, these are some of the interests and behaviors that are here to stay. @hawthornecastro @Adweek @TrippBraden

1/3 This Revolving Window Illusion Tricks Our Sense Of Perception. This YouTuber Attempted To Get Our Brains To Unsee It. This video is an excellent lesson in perception. Share with art teachers and students you know. @veritasium @NordVPN

1/3 Google’s Wing warns new drone laws ‘may have unintended consequences’ for privacy. This past week, the US government made the single biggest, most impactful set of changes to drone law we’ve yet seen — ruling that almost every drone in US airspace will need to broadcast their locations, as well as the location of their pilots. @StarFire2258 @verge @Nicochan33 @Hana_ElSayyed

1/3 How Israel Became a World Leader in Vaccinating Against Covid-19 – Badly hit by the coronavirus, Israel has distributed the first of two vaccine doses to more than 10 percent of its population. This is way ahead for every other country. @IKershner @nytimes

1/3 When Ideas Have Sex – Matt Ridley shows how, throughout history, the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas to make new ideas. It’s not important how clever individuals are, he says; what really matters is how smart the collective brain is. @mattwridley @TEDTalks

1/2/2021 Can You Solve Abraham Lincoln’s Math Homework? This is a good problem for middle school and high school students. I’m happy to say that I got it right away. @preshtalwalkar

1/2/2021 Veganuary is a pledge to try a vegan/plant-based lifestyle for the entire month of January and hopefully beyond. I eat a vegan diet when I not dining at friend’s houses. I also exercise almost every day and I’m very healthy and happy. @ABlogAboutStuff @themomtessorian

1/2/2021 How to Find Your Peace While Being at Home – Are you finding it hard to be at home, either by yourself or the whole family is there with you? This can help. @JustSimpleHospi @themomtessorian

1/2/2021 Seattle’s Space Needle Put On A Light Show For New Year’s That Was A Total Acid Trip. If you can figure out how they did this let me know. @space_needle @TMobile @KING5Seattle

12/30 Twenty Five Brilliant Life Hacks You Need to Try – I have used some of these and they work great. @StephieRockwell @mental_floss

12/30 Korea’s Artificial Sun Just Ran for Twenty Astonishing Seconds. Fusion may be a decade away, but even a few seconds make a big difference at this stage. Let’s take a closer look—from a safe distance, of course. @PopMech @Mehran64256772

12/30 Neural’s AI predictions for 2021 – AI is already here in many forms so you and your kids should probably check this out. @mrgreene1977 @thenextweb @Neural @machinelearnTec @automeme @gp_pulipaka

12/30 Insecure wheels: Police turn to car data to destroy suspects’ alibis. Looser privacy standards for vehicle data are a treasure chest of data for law enforcement. @oliviasolon @NBCNews @sivavaid

12/29 PulverEdu a Global Community School Where Inspired Learners Meet Passionate Educators – Are you passionate about a topic or subject you would love to teach? Do you enjoy interacting in a LIVE class? We have a place for YOU in our Global Community School! @jeffpulver

12/29 Simple Linear Regression in the Field of Data Science – Understanding linear regressions is important in a lot of fields. This should help you and your students with the concept. @UniteAi @epuujee @HarbRimah

12/29 What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It) – Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships, and communicate more effectively. @tashaeurich @HarvardBiz @TrippBraden

12/29 How do A/B tests work? Here is a look inside one of the most powerful tools of the tech trade. @quaesita @Nicochan33 @ipfconline1 @TDataScience @SpirosMargaris

12/28 The Best Language-Learning Software for 2021 – PC Magazine tested all the major apps for learning a language; here are your best picks for studying a new language no matter your budget, prior experience, or goals. @jilleduffy @PCMag @duolingo

12/28 Where Good Ideas Come From – People often credit their ideas to individual “Eureka!” moments. But Steven Johnson shows how history tells a different story. His fascinating tour takes us from the “liquid networks” of London’s coffee houses to Charles Darwin’s long, slow hunch to today’s high-velocity web. @stevenbjohnson @TEDTalks

12/28 Five Simple Ways to Stay Focused On Your Goals – If you struggle to reach your goals this advice might help. Also, share with your students. @moretime4u2

12/28 Top Books On AI Released In 2020 That One Should Get Their Hands On – After the pandemic, the world is witnessing an accelerated adoption of AI. As this is happening, people find it difficult to comprehend what all this means and how it will affect them. @raibagikashyap @epuujee @Analyticsindiam

12/27 Best Job Ever – National Geographic Stories About Interesting Jobs. Best Job Ever is a YouTube playlist that features short stories about people who have interesting jobs that are primarily in the outdoors. @NatGeo @rmbyrne

12/27 Nine applications of AI You May Not Know – AI is already very present in our daily lives making things much easier for us in a multitude of fields. @reworkAI @epuujee @ipfconlinel @teamrework

12/27 Automation: the key to accelerating change in an increasingly uncertain marketplace – Whilst businesses continue to battle the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic, many are moving away from firefighting mode and thoughts have now turned to future planning. @TechNative @machinelearnTec @automeme @jblefevre60 @AkwyZ @chboursin @pascal_bornet

12/27 What Are The Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Skills In 2021? Cybersecurity professionals with cloud security skills can gain a $15,025 salary premium by capitalizing on strong market demand for their skills in 2021. @LouisColumbus @forbes @AndyHorvitz @ipfconline1

12/26 Watching What We Flush Could Help Keep a Pandemic Under Control. In private nearly everyone does produce a biological sample every day that is then voluntarily sent to a central location to be processed — when they flush the toilet. @ejalm @nytimes

12/26 Playing a Bagpipe with Helium – This is a very fun science lesson. This gets pretty historical as it goes on. Try to get some to play with at your school. There is a King of Avalon ad that you can skip. @thekingofrandom

12/25 The Growth of Mount Everest – A Math and Geology Lesson – There are multiple links here that math and science teachers can use to create and engaging lesson. It also talks about the career of land surveying. @rmbyrne @NavinSinghKhadk @BBCNews @cbbc @SciShowKids

12/25 Seven predictions for how technology will shape healthcare in 2021 – From the COVID-19 vaccine to advances in machine learning, AI, improved W-Fi and 5G, and telemedicine, experts expect a move to “patient-centric” health next year. @vmcombs @techrepublic @Nicochan33 @automeme @machine_ml @jmespinar @DeepLearn007

12/24 How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique (Example Included) – If you want to cut your study time, using the Feynman Technique is a great way to do it. Named after the physicist Richard Feynman, it revolves around explaining a concept in simple language as if you were teaching it to someone else. @TomFrankly @WatchNebula

12/24 Elon Musk’s Two Rules For Learning Anything Faster – This is the best short video that I HAVE EVER SEEN on the subject of learning. Share with all teachers and students you know. @jdaghe @TheArtOfImprove @elonmusk

12/23 Watch This Red Bell Pepper Plant Grow From A Single Seed In Mesmerising Time Lapse. @boxlapse @HeidiNakanishi

12/23 Best Ways of How to Learn Python For Data Science – Indeed reviewed that the average pay of a data professional is around $125,00, which sounds good as this number is increasing day by day. The specialists at IBM forecasted a 28% jump in the market for data experts by 2021. @StatAnalytica @epuujee @_qu4nt @machinelearnflx @pak_aims @vishalpanchal85

12/23 Magic is Something You Make – What you do IS special. You’ve mixed learned ideas with your own unique skills, personality, & creativity to create something beautiful. You are unrepeatable. Your genius can’t be replicated. @tishrich

12/22 Hawaii residents told to stay home as Kilauea volcano erupts. This short video [2:20] is an excellent introduction to this important topic. @mnholcombe @GettyImages @CNN

12/21 Seven French Horn Lines You’ve Heard – This short video [2:39] is an excellent way for a music teacher to introduce the French horn to students of any age. @Vinheteiro @maestrofernandomathias @felipecapuchorossi

12/21 Why Plastic Recycling Is A Lie To Sell More Plastic – This video explains how the plastic industry has pushed recycling to sell more plastic. @ClimateTown @RollieWilliams

12/21 The Erie Canal: Traversing the American Midwest Before Railroads. This video [15:14] is perfect for students who are studying westward expansion. Shere with social studies teachers and students who you know. @SimonWhistler @OGuiberteau

12/20 How China Ruined Recycling For Everyone – This video explains what happens to the contents of your recycling bin. It should be watched by anyone who is responsible for generating recycled material. (That’s probably you and your family.) @hover @wendoverpro

12/20 Ten Things You Need To Give Up If You Want To Be Exceptionally Successful – In order to take flight and become successful, you need to carefully assess your extra baggage. @ellekaplan @thrive @LexionCapital @cvheady007

12/20 We all make snap first impressions about each other — here’s how to slow down. Taking a moment to pause and really look at the other person can help us all avoid embarrassment and hurt feelings. @ToscaKilloran @TEDx @ideas_ted

12/20 How to Effectively Prepare for a Job Interview? Preparing properly for an interview can dramatically improve your chances of success and in this article, we will explore six specific things you can do to wow the panel. @cvheady007 @CareerMetis

12/19The Benefits of a Multilingual Brain – Mia Nacamulli details the three types of bilingual brains and shows how knowing more than one language keeps your brain healthy, complex, and actively engaged. @harpecomany @ErvineLinda @realscientists

12/19Seven Healthiest Ways to Start Your Day – The morning part of the day is considered the most important part of the day because what you do in the morning affects the rest of your day. @LLLloyd1 @ymghealthy

12/19How to Use Different Types of Statistics Test – Knowing the basics of this subject is vital in a lot of fields. @StatAnalytica @epuujee @Eli_Krumova @SourabhSKatoch

12/19Boost Your Career: Ten Best Data Science Boot Camps for 2021. Land a career in data science in the new year with these best boot camps. @epuujee @AnalyticsFrance @TrendingNews_7 @BrankoBoro

12/18 Maps That Show Us A New Perspective – Like the map above this site shows lots of part of the Earth in interesting juxtaposition. contact@exploredplanet.com

12/18 How They Made a Vaccine So Fast – Let’s break down some of the steps in the vaccines’ development so we can see where the time went. @BethSkw @VitalsLH

12/18 The Seven Most Promising Government Led AI Solutions – As the 21st-century rages on, the success and failure of nations depends not only on their citizenry and governmental leadership but heavily on the technological visions that countries embrace. @MMinevich @Forbes @machinelearnTec @automeme

12/17 Are your ready for Hour of Code? Hour of Code happened again! This year it was held between the 7th and 13th December. Here are resources your kids can use to learn how to code. @clcsimon

12/17 Welcome to Imageneratext. This is a new way to generate image and video content with text published by an entrepreneur from Madrid, Spain. @imageneratext

12/16 The Physics of Randomness – This is an excellent science video for upper elementary on up. @RishiDesaiMD @kyle_slinn @OsmosisMed

12/16 Six Common Traits of Unhappy People – Situations and circumstances can make us unhappy, without a doubt. However, oftentimes, our unhappiness derives from our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. @ImbuedLiving @DisneyDream717

12/16 Foreign-Born Population in the US (1850 to 2019) – This animated graph is very interesting. Can you name the countries where the most foreign-born people are from? @StatsMedia1

12/16 Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 – 2019 – If you want to know today’s most popular language pause this animation at the end. @datasbeautiful

12/15 Here’s An Eye-Opening Explanation For How Spacecraft Gets Into Orbit To Land On The Moon. This is a short [1:15] and nifty quick explanation for the science of landing on the moon. Share with science teachers and students you know. @xploringspace

12/14 This Military-Grade Infrared Camera Reveals How COVID-19 Is Spread Between Two People. This is scary. This should give you an incentive to stay farther away from people indoors and to stay out or rooms where people spend long periods of time. @DDaltonBennett @SarahCahlan @washingtonpost

12/14 Want to Be Happier? Ask Yourself This Question Every Morning. Albert Einstein called this “the most important decision” we make in our lives. @CHRISWINFIELD @Inc @iownjd

12/13 Here’s What Happened When Six Boys Were Shipwrecked On A Remote Island For 15 Months. They became known as “The Real Lord of the Flies.” Share with English teachers and students who are reading this book. There is an ad for hair restoration early on that you can skip. @Thoughty_2 @getkeps

12/13 America’s Three Richest People Are Now Positioned To Pay Zero State Income Tax. – This could stimulate a class discussion of federalism. @lisettevoytko @forbes @elonmusk @JeffBezos @BillGates

Water = Life
12/13 Wall Street’s New Water Market Is the Latest Sign We’re Headed Toward a Mad Max Future. We need water to cook and wash our bodies and clothes, and especially to drink—without it, we can’t live. Despite this, Wall Street traders are going to start betting on it as a commodity. Make sure your kids know what futures markets are. @dharnanoor @Gizmodo

12/12 How Much Nature Is Enough? 120 Minutes a Week, Doctors Say. It’s a medical fact: Spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is good for you. How much are you and your family getting? @KnvulS @nytimes

12/12 Six Ways AI Can Help Save the Planet – From facial recognition technology that monitors brown bear populations to intelligent robots sorting recycling, these initiatives are having a positive impact on the environment. @shhhaddad @raconteur @machinelearnTec @automeme

12/11 Physicists solve 150-year-old mystery of equation governing sandcastle physics. While the basic underlying physics is well-known, physicists have continued to gain new insights into this fascinating granular material over the last decade or so. @JenLucPiquant @arstechnica

12/11 Elon Musk says ‘too many MBAs’ are running American companies. To Elon Musk, MBA might as well stand for “misguided bum academic.” Share with business teachers and students you know. @noahmanskar @nypost @nyc_patch @TheIslandNow

12/11 How Did Breakdancing Become an Olympic Sport? The Olympics aren’t so much a monument to all sports across the globe as they are an evolving and arbitrary list of them. @Blumnessmonster @lifehacker

12/9 How Japanese People Stay Fit for Life, Without Ever Visiting a Gym – Japanese adults walk an average of 6500 steps a day, with male adults in their 20s to 50s walking nearly 8000 steps a day on average, and women in their 20s to 50s about 7000 steps. How many do you and your kids take a day? Kaki Okumura @digg

12/9 Why seaweed might be the next key asset in the fight against climate change – UN Global Compact’s seaweed manifesto touts the plant’s potential as a food, energy source. @CBCNews @Doumeizel @_AMeta @lastudiolafayet @RollFwdEnviro

12/8 The Trump Administration Just Made the Citizenship Test Harder. How Would You Do? Test your knowledge on some of the topics from American history and government that prospective new citizens have to answer. I got 8 out of 9. Let me know how you and your kids do. @ClintonCargill @nytimes

12/8 Planes with Elaine: Make paper airplanes with different wing shapes. Every plane must be able to balance the four forces of flight—lift, thrust, weight and drag—to be able to get off the ground. Building models can help engineers learn more about how a plane might fly before they build the real thing. This is great for upper elementary on up. @casciencecenter

12/8 Someone Built The World’s Brightest Flashlight And Its A Bazooka Of Illumination. This is a really fun hack. Share with science and engineering students and teachers. @thehacksmith @kiwico_inc
12/6 Guy Tests Out How Much Food A Real Human Stomach Can Hold. This is a good biology lesson for anyone from upper elementary on up.

12/5 How IT Teams Can Better Manage Devices for Remote Learning – Today’s IT departments are facing a new challenge: managing a plethora of remote devices while ensuring equity. @AdamStoneWriter @EdTech_K12

12/4 Charting the Massive Scale of the Digital Cloud – Cloud computing continues to be on the rise, and for good reason. It’s transformed our digital experience in numerous ways, from how we store data to the way we share information online with others. @VisualCap @nancyrubin

12/4 The Queen’s Gambit with AI – Audiences around the world have been captivated by the way Beth learns to play and master the game, defeating powerful well-ranked chess players to ultimately become the best female chess player in the world. Time to get a chess set for your kids. @crunchmetrics @epuujee @DataScienceFr @RichardEudes

12/3 Here Are The Eye-Popping Nominees For Wildlife Photographer Of The Year’s People’s Choice Award – The Natural History Museum in London is inviting the public to participate in the 2020 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition by voting for the People’s Choice Award winner. @jamescrugnale @Digg @NHM_London

12/3 Five Big Picture Trends Being Accelerated by the Pandemic – No doubt, even after a viable vaccine is released to the general public and things begin to return to some semblance of normalcy, there will be long lasting effects on society and the economy. @Phanyxx @VisualCap @PawlowskiMario @FrRonconi

12/2 Giving thanks may make your brain more altruistic. Neuroscience is revealing a fascinating link between gratitude and generosity. @SigalSamuel @voxdotcom @GreaterGoodSC

12/2 Why you should type less, talk more, according to science – People connect with each other when they speak in a way they don’t with email, according to research. @senoj_erialc @wef @HaroldSinnott

12/2 City Walks – Hear and See Cities Around the World. On City Walks you can go for a virtual walk in more than a dozen cities around the world. This is very cool. @AristomenisGeo1 @rmbyrne @Larryferlazzo

12/2 How To Speak by Patrick Winston – There is a link for the complete course here. This guy doesn’t look amazing, but his talk is. If you teach or do presentations this is worth an hour of your personal professional development time. @MITOCW

11/30 Here’s How Long You Can Safely Eat All Your Thanksgiving Leftovers. Trust your senses. If it looks bad, tastes bad, and smells bad, don’t eat it. If it looks fine, tastes fine, and smells fine, you’re probably okay. This is from a food scientist, not the USDA. @WeAreMel @USDA

11/20 You too can be a great innovator, if you just learn to work with this. A researcher and entrepreneur says that innovators are much more comfortable making decisions under conditions of uncertainty than the average person. @FastCompany @DiveProfTodd

11/29 Consuming A Healthy Diet Could Reduce Fungi In The Gut Associated With Alzheimer’s Risk. Fungi found in the gut of people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease may be intervened by consuming a Mediterranean ketogenic diet. @mentaldaily_com

11/28 One Woman Speaking Twelve German Accentss – Every language has region dialects. Even if you have no clue about German you might enjoy this effort. @trixirabbit

11/28 Hans Rosling TED Talk: The Magic Washing Machine – With newly designed graphics from Gapminder, Rosling shows us the magic that pops up when economic growth and electricity turn a boring wash day into an intellectual day of reading. @HansRosling @Gapminder @GlobalHealthKI @OlaRosling

11/28 See An Eye-Opening Comparison Of The Largest Living And Extinct Animals. From insects to toothed whales, here’s how extinct members of the species compare to living ones. @MattyN16

11/27 Here’s A Visualization Of How Much Energy The World Uses. MetaBallStudios illustrated an how much energy is consumed per capita visualized as spheres. @MetaBallStudios

11/27 Python Language: Frontrunner in Shaping the Future of Machine Learning. The popularity of Python has further expanded with its implementation in web development. The need for learning Python is also on hype as it holds a bright future in machine learning. @analyticsinme

11/27 Seven Successful Ways To Work With Complainers – We’ve all worked or lived with them. As strong personal leaders, we know that complaining is pointless, irritating, and toxic. @TrippBraden @WriterKaylene

11/25 What Happens When You Drop A Ball On The World’s Bounciest Surface? This short video deals with the physics concept of the coefficient of restitution. This is a good physics lesson from upper elementary on up. At the end is an ad for KiwiCo.com that sells cool hands-on science kits. @theactionlabman @kiwico_inc

11/25 Calculus at a Fifth Grade Level – Why wait until late high school or early college classes to take this on. Also, the guy shows you the forest so you don’t get lost in the trees. @MITOCW @KaraSquareMusic

11/25 What Made Bach Great? Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 (edit) My guess is that I have more than a few Bach fans in my audience. @rickbeato

11/24 Deli Containers Are The Only Containers You Need In The Pantry. Columnist Jonah Reider explains how these simple containers can elevate your cooking and keep your kitchen organized. @jonahreider @munchies @foodandwine

11/24 Pinkcast 4.05. This is how to avoid falling off the humor cliff. Be sure to subscribe to these short and valuable presentations from Dan Pink. @DanielPink

11/23 Why Even A Small Thanksgiving Is Dangerous – With COVID-19 rates on the rise basically everywhere in the U.S., small gatherings are being blamed for spreading the virus, and experts say they don’t want us to have Thanksgiving celebrations with people outside our household bubbles. @maggiekb1 @elena___mejia @FiveThirtyEight

11/23 Apple M1 Smokes Intel in Side by Side Benchmarks. Apple’s first M1 Macs have defied expectations and are more powerful than anyone expected, handily beating out many other Intel Macs that Apple is continuing to sell. @jwsherrod

11/23 A Couple of Lessons on the Origins of Thanksgiving Foods – This lesson includes an explanation of how archaeologists and scientists determined that turkeys were one of the first animals to be domesticated in North America. @DrJoeHanson @okaytobesmart @PBSDS @rmbyrne

11/21 Five Scary Reasons Why China, Russia & N. Korea Can’t Kill the U S Navy – The United States Navy is the largest and most advanced navy in the world, fielding everything from aircraft carriers and maritime patrol aircraft to submarines, destroyers, and unmanned helicopters. @USNavy

11/21 Only 36 Percent of People Can Solve This Logic Problem. How About You? This should be a good test for elementary students on up. @katiedupere @preshtalwalkar @PopMech

11/19 If Our Eyes Were Camera Lens, What Would The Resolution Be? How does the resolution of a human eye compared to the specs of a high-end studio camera? This is a good science/photography lesson for middle school on up. @CrewCorridor @CorridorDigital

11/19 Why Does Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Need To Be Kept Colder Than Antarctica? Distributing vaccines in these conditions is possible, but it’s definitely going to be much more expensive and more difficult. @selenasd @NPRHealth @MorningEdition @NPR

Presh Talwalkar
11/19 An SAT problem most people get wrong – See if you or you high school students can solve it. The answer is elegant and not that complicated. @jessehixxx @preshtalwalkar @PopMech

11/19 Here are 31 Logical Fallacies We Use All The Time In Eight Minutes. This is an excellent logic lesson for middle school on up. You might want to stop and start this video and take notes. @JillBearup

11/18 Ungerrymandering States – In this video I take existing congressional district maps for various states and “ungerrymander” them to more accurately reflect the geography of the state instead of political bias. Share with social studies teachers and students you know. Geography King on Youtube

11/18 Six changes needed to upskill workers for the robotics age – Bridging the skills gap in robotics education will require changing the technologies used in training. @wef @HaroldSinnott

11/18 Assertiveness Training Courses: Develop your confidence and self-esteem. Assertiveness training teaches you to clearly and directly express yourself and command respect. Learn and practice this important communication skill with online, classroom, or on-site courses. @findcourses

11/16 Brain teasers and other fun tips for learning Python – Learn about some interesting ways Python coders can grow their skills in the language and the importance of connecting and learning from others in the community. @karaejoyce @TTBusinessTech @gp_pulipaka

11/15 If COUNTRIES were PLANETS ▬ (SURFACE AREA) 🗺 [3D] – This is a good geography lesson for middle school on up. @MetaBallStudios @LaughingSquid

Examining Interesting Maps – The author uses the US map to show how things like population, obesity, agriculture, and industries vary by state. Geography King @chick__brown

How do investors choose stocks? – This short video is a good introduction to what stocks are and two ways to invest. @BenGrahamBot @rmbyrne

11/14 Why don’t we all just use Geothermal Energy? This is an excellent science lesson for high schoool on up.

11/14 Why Concrete Is Bad For Us – Concrete is using up more water and sand than the world can afford. Its production is also a big emitter of CO2. @jeremyrgregory @CSHub_MIT @cheddar

11/14 Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia – This is a MUST WATCH for anyone who cares about our environment. @TEDxDanubia

11/14 If COUNTRIES were PLANETS ▬ (SURFACE AREA) 🗺 [3D] This video shows the surface area of some countries (including the sea). Not all countries are there for obvious reasons, as the author tried to add a little of everything. @MetaBallStudios @LaughingSquid

11/12 Apple’s November 10, 2020 Product Announcement – The star of the show is a new processor that Apple produced itself with eight cores and the graphics unit in the same chip. New AirBooks, PowerBooks, and Mac Minis feature this breakthrough chip. @tim_cook

11/11 Six Tips for getting what you want from life – Check to see how many you already do. @moretime4u2

11/11 The Art of Storytelling in a Digital Age – Stories are in our make-up. They help us interpret meaning, connect with people across generations, and articulate really complex stuff in easily digestible snippets. @jeffbullas

11/11 Twenty Free Online Books to Learn R and Data Science – If you are interested in learning Data Science with R, but not interested in spending money on books, you are definitely in a very good space. @gp_pulipaka

11/10 Quantum computers are coming. Get ready for them to change everything. Quantum computers are not yet creating business value, but CIOs should nonetheless lose no time in getting involved. @daphneleprince @ZDNet

11/10 Here’s how I finally got myself to start exercising. If you don’t routinely exercise it’s time to start. @christinecphd @TEDxMarin

11/10 Twelve Exercises for Stronger, More Supple Feet – Strength and flexibility can improve with training, but that’s within the limits of your individual anatomy. @pointe_magazine @DanzadanceOrg @shortcake4foot8

This AI Creates A 3D Model of You. It is getting pretty close to turning human motion into high-quality animation. @CosminDolha @twominutepapers

11/8 A New and Improved Burger Robot’s on the Market—and Everyone Wants One. Three and a half years ago, a burger-flipping robot aptly named Flippy, made by Miso Robotics, made its debut at a fast-food restaurant in California called CaliBurger. Now Flippy is on the market for anyone who wishes to purchase their own, with a price tag of $30,000 and a range of new capabilities. @vanessabramirez @singularityhub @asifrazzaq1988 @Marktechpost

11/8 Running Unlocks My Flow, What Unlocks Yours? – After a run, the author feels that feeling of power and positivity that he craves – and that comes when he runs. His thoughts quickly turn to what is possible, the dread of the morning disappears, his body comes alive. The rest of the day is bright, alive, and productive. (Doug: As a runner, I totally agree,) @CroftEdwards

11/7 Man Demonstrates How To Boil Water By Heating It With His Bare Hands. This is an excellent science lesson. Share with science teachers and students you know. @theactionlabman

11/6 First Firefighting Robot in America Just Helped to Put Out a Blaze in Downtown Los Angeles. Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Fire Department became the first city in the country to add a firefighting robot to their ranks—and it has already proven its mettle on the frontlines. @goodnewsnetwork @Nicochan33 @ipfconline1

11/5 The Wildest Ways Humans Moved The Biggest Objects In History – There is a lot of science and engineering used here. @RealLifeLore22 @brilliantorg

11/5 Every Country England Has Invaded: Visualized – I didn’t realize the extent of the reach of this small country in all parts of the world. Prepare to be amazed. WARNING: There is a short ad at the beginning and a longer one at the end. @CuriosityStream @RealLifeLore22

11/5 How-To Techniques to Establish Pace – Pacing your story is like using the throttle to give an engine more gas. With more throttle, the engine revs up, and speed increases. Less throttle slows you down so you can see the passing scenery. @ProWritingAid @MoGalore

11/3 Why Some Memories Seem Like Movies: ‘Time Cells’ Discovered In Human Brains – If you fall off a bike, you’ll probably end up with a cinematic memory of the experience: the wind in your hair, the pebble on the road, then the pain. @NPRjonhamilton @NPR

11/3 The Science of Nerdiness – How active is your nerdy dopamine pathway? If some or all of these statements describe you, dopamine might well be flowing strongly to your prefrontal cortex. @sbkaufman @sciam

11/3 Space Station Marking 20 Years of People Living in Orbit. The International Space Station was a cramped, humid, puny three rooms when the first crew moved in. Twenty years and 241 visitors later, the complex has a lookout tower, three toilets, six sleeping compartments, and 12 rooms, depending on how you count. @Militarydotcom @LLLloyd1

11/2 Interactive Constitution – Learn about the text, history, and meaning of the U.S. Constitution from leading scholars of diverse legal and philosophical perspectives. The amendments are a quick read for parents and children frm middle school on up. @ConstitutionCtr @RosenJeffrey

11/2 Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How. This step-by-step animation does an excellent job of explaining how masks work. @JuniorXsound @gianordoli @kartpat @BedelSaget @nytgraphics

11/2 Seven Tactics to Write Quality Content Your Audience Will Love – Here are some proven tactics that will build your knowledge base and help you write quality content your audience will love. This is written for business, but I think it applies to teachers. @jeffbullas

11/1/2020 Someone Built A Wonderfully Over-The-Top Sandwich-Making Machine. It takes four Rube Goldberg machines to make one real sandwich. @josephsmachines

11/1/2020 How to take a vacation without leaving your own home – There are a lot of good ideas here. Be sure to involve your children if you can. @ingridfetell @TEDTalks

11/1/2020 If You Drank The ‘Proper’ Amount Of Water For A Month, What Would Happen To Your Body? Part of the problem is that we don’t know what the ‘proper’ amount of water is. If you drink water rather than snack you should lose weight. @wheezywaiter @aaronecarroll

10/30 A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air. Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure. The graphics here are very cool. @elpaisinenglish

10/30 Digital Twins: An Advanced Technology to Improve Industrial Robots. Using digital twins in the production system will abbreviate the time taken to set up and approve a robotic system. @priyadialani248 @analyticsinme

10/29 How Food Companies Label Sugar To Trick Consumers – A nutrition expert explains how sports drinks and breakfast cereals use deceptive labeling to sell food loaded with sugar. (WARNING: The last part of this video is an advertisement.) @mindvalley @GetWildFit

10/29 How Does Your State Generate Power> Here you can see a graphic of how your state gets its power along with an overview of the US power situation. The image here is my state. @PopovichN @bradplumer @nytimes

10/29 Why Your Brain Can’t Resist Reese’s – Based on the research of identical and fraternal twins — who share 100% and 50% of their genes, respectively — scientists have learned that genes account for about 30% of people’s reactions to sweet tastes. @SmithDanaG @elemental

10/28 Five of the best exercises you can ever do – If you’re not an athlete or serious exerciser — and you just want to work out for your health or to fit in your clothes better — the gym scene can be intimidating and overwhelming. What are the best exercises for me? How will I find the time? @BethFratesMD @HarvardHealth

10/28 The Incredible Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Now Used In Mental Health – Researchers are testing different ways that artificial intelligence can help screen, diagnose and treat mental illness. @BernardMarr @forbes @automeme @CurieuxExplorer @jblefevre60 @ipfconline1

10/27 The need for AI in cancer care has never been clearer. Challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic have accelerated the need for greater use of artificial intelligence in cancer care. @abbyyoungpowell @raconteur @PawlowskiMario @ShiCooks @Ra

10/27 The Ultimate Fall 2020 Books Preview – Every season brings with it a slew of reading lists, and fall—the traditional season of Big Books—is certainly no exception. @knownemily @lithub @DisneyDream717 @damyantig

10/26 300 Years of Element Discovery in 99 Seconds – While we take our elemental knowledge for granted today, there was a time not too long ago when the periodic table was mostly empty. @jeff_desjardins @VisualCap @DrHubaEvaluator

10/26 The Unique Health Benefits of Autumn Hikes – The way to enjoy the fall is really to elbow out the summer and winter and make room to enjoy the season right now. @cortneyclift @DrAlexConcorde @Medium

10/26 This World Map was Drawn Based on Country Populations. The typical world map shows us the basic geography of countries and continents, but it doesn’t give any indication of where people actually live. @jeff_desjardins @VisualCap @DrHubaEvaluator

10/25 Here’s What’s Replacing Green Screen Technology In Hollywood. A compositor for Industrial Light and Magic explains the new technology that makes it look like you’re in a completely different environment. @charmainesmchan @PhilEdwardsInc @BridgettHenwood @estellecaswell @voxdotcom

10/25 We Learn Faster When We Aren’t Told What Choices to Make. The way we decide may even give insight into delusional thinking. @sciam @prtaylorca @willrich45

10/25 Helping Alzheimer’s Patients Bring Back Memories – Targeting recall processes could let people who are in the disease’s early stages access what they currently can’t remember. @dheerajroy7 @sciam @kasthomas @LEAD_Coalition @kasthomas @alhanda

10/24 YouTuber Attempts To Create The World’s Largest Dry Ice Bubble, Succeeds Beyond His Wildest Dreams. If you’re going to attempt a science experiment, go for broke. Follow Liam Thompson on YouTube.

10/24 Right Examples of Artificial Intelligence in our Everyday Lives – The applications of artificial intelligence have grown over the past decade. Here are examples of artificial intelligence that we use in our everyday lives. @machinelearnTec @JBarbosaPR @leimer @AshokNellikar @mirko_ross @IanLJones98 @efipm @helene_wpli @YuHelenYu @sbmeunier @chainyoda

10/24 Why Do We Need Robots More Than Ever Today? The pandemic can catalyze the use of robots in many areas. @automeme @machinelearnTec @KirkDBorne @MikeQuindazzi @DiegoKuonen @bobehayes @schmarzo

10/23 Guy Plays With Photoshop’s AI Filters, Gets His Mind Blown By How Ridiculous It Is. This is pretty funny. If you have access to PhotoShop give it a try. @lazygamereviews @Photoshop @Adobe

10/23 Three Secrets to Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Others – @thrive What we can learn from a former U.S. Air Force officer and pilot about taking a leap of faith. @thrive @cvheady007

10/23 These are the top 10 job skills of tomorrow – and how long it takes to learn them – Ask your students what they think they are and see how they do. @wef @KWhitingReads @RudySnippe

10/22 Here’s A Time-Lapse Of A Spider Building A Web In Front Of A Security Camera. Share with biology students and teachers you know. The clock at the bottom shows that the entire job took 35 minutes. @WyzeCam @ViralHog

10/22 Eight Secrets to Handling Criticism Well – Criticism doesn’t need to be so painful. Share with students and adults you know. @parentteendr @PsychToday @icsfblog

10/21 Story Spheres – Create Immersive Audio Tours of Interesting Places. This is an easy way to create 360 videos, add sound, and embed them in a web page. Challenge your students to try this. @rmbyrne @ludigencia

10/21 Professor Explains Why COVID-19 Is So Much More Infectious Than The Flu In 60 Seconds. Be sure to turn on the sound when the video starts. See if your students can demonstrate how the math works here. @hugh_montgomery @Marc_Perrone

10/19 Why Are More Pedestrians Dying? Over 6,000 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles in 2018, the highest number of fatalities since 1990. The rise of a certain car’s popularity may be to blame. SUVs are safer for passengers but less safe for pedestrians and bikers. @Carl_E_Mueller @cheddar

10/19 COVID-19 has destroyed millions of jobs — It’s time to reskill America. COVID essentially hit the fast-forward button on pre-existing trends toward automation, robotization, and artificial intelligence (AI) as companies race to replace now-risky human contact with digital capabilities and services which endanger jobs in warehousing, manufacturing, and retail. @vilasdhar @thehill @joemckendrick @SpirosMargaris

10/19 Opinion: Early decision is good for colleges, but is it good for you? ‘Early action’ isn’t the same thing, and it gives students and parents more leverage. Share with high school seniors you know. @MarketWatch @SocialAssurity @gtheorycollege

10/18 The hidden long-term cognitive effects of COVID-19 – It has become increasingly recognized, however, that the virus also attacks the nervous system. @abudson @HarvardHealth @DanzadanceOrg

10/18 Zooming In: Visualizing the Relative Size of Particles See how the coronavirus compares in size to other small things. @EvanKirstel @VisualCap

10/17 Three Silent Videos About COVID-19 – It’s amazing what a one-minute silent video can do to explain how a virus can be spread, how contact tracing works, and why you should wear a mask. @CommonCraft @rmbyrne

10/17 The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Save Money – This is a good video for you and children of almost any age to watch. You need to get impulse and emotion on your side. @audible_com @betterideas @clason_george

10/17 Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact – Technology innovation continues to restructure industries and redefine what’s possible – but how is it reshaping the experiences we want from our interaction with organizations? @TechNative @machinelearnTec

10/16 This 60-Second Video Captures The Explosion Of COVID-19 Cases In The US Since March. This is a good display of data. r/dataisbeautiful @Digg

10/16 How behavior creates attitudes – Words are easy, and often cheap. It’s action alone that changes things. It’s what we do, rather than the words alone that can help change another person’s attitude. @selfhelpFYS @themerry_monk

10/16 People who social distance may be more intelligent. A new study indicates that people who comply with social distancing guidelines have better working memory capacity, an indicator of intelligence. @ArianneCohen @FastCompany @SitAtTheTable

10/15 YouTuber creates real-life ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber that slices steel. If you want to see how it was made here is the eighteen-minute version. @thehacksmith @mshannahsparks @nypost

10/14 What Is The Deadliest Job In America? The president is technically the deadliest job in the US, but what happens on the occasion that a president dies? This is an excellent social studies lesson for middle school on up. Other videos by CGP Grey are also worth a look. @cgpgrey

10/14 I love watching these Apple Events. They are very informative and well-produced even if you don’t own Apple products or need to upgrade from your current iPhone. @tim_cook @Apple

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