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1/25 Two middle schoolers charged with cyberstalking in girl’s suicide. Let your kids know that trashing someone online can result in their arrest. @jackiesalo @nypost

1/24 Hawaii governor couldn’t warn public of missile ‘crisis’ because he forgot password. What’s your plan for having all of your passwords handy? Share with students. @JoeTacopino @nypost

1/23 Kaizena – Streamlined Voice Commenting in Google Docs – This could allow teachers to give more feedback in less time. Just don’t give grades at the same time. @KaizenaHQ @rmbyrne

1/22 Five Tech Tools Every Professor Should Use Now – Secondary teachers should check them out too. @EngNorman @jamessturtevant

1/22 The Best Drone Ratings of 2018 – Get one for your kids and see what she or he learns. @Best_Biz_Ads @biz_tips

1/21 25 Amazing Stats on Instagram Worth Looking At – Parents and educators should be hip to this. @larrykim @WordStream @Medium

1/21 Why children should be taught to build a positive online presenc – Rather than just teaching children about internet safety and reducing their digital footprint, we should also encourage them to curate a positive digital footprint. @ConversationUS @elemenous @keithkrueger @wef

1/20 Safer Internet Day 2018 – Safer Internet Day 2018 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you and your kids”. @UK_SIC @ThunderclapIt @tucksoon

1/19 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos – These are good tips for many any kind of video. @bscottsims @Buzzlogix

1/18 TED Talks Every Social Media Marketer Needs to Watch – Consider have kids in your class each watch one and report back. This is great for business students in high school and college. @bscottsims @Buzzlogix @ValuedMerchants

1/17 Alexa will one day be able to tell you what it thinks about movies and beer. One in six households now has one of these gizmos. @ThuyOng @Verge @nick_chater

1/16 Pornographic adverts found ‘hiding’ in children’s smartphone games on Google Play. Be sure to read the “how to protect yourself from hackers” box. @telegraphtech @Telegraph @CheckPointSW

1/13 New Ways to Gain Social Media Reach, Interactions and Followers in 2018 – Share with business students and teachers you know. @DhariLo @socialmedia2day

1/12 How Online Communities Lower Social Barriers for Kids Across the Spectrum – Online communities let geographically separated kids connect around shared interests. @PaulDarvasi @ConnectedCamps @ShellTerrell

1/11 Ten Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom – Are any teachers in your school Skyping yet? @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

1/10 Should Your Class Or Student Blogs Be Public Or Private? There are pros and cons to both sides here. What does your school do? @kathleen_morris @edublogs @wfryer

1/9 Perv busted for swapping sexting with 8-year-old girl. The girls parents also should consider how much freedom the girl has on social media. @sara_dorn @nypost

1/7 Four Ways Students Can Use Social Media as a Classroom Research Tool – @leecrockett @glodigcit @MoreArtsPlease

1/6 A List of Ten Social Media Skills for Every Modern Teacher [Infographic] – How many do your teachers have? @glodigcit @SolutionTree @leecrockett

1/5 Eight Apps to Promote Growth Mindset in Learning – See my cummary of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential. @WhooosReading @CarollDweck

1/4 YouTube Has A Massive Child Exploitation Problem. How Humans Train Its Search AI Is Partly Why. WARNING: The video near the bottom looks like a kid’s video but features lots of bad language. @daveyalba @BuzzFeedNews

1/3/2018 Iran Moves to Block Social Media Apps, Mobile Networks as Protests Spread. Iranian censors are trying to suppress knowledge of the size of the protests. They also want to disrupt the protesters’ ability to organize. @thetomzone @gizmodo

1/3/2018This 11-year-old got wrongly caught up in Pervnado. This is an example of very bad school leadership. @SusanBEdelman @nypost

12/31 Our top 10 Secret Teacher blogs of 2017 – These blogs uncover some of the reality of school life, and stimulating some lively debate. @GuardianTeach @dougpete

12/30 Ten Favorite Educational YouTube Channels – You just might find something interesting to explore further here. @classtechtips @SimpleK12

12/29 Your video game-addicted kid could have a serious health problem. International health officials are set to classify excessive video game playing as a mental health disorder. @jepassy @MarketWatch @nypost

12/29 Six underground apps students hide from schools – Educators and parents should keep these apps, which aren’t always used for the best intentions, on their radar. eSN_Laura @eschoolnews

12/29 Teachers Who Blog: The 20 Best of 2017 – In alphabetical order are 20 teacher-bloggers who have had a big impact in 2017. @PeterPaccone @KQEDedspace @MatthewFarber

12/28 Five technologies to avoid in the classroom-and what to use instead – Be sure to watch the short video clip [1:06] from The Duff movie coming February 20, 2018. @eSN_Meris @eschoolnews

12/27 Eight digital skills we must teach our children – Can you guess what they are? @YuhyunPark_ @WEF @LeeAraoz @BookCreatorApp

12/26 Digital Tools and Distraction in School – We should be deliberately teaching middle and high school students how to manage their devices. @mbteach @edutopia @Rdene915

12/24 30 Websites That Will Make You Unbelievably Smarter – When you can’t think of somewhere else to go, try these sites. @LollyDaskal @Inc

12/23 The Best Classroom Q&A Posts in 2017 – These are top Tweeter Larry Ferlazzo’s personal picks. @Larryferlazzo @educationweek

12/22 Five Ways To Motivate Different Kinds Of Students With Digital Learning Tools – If there is something more important than motivation I don’t know what it is. @eLearngraphic @elearningtags

12/21 Teacher allegedly sent nudes to teen she met through Xbox. Let’s hope that some students and other teachers can learn from this screwup. @FoxNews @nypost

12/20 If you want to stay single, keep on texting. Any attempt to conduct serious conversations via text quickly leads to lower relationship quality. @karol @nypost

12/18 Three Free iPad Apps for Creating Talking Animations See what your kids can do with these apps. @rmbyrne @trilearning

12/17 Creep convicted of luring teen to US for sex on Snapchat. Make sure your kids know that strangers the meet via social media can be real creeps. @davidkli @nypost

Cotton Candy
12/17 Seven Creative Social Media Strategies To Really Get You Noticed – Students who are social media savvy are in demand. @CharlesCrawford @socialmediaweek @iamDrWill

12/16 Why Moble Technology Enhances Instruction
Educator enjoyment of the technology is a contributing factor to its snowballing implementation. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

12/14 Classroom tech keeps parents connected to young students. One of the greatest benefits of technology in early-childhood education is its ability to keep working parents connected to their children — and their children’s teachers — during the day. @lrj417 @EducationDive @ensembleVideo

12/13 Connect Your Classroom Globally With Empatico. There is a lot of talk about global connection, but it isn’t easy to do without products like this. @ClassTechTips @EmpaticoOrg

12/11 Tools Harvard Computer Science Students Use to Collaborate and Stay Organized – Professor David Malan has been experimenting with different ways to make his introductory computer science class (CS50) the type of place where students from many different backgrounds can thrive. @davidjmalan @MindShiftKQED @cs50

12/10 What is a Personalized Learning Network? If you don’t have one it’s time to start. @Lynch39083 @MarkFraver

12/8 Promoting School Events Through Social Media – If your school isn’t doing this it’s time to start. @PegFitzpatrick @rmbyrne

12/7 Three Ideas To Help You Blog – Here are a few things that top blogger George Couros does to keep inspiration and idea levels from shifting to “empty.” @gcouros

12/7 How Reuters’s Revolutionary AI System Gathers Global News. Reuters is scooping its rivals using intelligent machines that mine Twitter for news stories. @arxivblog @techreview @jpgreenwood @freakonometrics

12/6 Four Apps to Foster Parent-Teacher Communication – Smartphones can help deepen and extend relationships beyond the scheduled parent-teacher conferences. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @ensembleVideo

12/5 Jellies makes YouTube safe for kids, allows parents to curate content. Parents might want to check this out. @BStoly @DigitalTrends @millermarinellc

12/4 Three Ways Educators Can Embrace Social Media to Increase Engagement – By using digital tools, teachers can promote more interactivity and community outreach. @web20classroom @EdTech_K12 @daveandcori

12/3 Google Translate’s algorithm has a gender bias. The algorithm used in Google Translate reveals a gender bias when translating genderless pronouns. @l_tousignant @nypost

12/2 Connect Your Classroom Globally With Empatico. How many classrooms in your school are globally connected? @classtechtips @SimpleK12

12/1 Robot helps boy with rare disease connect with classmates. Does your school district have this technology yet? @ChloeV_WBNG @WBNG12News

11/30 Five Killer Social Media Management Tools You Need To Use Right Now – Share with business students and teachers you know. @McgrathStevan @Medium @fmourelle

11/29 Seven Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media – Share with business teachers and students you know. @alvinlindsay21 @AceConcierge

11/28 Making Learning Visible: Doodling Helps Memories Stick. Like your smart phone, you can also take a doodle pad wherever you go. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @VipulaSharma1

11/27 20 Must-Follow Teacher Twitter Feeds – I follow most of them and they are all good. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

11/26 What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2017? This cool infographic tries to put this in perspective. @nlakusta @ShellTerrell

11/25 Ten Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2018 – The Experts’ Voice – It’s now the fourth year that we’ve asked experts from around the world to share their social media predictions for next year. @richyjin @Talkwalker @AdeldMeyer @NealSchaffer @ginidietrich

11/24 Tech, Digital Citizenship Support Social and Emotional Learning for K-12 Students. Certain education technologies can facilitate lessons on empathy and compassion. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @martinjonesaz

11/22 Teachers and Social Media – Five Tips That Might Save Your Job – Educators, more than anyone else, have to stop and THINK. @hpitler @edcircuit @s_bearden @MattHarrisEdD

11/21 50 people and hashtags you MUST check out on Twitter – This is a pretty good list. @jmattmiller @WickedEdTech

11/19 Five Smart Online Parent-Teacher Communication Tools for Keeping Connected – How connected are your parents and teachers? @leecrockett @glodigcit

11/18 Three Ways To Reduce Teacher Workload Using Technology – When I was teaching technology made me much more efficient. @elearnindustry @elearningtags

11/17 Five Ways Online Learning Can Open Doors For All Students – I would add that they can allow high school students to take courses their school doesn’t offer. @RobynDShulman @ReimagineHEdu

11/15 How to Grow Your Twitter Following – Be sure to share with business students and teachers you know. @smexaminer @zaibatsu

11/14 More time on social media is not linked to poor mental health. How people use social media is more important than the time they spend doing so. @SpringerNature @DMLResearchHub @pammoran

11/13 The Single Greatest Productivity App in the World – Planning out your week every Sunday night is antiquated thinking. @rory_vaden @jbrettjacobsen

11/12 The Online Teacher’s Guide to Difficult Students – They may not distrupt the class, but their emails can be upsetting. @SimpliTeach

11/11 Three Ways Assistive Technology Supports Students with Disabilities – Thanks to tools from tech giants such as Microsoft, students with disabilities are flourishing. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @MissGEnrique @mtholfsen

11/9 Twitter rolled out a 280 character limit on 11/7/2017 for most of its users. My advice is to try to continue to keep it short. @samuelcnn @questCNN

11/8 It’s not a real vacation unless you unplug. When I was working the vacation started each day when I left the office. @SaraClemence @nypost

11/7 Top 10 Reasons Every School Should Go Google – What is your school doing? @ShakeUpLearning @DCraig42

11/6 ‘It makes me feel angry’: Kids speak out about their parents’ phone use. Are you ignoring your kids while paying attention to your phone? @fi_pep @Info_Aus @AJCampbell73 @Cyberpsych_Syd @USydFHS

11/6 60 Countries’ Digital Competitiveness, Indexed – Consider the five most salient features of today’s digital landscape. @bhaschak @DrEscotet @wef @IBGC_Fletcher

11/5 Teen charged for sharing nudes of girl who ‘exposed’ him. Make sure young men you know see this. @jackiesalo @nypost

11/5 The Orange Street News – This is a blog done by a 10-year-old reporter. This is an example of what you can do if you are homeschooled. Consider subscribing. @orangestreetnew @First_News

11/3 This Twitter tool tells you if you’re arguing with a propaganda bot. Twitter is now a weapon of war, used to spread misinformation and propaganda. @matthewhughes @TheNextWeb @tmilse

11/2 Five essentials for savvy school leaders – Innovate My School specialises in supplying school leaders and teachers with the latest and greatest in education. @InnovateMySchl

11/1 Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet – This is worth a try. @alicekeeler @burgessdave @JayBilly2

10/31 What do you Want to Know about Blogging? How do you introduce blogging to your students so that their voices extend to a broad audience? @amplifiedu @pammoran @NLearning

10/30 Twitter Can Improve Text-Based Class Discussion. Class discussion can be challenging when you have a large class and only a few students who seem prepared to speak. @mssackstein @educationweek

10/28 How to Use Technology to Prevent School Bullying – Also see my comment about how bullying is bad for the bully too. @lynch39083 @educationweek

10/27 EyeQue Insight Can Test Your Eyes With Your Smartphone. Know if you’re seeing 20/20 or less in minutes and track changes over time. Great for kids with developing eyes. @EyeQueCorp

10/26 How teachers can use Twitter in education? You can be quite surprised after coming to know that Twitter has marvelous opportunities to co-function with teachers. @TouchApp_uk @JamesRoy @Biocourseware

10/24 Three ways to instil a greater sense of global digital citizenship in your students – Where is this topic in your school’s curriculum? It probably should be in lots of places. @mrkempnz @pmacoun

10/23 Ten Classroom Blogging Ideas to Boost Engagement – This author has been blogging for ten years. @garybartanus @ChallengeLearn @WhooosReading

10/22 Five Tips to Help Students Become Good Digital Communicators – Knowing how to communicate respectfully and appropriately in online spaces is a key component of Digital Citizenship. @s_bearden @edmodo @thinkm2

10/21 Five Aupmented Reality Apps That Teachers Can Use Today – Time to give AR a try in your class. @SavoieBrendaJ @elemenous @EUErasmusPlus

10/20 Cartoons on Addiction to Technology – How addicted are you and your kids? @LarryCuban

10/19 Facebook accused of outing porn stars and sex workers. People who are paid to have sex have claimed that the social network’s “People You May Know” function has accidentally exposed their name or other private details. @jasperhamill @nypost

10/16 New York Times reporters get new Twitter rules. What Twitter rules would your students come up with. @Italiano_Laura @nytimes

10/15 How Listening to Podcasts Helps Students Read and Learn – The trick is to get podcasts with gripping stories. @callmeKi @TheMrGodsey @MindShiftKQED @LeeAraoz @lhighfill

10/14 To Teach Digital Citizenship Effectively, Educators Say It’s Time to Unblock Social Media. What are they blocking at your school? @JennyAbamu @EdSurge @JaneBozarth

10/13 What’s Inside All the iPhones – Just click on a phones to see all of the components. @chafkin @IanKingSky @business

10/11 Social Media And The Romans – It seems that you don’t need high tech to engage in social media. History teacher might like this. @DrugFAM @GoogleExpertUK

10/10 Zuckerberg taps VR to detail relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Facebook is using artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to identify areas of need on the island. @stevenmusil @CNET

10/9 Facebook taps Wikipedia to fix its fake news problem for them. Now, when Facebook users see articles on News Feed, they can click on a little “i” button and see the Wikipedia description of the publisher. @kerrymflynn @mashable

10/8 How to Teach the Language of 3D Modeling and Design – By introducing 3D design to your students, you are not only teaching them a highly in-demand skill, but also a whole new professional language. @instructables @tinkercad @elissamalespina

10/7 Google Earth comes to the classroom with new educational tours and lesson plans – How many teachers in your school are using Google Earth? @sarahintampa @TechCrunch @NoApp4Pedagogy @micahshippee

10/6 Your smartphone is upsetting you – British scientists found that nearly a third of notifications from your smartphone trigger negative emotions. @EimanKanjo @TrentUni @nypost

10/4 New app is designed to detect pancreatic cancer before it’s deadly. The app uses selfies as a way to provide early warnings. @UW @nypost

10/3 Minecraft players on the autism spectrum find a safe space on the Autcraft server. One dad wanted to give people on the autism spectrum a safe space to play Minecraft, so he made a troll-free server called Autcraft that has ballooned in popularity. This might also work for the nonautistic. @Kellenbeck @mr_isaacs @autismfather @Autcraft @pcgamer @GMA

10/2 Smart Review Coding in a Snap – CodeSnaps consists of coding blocks printed out on cardstock paper and “snapped” together to form a program. @seanrussell311 @Getting_Smart @SASeducator @MECME_School

10/1 How to Teach Internet Safety to Younger Elementary Students – Here is a lesson plan for helping students as young as kindergarten begin to understand how to be safe online. @mbteach @edutopia

9/30 The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs – This is a pretty good list even though I’m not on it. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

9/29 VR technology allows women to try on boob jobs in 3D. A handful of clinics in the UK are using “boob goggles,” or 3D plastic surgery simulators, to allow women to try before they buy. Also, see This app claims it can correctly guess your bra size by a photo. @journoandrea @EmmaGritt @TheSun @nypost

9/28 Ten Ways Video Chat Enhances The Online Learning Experience – Video chat is an excellent and perhaps underutilized learning tool. @elearnindustry @OEBconference

9/27 This Is How Many Books You Could Read in a Single Year If You Stayed Off Social Media. Have you and your kids got social media time under control? @SLeasca @jesslahey @goodreads

9/26 Why Twitter Matters in Education – Share this with teachers who are and are not using Twitter. @BSztabnik @TalksWTeachers @mathteachmiltha

9/26 8 digital skills we must teach our children – How many are your school addressing? @YuhyunPark_ @WEF @Ashoka @peergrade @tedfujimoto

9/25 Language learning app< Question It/a> – Question It is designed to help children learn what type of word answers can be given to different questions. @ClassTechTips

9/24 Hurricane-Ravaged Schools Turn to Tech to Keep Students on Track. This is one more reason why schools should adopt 1:1 programs. @s_e_schwartz @abc4success @garybartanus @educationweek

9/23 What Happens When You Put Wi-Fi On the School Bus? All districts should be doing this. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

9/22 10 Ways to Use Twitter for Fun Assignments, Projects, Class Work – Twitter can Bring a Contemporary, Fun Social Element to Topic Exploration, Research, Projects, and Other Classroom Activities. @EmergingEdTech @Emerging @garybartanus

9/21 How to Update Your iPhone to iOS 11 – I always update, but I wait a few weeks so some early bugs can get sorted out. @TypingPixels @WIRED

9/20 How To Make Your Brain More Productive – Headspace is Sheyrl Sandber’s favorite app after Facebook. What’s yours? @richardpierson @sherylsandberg @Medium

9/19 Eight digital life skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them – What does your school have? @YuhyunPark_ @wef @BigDataLoop @cloudpreacher

9/18 How To Find Out Which Apps Will No Longer Work In IOS 11 – @markc_anderson @clcsimon @ICTEvangelist

9/17 Teaching the Art of Listening: How to Use Podcasts in the Classroom – Is anyone in your school doing this? @educationweek @EdWeekTeacher

9/16 How Virtual Reality Is Helping Train New Teachers – Are people in your school experimenting with VR? @LianaLoewus @EducationWeek @HistoryViewVR @ThinkTankThuto

9/15 Virtual Reality in the Classroom: Ripping Learning off the Page. Time to bring it into your classroom? @ClassTechTips

9/15 Seven smart ways to use technology in classrooms – Do your students tweet, post on Instagram and watch YouTube in class. Should they? @HaileyRsm @TopDogTeaching @TEDxFargo

9/14 Want to Make Your Videos Viral? Check out this New Research. This Research Will Make You Rethink How You Create Viral Facebook Videos. @larrykim @Medium

9/13 Eight Free Classroom Apps to Try This Fall – These are apps that might be somewhat lesser known, but still offer lots of classroom potential. @ETRoundup @CommonLit

9/12 25 Teacher Facebook Pages You Should Follow Today – If your are a teacher and spend a lot of time in Facebook land, this is for you. @WeAreTeachers

9/11 The Faster Your Brain Moves The More Time Off You Need. @johnrampton @mssackstein @Inc

9/9 Revenge-porn creeps to have contact info shared with victim. The Internet users who shared a suspected “revenge porn’’ video of a 17-year-old Bronx girl are about to get what they deserve. Is this a lesson for your kids? @juliakmarsh @nypost

9/8 From Rescues to Relief, Principals’ Response to Harvey Aided By Ed Tech. Would principals you know do this? Could your school use social media like this in an emergency? @BenjaminBHerold @educationweek

9/7 An Academic Use for Social Media – You can leverage tweets, Instagram posts, and the like—to help students improve their communication and writing skills. @RusulAlrubail @shevtech @edutopia

9/6 Mom says 7-year-old son being treated for tech addiction. There may be a lesson here for some parents. @hannahferrett @TheSun @nypost

9/6 How to Help Houston’s Schools – My apartment was flooded in 2011 as were schools nearby. Please consider helping the many schools flooded by Harvey, Irma, and Maria. @EdSurge @teachintechgal @RocketshipEd

9/5 21 Communicating Skills for Post-High School Success [Infographic] – What good are skills and knowledge if you can’t communicate? @leecrockett @glodigcit @xargra

9/4 How Can Teachers Know They Are Successfully Using EdTech? Successful technology integration is achieved when it is Routine and Transparent; Accessible and readily available for the task at hand, and Supports the curricular goals while helping the students to effectively reach their goals. @14priyankagupta @etr_in @trilearning

9/3 Top 10 Tips For Student Blogging – How many teachers have students blog in your school? @mrodz308 @aaron_hogan @BethHouf

9/2 Suspended for a tweet? This does happend. Share with your students. I hope your school doesn’t do this. @mcleod @JCasaTodd @JoyKirr

9/1 Infographic: Beyond Fake News – 10 Types of Misleading News – Have your students try to find examples. @_eavi @DrKMattson @Insafenetwork

8/31 Selfies can now diagnose cancer. Be sure to watch the short [2:43] video. @PesceNic @Moneyish @nypost

8/30 10 must-follow Twitter chats for educators – #edchat is my favorite, but they are all good. @GrundlerArt @s_bearden @TishSeabrook

8/29 Teen busted after flaunting stolen guns in selfies. Score another benefit for social media. @KDVR @nuypost

8/26 Digital Tools and Distraction in SchoolWe should be deliberately teaching middle and high school students how to manage their devices. @mbteach @edutopia @demeka03

8/26 Digital Tools and Distraction in SchoolWe should be deliberately teaching middle and high school students how to manage their devices. @mbteach @edutopia @demeka03

8/25 Favorite Chrome Extensions – Some look to be very useful while some may seem frivolous. @tonyvincent @Ryan7Read

8/22 Zuckerberg Shut Down Trump-Supporting Facebook Employee Group. Will he be running for Trump’s job in 2020? @ValuBit @mikandynothem @alozrasT

8/21 Adding a Dash of VR to Class Is Possible with a Limited Budget – Thanks to cardboard viewers and free content, districts can explore new tools on a budget. @garybartanus @EdTech_K12 @Microsoft @Lenovo

8/19 Back To School Tips For Universities Using Text Messaging – Email has long been the standard for communicating with students, but it often yields very unimpressive results. That’s why schools are turning to text messaging. @DougFrazier @Trumpia

8/17 Twelve Apps & Websites for World Read Aloud Day (or any day!) – Have twelve teachers each check one out and report back. @ClassTechTips @garybartanus @litworldsays

8/16 Digital Doom? Three Effects of Texting and Tweeting on Student’s Writing Skills – Not only are kids these days speaking informally but now those relaxed rules of grammar are sneaking into written words. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

8/15 How to spot a Twitter bot – The Botometer is here to separate the humans from the machines. @russellbrandom @verge

8/15 Are smartphones the greatest threat to K-12 education? Research reported in The Atlantic Monthly, which makes a compelling case. @prismdecision

8/15 Survey: Kids Using Devices in School for More than Just Learning – Device-driven cheating appears to be popular. What are your kids doing? @tonibirdsong @McAfee

8/14 AirDropping penis pics is the latest horrifying subway trend. You and your kids should know the possible downside of the AirDropp app. @MelkorkaLicea @nypost

8/13 Not sexting? You’re weird, study says. Sexting may be becoming a new, but typical, step in a sexual or romantic relationship. The study looked at adults, but I bet this is also true for teens. Talk to your kids about it. @rbbrown @nypost

8/12 Should you take a holiday from social media? The more time a young adult uses social media, the more likely they are to feel socially isolated. @GoogleExpertUK @cue_marketing @NetDoctor

8/11 Disney is spying on your kids through gaming apps: suit. Disney doesn’t need to create a villain for their latest story. @JeremyLayt0n @nypost @Disney

8/10 Four Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence – Can you think of any reasons to be afraid? @ismnetinc @juandoming @SpirosMargaris

8/9 Ten Less Known Google Apps You Must Try – Have ten teachers each try one and report back. @Raja31Sekar @DroidViews @mythsysizer @efitz_edtech

8/8 Because of Teachers (A Short Tribute Video) – Share this with any preservice teachers and students considering the profession. @spencerideas @AplinTeacher @8Amber8

8/5 Cyberbullying a rising problem in elementary schools. The author believes the key to curbing cyber bullying is early education. When school starts soon there will be a program in third and fifth-grade warning students of cyber-bully dangers. @KimberlyHydeTV @WTVYNews4 @BeAboveTheFray

8/4 Home Security in Your Hands – Protect and monitor your home with Spotlight Cam Wired, a plugged-in HD security camera that lets you see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your phone, tablet, and PC. @ring

8/2 Top 10 Tips For Student Blogging – One teachers was happy to share about her blogging project and offer some tips for anyone who is interested in getting your students blogging. @mrodz308 @aaron_hogan

8/1 New Twitter Study Highlights 9 Ways to Improve Tweet Response. This is aimed at business, but schools can use much of it. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day @zaibatsu

7/30 Ten Twitter Features You Should Be Using Now – Some of this is even new to me. Good stuff. @lilachbullock @MariosKaratzias @GeorgiouAliki

7/29 Woman charged with posting revenge porn after breakup. Do you and your kids know what revenge porn is? You can post pictures that aren’t taken. @jackiesalo @nypost

7/28 21st Century Version of Ask Three Before You Ask Me – If you have a 1:1 program, this is for you and your students. @drkarenn @Catlin_Tucker

7/27 More Truth in Teacher-Written Education Blogs Than Corporate Media – We need to be aware that corporate media is often going to take the side of big corporations. @StevenSinger3 @commondreams @AccentBlog

7/26 This tech company will start microchipping their workers. I’m not so sure I would want this. How about you? @joshuarhett @nypost @32Market

7/25 Links I Shared on Twitter this Week: July 21: #KidLitCon Registration, A “Flybrary” + #Writing Resources for Kids – Twitter can be a rich resource for teachers. @JensBookPage @joshfunkbooks

7/24 Five Must-Read Blog Posts Every Instructor Should Read Before Flipping a Class – Here are the top five most popular blog posts from the archives readers have said they found most helpful. @BarbiHoneycutt @JamesRoy

7/23 What that Facebook quiz is doing to your privacy – Fancy a fun Facebook quiz? Beware, you’re serving up data that helps a global industry to predict what makes us tick, suggest what we should buy and even manipulate how we vote. @StephanieAWood1 @smh @Info_Aus @DRWaus

7/22 Technology opens new world for brothers with dyslexia. This is a push for personalized learning. @JacqEHoward @CNNHealth @fetc @SteveBev

7/21 Know What’s Working on Twitter: 26 Free Twitter Analytics Tools – You will probably need help deciding which ones to try. Get students involved. @josuevallesp @TheSocialQuant @sheenamwhite

7/20 #Edchat: Why and How. This is my favorite Twitter chat. Give it a try if you haven’t and share with your network. @tomwhitby @ASCD @juandoming

7/20 Don’t Answer Text Messages of This Type. It May Be a Scam. Share with every student you know. @JosephSteinberg @Inc @teamleap @JeffBarnhartCMA

7/19 Tips to Protect and Secure Chromebooks Off Campus – One expert calls his experience with device management a game changer. @wyliewong @EdTech_K12 @JamesRoy @BeingExample

7/18 Peergrade, Free Online Platform for Peer Feedback – Start by watching the short [1:57] animation. @ClassTechTips @Peergrade @AysinAlp1

7/17 Flipgrid: The Global Classroom Connections Maker – Are your classrooms and students connected? @NicoleNaditz @KQED @Flipgrid @bradmcurrie

7/16 A third of Millenials are checking their social media accounts on the toilet. I don’t do this, but I do answer my phone if it rings while I’m taking care of business. @newscomauHQ @GoogleExpertUK @cue_marketing

7/16 Many schools now urge kids to bring their own screens. How else will kids learn how to use their screens for learning? What does your school do? @AP @michaelsmills

7/15 Sharing the Screen in 1:1 Classrooms – Even if every student has a compute, they should be working together at times. @ClassTechTips @edutopia @micahshippee

7/13 Soundtrap: Collaborative Music and Podcast Tool for Education – Students can work on a project when miles apart as they create music or record audio for a podcast. Are your kids creating anything? @soundtrap @ClassTechTips

7/12 Teen dies from using cellphone while taking a bath. Make sure anyone you know with a cellphone gets this message. You can also donate for the teen’s funeral. @jackiesalo @nypost

7/10 How to Get Sites Unblovked at Your School – This is great advice for all teachers. @rmbyrne @JCasaTodd

7/9 The Extended Twitter Chat – Consider trying one with a class you teach. @LeighAHall @JamesRoy

7/8 Teach Students How to Manage YouTube Comments. Do your students know how to turn on moderation or turn off comments? @Catlin_Tucker @TeachOnTheEdge

7/6 In the knowledge economy, we need a Netflix of education. Can we Borrow from the entertainment industry to make learning easier? @karlmehta @robharles @TechCrunch @nancyrubin

7/5 Educators Offer Advice About Teaching Good Digital Citizenship. – Delivering lessons to kids about proper online behavior fosters cyberethics and helps keep them safe online. @tynanwrites @EdTech_K12 @bonniebird @vr2ltch

7/3 Ten Meditation Apps for the Classroom – Have ten students each try one and report back. @TeachThought @dederittman

7/2 17 Twitter Marketing Not Working For You? 9 Mistakes To Avoid – Share with business students and teachers you know and take this advice yourself. @sheenamwhite @TheSocialQuant

6/30 Kidnapped teen forced to be sex slave in exchange for food. Make sure your kids know that the kidnapped girl met her kidnapper online. @jackiesalo @nypost

6/29 Social media is the new crystal ball. Modern day soothsayers could use social networks like Facebook and Twitter to forecast events. @jasperhamill @TheSun @nypost

6/28 Lightspeed Instructional Audio + Video Solutions for Schools – This is worth a look. @ClassTechTips @Lightspeedtek @srfgobeavs

6/26 Six Must Know Robotics Programming Languages For Coding A Bot – Can you guess what they are? @yantraedu @nancyrubin @ipfconline1

6/25 Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners – Introduce game dynamics like leveling up and earning badges into your classroom to boost student engagement. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @MoreArtsPlease

6/22 Do Colleges Look at Your Social Media Accounts? 35% of officers polled looked at applicants’ social media accounts. @StuffSomersSays @usnews @GoEnnounce

6/20 Could the Flipped Learning Model be the Ticket to Increased Student Learning? I certainly think so. @Dr_Fus @AdvocateforEd @Lynch39083

6/19 Consider Online College Courses in High School. My daughter took a Photoshop course in high school and finished it in four weeks. @DevonHaynie @JamesRoy @Ed4Online

6/18 How Teachers Used Kahoot! to Host a Mock Geography Bee in Their Classrooms – Geography bees can be a fun way to learn about your world. @WeAreTeachers @GratitudeMap

6/18 Blogging as a Form of Documenting Learning and Reflection – Here are ten reasons that students should have a blog. @jackiegerstein @tperran @ptaylorsjr

6/17 DIY Smart Home Security System with Iris by Lowe’s – I know this looks like an ad for Lowe’s, but I see it as an interesting read and I’m not getting paid. @HilLesha @irisbylowes @KickingWKelly @RachelFerrucci

6/16 Keep All Your Devices Charged with myCharge’s HubMax Rechargeable 10050mAh Portable Charger! This looks like a good fit for some people’s life style. @myChargePower’s @Hello_Splendid @jsismee

6/15 Ultimate Guide to Free Online Self-Learning for Kids – Can your kids do some learning this summer using these resources? @helpteaching @dkapuler

6/14 What Edtech Tools Are Community Colleges Flocking To? Like all education ecosystems, community colleges have an array of different edtech tools to choose from. @MJMadda @HigherEdSurge @EdSurge

6/13 SAT Practice from Khan Academy & Turnitin Revision Assistant – If you know a student getting ready for the SAT have them check this out. @ClassTechTips @KhanAcademy @Turnitin

6/10 Eleven Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content – Be sure to share with the people who do social media for your organization along with business teachers and students. @NealSchaffer @curata @Tsag_An

6/8 How to Use Your Twitter Cover Photo: 11 Clever Ways. You should at least have your website mentioned. @dmboutin @TheSocialQuant @sheenamwhite

6/7 Apple’s iOS 11 is ‘smarter’ and more powerful than ever. All smartphone owners should read this. @JPManga @YahooFinance @skylarclouds

6/6 NetSpot Home: Lifetime License – Optimize Your Wi-Fi Connection with This Powerful Wi-Fi Analysis Application. Even if you don’t need it, this short [2:23] video is interesting. @netspotapp

6/5 Catch the Flipgrid fever! 15+ ways to use Flipgrid in your class – Flipgrid is a video response platform where educators can have online video discussions with students or other educators. @jmattmiller @JCasaTodd

6/4 Noteflight Helps Students Create, Perform And Learn Music On Any Device. What are your students learning when it comes to music? @noteflight @machetman @JamesRoy @nibletztweets

6/2 Explore Shakespearean Text Via Twitter for Greater Student Engagement. This can combat the usual classroom discussion faux pas of allowing too few students to engage with the text. @msscakstein @edweekteacher

5/31 Six Social Media Skills Every Leader Must Learn Is social media for you? If you are a leader the answer is always yes. @LollyDaskal @Inc @JamesRoy @santosh_kanekar

5/31 Six Must-Have Creation Tools for the BYOD Classroom – Have six students or teachers each try one and report back. @ClassTechTips @kystetech

5/30 Flipgrid for Literature Circles? Flipgrid is a video discussion community that helps teachers amplify student voice inside (and outside) their classrooms. @flipgrid @LeeAraoz

5/29 Pokémon Go for Education – There are over a dozen educational activities and challenges inspired by an augmented reality game. @katieann_76 @EdTechDaisy @mssackstein

5/29 Tips To Keep Your Laptop and Cellphone Batteries Alive For Longer (That Actually Work) – There is some good practical advice here. @LinusTech @theTunnelBear

5/28 Unfollowspy.Com is a free social media management tool for Twitter and Soundcloud. This is worth a try. @unfollowspy

5/27 Teaching Students Digital Civility Goes Hand-in-Hand with Tech Rollouts – One-to-One and BYOD programs should begin with a conversation about online behavior. @daveandcori @EdTech_K12 @DrTinaNixon

5/26 A List of 18 Twitter-Based Classroom Activities for Learning With Social Media. Twitter is free so consider using it for learning. @leecrockett @califone

5/25 Facebook flooded with ‘sextortion’ and revenge porn. This is just one more reason not to send revealing photos. @nickhopkinsnews @oliviasolon @guardian

5/24 Study reveals emojis can save your relationship. It seems that they can prevent misunderstandings and help grasp the sender’s underlying meaning better. @RichoJourno @TheSun

5/23 Ten apps help develop writing skills – Have ten teachers each check one out and report back. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd @ShellTerrell

5/22 The Ultimate Google Cardboard and Expeditions Resource Guide – Every school should get a copy. @ShakeUpLearning @robmctaggart @ShaneAbell

5/20 What’s Trending in Ed Tech So Far This Year? Market trends and forecast reflect new arrivals in education technology. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12 @Randy_Matusky

5/18 Why Social Interaction Is Essential To Learning Math – Does any social interaction happen during math in your school. @RobertSun24 @TeachThought @BeachSupe

5/17 Banking Must Move From Mobile-First to AI-First. While there are many important technological trends impacting the banking industry, none may be more important that artificial intelligence (AI). @FinancialBrand @nancyrubin @JimMarous

5/15 5 Ways Students Should Be Connected Beyond Technology – This would be good for students to read. @PeterMDeWitt @educationweek @lisa_westman

5/14 Tips for Landing an Edtech Gig—From the EdSurge Jobs Team – This includes tips for building your digital brand. @helr15 @EdSurgConcierge @iamDrWill

5/13 10 Essential Skills a Social Media Manager Needs To Have on Their Resume – Share with business students and teachers you know. @jeffbullas @TwonderWoman

5/10 AI will have bigger impact than social media. – Most people seem to think so. Does anyone in your school even mention AI? @faaezsamadi @CampaignLiveUS @CampaignAsia @lisabriercliffe @TamaraMcCleary

5/9 The Only 10 Social Media Applications You’ll Ever Need – How many are you using? @CaballoFrances @bkmkting

5/7 Nine Great Apps and Websites That Integrate with Google Classroom – Here are simple ways teachers can use Google Classroom integrations to streamline their teaching. @emilyemajor @CommonSenseEd @dalston411 @Google

5/6 What the mom of a preteen rape victim wants kids to know – The girl met the rapist on Facebook. Everyone should know this. @SamChristie86 @TheSun @nypost

5/6 The new Facebook job that no one really wants – You can spend your day in your pajamas surfing the internet and earning up to six figures — so long as you don’t mind watching suicide, rape, and murder. @joshuarhett @nypost

5/4 ‘Herding Blind Cats’: How Do You Lead a Class Full of Students Wearing VR Headsets? – @jryoung @HigherEdSurge

5/3 Stop Asking Them to Turn Off Their Devices! Digital citizenship – the ethical, safe and responsible use of digital technology – is an essential skill for today’s students and citizens. @barbbrown @cea_ace @verenanz

5/1 Five Lessons From Five of the Biggest Kickstarters – Kickstarter turned eight-years-old today, so it might be interesting to look at the Kickstarter campaigns that generated the most money to see what entrepreneurs can learn. @Sales_Source @Inc

4/30 Video games may protect mental health and avert trauma, addiction. Are your kids playing any? @BethMarieMole @ArsTechnica @Jscognam

4/29 Facebook tests feature to combat fake news by popping your filter bubble. Facebook is testing a new feature that presents you with alternate perspectives before you read an article. @napilopez @thenextweb

4/28 How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel – Teachers should consider subscribing to SciShow Kids, Tom Richey, and Minute Earth. @SciShowKids @MinuteEarth @rmbyrne

4/28 Enhance Your Teaching Practice with Social Media – What are teachers you know doing? @2peasandadog @LinaneJr

4/27 Five Ways to Get a Laugh in Your Classroom – This is the 50th podcast in this series. Listen to it on your way to school. @coolcatteacher @garybartanus @ShakeUpLearning

4/26 Schools teach long-term lessons with Snapchat – K12 students use “snaps” to report on football games and create “how to” tutorials. @RayUBDA @DA_magazine @Spkmall @WBWDirectorofEd

4/25 Four Education Technology Trends That Are Redefining K–12 – Are they happening in your school? @garybartanus @Eduporium @THE_Journal

4/23 Three ways new-to-online students can thrive with virtual learning – Digital learning opportunities are widely available and abundant today. Are you and your students taking advantage? @eschoolnews @erica_cirino @iamDrWill @thomascmurray

4/22 How school districts are leveraging Twitter to become rock stars – In a climate where Twitter is the center of so many tempestuous news stories, schools should be turning to the social media giant now more than ever. @amyyjenkins @eschoolnews @AZHSPRIN @thomascmurray

4/20 Six underground apps students hide from schools – Do your kids have any of these? @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

4/18 Teon Wordless Videos That Teach Problem Solving – These should look good on a cellphone. Be sure to watch Birds on a Wire. @DrTinaNixon @BookCreatorApp

4/16 12 Must-Have Twitter Tools You Need To Be Marketing With – I use some and they are good. Share with business students and teachers you know. @TheSocialQuant @AskAaronLee @sheenamwhite

4/15 Why Twitter Matters in Education – For me it helps with professional development and network building. @TalksWTeachers

4/15 The three biggest Twitter problems for teachers—and how to overcome them – n the digital age, teacher discomfort in using some social media can have a direct effect on students’ digital literacy skills. Here are some solutions. @eschoolnews @HeatherNgoma

4/13 Five Interesting Snapchat Trends Brands Need to Know – Share with business teachers and students you know. @MrDannyGoodwin @GoogleExpertUK @themediaoctopus

4/12 50 Apps To Optimize Your Time And Life With – There is some interesting stuff here. @Minervity @bitrebels @nancyrubin @evankirstel

4/10 When Students Leverage Social Media to Plan Events – Does this happen at your school? I think it should. @juliedavisEDU @s_bearden

4/10 Nine Must-Have Virtual Reality Tools for Teaching with Google Cardboard – If you haven’t started to play with VR yet, this will get you going. @ClassTechTips @ThingLink_EDU

4/9 McDonald’s wants kids to Snapchat their way into a job. McDonald’s and Snapchat have launched a McDonald’s-themed filter, with job seekers invited to try on the uniform and send a 10-second video application. @franks_chung @newscomauHQ @nypost

4/8 These 8 schools have A+ mobile device programs—here’s why. How does your schools program rate? @Dave_Saltmarsh @eschoolnews @bethanyvsmith @iPodsibilities

4/7 11 Excellent Earth Science Apps & Websites for Teachers and Students – Share with science learners you know. @ClassTechTips @NewAgeEdu

4/6 Twelve Twitter Tips – I try to follow most of these. @KeithKeller

4/5 Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts for Teachers. – What is your school doing? @fearv @CommonSenseEd @dalston411

4/3 Porn sites want you to watch worry-free. This is a lesson in secure (https) websites rather than encorgement to watch portn. @joshuarhett @nypost

3/29 What Research Tells Us about Online Discussion – Online teachers and students should be aware of this. @FacultyFocus @jorlando_2001 @LauraGilchrist4 @JenWilliamsEdu

3/26 The New Periodic Table Of IPad Apps For Primary Aged Pupils – There almost has to be some good stuff here. Try checking one out each day and get feedback from students. @ICTEvangelist @BevLadd

3/26 For Online Class Discussions, Instructors Move From Text to Video. It doesn’t really build a community with text if that was what is intended. @jryoung @EdSurge

3/25 Six Ways to Save Loads of Money on a New Phone – If you have one you should check this out. @christinamarf @SheKnows @OurFamilyWorld @MTMEblog

3/24 FIfteen Great YouTube Channels for Social Studies Teachers – Share with social studies teachers you know and watch some yourself. @medkh9 @LeeAraoz @DavidGeurin

3/23 Coach told cheerleader to ‘get over it’ after teammates posted nude photo: suit. There is a lesson here for school officials and students. @AP @nypost

3/22 Turn Students Into Fact-Finding Web Dectives – Is this happening in your school? @CommonSenseEd @dalston411

3/21 How Megatablets Will Reshape Touch Screen Technology — and Business – This could impact schools as well. @philgoldstein @BizTechMagazine @garybartanus @surface

3/20 11 online tools & apps for dyslexic students – This looks promising. @eschoolnews
District sees massive STEM gains with VR. Is your school experimenting with VR yet? @Elizabeth_Lytle @eschoolnews

3/19 Letting Students Use Mobile Devices for Learning Limits Distraction. Are smartphone confiscation policies out? Here are some best practices from today’s educators. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

3/18 Nine EdTech Tools to Try – Have nine teachers each try one and report back. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

3/17 Apple really wants you to replace your laptop with an iPad. I think tablets are fine for consuming information, but not so good for production. @mcwm @qz @syded06 @jonathanwylie

3/16 Smartphones In The Classroom: The Good, The Bad, And The Plan. This looks like good advice. @RACzyz @focus2achieve

3/15 High Above, Drones Keep Watchful Eyes on Wildlife in Africa. This has great promise. For better or worse we are in the “age of the drone.” Got yours yet? @RachelNuwer @_robin_lindsay_ @jimgorman @nytimes

3/14 50 Of The Best Writing Apps For The iPad – Get teachers and students to check them out and report back. @TeachThought

3/13 The Benefits of Flipped Classrooms for Students with Learning Needs – It’s been about 10 years since the idea of flipping classrooms first gained its soaring popularity and in that time it’s also grown to help students with special needs. @education_world @gacvetic

3/11 The Surprising Skill That Makes Online Teachers More Effective – Can you guess what it is? @SimpliTeach @elearnindustry

3/10 The New Periodic Table Of IPad Apps For Primary Aged Pupils. There is lots to investigate here. Get your students to help. @ICTEvangelist @mralanellis @TeachFromHere

3/9 Facebook is still failing to remove images of child exploitation. This has to be difficult. @amartoo @verge @nick_chater

3/7 Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation – There is a lot to digest here. Get students to help. @Kschwart @MindShiftKQED @mitchcenter @BethWhitaker2

3/6 Your Partner or Your Phone? How Technology Is Affecting Your Relationship – Studies are beginning to prove what we already know—smartphone obsession is a relationship killer. @together_show @7×7 @TamaraMcCleary

3/5 15 tips for improving your photos and videos – Now that we all carry cameras in our pockets, we should know this. @ByWorking @PRDaily @jeffsheehan @MarkRaganCEO

3/4 Three Effective Ways to Reduce Social Media Overwhelm – If you are on too many platforms juggling too many priorities and not getting anywhere then listen up. @sociallysorted @lisabriercliffe @RebekahRadice

3/2 Facebook releases Facebook Video app on Apple TV. This seems promising. @romaindillet @TechCrunch @DanaGarrison

3/1 Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners – Are your classes one-size-fits-all? They don’t have to be. @JMcCarthyEdS @edutopia @WeAreTeachers

2/26 Snap Brings Camera Into Focus as Social Messaging Tool – Snap is probably more popular with your students than Facebook or Twitter. Teachers should know more about it. @georgia_wells @BetsyMorris2 @WSJ

2/25 Eight Free Website Creator Tools for Classroom Projects – Have eight people (students or teachers) each check one out and report back. @leecrockett @glodigcit @Larerbloggen

2/24 Eleven Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Social Media Life – Social media has been transformational in the work of this educator. @DavidGeurin @Vroom6

2/23 What is a smart kid in the age of the smart machine? Problem-solving, creativity, digital skills, teamwork, communication skills and critical thinking are not only a common requirement across jobs clusters but translate to hard cash, @JanOwenAM @smh @EduTweetOz @KMalbon

2/22 Pick Your Path to Engagement with Nearpod Collaborate!. Student engagement as the #1 way teachers use this app. @JenWilliamsEdu @nearpod

2/21 How can I use Voxer as a school leader? This post is specifically for school leaders, current or aspiring. @Jennifer_Hogan @itsmeSpiri @JeffHiserBL @voxer

2/20 Does the Device Matter? If your school is planing to roll out devices for every student, you should read this. @misskyritsis @TeachTechPlay @GeniusHourFair @NatalieMcKalip @MrMCimino

2/19 Amy Adele Hasinoff: How to practice safe sexting

2/19 Tile – The easiest way to find your things. Be sure to watch the short [1:22] video. I’m getting this for myself and as gifts. @TheTileApp @FastCompany

2/18 17 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2017 – Have 17 students each try one and report to the class. @realDeepPatel @Entrepreneur @james_minter

2/17 Nine digital tools for your classroom tool belt – If you try any, let your colleagues know. @jmattmiller @Gregbagby

2/16 Six ways to craft engaging content – Share with anyone you know what has a blog or is thinkging of starting one. @lolitaloco @PRDaily @jeffsheehan @MarkRaganCEO

2/15 Here’s What Happens When You Add Scent to Virtual Reality. Have you started to experiment with VR yet? @rachelmetz @techreview @sarahdateechur @theedtechdoctor

2/14 The Top 50 Social Media Influencers You Should Follow In Twitter – 2017 – If you are on Twitter you will probably find this list interesting. I do follow many. @PandianAMS @wizoid_team @GuyKawasaki

2/13 What is App Smashing on the iPad? Why App Smash? It is merging content from multiple apps. Students should know how to do this. @EdTechTeacher21 @rudytoot1 @BookCreatorApp

2/12 These 7 trends are shaping personalized learning. Schools nationwide are experimenting with personalized learning strategies to better serve students. @TaraGarciaM @EducationDive @dougpete

2/11 Choosing Between Traditional And Online Classrooms – There are pros and cons for both. @urvibhagi @elearnindustry @MissGEnrique

2/10 From Students to Digital Citizens: A Positive Step on Safer Internet Day – Internet day was February 7th, but this advice is always good to consider. @MissGEnrique @OneNoteC @kiwestify

2/9 Helping Students Develop Their Online Identity – Is this happening at your school. @gcouros

2/8 Flight attendant rescues girl after spotting signs of human trafficking. – Here is an example of how social media can share the signs of this evil practice. @mayread3 @WomenintheWorld

2/6 Philippines’ Youngest Programmer Builds Her Own Company at Age 10. What are 1-year-olds you know doing. @cookiecielo @GineersNow @digitalmaverick @AmyCoupal

2/5 A visual on how to evaluate apps for your classroom. Apps are the backbone of mobile learning. @medkh9 @TweetinChar @EdTechFam

2/3 10 apps everyone should have on their computer – How many do you already have? @averyhartmans @businessinsider @dougpete

2/2 Lost your iPhone? Here’s how to use ‘Find My iPhone.’ If you have an iPhone you might want to read this and save it somewhere. @jesskellynt @NewstalkFM

2/1 Five Ways to Bring Literature to Life with Buncee – This web-based creation and presentation tool is ideal for students, grades K-12, to create visuals for a wide variety of lessons. @Buncee @techiepusher @JKLovesELA @KEJaquin @kfeulner @lisalaw423

1/31 Seven Social Media Infographics That Will Make You More Productive – We can all learn something here. @RebekahRadice

1/30 Ten Tools for Data Visualizing and Analysis for Business – Share with business teachers and students you know. @DaMuRiq @DataScienceCtrl @nancyrubin @ipfconline1

1/29 Twitter for Class Content: Top 5 Strategies – How do you use Twitter? @Tastenspieler @ShellTerrell @OnlineCrsLady

1/28 A Toy that wants to “Phone Home” – Digital toys can be a little creepy. @mediamocracy @LeonieGSmith @mediamocracy

1/27 What’s Wrong With MOOCs and Why They Aren’t Working – You should try one sometime. @WizIQ @AdvocateforEd

1/25 Low Cost Educational Tools Can Be Useful, Too. Are you using any? @TeachThought

1/23 Ten Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom – These are all good ideas. Don’t think there is just one way to use Skype. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

1/22 Gmail phishing scam is even fooling tech-savvy users. Share with Gmail useres you know. @pix11news @mswanson @jkatcher74

1/21 YouTube Testing New In-App Chat Function to Boost Social Activity. This is worth a look. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

1/19 Social Media and the Student/Teacher Relationsihp – Here we have the pros and cons of connecting with students. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

1/16 School worker fired for correcting student’s spelling on Twitter. Here is a warning to other people who manage social media for schools. @LindaMassarella @katienash @FCPSMaryland @nypost

1/15 25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers – Have 25 teachers each try one and report back. @thinkm2 @TED_ED @Getting_Smart

1/14 When Donald Trump tweets, computers automatically change the world. There is also an app that signals you as soon as Donald Trump says anything about a publicly-traded company, whether it’s favorable or whether it’s negative. Like him or not you need to know this. @jolshan @Marketwatch @CoryHepola @KARE11

1/13 Adobe shows concept video of voice-based photo editing on an iPad. This short [0:31] video is very cool. @benlovejoy @9to5mac @mswanson

1/12 Why Every High School Should Teach A Social Media Class – What’s happening in your school? @jspector @Medium @web20classroom

1/11 Jukin Media is looking to license your possibly viral videos. I learning about this from The New York Times. @JukinMedia @jamiekeiles @NYTmag

1/10 Three Ways Mobile Technology Boosts Instruction – What is your school doing with mobile technology? @Lynch39083 @MarkFraver @AdvocateforEd

1/9 The Secret Language of Girls on Instagram – Girls have quietly repurposed the photo-sharing app into a barometer for popularity, friendship status and self-worth. Here’s how they’re using it. @racheljsimmons @TIME @morgankolis

1/9 Here’s Why Twitter is so Important, to Everyone – You don’t have to tweet a lot but you should at least have an account. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day @MrScottEddy @AnnTran_

1/8 8 Apps That Should Be On Your Mobile Device in 2017 – Which ones do you have? Many just replace Apple versions with Google versions. @TeacherCast @judeobsc17

1/5 Revenge porn victim to Google: Make me disappear – Your students should read this. Do you and your kids even know what revenge porn is? @juliakmarsh @nypost

1/4 Why I Want My Students to Use Social Media – Reason #1, community. @MrSchoenbart @edu_match

1/3 Fake news detection: a twitter data challenge for students – Don’t forget that fake news exisits all over the political spectrum. @stuartwshulman @markwarschauer @discovertext

1/2 Three Social Media Tools to Identify Influential Bloggers – Who would have known that the popularity of blogs would grow to reach such mammoth levels. @jeffbullas @_theMikeSwan @johntomlinsonuk @wpsitesupport

1/1/2017 Should My Child Have a Cellphone? Appropriate ages and stages of use. Owning a cell phone is increasingly becoming a way to fit in and make friends. @LavoieFred @Lynch39083

12/31 What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you! Can digital media literacy contend with bogus news? @chrisberdik @jwchilders88

12/30 Librarians share their predictions for education trends in 2017. Many librarians are the go to tech people in their schools. They should know. @brittsullivan @Scholastic @lieberrian @cybrarian77 @todd_burleson @anitacellucci @Michelle_Colte @smollas @dataquilter @LibrarianMsG @elissamalespina

12/29 Digital Doom? Three Effects of Texting and Tweeting on Students’ Writing Skills. @Lynch39083

12/29 Ten Cool Tips for Tweeting During Live Events – I do this and it’s very powerful. It’s also a way to attract new followers with common interests. @kimgarst @boom_social @TwonderWoman @alvinlindsay21

12/28 Why Mobile Technology Enhances Education – What are you doing with mobile technology at your school? @Lynch39083

12/27 Three Ways Schools Can Keep Devices Safe When Students Take Chromebooks Home – If your school doesn’t givr every kid a laptop it probably will some day. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

12/26 10 Ways to Get More Out of TweetDeck – as Explained by Twitter – I love Tweetdeack and use it daily. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day @zaibatsu

12/24 Students: Colleges Are Tracking You Online. It Can Help You Graduate. @Ericnpr @NPR

12/23 Four Apps to Foster Parent-Teacher Communication – Have four teachers each try one and report back. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

12/22 What are the Latest Social Media Tips and Tricks? I’m trying to stay hip and help you do the same. @WarrenWhitlock

12/21 Life at Pine View, One Story at a Time – A student-run >Facebook page Humans of Pine View shares personal stories of students and school employees. Does your school have something like this? @SarasotaMagazin @millermarinellc

12/20 What Do People Love to Share on Social Media? Consider polling your students to find out what they share. @kimgarst @zaibatsu

12/18 Social Media Monitoring Software You Should Be Using In 2016 – I use many of these and they are all good. @201Digital @Kpopela2 @kesbutters

12/18 Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Chats – They are a great way to learn and grow your network. My favorite is #edchat at noon and 7 pm EST every Tuesday. @lilachbullock @james_minter

12/17 Princeton swim team suspended for ‘misogynistic and racist’ emails. I guess these guys aren’t that smart after all. Police chief to retire after sending nude pics via town email. Ok kids, here two more adult screwups you can learn from. @AP @nypost @Princeton

12/16 Twitter Deep Dive: How to Use Social Media to 10x Your Website Traffic – This looks like good advice. @TaraReed_ @SEOZib @Moz

12/15 Three Ways Social Media Is Changing How Millennials Consume News – You need to turn off ad blocking to read this. @jimmyrohampton @Forbes @NealSchaffer

12/14 Seven Insights for Social Media Success from Industry Experts – Share with business teachers and students you know. @jeffbullas @TwonderWoman

12/11 Sex workers sell access to their real lives via social media. This sounds like safe sex to me. @stokel @BBC_Future

12/10 Memorang earns silver behind Duolingo at the Reimagine Education awards. This looks like a good mobile learning option. @memorangapp @duolingo @ReimagineHEdu

12/9 Five Ways To Enrich Your Lessons With Padlet Comments – Padlet is one of the best ways to have students share, collaborate, create and connect to others within their school and outside of the four walls into the world. @shannonmmiller @padlet

12/7 Can wearables help prevent addicts from relapsing? I bet they can for some people. @RWW @DevicesConnect @jamiebillingham

12/6 Apple Announces ‘Everyone Can Code’ Initiative and New Apple Teacher Program – This is worth a look. @MJMadda @EdSurge @apple

12/4 What are the Latest Social Media Tips and Tricks? You might want to assign thie reading to your students. @WarrenWhitlock

12/3 Ten Questions to Ask Before Installing a New Educational App – This checklist will help teachers select apps that not only improve learning outcomes but also align with school and district technology goals. @MDMeg @EdTech_K12 @Pen63

12/2 Three Tips for Limiting Screen Time – Share with any parent you know. @liveluvtx @Makebestcrafts

12/1/16 Three Ways Technology Can Help Students with Autism – Every school has a number of these kids. This might help. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

11/30 FIve Websites and Tech Tools to Motivate Reading Practice – Who doesn’t want more ways to motivate students? @Candace_Davies

11/29 Using school buses to democratize wi-fi – If your school buses don’t have wi-fi it’s about time. This is vital for kids with long rides. @erinbiba @BBC_Autos

11/28 Break Down Your Classroom Walls With This Groundbreaking App. This is worth a look. @ICTEvangelist @pammoran

11/26 Seven Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Facebook – @RebekahRadice @Medium

11/24 Superintendent’s retweet controversy draws attention at school board meeting. You just might want to keep politics out of your social media feed if you are school leader. @lizbowie @DDance_BCPS @drsuperville @JoshuaPStarr

11/23 Four Apps to Foster Parent-Teacher Communication – Smartphones can help deepen and extend relationships beyond the scheduled parent-teacher conferences. @megbcortez @EdTech_K12

11/23 IBM Watson Launches First Mobile App For Education. Last week, IBM Watson released Element for Educators, an iOS app designed for the iPad to give teachers a better understanding of factors affecting student performance. @antoinettesiu@EdSurge @ArdolinoMichael @EnricHenry

11/22 How to build a better relationship with parents: text them. Regularly texting parents about their children’s school work can boost attendance and test scores. @jessica_lander @tes @tesusa

11/20 Seven ways to spot fake news stories – Can you or your students guess what they are? @USATODAYcollege @ElizabethKing88 @alicekeeler

11/20 What schools are doing to protect your child’s digital footprint – What is your school doing? @tammyelliottTV2 @WBAY @Seesaw @mflicek1

11/19 Digital Literacy: An Evolving Definition – Here is one person’s definition. What is yours? @LianaHeitin @educationweek

11/19 The Evolution of Instant Messaging – The concept of instant messaging crossed into the mainstream in the 1990s, allowing friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and like-minded thinkers from all over the world to connect in real-time. @jeff_desjardins @VisualCap

11/17 Periscope Adds New Option to Share Specific Moments from Streams. Seems like there should be some educational applications for Periscope. Facebook live is the competition. @adhutchinson @mikepaul @ManageFlitter

11/16 14 Signs of Cyberbullying in the Classroom – Every teacher and parent should read this. @Lynch39083 @edvocatepd

11/15 Students Sitting Around Too Much? Try Chat Stations. This is a quick way to get kids moving but keep working with content. @cultofpedagogy @ShiftParadigm

11/14 Finding the right parent-teacher communication app for your class – What are you already doing? @jessicameacham @eschoolnews

11/12 Three Easy Ideas That’ll Help You Win at Social Media – Share with business teachers and students you know. @RebekahRadice

11/12 Six Ways to Use Twitter To Enhance In-School Professional Learning – Connecting globally is really powerful, but how do we use this medium in a way to enhance professional learning and empower the voice of teachers in our own building? @gcouros @Chappy8611 @aaron_hogan

11/11 10-Year-Old’s Project Goes Viral – This girl started documenting her school lunches and became famous. @never_seconds @mcleod

11/10 This district is using novel methods to teach familiar skills. @eschoolnews

11/9 Guidelines for Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your School – Even if you already have one compare it to these guidlines. @InnovativeEdu @coolcatteacher

11/9 Five ways connected school buses are on the rise – Are your district’s buses connected yet? @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

11/7 Six Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Strengthen Donor Relationships – Share with any nonprofits you know. @CharityClairity @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

11/6 Teacher encourages Twitter chat in class – Adam Shoenbart is a leader in this field. See if you can follow him. Also check out his blog. @MrSchoenbart

11/6 Your Online Life, Permanent as a Tattoo Juan Enriquez – Show this to your students. @EvolvingJuan @MrSchoenbart

11/4 Screen time: the menace parents just won’t face. Share with any parents you know. @NaomiSRiley @nypost

11/2 Education Chat Schedule – If you haven’t done a Twitter chat, you shold. They are great for professional development and networking. My favorite is #edchat on Tuesdays at noon and 7 pm EST. @cybraryman1 @conniehamilton @thomascmurray @cevans5095 @jrochelle @rmbyrne

11/2 20 Instagram Apps to Take Graphics From Good to GREAT – Have your students each check one out and report back. @RebekahRadice @darren_mccowan

11/1/16 “Let It Go” from Frozen according to Google Translate (PARODY) – If you put music lyrics through Google Translate a few times you can get some funny results. If you like this there are more. Here is some Lady Gaga. @missmalindakat

10/31 6 Last Minute Holiday Social Media Campaigns to Try This Season – Share with business teachers and students you know. @DhariLo @socialmedia2day @semrush

10/30 I was sexually assaulted — in virtual reality. There is also software that lets you molest a young woman. Hope your kids don’t get this. @mikeblaustein @nypost

10/27 How Video Games Can Help Students In Class and At Home Which games are your kids playing? @jmattmiller @KarlyMoura

10/25 12 ed-tech tools to try this term – Ask your students to check them out. @eschoolnews @gloria_kopp

10/25 What Not To Post on Social Media: 5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Publish – This goes beyond posting bad stuff. @OlsySpeak @CBCRadio @MJasonHouck

10/24 Must-Have Apps for Prospective International Students – @EdCircuit @Allison_Winston @USNewsEducation

10/23 To Help Combat Truancy, D.C. Schools Are Turning To A Smartphone App. Maybe your school should try this. @mikafrak @wamu885 @drsuperville @alexanderrusso

10/22 15 Eye-Opening Ways Teachers Use Edmodo Today – Edmodo is an excellent way to keep teachers and students connected. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. @edmodo @Grade4RCS

10/21 What Global Teacher Bloggers Have to Say on Learning With The Arts – Got any global bloggers at your school? @CMRubinWorld @etr_in @POsroff @TeacherPrize

10/20 You’ve been charging your phone wrong all along.. here the reasons. How does this compare to your charging habbits? @McquillenLuella @evertsen_gemma

10/19 How to Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Parameters to Uncover Relevant Mentions – I’ve been using Twitter since 2009 and didn’t know about this. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

10/18 War Goes Viral. How social media is being weaponized across the world. @etbrooking @peterwsinger @defenseone

10/18 Eight Ways to Protect Yourself From Scams on Social Media – Share with your students as well. @JosephSteinberg @Inc @zaibatsu

10/17 Tips for Teachers for Creating Good Digital Reputation – Be sure to share with students. @14priyankagupta @etr_in @lawrencegmiller

10/14 Plane crew almost lets man die because they refuse to believe black woman is a doctor. I just posted this to my Facebook page. Consider doing so as well. @nedostup @KrisGiere @elizabethaself

10/13 Seven Ways to Recruit Star Talent Using Social Media – I think this could work for schools as well. @tonyrestell @RecruiterDotCom @jrkuhns @TalentGuruCP

10/12 How Students Can Discover and Create Their Personal Brands Here is an example ofone’s student’s blog. @aboutdotme

10/11 Book Creator for iPad – This is worth a look. @tonyvincent @BookCreatorApp @sjgorman

10/9 22 Of The Newest Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom – Are your students making videos? @TeachThought @LeeAraoz @thinkm2

10/8 Seven Key Considerations in Maximizing Tweet Performance, According to Twitter Research – Share with business teachers and students you know. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day @zaibatsu

10/7 The Sex-Ed Queens of YouTube Don’t Need a Ph.D. Your kids might get better sex-ed from YouTube than they will get in school. @amandahess @gogreen18 @nytimes

10/7 Should Students Run Your Social Media Accounts? I certainly think so. If adults do you are just piling on extra work to busy people. @Editorbytrade @ASCD @TopDogTeaching @Jeff_Zoul

10/6 Meet the seven-year-old girl tweeting from Aleppo. This is powerful and hearbreaking. @davemolloy @BBCNews Consider adding to here 45,000+ followers @AlabedBana

10/5 Win a Skype with Anne Marie Pace. Do teachers in your school use Skype? @AnneMariePace @EllenSabatini @shannonmmiller @plemmonsa

10/2 Oh Crop! Twitter Photo Mistakes and How to Fix Them – Does you Twitter picture need some work? @KP_Kelly @ARCH_Digital @jamiebillingham

10/1 50 Of The Best Free Apps For Teachers – Have each teacher check out one and report back. @terryheick @TeachThought @Larerbloggen @seni_bl

9/30 Virtual Schools Take Off Even As Performance Lags. Poor academic outcomes haven’t stopped the online education industry from growing. @MDMeg @EdCircuit @AjentaNews @EdTech_K12

9/29 60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category – Are you using Twitter yet? Here are many ways that can motivate students. @TeachThought @AysinAlp1 @lpijanowski

9/29 Social Media Guidelines for Employees – Does your school/organization have similar guidlines? You probably should. @markITwrite @kesbutters

9/28 How to Control Your Facebook News Feed – I don’t spend a lot of time in Facebook, but I’m sure many of my readers do. @davidnield @nancyrubin @Gizmodo

9/27 Transform Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom with SeeSaw. This appears to be work a look. @Seesaw @mattbergman14

9/26 Three Ways Educators Can Embrace Social Media to Increase Engagement – By using digital tools, teachers can promote more interactivity and community outreach. @web20classroom @EdTech_K12 @whitneykilgore

9/25 10 Twitter Hacks To Cut Through The Noise Using TweetDeck – Dr. Doug is a big user of Tweetdeck. @SocialMediaHats @cshislop @mike_allton

9/24 Here’s how five schools are innovating and educating. Is your school doing anything like this? @ESN_LAURA @eschoolnews

9/24 A Speed Test Comparison Of Every iPhone Ever Made – Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you should enjoy the methodology employed here. @EveryApplePro @JB_iPhone5

9/23 These apps can help you catch a cheating spouse. They can also help parents know where their children are. @Quantanamo @MarketWatch @nypost

9/23 VR Headset Makes All of Your iPhone Videos 3-D. This looks like fun. For $50, all schools should get one. @pierce @WIRED

9/22 20 Ideas for Content that People Love to Share on Social Media – Share with business teachers and students you know. @jeffbullas @johntomlinsonuk

9/21 Periscope Makes it Possible for Animal Farm Talk Shows to Go Live. This could get kids more excited about learning. @mssackstein @educationweek @edweekteacher

9/20 How-to Start a Backchannel in Your Classroom – I’ve seen back channels in action in classrooms and they are great at getting all students involved. @ClassTechTips @TodaysMeet @danvkoch

9/18 Five Benefits of Having a Classroom Blog – This is from Richard Byrne, one of my top providers. @rmbyrne

9/17 Five Simple Ways to Improve The Performance of Your Tweets – How many do you already do? @DhariLo @socialmedia2day @torsten64 @_theCOACH @DhariLo

9/16 Lunchroom pariahs may be a thing of the past, if one teen gets her way. A new app called “Sit With Us” – designed by a 16-year-old California girl – helps shy students find potential friends to chow down with in a school cafeteria. @natmusumeci @nypost

9/15 Twitter: DMs now feature ‘read receipts, typing indicators’ – If I send a DM I want to know if it’s read. Good move Twitter. @memeburn @jeffsheehan

9/13 Social Media and the Workplace – New platforms can be tools for connection with colleagues and outside experts, but can also serve as distractions while on the job. Future workers should read this. @pewinternet @nicole_ellison @colonelb

9/12 A Parent’s Complete Guide to Twitter – If your kids are on Twitter and you aren’t, you should read this. @AmyMorinLCSW @Verywell @dougpete

9/12 How to Use Twitter Video for Your Audience – Videos of 30 seconds or less can be very powerful. @ARCH_Digital @KP_Kelly

9/11 Nine Facebook Hacks and Tricks Anyone Can Use You can have a much better Facebook experience by employing a few simple tricks. @bizzwriter @Inc @zaibatsu

9/9 How to Handle Cyberbullying This School Year @coreytutewiler @Gaggle_K12 @TroyMooney @gaggle_k12

9/8 Voxer combines the power of live voice with text, video and photo sharing. Better Than Just Texting. @aaron_hogan @voxer @SNewco

9/5 An Educator’s Social Media Guide – There is a lot of good information here for educators. Also, share with students. @aaron_hogan @nuzzel @voxer @SNewco

9/4 Nuzzel creates a news feed based on what your friends are reading and sharing in other social media and what their friends are sharing. Sounds good to me. @aaron_hogan @nuzzel @SNewco

9/3 19 Social Media Quotes f

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