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6/4 The Best Online Learning Games – 2019 (Part One) – There are a lot of resources here. @Larryferlazzo

6/3 Five Critical Social Media Facts About Stories That You Need to Know Right Now – Time to put some stories on your and your school’s website. @ayaznanji @AgorapulseNews @NealSchaffer

6/3 Don’t Break Up Facebook — Treat It Like a Utility. Critically, though, breaking the company up is not the only way to temper its destructive effects. @ghoshd7 @nancyrubin @HarvardBiz

6/2 How to Improve Web Page Load Speed Without Losing Rich Content – It’s no secret that page load times have a major impact on a website’s success. Google’s search algorithms favor fast load times. @jeffbullas

6/1/2019 Six Google Product Updates Made in May Impacting Teachers and Students – Google is constantly making updates to the services that they offer. @rmbyrne

5/31 What the Mac needs now is courage. This is why Apple should go all in on iPad apps on the Mac. Without a touch screen, many iPad apps will seem weird. @backlon @verge

5/31 Six Educational Apps Free Today – The apps cover different areas including learning English, music, task management, book coloring, learning games and more. @medkh9 @EdTechFam

5/30 Implement an Effective Social Media Strategy in Nine Steps – One Of The Biggest Issues With Implementing An Effective Social Media Strategy Is Time. School leaders should read this. @M_L_Marketing @socialmedia2day

5/28 Local Musicians Face the Facts About Streaming Platforms. Thanks to the advent of music streaming services, no matter where you live, anyone with an internet connection can tune in to hear your music. @OfficialJacobV @Dallas_Observer @muz4now @TraceTV @dobservermusic

5/26 Twelve Steps To Increase Traffic To Your Website – This is aimed a business, but should be usefull for people managing school websites. @BootstrapsBiz @MikeSchiemer

5/25 Ten things you didn’t know your iPhone could do = This was news to me. @kimkomando

5/24 Guy Uses Data Analysis To Break Down The Biases Of YouTube’s Trending Tab. Seems like there is a bias toward traditional media. This is excellent data analysis. @gchaslot @MitchJolly @_xzvf @YouTube @shanedawson

5/23 Ten Steps To Have On Your Checklist Before You Choose Cloud Hosting – Share this with business teachers and your school district’s IT staff. @BootstrapsBiz @iFrugalFitness @_BritishValues

5/22 Here Is A Powerful App to Monitor Your Kids Phones. SpyMyFone is a leading web-based phone spy service for parental control and tracking locations of family members. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

5/21 Digital Devices in the Classroom Can Hinder Long-Term Retention. when students divide attention between electronic devices and a classroom lecture, they still followed the lecture in the moment, but that long-term retention was reduced. @journoinred @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

5/21 The Seven Main Characteristics Of Shareable Content – You can never be 100% certain that the audience will love to share the piece you’re working on. Nevertheless, there are certain features you can pay attention to. @amycowen2 @getresponse @imobsession

5/18 Ten things you didn’t know your iPhone could do – Whether you’re an iPhone newbie or you’ve been using your trusty device for years, you’re just about guaranteed to not know a few things about that powerful pocket computer of yours. @kimkomando

5/17 17 Hidden iPhone Hacks You Never Knew About – From charging the battery faster to taking a hands-free photo, these are the secret iPhone hacks you wish you knew sooner. @readersdigest

5/15 Nine Good Educational Apps Free Today- Grab Them – The collection includes language learning apps, news apps, arts apps, photo editing apps, music apps, educational games. @medkh9 @mskiwifruit

5/14 Retweeting Is About To Get A Lot More Exciting. You can now add GIFs, photos, and videos to retweets on Twitter, as part of the latest update for iOS, Android and the website. @Geoffdx @WeRSM @martinjonesaz

5/13 A Game-Changing Practice Fuses Math and Literacy – A program that scaffolds math with reading and writing has a formerly struggling elementary school in the Bronx dramatically outperforming the state in math. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia @rudytoot1

5/12 How to Free Up Your iPhone Storage in 30 Seconds – There’s nothing worse than the dreaded “storage almost full” notification and all the panic and anxiety that ensues. @candyandpizza @jwmcgauley @Thrillist

5/11 How To Get The Most Out of Your Smartphone Camera – Now, the latest smartphones compare with top-of-the-line stand-alone cameras and come equipped with enough features to satisfy even the most discerning photographer. @NightHelperBlog @RickGriffin @theonlinemom

5/10 Five Unbelievably Simple Ways To Increase Your Twitter Exposure – Share with the people who manage your school’s social media. @jeffbullas @Disha_Dee

5/9 10 best video chat apps for Android – There are plenty of options available for those looking to video chat with their friends or family. @ThatJoeHindy @androidauth @WhisperAmber @dipaolamomma

5/8 What Are The Most Important Features To Make A Website Stand Out? How do your school and classroom websites measure up? @BootstrapsBiz @MikeSchiemer

5/7 Apple to Reveal New Home-Grown Apps, Software Features at WWDC. Tech giant will woo developers with new tools, but also compete with them through its own software. @markgurman @technology @Chris_Ciaccia

5/6 Twelve Ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone or Video Camera – It may sound a bit simplistic, but if you have a video camera or even a decent smartphone, and a little bit of skill, you can easily become a video entrepreneur. @LScottHarrell @VtrepMag

5/5 Here Is A Great Tool to Enhance Students Digital Literacy Skills. Using their coding skills, students can use CoSpaces Edu to design their own 3D creations and explore them in Virtual or Augmented reality. @medkh9 @EdTechFam

5/4 Invest in PopSchools – PopSchools is creating colearning and coworking for K-12 students and parents. @PopSchoolsApp @Wefunder @Sisyphus38 @dev_nikema

5/3 Your Typo Is Costing You 12% Extra on Your Google Ads Spend. They ran A/B tests on both Google ads and landing pages to learn if typos do cause issues. @shtigswife @website_planet

5/2 Five Actionable List Building Tricks To Implement in Less Than Two Hours – Share with the people who manage your school’s social media. @thrivethemes @imobsession

5/1 How to Use to Rapidly Create Awesome Video Content – Did you know that 80% of all web traffic will be video by 2020? @Lynndeeee @Twelveskip

4/30 She posted her teaching salary on Facebook. So he filled her shopping cart with supplies. The Classroom Giving Initiative is a new vision from one man across the country to support Arizona classrooms, teachers and students. @graceoldham123 @MilichElisabeth @azcentral

4/29 Facebook Publishes New Guide for Instagram Creators. While some of these tips are fairly common, it is worth noting the more specific details included. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day @DanaGarrison

4/29 Five Unbelievably Simple Ways To Increase Your Twitter Exposure – Twitter is an amazing marketing, sales, and customer support tool for businesses and organizations like schools. @jeffbullas

4/28 Six Basic Steps to Running an Effective Social Media Audit – Thinking of giving your social profiles a spring clean? Here’s an overview of a system to conduct social media audits. @socialmedia2day @DhariLo

4/27 Coding: Developing Rigorous Thinkers. We don’t teach kid to write because we think they will become professional writers. Teaching should be no different. @mraspinall

4/26 Here’s what Google Chrome’s upcoming Reader Mode looks like. In a coming update, Google Chrome is picking up a favorite feature from other browsers – a built-in Reader Mode. @NexusBen @9to5Google @rudytoot1 @ericcurts

4/25 Eight Reasons your blog traffic is very low – This is aimed at businesses, but it applies to people running blogs for schools and classes. @JohnMulindi @BusinessLifeTip @WhhisperAmber

4/23 26 Mobile and Desktop Tools for Marketers – Share with business students and teachers and the people who manage your school’s social media. @SMExaminer @ScottPValentine

4/22Fitbit’s second act: Can the original fitness band maker stage a comeback with healthcare? The video compares the new Fitbit to the Apple Watch. Since I started wearing my Apple Watch I have become more fit. @forthebest @ZDNet @CyrilCoste

4/21 How to teach your students to think before they post – With smartphones, cameras, and social media everywhere, anything they do can be instantly broadcast and recorded—the good, the bad, and the ugly. @eschoolnews @s_bearden @Rdene915

4/20 Shell On Challenge: What Parents Need to Know – Be sure to talk to your kids about this. It’s pretty stupid. @SmartSocialKids

4/19 Five Outstanding Apps to keep Control of your Car Budget – Here are five outstanding apps to help you track everything from your fuel expenses to your service history. @realminimalism @BusinessLifeTip

4/18 Four Powerful Unorthodox Digital Marketing Strategies – Share with business students and teachers you know. @TwonderWoman @MikeSchiemer

4/17 How You Can Donate to Rebuild Notre Dame – They have already raised a lot but they will need more. @notredameparis

4/16 Twenty Ways to save time with your smart phone – How many do you already use? @moretime4u2 @carthagebuckley

4/15 In Six Steps: How to Fill Your Network with Quality LinkedIn Connections – Are you collecting LinkedIn connections like you used to collect baseball cards? @waynebreitbarth @YouTern @MarkSBabbitt

4/13 Why Digital Transformation Won’t Succeed Without Cultural Change – We have become so accustomed to digital technology, we are no longer able to imagine life without it. And yet, when it comes to the digital transformation of the work environment, we still have a long way to go. @naullyn @TamaraMcCleary @Damien_CABADI @WiproDigital

4/12 The Best Online Apps For Selling Old Stuff For Extra Cash – Selling old and used items online is so much easier than a garage sale. @forevermymoon @WhisperAmber

4/11 The 19 Best Teacher Websites That Help You Be Awesome for Kids – It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of teacher websites and resources on the internet. @mradamwelcome @tonyvincent

4/10 How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos – Use short videos to help students who are falling behind—and to give more advanced students the chance to have deeper discussions in class. @EdTechNerd @Edsurge

4/9 The Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts: Guidelines for All 7 Major Social Networks. There’s so much to consider in creating great images for social media. @alfred_lua @buffer @skylarclouds

4/7 #Satchat: A Great Way for Administrators to Connect. #Satchat is a great example of the power of social media to improve education, and the benefit of expanding an educator’s Personal Learning Network (PLN). @bradmcurrie @TheBradCurrie @edutopia @ToddWhitaker @BethWhitaker2

4/6 Amazon’s Alexa is about to become your personal doctor. Amazon’s voice assistant has gained several skills that will allow consumers to ask questions such as “Alexa, pull up my blood glucose readings.” @ysteinbuch @nypost

4/5 How to write email subject lines that attracts your audience attention easily – Most people get tons of email. Here’s how to have yours stand out as opposed to being trashed. @JohnMulindi @BusinessLifeTip

4/4 Video game AI will change the future of work. Here’s how. While DeepMind is focused on AI research, other companies are working to leverage such progress and innovation to create everyday uses. @wef @InsightBrief @Rom_Duck

4/3 Advice for Aspiring Teacher Bloggers – Blogging allows teachers to share and access great practices while creating positive digital footprints. @TomEMullaney @BAMRadioNetwork @edublogs

4/3 Seven Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing – You want your blog to be inviting. Here are some great tips from Jeff Bullas. @jeffbullas

4/3 What Is the Dark Web and Why Should You Care? It seems that educators should be hip to this. @RealTonyBradley @securityblvd @PVynckier @ChuckDBrooks @mclynd

4/2 The 5 Types of Blog Posts that Need to Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy – This applies to people doing blogs for schools too. @ThriveThemes @imobsession @shanemelaugh

4/1 How to Make Your Social Media Accounts SECURE – We shouldn’t take the security of our social media accounts for granted. @kimgarst @johntomlinsonuk

4/1 Ten big global challenges technology could solve – None are easy, but all are incredibly important. Can you or your students guess what they are? @techreview @jamie_stark
3/31 Helping your child navigate the online world – Digital literacy expert Professor Lim Sun Sun shares how to nurture online savvy children. @tucksoon @MOEsg

3/29 Six Successful YouTubers and the Clever Ways They Make Money – You may not want to make money with YouTube, but you might like these successful channels. @VtrepMag @LScottHarrell

3/28 How an Austin school district is preparing for VR, IoT and everything in-between – What is your school doing? @RycJohnston @EdScoop_news @s_bearden

3/27 Meaningful Technology Integration and Dynamic Learning – Ready for a deep dive into meaningful technology integration? @ShakeUpLearning @stottern

3/27 Apple Unveils Subscription News, Video Streaming & Game Subscription Services. I already checked out Apple News+ and it looks like a pretty good deal. @billboard @jeremymbarr @pshanley88 @9NorthRecords @larrypareigis

3/26 School libraries help to bridge digital divide. Was your elementary school librarian the person who opened your eyes to the wide world that was within your grasp through the library? @ParentTodayNY @elissamalespina

3/25 How to Master Creating Engaging Social Media Video Ads – This applies to anyone, not just people making ads. @msvictoriah91 @DisneyDream717

3/24 The Five Types of Blog Posts that Need to Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy – This also applies to the people running you school’s blog. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

3/23 How To Increase Website Traffic with Quizzes (+50 Ideas for Viral Quizzes) – This could work for your school’s blog too. @jeffbullas

3/22 Banning cellphones from Ontario classrooms is a pointless exercise. Why ban a device that almost all adults use on the job? @JMitchSport @globeandmail @MrSchoenbart @E_Sheninger

3/21 Eight Simple Ways to Grow your Blog with Twitter – Make sure that the people who run your school’s blogs and Twitter accounts see this. @JohnMulindi @BusinessLifeTip @WhisperAmber

3/20 The Updated For IOS 12 Periodic Table Of IPad Apps 2019 – How many do you have? Have your students check them out. @ICTEvangelist @rudytoot1

3/19 Top Seven Ways to Amplify your Mobile Marketing Strategies – Share with the people that manage social media for your school. @vikashv2v @jeffsheehan @MarTechAdvisor @MTA_Jobs

3/18 Snapchat Will Reportedly Launch a New, In-App Gaming Platform Next Month. As Snapchat looks to improve its business prospects in the face of slowing audience growth, one area that it’s keen to expand upon is gaming. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

3/18 Eight tips to getting your videos ranked on YouTube in 2019 – Share with the people who do social media for your school. @sewatch @jeffsheehan @senginewatch

3/17 Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Workplace Are Taking Over: And We Better Take Notice. Research shows that employees spend over 20% of their time on messages unrelated to their jobs, and in most companies, the email system has become real-time. @Josh_Bersin @JaneBozarth

3/16 Reasons why Grammarly is the best tool for Bloggers – I use this tool and highly recommend it. @JohnMulindi @BusinessLifeTip @DisneyDream717

3/14 UK testing debit cards with built-in fingerprint sensor. I don’t even have touch and go on my credit card yet. @chris_writes @BGR @nypost

3/13 Five Tools That Use Big Data For Social Media Optimization – There are several cutting-edge tools available that use big data for social media optimization, and there is much to be learned from them. @CaseyFahey @jamesvgingerich

3/11 Students Should Share Their Process, Not Just Their Product. Kids like to learn how things are made. They can do the same for their projects. @spencerideas @deannamascle @cultofpedagogy

3/10 Eight ways to improve your Instagram presence – Are you looking to make a splash with images on the popular social media platform? Here are tips for driving users to your account. @PRDaily @jeffsheehan @MarkRaganCEO

3/9 How to Create a Better Blended Learning Experience on Mobile – It seems like, with every passing year, technology and daily life become increasingly wound together. @darjeelingblend @RickettsKate @LearnDashLMS

3/8 The Power of Event Hashtags & How to Gain Traction With Yours. Make sure that your school is using them. @MadalynSklar

3/7 The Essential Website Features You Need. Let’s take a look at the major website must-haves and see if yours makes the grade. Share with the people that do your school’s website. @mendez_elize @larrykim @ImarcAgency

3/6 How Social Media Has Changed The Way Business Operates (And What’s Next) – The insurgence of social media among millennials has been drastic worldwide especially in the last decade. @jeffbullas

3/5 How to Use Social Media to Get More Speaking Gigs – Social media has made finding speaking gigs far simpler. @jeffbullas

3/3 How to Create Your First Website With Google Sites – This is the website maker for you if your school uses G Suite for Education. This also shows you how to use the sites you create. @rmbyrne @siteshelp

3/2 Apple Watch’s GPS helps track down burglars. After arriving back home to find her house had been burgled, the 25-year-old rightful owner contacted the police. They tracked the Apple Watch down to a local Walmart, where two suspects were arrested. @lukedormehl @cultofmac @rudytoot1

3/1 How To Get More Site Visitors Using Facebook Comments – Did you know that you can get visitors to your website just by commenting on Facebook? @kimgarst @johntomlinsonuk

2/28 Instagram Adds Option to Link to Instagram Stories, Expands Stories Promote Tool. This privides a new way to boost Stories awareness and engagement. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

2/28 The Mate X folding smartphone blazes a trail toward fitting more screen in your pocket This looks like the future of smartphones to me. @vladsavov @BeccaFarsace @vjeranpavic @Verge

2/28 50 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom – Have fifty kids each try one and report back. @ShakeUpLearning @Erik_Youngman

2/26 Six Steps to Make Your Blog Posts Look Irresistible – People are quickly distracted so you need to grab them with these tips. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

2/24 The 10 Definitive Instagram Statistics You Should Know – and Why – Influencer marketing is at an all-time high according to Google Trends, and Instagram continues to arguably perform as one of the leading platforms for these marketers. @NealSchaffer

2/23 The Seven Types Of Tweets You Must Send Every Day – A real pro gives good advice. @MarcGuberti

2/22 Eight Tips for Better Social Media Storytelling – Humans love stories. They love hearing them, and telling them, and being part of them. @johntomlinsonuk @FX_Digital

2/20 Smart tweeters soar above the flock. Here are five easy steps to improve your presence on Twitter. @JKatzaman @MadalynSklar @kdeep39

2/19 Digital Tools and Distraction in School – We should be deliberately teaching middle and high school students how to manage their devices. @mbteach @edutopia @stppLMC

2/17 The Five Awesome Twitter Features You Should Use Now – How many do you use? @NealSchaffer @dmboutin

2/16 Does Your Blog Feature These 5 Critical Content Types? To grow your business and not just increase a vanity metric in your analytics dashboard, it’s clear that you have to be strategic about what kind of content you create. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

2/15 Google Maps’ New AR Function Will Finally Fix One Of Its Biggest Problems. It’s still a pilot program, but Google Maps’ “Global Localization” system might be the best thing to ever happen to people who have a terrible sense of direction. @engadget

2/14 Love Out Loud With Teleflora This Valentine’s Day! #Teleflora #LoveOutLoud If you forgot some Valentine’s Day cards there is still social media. @NightHelperBlog @karen_dawkins

2/13 Why Live Videos On Social Media Are A Game-Changer for Marketers. Video marketing is an interactive way to deliver your brand’s message and grab the attention of consumers. This can work for schools too. @jeffbullas

2/10 26 Video Activities for Language Class – Spanish Playground – Video is a wonderful source of language for young learners. With video, students can hear different native speaker voices supported by a visual context. @SpanishPlaygrd @kidworldcitizen

2/9 App hoarders, it’s time to Marie Kondo your phone. Does your phone have too many like mine? Here are reasons to clean up. @FutureBoy @mashable @jamie_stark

2/8 Are You Still Using These Rusty Old Blogging Tactics? Share with bloggers you know. @NealSchaffer

2/7 Eight Reasons Why Your Headline Is Doomed To Fail – Your headline might be just a tweak away from being brilliant, and right here, you’ll discover what that tweak is. @thrivethemes @imobsession

2/6 Unpacking the Problem of Unmotivated Online Students – We need to develop some sort of a methodology whereby taking an online course is seen as a privilege and an opportunity to learn a subject more deeply than in a face-to-face class. @brocansky @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

2/5 Twitter Details Plans for Beta Testing of New Conversational Features. The platform has announced the creation of a new beta program to test its ‘conversational’ options. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

2/5 15 Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Look Gorgeous – Are you ready for the journey? Let’s get started. @msocialbusiness @Lana_Miro @NealSchaffer

2/3 Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tools 2019 – Share with business teachers and students and the people to run your school’s social media effort. @BootstrapsBiz @kdeep39 @MikeSchiemer

2/1 Social Media Apps for Audio and Podcasts – All of these things can be used by social media managers to promote podcasts or join conversations surrounding different pieces of audio. @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

1/31 Study links screen time to slower child development. A new Canadian study has linked increased screen time with delayed development in children. @Barnini @FoxNews @JAMAPediatrics

1/30 Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL. You may not have to contend with increasingly long and unintelligible URLs—and the fraud that has sprung up around them. @lilyhnewman @WIRED @rkiker

1/29 Five Proven Strategies for Improving Your Online Exposure. The internet is big enough for everyone, and there are a few proven strategies which can help everyone like you and your school. @markITwrite @MartinAButters

1/28 Facebook Announces It’s Merging Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. While all three apps will continue to work as stand-alone applications, the underlying messaging infrastructure will be integrated. @MobileMonkey @larrykim

1/26 Why Aren’t Schools Using the Apps They Pay For? For technology to work as intended, it must be paired with other critical elements: professional development for teachers, thoughtful implementation and consistent engagement. @ByEmilyTate @EdSurge @NoApp4Pedagogy

2/25 Snow Days: Resources to Share With Students and Parents. Is snow in the forecast? Here are some engaging science, reading, and writing resources to share with parents. @EducationMatt @edutopia @Erik_Youngman

1/24 Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students and Special Needs – Technology can be a powerful tool to assist students with special needs or any sort of learning challenge. @ericcurts @Erik_Youngman

1/23 Five Reasons to Pilot Student Podcasting Projects – This can promote creativity and problem solving as student practice writing and speaking skills. @spencerideas @Erik_Youngman

1/22 It’s Time to Audit All the Extensions You’ve Installed on Your Browser. This is easy to do and very enlightening. @gizmodo

1/20 22 Predictions for Social Media in 2019 – Here is what to expect from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. @CaseyNewton @verge @ChuckDBrooks @Harry_Robots @worldtrendsinfo

1/17 Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions – With a little help from technology, a young filmmaker, musician, writer, or artist can pursue their work like a pro. @cultofpedagogy @ChrisWeissCT

1/16 How to Save Time When Posting Social Media Updates – If you are using social media to share updates about your school or your classroom, Hootsuite can save you time. @rmbyrne @hootsuite @DrKatrinaKeene

1/15 Why Twitter is Fantastic for Musicians – If you’re a musician, Twitter isn’t just a place to announce you’ve dropped a new single, and it’s so much more than a place to simply push your Instagram posts to. @KeithKeller @AngelaSargeant

1/14 13 Quick Tricks to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in Minutes – These look good to me. @LuhanaPooja @jeffbullas

1/13 How to Start Guest Blogging When You Are Completely Unknown – The benefits of guest posting are many – you tap into other people’s traffic, you cultivate relationships with other bloggers in your sphere, and you build a good reputation. @jeffbullas

1/12 The Art of Giving Feedback to Online Learners
To be an effective online teacher, it’s crucial to master the art of giving feedback to online learners. @SimpliTeach @RickettsKate @flaterik3 @elearnindustry

1/11 Social Media Apps for Audio and Podcasts and How to Use Them – Here are four apps that you can use to join the conversation on podcasting and reach new audiences. @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

1/10 Social Media for PR: Effective Strategies That Work – @sophiemarygreen @MSocialBusiness @NealSchaffer

1/9 Why a principal should be on Twitter – The biggest challenge Eric Sheninger had to overcome was a fixed mindset regarding how he could use a tool like this to improve his capacity as an educational leader. @E_Sheninger

1/8 Five Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Strategy – Videos can be a great way to show off. This should be easy for schools. @DhariLo @socialmedia2day

1/7 How to combat ‘phoneliness’ – A new study likens smartphone addiction to substance abuse. Here are some ways to break the habit. @cheapskateblog @CNET @tperran

1/6 Everything Teachers Need to Know about Google Books – Google Books is a powerful book search platform that allows users to search for books and text inside books. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

1/5 52 Ideas for Sharable Content Creation – I you or your students are stuck for ideas about what to write about, here is some help. @HollyChessman @MSocialBusiness @NealSchaffer

1/4 Google Offers New, Free Courses to Help Improve Digital Literacy. it’s also added official certification to help add additional weight to the training. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

1/3 Have Students Make Lists Before Starting Web Search. A pre-search checklist should include listing what you already know about a topic. @rmbyrne

1/2 Five Reasons Why People Did Not Share Your Content @TheSocialMs @jogebauer @dreckbaerfrau

1/1/2019 Eight Top Tips and Tons of Resources for Supporting English Learners with Technology – Technology can be used in incredible ways to motivate and engage language learners of any age. @ShellTerrell @AysinAlp1

12/31 How to Plan a Social Media Collaboration – Looking for an exciting way to reach a specialized audience? Have you considered a social media campaign collaboration? @marshaldcarper @SMExaminer @jeffbullas

12/31 Five Proven Strategies for Improving Your Online Exposure – There are a few proven strategies which can help even startups and schools improve their online exposure – all for little or no expenditure. @markITwrite @MartinAButters

12/30 Connections Byte: Chewing on Relationship Building in PR vs. Social Media – As a framework, let’s revisit key definitions. @jgombita @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

12/29 Twitter Writing 101: RTs, Hashtags and More – Here are the Twitter basics that you need to make the most of the platform – and avoid any snafus. This applies to businesses, schools, and real people. @NealSchaffer @courtjoram

12/28 Six Interesting Geography Apps for Students – These iPad apps help students learn more about the world, its geography, cultures, wildlife, nations and many more. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

12/27 Three Reasons Students Aren’t Into Computer Science—Yet – Some research shows that many students think of computer science as an activity where one sits in front of a computer screen all day in the darkness. @EdSurge

12/26 I Just Can’t Quit You! Your Privacy Guide to Facebook – There are a few key things you can do to at least make your data less accessible to others. @Info_Activism @Info_Aus

12/25 Five Ways to Use Technology to Improve Education – Nepal is transforming its education system using information and communications technology. @AnthonyStogni @ADB_Europe @DevelopmentAsia

12/22 Apps to Enhance Students Critical Thinking Skills – Critical thinking is a much needed skill especially in this era which is fraught with digital distractions and infomania. @medkh9 @EdTechNerd

12/21 Best Practices in Using Instagram Hashtags – This looks like good advice for Twitter users as well. @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

12/20 45+ Google Tips for Teachers and Students – This week the Shake Up Learning blog asked the group to share one of their favorite Google tips, and they didn’t disappoint. @ShakeUpLearning @s_bearden

12/19 The Ten Definitive Instagram Statistics You Should Know – and Why – Starting off this list of Instagram statistics is the fact that Instagram just announced that it had users in the amount of 500 million. @NealSchaffer @MSocialBusiness

12/18 Ten Traits Shared by Successful Social Media Entrepreneurs – It’s not surprising that many of the traits of successful entrepreneurs overlap with the traits of successful social media entrepreneurs. @kimgarst @HuffPost

12/17 Music Can Give Mood and Brain an Immediate Boost for Alzheimer’s Patients. Make sure patients you know have access to music. @Being_Patient_ #Alzheimers @zaibatsu @LEAD_Coalition

12/15 Eight great apps to enhance classroom learning – Whether you teach English, foreign language, math, or all three, we’ve got an app for you. @Rdene915 @eschoolnews

12/15 The Positive Effects of Blogging on Teachers – How does blogging further both the professional development and the well-being of the teacher? @effortfuleduktr @edublogs @wordpressdotcom

12/14 How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Kids? Several top authors on the subject weigh in here. @BridgetMcCrea @EdSurge @Erik_Youngman @mesterman

12/11 Facebook Starts Rolling Out ‘Unsend’ Option in Messenger and Twitter Seeks to De-Emphasize Follower Counts with New Update. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

12/11 Seven Deadly Sins of Blog Post Writing – Great content is key to any great blog, but if that’s the only thing you have to offer, then your blog isn’t likely to go anywhere. @jeffbullas

12/10 How to Provide Valuable Content on Facebook Without Creating It – If you want to do well on Facebook, you need to know the 3Ps of Facebook marketing. This applies to schools too. @kimgarst

12/9 Google Classroom: Email a Summary of Student Work. Google Classroom now allows you to send the individual student report to guardians. @alicekeeler

12/8 Ten Rules for Effective Facebook Marketing – Share with whoever manages your school’s social media effort. @mike_gingerich @MSocialBusiness @NealSchaffer

12/6 Social Media for PR: Five Creative and Effective Examples – This post looks at examples of marketers creatively merging public relations (PR) and social media . Schools can do this to. @sophiemarygreen @moretime4u2

12/5 What are subreddits and Why Should I Care? Reddit is a very popular site for communication. You should know something about it. @msocialbusiness @NealSchaffer

12/4 A Musician’s Guide to Promoting Music On Twitter – Perhaps musicians and/or groups in your school can use this. @KeithKeller @tweepsmap

12/2 Social media trends that will impact 2019 – This talks about business, but educators and students should be hip to this content. @KeithKeller @Talkwalker

12/1 Mappen App Safety Guide for Parents – Users share their location on the Mappen app and what they’re doing with their friends so that they can get together in real life. @JoshOchs @SmartSocialKids

11/30 Top 15 Tips to Organically Promote your Blog in 2018 – This applies to blogs for yourself, your students, or your school. @TrendsSeo @fmourelle @theseotrends

11/29 On Responsible Social Media Use – Before you tweet statistics about the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of some method/gadget/practice, make sure there is evidence to back your numbers. @effortfuleduktr

11/28 Experts Share Their Best Social Media Lead Generation Practices for 2019. Share with business teachers and students you know. @KasSzatylowicz @KeithKeller @Nightwatch_io

11/27 How To Get Better Google Rankings With A Simple Change – So Google pays very close attention to how many people visit your web pages after seeing them come up in search results. @garyvee @Vaynermedia @VaynerSports @imobsession

11/26 Dad and his 2 Sons Shoot Action Movie on iPhone 6. Are you and your kids ready to make a movie too? @momofilmfest @digitalmaverick @sihorrock

11/26 No Joke: These Five Comedy Principles Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing. They can help with other parts of your life too. @NiteWrites @toprank @alvinlindsay21

11/25 Ten Must Read Special Education Blogs – If you’re working in special education and are always looking to learn, one great way to improve can be reading blogs. @Lynch39083 @Yuri_Druzhinin @AdvocateforEd

11/24 Two Easy Ways to Publish Podcasts – And Ten Topics for Classroom Podcasts – Many teachers are now including podcasting projects in their classrooms. @jonathanwylie @rmbyrne

11/23 Teen texting codes every parent needs to know – Here are just a few of the dangerous slang terms — from “LH6” to “99” — that parents should know. I sure didn’t. @GettyImages @HelloZift @popdotmedia @nypost

11/23 Seven Social Media Infographics That Will Blow Your Mind – Here are some quick facts, provided by BrandWatch, on just how big and important social media is today. @jeffbullas @Kit_Smith @zacjohnson

11/23 121 Amazing Social Media Statistics and Facts – It is a fact of the internet that every click, every view and every sign-up is recorded somewhere. @Kit_Smith @Brandwatch

11/21 Nine Facebook Messenger Chat Blast Tactics for Engagement in MobileMonkey – Here are Larry Kin’s top 9 tips for getting the max engagement from your Facebook Messenger marketing blasts with MobileMonkey. @larrykim @MarshaCollier @MobileMonkey_

11/20 New Research Shows Social Media Users are Becoming More Aware of Misinformation Online. Around two-thirds of Americans are now aware of social media bot activity. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

11/18 Nine Tools to Get the Best Results from Your Social Media Content – Share with business teachers and students you know. @vpkoshy @sproutworth @NealSchaffer

11/17 Selfie saves innocent man facing 99 years behind bars. A selfie can provide and alibi so be sure to save yours. @AklausnerNYPost @nyost

11/16 Student struggling to write essay on The Handmaid’s Tale gets some help from Margaret Atwood. A Twitter user took to the microblogging site to ask for help with writing an essay for an English class on Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. @GavrilovMomchil @MargaretAtwood @IndianExpress @JdelaneyJoAnn

11/15 Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions – With a little help from technology, a young filmmaker, musician, writer, or artist can pursue their work like a pro. @cultofpedagogy @mssackstein

11/14 Thirteen Edtech Tools Every Teacher and Student Should Know About – Now more than ever, there is a need to for learners to be proficient at using technology. @Astrohaus @ProWritingAid @Randy_Matusky

11/13 Eight Reasons to Give Your Child a Cellphone – Smartphones have their advantages but your tween doesn’t have to have one until you are ready to make the commitment. @uprun4life @icecreamsticky

11/12 Eight Social Media Hacks to Boost Engagement – With 6,000 tweets sent out per second and 95 million photos shared daily on Instagram, getting the attention and engagement of your followers can be a daunting task. @TheSocialReport @Sam___Hurley

11/12 Brooklyn students hold walkout in protest of Facebook-designed online program. They say it forces them to stare at computers for hours and “teach ourselves.” @SusanBEdelman @nypost

11/11 Create Your Own Animated Virtual Reality. Google’s Cardboard Camera and Street View app are good tools for creating simple virtual reality imagery. @prtaylorcaa @rmbyrne

11/9 Eight noteworthy new features coming to Chrome Books this month – These hidden gems will make Chrome OS more versatile and powerful — but it’s up to you to find ’em on your Chromebook. @JRRaphael @AndroidIntel @rudytoot1 @rmbyrne

11/8 hy digital tools you use in your personal life should be on your Resume – This is good advice for adults and students of all ages. @_nirajshah @TheNextWeb @JaneBozarth @C4LPT

11/7 How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts for Search Engines – Today, social media platforms have become a multi-billion dollar industry. @VladRascanu @jeffbullas

11/5 Steal Our Facebook Targeting Hack to Jumpstart Your Online Business. The world of Facebook Ads is a metaphorical nun-chuck: a powerful tool for your online business…if you know how to wield it. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

11/5 Instagram Expands Group Video Chat Option to Six Participants at a Time. This could be used by teachers for student collaboration. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day

11/5 No Headset Required: Lightform Is AR In The Real World. Brett Jones, co-founder, and CEO of Lightform has created a simple, inexpensive hardware and software projection mapping solution for creators. @CharlieFink @lightforminc @Forbes

11/4 Using Playlists to Differentiate Instruction – In our never-ending quest to find better ways to differentiate and personalize instruction for students. @cultofpedagogy @taenos99 @jamessturtevant

11/3 10+ Tips to Boost Your Blog’s Social Media Shares – I do most of this. Do you? @chrisdegraff @imobsession

11/3 We posed as 100 Senators to run ads on Facebook. Facebook approved all of them. This is a bipartisan effort. You and your students should know this. @WilliamTurton @VICE @pfzenke @mozilla

11/2 Eight Smart Reasons to Give Your Teenager a Smart Phone – smartphone made it so much easier to stay in contact with our own children when they were participating in after-school activities or going out with friends. @icecreamsticky @uprun4life

11/2 Social Media As A Learning Tool: Five Suggested Uses for the Classroom – Social media has become an important part of society in the 21st century. @FrontierCorp

11/1 Kahoot – his has got to be the funkiest instant poll, quiz, response site around. I’ve seen teachers effectively use this to get students going as soon as they sit down. @ukedchat @ICTmagic

10/31 Five Unbelievably Simple Ways To Increase Your Twitter Exposure – Clearly, exposure is key to success on Twitter’s platform. Here are five unbelievably simple but highly effective ways to increase your exposure on Twitter. @jeffbullas

10/31 Six Ways Social Media Can Change Your Classroom – Technology is changing the world at a rapid pace, and education isn’t exempt from the effects of that. @mitchcenter @TeachThought

10/30 Twitter tests new profile features, including presence indicators and ‘icebreakers.’ Executives say they want to enhance conversations on the platform. @CaseyNewton @verge @nancyrubin @katienotopoulos

10/30 Facebook Adds New Music Options, Including Songs on Profiles. Now you can force your followers to listen to your favorite tracks. @socialmedia2day

10/29 How is Student Blogging Different in the Middle School Grades? Blogging can empower your students to find a voice to the world. @PernilleRipp

10/29 Why Teachers And Students Should Blog: Eighteen Benefits of Educational Blogging – Blogging has lasted while other tools have come and gone. Here is why. @kathleen_morris

10/27 Help Students Address a Garden of Emotions with QR Coded Book Featuring Innovative Wellness Technique. Does your school library have this book? @InnovativeEdu @techlearning @rudytoot1 @ozge

10/25 Create Engaging Video Tasks with Kapwing. Kapwing is a great free online video editor that makes a number of video editing activities simple. @NikPeachey @rudytoot1 @NikPeachey

10/24 Integrating New Tech? Students and Teachers Can Learn From Each Other. Don’t feel like you have to know everything. @manfull @educationweek

10/23 Ten Ways to Use Student Video in the Classroom – Students love creating videos, and a “bring your device” policy makes it easy to provide video equipment to everyone. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

10/22 What Has Google Ever Done for Us? In using Big Tech’s services, we manufacture a portion of its capital in real time. @yanisvaroufakis @ProSyn @macmastermkt @BillTufts @scottsantens

10/22 100 Websites That Shapped the Internet as We Know It – Can you guess what some of them are? @jimcookeIII @gizmodo

10/21 What are digital footprints and how does it affect an online reputation? It is important that parents and carers understand what these are so that they can, in turn, educate their children. @Begabungs @bullyinguk

10/20 Three Ways to Make Social Media Profiles for Historical and Literary Characters – There are three tools that make that process relatively easy. @rmbyrne @StoryboardThat @canva

10/19 Six Ways Administrators Can Prove the Efficacy of Digital Tools – When new technology is rolled out, K–12 leaders must prove it is worth the investment. @E_Sheninger @EdTech_K12

10/17 A Better Way to Integrate Edtech – Helping reluctant teachers bring education technology into their classrooms starts with respecting their perspective. @brholland @DrKatrinaKeene @edutopia @MattHarrisEdD

10/15 Maximize Parent Communication With Text Message Marketing. Email has long been the standard for communicating with students, but it often doesn’t get the results that schools and teachers would want. That’s why schools are turning to a more text messaging to reach their students. @Trumpia

10/13 How Podcasts Can Improve Literacy in the Classroom – One teacher tells his story of how he discovered the use of podcasts for learning. @TheMrGodsey @TeachingFactor @CommonSenseEd

10/12 Movie-Making in the STEM Classroom with Spark Video – If you’re looking for new ways for students to show off what they have learned, consider introducing a STEM activity with Spark Video. @ClassTechTips @AdobeSpark @dkapuler

10/11 Eleven Tools for Teaching With Videos – A PDF Handout – There are times when a good video or video clip can be just the thing that a student needs to see how all of the pieces of a topic come together. @NikkiDRobertson @rmbyrne

10/10 ‘Siri, I’m getting pulled over’: A new shortcut for iPhones can automatically record the police. @kifleswing @SngrLittle @waltb31 @businessinsider

10/9 Instagram TV for Teachers: A New Medium for PD and Inspiration – Video is a powerful medium for communicating information—and as teachers know, students love using it. @ClassTechTips @EdSurge @E_Sheninger

10/8 Good Reminders About Password Security – Make sure your students watch this short [2:51] video. @CommonCraft @rmbyrne

10/7 Why Are People Dependent on Texting? A new study published in Computers in Human Behavior shows how attitudes about communicating online. @EDorranceHall @PsychToday @NoelMcDermott

10/4 Survey: 1 in 4 Professors Ban Mobile Phone Use in Class. Half of respondents allow limited use of the devices. @Campus_Tech @PatriceHoudayer

10/4 Promote Inquiry-based Learning with These Do It Yourself Apps for Students. Learning is best done through doing, what is conventionally known as the hands-on approach to learning. @medkh9 @EdTechFam

10/2 Is No One Reading Your Blog Content? Here’s How to Fix it. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

10/1 The ‘App Generation’: Workers of the future and the future of work – A group of young, tech-savvy employees will soon be joining the workforce, bringing with them fresh viewpoints, the latest digital preferences, demands, and expectations. @HealthShieldUK @JeremyScrivens @TeamPeopleFirst

9/30 The best new iOS 12 features for parents – parental controls, time trackers, new apps and more – Get updating, and keep an eye on these great new features. @Mom101 @momresources @coolmompicks

9/29 The Student Blogging Challenge – An Audience for Your Students’ Blogs. Twice each year Edublogs hosts a student blogging challenge. The next student blogging challenge begins the week of October 7th. @edublogs @rmbyrne

9/29 How to create your first Siri Shortcut – The Shortcuts app lets you automate some crazy stuff. @mistercharlie @cultofmac @rudytoot1 @drmcgettigan

9/28 Ten Ways to Introduce Your Students to Blogging – Your students shold know how and it can be integrated in just about any subject(s). @kathleen_morris @edublogs @LavoieFred @gcouros

9/27 Augmented and virtual reality: the promise and peril of immersive technologies – We are at the cusp of a major revolution from mobile to immersive computing. @StefanHall @wef @nancyrubin @Paula_Piccard

9/25 Ten Ways to Introduce Your Students to Blogging – There are so many benefits to having a class blog. A class blog can a virtual space that complements a physical learning environment for all age groups. @kathleen_morris @edublogs @LavoieFred @gcouros

9/24 How A Podcast-Turned-Startup Is Trying to Get More Non-Traditional Students Into Tech. Be sure to subscribe to the EdSurge On Air podcast on your favorite podcast app. @sydneyfjohnson @EdSurge @HigherEdSurge

9/23 Instagram is testing a ‘regram’ feature to natively repost content. Since most of your students probably use Instagram, you might want to share this with them. @bryanclark @StephieRockwell @TheNextWeb

9/23 Embracing a “Tasks Before Apps” Mindset – Let the phrase “tasks before apps” be your reminder to focus on technology’s purpose for learning, even when bright and shiny digital tools grab your attention. @ClassTechTips @ASCD @NikkiMusicTech @jtgrosse

9/22 25 Pedagogy Ideas that Teachers found on Twitter – Using twitter is also a good way to explan your professional learning network. @ukedchat @ICTmagic

9/22 Klassroom Parent-Teacher Communication App for Elementary Schools – Keeping open lines of communication is essential all school year. @ClassTechTips @KlassroomEN

9/22 Here Are Some of The Best Audiobook Apps for Teachers and Students. If you enjoy and love reading, you should definitely consider these apps. @nick_chater @medkh9

9/21 Three Apps to Explore the Potential of Augmented Reality – @rmbyrne @PBSKIDS @Metaverse

9/20 Three Tips for Managing Phone Use in Class – Setting cell phone expectations early is key to accessing the learning potential of these devices and minimizing the distraction factor. @edutopia @aimeeshack

9/19 iOS 12 Upgrade Revives Old Phones. Apple’s most important upgrade this fall doesn’t cost $1,000, and you don’t have to go to the Apple Store to get it. @WSJ

9/19 27 Killer Strategies for Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas – If you need new blog post ideas, here they are. @jeffbullas @IAmAaronAgius @Damien_CABADI @TrippBraden

9/18 Cell Phones in Class: Yes, it Can Work. Some teachers appreciate the global reach that cell phones provide, and the ability to have information at your fingertips. @PegGrafwallner @KQEDedspace @RewardingEdu

9/17 17 of the very best reading apps for kids, from ABCs to SATs – Here are some of the very best reading apps for kids whether your kids are just beginning to string together letters to make words or they’re tearing their way through Harry Potter. @lexipetronis @coolmomtech @momresources @coolmompicks

9/15 Nine Social Media Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018 – This is important for any business and interesting for any students, parents, and teachers. @larrykim @MobileMonkey_ @thestartup_

9/15 Just The Good Stuff From Today’s iPhone Event – If you don’t have two hours to watch the Apple event from 9/12/2018, here is what you need to know. @steverousseau @Digg

9/13 How to Write Posts That Actually Get Read and Shared – These tips will teach you how to get thousands of shares on your content. @juanblanco76 @Inc @iamDrWill

9/12 Six Great Websites for Learning Coding – Teachers and students should check these out. @medkh9 @nick_chater

9/11 Five Free iPad Apps for Making Videos in Elementary School – If your school has iPads your kids should bre making videos. @rmbyrne @chiachillin

9/10 Trulia Now Makes Browsing Neighborhoods as Easy as Browsing Homes. Students should take a look at this to learn more about what social media can do. @micheledebczak @mental_floss

9/8 What the Most Shared Content on Facebook Can Teach You About Engagement – some recently released research can teach you a lot about viral content creation. @larrykim @BuzzSumo @Medium

9/7 Instagram Is Reportedly Developing a New App Dedicated to Shopping. Many of your students should find this interesting. @itstheannmarie @Adweek @HudsonIntegratd

9/6 Top 27 Social Media Content Ideas – If you or your students are looking for blogging ideas, here is some help. @kimgarst @imobsession

9/5 Eight Great Educational Podcasts for Kids – This looks like a very good idea. @cultofpedagogy @audhilly

9/3 28 of the Best Apps for Flipped Learning – Have 28 kids/teachers each check one out and report back. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate @JamesRoy

9/2 How to Write Better Blog Posts That People Actually Read – The whole point of blogging is to get yourself, your knowledge, or your business out into the world. @laurayatesUK

9/1 Five Tips for Building Great Relationships with Students – Relationships are essential to learning. Kids connect more to learning when they feel more connection to their teacher. @DavidGeurin @leticarino

8/31 Parent Engagement in the Digital Age – Communication apps are breaking down barriers that have limited parent engagement in the past. @CommKr8veWriter @edutopia

8/31 Ten Ideas for Classroom Podcasts – Podcasts are easy to do and seem like a good learning activity. @rmbyrne @rudytoot1 @StoryCorps

8/30 Twenty Ways to Save Time With Your Cellphone – How many do you already use? @moretime4u2 @carthagebuckley

8/28 360 Video Spotlight: Museum of Natural History Virtual Reality – This 360 video was created using archived footage layered onto a 360 canvas to show off one of the expeditions that helped gather artifacts for the Museum of Natural History. @AMNH @ClassTechTips

8/26 Most secondary teachers want mobile phone ban in school. This was a survey of 1,000 teachers in Ireland. What would the poll reveal in your school? @carlobrien @IrishTimes @C_Hendrick

8/25 Google tracking is even creepier than you thought, study finds. Maybe Google’s motto all this time should have been “Don’t be creepy” instead of not being evil. @aemeek @nypost

8/23 The Top Five Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs – This is aimed at business, but it applies to schools as well. @kimgarst @imobsession

8/21 You Are a Mobile Worker and You Must Be Prepared. Many of your students will become mobile workers. Will they be ready? @moretime4u2 @carthagebuckley

8/20 Top 27 Social Media Content Ideas – If you and your kids are wondering what kind of content to post, check this out. @kimgarst @imobsession

8/19 Five Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Strategy – With people watching more video than ever online, it makes sense for brands (Schools) to consider how they too can incorporate video. @DhariLo @socialmedia2day

8/19 The Power of Mobility in Education – Mobile access has become part of our everyday lives. Educators or not, ‘knowledge economy’ has changed radically over the last 10 years. @mrkempnz @PaulEnderle

8/16 How to Use and Customize iPhone Accessibility Settings – The iPhone comes equipped with a powerhouse of accessibility features that make it possible to customize the way you interact with your phone. @lifewire @iplante @marrathon

8/14 How to Schedule Tweets to Maximize Reach and Engagement – Tweeting at the right times can help you reach and engage more followers. @alfred_lua @buffer @imobsession

8/12 Twitter Hacks: 21 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About – Some were news to me. @hootsuite @ckjnewberry @melanieawelsh

8/10 Eight Must Have High School Apps and Tools – How many are being used at your high school? @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

8/9 Apple Watch saves man from hole in his heart. I got mine when my cardiologist suggested a heart monitor. I haven’t worn a watch for decades but I love it. @MikeWehner @BGR @JVJGame @nypost

8/7 The 5 Types of Blog Posts that Need to Be Part of Your Content. This is aimed at business but applies to teachers and students as well. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

8/5 Case Study: Using a Class Blog in the High School English Classroom – Exposing their work to the world just might cause students to do better work. @kathleen_morris @EdTechNerd

8/3 Eight Tools to Help You Create the Perfect Selfie – The word itself came into existence back in 2002, but has really taken off in the past few years due to the huge popularity of sharing selfie’s on social media. @kimgarst @alvinlindsay21

8/2 France bans smartphones and tablets from schools. This seems shortsighted to me. I think teachers should decide. @PatrickEKnox @TheSun @nypost

8/2 Cellphones in classrooms contribute to failing grades. There are also issues when parents use them while ignoring children. @ABC @GeneCameron9 @leap_principal

7/31 Millennials are using dating apps to find jobs. Going on dates expands your network and your job prospects. @BuchElisabeth @MarketWatch @nypost

7/31 Ten ways for teachers and students to share links in class – In a class with technology, links are like digital currency. @jmattmiller @prtaylorca

7/31 How to Write Better Blog Posts that People Actually Read – This is written for businesses, but it applies to anyone who blogs. @laurayatesUK @dantosz

7/30 What Does It Really Cost to Blog? Anyone who wants to make a few bucks blogging should read this. @tammy1999 @uprun4life

7/29 How-To Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts – There are a wide range of podcasts to choose from and here we share some favorite kid-friendly podcasts. @classtechtips @SimpleK12

7/28 How to Copyright Your WordPress Website – The good news is you don’t need a lawyer to copyright your WordPress website. With a copyright in place, you’ll be able to protect your content from thieves and get unauthorized usage stopped. @elegantthemes @garybartanus

7/27 Five Ways To Implement Virtual Reality In The Learning Process – Implementing VR within the classroom means implementing unlimited possibilities for the learning process. @MarkFraver @elearnindustry @eLearngraphic

7/25 Ten Apps to Help Students With Science Homework – Have ten students each try one and report back. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd

7/23 Why This Student-Run YouTube Club Is About More Than Making Videos. This looks like a great club to start in your school or class. @stephenoonoo @EdSurge @ImFutureReady

7/22 Facebook Confirms That It Is Working On a New Internet Satellite. In remote corners of the globe, people often connect to the internet instead via massive geostationary satellites. @lmatsakis @wired @nxthompson

7/20 Improve Kids’ Grasp of Grammar with These iPad Apps. From learning about pronouns and punctuation marks to mastering the use of adjectives and superlative forms, these apps offer a wide variety of educational materials in the form of videos, lessons, guides, games, animated stories and many more. @medkh9 @garybartanus @teachermarija

7/18 Ten Tools for Gathering Real-time Feedback From Students – These kind of tools allow shy students to ask questions and share comments. For your more outspoken students who want to comment on everything, a feedback mechanism provides a good outlet for them too. @GoSoapBox @answergarden @plickers @Mentimeter @pe @padlet @goformative @rmbyrne

7/18 Top Ten Tips For Student Blogging – If your students aren’t creating blog posts it’s time that they start. @mrodz308

7/17 How to Use Social Media for Content Creation – There are several ways to speed up your searches if finding content or inspiration for blog posts is part of your job. Here’s how. @Carol_Stephen @DBaker007

7/16 Obama loses millions of followers in Twitter purge. He wasn’t alone. As far as I can tell I didn’t lose any. How about you? @TheAmandaWoods @nypost

7/15 Three Keys to Transform Instruction with Chromebooks – What’s the point of giving every student a laptop if you don’t transform you teaching? @CalvinHennick @EdTech_K12 @Edu_Gig

7/14 The 5 Types of Blog Posts that Need to Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy – If you have a blog you need to consider this advice. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

7/13 Four games for vocabulary development – Make sure your kids are enjoying the games before you make them continue playing. @BritishCouncil @BBC @Larryferlazzo @magarmar2

7/11 Toontastic 3D Brand New App for Student Storytelling App. Story telling is a powerful learning tool. Students telling stories has to be a powerful way to learn. @ClassTech_Tips @SimpleK12

7/10 20 great podcasts for educators and how to get them – Podcasts are great to listen too while you are exercising or driving. Time to get started. @jmattmiller @Science4UsSays

7/9 Be More Than a Hashtag. Teachers are pushing back on tweets that try to make them all look bad. @thenerdyteacher

7/8 Your smartphone can watch you if it wants to. Some apps were found to be recording video, images or sound covertly. @SueScheff @MyDigitalSafety

7/7 Seven Apps for Working with Special Needs Students – Employing apps and other digital tools for personalizing your approach is very beneficial. @JRooheart @Getting_Smart

7/5 Is Facebook a publisher? In public it says no, but in court, it says yes. Any students interested in social media and the law will like this. @SamTLevin @Guardian @munkeatlooi @MattNavarra

7/4 Six Questions Every Teacher Needs To Answer In Order To Grow – Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and also blogs and social bookmarking platforms like Pinterest give teachers what-they-want, when-they-want-it access to an incredible diversity of resources. @terryheick @teachthought @garybartanus @kevindeforge

7/3 The Five Most Important Things You Need to Know About Email Marketing – Share this with business teachers and students you know. @Sales_Source @Inc

7/3 Teaching digital citizenship with picture story books – Students need to be aware of the risks and dangers that exist online from an early age. Make sure your school library has them. @misskyritsis @jmattmiller @KRScienceLady @ncarroll24

7/1/2018 Three super-simple steps for curing your email addiction – Even if you don’t think you are addicted, you should consider these actions. @amantha @whimn_au @nypost

6/30 The Big Three Conversion Killers Found on Blogs – Anyone with a blog should read this. @ThriveThemes @imobsession

6/29 Eleven Strategies for Using Social Media Effectively in the Classroom – Since most students use social media, they might find this motivating. @garybartanus @TeacherCast

6/28 Anti-Social Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy – Here is an excellent critique of the social media giant that underlines the threat it poses to us all and suggests how it can be tamed. @sivavaid @CathyNDavidson

6/24 Green Screen Tips from Teachers on Twitter – Here are ten reasons to use green screens. @unameabh @jonathanwylie

6/22 Ten Ways to Enhance Math Lessons with Flipgrid – Math today should involve more reasoning, explaining, and students communicating their understanding of the concepts being learned. @SEANJFAHEY @FlipGrid @MathDenisNJ

6/20 Impactful Professional Learning? Twitter/Twitter Chats! Whenever I am asked the question about the “best” professional learning format, I think for a minute, but then my response is always the same, Twitter. @TeachPLV @Pen63 @BriteEyes49

6/20 How podcasts can improve literacy – Is anyone in your school using them yet? @TheMrGodsey @eschoolnews @iplante

6/19 Nine Ways to Get Every Student Tweeting… Even in Kindergarten! Are you making learning experiences authentic for students? Twitter is a powerful tool for teachers. @ClassTechTips

6/17 How To Create Learning Playlists In A Textbook World. If your kids don’t have a learning playlist it’s time to put one together. @terryheick @teachthought

6/15 Join the Copyblogger Book Club and Dive into a ‘Killer’ Resource for Content Writers. This is good for adult and young bloggers. @soniasimone @Copyblogger @jeffbullas @brianclark

6/14 Being Innovative or Being Perceived as Innovative? – In some school districts, the most innovative part of their organization is their communications department. @gcouros

6/14 21 Awesome Places to Learn Critical Skills That Will Change Your Life. Give this to your students and let them explore. @larrykim @MobileMonkey_ @thestartup_

6/11 The best iOS 12 features that Apple didn’t talk about onstage – Share with iPhone and iPad owners you know. @chriswelch @verge @doriedance @ShakeUpLearning

6/10 Twenty Ways to Save Time With Your Smart Phone – This is aimed at adults, but it should work for students too. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

6/9 Seven Best Practices To Rock Your Instagram Stories – Your kids are more likely to be Instagram users than you are so share this with them. @ana_gotter @DhariLo @kalnerwilliams

6/7 Apple CEO Tim Cook says data tracking is totally out of control. Most people are oblivious to the amount of data being tracked. Are you? @stevenmusil @Snowflake_Story @CNET @tim_cook

6/6 Facebook’s Teachable Moment: What Higher Ed Can Do to Improve User Behavior. I changed my privacy settings. Did you? @runforserenity @EdSurge @garybartanus @teachermarija

6/4 Why social media must be taught – As we approach the two-decade mark of the 21st century, aren’t we missing one major element of our modern world? Shouldn’t we be teaching social media literacy by now? @callmemrmorris @jancey5

6/3 Why DIY videos are easier than you think – One of eSchool’s columnists shares how he overcame his fear of making videos. @eschoolnews @Rdene915

6/1 Ten Excellent Websites to Help Students With Their Homework. Have your kids check them out and report to each other. @medkh9 @wsoeldner

5/31 Thirteen Email Rules That Will Save You Time – Email can become a big time waster if you let it. The same is true for people who constantly check social media feeds. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

5/30 Start Learning Photography With Your Phone. For anyone that would love to start learning photography but doesn’t have the means to invest in equipment, this is the perfect place to begin. @Armitage2112 @fstoppers @Classcharts @Xristfer

5/29 15 Reasons Why We Should Be Teaching Our Kids To Code – Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code. @TeachersApps @KatieAnn_76

5/28 How To Tell Your School’s Story on Instagram with Spark Post – Spark Post is a K-12 friendly graphic design tool that is perfect for educators with access to a Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, or a laptop. @classtechtips @SparkPost

5/27 Why social media must be taught – Are we missing one major element of our modern world in our school’s curriculum? @callmemrmorris @ntbelcher @Medium

5/26 19 Incredibly Useful Websites You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier – Lifelong learning has incredible benefits. Are you into to it yet? @larrykim @thestartup_

5/25 College Admissions: Showing Your Best Side on Social Media – It’s not just how schools communicate that is changing. School officials are also looking at what applicants’ post. @VOALearnEnglish @SocialAssurity @cre8vcollegprep

5/24 Getting to know Seesaw – If you want to lead students to be creative and show their learning with text, pictures, videos, demonstrations, ‘app-smashing’, etc, you can. @ponderingDan @Seesaw

5/20 Feature: How One School Turned Minecraft into STEAM – In the UK a whole school embraced a Minecraft inspired project called ‘Bridgecraft’. @ukedchat @ICTmagic

5/20 The 28 Best Writing Websites of 2018 – A writer’s toolbox is filled with gadgets and gizmos that help a writer craft a story when he or she cannot do it alone. @Scribendi_Inc @james_minter @RafaelWrites

5/19 Setting Students With ADHD Up for Success – Students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder benefit from these easy-to-implement strategies—and so do their peers. @parrishlearning @edutopia @dalstonEDU @RinellaMTPS

5/18 Facebook wants to teach kids to take a break from Facebook. Make sure your kids check this out. @llebeel

5/17 Students teach parents about social media. This is a great opportunity to improve parent-child relationships. @mrkempnz @iste

5/16 Facebook’s latest update made users even more miserable. Facebook’s attempts to bring “people closer together” is actually completely misfiring and having completely the opposite effect. @Myshkinrogers @TheSun @nypost

5/15 Twenty Ways to Save Time On Your SmartPhone – If used correctly, your smart phone can make you more productive and efficient. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

5/14 Venmo is a great tool for cracking relationship mysteries. The peer-to-peer payment app can crack relationship mysteries. @ReporterLeslie @MarketWatch

5/13 Seven Blogging Ideas For When You’re Stuck, Tired And Can’t Write A Thing – Share with young and not so young bloggers you know. @jeffbullas @KeithKeller

5/11 Reasons Why we should start showing Middle Schoolers how to use Social Media – What are you and your school doing? @JCasaTodd @froehlichm @jbretzmann @Rdene915 @JaimeDonally @tishrich @evanabramson @techyturner

5/11 Teaching Binary by Creating Bracelets – Be sure to watch the short [1:33] video. @misskyritsis @codeorg @ShellTerrell

5/11 Twenty Top Virtual Reality Apps That Are Changing Education – Have twenty teachers each try one and report back. @Lynch39083 @AdvocateforEd @TeacherAdvice

5/10 Gmail will soon write your emails for you. Google is adding a text-prediction feature called Smart Compose, which should make writing repetitive emails that much easier. @chrisfmills @bgr

5/9 From Tinder to Bumble, the world of online dating can be confusing. This installment of “Pop Culture Crash Course” teaches us all about dating apps. @nypost

5/9 Four Tips To Design A Mobile Learning Strategy – The Right Way – Here is how to ensure that this incredible medium is utilized to its full potential. @ayesha_commlab @garybartanus @teachermarija

5/8 Facebook’s dating service could be great. If you want to be more hip about what goes on in Facebook land, read this. @karol @nypost

5/7 Five Platforms and Apps That Support Music Education – For music instructors looking to boost motivation and engagement, there are a number of exciting platforms that support music education. Parents can use them too. @ETRoundup @bob_hand567 @soundtrap @SmartMusic @flat_io @Atplaymusic @musiclifeboat

5/6 Ten Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom – How many have you tried? @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

5/5 20 Ways to Save Time With Your Smart Phone – These tips could probably make most of us more productive. @carthagebuckley @moretime4u2

5/4 Instagram adds ‘bully filter’ that blocks troll comments. Most kids use Instagram so make sure they see this. @SeanKeach @TheSun @nypost

5/2 Appy Hour – Have teachers present their favorite apps at faculty meetings. @BethHouf @RACzyz @techamys @chrisp16 @MathDenisNJ @LeeAraoz @itsmeSpiri @tinamonte

5/1/18 Districts Need to Set Up Wi-Fi in Public Housing. Do public housing developments in your district have Wi-Fi yet? It seems like they should. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

4/29 Quicks ways to improve your digital images using photo editing apps – With a little image editing, an otherwise underwhelming digital photo can be elevated into something truly striking. @filehippo @markITwrite

4/28 When Is It Ok to Get a Phone and Social Media? Students Share Their Tips. I just subscribed to Smart Social on Sticher. @SmartSocialKids

4/28 The Current State of Educational Blogging – This survey offers some interesting data for educators and policymakers. @trilearning @lynnmarentette

4/27 Having “Finsta,” fake social media account, could get students in trouble. Some students were suspended. Share with your kids. @kholmesKSHB @KSNTNews @garybartanus @EricStoller

4/26 Seven Must-Have Apps to Make Students Love Reading – What if you could leverage children’s love of technology to help build a lasting love of reading? @Lynch39083

4/25 Sharing Lessons, Resources & Ideas Through Video – How do share your favorite lesson ideas with colleagues? @ClassTechTips @dkapuler

4/24 Here’s how to use Twitter to dominate the Google search results. Share with business teachers and students you know. @si1very @sengineland @KeithKeller

4/23 How to add a blog or comments box in New #GoogleSites using @Padlet – Padlet is one of the most versatile tools that a teacher can have for their classroom. @JeffBradbury @TeacherCast @garybartanus

4/22 Blogging Resources To Improve Your Blog – Resources are available that you didn’t even know you needed. @candilandblogs @uprun4life

4/21 The Top Ten Ways Blogs and WordPress Are Used in School – Which ones are happening in your school? @kathleen_morris @edublogs @annmic @SimonJustner @JFFiorina

4/20 Facebook explains how it can collect info about you even if you never post on Facebook. Facebook’s product management director just wrote a blog post explaining when Facebook and its partners collect your personal information and when it’s shared. @robotodd @CNBC @nancyrubin

4/19 Social Media and the Student Teacher Relationship – Here are the pros and cons of connecting for student teachers. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

4/17 Sex traffickers are using social media to target children. Be sure that your kids see this. @yoavgonen @spccohen @FonrougeGab @nypost

4/16 The Edvocate’s List of Twenty Must-Follow Education Twitter Feeds – I follow most of these and they are all good. Any teacher just getting started should start here. @Lynch39083 @techedvocate

4/15 Eleven Clever Ways to Get More Retweets Right Now – Share with business teachers and students you know. @dmboutin @MSocialBusiness @HighInterestGuy

4/14 Why teachers are turning to Twitter – The main idea is that it can make professional development efficient. I agree. @ConversationUS @DavidGeurin @PhysEdApps

4/13 I Downloaded the Information That Facebook Has on Me. Yikes. Anyone on Facebook needs to watch this short [3:30] animation. @bxchen @nytimes

4/11 Tech holds great promise for students with autism – Every school has autistic kids so see that this get in the right hands. @eschoolnews @JuliaOttesen

4/10 Technology: opening new artistic frontiers – Any student with a smartphone and a laptop can be an artisit. Teachers need to leverage this. @Educ_Technology @garybartanus @RugbySchool1567

4/9 There’s now an easy way to log out of every Facebook app. If you or someone you know lives in Facebook, this is a must

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