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10/26 How AI’s full power can stimulate climate change action. AI has the potential to become the ‘Swiss Army knife’ in our fight against climate change. @wef @junjudapi @DeepLearn007 @sallyeaves @pierrepinna @Xbond49

10/25 This Personal Electric Aerial Vehicle Called The Jetson One Looks Futuristic As Heck. This almost looks like a trailer for some upcoming sci-fi movie. @JetsonOne

10/25 How AI Is Easing Our Daily Lives? From morning until night, many people encounter Artificial intelligence. @SIAonline @chidambara09 @SpirosMargaris

10/23 5G networks aren’t even close to market penetration tipping point. @DigitalTrends @Nicochan33 @Exchange5g @PawlowskiMario @Ym78200 @jblefevre60 @kalydeoo @ipfconline1 @CurieuxExplorer @Shi4Tech @MargaretSiegien @IanLJones98 @AmitChampaneri1

10/22 Five ways to keep your personal data safe from hackers – It is more important than ever that tech users are vigilant when it comes to protecting their devices. @TechNative @lkafle

10/21 Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers – Shift Your Mindset. Mindset is the biggest battle to overcoming technology fears as well. @ShakeUpLearning

10/20 Top 22 Best AI, Machine Learning And Deep Learning Books Of All Time – You should probably consider adding many of these books to your school library. @NewWorldAI1 @BlkHwk0ps @machinelearnflx

10/19 Holograms get real: Startup creates objects out of light and thin air. No longer relegated to science fiction, holodeck-style creations from Silicon Valley company Light Field Lab are here today. @TechWriterGeoff @CNET @kashyapvyaas @SkarredGhost

10/18 Apple Releases Urgent iPhone and iPad Updates to Patch New Zero-Day Vulnerability. Apple iPhone and iPad users are highly recommended to update to the latest version (iOS 15.0.2 and iPad 15.0.2) to mitigate the security vulnerability. @TheHackersNews @Paula_Piccard

10/17 Marques Brownlee Gives An Incredibly Comprehensive Review Of Every iPhone Model From 2007 To 2021. Although this video is 33 minutes long, as someone with his 5th iPhone (13 pro), I was fascinated. The charts at the end are very cool. @MKBHD @WVFRM @TheStudio @MKBHDExplained

10/17 LinkedIn’s Exit From China Cuts Another East-West Bridge. The Microsoft subsidiary had agreed in 2014 to censor content in China, but that apparently wasn’t enough for tougher government regulators. @willknight @WIRED

10/16 Combining Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Chatbots – Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and chatbots are cutting-edge technologies portraying scientific advancements in the way we perceive our surroundings. @joshinav @BBNTimes_en @Corix_JC @bimedotcom @mvollmer1

10/14 Exploring the ethics of AI – The ethics of Artificial Intelligence or in short ethics of AI is a topic that is often debated and it’s one that will no doubt continue to be discussed as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in our lives. @BetaMoroney @lyakovet @SabineVdL

10/13 Elder-friendly technology is a growing market. As boomers age, a new crop of iPads and Alexas are popping up. Are they necessary? News Flash: At 74 I am an aging boomer. @luke_winkie @voxdotcom @ADevotedYogi @LEAD_Coalition

10/12 Guy Cracks Open An iPhone 13 Pro Max And Finds A Few Surprises. Taking one apart isn’t easy, but it’s cool to see how the individual pieces fit together. @ZacksJerryRig

10/12 Does AI Create or Destroy Jobs? What is the Real Threat to Human Society Over the Coming Decades? Artificial intelligence (AI) will create new job opportunities, not destroy them. AI will displace some jobs but will create new ones. @BBNTimes_en @bimedotcom @DeepLearn007 @andi_staub @mvollmer1 @Shi4Tech @Ym78200 @EvaSmartAI @enilev @tlloydjones @gerald_bader @RagusoSergio @Corix_JC @KanezaDiane @TarakRindani @pchamard

10/10 Apple delays controversial ‘child safety’ feature after privacy outcry. The feature would’ve let a tool scan images on Apple users’ devices before being uploaded to iCloud. @theo_way @nypostbiz

10/10 Three Good Tools for Recording and Publishing Audio Conversations – Is it time for your student to start podcasting? @rmbyrne @anchor @Flipgrid

10/9 Combating the Problems With Facebook and Instagram: Eight Tips for Teachers – How can educators help ensure their students are armed with the tools they need to protect themselves and others when using these platforms? @kbushweller @AlysonRKlein @educationweek

10/9 Flipping the Script on the TikTok Challenge – Rather than vandalism, challenge students to recording something nice on TikTok. @drneilgupta @WCSDistrict @DrPowersKHS

10/7 We created holograms you can touch – you can even shake your virtual colleague’s hand. At the University of Glasgow’s bendable electronics and sensing technologies research group, we have now developed a system of holograms of people using “aerohaptics”. @RavinderSDahiya @ThePrintIndia @nigewillson

10/7 The 5 Biggest Technology Trends In 2022 – In 2022 the covid-19 pandemic will continue to impact our lives in many ways. This means that we will continue to see an accelerated rate of digitization and virtualization of business and society. @BernardMarr @Forbes @Paula_Piccard

10/5 Artificial Intelligence Myth Vs Reality: Where Do Healthcare Experts Think We Stand? The “AI in healthcare: myth versus reality” discussion has been happening for well over a decade. From AI bias and data quality issues to considerable market failures. @sethbjoseph @Forbes @Khulood_Almani @Khulood_Almani

The Most Important New Features in Windows 11—and How to Get Them – The newest version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system is here. @LordRavenscraft @WIRED

10/4 The Lean Startup: Best course on Entrepreneurship. This Course will Revolutionize your ideas into a unicorn startup and helped you in creating a prototype, Business model canvas, building a Minimum viable product, Pitch deck, and Fundraising and support your team-building and expansion strategy in a startup. @junjudapi @Udemy_Coupons1

10/2 Quantum Technology: Current and Future Applications. While quantum technology has been in academia for more than three decades, it’s recently gained the attention of business for commercial applications. @QciQuantum @RebelBrown @chidambara09

10/1 Soon Your Google Searches Can Combine Text and Images. With the help of AI, you’ll be able to take a picture of a shirt, then ask Google to find socks with the same pattern. @kharijohnson @wired

9/30 Top Ten AI Influencers You Should Definitely Follow in 2021 – These AI Influencers on social media can help you stay updated. @shivanipaliwal @industry_wired @mary_gambara @MHcommunicate

9/29 The Benefits of Using Ai in the Advertising Industry – AI helps marketeers in making better decisions for successful business operations, customer satisfaction, and return on investment. @cioreview @jeffsheehan @stratorob @stratorob @CurieuxExplorer

9/28 A Step-by-Step Guide to Completely Learn Data Science by Doing Projects – Build a portfolio and become job-ready as you learn. @TDataScience

9/28 Precise touch screens thanks to AI – Fewer typing errors when touching a smartphone keyboard: ETH Computer scientists have developed a new AI solution that enables touchscreens to sense with eight times higher resolution than current devices. @ETH_en @Sciena_ch @EvaSmartAI @RagusoSergio

9/27 How to Keep Kids Safe on YouTube in 2021 – YouTube has a couple of solutions — including “Restricted Mode” on conventional YouTube and also the curated YouTube Kids app. @safetydet

9/25 AI hearing aids optimize sound in real time. The hearing aid hardware wars have become a software battleground. @gcnichs @ZDNet @chidambara09 @ipfconline1

9/24 Five Industries that are being Reshaped by Data Analytics – If the company aims to stay competitive and lean, they need to leverage data to help move the business forward, and using tools of data analytics is the easiest way to do that. @analyticsinme @Khulood_Almani

9/23 It’s easier for your car to be hacked than you think. Modern cars are computers on wheels, meaning hostile hackers can violate your car’s software and do what they want to it a lot easier than you might think. @jlareauan @freep @wdtnews @iotcybersec24 @SpirosMargaris

9/22 Why Do You Need Instagram Stories? Picture it: 2018. Instagram premieres a new part of the app called Stories to rave reviews. And ever since then you’ve been wondering what the heck is this thing is and why do you even need it? @JonathanTilley5

9/21 Apple’s iOS 15 Is Here—These Are All the Top New Features. Your iPhone’s operating system is getting its annual upgrade. From FaceTime improvements to Safari’s overhaul, we break the update down. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED

9/20 The Best Productivity Apps Powered by AI You Need in 2021 – AI-powered productivity apps can automate your workload and give you more time for your creative tasks. Here are some of the best ones. @Tamaldas_Ind @iotcybersec24 @Khulood_Almani

9/19 How to Preorder the iPhone 13—and Which One You Should Get – Get those Apple Wallets ready. From the Mini to the Pro Max, Wired breaks down all your options. They recommend not upgrading if you already have a 12. @BStoly @WIRED

9/18 The Power of Podcasts for Learning: Listening, Creating, Sharing, and Growth – Podcasts are a powerful tool for learning! In this episode, Kasey talks about all sides of podcasting–what it is, how to listen, how to use them in the classroom, and how to create. @ShakeUpLearning

9/17 It’s a Good Day to Update All Your Devices. iOS, Windows, and Chrome all have zero-day vulnerabilities that hackers are going after. Now that the fixes are here, you need to install them ASAP. @brbarrett @WIRED

9/16 Here’s A Comprehensive Breakdown Of Everything You’re Getting From An iPhone 13. If you are thinking about getting an iPhone 13 you MUST watch this. @Mrwhosetheboss

9/15 The iPhone 13 Wants to Shoot Your Next Feature Film. Apple’s latest phones get minor but noteworthy upgrades, mostly in their video capture capabilities. I’m in. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED

9/15 New Apple Products – Watch the rollout of the new iPad, Apple Watches and iPhone 13s. This video features a lot of beautiful scenes along with details on new products you may want. @Apple @tim_cook

9/13 Facebook’s New Camera Glasses Are Dangerously Easy to Use. The company has partnered with Ray-Ban to make a pair of video-capturing Wayfarers. They’re everything you hoped for and feared in smart glasses. @LaurenGoode @WIRED

9/11 Facebook Data Leak 2021: 7 Steps to Take If Your FB Account Is Hacked – You can also take proactive measures to ensure the safety of your account and the data in it. @iTechPost @Eli_Krumova @RedFox_App

9/11 Malware-loaded documents making a comeback. While cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to compromise IT systems, sometimes the old ways work just fine. @GrantGross @YahooNews @reach2ratan

9/11 Can a Robot Invent? The Fight Around AI and Patents Explained. Patent offices and courts around the world are being asked to tackle a similar question: can an artificial intelligence system qualify as an inventor for a patent? @BLaw @nigewillson

9/10 Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: The Benefits and Challenges – Similar to dynamite, artificial intelligence (AI) is only a tool, and it’s up to us to choose how we use it. @CENGNCanada @mvollmer1 @asokan_telecom

9/8 Artificial intelligence meets live monitoring. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology seems poised to enhance nearly every aspect of our lives. The security industry is no exception. @securitymag @SeanFoleyJ @New081082 @Paula_Piccard

9/8 How to get great audio for podcast interviews – There’s more to podcasting than knowing your topic. @BarbaraKrasnoff @Verge @chidambara09 @IngridBooltink

9/6 Why Ransomware Hackers Love a Holiday Weekend – Looking forward to Labor Day? So are ruthless gangs of cybercriminals. @brbarrett @WIRED

9/3 Artificial Intelligence’s Biggest Stumbling Block: Trust. Management guru W. Edwards Deming famously said: “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” But how far can we trust the data? @joemckendrick @Forbes @bimedotcom @EvaSmartAI

9/2 The Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Cybersecurity – While the world marvels at the massive technological advancements at play in a variety of fields. There is a particular niche that is growing rather concerned. @automeme @chidambara09 @ThinkLBC

9/1 Artificial Intelligence Will be the Commander of the Future Wars. Drones, Cyber Weapons and Artificial Intelligence will allow the military to command Future Wars. @analyticsinme @New081082 @dataworkout

8/31 Will Lawyers Be Made Obsolete by Artificial Intelligence? Less manual labored jobs seemed untouchable thanks to their complexity, that is, of course, until now, thanks to technologies like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality. @hackernoon

8/30 17 ways technology could change the world by 2025 – The World Economic Forum asked their 2020 intake of Technology Pioneers for their views on how technology will change the world in the next five years. @wef @Damien_CABADI @MariaFariello1 @sallyeaves @SabineVdL

8/29 How Much Time Do We Spend on Our Phones? If you are adicted to your phone here are some reasons why it’s bad for you.

8/27 Why Social Media Scheduling Works – The biggest mistake that brands and businesses make on social media is to think of it as a set it and forget it system. @cktechconnect @aDolphinCries @@SocialDraftApp

8/25 Shopping for a Router Sucks. Here’s What You Need to Know. How much speed do you need? And what’s a MU-MIMO? We decipher the jargon and explain what to look for. @IamSimonHill @WIRED

8/24 Twitter rolls out a series of improvements to its Direct Message system. Today, Twitter announced that it will roll out a few quality of life improvements to its direct messaging system over the next few weeks, including the ability to DM a tweet to multiple people at once in individual conversations. @asilbwrites @techcrunch @NealSchaffer

8/21 We trained AI to recognise footprints, but it won’t replace forensic experts yet. We rely on experts all the time. If you need financial advice, you ask an expert. If you are sick, you visit a doctor, and as a juror, you may listen to an expert witness. In the future, however, artificial intelligence (AI) might replace many of these people. @ConversationUK @PawlowskiMario @tobiaskintzel

8/20 How Many Times Can People Make The Same Joke About The Taliban And Pronouns? What’s happening in Afghanistan isn’t funny, but it’s pretty easy to make jokes about the Taliban. Ask your kids if it makes sense to have Taliban leaders on Twitter but not Donald Trump. @clocarustwo @Gawker @Zabehulah_M33

8/17 Key Questions To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Manager – This was written for businesses but applies to school districts. @aDolphinCries @cktechsandi

8/16 Machine Learning for Kids: Baby Steps into ML for Babies – Introducing machine learning to kids is not that challenging as you think. @analyticsinme

8/15 Ideas for Blogging With K-12 Students This Year – Whether your students are just learning how to type or they’re aspiring journalists, there are lots of ways to use blogging as a classroom activity. @rmbyrne

8/13 OpenAI can translate English into code with its new machine learning software Codex. Is this as a tool to multiply programmers? @jjvincent @verge @BetaMoroney @SpirosMargaris

8/12 Machine Learning, Explained – This pervasive and powerful form of artificial intelligence is changing every industry. Here’s what you need to know about the potential and limitations of machine learning and how it’s being used. @SaraMarieBrown @MITSloan @ScottGraffius

8/11 Stanford’s AI4ALL program mentors new generation of diverse leaders in artificial intelligence. The summer program, operated by Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, introduces the theory and application of AI to students, many from underrepresented backgrounds in AI, across the world. @StanfordDaily @katherineblee @Paula_Piccard

8/11 AI Wrote Better Phishing Emails Than Humans in a Recent Test. Researchers found that tools like OpenAI’s GPT-3 helped craft devilishly effective spearphishing messages. @lilyhnewman @WIRED

8/10 AI bias is prevalent but preventable — here’s how to root it out. The success of any AI application is intrinsically tied to its training data. You don’t just need the right data quality and the right data volume; you also have to proactively ensure your AI engineers are not passing their own latent biases on to their creations. @VentureBeat @chidambara09 @nordicinst

8/9 The pros and cons of artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. The use of AI is gradually growing all over the world and it has both advantages and disadvantages that one should be aware of. @analyticsinme @Analyticsindiam

8/7 Belarusian sprinter used Google Translate to get help from Japanese cops. I used it in Venice, Italy to make sure my boat would get to the train station on time. @FonrougeGab

8/6 How to Get the Most Out of Your Meditation App – The brain’s default mode is set to mind-wandering. Your meditation app can bring you back into the now. @ashley_lauretta @WIRED

8/5 How to Give an Outstanding Online Presentation – Engage your audience with these online presentation tips that the pros use. @STERLINGKEN @Inc @ScottGraffius @SterlingKen

8/4 How To Make Ethical Use Of AI In The Hiring Process – Global corporate investments in AI are projected to double to around $110 billion over the next two years. One of the main areas of application for organizational AI is recruitment. @drtcp @Forbes @TamaraMcCleary

8/3 Bipedal Robot Makes History by Learning to Run. Cassie the robot, invented at Oregon State University and produced by OSU spinout company Agility Robotics, has made history by traversing 5 kilometers, completing the route in just over 53 minutes. @ELETimes @chidambara09 @CoastData

8/2 Top Six Artificial Intelligence Documentaries – Looking for some Artificial Intelligence Documentaries to watch? Well, here is a list of some documentaries that you must watch. @analyticsinme @chidambara09 @attacksolutions

8/1/2021 Will AI Make Interpreters and Sign Language Obsolete? Artificial intelligence is changing how we view language— and how we’re making it more accessible. @JennAndBeyond @IntEngineering @ILoveBooks786 @UnfoldLabs

7/30 Research shows AI is often biased. Here’s how to make algorithms work for all of us. @Nicochan33 @TheAdityaPatro @iamagbolade @wef

7/29 AI: The New Teacher’s Pet – Throw out the chalk and blackboards, because there’s a new player in the world of education. @TJ3rd_ @OXY @bimedotcom @tobiaskintzel @enilev @EvaSmartAI @BetaMoroney @tlloydjones

7/28 Pinkcast 4.11. This is how to write emails people won’t ignore. Daniel Pink gives great periodic advice via short videos. Seach this blog for summaries of several of his fine books. @DanielPink @ericadhawan

7/27 Five IoT Trends To Watch In 2021 – Over the past few years, we have seen the IoT and its boundless potential take off. With a pandemic fueled 2020, digital transformation accelerated rapidly, and with increased connectivity. @danielnewmanUV @forbes @mvollmer1 @ipfconline1 @danielnewmanUV

7/27 Researchers use AI to predict the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Artificial intelligence could be used to predict who is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes – information that could be used to improve the lives of millions. @LauraCRosella @VinyasHarish @UofT_dlsph @thp_hospital @icesOntario @PopHlthAnalytic

7/26 How AI Will Help Keep Time at the Tokyo Olympics. Omega, the official timekeeper of the Games, is now using computer vision and motion sensors for events like swimming, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. @jeremywired @WiredUK

7/25 How to Think about Data, Data Science, and Time Series – Data is measurements of the world. We can capture data in many ways; we can capture data about different people’s characteristics at one point in time, collecting a sample from a population. @DimosAnagnosto3 @ILoveBooks786 @RichardEudes

7/24 Twitter is testing ‘downvote’ and ‘upvote’ buttons. Twitter is testing a Reddit-style feature that allows users to “downvote” and “upvote” replies, the company said Wednesday. @theo_wayt

7/24 The Freshwater Access Game – Aquation is a free iOS, Android, and web game offered by the Smithsonian Science Education Center. The game, designed for students in upper elementary school or middle school, teaches students about the distribution of clean water and what can be done to balance global water. @SmithsonianScie @rmbyrne

7/22 How China’s Hacking Entered a Reckless New Phase = The country’s hackers have gotten far more aggressive since 2015, when the Ministry of State Security largely took over the country’s cyberespionage. @a_greenberg @WIRED

7/19 The Emerging Paths Of Quantum Computing – The world of computing has witnessed seismic advancements since the invention of the electronic calculator in the 1960s. The past few years in information processing have been especially transformational. @ChuckDBrooks @forbes

7/18 Liquid metal sensors and AI could help prosthetic hands to ‘feel.’ To enable a more natural feeling prosthetic hand interface, researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and collaborators are the first to incorporate stretchable tactile sensors using liquid metal. @ggfauresearch @techxplore_com @mvollmer1 @Shi4Tech @efipm

7/17 Five ways AI is doing good in the world right now – With AI adoption on the rise, the technology is addressing a number of global challenges. @wef @Paula_Piccard

7/16 Twitter is shutting down Fleets, its expiring tweets feature. Say goodbye to Fleets, the row of fullscreen tweets at the top of the Twitter timeline that expire after 24 hours. The ephemeral tweet format is shutting down due to low usage after launching widely just eight months ago. @alexeheath @verge

7/16 Turn any text into audio with Speechify’s AI-powered listening assistant. Speechify for Chrome makes it easy to listen to any text on the internet from Gmail, Google Docs, Wikipedia, Online Courses, PDFs, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself reading. @Speechify_audio

7/15 Artificial Intelligence and Anesthesiology: New Tool for Better Accuracy. The use of AI in medical imaging continues to expand, and a new tool can help anesthesiologists deliver quicker and more accurate care. @WendyMcMahon @HealthTechMag @Paula_Piccard

7/14 Selfie School Day 2 – how to take picturesque portraits. To continue watching all 5 videos in Selfie School, gain access to all of the other training, join this community group where you can ask questions and get answers, plus get a free Instagram critique exclusively for Inner Circle members. @JonathanTilley5

7/13 Does Your Video Need a Better Soundtrack? Ask an AI to Write One. A new music creation plug-in uses machine intelligence to compose songs on the fly that match the visual tone and rhythm of creators’ videos. @pwhall @wired

7/12 Why AI is Struggling to Detect Hate Speech – All major social media networks use AI algorithms to moderate online content. But while AI shows promise in detecting some type of content, it is hard-pressed when it comes to spotting hate speech. @bendee983 @bdtechtalks @TechFinancials @HarbRimah @Ronald_vanLoon

7/11 An AI monitor that aims to take care of our elderly relatives – Sensi.AI harnesses AI-powered audio analysis to monitor daily routine, environment and well-being without compromising privacy. @israel21c @chidambara09 @SpirosMargaris

7/9 Twitter now lets iOS users easily share tweets as Instagram Stories. The feature works using the iOS share sheet: just tap the share icon underneath any tweet, and select “Instagram Stories” from the list of apps. @JonPorty @verge

7/9 How AI Is Changing The Real Estate Landscape – Artificial intelligence is disrupting the global real estate industry. Most of the high-end realtors are now incorporating data pipelines and algorithms into their decision-making process, and the results are telling. @Analyticsindiam @mlamons1

7/8 A Global Smart-City Competition Highlights China’s Rise in AI. Chinese entrants swept all five categories, featuring technologies to improve civic life. But the advances could also be tools for surveillance. @kharijohnson @wired

7/7 This AI Helps Police Monitor Social Media. Does It Go Too Far? Law enforcement officials say the tool can help them combat misinformation. Civil liberties advocates say it can be used for mass surveillance. @sidneyfussell @WIRED

7/6 Is AI A Good Judge Of Cause & Effect? @Analyticsindiam @yudapearl @HarbRimah

7/4 Laptops for 3D Animators: How to Choose the Right One. The configuration must be powerful as the applications required for the job are very demanding like Blender, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Here are a few laptop options to choose from for beginners to experts. Note that prices are in Indian Rupees which are 74.6 to the US dollar today (7/4/2021) @CIOL_NEWS @dhinakaranrajan @anilchop @tgeorgeCMR @srs14295

7/3 Using A.I. to Find Bias in A.I – The problem of bias in artificial intelligence is facing increasing scrutiny from regulators and is a growing business for start-ups and tech stalwarts. @lizjosullivan @nytimes @joemckendrick @itsArthurAI @StopSpyingNY @BanKillerRobots

7/2/2021 Using artificial intelligence to overcome mental health stigma – Researchers from the University of Tsukuba find that artificial intelligence can predict depression. @EurekAlert @UofTsukuba @chidambara09 @TrendingNews_7

6/30 Four ways AI can help us enter a new age of cybersecurity – AI has so far helped companies that are struggling to create safe and contagion-free work environments by setting up on-demand online labor forces. @indredex @CUJOAI @chidambara09 @GTeleservices

9/29 Four ways AI can help us enter a new age of cybersecurity – AI is helping companies recover from the pandemic more efficiently. @indredex @wef @chidambara09 @GTeleservices

6/27 Recommendations to Learn Mathematics for Machine Learning – Here is a compilation of books, videos, and papers to get you started. @elastic @bexxmodd @Eli_Krumova @Sheraj99

6/26 Ten surprising things that rely on artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligence (AI) played a key role in developing COVID-19 vaccines. But you may not realize how many day-to-day things rely on it. @wef @DouglasBroom @bexxmodd

6/25 Top Six Artificial Intelligence Documentaries – Looking for some Artificial Intelligence Documentaries to watch? Well, here is a list of some documentaries that you must watch. @analyticsinme @chidambara09 @attacksolutions

6/25 85+ Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom – Check out this list of more than 85 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom. @ShakeUpLearning

6/22 The Keyword Search Activity That Teaches Critical Thinking – But search engines like Google are powerful and often essential resources, and students of all ages can build skills that help them navigate these spaces. A good place to start is by modeling good search behavior. @ClassTechTips @EdSurge

6/21 Is AI The Answer To Recruiting Effectiveness? Finding quality talent to fill important roles is almost always named one of the top challenges faced by CEOs. @Forbes @Nicochan33 @Shi4Tech @Xbond49 @DeepLearn007 @jblefevre60

6/20 The wrong way to email someone for career advice — and the right way to do it. Discover powerful insights to navigate challenges and help you take control of your professional life with Zig Zag, Manoush Zomorodi’s business podcast. @manoushz @NPR @TEDRadioHour @ZigZagPod

6/18 63 Things Every Student Should Know In A Digital World – How many are addressed at your school? @terryheickedu @TeachThought

6/17 Here Come the Virtual Academies. School districts are launching “virtual academies” this fall that are expected to outlast the pandemic, offering an arrangement for students who prefer to learn at home, at their own pace, and with less structure and more independence than many traditional school experiences provide. @ByEmilyTate @EdSurge

6/16 Will Quantum Computing Supercharge Artificial Intelligence? Imagine if we could simply train an AI to look at the data coming from the quantum machine, figure out what makes sense and what is probably wrong without human intervention. @LabGuys @Nextgov @bexxmodd @MFordFuture

6/15 World order is going to be rocked by AI – this is how. Artificial Intelligence could radically reshape geopolitics, according to a new report. Smaller economies that have talent in abundance and excel at research could start to challenge larger ones. China’s centralized AI strategy means it will likely dominate the AI world. @wef @TechNews25 @HaroldSinnott

6/15 The Advantages of the Industrial IoT – Industrial Internet of Things doesn’t replace, but works together with automation, human-machine interface (HMI), MES, ERP, enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI), and analytics, adding benefits. @ControlEngTips @johneclemons @bexxmodd @chidambara09

6/14 AI vs. Machine Learning: Their Differences and Impacts – AI is here, and here to stay. And particularly at the enterprise level, a growing number of companies are tuning in to the productivity and promise of machines that can think for themselves. @sgosselin @bexxmodd @Paula_Piccard

6/12 IoT and Blockchain: The Future of Smart Cities. The first smart cities are already being created, and soon, every one of us can be called smart citizens. @iotforall @chidambara09 @CioAmaro

6/11 How to Clean Up Your Old Social Media Posts – These tips will help you safely tidy up your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts—or give your profile a fresh start. @davidnield @WIRED

6/10 Keeping a closer eye on seabirds with drones and artificial intelligence Technology revolutionizes monitoring the health and size of remote seabird colonies. @dioptrica @DukeMarineLab @MarineUAS @DukeU @EurekAlert

6/10 Apps and Tools To Support And Improve Teacher-Parent Communication – Apps and technology are secondary in terms of design, but once that curriculum–and those learning models–are in place to really benefit from close parent-teacher communication, then apps like the following can come in handy. @TeachThought

6/9 All the Top Features Coming to Your iPhone This Fall – Apple just previewed iOS 15, the latest version of its mobile operating system. Here’s what’s new. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED

6/9 Google Hopes AI Can Turn Search Into a Conversation. The tech giant wants its core product to infer meaning from human language, answer multipart questions—and look more like Google Assistant sounds. @kharijohnson @WIRED @PawlowskiMario @globaliqx

6/8 Moving Companies Near Me – If you or someone you know needs to make a move, this site will connect you with the right people. @SekaMoving

6/7 How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware – It’s a growing threat for individual users and businesses alike—but there are ways to protect yourself. @davidnield @WIRED

6/6 The Biggest Wearable Technology Trends In 2021 – Features designed to help us monitor our health and stay safe will remain a top priority for developers of wearable technology during 2021. @BernardMarr @Forbes @mvollmer1 @GlenGilmore @ipfconline1

6/5 The future of elder care is here – and it’s artificial intelligence. Computers are increasingly guiding decisions about elder care – and tracking everything from toilet visits to whether someone has bathed. @ZoeCorbyn @guardian @pettet50 @Shi4Tech @jblefevre60

6/4 The potential of artificial intelligence to bring equity in health care – Nearly 1,400 joined the AI for Health Care Equity Conference that explored new AI technologies as a platform for change. @MIT_SCC

6/3 Young STEM Student Uses Artificial Intelligence To Help Emerging Nations. In emerging markets, many health and economic problems are related to access to clean water and sanitation infrastructure. This causes issues related to hygiene, pollution, agriculture, diseases, food, and education. ISEF competitor Arya Tschand, 17, from Marlboro, New Jersey, has seen these problems first hand. @Forbes @bexxmodd

6/2 Teaching with Jamboard – It’s engaging, flexible, and a great way to collaborate–that’s the number one feature! @ShakeUpLearning @The_Tech_Lady

6/1/2021 How Can You Minimize Your Online Footprint – You’ve most probably shopped for an item online and then been served up ads for every possible variation of that item for days or weeks thereafter. @EffectGroupOS @hackernoon

6/1/2021 Is AI making us lazy? Some believe automation is making us work-shy, but others believe the benefits outweigh the potential risks. @CarlyPage_ @ITPro @bexxmodd @digital_trans4m

6/1/2021 Six Easy Ways to Make Your Own Memes – Your idea is destined to go viral. These sites and apps can help. @davidnield @WIRED @canva @imgur @imgflip

5/31 Three Ways You Can Surf Anonymously – When you are using the internet, do you know how much sensitive data is getting leaked? When we use the internet, our browser leaks sensitive information such as your IP address, your geological coordinates, your internet service provider, and much more. Shocking isn’t it? @jhankar_mahbub @Programming1Pro

5/30 How AI and machine learning help fight the COVID-19 battle – It is hard to imagine fighting a global pandemic without technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). @VentureBeat @vatsalghiya @HarbRimah

5/29 A simple model of the brain provides new directions for AI research. Our growing understanding of information-processing mechanisms in the brain might help create algorithms that are more robust in understanding and engaging in conversations. @bendee983 @bdtechtalks @YvesMulkers @SpirosMargaris

5/29 We owe it to our kids to put an age limit on social media. For societies with long histories of protecting children with laws and regulations, isn’t it surprising that nothing is being done to similarly shield them from the various and proven dangers of social media? @BenjaminPring @TechCrunch @TrippBraden

5/28 Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for Mapping Your Social Network – Edward Snowden revealed the agency’s phone-record tracking program. But thanks to “precomputed contact chaining,” that database was much more powerful than anyone knew. @bartongellman @WIRED

5/28 America’s massive ransomware problem, explained – A cybercriminal only has to be lucky once, while a defender has to be lucky every minute of every day. @ImJacobCohen @TheHustle @hubspot

5/27 Social Media Hacking – What is Phishing? The aim of this article is to make you aware of how this works in real life so that you prevent yourself and your friends from this hack. That means, this is for educational purposes only, and be ethical. @jhankar_mahbub @Programming1Pro @bexxmodd

5/27 Five Main Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Education – Whether it’s digital marketing or real estate, AI has revolutionized just about every sector and the education sector is not an exception. @FENews @chidambara09 @nordicinst

5/26 Pinkcast 4.10. This is how to do better by giving, not getting, advice. Try this will people you know. @katy_milkman @DanielPink @Wharton @ChangeBCFG

5/25 Have Your Mind Blown By This Comprehensive Explanation For How Bluetooth Works. This is an excellent science lesson for middle school and up. @BranchES2012

5/24 Don’t Fear Artificial General Intelligence. AGI systems share in common with humans the ability to reason; to process visual, auditory, and other input; and to use it to adapt to their environments in a wide variety of settings. @sshwartz

5/24 Can artificial intelligence save the British model of education? A leading UK educationalist, Sir Anthony Seldon, has written that teachers in the country are overwhelmed by the administrative demands of classrooms that are too big. It is an “inherently flawed” model that, he argues, artificial intelligence can help upend. @priyalakhani @layla_maghribi @TheNationalNews @bexxmodd @LoveBritishArt

5/22 114 Milestones In The History Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – You can listen to this article too. It’s 32 minutes so consider adding to your exercise audio. @GilPress @Forbes @chidambara09 @Paula_Piccard

5/21 Million-dollar deposits and friends in high places: how we applied for a job with a ransomware gang. During an undercover interview, a CyberNews researcher tricked ransomware operators affiliated with Ragnar Locker into revealing their ransom payout structure, cash-out schemes, and target acquisition strategies. @CyberNews

5/20 Andrew Ng thinks your company is doing AI wrong. The former head of Google Brain says organizations should start smaller, not larger. @JoePWilliams31 @AndrewYNg @protocol

5/19 Everything Google Announced Today: Android, AI, Holograms. The annual Google IO developer conference kicked off with a two-hour keynote filled with announcements. Here are the highlights. @Android @Google @WIRED

5/18 How the Internet of Things is revolutionizing business – The Internet of Things is about to undergo a revolution. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen IoT tech evolve from a possibility to a novelty, to an established tool that plays a vital role in industry, infrastructure, and logistics. @WIRED @CioAmaro @chidambara09

5/17 Five Reasons to Install Learn It 2 Earn It on Child’s Device – Not only does it block your child’s access to browsing web content, but it also disables the apps installed on the device until your child has earned screen time. @icsfblog

5/15 Hackers Are Having a Field Day With AirTags. Just two weeks after their release, several hackers and security researchers are tearing Apple’s AirTags apart and finding some issues with them. @lorenzofb @VICE

5/14 How to detect bias in existing AI algorithms – While enterprises can’t eliminate bias from their data, they can significantly reduce bias by establishing a governance framework and employing more diverse employees. @kath0134 @TTBusinessTech @Cognilytica @bexxmodd @nigewillson

5/13 Five Keys to Success in Hybrid Learning – Continuing to plan for remote learning is a good way to support students during transitions between distance and hybrid learning. @JulianaFinegan @edutopia

5/12 Twitter Rolls Out Larger Image Display in Timelines to All Users on Android and iOS. After testing it out over the last couple of months, Twitter is now rolling out its new tweet image display format. @adhutchinson @socialmedia2day @KeithKeller @socialmedia2day

5/11 Five ways to text from your laptop – Misplace or break your phone? No cell signal? Have no fear. You can still text away with a computer via WiFi. @realkrauswife @KeithKeller @mashable

5/10 The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Accelerated During the Pandemic. It’s Here to Stay. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming population health, making proactive care more feasible and processes more efficient than ever before. @arieli @Entrepreneur

5/10 Want To Send A Mean Tweet? Twitter’s New Feature Wants You To Think Again. When a not-very-nice tweet is detected, an automatic prompt reads, “Want to review this before Tweeting?” The user is presented with three choices: tweet, edit, or delete. @jaclynmdiaz @NPR

5/9 How Artificial Intelligence will Affect the Future of Work and Life? What is the benefit of AI? Here are several ways it can impact the future of your work and life. @analyticsinme

5/8 How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Webcam – Using your phone (old or new) as a camera for your Zoom meetings is an easy and affordable way to be visibly present if you don’t have a webcam on your laptop or PC. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED

5/8 Ten surprising things that rely on artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligence (AI) played a key role in developing COVID-19 vaccines, but you may not realize how many day-to-day things rely on it.

5/7 Fifteen Moments that Defined the History of Artificial intelligence – The emergence of artificial intelligence can be dated as far back as seventy years ago when humans started conceiving the idea of computers having the cognitive capacity to function, in the area of everyday interaction. @asifrazzaq1988 @MARKTECHPOST @bexxmodd @ipfconline1

5/5 IBM now helps stop Malaria spread with AI. AI models predict water body formation and mosquito growth. You biology students should know about this. @IBMWatson @TrippBraden @the @MariaFariello1

5/5 Ten Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Buy for 2021 – If you are thinking about investing in AI give this a read. @musmankabir @Yahoo @bexxmodd @IainLJBrown

5/4 How to Create Your Own Happiness at Work – Not many people think of happiness in conjunction with their work—studies have found that only about 13 percent are happy at work. If you’re not among that minority, you need to learn what works for you and how to create your own happiness. @LollyDaskal

5/4 Ford’s Ever-Smarter Robots Are Speeding Up the Assembly Line. A transmission factory shows how artificial intelligence may creep into industrial processes in gradual and often imperceptible ways. @willknight @wired @SymbioRobotics @Ford

5/3 Want to Start a Podcast or Livestream? Here’s the Gear You Need. There is no reason why your students (children) can’t be doing podcasts or even livestreams. @pwhall @wired

5/3 Visualizing the Social Media Universe in 2020 – Despite the list of headwinds social media has faced, about half of the world is now on it—and there seems to be no end in sight for future growth. @VisualCap @VipulaSharma1 @kalydeoo @jblefevre60 @chboursin

5/1/2021 Filters That Invert Your Face Are Everywhere. Here’s Why It Looks So Weird. TikTok and Zoom allow us to reverse the mirror image we see in our selfie cameras, and it’s freaking everyone out. @hannahsmothers_ @vice

4/30 75 Super EdTech Blogs to Follow – Consider leaving a comment asking them to add my blog ( to this otherwise fine list. @ericcurts @wterral

4/29 Introducing Immersive View, A Fun New Way to Meet – Available for Windows and MacOS desktop clients, Immersive View is enabled by default for all Free and single Pro accounts using Zoom 5.6.3 or higher and can be enabled via the web portal for all other account types. @Zoom @rmbyrne

4/28 The New iOS Update Lets You Stop Ads From Tracking You—So Do It. Facebook and other advertisers fought the move, but App Tracking Transparency is finally here. @lilyhnewman @WIRED

4/27 COVID-19 May Have Rewired People’s Relationships With Artificial Intelligence Forever. During the pandemic, human fondness and faith towards human-like machines have grown and people deeply affected by COVID-19 are showing more goodwill towards the likes of Alexa and Cortana. @SofiQuaglia @observer @nigewillson

4/27 Run out of milk? Robots on call for Singapore home deliveries. Hoping to capitalize on a surge in demand for home deliveries, a Singapore technology company has deployed a pair of robots to bring residents their groceries in one part of the city-state. @Reuters @PawlowskiMario @JeroenBartelse

4/26 AI is increasingly being used to identify emotions – here’s what’s at stake. Imagine you are in a job interview. As you answer the recruiter’s questions, an artificial intelligence (AI) system scans your face, scoring you for nervousness, empathy, and dependability. @anthroptimist @bun81 @ConversationUK @TrippBraden @marcusborba

4/26 How to Cover Your Tracks Every Time You Go Online – Online tracking can often feel downright invasive. From using VPNs to clearing browser histories, we’ve got your back. @davidnield @WIRED

4/25 US banks are using AI to watch customers and employees. Banking execs are wary of backlash as they ramp up facial recognition use. @MikeBrassfield @ITPro @bexxmodd @crid

4/24 The Future Of Clinical Trials: How AI, Big Tech, & Covid-19 Could Make Drug Development Cheaper, Faster, & More Effective. Testing new drugs is a slow and expensive process. AI has the potential to disrupt clinical trials. @CBinsights @ryantracey

4/23 AirTags Are the Perfectly Boring, Functional Future of AR. Apple’s new location-aware widgets point to the company’s possible larger ambitions for augmented reality. @LaurenGoode @WIRED

4/22 Researchers say AI will ‘greatly impact’ the future of education. New report details what AI should look like in the classroom and why it needs to have a human-centered approach. @JaveriaSal @hechingerreport

4/21 Experts Condemn Facebook’s Under-13 Instagram Plan. U.K. children’s rights advocates have written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, urging him to scrap a version of Instagram that reportedly is in development for children under 13. What do you and your kids think? @RobertJBateman @digitalprivacy

4/21 Female Robots Are Seen as Being the Most Human. Why? Researchers investigate why feminine robots and AI systems, such as Siri and Alexa, are considered to be more humanistic than their male counterparts. @NeuroscienceNew @nigewillson @nigewillson

4/20 How AI will shape smart cities – Cities worldwide are not just growing, but also trying to reconfigure themselves for a sustainable future, with higher quality of life for every citizen. @ITU @RagusoSergio @ITUstandards

4/19 What successful drug development teaches us about responsible AI – Clinical research is not the only field that must consider how to structure studies, collect data and generalize the results. Almost all industries are considering and discussing the topic of responsible AI. @ConradoIna @SASSoftware @bexxmodd @IainLJBrown

4/17 Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Casino Gaming – Now that the pandemic has happened, and casinos throughout both Europe and the US are facing fiscal challenges, many casino operators are looking to Artificial Intelligence to ensure the casino remains in the black. @analyticsinme @bexxmodd @BenjaminP3ters

4/17 Spark Interest in Local History With These Digital Newspaper Archives. Looking at old newspapers can inspire students to dive into a little local history research and gain a bit of knowledge about the formation of their communities as they know them today. @rmbyrne @librarycongress

4/16 Top 10 Technology Jobs That Want Machine Learning Skills – If you’re totally new to artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, you might be wondering which technology jobs demand these skills. @nkolakowski @Dicedotcom @bexxmodd @stratorob @InformationWeek @Fordway @The_LHoFT

4/15 Insurance Companies Are Embracing AI, for Better and for Worse. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of the insurance industry, used for tasks like claims processing, underwriting, and fraud detection. If you purchase insurance you should know about this. @tammysock @SouthSideWeekly @BuiltIn @joemckendrick @SpirosMargaris

4/13 Sonoma County to Add Artificial Intelligence for Fires. The technology will be added to the county’s network of wildfire detection cameras that monitor California’s backcountry to spot the first outbreak of flames. Many of the cameras are affixed to existing radio communication towers. @OlgaRRod @nbcbayarea @bexxmodd @SuzanneC0leman

4/12 Review: FoodMarble – This app-device combo measures the level of hydrogen in your breath, which can tell you which foods are causing your digestion woes. @christophernull @WIRED

4/10 Five tips to writing emails that will always get you a reply – Emails are just as fundamental these days as food and water in our lives, and they form a large part of our daily communications. @guykatz @ideas_ted

4/10 12 Websites to Learn Python Programming for FREE — Best of Lot – This seems to be the best programming language for beginners. It is time to get your kids started? @javinpaul @Strat_AI @AI_Miami

4/9 How to Keep Your Zoom Chats Private and Secure – Trolls. Prying bosses. Zoom’s a great video chat platform, but a few simple steps also make it a safe one. @davidnield @WIRED

4/8 Artificial Intelligence Creates New Nirvana Song ‘Drowned in the Sun.’ Scroll to the bottom to listen to it. @Loudwire @LoudwireNights @bexxmodd

4/7 Seven Emergency Preparedness Apps to Keep on Your Phone – Don’t wait till the storm is coming or the earthquake starts to grab these from the app store. @byvictoriafeng @WIRED @fema @RedCross @MyShakeApp @Zello

4/7 Once again, someone tampered with an entire drinking water supply via the internet. You would think that something as critical as a town or county’s drinking water supply would be well-protected. If you allow for remote access, don’t change the password, and don’t remove old remote access software good luck. @StarFire2258 @Verge

4/6 Can artificial intelligence create art? As machines become more sophisticated, will artificial intelligence be the evolution or the end of art? @UNSW @benknight38 @bexxmodd @BenjaminP3ters

4/5 Smartphone Camera Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier – Selfies are great—but have you ever tapped into the powers of AR, PDF scanning, and reverse image search? @WhitsonGordon @WIRED

4/5 Social Media Hacking – What is Phishing? What if I told you, I am gonna teach you how to hack a Social Media account in this article?🤫 Trust me, we will learn Social Media Hacking today. But hey, first let’s look at the Agenda… @jhankar_mahbub @Programming1Pro @bexxmodd

4/3 Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Are Coming. What Will That Mean? I’ve got mine, but I’m not sure what I can use it for. @marynmck @WIRED @EmoryCSHH

4/2 This Is What Hackers See When You Use The Public WiFi. Here is more detail from INC Magazine. @mattlinkert_ @anitacampbell @INC

4/1/2021 Reading Resources for Your Blended or Online Class – Teachers have asked about strategies they can use to engage students during the asynchronous time, so here are some reading resources from Catlin Tucker. @Catlin_Tucker @KimGriesbach @gcouros

3/31 Beyond the Invite: What Is Clubhouse and Why Should Educators Care? The interesting thing about the app is that you have to be invited into Clubhouse by someone who is already using it. @PeterMDeWitt @EducationWeek

3/30 The unexpected job that every healthcare organization needs – There’s a huge disconnect between what healthcare organizations think they’re providing and what patients experience. It’s time for healthcare to elevate design to the C-suite. @connect_cx @FastCompany

3/29 You Seriously Need to Update Your iPhone Right Now. iOS 14.4.2, iPad OS 14.4.2, and watchOS 7.3.3 are rolling out now to fix an active security exploit that allows malicious websites to potentially engage in universal cross-site scripting. That means if you’re planning to visit any sketchy websites you might be opening yourself up to some problems. @samrutherford @Gizmodo

3/28 Artificial intelligence helps spot diabetes risk. Patient charts tell physicians why a patient may be prone to type 2 diabetes. @SanfordHealth @SwissCognitive @UnfoldLabs @HeinzVHoenen

3/27 Sonoma County to Add Artificial Intelligence for Fires. Sonoma County officials say they will add artificial intelligence technology to help fight wildfires with a 24-7 monitor to track fire outbreaks. @OlgaRRod @nbcbayarea @bexxmodd @IainLJBrown

3/27 The 50 Most Visited Websites in the World – If you spend any time online, it’s likely you’re familiar with some of the world’s most visited websites. On today’s internet, a handful of giants have unmatched dominance. @dorothyneufeld @VisualCap @HarbRimah @globaliqx

3/26 Teen suffers severe burns after iPhone charger allegedly catches fire on bed. Let your kids know that they shouldn’t sleep with their smartphone, especially if they are charging. @jampressltd @nypost

3/25 18 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online 2021 – Looking for Artificial Intelligence Tutorial to learn introduction to artificial intelligence? Grab the list of Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online, Tutorials, and Training are offered by a number of massive open online course (MOOC) providers like Udemy, Coursera, and edX. @Jadirectivestwt @bexxmodd

3/24 Once a Novelty, High School Sports Livestreaming Becoming a Staple. With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting or eliminating game attendance during the fall and winter seasons because of indoor gathering limits, live streaming has enabled fans, family, and friends to watch the action — all while reducing potential exposure to the coronavirus. I bet it’s here to stay. @LarryMahoneyBDN @bangordailynews

3/24 Mimicking an air traffic controller, AI orchestrates multiple drones in flight. Software from Israeli startup Airwayz Drones, set up by Israeli air force veterans, steers hundreds of unmanned vehicles in the same airspace without human intervention. @timesofisrael @MMinevich @SpirosMargaris

3/23 How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Webcam – Using your phone (old or new) as a camera for your Zoom meetings is an easy and affordable way to be visibly present if you don’t have a webcam on your laptop or PC. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED

3/22 Your iPhone has a hidden document scanner. Here’s how to use it. Don’t fret the next time you’re asked to scan a document — just pick up your iPhone or iPad. @MrCippy @SydneyAmajor @CNET @WorkBeyondMac

3/22 Here’s How You Unlock The Secret Lasers In Your iPhone. If you have a phone that’s an iPhone 10 or later, there are actually tiny infrared lasers in your phone that help with the phone’s facial recognition. @theactionlabman

3/20 IT trends that will lead digital transformation in 2021 – Technology has a reputation for moving quickly in the world of business, but nothing could have prepared us for the twists and turns of 2020. @TechNative @NLouzado @Hyve

3/19 How artificial intelligence can help curb traffic accidents in cities – UOC research suggests urban complexity dampens our ability to pay attention and steer clear of unexpected events. @EurekAlert @UOCuniversity @aaas @machinelearnTec @TrendingNews_7

3/19 Facebook Finally Explains Its Mysterious Wrist Wearable. Facebook’s vision for the future of interacting with computers apparently would involve strapping something that looks like an iPod Mini to your wrist. @LaurenGoode @WIRED

3/19 Love in the time of algorithms: would you let artificial intelligence choose your partner? AI has found its way into the once exclusively-human domain of love and relationships. @DavidTuffley @ConversationEDU @bexxmodd @machinelearnflx

3/18 Zoom Escaper tool gets you out of annoying work-related video calls. This tool allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others. @MarisaDellatto @nypost @ecjrn @bostonglobe @bostondotcom

3/17 Netflix’s Password-Sharing Crackdown Has a Silver Lining. The streaming service is making account owners enter two-factor codes in a limited test. That’s … actually not so bad. @brbarrett @WIRED

3/17 Photos on Schooling during the Pandemic – Meghan Gallagher at The 74 Million gathered photos that capture some of the effects of the pandemic year when schools were shuttered and then slowly reopened. Larry Cuban has selected a few of them for this post. @_mgallagher7 @Readthe74 @LarryCuban

3/15 Five ways drones came into their own during the pandemic – This last year brought truly unprecedented challenges to the industry, as well as ample opportunities. @joepeskett @cdronepro @Nicochan33 @JeroenBartelse

3/13 Liftoff: Japan’s ambitious flying-car plan – The Japanese government is pouring money into the development of flying cars with aims of commercializing the futuristic mode of transportation as soon as 2023. @vtanger @futurism @automeme @enricomolinari @wef @enricomolinari

3/12 Kahoot Now Displays Questions and Answers on the Same Screen – Finally! For years teachers and students have wanted to be able to see Kahoot questions and answer choices on the same screen. This week Kahoot finally made that possible. @GetKahoot @rmbyrne

3/11 The Best Podcasts for Kids – These child-friendly stories will keep your little ones entertained and ease the stress of being stuck indoors. @ComeCircleRound @storypirates @WBUR @wired

3/10 FIVR Features of Google Advanced Search That Students Should Know How to Use – In this video demonstrates and explains why students should know how to use the following advanced search functions: File type, Top-level domain, Language, Region, and Publication date. @rmbyrne

3/9 Unforgettable: How to Craft Meaningful, Memorable Units with Project-Based Learning Webinar – This is a replay of a webinar I attended recently. @ThePBLN

3/8 iOS 14 tips and tricks: Six useful Settings app features – There are a lot of cool features built into iOS. The problem is, Apple doesn’t give you a manual. @ZDNet @the_pc_doc

3/7 Artificial intelligence identifies, locates seizures in real-time. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis’ McKelvey School of Engineering have combined artificial intelligence with systems theory to develop a more efficient way to detect and accurately identify an epileptic seizure in real-time. @medical_xpress @bexxmodd @_M_Dey

3/6 Teach your students to read. Fast. Readable English simplifies and accelerates the process of learning to read. @Readablenglish

3/4 Twenty Ways to Save Time with Your Cellphone – How many are you using? @moretime4u2

3/3 AI can persuade people to make ethically questionable decisions. AI shapes people’s lives on a daily basis, setting prices in retail stores and making recommendations ranging from movies to romantic partners. But some question whether AI can become a corrupting force, even influencing people’s behavior to the point that they break ethical rules. @Kyle_L_Wiggers @VentureBeat @nigewillson

3/2 Game Changers PodCast – Philip Cummins and Adriano Di Prato podcast comes highly recommended. Give it a shot. @E_Sheninger @GameChangersPC

3/1/2021 Want to Sanitize a Baseball Stadium? Send in the Drones. Don Wakamatsu’s day job is bench coach of the Rangers, but his background in farming led to an interesting solution for how to help fans feel safe. @ByJamesWagner @nytimes @mvollmer1 @JeroenBartelse

2/28 Using Google Forms to Teach Kids to Give Quality Feedback – Sometimes feedback can become quite meaningless if we don’t teach students how to be more specific. @mssackstein

2/27 Here’s a Way to Learn if Facial Recognition Systems Used Your Photos. An online tool targets only a small slice of what’s out there, but may open some eyes to how widely artificial intelligence research fed on personal images. @CadeMetz @kashhill @nytimes @HaroldSinnott @SpirosMargaris

2/26 Scientists Have Taught Spinach To Send Emails And It Could Warn Us About Climate Change. @euronewsliving

2/24 ‘I am not a cat’: Find and use the infamous lawyer cat filter everyone’s talking about. Feeling inspired by the lawyer who accidentally appeared as a cat in a legal proceeding over Zoom? We’ll show you how to hunt down and apply the filter, too. @AlisonDeNisco @CNET @vmcombs @smtlaissezfaire @byDavidGardner

2/23 Four Easy Steps To Run An Instagram Contest – Is it possible that some kids at your school or in your home would like to do this? @apollineadiju

2/22 This flying AI robot can pick fruit – preventing waste in the process – Flying autonomous robots can work 24 hours a day, and only pick ripe fruit. @wef @bexxmodd

2/21 Artificial intelligence reveals the recipe for a perfect stack this Shrove Tuesday – and claims just ONE flip is ideal. Help is at hand, as scientists have used artificial intelligence (AI) to come up with a recipe for the most delectable pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. @jwillchad @MailOnline @PawlowskiMario @globaliqx

2/20 What The Future Of Payment Should Look Like. Nobody carries cash anymore. Most people find cash unhygienic. Most of us have a favorite payment gadget in our pocket. So which gadget are you going to use in the future? (Doug: I mostly use my watch.) @SusieQpon @DisneyDream717

2/19 Free Tools for Making Green Screen Videos – There are three short videos [4:00-7:00] that take you step by step. @rmbyrne

2/19 Life Coach Gets Teens Into Ivy League Schools. Rather than pay, just have your kids share the advice in this column. @RaquelLaneri @christopherrim @CommandEdu

2/18 Here’s Why Student Films Are So Bad. Share this short [8:38] video with young people you know interested in film making. @IDC

2/17 Spotify Will Let Employees Work From Anywhere They Do Their Best ‘Thinking And Creating.’ Spotify is proud to introduce Work From Anywhere, a new way of collaborating that allows Spotifiers to work from wherever they do their best thinking and creating. This could work for students too. @wecruitr_io @Forbes @Spotify

2/16 How to Level Up Your At-Home Recording Studio – Ready to upgrade your USB microphone or headset to something better? Here’s how to make sense of pro(ish) audio gear. it’s not as scary as it looks, and this article will walk you through it. @LordRavenscraft @WIRED

2/15 This Guy Photographing Waterfalls With The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Phone Demonstrates How Advanced Phone Cameras Have Gotten. This is a good lesson for students who want to become better photographers. Brent Hall has lots of other video. @fstoppers @TEAM_fSTOPPERS

2/14 The Four Major Trends Leading The Health Tech Industry – With the increasing demand and incorporation of technology in every field, the health tech industry has the most to gain. @automeme @machinelearnTec @Artific_Intell @Ronald_vanLoon @mvollmer1 @enricomolinari @HeinzVHoenen

2/13 Seven Zoom mistakes you might still be making — and how to raise your video skills – Virtual meetings, speeches, presentations and conferences are, in fact, the new normal. So if that’s the way it’s going to be, let’s do our future audiences a favor and polish up our virtual communication skills. @BriarAGoldberg @TEDTalks

2/12 WandaVision Brought the Multiverse to Marvel. And just like at DC, and maybe even at Star Wars, I promise you it will end in tears. I’ve had several friends I trust tell me that this is a good show. @jetjocko @WIRED

2/10 The Benefits of Using Educational Videos in the Classroom – The use of videos and audiovisual materials in the classroom enhances the creativity and attention of students and leads to direct results in learning. @elesapiens

2/9 Introduction to cloud computing – In this article given in detail, we are going to find out, what is cloud computing? , the pros and cons of cloud computing, and what are the technologies pertaining to it. @rasangarocks @bexxmodd

2/9 The future of social networks might be audio. The latest apps bring back the intimacy of the spoken word—but there are serious moderation issues to be addressed. @tanyabasu @techreview @MeghanMBiro @AkwyZ @Paul4innovating @antgrasso @CRudinschi

2/7 Three Good Resources for Teaching With Primary Sources – If you’re looking for a good video explanation of the differences between primary and secondary sources, the Gale Family Library at the Minnesota History Center offers this good and concise explanation for students. @WDLorg @rmbyrne

2/6 A New Lens Technology Is Primed to Jump-Start Phone Cameras. The optics in your smartphone have been pretty much the same for more than a decade. That’s about to change. @JulianChokkattu @WIRED @quantumcascade @metalenz4

2/3 What Is The Social Responsibility Of Big Tech? An American Lesson From 2020. – In America there are companies that are a constant presence in all of our lives twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Combined, they literally know everything we’ve purchased, everywhere we’ve been, and everything we want. I’m speaking of course about Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, and Facebook and their social media siblings (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). @MMinevich @ForbesTech @Forbes @JOSEPEREZJR01

2/1/2021 The Best Smart Plugs to Help Modernize Your Home – An internet-connected plug can give any basic appliance a brain. Here are Wired’s favorites (and a few they don’t like). @medeajulianna @WIRED

1/30 Seven Apps and Sites to Encourage Healthy Diet and Exercise Habits – If you or your students are making New Year’s resolutions to move more and eat better, these apps and sites can help. @rmbyrne @PEgeeks @Sworkit @GoNoodle

1/31 Bumble will ban users for being ‘fat-phobic’ or ‘transphobic’. The company announced Wednesday that the app would begin throwing out members caught using “language that can be deemed fat-phobic, ableist, racist, colorist, homophobic or transphobic.” This could be a good class discussion article. @mshannahsparks @nypost @bumble

1/29 Apple warns to keep iPhones at least 6 inches away from pacemakers. Radio waves emanating from Apple devices may disrupt the workings of implanted pacemakers and defibrillators. Share with pacemaker owners you know. @Kayla_StarDem @nypost

1/28 How to Simplify Cybersecurity Systems in K-12 Schools – How do we decrease complexity and enhance accessibility in K–12? @evanfrancen @EdTech_K12

1/27 Kinderpedia – Product Demo Video – Meet Kinderpedia – the smart tool that helps childcare centers save 6 to 9 hours per week while keeping parents connected and engaged. This short [2:26] video shows how to keep parents better informed. @KinderPediaApp

1/26 Land your dream job in 2021 with these 10 apps that are now on sale. To be fully prepared for the job market, consider investing in one of these 10 discounted apps or digital courses. @StackCommerce @nypost

1/26 Better Zoom calls, simpler email attachments, smart iPhone cases, and other patents from Big Tech. If you are wondering what might be coming from big tech this year this will help. @mcwm @protocol @nigewillson

1/25 Here’s How The Camera Compares On The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Versus The iPhone 12 Pro Max. Spoiler Alert: He gives the Video nod to Apple and the picture nod to Samsung. If you like this, check out Arun Maini’s YouTube channel. @Mrwhosetheboss @SamsungMobile @Apple @Digg

1/24 Technology Can Keep Parents Engaged and Informed. Engaged and informed parents play a vital role in a student’s education. But all too often, parents are bombarded with different requests from teachers regarding academic issues, after-school programs, and sports clubs. @Engagucate_Ed @bar_zie @DR_SIPPI

1/23 Kinderpedia: A complete communication and management solution for schools and kindergartens available on web and mobile. It’s free remote video teaching on Kinderpedia. @KinderPediaApp

1/20 Google and Facebook Made a ‘Secret Deal’ to Dominate Online Advertising. Here a conservative site uses data from a liberal source. To me that implies there must be something to it. @LucasNolan @airdriedsausage @BreitbartNews

1/19 Three Tips To Improve Website Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) – Simple Suggestions To Grow On Google – Search Engine Optimization is a never-ending challenge to rank for keywords and earn organic traffic from Google. @LeanStartupLive @Frugal__Finance @MyFiscalFitness

1/19 Winners and losers of CES 2021 – It’s been a busy week in the world of tech, with the CES 2021 conference unveiling various gadgets from 8K TVs to beer-serving robots. But who were the biggest winners and losers of this year’s CES event? @RyanAJ13 @trustedreviews @PVynckier @pettet50 @Victoryabro @gpnp_nic @SirGeoffPalmer @nigelj08223325

1/18 Applications of Python | Top 10 uses of Python for The Real World – If your school teaches coding they probably teach python. @StatAnalytica @bexxmodd @thisisgulshan

1/17 TCL teases a 17-inch tablet that unfurls like a scroll. Just when you might see a tablet like this is another matter. Although TCL made clear that rollables like this are a matter of “when” rather than “if,” it didn’t narrow down a time frame or other details. @jonfingas @engadget @PawlowskiMario @Nicochan33 @CES

1/16 2021 MacBook Pro will ditch the Touch Bar and bring back MagSafe. If like me you are in the market for a MacBook Pro, you should probably wait until later this year. @345triangle @verge

1/16 This is Sony’s Airpeak drone. Sony is getting into the drone business, with the company showing off a brief first look at its new Airpeak drone at CES 2021. The new drone is said to be the smallest drone capable of carrying an Alpha camera and is designed for video content creation and professional photography. @cgartenberg @Verge

1/16 What It’s Like To Live in a Cashless Society? Sweden is predicted to be completely cashless by 2023, running solely on digital and card payments. Many local businesses like bars and restaurants, even banks, have already stopped handling cash. Part of the push is to fight crime. Can the US be far behind? @frankielantican @VICE

1/15 Trump may be off Twitter, but the guy who leads Iran and says “death to America” is still there. I’m not posting this in support of Trump. I just don’t get Twitter’s thinking on this. @Rahbar_Khamenei

1/15 What is Signal, and why is everybody downloading it right now? The encrypted messaging app is currently the most downloaded app on both app stores. @ranimolla @voxdotcom @Recode @YvesMulkers

1/14 What’s on your mind? Facebook will soon know. The social media giant is apparently planning to build a new neural sensor that can read people’s minds and convert these thoughts into actions. @DashveenjitK @techhq @PawlowskiMario @RagusoSergio @AshokNellikar @Fabriziobustama @sulefati7

1/14 The Best of Consumer Electronics Show 2021 – These are the products, prototypes, and ideas that did the best job of signaling the future at this year’s consumer tech showcase. @wired

1/13 Twenty Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom – Google Drawings is a hidden treasure! In this post and episode, Kasye Bell gives you Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom and beyond. @ShakeUpLearning

1/11 Six Apps to Help You Trim Down Subscriptions—and Save Money – New year, new recurring subscriptions you’ve probably forgotten about. Here’s how to keep track of them. @davidnield @WIRED

1/10 Unfollowspy is a free social media management tool.Track all the latest changes to your social media account in real-time with our live reports. You can log in and view people who’ve unfollowed or followed you and see people who you don’t follow back and vice versa. @unfollowspy @unfollowspy1

1/10 Overviewer – Turn Your iPhone or iPad Into a Document Camera in Zoom. Overviewer is a free app that lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a document camera during a Zoom meeting. @OverviewerApp @rmbyrne

1/8 TikTok teens’ latest passion is enterprise software. Five days into the new year, and TikTok’s hottest 2021 trend is teens using enterprise software to go viral. @kellymakena @verge

1/7 How do AI models compare to rules-based decisioning? AI can seem like a mysterious “black box somewhere out there!” Let’s take a look inside to explore how AI models compare to rules-based systems and see how AI is changing fintech. @brighterion @Nicochan33 @ipfconline1

1/6 Inside a Data Scientist’s ToolBox: Top 9 Data Science Algorithms – Here is the list of top Data Science Algorithms that you must know to become a data scientist. Let’s start with the first one. @DataFlairWS @epuujee @CatherineAdenle

1/5 Here’s What Happens Every Minute on the Internet in 2020. This powerful visual from Domo helps capture what happens each minute in today’s hyper-connected internet era, and it’s actually the eighth edition produced since the year 2012. @Domotalk @VisualCap

1/4 Flash is finally dead. Here’s how to remove it from your computer. The end of 2020 was seen as a positive for many, but it was bittersweet in at least one way: Adobe finally, officially killed Flash Player. @DanzadanceOrg @mashable

1/3 Chatbot Apps Powered by Artificial Intelligence in Moblie Applications – We’re experiencing the transformation of well-known messengers like Telegram, Slack, Skype, and Facebook Messenger into chatbot platforms. Today, these resemble smart AI-powered assistants that can help us with many tasks, all within one application. @kudvenkat @AndyHorvitz @ipfconline1 @Usmsys

1/2/2021 Thirty Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers – This is advice almost any teacher can use. @ericcurts @bar_zie

12/31 Beyond Words: How We Communicated in 2020 – The most unique year in our collective lifetime influenced the way we wrote. After all, communication is an integral part of the human condition—a poignant mirror for our emotions and experiences, from the personal to the global. I’m a big Grammarly fan. This free/premium app can help spot mistakes that you might otherwise miss. @Grammarly

12/30 50 Years of Gaming History, by Revenue Stream (1970-2020 – People like me who have been there since the beginning and newbies should enjoy this graphic. @om_wallach @VisualCap @MartinOdimaJr @wef

12/29 Five Google Classroom Tips You Might Have Overlooked or Forgotten – These are helpful little features that you might have overlooked or forgotten. @rmbyrne @GoogleForEdu

12/28 Expand Your Audience, Reciprocity in Action With Triberr. Triberr is a sharing platform where users sign up and are either invited to or ask to join tribes of various topics. Within each tribe, users share their blogs through an RSS feed, and then through the power of social networks, blog posts are amplified. @mssackstein @Triberr

12/27 Five Steps To Get Great Results With Facebook Live – We all know that Facebook marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise our business. But are you getting the most out of Facebook in regards to your marketing? @Frugal__Finance @micadam

12/26 10 hidden iPhone features we discovered after installing iOS 14.3 – Some of the best features on any device are the hidden features. @MrCippy @CNET

12/25 Speech-To-Text: Google Speech vs Amazon Transcribe – Here is a quick speech to text comparison of these services that analyzes some features and properties, so you have a clear idea of the pros and cons before you go using one. @automeme @machinelearnTec @humanoid_info

12/24 The secret of how data makes your favorite wine even better – You might not be able to detect notes of tech in your glass, but California winemakers are embracing cutting-edge techniques to create world-class vintages. @ErinCarson @CNET @epuujee @HarbRimah

12/23 The Why, How, and What of Blended Learning – Blended learning is the combination of active, engaged learning online combined with active, engaged learning offline to provide students with more control over time, place, pace, and path of their learning. @Catlin_Tucker @AplinTeacher

12/22 Top Ten Balance Exercises for Seniors at Home. STOP FALLS. – You can learn just about anything on YouTube, but people my age might not think about learning how not to fall. @OfficialJimRohn @OldIsGoldStore

12/21 Ten Technology Trends Moving into 2021 – To retool for the world of tomorrow, companies should stay on top of these critical digital trends. @syntecnumerique @BainAlerts @LLLloyd1 @FGraillot

12/20 Doideals is an online store with some attractive prices. Nik @Doideals just followed me so I thought I’d promote her site. I am not involved financially. @Doideals

12/19 Several short time-lapse videos of the all-time record 42″ snowfall in the Binghamton, NY area where I live. @adam_gillwx @NWSBinghamton

12/18 Powering Devices With Body Energy – Thanks to some new developments in thermoelectric energy-harvesting, we might be able to soon enough. @magdajtaylor @WeAreMel

12/17 Five Ideas for Online Breakout Room Activities – If you are not using breakout rooms while teaching remotely, you probably should. @rmbyrne

12/16 Classrooms of the Future? Technological fantasies of the future school have been around for decades. Now we are kind of living one. @LarryCUban

12/15 The Federal Trade Commission Sues To Break Up Facebook. The lawsuit also accuses Facebook of illegally suppressing competition by purchasing rival companies that challenge its dominance. @tatum_report247

12/14 Facebook is now officially too powerful, says the US government. Regulators filed a lawsuit claiming that the company has a monopoly on social networking and should divest itself of Instagram and WhatsApp. @eileenguo @techreview @nancyrubin

12/13 Microsoft Will Let Employees Work From Home Permanently. Microsoft said it will allow employees to work from home freely for less than 50% of their working week, but has said that managers will be able to approve permanent remote work if staff request it. @CarlyPage_ @HaroldSinnott @HaroldSinnott @Microsoft @ForbesTech

12/12 Twitter is Absolutely a Global Online Village Now. A look at the top ten countries using Twitter is interesting. @KeithKeller

12/11 24-year-old Russian woman dead after dropping charging iPhone into bathwater. Her iPhone was connected to the charger at the time. Be sure to share with your kids and anyone you talk to in the tub. @ysteinbuch @nypost

12/9 Top Technology Trends That Will Redefine Businesses in 2021 – How will technology play a crucial role in the new normal? @priyadialani248 @analyticsinme @sutevskid @TrendingNews_7

12/8 Artificial Intelligence 101 – This is a free book that covers this important topic. @sshwartz

How Easy It Is To Crack Your Password, With Kevin Mitnick – Kevin Mitnick shares his recommendations for using passphrases as passwords and shows just how easy it is for hackers to crack bad passwords. @kevinmitnick @knowbe4 @rmbyrne

12/5 The Future of Artificial Intelligence – The is an excellent short video (10″50). There are other cool videos here as well. @PBSDS @PBS

12/4 5G’s rollout speeds along faster than expected, even with the coronavirus pandemic raging. A new report from Ericsson finds about 1 billion people will be in 5G coverage areas by the end of the year. @sharatibken @CNET @Nicochan33 @TWMPD2017

12/3 The Four Top Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2021 – Before the global pandemic struck in 2020 and the world was turned on its head, artificial intelligence (AI), and specifically the branch of AI known as machine learning (ML), were already causing widespread disruption in almost every industry. @BernardMarr @voguemagazine @epuujee @Eli_Krumova

12/2 AI will read ECG, detect heart attack risk. The system will use machine learning algorithm in reading ECGs. @rishabhmjain @IBTimesUK @Nicochan33 @ipfconline1

12/01/2020 It’s only fake-believe: how to deal with a conspiracy theorist. As the pandemic has taken a grip, so have the misinformation spreaders. Here are five ways to spot the holes in their logic. @d_a_robson @Nicochan33 @TWMPD2017 @JohnMor72561515 @guardian

11/30 Yoga for Arthritis – It can’t hurt. I suspect that some of my readers may have arthritis issues. Give this a shot if you do. @jhrheumatology @ADevotedYogi

11/30 Face recognition isn’t just for humans — it’s learning to identify bears and cows, too. Tracking individual bears is important because it can help with research and conservation of the species. @rachelmetz @CyrilCoste @nigewillson

11/29 Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 – Distributed cloud, AI engineering, cybersecurity mesh, and composable business drive some of the top trends Gartner has identified for 2021. @SusanFourtane @IntEngineering @AshokNellikar @RagusoSergio

11/28 5G in the USA – How the Major Carriers are Delivering on their 5G Promises. The spread of 5G in the US is currently well underway, with all the major carriers having already launched 5G networks and looking to expand them across the country. @IT_Chronicles @W_Goddard

11/27 How to use Slide Over and Split View on iPad – Take your productivity and your multitasking to the next level by using Slide Over and Split View on iPad. @bryanmwolfe @iMore @pgeorge @tonyvincent

11/25 Mystery Location Call – Use Mystery Skype to Bring the World into Your Classroom. @Jim_dEntremont @cybraryman1

11/24 The 30 Best Comedy Movies of All Time – If you are looking for something to watch over Thanksgiving seeing your streaming services have any of these. @awalrusdarkly @SyfyWire @Decider @mental_floss @looper @bookpage @Uproxx

11/24 The future of payments is frictionless—now more than ever. Amrita Ahuja, the CFO of Square, explains how the company’s payment platform and services have helped small enterprises stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis. @Nicochan33 @oluskayacan

11/23 Top 10 emerging technologies of 2020: Winners and losers – Artificial intelligence and 5G will drive the technology revolution, according to CompTIA. @teena_maddox @techrepublic @CompTIA @KirkDBorne

11/21 Ten Simple Things That Make A Difference In Remote Learning – Here are ten simple and small ideas that can make a difference in any kid’s remote learning. They have worked in many schools and classrooms around the world. @ajjuliani @AsiaAliHawkins1 @SusanaPhD @edutopia @heyamberrae @thomascmurray

AR/VR pilots
11/20 Four promising AR/VR pilots in business – Augmented reality and virtual reality implementations are emerging across several sectors, thanks to their value in providing remote training and hands-free access to information. @ClintBoulton @CIOonline @epuujee @CoolerData

11/19 Catch Me If You Can: How to Protect Your Identity in the Modern Era – When Leonardo DiCaprio played famed conman Frank Abagnale, it awakened many to the glamour of the con. @TechNative @LeoDiCaprio

11/18 Sarjo This is a Twitter friend who follows me from the Gambia. How cool is that? I have Twitter followers in over 70 countries, which is pretty amazing. You can too if you try. Consider following @Sarjo17952320.

11/17 Top 12 Free Video Chat Apps For Android and iOS – Ask twelve students to each check out one and report back. @TechAcrobat @WhisperAmber @always5star

11/16 Jeff’s Place – Virtual Coffee House with LIVE Music – Join Jeff Pulver every Thursday at 2:00 pm EST to hear up and comining singer/songwriters live via Zoom. @jeffpulver

11/15 How automation keeps bullying in check—both in-person and remote – Student bullying has, in some cases, become worse with the move to online learning during COVID-19–here’s how to keep tabs on it. @eschoolnews

11/15 With 5G here, what’s next for the Internet of Things? 5G’s proliferation to adjacent and new verticals are unprecedented, leading to the amalgamation of ground-breaking technologies of this decade such as AI and edge computing. @Qualcomm @Nicochan33 @cdaitgt

11/14 How To Create Interactive Journals with Students – Interactive journals can t

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